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    Babysitter(found on net)

    When I was a kid everday except for the weekends my parents arranged many
    babysitters for me from 4pm to 7pm. Since they didn't want me to be left
    alone I had babysitters even when I was 16. Over a period of 4 years I
    went through many different babysitters. This is a story about one of the
    older and my favorite babysitter.

    Her name was Nancy and she was in her early thirties. She was a part time
    masseuse and part time baby sitter. My devotion to the female feet can
    totally be credited to her. That's when I discovered my fascination for
    feet. I still remember her very clearly. She was tall, about 5'10, blonde
    and had the most wonderful legs. And best of all she had the most
    beautiful feet and she always took care of them. Her feet were quite large
    because of her height. I don't know exactly but they must have been a size
    10 or 11. She always had nail polish on and her toes looked very
    appealing. Even at that time I hadn't discovered my fascination I still
    thought she had beautiful feet.

    She would show up at my house around 4pm and we would go into the living
    room where I did my homework, watched TV, etc and she would work on her
    own stuff. I wasn't sure what it was but I am assuming it was related to
    her massage therapy work. She would always sit on the couch and I usually
    sat on the carpet in front of her. She would cross her legs and one of her
    feet would dangle right next to me. She was very responsible and took good
    care of me. She would give me juice or cereal or make me a peanut butter
    sandwich, etc.

    One day as I sat on the carpet next to her feet, she switched her legs and
    as her foot passed by my body it accidentally hit my shoulder. Oops, she
    looked down at me, sorry honey. She extended her leg and rubbed my
    shoulder with her foot for a few seconds. Didn't mean to hit you, she
    said. Oh it's okay, I smiled. But I realized that as her foot touched my
    shoulder it got me excited. I had no idea why and at that age I didn't
    have much thought process. I just felt like being close to her feet and I
    wanted her to touch me with her feet more.

    I was a shy kid so obviously I couldn't tell her how I felt but I was a
    smart kid so the next few days I tried to plan how to get close to her
    feet and how I can create opportunities for her to put her feet on me.

    The next day after that incident I was doing my homework again as she sat
    on the couch in the usual position. After a little while I sat up and
    leaned against the couch right next to her dangling foot and asked her,
    hey Nancy do you have a boy friend? As I turned my head towards her and
    looked up, her dangling foot happened to be just a few inches from my
    face. I could see her painted toe nails right in front of my face. She
    looked at me and said, why do you want to know? Oh, I just want to learn
    more about relationships you know, I said. She laughed, oh really, do you
    have a girlfriend? I acted nervous and turned my head away from her. I was
    hoping she would touch me with her foot at that moment. And she did. Oh
    c'mon, do you have a girlfriend, little one? She asked as she playfully
    tapped me on the head with her foot. Oh man, that felt wonderful but I
    didn't make my reaction obvious. I didn't say anything and just acted shy
    and giggled. Haa, look at you all giggling now, she laughed again and
    pushed my head away with her foot. I went back to my homework and that was

    A couple of days later we were in the living room again and this time she
    was laying on the couch with her feet towards one end of the couch. As
    planned I was sitting my close to her feet and my head was just an inch
    away. After a little while I sighed outloud, I am so tired. Too much
    homework, she asked. I said yeah and threw my head backwards which ended
    up on her feet. Oh sorry, I quickly moved my head forward. Oh that's okay
    honey you can put your head there, she said. (Yes!) Thanks, I said, this
    homework is killing me. I put my head back again and rested it on her
    feet. And she unintentionally and casually started caressing the back of
    my head with her toes. It felt great. What homework are you working on,
    she asked. It's math, I responded as I continued to enjoy her toes on the
    back of my head. That explains it, she said understandingly and went back
    to working on her notes or whatever it was.

