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Thread: MenHaters (F/m with F/f later in the story)

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    These sadistic challenges are quite entertaining to read and certainly humiliating if not painful for Chris. Sera and Porsche were quite wicked with their sexual teasing, Yuki and Lucy were quite sadistic with the pissing in the cornflakes, and Aurelia and Grace were truly devious and cruel with the combination of super-stinky feet and a severe beating with the crop. At least Beth showed a little tenderness to him after all he had endured.

    Thanks OneAuthor my friend for your comment - yes these challenges are really quite a step up for Chris and plunging him into all sorts of confidence and insecurity issues. He really needs to keep his head as best he can especially after feeling the full force of Aurelia.

    As for Beth - she seems to have a soft spot for Chris but as to why we will need to wait...

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    Chapter 17 – The offsite Part 6 (A final sadistic challenge)

    It was the next morning when I awoke with a knock at the door. The cuts on my back were still stinging like hell though the blood flow had abated. “Hello,” I called out, “Who is it?”

    The door opened and Aurelia and Grace walked in. I recoiled in terror remembering what they had put me through the previous day. I then glanced at them both and noticed Grace was carrying a tray and Aurelia a medical kit.

    “Sit up slave.” Grace requested though in a softer tone rather than her usual contemptuous voice. Reluctantly and cautiously I arose to a seating position. “Yes my goddess.” I said taking care to not upset the status quo.

    She then sat beside me and placed the tray on her lap before leaning over and placing her finger on my lips to signal me not to speak. Aurelia then sat the other side of me and placed the medical kit down on the bed. I twitched remembering the severity of those crop lashings she had administered on my body. She then reached out and touched my shoulder to appease my trepidation. She then turned me slightly so my damaged back was facing her.

    Grace then lifted the cloth from the tray to reveal a full breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, black pudding and toasts. To one side were fruit juices and a small pot of pills and on the other were some toasted crumpets and jams.

    I looked at Grace’s face and saw she was looking rather shameful. She was avoiding eye contact with me. “Take two of these.” She requested and removed two pills from the pot and handed me some fruit juice. Seeing they were painkillers I took them and gulped down some juice. She then proceeded to cut up the breakfast into bite-sized chunks and feed them to me all the while remaining silent and avoiding eye contact.

    Whilst this was happening Aurelia slowly removed my bandages and started to prepare fresh dressings. She then held me whilst she applied fresh antiseptic knowing it would sting. I flinched as she applied each new cleansing pad and she touched my shoulder in some vain attempt at comfort. Like Grace she also did not speak and kept her eyes firmly on my back and the cuts. Once they were cleaned she then delicately applied the fresh bandages and proceeded to dispense with the rubbish and pack the medical supplies away.

    After around 30 minutes the breakfast was finished and Grace got up and set the tray to one side. She then looked at Aurelia lovingly who returned the look of affection and joined her. They then paused and looked at me for a few seconds. The look was a confused mix of shame but with a deep resentment for what they had been made to do. It made me feel very uncomfortable but they said nothing. Aurelia took Grace’s hand and in an act of defiance they kissed intimately as though to demonstrate their feelings for each other in front of me. They then left the room together in silence.


    For the remainder of Thursday afternoon I was not disturbed except when dinner was delivered to my room. I lay in bed most of the day watching TV on my side to avoid putting pressure on my sore back. Most of my initial thoughts were devoted to replaying the trial I had spent with Grace and Aurelia. I couldn’t shake the shame I felt when I recalled how low I had sunk debasing myself in that room. Each time I recalled the acrid smell of their feet I started to feel sick which helped give me hope that I could recover my self-respect in time. Then I recalled the diabolical pain Aurelia inflicted on me. Her face was truly terrifying showing next to no mercy or remorse as she beat me.

    After a while I managed to move on and then started to reflect on the fact that I now only had one more day to get through and I would be on the weekend and my date with Nicola to look forward to. As I pictured Nicola’s sweet seductive antics, replaying her flirtatious teasing from the weekend before, a smile crept across my face. After a few seconds my thoughts then switched to Beth and the moment of tenderness she had afforded me when she came into my room yesterday. Despite everything that moment had rekindled some of the feelings I once had for Beth and her beauty was undeniable. I started to feel confused, angry and then sad as these thoughts rattled round in my mind. I was then shaken back into the room as the door opened and Beth walked in.

    She remained silent and unemotional as she strode across the room towards me. She then leaned over to inspect my back and then stepped away. “Well slave. Is that any way to greet your goddess?” she said in a controlled authoritative tone.

    I slowly crawled out of bed and bent down at her shoes. She was wearing black designer shoes with a white bow showing a large portion of her toes. As I looked at her feet I felt a slight tingle of excitement. I pushed this thought quickly from my mind and bent down and kissed her shoes. “I am sorry my goddess. Please be assured that I remain your loyal devotee.” I said.

    “Well we need to test that gesture slave. Don’t we?” she said with a sly smile on her face. She then puffed up two pillows and placed them against the top of the bed and then motioned for me to get back in. I slowly crawled back in the bed and nestled myself upright against them.

    Beth then pulled the covers up to my chest and sat down next to me on the bed. She then said, “My feet have missed your attentions today slave. I recall that you are particularly talented at worshiping them so why don’t you show me some of that devotion.”

    She then removed her shoes and propped her feet up on my chest around 3 inches from my face. “They probably smell a bit slave as we have been working most of the day discussing team objectives and revenue growth plans in that suite downstairs and I have not had time to freshen up yet. I am sure you wont mind though as they have been much worse before.”

    Listening to Beth describe the smell of her feet whilst they were positioned so close to my face started to stir more unwanted feelings. Luckily this was all going on under the covers so she couldn’t see it. It was at this point that I realized the conditioning I had received yesterday had potentially had an effect on me after all. Before she even asked I leant forward and gently sniffed her feet running my nose along the ball of her foot with my eyes closed.

    When I opened my eyes I could see Beth looking at me intently waiting to see what I would do next. This time with my eyes fixed on hers I leant forward again and kissed her toes gently before placing my tongue between them delicately. I slowly made rhythmic dances with my tongue around her toes and could see her flush slightly with enjoyment. She still remained silent staring at me.

    I then took the sole of her foot in my hands and started massaging them by moving my fingers in wide concentric circles. I them placed my lips around Beth’s toes and sucked on them taking great care not to graze them with my teeth.

    Beth then closed her eyes and her face flushed again as I could see the pleasure rise within her. She then licked her lips and tossed her head back. As she placed her hand down to steady herself on the bed it glanced across my manhood where I had a hard erection. This took a few seconds to register for Beth but when it did she sat up again and opened her eyes.

    She then looked at me and then at my waist beneath the covers. She then returned her eyes to me and watched intently as I continued to massage her feet and suck her toes. Her hand then reached down to reaffirm what she had expected. Through the covers she grabbed my throbbing cock and squeezed it.

    Her face then switched to a look of indecision and confusion. She had never seen me become sexually excited worshipping her feet before. I started to feel completely exposed by this and also ashamed. Beth then smiled one of her wicked smiles and then said “Well it seems you are finally learning what devotion to your goddess really means slave.”

    “Sniff them for me slave. Ingrain the scent of your goddess in your very soul. Tell me how divine they are.” She cooed.

    I tried to resist but felt compelled to comply. I leant forward and closed my eyes before immersing my nose between her toes and took a deep inhalation.

    “Your feet are truly divine my goddess. I want to dedicate myself to your fulfilment and happiness.” I sighed with pleasure and she squeezed my cock to confirm my growing desire.

    “Good,” Beth purred, “Very good slave.” She then pinched my nose with her toes and withdrew her foot. She then sat on the edge of the bed and put her shoes back on looking at me to witness my look of disappointment. Her wicked smile returned as she added, “I am not sure you deserve to worship my beautiful feet any more tonight slave. I have given you enough for one day.” She then grabbed my cock hard causing me to flinch in pain before leaning over, slowly licking her lips and whispering into my face “Close your eyes and dream of your mistress slave.”

    My shame was now magnified with the teasing and denial Beth had inflicted on me. I was losing more and more of myself with each interaction. I could hardly recognise myself anymore and hung my head.

    Beth then got up to leave. Around half way to the door she turned and said, “Karine and Mireille will be expecting you at 10am tomorrow. Fortunately for you I have convinced them to tone down their diabolical plans a notch or two but don’t expect any further favours from me moving forward slave.”

    “For now I need to speak with Grace and Aurelia about your recent attitude adjustments. There is more they are not telling me. Don’t be late tomorrow!”

    Submitting to my weakness and desires I closed my eyes and reconnected my thoughts with the scent of Beth’s feet and the beauty of her face looking down at me. My hand then slipped between my legs as excitement started to well up inside me once again…


    I rose at 9am the next morning refreshed from another full nights sleep. My back was feeling a little better and though sore was not stinging quite so much. I showered in cool water so as not to agitate the pain and then redressed my bandages. I took some more painkillers and put extra padding on to allow me to cope with the twins plans, then dressed quickly and made my way to their room.

    When I arrived the door was ajar. I knocked and was told to enter. On entering I crossed the room and knelt down.

    “Good morning my beautiful goddesess.” I said.

    Karine and Mireille were sat down eying me sceptically. Karine then said, “Remove your top and turn around slave.”

    I removed my top delicately wincing once or twice and turned around on my knees. I could hear one of them approach me and prod my bandages. I flinched with the pain and let out a brief cry of pain. Seemingly satisfied whoever prodded my back went back to sit down.

    “Ok turn back around slave and face us.” I heard suspecting it was Karine’s voice.

    I turned around remaining on my knees and faced the twins. Their flame red hair was illuminating the room as the lights reflected off of it and they continued to fix their light green-brown eyes upon me. The look they were giving me displayed contrasting expressions to the rest of their face. The eyes had a subtle sympathy locked deep within them whilst their flaring nostrils and sneering mouths seemed to belie a deep contempt. I waited and watch silently hoping to god that Beth had indeed convinced them not to hurt me too badly. I had been dreading this moment all week.

    Mireille then stood up and walked over to me. Her 5’10” Amazonian frame was towering high above me as she put her hands on her hips and looked down.

    “You see we have a problem here slave. This session was supposed to be ours to do with you what we wanted but preceding events have complicated matters. Karine and myself had been looking forward to kicking your arse to within an inch of it’s life all week but it seems that pleasure will have to be put off to another time.”

    Karine then arose and mimicking her twin sister stepped over towards me and stood next to Mireille in the exact same pose. The majestic awesome figures of these female warriors standing over me would have been enough to debilitate almost any men’s resolve. Though I remained frightened and quivering at what was going to happening listening to their words gave me some room for hope.

