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Thread: Kevin's Diary by Vampirella

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    Kevin's Diary by Vampirella


    by Amber K


    Dear Diary,

    This is my first entry since I received this journal
    book four birthdays ago. I've had repeating dreams as of
    late, concerning an ex baby-sitter of mine and an event
    that took place. These dreams have now been lasting for
    months and I feel I need to get my feelings down on
    paper. In doing this, I have hopes that I will
    understand the unexpected resurfacing of these events.

    My baby-sitter's name was Amber Kurwitz and she used to
    watch me when I was between 10 and 12 years of age.
    Sometimes she would come to my parents’ home while other
    times I would be dropped off at her house where she
    lived with her mother. Mostly I got along with her,
    though she could be overly bossy at times. The biggest
    problem I had was her need to go out of her way to put
    me in emotionally uncomfortable positions. Such as
    making me get undressed in front of her in order to toss
    my soiled clothing in the washing machine ... or walking
    in on me when I was taking a shower or bath and
    preceding to talk to me whilst seeming to give my naked
    body the once over ... and sometimes twice or three
    times over. She would also make comments about how much
    I was growing ... you know ... down there. As it was, my
    family never really had an outspoken policy in the
    issues of sex, thus I was rather shaky about the subject
    being addressed. I knew the mechanics of it all, but was
    instilled with the opinion via my parents, that it was
    shameful. All in all it just plain embarrassed me!

    Towards the last year of my contact with Amber she
    developed a new trait in our situation. She began to
    become more physical with me in the ways of
    roughhousing, wrestling and tickling. Amber, being six
    years older than myself, also had me beat in size. I've
    never been much of an athletic sort and being rather
    short (even for my age) I was easily overpowered by her.
    One thing that has consistently daunted me throughout my
    life is reoccurring spells of claustrophobia. It
    wouldn't always strike, but on occasions it would hit me
    hard and I would react in a very panicky manner.

    One year, on Halloween night, I was to spend the night
    at Amber's house while my parents went to parties. She
    took me trick or treating; we carved pumpkins and
    finally settled down to watch horror movies ... the
    normal holiday fare. Amber was nursing a bottle of wine
    throughout the evening and became more intoxicated as
    the night wore on. She became more boisterous ...
    laughing louder and making comments as we watched the
    movies. I was having just as much fun so I didn't really

    The movie Halloween was nearing its conclusion.
    Following the scene in which Michael Myers, wearing a
    sheet and a pair of glasses from his last victim ...
    pretends to be his next victim’s boyfriend, Amber
    excused herself to use the bathroom. After a few minutes
    I noticed a white blur of movement in my peripheral
    vision. I glanced over in fright to see a ghostly
    apparition barring down on me. Of course it was only
    Amber clothed in a sheet, but the effect in the darkened
    living room, lit only by the bluish light of the
    television, nearly sent me into a fit. After the initial
    shock I of course realized it was her ... mostly because
    I noticed the lit scent of her perfume as she hovered
    over me moaning and wailing.

    I punched her in the knee, good-naturedly of course, she
    laughed and called me a 'brat' ... and that is when
    everything began to go wrong. My dreams usually start at
    this point...

    She yanked the sheet off of her head and slapped it over
    me like a huntress using a net to capture her prey.
    Before I could move, she had her arms and legs wrapped
    around me, and the sheet tightly stretched across the
    length of my body. I literally couldn't move an inch. At
    first it was OK ... then she started tickling me. Before
    I knew it I was in a blind panic! Her legs kept my arms
    imprisoned to my sides and her fingers roamed my prone
    body finding every ticklish, vulnerable spot. I did my
    best to buck her off, but the full weight of her body
    was upon me. I began to hyperventilate and was able to
    take one gasping breath and let out a shriek ... "GET

    As if it had never happened the tickling had stopped and
    she leapt up and ripped the sheet off of me. She stood
    above me scowling down. An important side note is that
    my mother was death on swearing. I men DEATH! If I so
    much as ever breathed the word “shit” or “damn” ... it
    was off to the basement with my father and his razor
    belt. I even got punished once for saying “darn”. The
    image of Amber telling my folks I called her a “fucking
    bitch”, when they came to pick me up in the morning,
    sent me into a panic once more.

