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    Working for Miss Haley

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to post the beginning of a new story idea I had and hope those here would enjoy. This is just the start of much more to come!

    Prologue & Chapter 1

    Carol waited patiently in the front lobby trying to catch her breath. She was greatly anticipating this interview and knew that the outcome would greatly effect her life and career moving forward. Carol had worked in offices pretty much all her life after she graduated from the state university in her hometown in Pennsylvania. She knew that getting a position with Haley and Proctor Legal Associates, one of the biggest law firms in the state, would be great for her. She could use the increase in pay and added benefits, not to mention that having a positive recommendation from the company would pretty much give her an easy pass to any other place in the state if she chose to move or found something else down the line.
    Carol was a very nice woman, in her late 20s. She has average height and weight with nice features, but did have a slightly above average shoe size at 9.5. Being a perennial office worker Carol wore heels most of the time and occasionally flats, but always business professional. Today was a very important day so heels were certainly the best choice and Carol wore a sleek and stylish black pump with a nice 4 inch heel helping to add some height to her frame. The constant wearing of high heels always seemed to make her round bottom excentuate the curves in her skirts or dresses. Her above average breast size seemed to bring attention to her chest from men in the offices Carol worked in previously, but it wasn't too offensive and her breasts were by no means so large that everyone had to take a second look. Typically, Carol was more reserved of a woman and tried to cover her attributes with more layers as opposed to less.

    She never liked being the object of attention, but knew that men were men, and most would have their eyes trail south from her face time to time. She had relatively short dark brown hair that came just past her shoulders, but normally was in a ponytail. Her green eyes were a normal area of attention from flirty men in the office trying to woo her with compliments. Typically, Carol covered those green eyes of hers with black rimmed glasses, but today she chose to put in her contact lenses almost hoping to interview with a man and utilize those green puppies to sway the interview in her favor.
    It seemed so wrong to think that way to Carol, but she knew that any advantage a woman can use in hopes of moving forward in a man run society, were hers to use. Just as Carol tried one more time to run through all her talking points in her head, the receptionist at the desk called for her, "Miss Morrison, Miss Haley will see you now." A pit grew in Carol's stomach after hearing those words.

    "Dang I'm meeting with Miss Haley herself for this interview?!"

    She thought to herself as she began to step up out of her chair.

    "Is it normal for Miss Haley to conduct personal interviews for positions within the company?" Carol asked quite possibly shaking visibly.

    "Well it is common for Miss Haley or Mr. Proctor to be present during interviews, but it's not entirely unheard of for either to be conducting the interview themselves. They both care very much and have invested a lot into this law firm."

    Carol nodded in understanding, but still seemed to be unable to gulp down her heart that jolted up into her throat. Carol thanked the receptionist as she told her, "Miss Haley's office is down the hall straight back. Just knock on her door, she's expecting you."

    Carol thanked her once again and walked into the hallway through the lobby door. Upon entering the hallway, the lights felt slightly brighter than the ones the lit up the lobby. It was daytime, but the hallway contained no windows to allow one passing through to know for sure. Carol walked gingerly towards the door straight in front of her. In reality, the office doors were not very far, but Carol felt like she was walking for quite some time. As she took each step, Carol glanced to either side. She noticed a fee doors passing by on both her right and left. To the left a door labeled, "SUPPLIES" and another labeled, "RESTROOM". On her right a blank door without a label, an office looking room that had a window with shades to the side if the door. It was empty as far as Carol could tell, and last before Miss Haley's office was a door labeled, "FILE ROOM". Carol reached for the door clenching her fist preparing to knock. She inhaled deeply and exhaled.

    "Okay Carol. Don't worry. You got this. You prepared for this. It doesn't matter who you were meeting, you're gonna rock it!"

    After the little pep talk, Carol finally knocked gently on the office door. After a few seconds, there was no response. Carol knocked again slightly louder. "Come in!" Carol heard a voice very powerful in tone. The type of voice from someone that takes nothing from nobody and knows damn well that they are the one in charge. Carol swallowed once again and turned the handle.
    Slowly opening the door, Carol peeked inside the doorway and sheepishly asked, "Hello Miss Haley?"

    "Yes that's me, please come in and shut the door behind you."

    Carol did exactly as she was told and walked slowly towards Miss Haley's desk trying to keep looking forward, but subconsciously kept looking down.

    "Please have a seat....Miss....Morrison was it?"

    "Yes, Carol Morrison ma'am."

    "Do you mind if I call you Carol?"

    "Of course not Miss Haley, whichever one works for you, feel free."

    "Hmm I like that kind of attitude haha!"

    Carol tried her best to get her head straight and not feel too overwhelmed. She still had to do well in this interview if she wanted to have any chance at a job.

    "So Carol, what makes you want to work for Haley and Proctor Legal Associates?"

