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Thread: Gym Soles - BOLD foot sniffing in public places!!!

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    Gym Soles - BOLD foot sniffing in public places!!!

    This guy is wild! He goes overboard a lot, but gets the goods.

    He has video of his getting the feet of Planet Fitness employees too.

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    I always say the best way to sniff feet is to start off with a massage. Then, as the woman gets relaxed she will have more confidence to relax her feet more. Then, when they are really relaxed, for some women, it wouldn't be a problem if her feet were close to the face. Then that's when the feet can get sniffed. At that point, as long as the woman feels comfortable with her feet on the face, the sniffing would then be pretty much transparent to her. But to outright sniff a woman's feet, that would turn most women off.

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