    Karine then added, “The trouble is we have been working our arses off on the tennis court all week to prepare a tasty treat for you in our sneakers and we can’t have all that going to waste can we?”

    Karine then paused, glanced at her sister and then back down towards me. I waited briefly before seeing they were expecting an answer. “No my beautiful goddesses.” I said.

    Karine then went on, “Now these feet by rights should be pummeling your face and body at this point with the added indulgence of their pungency. However I have spoken with my sister and we have agreed to let you beg for leniency and mercy before we meter our your punishment.”

    Mireille then glanced at her sister and picked up where she left off. It was almost as if their twin sisterly connection was allowing them to read each other’s minds and finish their sentences.

    “If your begging is derisory be assured we will kick your face in despite whatever pain you are already suffering. However if you can convince us that you are sincere and completely devoted in your pleading for mercy we may tone down our aggression and hence your suffering.”

    May tone down I thought to myself. Fuck, what were these women going to do to me before Beth had interjected?

    “Do you understand what I am saying slave?” Mireille concluded.

    “Yes my beautiful goddesses.” I replied looking up into their faces in hope.

    “And would you like us to grant you the opportunity to beg for leniency?” Karine said.

    “Yes please goddesses. I would like that more than anything right now.” I pleaded.

    I then bowed my head and planted a kiss on each of their four sneakered feet. Each kiss was gentle but prolonged to ensure it displayed the right level of servility. When I had finished I returned to my kneeling position and placed my hands together as a sign of pleading and looked up at them once more.

    They looked at each other and seemed to exchange a number of thoughts without speaking and then returned their gaze to me. Karine then reached down and grabbed my throat squeezing firmly but just short of choking me.

    “Ok slave you may beg for our mercy but I am warning you it had better be the best fucking pleading of all time if you want to get out of this room still on two legs.”

    She then released her grip and slapped my face firmly. Though it was stinging I had just managed to regain my balance to avoid falling over.

    “Thank you goddess.” I said looking up at her careful not to respond or nurse my stinging face.

    “Head back. Mouth open.” Mireille commanded, which I did immediately.

    The sisters then leaned over me with their faces embraced at the cheek and mouth. They then slowly spat a large deposit of phlegm into my mouth. Despite coming from two different sources all the spit successfully entered my mouth. I remained motionless.

    Karine and Mireille then went and sat on the bed together and returned their attentions back on me. “Ok you may swallow slave. Then crawl over here on your knees and elbows.” Said Mireille in a dominant commanding tone.

    I swallowed the spit being sure to concentrate to avoid gagging, as I knew any display of dissent would be a deal breaker. I then thanked them before crawling over to kneel in front of them. Both of the twins’ eyes were fixed on me expectantly.

    I looked down at their filthy sneakers and took a small gulp knowing the right thing to do was offer to clean them with my tongue. “May I clean your sneakers for you please my beautiful goddesses?”

    Mireille raised her eyebrows in surprise before quickly returning to a strong expectant gaze. Karine’s expression remained unchanged as she said, “You may slave. Make sure you get all that filth off our soles. They need to sparkle.”

    I knew making them sparkle would be nigh on possible as they looked like they had had a good couple of years of heavy use but nevertheless set about my task with a determination to do the best I could. I drew my tongue back and forth along the circumference of each sneaker and from heel to toe of each sole until I had removed all the surface dirt. Through the whole process I could smell the stale odour of their feet inside which I realized would be much worse when removed. I then sucked on the laces in an attempt to lighten their discolouration. This task took around 30 minutes and as I knelt back to examine my work I was pleased at just how good they now looked. They were far from white but there was no visible dirt left on them and it looked like someone had given them a good polish.

    Mireille then lifted her sneakers up to my face and rotated her ankle to examine their cleanliness. She then said, “You have left some slobber on my sole slave.” And proceeded to wipe her sneaker down my face. “Other than that you have pleased your goddess. You may continue.”

    I looked down at their feet trapped in those sneakers and took another gulp. Mireille had not bothered to wear socks since she had deposited the last pair in my mouth to wash, whilst Karine looked to be wearing the same socks all week given the heavy soiling that was evident even up as far as her ankle.

    I looked back up at the twins and asked, “May I please serve your feet for you goddesses?”

    “In what way are you proposing to serve our feet slave?” Karine asked.

    As I looked up at the twins considering my best response to this question I saw expressions of smugness, enjoyment and self-aggrandizing. I was convinced these stunning red headed amazons had never been worshiped before and certainly not in this way. Their confidence, strength and overall power meant that if they wanted something they simply took it. They were enormously intimidating which would have put most men and women off the idea of challenging them altogether let alone have the nerve to worship them.

    I sensed they were starting to enjoy my subservient attentions and though they still retained their overall contempt for me they felt that they were entitled to debase, humiliate and dominate me and I was obliged to worship, adore and serve them.

    After considering my response (one that minimized my pain and suffering) I said, “Perhaps my adorable goddesses would like me to remove your sneakers and massage your perfect feet.”

    “Mmm,” said Karine, “Are you saying that you don’t wish to partake in the perfect scent of our feet slave? We have been hitting the tennis courts for four days straight so I am sure it will be divine.”

    She then chuckled. It was the first time I remember either of the twins letting their guard down and revelling in the anticipation of my humiliation without resorting to extreme violence. They looked at me intently waiting to hear me submit.

    Reluctantly I amended my offer to what they wanted to hear, “Oh not at all goddesses. It would be an absolutely pleasure and privilege to smell your socks and feet after all your exertions. Would you please allow me?”

    “Yes it would be a privilege for you slave but one we think you have earned following your sneaker cleaning performance.” Said Karine.

    Karine then continued, “You can start with my nasty socks bitch. Remove the first sneaker and lift my foot up to your nose so your can take in my beautiful bouquet.”

    I started to feel a tinge between my legs and flushed briefly in panic. Not again I thought to myself!

    “Thank you goddess.” I said as I bent down to remove her sneaker. I gently clasped Karine’s calf with my left hand and was shocked just how firm and strong her muscles were. They were rock solid. I then slowly lifted her leg and then eased off her sneaker with my right hand. As her socked foot emerged from it’s tight damp casing Karine laughed and said “Fucking hell. My feet absolutely fucking reek. That is disgusting!” and then pinched her nose.

    “You are telling me sister,” Mireille responded, “Just wait for my turn. I will call your stink and raise it with interest!”

    As I lifted her foot towards my face I was initially concerned that I would not be able to sustain the weight of Karine’s leg for long as with such strong muscles it was very heavy.

    Both twins were wearing high cut blue hot pant style shorts and simple white vests, which accentuated their large firm breasts. Both Karine’s calf and thigh was flexed as she extended her foot towards my face and I was taken again by the sheer strength she must have in that leg as well as the glistening sweat that was shimmering on her perfect hairless skin.

    I was now holding Karine’s foot a mere 4 inches from my face still holding my breath looking at the foul dirty sock in front of me. It was wet and firmly stuck to the contours of her toes. You could clearly see the dirty imprint of her foot on the underneath. I knew the smell was going to be intense akin to what Grace and Aurelia had submitted me to but not quite as bad. As such I needed to wipe out of my mind all thoughts of any arousal and keep my mind fully focused on how disgusting this was going to be. I was hoping that Karine and Mireille would avoid any verbal humiliation as this had accentuated my sexual urges before. Unfortunately for me they were really starting to enjoy themselves and getting more and more into character.

    “Looks fucking delicious right slave? Bet you can’t wait to get your nose deep in there and soak up all that brutal humiliation. Give me a huge deep sniff and tell me what it smells like footbitch.” Said Karine looking at Mireille and chuckling.

    I leant forward and prepared my senses for the assault that was coming. I closed my eyes to try and separate myself from the reality of what I was going to do and stifle any urges. I then took a large deep sniff of her foot. The inbound air was moist and warm. It was heinous and vile in a way that would repulse anyone normal person but I was starting to realize I was no longer normal.

    “Fucking hell slave. That was a great sniff. It was almost like you wanted that foul shit in your nose!” Mireille screamed. “Now describe the smell…in detail”.

    It was evident that these beautiful strong amazon princesses with their foul games were stirring all the wrong emotions in me. My cock started to stiffen, but luckily I had jeans on so it was not yet evident.

    I searched to find the right words in answer to the Mireille’s question to avoid any potential insult and a kicking, “Well my goddess it has a beautiful aroma that would undo and tantalize even the most resistant slave.”

    “Really slave?” said Mireille, “then you better get your fucking nose back in there and get tantalized some more you pathetic dog.”

    Mireille then reached out her leg and hooked her sneaker round my neck and dragged my face deep into Karine’s foot. Karine reciprocated and ground her foot deep into my face creating a vice like grip either side of my head.

    “Feeling any more undone by my beautiful aroma yet slave?” Karine heckled really enjoying watching me squirm.

    The foot vice they had around my face was now smothering my ability to breathe and I was turning red and starting to panic.

    “Only one way out of this bitch. You are going to have to sniff your way out. It will cost you ten deep lungful’s before we will release you. Now get sniffing.”

    Karine then turned to Mireille and said “I am really starting to have fun with this bitch you know sis. I haven’t enjoyed myself like this with you in ages. Even if we are having to put up with my foul fucking foot stink.”

    “Come on sock sniffer. Get going we haven’t got all night.” Mireille added wanting in on the action and away from Karine’s noxious odour.

    I took deep sniff after deep sniff of those pungent acrid socks all the time feeling my cock grow harder and harder. I kept reminding myself how disgusting this was but their power and beauty was overwhelming my defences. My face was flushing bright red with the arousal, luckily while locked in their foot vice this was still not evident to the twins.

    “Fucking sucks to be you slave with all that nasty stank in your face.” Karine said.

    Literally on the sniff count of ten my cock took over and started to erupt in my pants. I felt a strong climax and my body flexed and then relented as Karine and Mireille removed their feet. My shame returned realising I had succumbed to more sexual fulfilment at the feet of these women.

    “Fuck sis if I didn’t know any better I would have said this piece of shit just fucking came in his pants sniffing my filthy socks.” Said Karine.

    Mireille responded “No body could be so nasty and pathetic to get off to those foul things!”

    Little did they know I thought and thank goodness.

    “Ok next foot.” Said Karine, “And this time I really want to see you looking like you are enjoying it. I want bags of passion and devotion. Got it slave?”

    I repeated the same task as before with her foot held in my hands counting off each deep sniff as I took them. This time I was putting much more passion into each one partly because they told me to and partly because I wanted to.