    Clearing her throat, "Well Miss Haley, this company is one of the biggest and best places here in Pennsylvania that has renowned status. It would be a great honor and privilege to be able to say that I'm employed here. This company is the goal for many people, young or old, to get into. I feel as though my previous experience has thoroughly prepared me to take on the tasks of this company. I've been working in office settings for the last 10 years from high school through college. I can do just about anything and everything expected of a secretary, business administration, and assistant." Carol reached into her bag and pulled out a copy of her resume.

    "I know my resume will only further prove my capabilities."

    Carol handed the paper over to Miss Haley and she glanced over it.

    "Yes, I've seen your resume before. That's partly the reason why you were granted an interview. But I need to ask you something."

    Carol gulped again and asked, "Oh? And what's that Miss Haley?"

    "Well, you see, the position that's available isn't just any old secretary or assistant position. This position is my direct personal assistant. That's why I'm the one conducting this interview. I'm sure you may have noticed the small office in the hallway leading to my own. That would be where you would conduct most of your work. It's empty at the moment, but I need to find someone to step into that role and take off with it. I'm very busy and I need a second in command to help my day to day business to give me the ability to handle the big important duties. Do you feel like you'd be up to the task Miss Morrison?"

    Carol nodded in agreement, but said nothing.

    "Well Miss Morrison, you seem to want this job, but how much do you really want it?"

    Carol leaned forward in her chair and almost too excitedly, "I'd do anything for this job Miss Haley! Please give me this opportunity and I promise I won't let you down!"

    "Well, well, well. It seems that you are rather eager. Okay so here's the thing. If you accept this position, there's a few rules that you will need to follow. Are you ready?"

    Carol almost in shock and still trying to take in the fact that the position seemed to be hers could still only nod.

    "Rule 1: I've gotten to be in this position by not taking shit from anyone. That includes you. You will do as I say and when I say it, understand?" More nodding
    "Rule 2: As a woman, you are expected to be professional just as any man would be and that professionalism includes attire. My biggest rule for the ladies of my office are that they must always be in business professional attire, but that includes high heels. No sandals, no flats, no sneakers. The high heels are a powerful statement that we must all make. Don't worry, I don't force these rules on you without also adhering to them."

    Miss Haley then swung a leg up on her desk to showcase her heels.

    "These are extremely expensive Luis vitton stilettos that I wear from time to time. I don't expect you to wear shoes like this, but they must be professional."

    Carol couldn't help but stare at Miss Haley's feet. Her shoes were in fact very pretty, but she found herself also admiring her long, shapely legs and her toes peeping just out of the Luis vitton stilettos. Her toes were painted a very deep red color and Carol thought if she could pull off a color like that on her own toes. Miss Haley pulled her foot down off the desk and it shocked Carol back to attention.

    "Finally Rule 3: If I need you to stay late with me to work on any last minute tasks it is of the utmost importance that you stay until we finish. Does all of these rules sound like something you could follow Carol?"

    In an attempt to do more than simply nodding, Carol managed a "Yes ma'am."

    "Okay good! It sounds like you may be a fit after all Carol. How's about next week sound as a starting date, say next Monday 8 am sharp. Report to my office and I'll have everything ready for you in your office space down the hall."

    "Yes Miss Haley, thank you so much! You won't be disappointed, I promise you!"

    "Glad to hear that."

    Carol noticed Miss Haley glance down at her feet as she was standing up.

    "Nice shoes Carol, shoes like that would be just fine!" Miss Haley winked at Carol and shook her hand.

    "It was a pleasure, please see yourself out and I will see you next Monday. Goodbye Carol."

    "Thanks again Miss Haley. Have a good day!"

    Carol turned and opened the door. She slipped out, closed it behind her and grasped her chest panting. She couldn't believe that she actually got the job, well a job, but still it was a job at one of the best places to work in the state! Carol jumped slightly and laughed a little to herself.

    "Wow, I actually did it."

    Carol walked back down the hallway and stopped by her new office to get an idea as to what she would be working with soon. She imagined herself working at the desk, answering phones, sending emails, and acting very professional. Then Carol realized what Miss Haley had said. She needed to wear heels all the time. She didn't own many pairs of high heels even after working in offices so long. She wore flats more often than heels and now realized that she would have to go shopping before starting next week just to get enough shoes in her closet to wear.
    Even still, Carol was beside herself and was on cloud 9. After leaving the office building she went straight to the store to get a handful of new shoes to wear at work to appease Miss Haley's rule.
    Carol tried on a few different pairs and none were very comfortable, but heels tended to not be much. Carol sighed knowing it would be rough everyday, but Miss Haley deals with it, so she could too! Plus, it was a small price to pay in order to have such an impressive position. Carol especially fell in love with a striking leopard print pair of pumps that made her feel just as ferocious. They may not have been the most comfortable, but they made her feel powerful and sexy just like Miss Haley.

    ********* Monday couldn't come soon enough for Carol and she couldn't get a lot of sleep the night before. She drove into work that morning simply giddy and couldn't wait to start. Sporting her brand new leopard print heels, she knew that she would be able to make a good impression on her first day.

