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Thread: Natsuko and Friends - Roleplaying Fantasies from the Chatroom

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    Natsuko and Friends - Roleplaying Fantasies from the Chatroom

    So guys, here comes something new and exciting ;D The DEN- Chatroom can be amazing. We did a lot of Roleplaying lately, with our own identities or (and thats pretty new to me) with characters from stories of some authors here. I will post one first, to seee the reactions ;D I already asked the people with whom I or Sayaka did the roleplaying for permission and they all gave their OKs. Should there still be a problem i can edit the stuff out again anytime. I removed all the JOIN and LEAVE Messages, to keep the flow, the rest is pretty much left in Original form ;D

    Before we start:

    Miss Nolan is one of OneAuthor's Characters from his ongoing Story "The Teacher's Pet". I would recommend everyone to read it first. Roleplaying is much more fun when you know the Characters *gg*. You can read "The Teacher's Pet" here:

    Beth is one of Wildyone's Characters from his ongoing Story "MenHaters". As written above, i would recommend everyone to read the story first, to know the Character of Beth (She is a nice bitch), you can read "MenHaters" here:

    Miss Nolan's Foot-Class and Beth's Slavery - PART 1

    Starring: OneAuthor (As Miss Nolan and Himself) , Wildyone (As Beth and Himself), StrayPhilosopher, Sayaka, Natsuko

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: hahaha

    MissNolan: Now what's all this I hear about toilets not being flushed?

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA gets under Miss Nolans desk to do her duty

    MissNolan: Naughty naughty

    StrayPhilosopher: They were broken, I swear!

    MissNolan slips off her shoes and waves her stocking foot in Natsuko's face

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: MIs floor....your sweaty nyloned foot left wet marks ond the floor......should i lick it off?"

    MissNolan: Yes, my naughty puppy girl...lick it up for me

    MissNolan: And don't leave one drop on the floor

    Wildyone: Are the marks still warm Natsuko?

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA lick the salty sensation off the floor

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Oh yeah, still warm

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: and salty *licks*

    MissNolan: I hope you enjoy that flavor...there's plenty more where that came from

    Wildyone: Detention for everyone!

    Wildyone: Form a queue

    MissNolan looks at wildyone

    MissNolan: I have another foot, you know

    Wildyone: Oops

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Mi....Miss Nolan.......your Soles are so sweaty....Don't u need to wipe them off somewhere?"

    Wildyone: Sorry Miss

    Wildyone: Shall I give it a rub to say sorry?

    MissNolan: Wipe off that foot sweat, my naughty little puppy girl

    MissNolan: Yes, naughty boy, rub my other foot

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA gets her face into miss nolans sweat soles and smears it all over her face

    Wildyone: Bows head and rubs foot, sneaking sniffs when Miss isn't watching

    MissNolan sees wildyone sniffing, and smiles deviously

    Wildyone: Feels so warm and wet, Boner in pants

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Mi...Miss NOlan . . . i have seeen StrayPhiliosopher laughing at us behind you....

    Wildyone: Trying to hide the fact

    MissNolan: Keep feeels sooooo good


    MissNolan turns head and scowls at StaryPhilosopher

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: LOL sayaka looks at my screeen....reads...and says..... "..HEENTAI..."


    MissNolan: My shoes could use a good cleaning too

    Wildyone: I will volunteer for the soles

    MissNolan: With someone's tongue

    MissNolan is pleased with wildyone's offer

    StrayPhilosopher is taken aback

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Mi---Miss nolan....your Nylons neeeds to be washed ......can i please wash them for you?

    Wildyone: Tongue now black and getting dry - can I get some water Miss?

    MissNolan: The naughty boys can fight for tongue cleaning priviliges

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: hahaha

    MissNolan looks lovingly at Natsuko

    MissNolan: Why yes, please clean my stockings little puppy girl

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: yes, make them fight miss nolan *smiles sadistically*

    StrayPhilosopher gladly passes on the shoes

    Wildyone: lol SP

    MissNolan is not happy with Stray

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA removes miss nolans nylons passionately from her feeet

    MissNolan: Then toilet cleaning duty it is, naughty boy Stray

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA holds them under her nose and smells them deeeply

    StrayPhilosopher: But!