    “Fucking hell bitch you are really good at looking like you are enjoying this shit. I don’t know how you are doing it with such a foul stench in your face but I am impressed. You clearly have more resolve than I give you credit for. At the end of the ten deep sniffs my raging hard on had returned but I had managed to keep control just enough to avoid a second orgasm. I was now exhausted and revolted in equal measure from my deep sexual stirrings together with the nature of my ordeal.

    “Right bitch, now for the main event.” Shouted Mireille. “These stink vessels are going to knock you sideways. If you can get passed the first sniff I will be impressed footboy.”

    As I leant forward to free Mireilles feet from her sneakers Karine said, “Wait! I don’t want any of my sisters stench going to waste.”

    She then removed her socks, turned them inside out and put them in my mouth. “Get the crap out of those sock washer while you sniff her feet. No more breathing through that foul mouth of yours.”

    “Perfect sis.” Mireille responded, “Proceed bitch.”

    As I lifted her bare foot from the sneaker Karine jumped up and moved away from the edge of the bed.

    “Oh my fucking good god. That smells worse than death Mireille. I am not sure I can sit in this room with those vile things.”

    To which Mireille responded, “Oh yes you will Karine. I sat through yours so you can sit through mine.”

    She then patted the bed and Karine reluctantly returned to sit down whilst holding her nose.

    As I lifted her foot towards my face I was amazed at the filth and stink that had accumulated on Mireille’s soles in just four days. It looked more like she had lived barefoot for the last year save for the heavy coating of sweat and sock lint covering her soles and toes.

    “Ok let’s see how you deal with these slave. Remember long deep sniffs.”

    I leaned forward and squeezed my nose between her large and second toe and nestled my nostrils in the base of the deep crevice between.

    “That’s it slave. Perfect position. I think that is just about as close as you can get to the centre of hell right there. Now take it all in!” said Mireille as she pulled a face of utter disgust in anticipation of what I was about to do.

    As I took that first deep sniff my brain exploded into a thousand colours. Initially I felt faint as my body lurched towards unconsciousness and repellence. As quickly as that happened I was then lurched back and thrown into a world of irresistible lust. Having managed to avoid another orgasm on Karine’s second foot I had now blown my top on the first sniff of Mireille’s. The orgasm I had continued to pump as the stench stayed with me. I fell backwards onto the floor.

    “I think you just killed the poor fucker Mireille.” Laughed Karine.

    He isn’t getting away with it that easily. Get his neck in a scissor lock sis. Karine got up and lifted my limp neck and head off the floor. She then crossed her legs around my neck and froze my head between them. She could have easily snapped my neck with even the slightest muscle flex at that point but she was intent to just keep me in place. Karine then pinched her nose again.

    Mireille looked at my trapped head between Karine’s legs and said “Perfect Karine, just where I want the stupid little cunt. Now when I stick my feet in his face, he has no choice but to sniff up the rest of this foul stench I have prepared for him.”

    She then sat by my side and removed her other sneaker and placed both feet on my face alternating between shovelling her toes up my nostrils and clamping my nose between her toes.

    “Come on now bitch. Let me here it. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.” Mireille giggled.

    Barely conscious from my exertions I started taking more deep sniffs of Mireille’s feet lost in some nightmare between heaven and hell. She then started verbally humiliating me pushing me towards further sexual arousal.

    “You are trapped in a hell hole of foul nauseating foot stink bitch. You have nowhere you can go, no escape. You have to fully submit your senses to the atrocious assault I am forcing you to endure. The stench of my feet will live with you for months and haunt your dreams. Now sniff again bitch!”

    “Fucking hell Mireille, I think you are enjoying this torture just a little too much. I didn’t know just how much of a bitch you could really be when you are NOT kicking someone’s head in.” Said Karine.

    “I am so getting off on this right now Karine. I didn’t believe Grace when she said she got excited on this shit but fuck this is bloody awesome!” She then pressed her feet firmly into my face and then started touching herself.

    I was already immersed in the stink, sweat and the filth of those feet and submitting my body to a third and final orgasm. The verbal assault Mireille threw at me just served to destroy any remaining defences I had. I was now drawing in deep breaths of her foot stink, which was driving me closer and closer to yet another orgasm. Quite remarkably trapped under those feet they could not see this happening and just assumed I was clamouring for air until my body contorted one last time into climax. My body then fell limp.

    Mireille continued to wipe her feet off on my face for several minutes after to remove some of the dirt and paint my face in stink before she stopped realizing I was a beaten man.

    “Wow that was invigorating. I never realized a slave could be so sexually empowering and fun. I am quite glad we didn’t beat him to a pulp. That wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun. I am going to have to experiment with this a whole lot more Karine.”

    “Well it didn’t do so much for me sis. I would have got a lot more excitement if we had just beaten the fucking shit out of him. Seeing his limp broken body destroyed under a volley of my punches and kicks would have been much more satisfying.” Said Karine.

    “Well you could have fooled me Karine hearing you brutalise the poor fucker. That said, maybe we need to mix it up sis. I am sure there is a sweet spot somewhere between your desires and mine. We just need to find it.” Replied Mireille.

    “Ok I am up for that Mireille.” Smiled Karine. “And I did enjoy watching him suffer under your feet anyway and maybe a little with mine. Perhaps my feet just weren’t nasty enough!” She then laughed

    Just at that point there was knock at the door. “Who is it?” asked Karine.

    “Beth” came the answer. “Oh come in Beth.” Said Karine.

    Beth entered the room and walked over to my motionless body. “I hope you didn’t kill him ladies” she giggled.

    “We didn’t even beat him up. We just assaulted him with a world of stink from our feet.” Laughed Mireille. “And it was fucking awesome!”

    Beth replied “Oh really, glad you enjoyed it. How did slave react?” taking great care to examine their responses carefully following her discussion with Grace and Aurelia.

    “Oh he tried to get away and shit but we forced it on him whether he wanted it or not. To be honest he had a lot more resolve than I was expecting. We laughed at one point because we insisted he showed us that he was enjoying it and it really looked like he was.” Laughed Mireille.

    “Really?” said Beth cautiously. She then looked down at my crotch and could see the outline wetness of my orgasms in my jeans that had not been seen by the twins. She then stepped on my face with her shoe just hard enough to bring me round with the pain. As I opened my eyes I could see Beth looking down at me. “Goddess Beth. What can I do for you?” I said starting to regain my senses.

    “Well I think you have had enough fun slave. Get yourself together and then put our cases back on the bus. We leave in two hours.” Beth said careful not to draw attention to my secret desires.

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    Chapter 18 – Time with Beth

    When I was back in my room cleaning up, the door burst open and Beth stepped in and slammed the door behind her. She looked furious sending me into immediate panic. I dropped to my knees quickly and pleaded knowing why she was angry. “I am so sorry my goddess. Please forgive me. I couldn’t stop them.”

    Beth reached down and grabbed my neck and then lifted my entire body off the floor and threw me against the wall. I had never really appreciated she had this kind of strength and I started shaking with fear.

    “Did you fucking enjoy that slave?” she screamed into my face her eyes wild with rage. Before I could answer she followed up with, “Only I have that kind of power over you slave. Understand?”

    “Yes my beautiful goddess. I am so sorry. You are my true love.” I replied wondering if I had chosen the right words in my anxiety.

    “Love! What the fuck do you know about love? You fucking miserable pathetic idiot!” seethed Beth at which point her anger toppled over and she started repeatedly slapping my face.

    As she hit me again and again my face started to burn up and my body went limp sliding down the wall to the floor. She then finished her assault with a hard kick to my chest knocking the wind out of me.

    I started to cry wracked in pain before she screamed, “Fuck you slave why are you spoiling everything? You are fucking mine, understand?” and then I felt a drip hit my cheek. As I looked up I could see a second teardrop fall from Beth’s face, which threw me into further confusion. Was she genuinely upset or just angry beyond belief?

    Hoping it was the former I threw myself at Beth’s feet and cried, “I am so sorry my beautiful goddess. I only want to serve you. You are my true goddess. I am so confused. I thought you wanted me to serve the other goddesses. I only do it because I want to make you happy.”

    “You do it because I tell you to do it slave. You don’t have a choice!” shouted Beth.

    “Yes of course my goddess but I thought it’s what you wanted?” I pleaded.

    “I don’t know what I fucking want you imbecilic cunt!” said Beth and then fell silent. I remained motionless, still in much pain and unsure of where this conversation was going. I thought it best to stay quiet.

    She wiped her cheek realizing I had seen the tears and then said “Up”.

    I got up to my feet and stood against the wall in front of her. She leaned into my face and asked, “Who do you most adore?”

    I replied, “You goddess of course.”

    “I don’t fucking believe you slave!” she shouted into my face.

    “Please let me prove it to you Goddess.” I pleaded and threw myself back down at her feet. She slowly stepped backwards towards the bed and then sat down. I followed her on my hands and knees and settled close to her. I reached down and gently lifted her foot and eased her shoe off. I then placed her foot in my lap and gently caressed the top from ankle to toes.

    As I continued to caress and stroke Beth’s feet I whispered, “You have such beautiful feet my true goddess. They are by far the most exquisite I have seen. May I please kiss them?” Beth didn’t answer but still kept her eyes fixed on me. I waited for a few seconds before deciding to proceed.

    Caressing her feet with my hands I slowly lifted Beth’s foot from my lap to my mouth and gently kissed each of her toes. I then placed her heal in my left hand and then tipped her sole upwards slightly with my right hand. I closed my eyes and bent forward to place my nose at the base of her toes. I then ran my nose along her toes and took deep inward sniffs to fill my senses with Beth’s scent. Though my body was already exhausted with the multiple orgasms I had experienced with the Deneuve twins there was something about Beth’s feet and her stunning beauty that was on a whole different level. With my eyes closed I started to submit to my desires for her and my cock responded with an erection, as I knew it would.

    I then placed Beth’s foot down on my throbbing cock and removed Beth’s other shoe bringing her foot back up to my lips. I then proceed to sniff and kiss her toes allowing her to hear my moans of pleasure.

    Beth pressed her foot down onto my throbbing cock to affirm my desires for her and then spoke in a soft, seductive tone, “Do you truly love me then slave?”

    “I worship you my true goddess. I am only here to serve you.” I replied

    “That’s not what I asked.” Replied Beth

    Despite everything that Beth had put me through over the last weeks including all the spiteful vindictive and often painful tortures I could not fully let go of the feelings I had for her. I was conflicted between the part of me that wanted to get away from her and run off with Nicola as quick as I could and the other half of me that wanted to submit to her completely, love and worship her as my goddess and dedicate my life to making her happy and content.

    My biggest problem was that Beth had brought all these other crazy psycho bitches into our lives and then taught them to feed on my suffering. Beth and Lucy had done too good a job on them and now their demons were being unleashed neither of us could be certain of what the future would look like.

