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Thread: Variance regarding the preference on strength of the smell

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    Variance regarding the preference on strength of the smell

    The one thing we all have in common here is that we like the smell of feet. However, does the strength level of the smell that we prefer differ? Do you prefer a smell strong enough that it fills up a room? Something you can smell from a couple steps away? Something you can smell only if you put the source, be it socks, shoes or feet themselves, right against your nose?

    For me it's the latter. I can enjoy the second one as well. However can't say I'm a fan of a smell so strong that you can't even get away from it if you wanted to. Am I in the minority in that regard? I'm not into the BDSM element, do you think being into the BDSM element of foot fetish plays a role in the variance regarding the preference on strength of the smell?
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    The smellier the better for me, to a point. I have experienced several female feet smells that crossed the line and were just plain foul. But that is the rare exceptions.

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