    MissNolan: Yes, puppy girl, breathe in that intoxicating scent

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: hahaha , yes miss nolan, make him clean the toilets *laughs sadistically*

    MissNolan: No buts, Stray!

    MissNolan: You do as you're told or you get punished!

    Wildyone: Still dry. Puts up hand. Can I get some water Miss?

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA giggles and points with her finger on STrayphilosopher

    MissNolan looks toward Wildyone

    MissNolan: Open your moth, naughty boy

    Wildyone: Please...

    Wildyone: Opens mouth

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: "toiletbooooy toiletbooooy toiletbooooy"

    MissNolan: Open your mouth

    StrayPhilosopher glares at Natsuko

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA hides behind Miss NOlan

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Mi...Miss NOlan....STrayphilosopher looked angrily at me .___.

    StrayPhilosopher: They were broken, it's not my fault. Hmph.

    MissNolan wrings a sweaty stocking into Wildyone's mouth

    Wildyone: Worried look into Miss Nolan eyes

    Wildyone: Aww. Thank you Miss. Was worried what was coming there...

    MissNolan yells at Stray

    MissNolan: Toilet cleaning! Now!

    Wildyone: Bows respectfully

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: *giggles*

    Wildyone: Kisses Miss Nolan's feet and laughs at SP's misfortunes

    StrayPhilosopher growls angrily at miss Nolan

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is sucking on Miss NOlans Nylons while smiling at stray

    MissNolan: You know, my feet are all hot and sweaty. A nice soft tongue would feel really relaxing on them now

    Wildyone: Please Miss, raises hand

    MissNolan gives lifetime toilet duty to Stray


    Wildyone: Fuck - that's harsh

    MissNolan allows Wildyone the privilege of cleaning her feet

    Wildyone: Thanks Miss Nolan, bends down and drags tongue lovingly across her feet

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is jumping around in circles around strayphilosopher

    MissNolan: Mmmmm, that feels sooo nice

    StrayPhilosopher: Fine, can I get off toilet duty if I clean your feet then?

    Wildyone: You deserve it Miss

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Toiletboy....smell my feeet!

    MissNolan: My little boy has a talented tongue

    MissNolan already has a foot cleaner

    Wildyone: Thank you Miss. It's because I love you

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is pressing her nasty, stinky nylonfoot in Strays Face

    MissNolan can feel the love

    StrayPhilosopher: Ew!

    Wildyone: I learnt from Henrietta

    Wildyone: She's my best friend

    MissNolan: You are so sweet. Now make sure you clean out the sweat from between my toes.

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: . . . Lo...Look Miss Nolan....he just EEEEWED!!! (;____

    Wildyone: Yes Miss

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Ca.......can i punish hiiim?

    MissNolan orders Stray out of her classroom

    Wildyone: Brushes tongue diligently between each toe

    Wildyone: Does that feel nice Miss?

    StrayPhilosopher runs off grinning

    MissNolan: Mmmm, that feels so nice between my toes

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: *gg*

    Wildyone: Your scent is very strong Miss

    Wildyone: It makes me feel weak

    MissNolan: I know how much you love it

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is giong to the toileeeeeet

    MissNolan: Breathe in my divine essence

    Wildyone: Am I that transparent

    MissNolan giggles at the idea of what will happen in the toilets

    Wildyone: Sniffs, closes eyes, loses self to another world of pure malodorous heaven

    MissNolan knows a submissive foot-lover when she sees one

    MissNolan: yes, it is is nirvana for a naughty foot slave like you

    Wildyone: Yes Miss, thank you Miss. I am yours...completely

    MissNolan: Well, that was wonderful

    Wildyone: Will be signing up for all Miss Nolan's classes next year

    MissNolan: I expect this after school every day

    MissNolan gets up and walks out of the classroom

    Beth: What's fucking going on in here then?