    I searched my soul to find an answer. Should I lie? Should I tell her the truth?

    “Yes, I truly love you Beth.” I whispered and a tear fell gently down my cheek as I looked up at her.

    “What did you say?” Beth said regaining her composure and assertiveness.

    Realising what I had just done I quickly adjusted my answer, “Yes, I truly love you goddess.”

    Beth reached down and brushed the tear from my cheek with her finger then brought it up to her lips and kissed it maintaining her eyes on me throughout. She seemed to be looking through me with a look that said she didn’t believe me.

    Beth then said, “Tears are precious slave. Whether they come from suffering, love or devotion. All your tears are mine slave. Do you understand what I am saying?”

    I knew at this point it would be wrong to ask questions or for an explanation. I needed to take those words with me and dwell on them until their meaning revealed itself. As such I just said, “Yes my goddess. All my tears are yours.”

    Beth then changed track satisfied with my response. “We are going shopping on the weekend slave. We will spend the day together and you will serve me like the goddess I am. It will give you an opportunity to show the world how my wants and needs are your only concern in life.”

    My mind immediately flashed to my date with Nicola, which had been the only thing that got me through this horrific week. I really need to see her and be allowed to find the real me again amongst all the confused feelings I had experienced this week.

    “On what day would you like to meet Goddess?” I asked cautiously.

    “Don’t fucking question me slave! I will tell you when we are going out when I decide. Anyway it’s not as though you have anything more important to occupy your weekend with other than doing exactly what I command, right?”

    “Of course Goddess. I will be ready to serve you whenever you command it of me.”

    “Indeed you will slave. Now get our fucking cases on that bus immediately. If we are late leaving, I will hold you personally responsible, understand?”

    Beth then got to her feet, put her shoes back on and slapped my face. This rekindled all the pain of her recent beating and I wanted to scream but used all my resolve to keep it in. “Thank you goddess.” I whimpered.

    Beth then shot me a wicked smile seeing the underlying pain my face was displaying. She then walked out of the room.


    Despite my best efforts I held the bus back by over 30 minutes collecting and taking all the cases back down. It was a minor miracle I had done it that quick given the cuts on my back and the beating Beth had just dealt out to me. Everyone on the bus looked utterly pissed off with me when I boarded and I sensed the journey home wasn’t going to be the end to my working week I had hoped for.

    As I got on, Beth leapt up in front of me, grabbed my hair and yanked me to the floor. “What fucking time do you call this slave?”

    “I am so sorry goddess. I really did the best I could.” I apologized.

    “Well your best isn’t fucking anywhere near good enough slave. Grace would you mind taking the seat behind us please?” Beth said

    “Sure Beth, no problem,” Graced responded and swapped seats sitting next to Aurelia instead. She actually looked pretty happy about the move from what I could see.

    “Right on the floor at my feet slave.” Ordered Beth. “You will worship my sweaty toes all the way home as a lesson on better timekeeping and on Monday you will book a regular slot every work-day at 8am and 6pm called ‘goddess time’ where I will continue your conditioning. Now get down slave.”

    As I lay on the floor underneath Beth looking up at her I couldn’t help but wonder if she was publically showing the team that she was the goddess who truly owned me. If I were to be used by the rest of the team it would be on her terms from now on. Nobody on the bus dissented.

    The journey home was fairly uneventful as I remained under Beth the whole way. I rubbed, kissed and soothed Beth’s feet having removed her shoes, which I must have done a good job on as I noticed Beth drift peacefully into a light sleep for over an hour. She looked so peaceful, so calm and so exceptionally beautiful sat above me. No one could begin to understand what a complex, sadistic and yet contradictory woman she was.

    When we got back to the office and everyone got off the bus Beth took me to one side and said, “See you tomorrow slave. Be ready for my call.”

    I then left knowing I had a problem. Beth was expecting me to devote all my attentions to her on the same day I was supposed to be meeting up with Nicola. I decided to wait until I got home before calling Nicola to rearrange my plans.

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    Chapter 19 – Shopping for Shoes

    It was 10am when I got a text from Beth. It just said “Mine, now!” That really didn’t help me, as I was due to meet up with Nicola in the morning and suspected that my time with Beth could go on for as long as she wished.

    To avoid any conflict between them I decided to call Nicola and try to rearrange. She answered almost immediately after I called.

    “Hello.” [Nicola]

    “Hi Nicola, it’s Chris” [Me]

    “Hey nice to hear your voice Chris, I am really looking forward to later.” [Nicola]

    “Well it’s about that. Something has come up” [Me]

    “Oh, right. What’s the problem?” [Nicola]

    “Oh, there is no problem. I just have to run a whole bunch of errands today and it’s gonna tie me up into the evening. Can we meet tomorrow instead?” [Me]

    “But I thought our meeting was important. I have been worried Chris.” [Nicola]

    “It is Nicola. I really want to see you. But can we please shift it until tomorrow?” [Me]

    “Well I am playing squash all morning in a tournament. You could come over to me in the afternoon instead but I may be a little tired.” [Nicola]

    “That’s perfect Nicola. I really appreciate that.” [Me]

    “Is everything ok Chris?” [Nicola]

    “Absolutely I can’t wait to see you Nicola. See you tomorrow ok?” [Me]

    “Ok Chris. See you tomorrow.” [Nicola]

    Nicola seemed quite upset by the late change of plan and I sensed from her voice that she was sceptical about my reasons. I just hoped it wouldn’t screw things up. I decided I would make it up to her one way or another.

    Refocusing my mind back on today I quickly got dressed and headed off to Beth’s. It didn’t take long to get there and when I did she was already dressed ready to leave. She looked amazing, dressed in a simple black 60s designer dress, hip length white jacket, fully fashioned black stockings and her black designer shoes with the white bow that showed off her pretty toes.

    Seeing she was ready to leave I stood by the door and held it open for her and said, “Good morning Goddess, you look absolutely stunning today.”

    Beth snapped back at me, “I look fucking stunning every day you idiot. Now get my bag and hat!”

    I looked over her shoulder and could see a black wide brimmed hat and a black and white designer handbag. I quickly dashed in to get them and then back to the door to hold it open offering the hat and handbag out to Beth. She took the hat ignoring me completely and placed it on her head and then snatched the bag. She then opened the bag and took out a pair of black Chanel sunglasses and put them on. All the while I was stood holding the door open.

    After a few minutes she walked forward, pushed me out of the way and proceeded out the door never once looking or talking to me. I felt pretty lousy at that point as I expected the day was going to be quite an ordeal even though I was secretly hoping Beth may open up to me and maybe be a little more friendly as we were no longer in work. I closed the door and followed her outside.

    Beth was waiting on the street outside looking back in at me as I emerged. As I got to within three feet of her she started to address me very loudly. There were a number of people walking up and down the street at the time and initially they thought Beth was talking to them.

    “You may accompany me on your feet today slave instead of your knees. I don’t have time to wait for you. You will speak only when spoken to or when I give you permission. You will obey all my commands to the letter without delay including of course carrying all my shopping. Now let’s head into town so you can buy your goddess some nice presents.”

    The people around who had stopped to listen to Beth were now either looking at me in amazement or laughing at my predicament, as I stood there with my mouth open feeling complete embarrassment.

    Beth then slapped my face hard, which really hurt as my cheeks were still recovering from the pain of the day before. “Did I not make myself clear slave?”

    I looked around me at the people laughing and started to die inside. Knowing I needed to get away from here quickly I decided to relent. “Yes goddess. It is all clear.”

    Beth then grabbed my face, pinching my cheeks together with her fingers, and said, “Don’t fucking make me wait for an answer next time imbecile.” The people around were really laughing at this spectacle now so when Beth (oblivious to their attentions) turned and walked away I quickly followed her to escape any further shame.

    Beth walked down the street like a queen and she looked magnificent. Almost everyone she passed gave her a double glance. The men in desire and most of the women in envy though I suspect some in desire also. A number of them looked at me and gave me the ‘What’s she doing with him?’ glance. At least that perked me up. Beth did not once return anyone’s glance, just like a real princess. She also never looked at me once.

    I really wanted to talk to Beth but having been given specific instructions not to I had to just wait and follow. Eventually we turned into a street, which was known for housing all the top designer boutiques in the area. Remembering what Beth said about buying her presents I started to worry.

    Beth stopped just outside a designer shoe shop about a quarter of the way down the street and waited. I knew I needed to think on my feet today and sense her wants and needs if I still wanted my cheeks on my face by the end of it so dashed forward and opened the door for her.

    She strode into the shop and I scurried in after her. It was indeed a small boutique designer shoe shop with two female staff inside. There were no other customers. One was around 30-35 with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a smart blue dress suit on who I assumed to be the manager and the other was a younger 19-21 year old with auburn hair and dark brown eyes. The younger woman had a white blouse and black trousers on. Looking around there were no more than fifty pairs of shoes in total and none had any prices marked, which is never a good thing.

    Beth then pointed at the shop manager and said, “You, come here”.

    The woman was rather startled but seeing how Beth was dressed and her impressive level of assertiveness assumed she must be very important and therefore approach her as instructed.

    “How can I help you Miss?” she said.

    “He will be serving me today though he will need some support from your assistant here, understood?” Beth initially pointed to me without looking and then waved her finger in the direction of the younger woman.

    “Of course Miss, we will be happy to serve you however you require.” Said the Manager

    “He will be doing the serving. Slave fetch me a chair!” Beth snarled.

    I went bright red with shame. This was the second time Beth had addressed me as a slave in public now and I felt that this would be the case all day. Both of the ladies had to work hard to mask their amusement and stop themselves from laughing. I quickly crossed the room and moved a large comfortable chair back towards Beth and set it in the centre of the shop.

    Beth sat down and then barked at the assistant, “I want a pair of designer shoes in red, size 8, only the top brands. Fetch me your best pairs and give them to my slave.”

    The assistant looking a little put out by Beth’s rudeness looked at her boss who nodded for her to comply and then quickly exited to find the shoes that fitted the description. Not long after she returned with four boxes and set them down by the side of the chair Beth was sat on.

    Beth then pointed at the floor in front of her and commanded, “Kneel before me slave.” Both of the women stood and watched keen to observe the show that was unfolding in front of them. I was so embarrassed I could not look either of them in the eye and with my head bowed knelt in front of Beth.

    “Remove my shoes and lift my feet up to your face slave.” Beth commanded. The women were now watching eyes wide.

    “How do they smell?” Beth cooed, her eyes set on me and a wicked grin on her face.