    I was still recovering from the hyperventilating and
    only able to wheeze out ... "Don't tell...don't tell ...
    don't tell..."

    She began to smirk at me and told me to stand up. I of
    course complied. She walked me into the bathroom. She
    sat me on the toilet and began to run a wash cloth under
    the faucet. She kneeled down in front of me and began to
    wipe my face with the hot cloth. I closed my eyes and
    was soon soothed and able to breathe freely.

    After she stopped she took me by the hand, led me into
    the kitchen and sat me at the table there. She busied
    herself by opening another bottle of wine as I sat in
    silence ... head hung low. At this point I heard the
    sound of Mrs. Kurwitz's car pulling up the gravel drive.

    "Come on." Amber said and walked back into the living
    room. I sat on the floor next to the coffee table and
    she opened the door for her Mom.

    In came Mrs. Kurwitz dressed in a French maid outfit
    showing ample cleavage and a lot of leg. Any kind of
    half-nakedness at the time made me extremely
    uncomfortable so I glued my eyes to the TV. Amber's Mom
    said her greetings and hurried into her bedroom to get
    out of her costume. She returned 10 minutes later
    wearing a pair of cut off sweats, a Rolling Stones
    mid-rift T-shirt and a pair of house slippers. She put
    her feet up on the coffee table and let out a long sigh.

    She then began to talk with Amber about her night of
    dancing and carousing with her friends from work. While
    she spoke she rubbed her slipper covered feet together
    ... at points slipping one foot out to rub along her
    ankle before reinserting it. And let me tell you ... her
    feet stunk. I mean bad! It was almost like vinegar in
    its potency ... and it was all around me in a cloud of

    I believe I wrinkled my nose ... I'm not sure ... but I
    did move away from her feet giving them a leery sideways
    glance as I did so.

    Amber saw this and made an issue. "Kevin, are you
    insinuating that my Mother's feet smell bad?"

    "Oh ... I'm sorry Kevin, sweetie," Mrs. Kurwitz giggled.
    "They must smell awful! I didn't even think about it."
    She then put her feet on the floor.

    "You didn't answer my question, Kevin!" Amber said

    "They’re kinda smelly," I said in a low tone.

    Amber gasped in what seemed to me like mock indignation.
    "That's really rude!"

    "It’s OK, Amee," Mrs. Kurwitz said.

    "No, Mom, he's been up to nothing but trouble tonight
    ... isn't that right Kevin?"

    I once again hung my head.

    "He called me a b-i-t-c-h when I was only trying to play
    around ... right Kevin?"

    Mrs. Kurwitz gasped and looked at me in a half
    questioning half stern manner ... a look I think only
    Mothers have perfected.

    "I was deciding whether or not to tell his folks or just
    think of a punishment myself."

    "Well, I would suppose that any disciplinary matters
    should be handled by his parents and not us, Amee."

    "Don't tell my Mom!" I whined.

    "So what'll it be, Kev? "

    "Just don't tell my parents ... please!"

    "You have to learn some manners, Kevin. That's quite
    obvious. You can't call woman bitches and it’s very
    impolite to tell people they smell ... especially when
    you are a guest in their home.

    "Come here and sit between us," She patted the couch. I
    hesitantly got up, not knowing what to expect and
    approached the spot she had indicated. I sat between
    them and immediately felt like a spectacle ... both
    woman seemed to tower over me ... their heaving breasts
    were just at eye level and they were both staring
    intently at me.

    Now that I was away from Mrs. Kurwitz's feet I noticed
    another smell on her. She had obviously been drinking
    more than Amber had. I recognized the smell of whisky
    ... just like my father would smell in the evenings.

    "Now Kevin ... this is taking a bit of thought. I don't
    believe in violence so I won't spank you."