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Ooooh misss Nolan . . . I . . . I'm so sorry i got diarrhea and couldnt control it, now the toilet is a meeesss, everything is on the floooor and ond the waaaalls

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: . . . T . . . Toiletboy has to clean it, right? *laughs*

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: hahahahaa


    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: i had to XD

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: that was fun *gg*

    OneAuthor: Oh no, Beth's here

    Beth: Shut the fuck up and sit down loser

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: i think i love beths feeeet

    OneAuthor shuts up and sits down

    Beth: And what do you have to say for yourself Natsuko?

    Beth: Are you going to kneel at my feet or sit at my side?

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Hello Beth, i just saw these men bahaving like that

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: what a discgrace

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: shall we make them sufffer?

    Beth: Answer my question!

    Beth: Kneel or sit?

    OneAuthor kneels at your feet

    Beth: What do you have to say for yourself One?

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Ummm . . . I . . . I dont know . . . I ha . . . I have to give in that im kinda attracted to you . . .

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: so would you like me to kneeel . . . or stay beside you?

    Beth slams Natsuko against the wall and kisses her hard on the lips taking control

    OneAuthor: I'm so sorry, goddess. I...I only want to please you

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA moans

    Beth: Shut the fuck up and watch

    Beth: Kiss me back bitch!

    Beth: Don't be weak

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA slides her tongue inside of beths mouth deeeply

    Beth: Mmm. That's better

    Beth: Laughs at One as he has to watch

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: You like it, when i kiss you like that, huh? ;D

    Beth: Yes - I demand it

    OneAuthor is shaking

    Beth: Get the fuck over here one

    Beth: Sniff our feet while we kiss

    OneAuthor crawls over to beth slowly

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA grabs beths hair and pushes her down while looking down at her

    Beth Kicks her shoes off

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Clean my pussy bitch!

    OneAuthor bends down and begins taking deep breaths through his nose

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: kiss me . . . like I kissed you . . . down there . . .

    Beth: Pulls Natsuko's hair back hard. Yield to me bitch

    Beth: You can kiss me. I am the queen bitch

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA moans

    Beth: Beg for it

    OneAuthor is enthralled by the smell

    Beth: Steps onto One's head and crushes it into the carpet

    Beth: Miserable fucker

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA gets down her kneees and sticks her face betweeen beths legs

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA snifffs desperately

    OneAuthor: Ouch! I'm, i'm so sorry, goddess. Please...don't hurt me!

    Beth: Mmmmh *Puts hands around Natsuko's head and draws her closer*

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Make that fucker lick the insoles of your shoes Beth

    Beth: Shut the fuck up I am feeling Natsuko

    Beth: Yes do what she commands One

    Beth: Natsuko is your goddess

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA sniffs passionately

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Damn, your smell is so alluring

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA sticks her tongue deeep inside

    Beth: It's all for you

    Beth: Get that tongue in deep

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Release all your juices on my face

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: I wanna eat it alll

    Beth: I want to feel your hot breath

    OneAuthor obediently begins licking the insoles of Beth's shoes

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Its all mine

    Beth: Suck my clitoris - suck it hard

    OneAuthor is becoming highly aroused

    Beth: Give yourself to me completely

    Beth: bitch

    Beth: *Moans*

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is noticing another smell . . . driving her crazy

    Beth: Runs hands through Natsuko's hair

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA gets down on Beth's socked feet

    Beth: Do you want to go down further bitch?

    Beth: I went for a run this morning

    Beth: These sneakers are swimming in stink

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: The smell is intoxicating i cant stand it i have to smell it

    Beth: Get the fuck down then bitch and stop talking

    Beth: I want deep sniffs

    Beth: Let my scent imprison your senses

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA sticks her nose between Beth's sneaker and foot

    Beth: Don't stop One - keep fucking licking

    OneAuthor continues lapping up all the sweat from inside Beth's sneakers

    Beth: Submit to it. My scent owns you

    Beth: You are powerless...

