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Thread: Making my way around the country

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    Making my way around the country

    I want to preface this with my admittance to terrible grammar, as well as a lack of a knack for story telling (verbal and written). but i have a handful of experiences id like to share, some definitely better than others. ive been a dweller here for years and id like to share some experiences, they are all separate and few are reoccurring, and would like to make this a multi-post thread.

    In the military i get to travel around to different provinces for training (Canada), and different country's for exercise and deployment i.e. U.S. , Italy, Croatia, Germany, UK(OMG). and id like to share a few experiences.

    Ill try to start with the ones i think are the most subtle to me personally and work up to the ones i think are the hottest.

    Also note that my method is more or less consistent with i let the person im getting with know that i enjoy feet. so don't be let down if it seems to be the same story over and over, because the method just works for me.

    Here goes. hope you enjoy it as much as i did....... or didn't(Never said they would all be hot and positive)...


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    Refer to my first post for lack of grammar admittance. Its a free for all from here on out.

    Encounter one: The girl from PEI

    I was on a small tasking that took me though the Atlantic provinces of Canada(NS,NB,NFLD,PEI) for about a month straight while i was traveling with people older than myself. While i was moving though these provinces i used tinder as an app to talk to local people, which was useful to get info on insider knowledge of what to do for people my age(27) while i was in a foreign small town.

    The Tinder picture i happened to use was one where i dressed up as Maverick from Top Gun. Flight suit, Shades, Hair, hell, even the name tag. I just thought it was a cute picture. That night after working 10 hours on my tasking, i get a message from someone. A girl who is the first not to be named, from Charlottetown "said she loves Aviators". Promptly telling her i am actually in the army and not the air force she still wanted to talk anyway. After a long conversation about how much i enjoy a nice back tickle (no joke, its in my top favorite things) she agreed she would like to come over and provide one getting goose bumps just remembering.

    she showed up. and told me she drove about 40 min from where she lives/works to come meet me (which i felt was extremely flattering, but chalked it up to the uniform thing) she came in to my hotel room and sat on my second bed, not really coming off as nervous, but just as a new person. we chatted for a bit and she didnt really move but she seemed passionate about her job and got onto the topic of Military, which i was able to shine a light on and give some insight. She got more comfortable and opened up a bit more and i said "you can stay a while if you like, come on take your boots off". She had about Knee high faux leather boots on, with an inside seam zip. she zipped them off to reveal a teal/brown knit sock that her skinny jeans were tucked into.

    (just realizing now that i didn't mention what she was wearing beforehand, so since this is all candid. She arrived at my hotel at about 5'3 SUPER red hair past shoulder length tied into a ponytail, fake leather jacket and a white blouse, with dark blue jeans and those boots that look like they smell amazing.)

    I mentioned "By the way, i was totaly serious about that back tickle, how are your nails?"

    she said her nails were short but would love to do it anyway, and she jumped on my back after i rolled my shirt up. (Best feeling ever).

    Valiantly working those fingers i offer to switch after shooting the shit for some time.(im not a slump when it comes to back tickles myself). so we swap positions, i go up and start working my magic. " I got my technique down and everything, I don't be tickling or nothing."~pulp fiction. i 'Get Lazy" and lean down to her side instead of sitting on her and resume light tickling on her back. Then pull her in and start the magic.

    The magic moves into stage 2 and 3, all the way up to 7. and there i am on my knees on the bed with her head on the pillow. as i'm taking off her pants with her legs in the air. The skinny jeans come off... then i pull her right sock off. There was a look in her face that i had seen before and i was comfortable with but it was a sudden hard change. i bring her foot to my face and kiss the pad(You know, that meaty ball portion right under the toes part) it was slightly sweaty and smelly to the perfect amount because she had been working all day, then travel to my hotel directly after, no break.

    That foot, was THEE softest foot, and still is to this day, that i have ever felt, sniffed, put in my mouth. It was hard for me to understand and i still wish in the future ill feel,, sniff, taste another like it, but it is indescribable. and you'll see though my story's in this tread that i've been around the block, so to speak with feet.

    ANYWAY. like 10 seconds i spent on the foot maybe less. i removed the other sock and did the same with the same reaction. she mentioned afterwards that nobody, NOBODY. has ever touched her feet. she HATES it. only her room mate at the time, and her mom touched her feet, she also normally wears socks always (which explains the angel softness). BUT she said. "What you did just now, i was completely comfortable with" she was honestly shocked, as was I (i was also very honored to be one of the few, as well as a stranger that achieved that comfort level with her)

    Following that event, i told her my shitck. "Yeah, i have a bit of a weird thing. i like feet, i don't know why but i have since i was a kid, its just my thing"

    From that point. She went down on me, all the while putting both her feet in my face. She mentioned that "Blowjobs were 'her fetish'" and that she got equally as turned on doing that, as i did having her soft, unpainted toes in my mouth. this repeated 4 times by the time she had to leave responsibly for work the next morning. and i'm still feeling some withdrawal a year later

    They are still to this day the softest, slightly smelly, slightly moist, the best feet i've had during one of my experiences.