    A knot of stress seemed to slip away with that comment.

    "I can't ground you or take away privileges other than
    when I baby-sit you which is too sporadic for it to
    count. All I can't think of is making you do something

    "He could clean your room," Mrs., Kurwitz chimed in
    good-naturedly, "I can't think of a more unpleasant or
    arduous task." She giggled.

    "I have another idea, Mom."

    With that, Amber leaned forward and snatched the slipper
    off her Mother's left foot. She held it up so I could
    see it.

    "Since you were so rude to my Mother about her feet ...
    I want you to smell her slipper."

    I couldn't believe what she was asking. I was so
    embarrassed! I looked to Mrs. Kurwitz thinking this all
    had to be a big joke. She returned my look with mild
    shock and slight curiosity.

    "Well?" She said ... as the corners of her mouth
    twitched as she attempted not to grin.

    I looked back at Amber and then at the slipper.

    "Do what I tell you and your folks will never have to

    She raised the slipper up and slowly placed it on my
    face. With the heel part at my chin, my nose and mouth
    fit perfectly, completely burying the lower half of my
    face inside the hot confines. I attempted not to breath
    for a second or two.

    "All right Kevin. Start sniffing. I need to hear you."

    I took a big sniff and nearly gagged. It was worse than
    I could have imagined! This woman had the strongest
    smelling feet ever! I tried to instinctively jerk my
    head away, but Amber pressed the slipper more firmly
    over my face ... pressing my nose into the toe section
    of the stinky thing.

    Now Mrs. Kurwitz was openly laughing and covering her

    "Oh Amee ... that's horrible! It’s so cruel! Let the
    poor little guy alone!"

    Even though she said it ... it didn't sound to me like
    she meant it. It seemed that she was getting some kind
    of perverse pleasure out of her daughter forcing me to
    suffer her horrendous foot odor! My watering eyes rolled
    in her direction to see that my assumption wasn't far
    from the truth. She was seductively biting on her pinkie
    nail and licking her upper lip as she watched. I watched
    as her finger trailed down to her breast and I could see
    that both nipples were fully erect and poking out like
    beacons from her Stones T-shirt. She unconsciously
    flicked one of them with her wondering hand. My eyes
    followed her hand as it continued to roam down until it
    nested in her crotch.

    My eyes snapped back to Amber as she changed position on
    the couch, leaning more towards me. Her free hand now
    rested on my crotch. She began to chant a single word
    into my ear. At first I thought it was my imagination,
    but I soon realized to my horror that with each "SNIFF"
    that she chanted ... she applied pressure on my penis
    with her fingers. And against my will, my little twelve
    year old cock began to harden, despite Mrs. Kurwitz's
    foul foot stench that was at present having its way with
    my senses.

    After what seemed like an eternity she removed the
    slipper. As she pulled it away from my face, I could she
    dark sweat marks in the shape of a foot arch and toes on
    the innersole of the slipper. An unconscious shiver ran
    through my body at the site of it and the lingering
    aroma still residing in my nostrils.

    "Time for the real thing, maybe?" Mrs. Kurwitz said to

    I groaned as she lifted her foot and wiggled her toes.
    Her foot was so immense. It was easily the size of my
    whole head. I then understood why my face fit so well
    into the opening of her stink-slippers. Before I knew
    what was happening, Amber was pulling me onto my back.
    She placed the back of my head against her crotch, and
    hooked both legs over my shoulders restraining my arms.
    I glanced up into her smiling face and back at Mrs.
    Kurwitz just in time to see her gigantic feet descending
    towards my face.

    A second later I was in the dark beneath the soles of
    both feet. Again I held my breath for as long as I
    could. I began to see swimming spots in the darkness
    behind my closed eyelids. My head began to feel light
    and dizzy ... and without meaning to, I took a huge gasp
    of breath through both nose and mouth. BANG! It was like
    an explosion! I’d filled my lungs to capacity with the
    strongest ordure known to mankind! Mrs. Kurwitz’s
    monstrous feet! I heard them both began to coo and laugh
    ... though it seemed at a great distance.