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA feels Beth's sweat dripping on her face while sniffing her foot

    Beth Wipes her socks on Natsuko's face and laughs

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA decides to lick it alll off

    Beth: My stench will be with you all day now bitch

    Beth: Wash it off and I will fuck you up

    Beth Laughs

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: oh yeah . . . . mark me with your smelll

    Beth: Shut and sniff. I didn't say speak. I want all the air to come from between my toes

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA licks Beth's socked soles

    OneAuthor has finished removed all sweat and dirt from Beah's shoes

    Beth Scrunches her toes around Natsuko's nose

    OneAuthor can't spell for shit

    Beth: Drag's One under other foot

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is overwhelmed by the stinkyness of the toe-area

    Beth: Sniff my sock bitch!

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: omg so strong

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA puts Beth's socked foot into her mouth

    OneAuthor takes deep sniffs of Beth's foot

    Beth: You fucking love it bitches

    Beth: You are both mine now

    OneAuthor becomes lightheaded

    Beth: Now you have submitted there is no way back

    OneAuthor is in full submission

    Beth: Remove my socks and put them in your mouths

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is gladly Beth's bitch

    Beth: Suck on them

    OneAuthor removes sock and pushes it into his mouth

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA does the same

    OneAuthor sucks on the wonderful sock

    Beth: Chew on the fabric and get all that sweat out

    OneAuthor obeys

    Beth: You are my washing machines

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA is looking into Beth's Eyes and shows her how good she chews her socks

    Beth Laughs

    Beth: Fucking pathetic - I love it

    Beth: Do you want to sniff my toes now?

    OneAuthor: Please, goddess, allow me to sniff your perfect toes

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Yefff...Pleeawwwwff

    Beth: Beg!

    OneAuthor: Please, please, it would be the higlight of my pathetic life if you would allow this miserable creature to sniff your divine toes

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: ...Pleeaaawwwff......i bewwwgg youuu....lewww mwee fmelll yourrw toeewwff

    Beth Kicks One into the corner

    Beth: You can watch loser

    Beth: You bitch - you can sniff them

    OneAuthor watches miserably

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA snifffs deeepy

    Beth: Stop feeling sorry for yourself

    Beth: She's more than you will ever be

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA sniffs Beth's toenails

    Beth: She's a beautiful woman

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: Oh my goooowwwddww

    [. . . at this point others others joined the chat and we decided, to quit this long session . . . ]

    Beth gets an urgent call, Shall she take it?

    OneAuthor: Sure!

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: we should do stuff like this more often

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: even sayaka loved it

    Beth: It's good fun

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: she is staring into the screen XD

    Beth: Nice to play on both sides - Miss Nolan was great

    OneAuthor: Beth is slightly rougher around the edges than Miss Nolan

    NATSUKOandSAYAKA: yeah

    Beth: Yes - very bitchy

    [ END OF PART 1 ]

    . . . I have much more and more intense stuff, so tell me if you guys like it. If <ou do, i'll post the rest *gg*
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    I may be a bit biased, but that was great! Please post more!

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    Well there is a big buzz going on in the offices of MenHaters after Beth reported back she had met a wonderful woman called Natsuko and an amazing slave called OneAuthor. It seems word travels fast as Aurelia has now heard all about it and wants to know what all the fuss is about - needless to say I can only hold her back for so long before she joins our chat room so look out!

    Great post Natsuko! As OneAuthor says I am also biased but still it makes for great fun and community here at DOSF.

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    Haha, y'all are a riot!
    "It's an indulgence to sit in a room and discuss your beliefs as if they were a juicy piece of gossip." -Heinlein

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    Here comes a hot one guys, much more to come when i'm back from my Trip ;D

    Polly is, again, one of OneAuthor's Characters from his ongoing Story "The Teacher's Pet". I would recommend everyone to read it first. Roleplaying is much more fun when you know the Characters *gg*.

    Smell my Feet, Polly!

    Starring: OneAuthor (As Polly and Himself) ,Natsuko, Sacurason, Strayphilosopher

    Polly: H-hello

    StrayPhilosopher: !

    Polly: I-I'm new to this class....

    Polly looks down sheepishly

    Sacurason waves casually

    StrayPhilosopher gestures Polly to come sit next to him

    Polly: W-where sh-should I sit?