    A shiver ran down my back realising that what I was about to do would really make me look pathetic in front of these women watching me. However I leant forward and took a gentle sniff of Beth’s stockinged toes and said in a quiet voice, “Devine goddess”.

    Beth then learned forward and grabbed my hair pulling my face up towards hers and then restated. “I said sniff my fucking feet and tell me how they smell. Speak so everyone can hear.”

    When she let go of my hair I grabbed a quick glance at the ladies who were stifling giggles with their hands watching me.

    I leant forward again and took a large sniff of Beth’s toes and then said in an audible voice, “They smell divine my goddess”. At this both the ladies erupted in laughter no longer able to contain themselves. Beth’s feet actually smelled quite pungent like she hadn’t washed them in a couple of days, which gave me a little tingle between my legs. Luckily the embarrassment of the situation took care of any further potential growth in that area.

    Beth looked around at the young assistant with one her most piercing livid glances. “Do you find his humiliation amusing? Perhaps I should have you sniff my feet instead?”

    This brought a quick end to their laughter and they both apologized. Beth thought for a few seconds about insisting on the assistant carrying out the proposal and then turned back to me.

    “Ok slave. Put each of the shoes on my feet in turn. I will then decide which I want.” Ordered Beth.

    I put each of the four pairs on Beth. In-between each fitting she walked around and looked at them in the mirror and then sat back down. After trying on all the pairs she was seated again in front of me. “Which pairs do you think look best on my divine feet slave?” she said to me.

    Thinking through each of the pairs I said “The first pair with a simple heel and open toe and the last pair with the white heel and gold trim.”

    Beth listened to my answer and paused for thought for a minute. “Agreed. You may buy both pairs for me then slave. Put my black shoes back on.”

    I took a gulp wondering what I had just agreed to as I put Beth’s black shoes back on. Once completed, I approached the desk to pay. The sales assistant already had packed and prepared both boxed pairs in bags and looked at me to confirm I was ready to pay. I nodded affirmatively and she put both pairs through the till. “That will be 950 pounds please sir.”

    Fuck I thought that’s going to make a heavy dent in my bank balance but sensing Beth would beat me to a pulp there and then if I backed out presented the young assistant with my debit card. She put the charge through and returned the card then presented the bags to me.

    “I guess you will be carrying these?” she giggled.

    I smiled resentfully and took the bags.

    When I got back to where Beth was sat she was already waiting by the door for me to open it. The manager and shop assistant both said thank you to Beth but she ignored them and exited. When we were outside she spoke to me again this time in a normal voice level that did not gather attention.

    “So was the divine scent of my feet worth every penny slave?”

    “Yes my beautiful goddess.” I replied wondering how much today was going to cost me.

    Despite entering two other clothes shops on the first half of the same street Beth decided she didn’t want anything to my great relief. We then arrived at a jeweller and once again she stood outside. Shit I thought not jewellery, reluctantly I held the door open and Beth entered.

    “Wait here,” she said pointing into the corner.

    Beth then walked around the room before stopping at a counter and speaking with a young female assistant. After around ten minutes and the assistant running around the shop gathering various items she presented Beth with a small bag. At least that one didn’t cost me I thought to my huge relief.

    When Beth returned she walked passed me and then beckoned me to follow with her finger. I rushed after her and got to the door in time to hold it open. Beth then walked off until we came to a French Patisserie where she sat down outside. I waited for her permission to sit beside her. After around a minute she looked at me and said, “Sit” glancing at the chair next to her. I quickly sat down before she changed her mind.

    “Go get me a Croissant d’Almond and a latte slave,” she ordered.

    I went inside and brought out the order, as it wasn’t table service. I had a double espresso as it was simple and hopefully wouldn’t annoy Beth that I had got something for myself. She didn’t flinch as I set down her coffee and croissant. As I did I could see the jewellery bag on the table. I retook my seat and sipped my espresso.

    “I have a present for you slave.” Beth said without looking at me.

    “Thank you goddess. That is very kind.” I replied with a smile on my face.

    “Well open it then.” she insisted.

    I took the bag and opened it to reveal a small box, which I also opened. Inside was a ring with an inscription on the outside. I lifted the ring to read the inscription, which said, ‘Property of Goddess Beth’. My heart sank as I realized she was going to make me wear this all the time.

    “Thank you goddess this is very kind of you.” I said as I started to put the ring on my little finger, before she interrupted, “It will go on your wedding finger slave.”
    As I started to put it on that finger instead I could feel it was going to be a very tight fit and tricky to remove. Nevertheless I eventually got it on.

    “Now you and I already know that you are my property slave and you would do anything I ask to please me. This ring is for the benefit of everyone else and I mean everyone. You will never remove this ring under any circumstances slave. If I ever catch you without it I will break all your fingers. Understood?” said Beth in a voice that needed no further debate.

    “Yes my goddess. I will wear it always.” I replied.

    “Good. Now rub my feet for me while I take my lunch slave.” Beth commanded removing her shoes and placing them on the table under my face. I moved my coffee to one side and started to rub Beth’s feet while she ate her croissant and drank her coffee.

    “Bet they feel a little sweaty now right slave? It’s quite warm today and we have done quite a bit of walking already. As you probably noticed in the shoe shop I didn’t bother to wash them this morning as a little treat for you. I know how much my foot scent gets you all excited.” Beth said.

    I looked around and was relieved that no one was within earshot to hear this summary from Beth. I just smiled nervously back at her.

    “Perhaps you would like to stick your nose in between my toes, take a big sniff and jack off right here slave?” she added mischievously then laughing.

    “Er that is a very kind offer Goddess but I er…” Beth then interrupted me.

    She leant over to within an inch of my face and said, “If I ordered you to, you would be down on your knees doing exactly that slave.”

    She then leant back and continued, “But you will need more conditioning before you are ready for that level of public debasement. For now you may just rub them placing gentle kisses on my toes from time to time.”

    I rubbed Beth’s feet taking care to ensure no one was looking each time I kissed her toes as we sat there for around thirty minutes. When she had finished her lunch she removed her legs from the table and put her shoes back on and we headed off.

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    Ohh, I loved chapter 17!

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    Great stuff as always. It was good that Chris got a break - and even had Grace and Aurelia tending to his wounds (no doubt forced to do so by Beth). I liked the way Karine and Mireille worked Chris over with foot stink, and it seems Mireille really got into it. Beth continues to shift from almost tender toward Chris to cruelly sadistic and brutal - and then sometimes to even teasingly playful. She's quite the enigma, but very fascinating indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayPhilosopher View Post
    Ohh, I loved chapter 17!
    Those Amazonian twins have very big dominant feet don't they Stray. It is funny to see the competition between them and how Karine remains super serious whilst Mireille gets all mischievous

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    Great stuff as always. It was good that Chris got a break - and even had Grace and Aurelia tending to his wounds (no doubt forced to do so by Beth). I liked the way Karine and Mireille worked Chris over with foot stink, and it seems Mireille really got into it. Beth continues to shift from almost tender toward Chris to cruelly sadistic and brutal - and then sometimes to even teasingly playful. She's quite the enigma, but very fascinating indeed.
    Hi OneAuthor
    Thanks for the comment my friend!
    You are quite right that Beth was behind Aurelia and Grace's tender nursing. I think left to the he would have got a handful of salt thrown at him and a middle finger. Lol

    I really love how Mireille gets into her treatment of Chris so much in this chapter. She can be a real tease even if she is not aware of the effect she is having on Chris.

    Beth has such extreme emotions which can as you say bend one way and then another. This highly complex woman clearly has a lot more going on than she is making clear on the surface...

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    Chapter 20 – Sophia

    After about ten more minutes of walking we were approaching the end of the boutique street when Beth stopped at the last shop, a coat shop. I once again opened the door and she walked in. She didn’t give me any commands so I just waited. A young man approached her and asked if he could help.

    Without looking at the man she just said, “Not you, her” and pointed to a young attractive shop assistant who was standing by the till. The man looked quite dejected as he was keen to serve someone of Beth’s beauty but he swapped with the young girl all the same.

    “Can I help you Miss?” the young girl asked.

    Beth then said to her, “Ask my slave what he would like to buy his goddess.”

    The woman looked shocked and confused by Beth’s answer but on looking across the shop and seeing me decided that I must be the slave she was referring to. As she approached me I thought how pretty she was. I would guess 5’ 6”, ice blonde hair in a ponytail, pale blue eyes and a cute nose with little sun-kissed freckles. I would guess she was early twenties and was dressed in a black high neck sweater, black skirt with skin coloured pantyhose and black designer sneakers.

    “Er hello sir. I am Sophia and I am here to help you today. The lady has requested I ask you what you want to buy her.” She said being considerate and careful not to use the same slave reference Beth had used with her.

    “Oh right.” I said pausing and thinking what may please Beth. “How about a modern red silk lined raincoat suitable for wet and summer days?”

    She seemed pleased with my answer and went off to find suitable options for Beth. I then realized I was asking for a coat that would cost me a week’s wages and groaned inside.

    When Sophia came back with the coats to show Beth she seemed happy with my suggestion. She looked over at me and motioned me over with her finger. As I approached the male assistant said to Sophia he was taking an early lunch and left the shop leaving just the three of us in there.

    When I got to Beth she turned and said “You can come with me to the changing rooms. I might ask for your opinion.”

    We made our way to the back of the shop and Beth entered the changing room with the two red coats and closed the door. After around 5 minutes Sophia approached and asked if we needed any help.

    Beth replied “Send her away I will ask for help if I need it. You however in here now.” I smiled and Sophia smiled back and then disappeared back into the shop.

    When I entered the changing room I almost fainted. Beth had removed all of her clothes apart from her stockings and shoes and was wearing one of the red coats. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to the floor. “On your fucking knees bitch.”

    I muffled a little cry of pain as I dropped to my knees. Her pussy was now right in front of my face. It was perfectly trimmed with only slight wisps of jet-black hair. I could actually smell her scent it was so close which really turned me on. I looked up at her and saw her captivating blue eyes staring down at me.

    “My property needs to be marked with my scent slave. Keep your head still.” She ordered.

    Beth then held my head and proceeded to place her pussy on the forehead then bent her knees smearing her wonderful pussy scent all the way down my face to my lips. I couldn’t help but put my tongue on her gorgeous pussy, which caused Beth to step back and slap my face hard.

    “What the fuck are you doing slave? I didn’t order that did I?” she shouted and I wondered whether Sophia would hear.

    “No goddess I am very sorry. It’s just that you are so incredibly beautiful.” I offered.

    “I know I am fucking incredibly beautiful slave but that does not give you the right to take liberties. Just admire your goddess as I stand above you in all my magnificent glory.” She said looking down at me.