    ********* Carol walked into the office building and came back into the lobby she once sat in waiting for her interview. Looking up from the desk was the same woman receptionist from that day.

    ********** "Hi, I'm Carol Morrison. I was here last week for an interview. I'm not sure if I ever got your name while I was here. I'm sorry."

    "Oh no problem sweetie. My name's Martha Loch. I don't always give my name out to everyone coming for an interview, you never know who might make it and who'll never be back haha!"

    Carol laughed with Martha knowing full well that she may not have been coming back herself. Carol had a chance to fully glance Martha up and down this time around since she was no longer nervous about the interview. She was already in as an employee and now had the opportunity to get to know Martha. Martha was a bit of an older woman, no so old, but definitely mature. Probably 40s if she had to guess. Her hair was jet black with just enough strands of dark grey to show her age. A few wrinkles on her face also helped show how she's aged over the years no doubt stressful being at Haley and Proctor Legal Associates. Martha was still a very attractive woman for being a bit more mature, surely still a catch for most men. Her face was about the thing that showed her age, her body was still quite toned and shapely.

    "So how long have you working here with Miss Haley?"

    "Oh my, feels like it's been forever haha! I suppose it's been 9 years now. Even though it's only been 9, it feels like it's been longer and yet I still can remember my first day. Crazy how that works huh?"

    Martha laughed again and Carol followed suit, not only to act friendly, but also because she could relate. Some of her previous jobs had a similar feel.

    "So it seems that Miss Haley has taken a liking to you Miss Morrison. Hopefully you last longer than her previous assistant. She has high hopes for you."

    Carol was a bit taken back and slightly concerned by Martha's comment.

    "What do you mean by that Miss Loch?"

    "Please sweetie, call me Martha. And I just meant that over my time here Miss Haley has gone through a number of assistants. She can be a bit....demanding at times. Some people just can't handle it. I've gotten used to her by now and her antics. This has been a great job and I can deal with her demands from time to time. It's really not as bad as you may think. Please don't be scared by my comments. Miss Haley is a good person, she went through a lot to get into the position she is now and the power seems to have given her a bit of pride in herself understandably so. I'm sure if you just keep at it, you'll have long term success just like me!"

    Carol was slightly put at ease by Martha's words, but still felt a little uneasy about what she was getting herself into.

    "I appreciate that advice Martha. And you can call me Carol."

    Martha and Carol waved farwell to each other for the time being and Carol walked through the lobby door heading down to Miss Haley's office. This time passing by the empty office space to her right she could see a computer, chair, phone, printer, and fax machine set up inside. Carol knew that space was for her and got a jolt of excitement knowing that.

    Carol knocked on Miss Haley's door with the intensity she used the second time on her interview day. This time an immediate, "Come in!" was heard. Carol opened the door slowly once again and peaked her head in.

    "Miss Haley? It's Carol Morrison here to see you about getting set up with work."

    "Ahh yes of course Carol, please do come in."

    Carol fully walked into the door and shut it behind her. She came up to Miss Haley's desk and sat again in the chair she sat in for the interview.

    "Good morning Carol. It's nice to see you again."

    "Good morning Miss Haley. Thank you again for the opportunity. I look forward to getting started."

    "Fantastic! That's the kind of attitude I want you to have. Eager and ready to please. Now I'd like for you to stand up just for a second, I need to look over your outfit today and make sure you followed my rules I gave you."

    Carol stood up and opened up her arms a little to allow full view of her attire. Carol wore a knee length black skirt, a white blouse, and leopard print cardigan sweater to match her new shoes.

    "Very nice Carol. Very professional and I appreciate the matching top with your heels. Quite fierce!"

    Carol blushed a little hearing such a nice compliment from Miss Haley.

    "Why thank you very much Miss Haley. It means a lot coming from someone like you. Such a strong, beautiful, confident woman complimenting me really means a lot."

    Carol thought she may have laid it on a little thick there, but figured Miss Haley would enjoy the showering of compliments.

    "You are most welcome Carol."

    Miss Haley smiled ear to ear and Carol knew that it worked in her favor. Just as with Martha out front, this was the first time she truly took in all of Miss Haley's beauty up front. She had only really paid close attention to her feet when she came in for her interview by staring intently at her shoes. Now she could breath easier around Miss Haley and she understood why she was so powerful. Miss Haley was a taller woman with perfectly proportioned features. Her breasts were just perfectly plump and round, showing just enough cleavage in her button up business shirt to be sexy and classy. Her long legs added to her beauty, this time covered in a dark nylon. Carol could not see her feet at the moment, but imagined that Miss Haley was wearing a similar shoe as before, sexy and expensive only adding to her overall beauty and appeal.

    Miss Haley rose from her desk chair and rounded the outside corner of her desk to officially welcome Carol to the company and shoe her to her new area. Carol almost instinctively looked down to Miss Haley's feet just to see what shoes she was wearing today. Her long nylon legs continued to her feet, completely covering her foot this time, in a silver pump studded with a few spikes at the toe and heel. Carol did not intend to look as long as she did, and before she realized Miss Haley spoke, "Do you like my shoes Carol?"