    Polly smiles demurely at Stray and slowly walks toward the seat next to him

    Natsuko: Hello Polly ;D

    Polly: Th-thank you. M-my name is P-polly.

    Natsuko: My Name is Natsuko

    StrayPhilosopher: Hello! I'm Stray.

    Natsuko: i am a good youth friend of your teacher, miss Nolan

    Polly: H-hi Stray and..and...M-miss Natsuko

    Sacurason: "You new, Polly?"

    Natsuko: Miss Nolan told me a lot about you *giggle*

    Polly: O-oh...she' pretty

    Polly: W-what did sh-she day?

    Natsuko: You think so? What do u like the most of her? ;D

    StrayPhilosopher winces at the mention of miss Nolan

    Sacurason 's eyes glass over a bit at the mention.

    Polly: Sh-she h-has pretty eyes...and...and...nice hair

    Polly: and...and...a..b-beautiful figure

    Polly: and..and...she wears...r-really pretty clothes....

    Natsuko: hmmmm

    Natsuko: do u like my figure ?

    Polly: I-I like her sh-shoes too

    Polly blushes

    Polly: I, I do, M-miss Natsuko

    Natsuko: Oh, you like shoes? Mee tooo ;D I wear flats at the moment....since we have this hot weather.......

    Natsuko: you want to take a closer look?

    Polly glances down

    Polly: Th-they look n-nice

    Natsuko: You can touch them if you want *gg*

    Sacurason has a good idea of what's coming

    Polly: Oh, um, uh, o-okay M-miss Natsuko

    Polly takes a deep breath and drops to her knees in front of Natsuko

    Natsuko: Oh don't worry, its ok *smiles lovely*

    Polly slowly reaches out a hand and gently touches Natsuko's shoe

    Natsuko pushes polly down on her kneees carefully

    Natsuko: they are a bit worn out though.....

    Polly: Th-they feel n-nice...

    Polly is shivering

    Natsuko: it's not visible wearin' short nylon-ped-socks ;D

    Natsuko: You ever saw some?

    Polly: M-may I...may I...s-see them, M-miss Natsuko?

    Natsuko: of course ;D

    Natsuko: would you mind remoing my flats, polly?

    Polly: O-okay...

    Natsuko: i'm kind of tired and i can't move properly.

    Polly reaches out and very gingerly removes one of Natsuko' flats from her foot

    Polly looks very flustered and begins breathing more rapidly

    Natsuko: *smiling amused*

    Polly: Y-your socks are v-very nice

    Natsuko wiggles her socked foot in front of pollys face

    Natsuko: you think so? ;D

    Natsuko: pheeew

    Polly breathes deeply through her nose and experiences a full-body shiver

    Natsuko: My flats are kinda stinky..........

    Natsuko: .......they make my feet smell so bad!

    Polly: I-I d-don't mind the s-smell...r-really, I-I don't

    Natsuko: do you think my flats are stinky?

    Sacurason: "I can smell them from all the way over here!"

    Polly takes a deep sniff of natsuko's flat

    Pollys eyes go open wide

    Polly: Th-they s-smell a l-little b-but I-I don't m-mind

    StrayPhilosopher coughs a bit

    Natsuko pushes her flats gently on pollys nose

    Natsuko: Smelly, huh? ;D

    Polly continues breathing through her nose

    Polly: Mmmm...s-sooo g-good...

    Natsuko: Do you like my stinky flats polly?

    Polly snaps out of her trance

    Polly: Um, I, um...y-yes...I-I do, M-miss Natsuko

    Polly: S-so, um, w-would y-you l-like me to, um, rub your feet?

    Natsuko: What you like about them ? *smiling and raising an eyebrow*

    Polly: Th-they are v-very p-pretty...and..and..soft

    Natsuko: What do they taste like?

    Natsuko: would you mind licking the insoles of my nasty Flats?

    Polly stares up in disbelief

    Polly: Um, um, y-you want me to, um, l-lick your sh-shoe?

    Natsuko: Yes ;D

    Natsuko: Lick the insoles of my stinky flats!