    --Its not a work of fiction, which is mostly what i like to read here but it was extremely sexy and unforgettable. if anyone has questions id love to answer them without giving any information away.

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    There should be no reason to think you don't write well. Your writing is very good and your recollection of your adventures is excellent. I prefer true stories instead of fiction.

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    Excellent experience, but you got more, it would be great if you would share them, and indeed, you write very well!

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    Thanks guys. i appreciate it.

    i admit i was pretty buzzed when i wrote that. and in the future ill edit my past posts with a bit more detail when i get the time.

    most of my stories are in canda, but my next tale is when i went to Las Vegas with a few friends of mine. One of which knows about my foot fetish and told me to "Go Explore"

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    The Las Vegas night queen

    So a few years ago a group of friends of mine decided to take a trip to Vegas. Im not much of a gambler, due to a lot of extended family having gambling problems. i tend to just keep my distance, a love(or addiction) for gambling is not something i want to know i have. There is a great many things to do in las vegas other than gambling so i agreed to go down for a guys trip. The four of us had one hotel room with two queen beds; we are all comfortable with each other and knew we weren't there to pick up girls and it was easier on the wallet this way.

    one of the days my three other friends went to a poker tourney, i went and adventured, the tax rate being a lot lower than my own province in Canada, even given the exchange rate at the time, i was at a huge advantage to buy a laptop. so i went to a large chain electronics store (which i will not name for privacy of people included in this story.

    i walked in there mostly looking for a laptop, and i approached a very beautiful black woman. She had super bright eyes, and looked to be very in shape. Being the weirdo that i am, was making funny guestures and making jokes to cut the tension that wasn't there to begin with, but she thought it was funny so it was working for me. What started as me going in to price up a laptop, turned into a really great info session. she hooked me up with a sim card so i could message the guys when i was walking about town, and she happened to be a huge fan of EDM and Dubstep which i enjoy(mostly while exercising). we were talking so long that a Co worker of hers came over and started trolling us for doing exactly what we were doing(flirting), and she told me to not mind that guy.

    we got into a conversation and i was flirting with her passively. and she said, she was going to an EDM Pool party show that night at the Wynn casino. 5 min walk from the mall, and 10 min walk from where she lived, also 10 min from my room. I told her i was interested and , im pretty sure i have a swim suit so i would love to go.

    Turns out the tickets were 70$ and skrillex was the main event ! it was like a movie girls that were off the charts hot, and guys that would give you body envy even if you were pretty confidant. so i was hanging out with (lets call her Lisa) Lisa, in and out of the pool, and the friend she brought who seemed to be very promiscuous hitting on a lot of guys.

    Lisa and i were in and out of the pool grinding and dancing, and the pressure from that ass could sand wood down i swear. I was turned on like crazy, it was just too much of a wild night that i didnt expect to fall into, really i felt lucky to even hear about this show. However Lisa got waay too drunk, she was staggering by the end of it. and i asked if she was okay to walk home by herself. she got a bit snappy and i asked her if i could walk her home and she agreed only if we could stop for tacos.

    2 taco bowls later we are in her neighborhood, and she invites me in, we both pound water like crazy and lay down. she asked me if i want to sleep in her bed for the night and i agreed. Nothing happened that night, it was more of a moral obligation and everything worked out very well, except she threw up in a plant.

    The morning After
    we are laying in bed. And Lisa is talking about how it was nice of me to walk her home, and started asking if i was flirting with her at her store, to which i agreed, "Yeah because i think you were super cute, i couldn't help it"

    as we were laying in bed and talking casually under the covers. i ask what her favorite things during sex are, "what are the thing you like" and she was saying that she likes when a guy takes control, so i noted that, but to me it was kinda vague so i passed it off. all the while she is making small attempts to get closer and i take this as an opening so i do the same. it turns to touching and kissing and she throws her leg over my pelvis area. and NATRUALLY i run my hand from her hip, down her thigh to her knee, then down from her knee to her foot. I was soo turned on from the grinding the night before that i hovered on her foot for way too long. lightly touching the tops, then fliping over to the soles, and feeling from heel to toes, then going over each toe. She noticed and asked "Are you a foot guy?"

    i didnt know what to say at first, all i said was "I guess, yeah." . And lisa kinda chuckled, She said "Remember the guy at my store? that was making fun of us flirting, hes a foot guy too. its totally cool, he told me what its all about"

    after hearing that , i died.

