I m very new to this site. I just want to introduce myself. I
m muscular and gym freak guy with have a fetish for stinky rotten rancid women's feet.
I like dominant women who get pleasure by forcing slave to smell her stinky rotten feet

I also have type for feet . I prefer trimmed or short unpolished toenails. It's weird but I always gets turn on by seeing women's unpolished trimmed or short nails.

I always have a fantasy of women tieing her slave, duct taping her mouth after shoving her dirty stinky socks in his mouth and force him to inhale the wet stinky toejam from between the toes for hours.

I like when women shows no mercy towards her slave and make her slave cry from the stink of the feet. The smell is so strong that slave cry and beg for mercy to stop but mistress don't stop and instead gets pleasure by seeeing her slave cry under her feet. Slave even puke because he can't take anymore but still mistress don't stop and make her smell her feet until he passes out from the smell of her feet .

I m just looking for some girl with whom I can chat about feet everyday online. I like to chat with someone who get pleasure by making man to smell her feet cruelly.

I also like when women force her slave to tap out after stinking her toes on her nose in a wrestling match. Even though slave tap and accept defeat but mistress don't stop and make him smell her feet till he passes out from the stink of the feet

If u r intrested then we can talk on kik or any other social platform and we can talk about our fantasies.

*Please drop me message if intrested*