    Polly quivers and blushes with embarassment

    Polly: O-o-okay

    Natsuko: MMMmh . . . they should be drenched in sweat *laughs*

    Polly: I-I'll d-do it, M-miss Natsuko

    Natsuko: . . . you may have to swallow a bit of my salty Water *gg*

    Polly nods

    Natsuko: Good Giiiiiiirl! Amber already told me u are a good girl ;D

    Polly slowly lowers her face into Natsuko's stinky flat

    Natsuko: You will not dissapoint me, will you?

    Polly: N-no, of, of course n-not

    Natsuko: I had a looong, hard day and my flats need to be cleaned!

    Polly sticks out her tongue and slowly begins to lick the insole

    Polly suppresses a gasp from the bitter flavor

    Natsuko puts her nyloned foot ond pollys head and pushes her head down on the ground.........pressing her face into her nasty flat flats

    Polly manages to continue licking

    Natsuko: Good giiiirl ;D

    Polly is beginning to enjoy the strong flavor

    Polly starts moaning softly while continuing to lick

    Natsuko: Now look at me . . .

    Natsuko: . . . but stay down . . .

    Natsuko: . . . just look up at me!

    Polly shifts her gaze to Natsuko

    Polly continues licking as ordered

    Polly is mesmerized by the beautiful face of Miss Natsuko

    Natsuko lifts her sweat-dripping, nasty, nyloned foot.......and stops over Polys face.........stretching and wiggling her toes.......while she does that, some drops of sweat fall down on pollys face

    Natsuko: Look at my feet!

    Polly looks at the wonderful feet in front of her

    Polly is incredibly turned on

    Natsuko: What do you think of my feet? Do u like my nylons? ;D

    Polly: Th-they are...g-gorgeous, M-miss Natsuko

    Natsuko: Oh, I'm sorry, I hope u don't mind the sweat dripping on your face . . . but my feet always get so sweaty, especially in those flats.

    Polly: It's -it's f-fine...I, i , l-like it

    Polly: M-may I, may I, t-touch your feet?

    Natsuko: you like them . . . ? . . . oh my God . . . how can u like them? Dont u see how nasty and dirty they are? I wore them for 2 weeeks......look at all those crusty sweat stains......what's wrong with you? You nasty girl!

    Polly blushes and looks away

    Polly can't hold back tears

    Polly: I, I, I d-don't know...I-I...

    Polly sobs

    Natsuko wipes her nasty nyloned fooot all over pollys face

    Polly is confused

    Polly is feeling better, though

    Natsuko: So . . . if u like it . . . . u don't mind me wiping my wet stink all over your face? Cause i am tooo lazy to get a towel or wash them *grins sadistically*

    Polly nods

    Polly: It's f-fine, M-miss Natsuko

    Polly: I, I don't m-mind

    Natsuko: Smell my feet polly!

    Polly: Y-yes, M-miss Natsuko

    Natsuko: Have u ever done this to Ambers feet?

    Polly pushes her nose under Natsuko's toes and take a big sniff

    Polly is overwhelmed by the smell

    Natsuko: . . . yeah, grind your face into the crusty toe part . . . *smears it through pollys nose* . . . smell my stink . . . . be my stinkwipe hahaha!

    Polly: Y-yes, M-miss N-natsuko

    Polly obeys and keeps sniffing

    Polly can barely hang on to consciousness, but continues sniffing deeply

    Natsuko: Would you like to do this to miss Nolans feet too? ;D

    Polly: Y-yes, I-I would

    Natsuko: mmmhhh . . . is that so . . . ?. . . you dirty little giiirl . . . . but that sounds like a lot of fun in the future *gg*

    Natsuko: Remove my Nylons!

    Polly: Y-yes, M-miss Natsuko

    Polly slowly removes Natsuko's nylons

    Natsuko wiggles her smelly toes in front of pollys face

    Natsuko: Look at all the cheesy dirt under my nails.......

    Polly breathes in and is tingling all over

    Polly: I-I see it

    Natsuko: . . . and while u look at it . . . put my Nylons into your mouth . . .