    Those feet began to rub themselves back and forth on my
    face. Then the heels pressed down on my mouth ...
    sealing it. My nose was then pressed against the stinky
    soles. My nostrils flared with each sniff of burning
    torture! My entire body began to spasm and then it
    relaxed. Her feet had won! I was beaten! I couldn't
    move. All I could do was lay there and smell her stinky,
    moist feet ... let them and their stink have their way
    with my nose.

    My brain began to sort the smells while I lay in the
    forced darkness. There was a touch of musty leather from
    her high heels ... an intensified foot stink from being
    trapped in her stockings all night. Just a touch of
    perfume ... and then the mule kick of her own personal,
    beyond reason foot reek! I could also smell the
    slightest scent of the stink-slippers which seemed to
    have their own specific stench. As I laid there
    helplessly smelling ... I began to think of those
    slippers as a place for her feet to ferment at the end
    of a day. Her feet would sit there in the dark, moist,
    stinky confines and grow more smelly and more smelly!

    Then even more horror! I felt cool air on my penis and
    balls as my pants were unzipped and my cock taken in
    hand. I'm unsure who it was ... though I'm almost
    positive it was Mrs. Kurwitz ... but the hand began to
    manipulate my penis into an erect little pole. Their
    giggling lessened and was replaced by deep breathing and
    almost inaudible moans. I then felt Amber's toes and
    soles on my throbbing little penis. I wasn't even aware
    she had removed her shoes, but it was an unmistakable
    feeling of my little cock being forced to fuck her toe

    I then heard Mrs. Kurwitz speak:

    "You were the one he called a bitch, Amee. So how 'bout

    The feet were then removed from my face and I gasped in
    gouts of fresh air. My eyelids felt almost glued shut
    with Mrs. Kurwitz's foot sweat and toe jam. My head was
    jostled as Amber got up. I then opened my eyes to see
    them switching places. I tried to get up, but in my
    weakened state I only managed to lift my head and fall
    back again. Mrs. Kurwitz was far less gentle than Amber
    as she jammed my head into her crotch. I could feel the
    dampness and heat on my neck from her pussy. She too
    locked her legs over my arms and her feet dallied on the
    head of my cock. Once again I saw a pair of feet lower
    onto my face as the giggling started anew.

    In the brief moments before Amber's feet touched down,
    time seemed to stretch out. I had now idea how her feet
    were going to smell. Would they be as bad as her
    Mother's? I couldn't image more than one human being on
    this earth having feet as stinky as those of Mrs.
    Kurwitz! But, what can I say ... like Mother, like
    daughter. They were two of a kind! Though, instead of a
    vinegary stench ... it was a pungent, acrid, Soy Sauce
    type stink. Her feet were much smaller though they still
    covered the essentials ... being my nose and mouth.

    Mrs. Kurwitz seemed to be writhing as if she couldn't
    get comfortable. Then it dawned on me that she was
    rubbing her privates on the back of my head and neck. I
    was completely humiliated! To make matters worse, she
    soon began to knead the flesh of my penis with her toes.

    I then heard Amber speak in a breathy voice.

    "Ohh, Mommy ... your feet are sooo stinky."

    As Amber's feet moved across my face I then caught a
    glimpse of her. She was doubled forward, grasping her
    own Mother's foot with her nose buried between those
    stinking toes sniffing away lustfully! Her own Mother!
    She was willfully sniffing the smelliest, stinkiest feet
    I could image! Either Mrs. Kurwitz wasn't aware or was
    too aroused to care ... but she continued to grind
    herself on my head.

    Around this time, Mrs. Kurwitz gasped and her hips began
    to buck violently against the back of my head. This
    caused my face to be more forcefully smothered into the
    sweaty flesh of Amber's stinky soles. Thank goodness the
    bottoms of her feet were extremely smooth and callous
    free, albeit reeking … else wise I probably would have
    suffered facial abrasions. I was unaware of what was
    occurring at the time, but I know now that Mrs. Kurwitz
    was in the midst of an orgasm! Her gyrations subsided as
    did the kneading of her toes on my still erect penis.