    Carol froze and realized she may have been admiring too long, trying to compose herself, she stammered, "Uhh...yes Miss Haley. They look great and especially on you. The spikes make your whole outfit and appearance much more striking."

    Miss Haley chuckled at her compliment, but thanked Carol again.

    "Well I'm sure you could pull these off as well Carol. Just need the confidence to rock em! Now if you would follow me, I'll show you to your new office space."

    Carol got up from her chair and followed closely behind Miss Haley. She imagined herself wearing those spikey shoes and thought that maybe she could pull them off. When Miss Haley walked in front of the smaller office door in the hallway she turned to look at Carol.

    "So as I'm sure you've noticed, this will be your office. It has a direct line to my office phone and you should have everything you need to work here. The computer is up and running and I've installed my email as well as set you up with your own company account. Feel free to decorate as you like as long as there isn't anything too wild or crazy. Just take the rest of the day to get acclimated, I've taken the liberty to pull put some information to look over about the company and your specific responsibilities. If you have any questions, my direct line is pre-programmed in on the middle button labeled "office". Best of luck to you Carol!"

    Miss Haley then turned to leave the room and left Carol to herself. Carol circled the small space and took it all in.

    "Wow, this is my office!"

    Carol plopped herself down in her chair and started to look through the packet of information that Miss Haley prepared for her. It contained basic information about the company and as she continued reading, found sections that explained some of her specific duties. As Miss Haley's personal assistant, Carol was expected to answer phones, schedule appointments, respond to emails, file paperwork, among other things. Carol settled into her space and the day went by smoothly.

    ********* As each day passed, Carol grew more and more confident in her ability. For the first few days, Carol always greeted Miss Haley in her office upon arrival. Miss Haley always wanted to observe her outfit when Carol walked in and Carol always found herself gawking at Miss Haley's beauty. She was able to pull off amazing outfits and shoes to match. Carol felt mild jealousy just from hoping to be able to wear the types of outfits in Miss Haley's closet. Soon Carol stopped greeting Miss Haley directly in her office, but simply buzzed her phone to say good morning and check in on important updates. Days turned into weeks and before Carol realized, a month had gone by since she first started. On the 1 month anniversary of her first day in the office, Carol sat down in her chair and began to get started on her usual workload. Checking emails and voice messages, but was instead greeted with a note attached to her computer screen reading

    "Hello Carol, when you get in, please give me a call. - Miss Haley".

    ********* Carol was a little surprised by the handwritten note as she had sometimes received emails from Miss Haley with important information. She reached for her phone and dialed the preset for Miss Haley's office line.

    "Good morning Carol, how are you?"

    "I'm doing well Miss Haley thank you. How are you this morning?"

    "Alright. I'm guessing you saw my note..."

    "Yes ma'am, is everything okay?"

    "Well, to be honest, I have something important to discuss with you later today. Please come by my office after the day is done before you go home for the evening. Is that understood?"

    "Yes Miss Haley, I'll be there."

    "Good. Go ahead and get started for the day then Carol. I'll talk to you later, goodbye."

    "Goodbye Miss Haley."

    Carol hung up the phone, but immediately felt a lot in her stomach. What was that about? She thought she was doing well, was she in trouble? There were so many questions swirling in her head that the rest of the day felt like a blur. Carol did all of her tasks and then some hoping to show that she was taking things seriously and hoped to get on Miss Haley's good graces by going above and beyond.

    Finally, the time came for her to finish and see Miss Haley. Carol shut down her computer, gathered her things and closed her door behind her. She slowly walked over to Miss Haley's door and knocked.

    "Come in Carol."

    Carol gulped and opened the door.

    "You wanted to see me Miss Haley?"

    "Yes Carol, thank you for coming to see me before heading home."

    "Of course Miss Haley. What can I do for you?"

    "I am so happy that you asked! You see Carol, I've been very impressed with you and your performance over the last month. You've really been catching on quite quickly and I believe you're the best personal assistant I've had. I'd like to reward you on your 1 month anniversary."

    Carol was beside herself. She worked herself up so much without even knowing what the reason for her meeting was.

    "Why thank you Miss Haley, that's so wonderful to hear. I'm honored."

    "Well Carol, you definitely deserve it. I just wanted to thank you and give you a real treat. Now this bonus I'm offering you is not just a one time thing. It's another opportunity for you to continue to grow here and become an even greater asset to me moving forward."

    Carol moved a little closer in her chair eager to find out what the offer was.

    "Now, this is a mutually beneficial situation. I'd like to offer you a bonus of $250 per session of this bonus work if you're interested."

    "Wow! $250 of overtime each time I work extra?! You are too kind Miss Haley! Thank you!"

    "Well, Carol it's not just overtime work that you'd be doing..."

    Miss Haley then stood up from her desk chair and walked around to the front of her desk. She propped herself up on her desktop and crossed one leg over the other. Today Miss Haley was not wearing nylons, but was wearing the same silver spiked shoes that she wore on Carol's first day. She slowly began dangling one shoe on her toes.

