Hello guys! This is the first time where I write something. Please forgive me for my Grammatik I’m not speaking English very well. I have foot fetish since I was three and none knows about that except you. I remember myself down of the table trying to sniff some very smelly feet. But this is another story that I will tell you another time. I use to massage my aunts feet when she is awake, because when she is asleep I do some other things... Last night I went to her house. She invited me because she was alone. She knew that she will get her favorite long time foot massage by me. But when I went there she was busy with house work. (Damn I said to myself). And I just wasted my time watching TV at her sofa. The housework’s was not the only problem. After twenty minutes a lady named Shia came at her house. We live all together in a block. Shia rent's one of our apartments. She is something like aunt to me and she has passport at my aunt's house anytime she wants. That moment I realized that I will not touch my aunt's feet that night. Shia and aunt got out at the balcony and start talking about everything. I had only one hope that shia will leave us alone. Because she was ready for sleep. After a long time they came inside at the house to watch TV with me. Shia was still there. I was almost ready to leave. My aunt said that she will go for a shower. Then Shia started to complain about her body pains. That was the only chance to touch her feet. Shia is 50 plus years old, BBW with big wide and huge bunion feet. She has the biggest feet I’ve ever seen size 40-41 eu and the smelliest feet I’ve ever fill my nose. She also has long toes with red toenails polish. But I had done a lot of things to touch her feet in the past. I knew she will never give me some experience. How I could touch them? Well I said how do you feel?
-Like an old house
-Would you like to offer you a massage?
- Massage me where? She said
-You know... arm, head, neck, back (and I save my fetish for last) or feet. I said!
We stop talking for some moment. And she said
-I need to go at a good place like that. Do you know where I can found one?
- I suggested her some places, but I mentioned that she will pay a lot. And I can do this for her! For free! With pleasure!
That moment I sat down on the floor and crossed my legs like a Buddha.
-Give me your feet
- No! They are dirty! She said.
Come on now I don’t have any problem with that. I’m dirty too. I said.
-No my feet are dirty and smelly another day. And she pulled her feet away from me.
I knew that she wants! But Shia it’s kind of opportunistic person and she never ever loses chances like that. She was just acting!
-Please come on give me your feet no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
-Ok but I warned you about the odor of my foot! You asked for that!
She wore some old melted slide sandals. You could see her foot prints on them! That moment pulled her feet out of them. The sound of her foot sliding out of the sandals makes a huge whauffffff. She released an unpleasant strong aroma. My heart started beating fast. And I was kind of hypnotized! I always had passion for her giant soles! I felt stains of pre cums from my down side. She placed her feet on my lap and before I start, she said
-I use to do this for myself.
-How you do it down there all alone? I ask
Suddenly! She starts giving me orders: Use your thumbs. I want a lot of pressure!
-Do you know where my favorite place is? Asked me! By the time I had already started massaging her feet. And I had putted my thumbs at the ball of her sole.
-Where? I asked
-well my favorite place is under the toes put a lot of pressure there. But I feel so sorry for you. Being down at the floor and massaging my filthy feet. There are so smelly!
I couldn't resist anymore! My pipi was so hard! And I was hypnotized by her words. Her favorite place was the source of the odor! I elevated her foot some inches and I just bended my head straight at the gold. She pulled her toes back. And she just opened the gates for my pure nose. I said:
- Look I don’t have sense of smell. (lie)
And I take a huge whiff from her soles! I fill my lungs with her bacteria! Her feet smells like 3 years old mold cheese and mold rag! So pungent! I believe that she had two days wash them. She started laughing with my behavior and asked:
- Are you serious now? I can smell them from here. But I know… there are a lot of people with the same smell issues!
That makes her take more advantages from me! She started drive me how to massage her. She humiliates me completely:
- Is it a petting or massage? Where is your power boy? I don’t feel nothing down there, ohhh did I put all my weight on your laps? My foot has tartar. Massage them good. Yeah do any technique you now to my feet. Touch my toes and wiggle them!
Her toes had old calluses from the upside. I start save the odor between the toes with my finger. I wish the same for my tongue! My tool was ready to explode a river from cumshots. She is strict woman. I felt like her bitch like her foot pet. After twenty minutes my aunt came back. She sat on the couch next to me! I was still down there sniffing the sick aroma of those feet. My aunt stretch her feet. She wore some pink hotel slippers open toe of course. She had deep metallic red toenail polish size feet 36-37 eu! I realized that I was at my foot paradise. I had feet on my laps and feet around me! I continued massage shias feet for the next 20 minutes. My laps start flickering from her feet weight. What if she rested them on my weak balls? I instantly stop the thoughts. Because I almost came in my pants. Shia still laughing and yelling at me! I could not resist anymore! I stood up. And take the corridor for the bathroom! Shia ordered me to wash my hands! Of course my hands smelled like her dirtiest feet! While i touched myself i smelled her feet stench from my hands! When I came back Shia just goodnight us! My aunt takes her sit! And placed her rough soles against me!
I did the same thing for her! Like always! I just pampered her feet for hours! After long time I leave her house! When I was outside from shias apartment, I stop walking! She never gets in with shoes! I touched myself again but this time with her mule slippers on my face! This is my favorite pair from her shoes. You can she foot prints everywhere. You can also see her bunions! And they smell years of mold! She had them a lot of years! A lot! And she wears them for hours! That night a dream comes true! Shia was one of the persons who sat on the table when I was kid!