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Thread: Is it just me or is it like this for all of us

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    Is it just me or is it like this for all of us

    I am just curious is it just me or do all people with a foot fetish remember every foot experience they ever had from the time they were four or 5 years old all the way to adulthood.

    Like it almost feels like my brain has its own hard drive for feet. I remember even the smallest of experiences going back over 20 years. It could be something so small like seeing a girl take her socks off or something like that. No matter how big or how small if it had anything to do with female feet it's like it automatically saves itself in my brain.

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    I have a very good memory also, but I've had so many I cannot remember them all. But I remember all the unique experiences.
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    Oddly enough my memory is usually rather poor and yet when it comes to feet mine is practically perfect.

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    Sort of? I don't remember anything about feet until my foot fetish came in, when I was about 11. I specifically remember a girl dangling her flip flops in class behind me as I was taking a test(I had my head down on my desk so I could see that).

    I can't recall any one thing about feet before that moment. But afterwards, I remembered most things. Not as in every pair of feet ever, there's just too many feet in sandals in TX for that to be feasible. But seeing friends take off their socks and shoes, my ex's, my fiancee's, I remember everything like that.
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    I remember one story from back in high school. I saw the girl that I had a crush on take off her socks and place them in a bag. During one of the breaks I was left alone in the class and it was difficult to resist the urge to make a move to get those socks. Common sense prevailed in the end and I ended up not doing it.

    I kept fantasizing about it for a loooooooong time though.

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    Scientific observation showed that memory is enhanced by emotion, so I think that strong (sexual) feeling for feet explains this fact.


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