    "This is a very special job I want you to do for me. I've noticed that throughout your time here ever since the interview that you've taken a liking to me, but especially my feet here. I've noticed the way you glance down at them when you come to my office. And as you know, since you've been following the rules yourself, I wear heels each and every day. That leads to having some sore feet at the end of the day. Now my proposal to you is to come to my office at the end of the day a few times a week and massage my feet for me while I finish up some paperwork before heading home."

    Carol was completely awestruck by what just happened. Miss Haley just asked her to rub her feet after work a few days a week. Carol looked up at Miss Haley and could see a sparkle in her eye and a somewhat evil grin on her face. Carol tried to speak, but couldn't really find the words.


    "It's nothing to be ashamed of Carol. Feet are beautiful and mine are as well. Don't be shy."

    Miss Haley finally allowed her shoe to fall off her toes and Carol could see her feet for the first time. They really were pretty, especially as feet go. A long slender sole, perfectly shaped toes that were just the right length and still sporting a deep red color as the first time Carol saw them in her peep toe pumps. The underside of Miss Haley's foot was slightly reddish in color, probably from being in her shoes all day. Miss Haley extended her bare foot out towards Carol and wiggled her toes.

    "Ahh. Feels good to finally get that shoe off! Now, Carol, do we have a deal?"

    Miss Haley continued to wiggle her toes and rotate her foot at the ankle grinning almost seductively at Carol. All Carol could do was stare blankly into Miss Haley's eyes, but she knew that a decision would need to be made, and fast.

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    Wow, really nice start to this story. I am anxious to see where it goes from here.
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    Nice start ;D I'm looking forward for chapter 2 *gg*
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    Thank you both very much! It means a lot to hear positive feedback about my story. Especially from members here as awesome as you 2! Still plenty more coming, hope it meets your expectations.

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    I'm looking forward to more as well!

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    Sorry it accidentally posted twice so the correct post is below!
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    Hope you all enjoy the next installment!

    Part II

    Carol was is complete shock over what was happening in front of her. Miss Haley just pulled her shoe off her foot and extended it out in from of her face requesting a foot massage. Time was passing, but to Carol, it felt like an eternity. Time stood still for a moment and her brain tried to process all of the information in front of her own face. Swirling thoughts clouded her judgement and ability to have cognitive thought. Her head was spinning and Carol was getting a mild headache. Before she could realize, Miss Haley abruptly interjected, parting the clouds of thoughts in Carol's head.

    "Well Carol, what to you say?"

    Miss Haley continued to flaunt her foot, waving it up and down in Carol's face. As she was doing this, Carol began to pick up on a mild sweaty smell wafting in the air. She realized immediately that it was Miss Haley's feet producing the aroma. It wasn't very pungent, but distinctly smelt of leather, sweat, and feet. Nothing strong enough to make you uneasy in your gut, but certainly the kind of smell that would be produced by wearing leather heels all day barefoot. The familiar slightly red sole of Miss Haley's foot confirmed Carol's assumption. Despite the mild aroma now permeating through the office, Carol was drawn to Miss Haley's feet. They were divine and the more she stared at them, the more she felt compelled to reach out to them.

    Carol, almost without even realizing had grasped Miss Haley's foot with her hands and had begun to gently knead her soles with her thumbs. Only the mild moans of delight from Miss Haley woke Carol from her trance.

    "Oh yes Carol! Ahhh that feels so nice. My feet were really begging for a good rub after such a long day."

    Carol became fully aware of what was happening now. Her mind had become clear and her hands were acting almost as if they had minds of their own. She begged in her own mind to stop, but her body wouldn't listen. Carol's hands began to move up and down the sole of Miss Haley's foot adding in circular motions to the ball and arch of her foot. More sounds of pleasure erupted from Miss Haley.

    "Oh Carol, please don't stop. You seem to be a natural at this. I knew I made the right decision to hire you! Have you rubbed feet before?"

    Carol still couldn't believe what was happening, what she was doing! With a strong push of internal will, Carol finally pulled away from Miss Haley's foot and threw her arms to her sides. Thoroughly embarrassed by what had just happened, Carol simply stared down at the ground and said, "No."

    "Wait, what happened Carol? You were doing so well! I might have even had to double up your bonus for today for doing such a wonderful job!"

    "Miss Haley, I...uh....just don't think that I should be doing this...."

    "But Carol, it's no big deal really. I told you that it's a mutually beneficial relationship. I get my sore, tired feet massaged and you get to earn some extra money. What's wrong with that?"

    "I'll tell you what's wrong with it!" Carol raised her voice for the first time with Miss Haley and both were equally shocked by it.

    "It feels wrong. That's why. I'm your employee Miss Haley, I'm not just some piece of meat that you can use as you see fit. I can't be just bought off with money like that. I'm sorry Miss Haley, I truly am. I didn't mean to raise my voice at you, but I just don't think that it's as beneficial as you say it is. I'll see you tomorrow."

