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Thread: Want to get my girlfriends feet stinky

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    Want to get my girlfriends feet stinky

    Hey guys, just got a new girlfriend. She seems to be willing to indulge me with her feet. Problem is she always kicks her shoes off when she comes in the door watch around barefoot. That’s a big no-no. Can you recommend some socks or shoes ideally a combination of both to get her feet hot and sweaty. She’s a preschool teacher so it has to be within reason, nothing too crazy. Thank you and advance for your help.

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    Flip flops. If she wears them all the time at home -without socks obviously- her feet will certainly sweat in them and get stinky. The insoles get nice and stinky as well.

    That would be my within reason suggestion.

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    I would suggest slippers. From what I have read, they tend to make your feet stinkier than flip flops, because the fur absorbs the sweat very good. But everything is difference, so I think a bit of experimantation can't hurt.

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    Yea. I suggest you have her wear flats outside and when she comes inside wear slippers. That should hit the spot.

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