    Mrs. Kurwitz then cleared her throat in an uncomfortable

    "Excuse me, sweetie," she said and climbed out from
    underneath my head.

    She exchanged a sheepish look with her daughter and
    announced that she had to work in the morning and should
    get some sleep. Much to my confusion I had a vague
    feeling of disappointment. Don't get me wrong, both of
    their feet were the most torturous hell that I've
    experienced to this day. But something deep down inside
    of me was aroused by the whole situation ... even being
    forced to smell their hideously smelly feet,
    humiliatingly enough.

    My eyes followed Mrs. Kurwitz as she left the room. Then
    I felt a hand begin to fondle my cock and balls. I
    looked back at Amber and noticed that not only had she
    removed her shoes and socks, but her shorts and
    underwear as well. She was busily playing with herself
    as she touched me. This unexpected sight was so
    shockingly erotic that I was intimidated and couldn't
    move or say a word.

    "Punishment isn't over with yet, Kevin."

    She then began to climb on top of me. I was terrified
    near to tears. I'd never seen a nude woman before ...
    and certainly not a woman's genitals ... and now a very
    wet looking vagina was descending upon my face. In an
    instant it was darkness again. My nose and mouth were
    once again smothered ... this time inside of Amber's
    box. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands and
    began to grind on my face. She paid close attention to
    smashing her clit against my nose and brow.

    She then turned around and yet another horror presented
    itself. With both hands she reached back and spread both
    of her ass checks. I had a clear view of her light-brown
    anus. She began to sit and I watched in horror as her
    puckered asshole neared my face. I could see the muscles
    working ... it tightened and relaxed as it came closer
    and closer. The smell was light at first but became more
    pungent as it neared. And then my nose was inside!

    She wiggled her hips, grinding my nose deeper and deeper
    still. Then, she leaned forward, which forced my mouth
    to press harder onto her vaginal lips leaving a space of
    maybe three centimeters between my nose and her asshole.
    This blocked my passage of air through my mouth and left
    only my nose from which to gain oxygen. Of course the
    air I breathed was mingled with the aroma of Amber's
    asshole. She once again began to tighten and relax her
    anus as I was forced to smell the bittersweet scent.

    I imagined what the scene must look like, her on top of
    me ... my penis jutting up ... me smelling her ass ...
    and I again found myself assaulted by a flurry of
    conflicting emotions. I felt ashamed and humiliated but
    more turned on than I'd ever felt. Deep down I wished
    that Mrs. Kurwitz would return and force me to smell her
    asshole. I wanted to feel the warmth of her vagina
    again. I could tell I was close to cumming. All these
    images swirled in my head and then Amber's mouth closed
    around my penis. She sucked hard, encircling the base of
    my little prick with her full, wet lips. My hips
    involuntarily thrust forward.

    "Not so fast little man..." she cooed.

    She climbed off of my face and stood up. I now felt very
    small and naked. My little penis bounced to the beat of
    my heart and looked very insignificant. I once again
    felt deeply ashamed. How could I have thought all of
    those things?

    "Come on ... time for bed, Kevin."

    And with that, she grabbed her garments and walked down
    the hall to her room. I slowly got up in a daze and
    pulled up my pants. I hovered in her doorway as she
    turned down her bed. She was still naked from the waist
    down and I couldn't help but stare.

    "Come in and shut the door."

    This I did.

    "Tonight I think you'll share my bed. I don't feel like
    making up the cot ... it's too late."

    She then removed her top and bra. I had a brief glimpse
    of her breasts before she bounded into bed and under the

    "Well, come on ... off with those clothes. You're not
    going to wear shoes in my bed."