    Carol stood up out of her chair and turned towards the door. She never looked back at Miss Haley before opening and walking out the door.

    Back at home, Carol performed her usual night routine. She put her stuff away from the day, made a quick meal, ate, showered, and prepared for bed. Once in bed, her mind once again returned to the events of that evening with Miss Haley.

    Carol picked her hands up from her side and stared at them. For just a moment, she felt like she could still smell the faint scent of Miss Haley's feet in the air. She knew that it was simply being recalled along with the memory, but it still felt real. She felt used by Miss Haley, betrayed even. However, Carol still felt bad about what happened. Maybe she should have stayed and talked more with Miss Haley. Maybe there was still another way to work this whole thing out. Carol thought of a few different scenarios, and drifted off to sleep.

    Carol sat in her office working on her usual duties when all of a sudden her door was slammed open. Miss Haley barged into her office, shut and locked the door behind her. The shaded that hung over the window were rolled shut as well. Carol shook in her chair and began to panic.

    "Miss Haley! What on earth is going on?!"

    "So you think you can take that tone with me do you? Think you can just mouth off to me like that without any consequences?!"

    "Miss Haley, I'm sorry, but..."

    "Oh no, sorry isn't gonna cut it!"

    Miss Haley pounced on Carol in her chair and wrestled her to the ground. Miss Haley straddled Carol and managed to pin her arm down over her head. Miss Haley then grabbed a ziptie she had in her pocket and used it to tie Carol's hand together over her head. She then used a larger one to tie her feet together at the ankle. Carol struggled at her bindings, but there was no hope to escape.

    "What the hell are you doing Miss Haley?!"

    "I'm your boss and you will speak to me as such bitch! You will only speak when spoken to!"

    "Excuse me?! What the fuck!"

    "I guess you'll really need to be taught a lesson..."

    Miss Haley then pulled out a large roll of duct tape and ripped off a large strip. She then placed in over Carol's mouth.

    "There we go. Now you'll be quiet. I don't need your mouth anyway. All I'll really need is your nose."

    Carol was still awestruck by what was going on. She couldn't speak with the tape over her mouth, but tried screaming to no avail. Carol began to breath heavily in and out her nose as she panicked more and more.

    "Yes, now that's the right idea! I want you to know just how pathetic and worthless you really are. You should be happy to be able to serve me and be at my feet. You should have thanked me for giving you the chance to serve my beautiful feet!"

    Carol's eye grew wide as more muffled screams tried to escape her tape covered mouth. Miss Haley reached back and grabbed hold of one of her heels.

    "Are you ready Carol? If you thought my feet were bad yesterday, just you wait until you get a whiff of these puppies! I made sure to wear the same shoes today and not wash my feet yesterday at all. I also wore my old, rancid house shoes to sleep all night just to really enhance the aroma. I've had those for years, they are just so comfy. My feet have built in their own outlines that contour to the shape perfectly. My feet were drenched in sweat and I just slid them right back into these shoes this morning. I felt like there was a pool of sweat I was splashing around in!"

    Miss Haley pulled off her shoe with an audible pop sound. Carol glanced back behind her and could have sworn she noticed steam vapor pouring out from the shoe and Miss Haley's bare foot. Miss Haley brought the shoe up closer by their faces and immediately, the smell filled the small office space. The familiar scent of feet from the day prior was there, but also much stronger. There was a sharpness to it that stung the nose and eyes. Miss Haley brought the shoe up closer to her face and wrinkled her nose moving it farther away just above Carol's face.

    "Oh dear Lord! That's something out of this world! I don't think I've ever smelled something that strong before. I mean, my feet have sometimes built up quite a smell, but this is a few notches above even the most I've smelled."

    With the shoe now hovering above Carol's face, the smell was only worse. The stinging smell of Miss Haley's shoe was certainly something Carol had never experienced before. Just as Miss Haley had said, Carol's feet could certainly produce a strong smell after a full day in heels or flats and nylons. Once strong enough to snap her head back from time to time, but a quick shower usually took care of that. However, this smell is not so easily extinguished.

    "Why don't you take a quick shower Carol!"

    Miss Haley turned her shoe to the side and slowly a stream of foot sweat started pouring out from the inside. The stream was small, but nonetheless was pure foot sweat the had accumulated over the last 12-24 hours. It poured over Carol's face as she tried to move side to side, but unable to avoid getting sweat covering her face. The stream started on Carol's forehead and slowly branched out along most of her face before wrapping around to the back of her head and collecting in her hair before finally dripping into a small puddle on the floor.

    The smell only intensified more as Miss Haley shook out the final drops of sweat from her shoe and Carol had only a brief moment before looking up and seeing the shoe making its way to her sweat drenched face. A muffled shriek of terror was all that she could muster before having Miss Haley's shoe completely cover her face.