    Natsuko: . . . chew them clean!

    Polly: O-okay...

    Natsuko: . . . and look at my dirty feet while you do so!

    Polly puts the nylons into her mouth and begins chewing

    Polly keeps her eyes on Natsuko's feet

    Natsuko: How does it taste Polly? Do you like my nasty stink? Is it salty?

    Polly nods, because she can't speak with her mouth full

    Polly lets muffled moaning sounds, as her taste buds explode with the salty flavor

    Polly begins to reach under her skirt to touch herself

    Natsuko: Oh, thats it little giiiirl, i like that ;D

    Natsuko: Go on, please yourself . . . you seem to like my taste *looks down at polly sadistically*

    Natsuko: Now smell my feeet while chewing my nylons!

    Natsuko: mmmmmh. . . .

    Natsuko: . . . .cheeeeeesy hahahaha *laughs very amused*

    Polly takes deep sniffs of Natsuko's feet while touching herself and chewing the nylon socks

    Polly moans louder and louder

    Natsuko smears her stinky foot all over hard-sniffing pollys face

    Natsuko: mmmmh thats gooood

    Polly trembles and shivers as she approaches orgasm

    Polly continues smelling, chewing and frigging herself like crazy

    Natsuko spreads her toes slowly

    Natsuko: look at all the toejam . . .

    Natsuko: . . . grind your nose in it Pollly!

    Polly looks at the beautiful toejam and grinds her nose into it

    Natsuko grabs pollys hair and grinds her nose into her toejamed toes

    Polly takes one more almighty sniff and lets out a muffled scream of pleasure

    Natsuko: Do you like that, bitch? huh?


    Polly is riding the wave of the best orgams of her fucking life

    Polly comes down from the orgasm and pulls the socks out of her mouth

    Polly: Y-yes...M-miss...n-natsuko

    Natsuko: i want them all shiny until all your saliva is dripping down my feet!

    Polly extends her tongue and begins licking

    Natsuko: mmmmh

    Natsuko: I should meet more of Ambers students *smiles down at Polly?

    Polly licks more passionately

    Natsuko: i really like that

    Natsuko: Do you like how i treat you Polly?

    Polly licks and licks and licks

    Polly: Mmmmm...y-yes....

    Polly resumes licking

    Polly looks up at Natsuko's face and smiles while still licking

    Natsuko: aaaaw

    Natsuko scrapes all the toes jam of her other fooot and rubs it over pollys face

    Polly basks in the glow of Natsuko's attentions

    Natsuko: good giiiirl . . . youu are kinda cute . . . I think i'm gonna keep you *gg*

    Natsuko: Next time I will give you . . . more *gg*

    Natsuko: Dont u dare wasching your face for the next 3 days!

    Polly: I-I won't M-miss Natsuko

    Natsuko: i dont care if u have class or not and if your face stinks!

    Polly: Th-thank y-you

    Natsuko: gooood giiirl!

    Polly: I-I would never d-disobey you, M-Miss Natsuko

    Natsuko reches down and gives polly a wet, tongue-kiss

    Polly kisses back

    Natsuko licks polly face a bit

    Polly shivers with delight

    Natsuko: mhhh....yummmyyy....

    Polly: Y-you are s-so w-wonderful, M-miss Natsuko

    Natsuko stuffs her other nylon into pollys mouth

    Natsuko: clean them until we meet again . . .

    Polly happily chews on it

    Natsuko: good giiirl

    Natsuko: *gg*

    Polly nods and skips out of the classroom with a smile

    Natsuko: mmmmh *moans*

    Natsuko: polly is fun ;D

    StrayPhilosopher claps

    Natsuko: i really like that XD

    OneAuthor: Yeah, I passed her in the hallway...what was she chewing on?

    Natsuko: its basically how i treat people XD

    OneAuthor: And wow did her face stink!

    Natsuko: oh....she wanted a chewing gum

    Natsuko: i gave her an alternative

    Natsuko: hahaahha
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    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Haha, oh that was fun. Polly needs to make another appearance in chat soon. :-)

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