    I complied ... once again feeling humiliated. She of
    course watched me undress and asked were my erection had
    gotten off to. I climbed into her bed and felt very
    small lying next to her. Our naked hips touched and she
    felt so warm and soft. I could feel her gaze on my face
    and I began to blush furiously. I could smell something
    vaguely unpleasant but it was too faint to tell what it
    was or from whence it came.

    There wasn't much time to contemplate the mystery odor
    ... before I could move, Amber had climbed on top of me.
    My limp penis pressed against her vagina. It felt hotter
    than I would have imagined ... almost fevered. My vision
    was obscured by her breasts and I couldn't see her face
    as she spoke to me. Once again I was left felling almost

    "Come on ... get hard for Mommy."

    The use of the word Mommy shocked me and made me very
    uncomfortable, yet my penis responded instantly and
    began to grow. She was so wet that as my erection grew
    ... I effortlessly slipped inside the hot, wet folds of
    her pussy without either of us having to move. I now had
    the realization that I was no longer a virgin. Then I
    wondered what constituted losing one's virginity. Was it
    only the fact of initial penetration or did climax need
    to be reached? Then she began to fuck me and I lost all
    trains or thought.

    Even though my mind was lost to the moment ... I could
    still sense that phantom smell. My face was pressed
    between Amber's heaving breasts. My nose picked out her
    perfume, sweat and a light body odor coming from her arm
    pits ... but underlying all was the faint stink. I guess
    she heard me sniffing and began to giggle.

    "We got you trained ... you can smell them can't you?
    That eager to have them back, huh?"

    She then reached underneath the pillow behind my head. I
    turned to look and saw her pulling out one of Mrs.
    Kurwitz's stink-slippers.

    "No ... " I moaned.

    I tried to thrash about and get out from underneath her,
    but Amber only ooed and ahhhed. It seemed that my
    frenzied movement felt good. Once again my vision was
    obscured between her breasts, but I could hear her
    sniffing loudly above me. I craned my neck back and
    looked up to her face. Her nose was buried in the
    slipper and she was sniffing and moaning.

    She then looked down to see me and smiled. She pulled
    out the other slipper concealed beneath the pillows and
    stuffed it between her breasts. She leaned forward
    forcing my nose and mouth once again into the dark,
    stinking confines of those hideous stink-slippers. I
    suddenly felt the fool for actually believing earlier
    that the situation had been arousing. Once again faced
    with this inhuman odor I was stupefied into submission.
    Amber continued to ride me. As she sniffed her Mother's
    slipper in ecstasy, I was forced to suffer the other.

    This entire event only last maybe five minutes ... but
    as soon as I was sniffing the aroma of that slipper
    again, time seemed to stretch out. Wave upon wave of
    foot stench invaded and assaulted my nostrils. Mrs.
    Kurwitz’s stinky foot smell had its way with my nose as
    her daughter had her way with my body. And then it
    happened. I could feel all of my muscles tensing and my
    little cock quivering. Then I was shooting gouts of
    semen into Amber's pussy. She continued to ride me as
    she herself began to cum. Her orgasm lasted longer than
    mine and my oversensitive member was forced to continue
    to pleasure her.

    Finally she finished and rolled off. I lay there gasping
    air as she giggled to herself next to me. As I began to
    doze off...

    "No, you don't. Your head goes down there."

    She flipped my body around until my head was at the foot
    of the bed under the covers. Her smelly soles and toes
    once again found my nose. She then cupped my face with
    her stinky feet.

    "Now we can get some sleep," she said.

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    Bump: A very nice fellow spoke to me this evening about one of Vampirella's old stories... and I think it was this one...
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    Great story . Want those slippers

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    wonderful story. I love it so much.

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    wowzers that was good

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    Only problem I have is that the boy is 12. Isn't there a no underage content rule?
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    wonderful I love it so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penpencilandbrush View Post
    Only problem I have is that the boy is 12. Isn't there a no underage content rule?
    IIRC not really - Vampirella founded the site, so I doubt her stories are going anywhere soon.
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    This is a story. A fictional account. Can you just imagine that every example of the number two in this story is replaced with a number eight?

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