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Thread: Sleepy Feet

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    Sleepy Feet

    Hey everyone! Just checking in to see if anyone here has a sleepy foot fetish. I'm not sure if I'm alone, but the idea of playing with a pair of soft, limp soles drives me crazy (in a good way). There used to be several sites out there dedicated to this such as BareFootSleepyGirls, ChloroGirls, and ChlorofomedGirls. There is also a site up now called which has a ton of sleepy foot related clips. Anyway, I'm a writer who specialized in sleepy foot fetish content. The way in which the girls are put to sleep varies from chloroform to drugged drinks to sleepy gas to sleeper holds to tranquilizer darts, to hypnosis, and the list goes on an on (as long the end result is being able to have you way with a beautiful lady's beautiful feet). Just wanted to see if anyone out there shares the same interests. If so, I'd love to link up! Look forward to meeting any like minded people.

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    Dude, that's sexual assault and that makes me VERY unhappy and when I get unhappy, well I'm sure you can guess the outcome....
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    Oh, thrilling... I really can't say I have a thing for rape (because that's what it is) - whether it's a fantasy or a reality doesn't concern me.

    In a consensual relationship, having that kind of understanding - "If I'm asleep and you want to play with my feet, go for it!" - can be very pleasurable... but I am categorically against *anything* which implies a lack of consent.

    This is despicable, and disgraceful.
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    I always nurtured the fantasy of female feet being so powerful (or magical) smelling to be able to knock out or put to sleep.

    It is more a femdom related scene than a rape though


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