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Thread: Hey foot men!πŸ‘£πŸ‘‹πŸΎ

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    Quote Originally Posted by SavourtheSavour View Post

    My favorite activity to do with feet is sniffing them, preferably after a workout or a long day spent outside. As far as licking, areas between the toes are my favorite spot as well.
    I workout every morning and my husband goes nuts for my feet when I'm done. I find it interesting that you like sniffing more than licking ν Ύν΄”

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    WELCOME! Hope the hubby will be joining us.....
    "I'm from trouble"

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    hi there and welcome. So nice to have a women who wants to learn of this fetish. I'm always ready to discuss this desire that I have had all my life. check my bio, and drop me a line. Always ready for some fun.

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    I am way late but welcome ma'am!

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