    After a few minutes I turned my head towards her and I felt the upper part
    of her foot on my left ear. You know Nancy, I said to her, this feels so
    relaxing. What? She moved her notepad away from her face and looked at me
    at her feet. The way you're rubbing my head, it feels so nice, I said, as
    I still felt the uppper part of her foot on my ear. Well honey I am a
    masseuse, you know, she said smiling and moved her foot up and down
    against my head. As she moved it up it slid against my head all the way up
    to the upper part of my head and then slid down over my ear again, went
    past my ear all the way down to my cheek and chin. It felt amazing. She
    moved it back to my ear and looked at me. But you know I have rarely given
    anyone a massage with my feet, she laughed. I would give you a massage
    with my hands but I have to finish this stuff, she said. Oh no, I said as
    I contiuned to rest my ear on her foot. This feels very nice, you don't
    have to use your hands, I looked at her, hoping she wouldn't make anything
    of it.

    Really? she looked at me again and slid her foot up and down against my
    head again and this time as it touched my cheek, she held it there. You
    like this? She asked as she caressed my cheek with her toes. Yeah this is
    totally relaxing me, I said. Hmmm, she gave me a curious but excited look.
    I guess she found this interesting too. Well, I have never tried to give
    anyone a massage with my feet before, I guess you'll be my test subject,
    she smiled. She took her feet away from underneath my head and asked me to
    rest my head on the couch. Why? You don't want to give me a massage, I
    asked. No, no I do, she said, but I want you to change your position so I
    can massage you with the sole of my feet. They're soft and I can cover
    more area on your head than if I did rubbed it with my toes. (Alright!!!!)
    Oh okay, I said and rested the back of my head on the couch and stared at
    the ceiling hoping for some wonderful foot massage.

    She shifted her position a little bit and raised one of her feet in the
    air and slowly placed it on my forehead. As soon as it touched my forehead
    I felt a jolt in my body. She felt it too but kept her foot on my
    forehead. You okay there? She asked. Yeah totally, this feels very nice, I
    responded. I loved the weight of her foot on my forehead. Since her foot
    was so big it covered my whole forehead, I guess pretty much the upper
    half of my face

    Her other leg was bent and she had her other foot resting on the couch
    next to me. She waited a few minutes as she moved her foot on my forehead
    to find a good spot and then started to massage it. She rubbed it against
    my forehead back and forth and up and down. I could see the side of her
    foot on my eyes as she moved it up and down. She went back to her notebook
    and started writing on it. She couldn't see me since her notebook was in
    front of her face but I was totally enjoying this experience and I didn't
    want it to end.

    After about 5 minutes she stretched her other leg and tried to put her
    foot on my chest. But my chest was positioned vertically against the couch
    so her foot couldn't find a resting place. She moved it up on my chest
    trying to find a horizontal spot on it and ended up on my throat right
    underneath my chin. For a second she didn't realized where she had put her
    foot so she felt around with her toes. The sole of her foot moved around
    on my throat and her toes rubbed up against my chin and my bottom lip. She
    realized right then that her foot was on my throat, she quickly lifted it
    up but before she could say anything I quickly said, oh nice, that feels
    very nice too. I couldn't see her because of her other foot on my forehead
    and my eyes but I could tell that she had moved the notebook away from her
    face and was looking at me with her other foot still in the air right
    above my throat. She didn't say anything for a few seconds. I guess she
    was thinking that it would be awkward for her to put her foot on my chin
    and throat. But I also knew that she was curious and was liking the fact
    that her feet were on someone's head and face. After a few moments of
    silence, she slowly brought her foot down and gently rested it on my
    throat. I felt the weight of her foot on my throat and it was heavy but I
    didn't say anything.