    She didn’t need to ask twice. Her body was incredible. Supple breasts with small pert nipples, a trim athletic waist and complete with a firm but curvy bottom and strong athletic thighs.

    “How do I smell slave?” she asked

    “Amazing my goddess. I am really quite overwhelmed.” I replied.

    “I bet you would like to put that filthy tongue of yours deep into my pussy and lap up my warm, wet juices wouldn’t you?” Beth cooed. I nodded and flushed red.

    “Is that pathetic cock of yours begging to be aroused by me rubbing my divine pussy up and down your face?” Beth licked her lips. I had a raging hard on.

    “How much do you desire your goddess slave? How absolutely devoted are you to my wants and needs?” Beth grabbed my hair again staring at my face.

    “I desire you with all my heart goddess and I am totally devoted to you in every way.”

    Beth pressed her shoe down hard on my cock and then added, “Mmm. You want me so much right now right slave?”

    “Oh my beautiful goddess. You have no idea how much.” I pleaded.

    “Oh I think I do.” She smiled wickedly. “I think I will take both the red coats slave. You can buy them for me.”

    My sexual frustration now was obfuscating any sound financial judgment I had in me and I said, “Of course goddess anything for you.”

    Beth then closed the coat she had on and told me to wait where I was then left the changing room back into the shop. A few minutes later she returned with Sophia who was looking flushed and apprehensive.

    “I have told Sophia here that you will be buying me both coats, which will give her a very nice commission. I have also said you will pay 100 pounds over the cost to reward her for excellent service slave. Am I clear?” Beth questioned.

    My bulging cock was now starting to subside with the news I would lose most of the rest of my savings balance. I looked disappointed.

    Beth then chuckled and said “Oh it’s not all bad slave. I have told her that our purchase is conditional on you being able to sniff her feet for ten minutes while I watch. I informed Sophia that you are a pathetic worthless slave who has a massive foot fetish especially for stinky dirty feet. Luckily for you Sophia’s feet are pretty sweaty and she is wearing the same pantyhose as yesterday. Right Sophia?”

    Sophia was looking a little embarrassed but prepared to overcome that given the commission and tip that was pending so added, “Oh yes, my feet are super sweaty and stinky. You are gonna really love them.” I was shocked she had agreed to do this and very humiliated with how Beth had described me.

    “Ok get into the corner then slave.” Beth barked kicking me in the chest and pushing me into the corner. Sophia was still waiting outside.

    Beth then learned down and whispered to me, “Her feet are going to fucking stink and you are going to be sniffing them like the worthless slave you are. However, if I see any excitement and enjoyment on your face or in your trousers whatsoever I will punish you so bad when we get back to mine you wont know what week it is. Am I making myself absolutely fucking clear?”

    My god I thought. First Beth gets me as horny as fuck with her stunning body and pussy then she sends a gorgeous girl in to abuse me with her stinky feet knowing that was sending me over the top all week. Remembering our discussion yesterday this was clearly a trial of loyalty and a display of my devotion only to her. I needed to really work hard if I was to succeed and not let Beth down.

    “Yes goddess I understand.” I said with caution in my voice. Beth then stood in the other corner of the cubicle watching me and motioned for Sophia to enter.

    Sophia came in and closed the door and looked at Beth for instructions. Beth then said, “Ok Sophia I want you to order my slave to remove your shoes. I then want you to grind your sweaty pantyhose feet into his face and command him to take long deep sniffs for 10 minutes. Regardless of how he reacts you are not to stop. You are to see him a worthless piece of shit. I expect you to verbally humiliate him all the while he sniffs your feet. The nastier the verbal assault the better. Is that clear?”

    Sophia replied, “I feel a little bad doing this Miss. My feet are pretty rank. Are you sure this is what you want?”

    Beth then said, “Exactly what I want. Just think of the commission and tip Sophia.”

    Sophia then presented her foot to me and Beth clicked her fingers. I reached out slowly and removed the black sneaker. As it came off I could feel the clamminess and sweat on her foot as it glanced my hand. “Ok here goes.” Sophia said.

    Sophia then raised her foot close to my face and in one swift move planted it on my nose. I felt the warm, damp sweaty smell hit my nostrils immediately. It was indeed a strong odour but nothing on what I had had to deal with before. I initially held my breath biding my time and cast my thoughts into every place I could think of football, politics, news, even my bank balance in an effort to avoid arousal.

    Sophia then said, “Sniff my hot sweaty feet you worthless piece of shit.” And giggled at hearing herself. I glanced at Beth who was staring at me intently.

    “Come on really get your nose in there and suck up all that stink. My feet are hot and wet after two days in these pantyhose. I am sure it is pure heaven to a pathetic worm like you.” Sophia went on. Beth was smiling thinking what a good job Sophia was doing before she then kicked me and added, “You have been told to sniff slave. Do what you are told! You are doing great Sophia keep going.”

    I knew this was crunch time so with my eyes closed I cast all my thoughts back into those bland subjects to keep my mind occupied and took a big sniff. The strong sweaty foot smell was now trying to break my resistance but I was managing to keep composed.

    “Keep sniffing worm. Submit to these nasty feet as I wipe them all over your filthy face.” Sophia then added.

    I took another sniff and again managed to keep my urges under control.

    Sophia then removed her foot and then said, “Ok take the other shoe off bitch.”
    Beth raised her eyebrows. She was clearly impressed with Sophia’s assertive language.

    I opened my eyes and removed the shoe. Beth then said, “Keep your fucking eyes open slave. I want them focused on Sophia at all times. Look at her pretty face. Submit to her orders and keep sniffing those feet.”

    I knew this would make things harder for me as Sophia was very pretty but did as I was asked. I actually tried staring at Sophia in a way that looked through her avoiding keeping her face in focus but not showing Beth that I was not obeying. I removed the second shoe and Sophia raised her voice.

    “Ahh that’s better. My stinky sweaty foot fresh out of it’s casing. Nice and ripe to plant in your pathetic face worm.” She then pushed it deep into my face with about twice the force of the first pinning my head against the wall.

    “Really get my stink all up in that nose of yours bitch. Sniff it like your life depends on it. You will remember my foot stench for all your days.” Sophia was making up with stuff even Beth’s team couldn’t beat. I wondered where this was coming from. I was starting to stir below now but needed to hang in there. I started to flush red as I took another deep sniff.

    To my relief she then took her foot away from my nose and started to wipe it down my face and cheeks. Beth then requested she put it back on my nose and make me smell.

    Sophia then reached down and grabbed my throat firmly and looked in my eyes with her toes tightly clasped around my nose.

    “Ok you fucking bitch. You aren’t moving anywhere. Now sniff my fucking rank feet for all you are worth. I want that stink deep inside your brain.” Sophia’s adept verbal and physical assault was now rapidly breaking my defences and as I sniffed again I could feel my erection starting to grow but not enough that Beth could see.

    “Ok one last deep sniff bitch and I want it to be a huge one. Smell my feet so hard it makes your head spin. Fill your lungs up with that putrid stench.” Sophia was now virtually screaming at me.

    I summoned all my strength and self control for the last push and pinched my leg hard underneath where Beth wouldn’t see to divert my senses from the smell of Sophia’s feet to the pain of the leg. I took one last hard sniff and just managed to keep my self-control together to avoid an orgasm.

    Sophia then removed her foot from my face and asked Beth, “So how did I do?”

    Beth kissed her cheek and said, “Just fine Sophia. You may go now.”

    I breathed a sigh of relief as my hard on started to abate. Beth put her foot put on my cock just as the last remnants of my erection were fading. Phew I thought that was too close for comfort.

    Beth then said, “Well you have surprised me slave. I was fully expecting to punish you badly later but instead I may need to consider a reward. It appears either you have more resolve than I give you credit for or you are more devoted to me that I thought.”

    Even though I wasn’t asked to respond I still said, “I am definitely devoted to you my beautiful goddess.”

    The stress of my exertions then overcame me and I let out a little tear. Beth reached down and caught it with her finger.

    “That’s mine.” She said in a soft voice. “A memento of a memory to treasure.” Beth then smiled at me.

    I couldn’t believe it. She was genuinely smiling at me. I smiled back but the moment had passed as quick as it started.

    “Ok you can buy me these coats now slave.” She said. She then motioned me outside while she dressed. I approached the till and gave my card to Sophia while Beth was still dressing.

    Sophia took the opportunity to ask as she was taking payment, “So did you enjoy my stinky feet then? They must have smelled pretty bad no?”

    I just smiled politely and said, “They were pretty Sophia. That’s all I can say”

    Sophia smiled and then said; “You know I quite enjoyed doing that to you. I never thought I would but it felt so empowering humiliating you in that way. I feel quite horny now.”

    Her frankness was making me blush again and she was tickled by her control over me. Beth, who had now returned with the coats, overheard her words.

    Beth then said, “Well you should put my number in your phone then Sophia. I could open a world up to you beyond your wildest dreams.”

    She then flashed a wicked smile at Sophia and stared at her.

    “Yes please Miss.” Replied Sophia and Beth took her phone and put her details in the contacts before handing the phone back.

    I then proceeded to empty my savings account on the coats and tip for Sophia before collecting the bags and heading towards the door. When I arrived it appeared to be locked. Sophia then arrived with a key and said, “Oh sorry forgot. Just didn’t want us to be disturbed.” As Sophia unlocked the door I opened it up for Beth and she stepped outside.

    As I was heading out Sophia whispered, “Remember my stink bitch.” And then smiled at me as I exited.

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    Oooo, I love Sophia! She is quickly turning into a dominant who loves subjecting a slave to her stinky feet. Beth of course is still in top form, and giving her phone number to Sophia makes me think we haven't seen the last of the young attractive shop assistant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    Oooo, I love Sophia! She is quickly turning into a dominant who loves subjecting a slave to her stinky feet. Beth of course is still in top form, and giving her phone number to Sophia makes me think we haven't seen the last of the young attractive shop assistant.
    Hi OneAuthor
    I love that you love Sophia as I love her too. She has such a naughty wicked side and this early look into her personality shows how quickly she can adapt to the challenge set by Beth. Her last quote "Remember My Stink" says she has no intention of letting go of her new found purpose in life (dominating men) now she has discovered it.

    I am sure you are onto something with the phone number and Beth - I don't think we have seen the last of Sophia :-)

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    Chapter 21 – At Home with Beth

    It was now late in the afternoon and I wondered where we would head off to next. Beth surprisingly turned back to where we came from and started walking back down the boutique street. Given I was out of savings now I really feared for more shopping but thankfully Beth continued walking. We seemed to be heading back to her apartment. Not wanting to ask, as I hadn’t been given permission, I just followed.