    She started rubbing my shins with her other foot, and reached down and felt my cock with her left hand. And right then it confirmed her question. She said she didnt have any condoms, but she had an idea.

    She tumbled over to the right side of my body, near my dick. and asked what i like about feet? So i told her the truth. " i like the smell, i like the taste, i like the feel, i can hear them from 50 feet away when girls wear flip flops, i love the way they look, pretty much everything, all the senses covered" and she started stroking me, and rubbing her feet on my chest.

    Her feet were large (for my personal experience) Probably about size nine, she was as tall as me. red chipped nail polish over each toenail, and soft, beautiful yellowish bottoms. Her rubbing her feet on my chest, she knew she was getting a reaction, my dick was super hard, just to the point it was so stiff it hurt i was en awe. She started spitting in her hand and doing more of a message motion, which was unreal. it felt so good i put my head back into the pillows, at which point, she arched her feet over my face. i was in heaven.(not really but if i was in heaven i wouldn't have been able to tell the difference)

    Her feet very smelled faintly of chlorine which almost broke the mood, but combined with the barefoot smell of her black chucks. She started sticking toes in my mouth and playing with my nose with the other foot. eventually she went down on me and asked me to tell her when i was going to blow. and i did. spending a few days cooped up in a hotel room with dudes, when i was ready to cum. she spit in her hand and slowly jerked me, while putting pressure on my face with her feet. The combination of her big toe in my mouth, with her little toes sprawled over my nose hit me soo hard that i was almost shaking, i shot hard into her hand, and my abdomen was quivering, tensing uncontrollably.

    all she said was "That was a lot of cum" and got up to the bathroom to wash off while i was basically paralyzed.

    when she came back we both laid in the bed (while i recovered) and talked, and eventually i made my way back to the Hotel. Little did i know, that was only round one


    the day after i got a message from lisa again, she said there was another EDM Show at the same hotel, it wasn't a pool party, and it wasn't a known artist (to me, i didn't recognize the name) so i told her i would go, why not.

    i met up with her and she had already been ready when i showed up to her apartment. slim black dress, pulled back hair into a bun, and the same chucks. She invited me in to wait for two friends that we will all go over together. I was just making regular conversation, and investigating her apartment more, she had a copy of Pokemon Blue on her TV set and i grilled her about it. About 40 min later she got a message from her girlfriend (the same one from the skrillex show) that both of them were tied up that night, bailing on her for whatever reason. i dont know if they had inside knowledge on me or not, she asked if i still wanted to go and i said ,"i don't really care, ive not really heard of the artist" and apparently hes a regular so she didn't push it.

    we were just hanging out at her place, we watched maybe 2 minutes of The office before both her legs were over me, and we were touching heavy. At this point, we really only needed to look at each other to say " Hey , yeah, lets go to the bedroom" and we did. and let me tell you now. im still shell shocked from that experience, the most wild sex ive had ever.....

    Walking into Lisa's bedroom, i came prepared this time. i have two condoms. laying on the bed we start kissing and move to grinding and hit that point where we say fuck it, and use that same moment to take all of our clothes off! Im rock hard and put a condom on, and think about the thing she said two days before. about how she likes the guy to take control, and how i felt it was a vague description. so i say "don't be afraid to let me know where your limits are" (little did i know i probably had more limits than this woman)

    I started on top slow, grinding, faster and faster propping her as up with my hand on her back. thats when she stared with the fingernails (holy shit) and i didn't expect that!. i grabbed both wrists and held them by her ears with her elbows up and was pumping away. just then she did this wierd thing* which was new to me, she started writhing and kicked me off so i thought i was doing something wrong, or reached that threshold. but she never said anything. as i was kneeling above her catching her breath, after she recovered, she threw her feet up, right over my face and said "keep fucking me like that"

    !!!! WHAT. you got it lady. i started pinning her down with her feet still on my face, full thrusts and i would keep going when ever she started to squirm, eventually she kicked me off again and when she did she started squirting*. that was the first time thats ever happened to me. she slapped her feet right back on my face and we kept going until she squirted again, and again, and again,. then we moved to the floor, all the while sticking each toe in my mouth, licking the entire sole, biting the heel, and switching feet.

    that night i used all of my condoms, and i used hers. her floor was soaked and i needed a shower .............. :|

    that was the only encounter i had with a black bombshell and i still think about it. it was the first time i ever made a girl squirt half their body weight and wondered how they could still live.

    ALSO i bought that laptop and she gave me her employee discount. cherry on the cake.

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