    With her mouth taped shut and nothing but blackness all around her, Carol's sense of smell seem to increase with her limited senses. The shoe had completely covered her eyes and nose, trapping her and forcing Carol to take in deeper and deeper inhales of Miss Haley's foot scent. Being subjugated to the direct source of the foot funk, Carol could feel herself getting dizzy and lightheaded. The surge of foot smell was too much for her to handle. The smell in the air after Miss Haley had removed her shoe and even the smell of the foot sweat pouring over her were nothing compared to the intense smell of her worn shoes. Carol coughed under the tape and flailed around hoping to get some "fresh" air. Carol knew the air in the office space was probably anything but fresh, but it was certainly better than the air trapped inside Miss Haley's shoe.

    Just as the smell was becoming too much for Carol to handle and she could feel herself starting to lose consciousness, the shoe was removed from her face.

    Carol was blinded by the wave of light that flooded her eyes once the shoe was gone. Quickly realizing that the source of the stink was gone, Carol gasped and breathed in as much air as her nose could allow. The smell lingered, far stronger than before being encased in Miss Haley's shoe, but was so much more tolerable without the insole pressed against her face.

    "Well, well, well, looks like my little office foot bitch can't handle the stink. But I can't have you passing out on me just yet, there's another shoe that needs to be emptied out and you can't forget about smelling all the stink off my precious feet!"

    Carol was completely defeated. A shell of her former self. This was going to be her new life. She was nothing more than a lowly, pathetic, foot bitch. Tears began to well up in her eyes and slowly streamed down her face.

    Carol tried to hold them back, but knew that there was no hope of fighting back. She was going to accept her punishment and her new role in the office. She tried motioning to Miss Haley to remove her mouth tape.

    "Are you going to be a good little girl my foot bitch?"

    Carol nodded her head and hoped that she would be so kind as to remove the tape. Miss Haley reached down and slowly peeled away the tape. Carol simply laid there, in a pool of her own tears and Miss Haley's foot sweat. She kept her eyes closed for a minute, trying to collect herself before addressing Miss Haley. Finally she opened her eyes and looked at her captor. Miss Haley stared back down at Carol, like a big game hunter after tracking and killing it's prize. Her grin was just as devilish and sadistic as it had been the previous day, only more so.

    "You've won, Miss Haley."

    "What was that Carol?" Miss Haley leaned in closer to her head. "I couldn't quite tell what you said."

    "You've won ma'am. I'm yours. You've broken me. I'm sorry for defying you like I did. I apologize for not listening to you and accepting your wonderful offer. You are too kind to me and for allowing me another chance to serve at your feet. Your beautiful feet, simply gorgeous and smell divine. It would be a great honor to have them on my face once more. Now that I know my place, I would love to massage your feet for you ma'am. Everyday, not just a few times a week. I'd be more than happy to service your feet everyday after work. I'll clean your feet for you as well ma'am. No need to worry anymore about them. I'll use my nose and mouth to sniff and lick all the sweat and grime away leaving your feet as beautiful as they always are. It would be my privelige to serve your perfect feet once more ma'am." Carol couldn't believe what had just come out of her mouth. She said it without being able to stop herself. It flowed from her lips like it had been prepared and practiced for hours. Anytime she tried to stop, she couldn't. It was as if some kind of force had not allowed her to and forced those words from her to the delight of Miss Haley.

    "I knew that you were going to be a perfect little foot bitch! Ever since the moment I saw you and noticed you taking glances at my feet. I figured you might need first, but you have completely gone above and beyond my expectations. I thought I'd have to have a few more sessions with you before you understood your place and willfully found your place below my perfect feet. Carol Morrison, you are now officially my office foot bitch and I want you to wear that title proudly."

    "Yes ma'am, of course I will. It is truly an honor." Again Carol said these words without control. Her mind was present, but also not at the same time. She was aware of her surroundings, but was unable to stop herself from saying these things.

    "I'm glad that we have come to an understanding. Now, since you promised so nicely, I'd like to take you up on your offer that you so sweetly put out."

    Miss Haley reached back again to pry off the other shoe that had still been on her foot, only producing more sweat and stink. Once the second heel came off with another popping sound, the smell in the room increased another level and it was becoming quite powerful.

    "Since you've been such a good girl today and acknowledging your place, I'll give you a special treat! Open that mouth of your nice and wide."

    "Yes ma'am." Carol did as she was instructed and knew what was about to happen. With her mouth now open, the shoe was tilted above her head once more only this time draining into Carol's waiting mouth. The sweat poured slowly directly into Carol's throat. Carol choked down the sweat, being sure not to spill a drop. The flavor of Miss Haley's foot sweat was very salty, very funky, and made Carol gag a little as she swallowed.

    "Be sure to take it all in Carol and get it all down. I don't want to see a single drop spill out if your mouth!"

    Carol managed to push through without coughing up all that foot sweat and licked her lips afterwards.

    "Thank you ma'am. Your foot sweat was delicious." Carol may have said that out loud, but within, her mind was screaming at her. "Why say that? It was horrible! I almost lost it!" Even though internally Carol could control what she said, on the surface, other words came out.