    We did eventually did arrive back at Beth’s apartment and as she had the key she opened the door and went in. I temporarily waited outside and then after a couple of minutes entered with the shopping.

    “Close the door slave.” Beth called out and I set the bags down, returned and closed the door.

    “Ok strip naked for me slave. You can leave the ring on.” Beth ordered and smirked.

    I felt embarrassed to do this in front of Beth as I found her very attractive and still had feelings for her. However, I knew if I paused for too long it would mean some pretty nasty pain for me so just started to do as I was told.

    When I was naked. Beth just sat there staring at me for what must have been five minutes. Every now and then she would let out a little giggle. “You know for a worthless slave, you are not that repulsive to look at.”

    Not exactly compliment of the century I thought to myself. I decided not to speak.

    Beth then said, “Ok put my new shoes and coats away in my bedroom slave then come back here.”

    I disappeared with the shopping into Beth’s bedroom, which despite spending so much time with her as a boyfriend, I had never seen. The room was almost palatial. It had massive fitted wardrobes with a least two hundred pairs of shoes, around a thousand dresses, suits, outfits and a luxurious make up table with every perfume and beauty product imaginable. There was a large on-suite bathroom that looked amazing and a large queen size bed with pink silk sheets. There was also a large black wardrobe in the corner with no indication of what was in it. I didn’t like the look of the wardrobe either way so put it out of my mind and returned.

    Beth was drumming her fingers when I returned, which meant I had taken too long so I quickly knelt at the feet and kissed her shoes to prevent any anger escalation. She paused in thought and decided to let it slide.

    “Are my shoes dirty from all that walking slave?” Beth asked extending the sole of her shoe out to within touching distance of my face.

    “Only a little goddess Beth.” I responded.

    “Well then they will only need a little cleaning won’t they slave.” Beth smirked.

    “Yes mistress.” I replied. I wanted to get up at this point and get a cleaning cloth but remembering Beth’s preference for tongue cleaning I decided not to take that chance. I put my tongue out as far as I could and Beth wiped the sole of her shoe the full length. She then repeated this several times on both shoes before inspecting them.

    “Ok, remove any shit left on the sides slave then you can remove them.” Beth said.

    I inspected the shoes and removed what small remnants of dirt resided on the sides and then removed the shoes and placed them by the chair Beth was sat in.

    “Didn’t you forget something slave?” Beth questioned with a look of annoyance.

    I really didn’t know what she meant so checked the shoes again for any dirt but they seemed quite clean.

    Now quite irritated with me Beth Barked, “Insides fuckwit!”

    Realising my oversight I leant forward before she kicked me hard. “Not with that filthy tongue idiot. Rinse and return.”

    I quickly left and rinsed my mouth and returned before leaning forward and licking the insides of Beth’s shoes.

    “Bet it’s like a swimming pool of sweat in there isn’t it slave?” Beth asked.

    They did smell pretty bad as Beth had purposely not washed her feet today and there was a lot of moisture on the insole. Despite that I replied, “It is really no problem Goddess.”

    “I don’t fucking care slave. You will do it because I told you to and that’s the end of it.” Beth snapped. I didn’t reply.

    As I was cleaning the inside of her shoes I took a deep sniff. I didn’t intentionally do it. It was more a combination of curiosity, desire and instinct. Unfortunately Beth heard this and grabbed my hair and yanked me up. She did it with such force I couldn’t help but yelp.

    “Did you just fucking sniff my shoe bitch?” Beth seethed.

    “I am so sorry goddess. I really didn’t mean to.” I pleaded.

    “Sniffing my shoes is a privilege you have to fucking earn slave not something you can take for granted.”

    Beth was now shouting in my face. Still grabbing my hair Beth slapped my face hard.

    “Count them you selfish, disrespectful cunt.” Screamed Beth.

    Beth then proceeded to slap my face ten times very hard whilst I counted and thanked her. By the end my faced was burning and bright red but I remained on my knees. I looked down at the floor feeling very sorry myself and starting to think to myself how quickly Beth could turn. I wanted to get out of there.

    “Is it burning slave?” Beth asked in a soft voice

    “Yes goddess.” I replied.

    “Good. Take a minute to reflect on your insubordination.” Beth added and sat watching me with a smile on her face.

    “You know I love it when you suffer don’t you slave?” Beth then asked.

    “I believe I do goddess.” I whimpered.

    “Do you enjoy it when I punish you slave?” Beth then enquired.

    This was a really tough question to answer, as I hated it. But if I told Beth that she would probably kick my arse royally. I decided to hedge my bets and avoid the question.

    “Er. I think I enjoy other attentions more goddess.” I said in an uncertain tone.

    “Really slave? And what attentions would those be?” said Beth curiously.

    As I took a moment to think Beth placed one leg over the other and then started kicking her leg and foot backwards and forwards up to my face in her fully-fashioned stockings. I could distinctly smell the odorous waft of her feet each time. Trying hard not to get hypnotized into another deep sniffing attempt, which would have resulted in another thrashing I snapped out and said.

    “Well helping you with presentations, carrying your bags and buying you presents are all nice Goddess.”

    As Beth listened to this she paused her foot around one inch from my face and then said, “Is that all slave? Are you sure there are no punishments that secretly you like?”

    I flushed red not knowing what to say, “I am not sure Goddess.”

    “Oh I think you are sure all right slave. We both know that you are becoming seriously addicted to my feet. Don’t we?” Beth said revelling in my embarrassment.

    “I am a little confused my goddess.” I replied.

    “Confused! Fucking confused.” Shouted Beth. She then kicked me in the chest pushing me onto my back and then mounted my chest looking down at me. Her weight was considerable and I was struggling to hold her.

    “Are you telling me slave that when I rub my stinky sweaty nylon feet in your face like this. You are not sure whether you enjoy it or not?”

    Beth then proceeded to wipe her feet in my face and pinch my nose with her toes. I took subtle inhalations to avoid any obvious display of desire. Unfortunately the sight of this beautiful woman above me and the intoxicating scent of her feet were arousing me. After a few minutes of this Beth stepped back onto my now hard cock and said “Doesn’t feel very fucking confused from where I am standing slave.”

    “No Goddess. You are right of course.” I submitted.

    “I know how weak and pathetic you are slave. I have only been conditioning you for literally two fucking weeks or so and I have already reduced you to a desperate foot-sniffing doormat. You used to be a respected consultant in a good London firm with real prospects. You had a future. You thought you had a girlfriend. Now look at you. Utterly fucking worthless. Lower than the filth on my soles. Do you really have no fight left in you?” Beth said with contempt and bitterness.

    I thought about these words and suddenly from nowhere my pride gave rise to a surge of anger. She was right I was a great consultant and a good man just a few weeks ago. Beth had battered my confidence, undermined my every move and then raised a small army of torturous bitches against me. I couldn’t help myself I needed to react somehow.

    I used all my strength to lift my chest and force Beth’s feet off of me. Losing balance she quickly leapt off of me to avoid falling over.

    I then started to get to my feet and once up looked at Beth and said, “You know what? Fuck you Beth! I really cared for you. Hell I might have even loved you. I thought we could have had something special. Why did you do all that shit to me? Why did you ruin my career? Humiliate me in front of all those women and then encourage them to beat on me, abuse me and hate me?”

    The overflow of emotion was intense and I started welling up inside.

    Beth remained motionless just staring at me initially then she spoke, “Because I can. Now cry for me bitch!” Beth said triumphantly

    I really wanted to punch Beth so hard at that point but having seen her fight and felt the impact first hand I knew that would be very foolish. I decided to press on with my verbal challenges instead. It was now or never.

    “And what was all that stuff at the offsite about loving you? Belonging to you and making me wear this ring. You even smiled at me and showed me tenderness. Were you just fucking with me or do you still have feelings for me too?

    Beth was a little shocked at this point but said nothing. She had tried to antagonise me and clearly it had worked.

    I then continued, “And one more thing I know you hate it when your other bitches fuck with me. Does it make you jealous Beth?”

    It was at that point that things quickly got out of hand. Beth’s anger level was so high at this final outburst that she actually had tears in her eyes. I genuinely thought she would try to kill me at this point and that I had pushed her too far. I wasn’t too far from the truth.

    Beth pushed me back and then sent a tremendous kick into my upper chest, which was so forceful it actually sent me 6 foot across the room and into the wall knocking all the air out of my lungs. She then stepped forwards and kicked me in the stomach as I tried to recover my loss of air. I dropped to my knees. Beth then kicked me in the head knocking me unconscious. In just three kicks she had pretty much wiped the floor with me.

    I don’t know how long I was out but when I came to I was in pretty much the same position. Beth was sat back down looking at me. As I got myself together and sat up against the wall continuing to recover Beth said, “You think you have it bad now but you have no idea how far this will go. You need me more than you will ever know and you are too fucking stupid to know it.”

    I thought before speaking and then asked, “I don’t understand. Do you want me to love you or worship you?”

    I sensed this was another line of questioning that was pushing Beth too far and she arose again and stepped towards me. She placed her foot on my neck and started choking me against the wall.

    “Let me be absolutely fucking clear slave. You will love me and worship me with all your heart. It is what I demand and therefore it is what you desire. If I suspect for an instant you are not totally devoted to me I will destroy you. Now what do you have to say for yourself slave?”

    I knew my challenge was over, any further pressing would mean certain prolonged agony for me at best. Beth had goaded me and then when I fought back and pressed her too far she simply beat the crap out of me. I was still totally confused as to what Beth wanted and what she was trying to say. There seemed to be two sides to Beth but the one I really cared for was just not allowed to emerge.

    “I am devoted to you.” I said. Beth then pushed her foot harder into my throat as she looked at me expectantly. I then added, “Goddess”

    Beth then said calmly but in a very sinister tone, “Well now that’s clear. We need to discuss your outburst don’t we? Swearing at me. Not referring to me properly and questioning me without prior approval. I have actually killed men for less than that so you are on pretty fucking shaky ground right now slave. I could beat you to a pulp to see if that teaches you a lesson, I could torture you with something from my black wardrobe or I could give you a chance to beg for my forgiveness.”

    I started to curl up in anticipation of another assault while Beth considered her options. After a few minutes amusing herself at my fear and discomfort she said “I will hear you beg.”

    She then released my throat from her foot, turned and went and sat down, crossing her legs and arms. I got up slowly to my knees and hesitantly made my way across the room. Beth was looking at me with a lot of annoyance.

    I started apologizing, “I am really sorry Goddess. I said a lot of things tonight, which I should not have done. I had no intention to hurt you in any way.”