    She kept looking at me for a few seconds and started massaging my chin
    with her toes. The sole of her foot felt so nice on my throat. She could
    tell that I was breathing hard but didn't say anything. She was still
    looking at my face at her feet but I acted as if I didn't notice. She
    stopped massaging my throat for a second, turned her foot upwards towards
    my face and gently placed her big toe on my bottom lip. I felt another
    jolt in my body but I controlled it. She slowly started to massage my
    bottom lip with her big toe. How's that feel honey? she asked me as she
    contiuned to wonder about this whole thing while looking at me. Oh, I said
    and as I opened my mouth to say that my bottom lip slid down her big toe
    and her big toe ended up on my teeth. It feels great, I said. Okay then,
    she said and leaned backwards and brought her notepad in front of her face
    again. She moved her foot back and forth on my throat and continued to rub
    my forhead with the sole of her other foot. (Oh man, I was in heaven).

    Every once in a while she would lift the toes of her foot that was on my
    throat and caress my chin and my bottom lip with it. At one point as she
    moved her toes up towards my lips and slid it on my bottom lip, my mouth
    opened and she pressed her toe on my bottom lip and kept it there. She
    kept my lip there firmly pressed under other toe and moved her big toe up
    towards my teeth. She held my bottom lip pressed against my chin with her
    other toes and started to massage the inside of my lip with her big toe. I
    could totally feel her toe rubbing against my teeth. At one point her big
    toe went up a bit much and touched my tongue. Ooooooh, I heard her say and
    she quickly moved her foot away from my lips and throat and put it on the
    couch. I didn't say anything. She waited a minute and then moved her foot
    forward and placed it on the side of my face. She started to rub my cheek
    with the sole of her foot.

    At that point I turned my head towards her. Her foot on my forehead stayed
    where it was but her other foot ended up on my mouth. She realized that I
    had turned my head towards her. She put down her notepad and looked at me.
    She didn't move her foot away from my mouth though. She kept it there but
    moved her other foot from my eyes so I can look at her. What's the matter
    baby? She asked me. I said, are you comfortable? And as I said that my
    lips moved under her foot and I guess she felt ticklish as she quickly
    raised her foot from my lips for a second but then brought it right back
    down. What do you mean? she asked. I could see in her eyes that she
    enjoyed my face under her feet. Why do you ask? she asked again.

    Well, you have been giving me a massage with your feet for a while now and
    I know you're doing it for me but I didn't even ask you if you're tired or
    laying in an uncomfortable position just to massage me? I said showing
    genuine concern. She lifted her foot from my mouth and placed it on the
    couch and stared at me with a strange look. She put down her notepad on
    the carpet and sat up straight on the couch, her feet resting right next
    to my head. Wait, she said, you're concerned about me getting tired as I
    squish your face under my feet? She had a look of effection on her face.
    And I don't even know how dirty my feet are and if they smell and you're
    concerned about me? she said. Your feet and dirty? I looked at her with an
    unbelievable look, moved my face forward and gently kissed her foot. I
    think your feet are the most beautiful and wonderful feet in the whole
    world, I said and planted another kiss on her foot. And I didn't want your
    feet to get tired just because I am feeling so relaxed under them and I am
    sorry that I didn't even think about that, I said in a very serious and
    concerned way.

    She put her hands on her chest and said to me in a very loving manner, oh
    honey you're such a sweet little boy, I can't believe you're concerned
    about my feet as rub them all over your face. And what happened after
    that, I couldn't believe. She extended her foot towards my mouth, put her
    toes on my lips, gently aparted them and slowly pushed her toes in my
    mouth. My body felt a strong jolt once again and my tongue tasted her
    toes. I couldn't believe what was going on. She pushed them further into
    my mouth and looked at me with effection. Awwwww, she smiled, you look so
    cute with foot in your mouth baby. She moved her foot in my mouth and my
    whole face moved with her foot with my lips wrapped around her foot. She
    massaged my tongue with her toes and the bottom of her foot. You're the
    best boy I have ever babysat, she said and gently moved her foot back and
    forth giving me little pushes. She still had her hands on her chest as she
    appreciated my concern. I just couldn't believe that she would appreciate
    me and respond to my effection with her foot in my mouth. But hey, who the
    heck am I to complain.