    "May I please have your perfect feet now ma'am? I'm dying to please you more and take care of that built up sweat and stink."

    "Someone is eager and I like it!"

    Miss Haley swung her legs around and sat on Carol's abdomen. She allowed her feet to hover over Carol's face wiggling her toes allowing small drips of sweat to rain down on her face. Carol opened her mouth and tried to catch as many as possible. Just as they did when the shoes were removed, it seemed as though Miss Haley's feet were steaming and the sheer stink of them were visible.

    "Alrighty my little foot bitch, I want you to inhale as much of the stink off first and then lick away the leftover sweat and gunk from my soles and toes."

    "Yes ma'am, of course. I won't let you down." Carol had simply given up trying to make sense of things at this point. Her mouth and body acted on its own no matter what she tried or thought. She simply decided to go with it. Even with her newfound complacency, it didn't stop her feelings of disgust. Miss Haley's feet were even worse than her shoes. Even with their pretty appearance as they always were, this was a new kind of torture. Her bare soles had created a cloud of stink surrounding Carol's head. Her soles, drenched in sweat slid all over Carol's face and explored every inch. Carol's nose probed between toes and even with such a powerful smell, Carol just kept taking it in.

    "Yes Carol, that's it. Take deeper and deeper inhales of that pungent aroma!"

    Carol did as she was told and continued to smell deeper all over Miss Haley's feet. Strangely enough, after Carol decided to give up, she began to tolerate the smell more. It was still strong, harsh, and horribly stinky, but Carol began to handle more and more. Each sniff no longer brought a wave of nausea, but after adjusting, she found herself craving the stink. Carol then stuck out her tongue and ran it up Miss Haley's sole from heel to toes.

    "Oooh yes, that's it Carol. Lick my feet!"

    Almost as if getting permission sent off a trigger in her mind, Carol began to wildly lick all over Miss Haley's feet. She made sure to get all over the soles, around the heels, all over the ball of her feet and snaked her tongue between each toe. As her tongue shot between the toes, Carol grabbed the collection of gunk and toejam that accumulated. She swallowed it all down and went back for more. Miss Haley was screaming in delight from watching Carol devour the little nuggets of flavor between her toes. Carol made quick work to replace the sweat covering Miss Haley's feet with her saliva.

    "Carol my dear, you've been so good to me. I have a real treat for you to thank you for all you've done today." Miss Haley reached back behind her and grabbed a shoe. She placed it back over Carol's nose and mouth, tying it in place with more tape. "This is your gift. You're going to stay right here all night tonight and huff my shoe. Clean the insole with your tongue and be sure to sniff out all of the built in stink. I want to come back here tomorrow and be able to build up the smell again from scratch. Understood?"

    Carol nodded in agreement and started her task. Miss Haley stood up over Carol's body and smiled down at her.

    "Such a good girl." Miss Haley reached down and lightly caressed Carol's face. "My feet and I will miss you tonight." Miss Haley grabbed her other shoe and started walking out of the office door. She turned back to Carol and locked eyes. She smiled and winked at her. "Until tomorrow my little foot bitch!" And she shut the door behind her.

    Carol continued to lay on the floor with Miss Haley's shoe firmly pressed against her face. Soon Carol didn't even smell Miss Haley's feet in the shoe. She figured the smell was either dissipating or she had just simply gotten so used to the odor. Once again Carol teared up a little and turned her head to a side.

    "So this is my life now. This is all I am. A foot bitch whose only job is to clean sweat soaked, reeking shoes and feet."

    Carol closed her eyes and accepted her fate. When she opened her eyes once more, it was dark. The light of the office was off...or maybe Miss Haley's shoe moved over eyes? But her hands and feet were movable, and the cold floor of the office suddenly felt warm, soft, cozy. Carol shot up and looked around as her eyes adjusted to the surroundings. This was her room. She was at home. Was it all a dream? Carol reached up to her face and felt nothing. There was no shoe, no tape, no zip ties.

    Carol put her head back down on her pillow, grabbed her face and looked over to her alarm clock. "4:33" shined in her direction.

    "Was that really all just a dream? It felt so real. I could feel the sweat, I could smell the pungent stink of Miss Haley's feet. I've still got a couple hours before work..." Carol froze when she said that. She still had to go to work. How could she face Miss Haley after what happened the day before? How could she face Miss Haley after what happened in her dream?! Carol laid in bed and looked at the clock again "4:36".

    "It's gonna be a long night and an even longer day tomorrow..."

    Carol tried to sleep, but couldn't for the rest of the night. She kept running the previous days events and her dream like a movie in her head. Was the dream all just an overreaction to what happened? Or was it a premonition for what was to come. Miss Haley couldn't...she wouldn't...right? Carol knew what she had to do. "5:52". It would all start in just over 2 hours.

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    Hmm, nice. So was most of that only a dream? I guess we will find out!
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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    Beautiful, Carol is for it now.

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    So cool!
    Looking forward for part 3


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