    You...are...such...a...little...sweetie, she said to me pausing after each
    word and with ever pause and she gave her foot a little jerk, pushing it
    further into my mouth. She leaned backwards on the couch with her hands
    behind her head and brought her other foot on my head and started to
    massage it while keeping her other foot in my mouth. This went on for
    about half an hour. My mouth was getting all dry inside while her foot got
    totally wet with my saliva. She relaxed on the couch and she enjoyed the
    inside of my mouth and my tongue on her foot.

    Finally it was 6:45pm and she had to leave soon. She leaned forward and
    took her foot out of my mouth and I breathed really hard. She laughed and
    playfully crushed my lips under the sole of her other foot. Can you dry up
    my foot hon, she said. I got up and brought a towel to and rubbed it all
    over her foot. Both of us felt wonderful in slightly different ways. She
    was so happy to see someone thinking so highly of her feet and I was
    happy, well, you know why.

    She grabbed her stuff and got ready to leave. I went with her to the door.
    She put her opened toed sandals on her feet. I saw them and felt excited
    again. Everything was fair game in that atmosphere. So quickly got on the
    floor and laid down in front of her. She laughed and put one of her
    sandals on my chest and pressed it hard. Your devotion hasn't ended yet,
    she said smiling and moved her sandal up towards my throat and massaged my
    chin with it. I grabbed her sandal and placed it on my throat so that her
    whole shoe would totally cover my throat. She pressed hard on it and
    choked me a little bit. You know I could kill you like that, she said
    laughing. Well, you couldn't kill me with your shoe on my throat but you
    could easily kill me if you put your dirty sandal on my face because I
    would just die of the smell and dirt on it, I played my card as I wanted
    to experience her shoe on my face too. She took her sandal away from my
    throat, bent her leg and looked at the bottom of her sandals. Oh yeah,
    they are pretty dirty, she said. Oh well, she said playfully and gently
    placed the bottom of her sandal on my mouth and started sliding it back
    and forth. Oooh, they're so dirty, I can't believe my sandal is on your
    mouth, she said teasingly. As she was doing that her cell phone rang, she
    lifted her sandal up from my mouth and rested it on my chest. Hello? she
    said, oh hi Kelly, hold on a second. Honey, I gotta take that, she said to
    me as I layed under her sandal placed firmly on my chest. So for the next
    few minutes whey don't you stick your tongue out? she laughed. I obliged
    and stuck my tongue out. She rested the heel of her sandal on my chest and
    started massaging my tongue with the bottom of her sandal. She talked on
    the phone for a couple of minutes and then hung up. Alright hon, I am
    gonna now, she said moving her sandal away from tongue. I am just going to
    do one last thing, I hope you're strong enough for it, she said. I stared
    at face curiously.

    She moved forward and stepped on my face with one of her sandals and
    slowly started to put weight on it. I raised my hands and held her ankle
    as her sandal crushed my face. Okay be prepared, she said and lifted her
    other leg and placed her other sandal on my face too. She was now standing
    on my face. I was in pain as my face was being crushed under her large
    sandals. Now I know it hurts but I also know how much you care about my
    feet so you should be able to take it, she said as she started to twist
    her shoes on my face. She ground her sandal on my mouth and my forehead
    and stood there for a few minutes. Your face feels so wonderful under my
    shoes, she commented and then got off my face. She looked at me, with my
    face all red and with marks from her sandals. Awwwww, she said and took
    out her foot from one of her sandals and gently placed it on my mouth and
    mashed my lips underneath it slowly. Now, I gotta go honey, I'll see you
    tomorrow and I wanted your face ready for tomorrow, she said playfully. I
    planted a kiss on her sole and she left as I laid on the floor for a few

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    Excellent story. I really hope you come back and continue this saga, as I'm curious to see if things escalate!

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    Great post... Could you tell us where did you find that fantastic storie?? Thanks again

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    It is really great story. I hope you will post new ones.

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