    “Hurt me! You are a fucking lowly slave for Christ sake! There is nothing you can do or say to hurt me. How dare you, you insolent cunt!” Beth screamed, her eyes were red and welling up again and I sensed she might explode.

    I had obviously touched a nerve again and needed to be a lot more careful with my words

    Sensing things were turning south very quickly I followed up with, “I do really love you Goddess and I am devoted to you. I only want you to be happy but I am not sure I understand how to do that.”

    “Really slave? You don’t have any idea how to make me happy and show your devotion even after all we have shared?” Beth said in a condescending tone.

    She then said, “Torture it is then!”

    I baulked backwards in a vain attempt to escape but Beth was already on her feet and she had grabbed my hair. She then proceeded to drag me towards the bedroom by my hair while I screamed in pain. “Come with me you fucking stupid piece of shit. I will show you what happiness looks like.”

    When we got to the bedroom she lifted me up by my hair and pushed me onto the bed. “Move and I will break your neck.” Beth said and walked over to the black wardrobe to gather some items from within.

    “Please goddess. I am really sorry. I didn’t mean the things I said. Can I make it up to you somehow?” I begged.

    “Oh you will be making it up to me alright slave.” Beth responded and turned to flash a wicked smile back at me.

    Around ten minutes later she returned with rope, a blind-fold, handcuffs and a crop with multiple threads. She then started to tie/cuff me to the four posts of the bed and put the blind-fold over my eyes. A few minutes later I could feel Beth mount my chest again with her full bodyweight hammering my body. I screamed out in pain again.

    “For fuck sake!” I heard Beth say while she dismounted and started opening a basket in the bedroom. A few moments later something was stuffed in my mouth and a strap wrapped around it so I could not make any more noise.

    “Now shut your fucking noise while I extract my happiness from your suffering body.” Beth sneered.

    Beth mounted my chest again and then started grinding her heels and toes into my torso. I moaned in pain under the gag. She continued to trample and jump on my chest for at least ten minutes. Though I screamed it was barely audible. I could hear her laughing all the while.

    “Ok a little pain deserves a little pleasure.” Beth said. I then felt her stockinged foot hit my nose and she ground her toes into my face keeping her other foot on my chest. “You may take one and only one deep sniff bitch.”

    It was difficult to tell if Beth was serving that sniff as an order or a reward. Either way I needed to calm her down so took a deep sniff. “Nice and stinky just as you like it slave!” she cooed.

    Beth continued to trample my chest, moving down to my legs and also stepping hard onto my cock to bring out continued shrieks from the pain. “Does that hurt slave?” Beth screamed in some maniacal voice.

    As I couldn’t be heard I just nodded.

    Beth then followed up with, “Good. But not good enough.”

    She then started jumping on my stomach and chest sending me into pure agony. My body was bruising badly and each jump felt like one of Beth’s hardest kicks. Beth then stopped briefly before I heard a loud whooshing sound, which I took to be the crop. Beth started laughing again.

    She then knelt down on my chest (which was incredibly painful) and whispered in my ear. “You are starting to make me happy slave.” I then felt her lick the slide of my face.

    Moments later she was back on her feet trampling me but this time I felt the painful intermittent sting of her crop on my thighs.

    Beth then said, “Making you suffer makes me happy slave. Shall I whip you harder?”

    I shook my head violently in an attempt to stop Beth to which she responded, “Wrong fucking answer!”

    She then whipped me with at least ten times the ferocity. My body jolted with the pain and Beth lost her balance temporarily. She then hit me with the crop again a further nine times around my thighs.

    The pain was now overwhelming me and my body started to go limp. Beth was then back down whispering into my ear, “Don’t you fucking pass out on me yet you selfish bitch. We are only just getting started.”

    The jumping continued, as did the whipping from the crop for another ten minutes until eventually I lost consciousness. When I came to I was still tied to the bed and Beth was sat on top of me. She had removed the blindfold so she could see me wake up.

    “I am going to remove the gag slave but I want you to remain silent unless I give you permission to speak. Understood?” Beth said in a calm collected voice. I nodded in response and Beth removed the gag.

    “Did my panties taste nice slave?” Beth asked.

    In my mind I thought how the fuck should I know you were half killing me! But responded with “Yes goddess. Thank you.”

    She looked into my eyes with that tender look again which started to worry me then said, “You made me happy slave. Here smell it.” She then lifted her legs up and placed her pussy not one inch from my face. It was literally dripping with sexual excitement.

    “You know what you need to do don’t you slave?” She said

    Despite the agony Beth had just put me through my mind exploded with desire looking up at her divine body. I nodded and started tentatively licking her pussy. Initially I made my way around the circumference making only occasional movements towards her clitoris. Beth started moaning and grabbed my head by the hair. I continued teasing her whilst incrementally making more and more visits to her sweet spot and plunging my tongue deep inside her. Her moans were getting louder.

    “Good slave. Please your goddess.” Beth said.

    This was the first sexual encounter I had had with Beth. Her heavenly body now naked on top of me except for her fully fashioned stockings was writhing and gyrating all over my face and mouth. She was absolutely fucking gorgeous and I was starting to lose all thoughts that my pain wracked body was trying to send me. Her pussy tasted so sweet and so divine. I plunged my face into her pussy and pushed my tongue deep inside her, she was getting wetter and wetter. She was also pulling my hair harder and harder.

    I started concentrating my efforts more and more around her clitoris, sucking and darting my tongue backwards and forwards over it quicker and quicker. Beth was going crazy. She was starting to shout and scream. As I felt her get even closer to climaxing she started slapping my face hard. “More bitch more. Quicker! Deeper!”

    I was struggling to hang in there as the pain started burning through my face but eventually Beth exploded. A large shot of cum emitted from inside her into my face and she let out one last epic scream on climax. She then collapsed back on my face exhausted.

    Beth sat there for a few minutes regaining her composure. I was delicately ingesting her cum being careful not to agitate her tender areas while she relaxed. Despite the pain in my body I had an enormous hard on at this point and was close to exploding myself. I was moaning with pleasure as I continued to gently lick Beth’s orgasm.

    About ten minutes passed and then Beth looked at me. A tear appeared in her eye, escaped and started gently rolling down her face. I watched the tear as she watched me. It hung on her cheek temporarily then dropped onto my face. At this point I was facing every contradictory emotion you could throw in the pot. Agony, lust, desire, sadness, happiness and love. A tear appeared in my eye as all these emotions battled for supremacy.

    Beth leant down and gently kissed the tear as it hung in my eye. “That’s all I needed to know.” She said.

    Moments later I heard her giggle. “My my slave. You have got a big cock haven’t you? It looks fit to burst down there. Was that from the pain or the pleasure?”

    “It was being close to you Goddess.” I whispered. “You are so beautiful, I am enraptured by you.”

    Beth then turned on a wicked smile and said, “How would you like me to put my hot wet lips around that huge bugling cock of yours slave?”

    “I could tease it with my tongue like you did for me. Envelop it with a moist warm vacuum that would encourage your milk to rise and boil over.”

    “Would you like that slave?”

    I was sweating and boiling over just at the description let alone the act. “My goddess that would be so wonderful.” I said.

    Beth the whispered close to my face, “Pity then for you. You are forgetting the golden rule. Our relation is about my happiness and not yours. I promised a reward today and I gave it to you. The reward of pleasuring me with your suffering and devotion.”

    “You will only learn to want me more from this experience. Your desire and hunger for my attentions will grow and your commitment to me will deepen. You will eventually understand why you need me and submit with all your hearts desire.”

    My face went white as Beth teased me then verbally knocked me senseless. I could not deny I wanted her more than any other woman at that moment. She had stirred something deep within me that was more than lust, maybe more than love but was also married to something dark and fearsome.

    “I love you goddess.” I said forlorn at the fact I would not have Beth sexually commit to me.

    “Not yet you don’t. But you will slave.” She replied.

    Beth then untied my arms and legs and sat back on top of my stomach inspecting the whip marks on my legs and bruises on my chest.

    “I am not totally heartless slave.” Beth said. She then proceeded to remove her fully-fashioned stockings and held them over my nose. “How do these smell slave?”

    I took a deep sniff, which rekindled some of the sexual energy below and said, “They smell of you goddess. They smell beautiful.” I said.

    “Well if you are good I will let you take them home in the morning. I am sure that will help you find release when you are home alone. For now though you must serve me. Go make me some food, change these sheets and tidy up my apartment. I will sit on the sofa naked so you can adore me while you work.” Said Beth.

    She then slapped my face and laughed before getting up and going into the living room with her stockings in hand.

    I quickly changed the sheets and tidied up then made my way into the living room. I knelt beside Beth and asked, “What can I cook you goddess?”

    “Something light slave. A nice salad will suffice.” Beth answered.

    “May I eat as well Goddess.” I asked delicately.

    “You have already eaten slave. Or did you already forget?” Beth laughed and kicked me in the chest sending me towards the kitchen. “Now get a fucking move on or I will beat you again.”

    I washed the salad items and tossed them in light vinaigrette and then served them up on a plate. I found a bottle of still water so prepared a glass with some ice and then returned to the living room to present them to Beth.

    As I entered Beth was on the phone. She looked at me as I entered and her eyes flashed a warning at me before she placed her finger over her lips. As I stopped still before her with the food she carried on her conversation.

    “Yes Eleanor. Of course I will but now is not the time. Lucy knows all about it and she is working with me. You really don’t need to get involved.” Beth said looking concerned.

    The person on the other end of the phone was talking loudly but I couldn’t really hear what was being said.

    Beth then spoke again, “Ok. Ok. But please give us some time to sort things out first. I will call you as soon as the time is right.”

    As I stood in front of Beth I didn’t see the fork slip down the plate and then onto the floor. It made a loud clang and Beth’s eyes went wild. She then quickly reacted on the phone.

    “Oh nothing I am just eating a salad Eleanor. No I am alone. Look I really need to go. I will call you as soon as the time is right. Yes I will. Definitely. Love you sis. Bye.”

    Beth then put the phone down and stood up. “You fucking imbecile. Do you know who that was?”

    I looked at Beth but decided not to answer, as I knew I was in trouble. I guessed from her words it was another sister Eleanor but didn’t understand why Beth was so flustered. I had never seen her like this before she was always so self-assured.

    Beth’s mind was racing, which was helping me get more time for her to mellow before she reacted to me dropping the fork. I bent down and retrieved the fork, which served to draw Beth’s attention back to me.

    She snatched the plate and belted out, “Get me a clean fork now!” Before adding, “And what the fuck is this?” grabbing the water.

    “I thought you might like some bottled water with your salad goddess.” I offered.

    Beth then threw the water in my face before spitting at me. “Now clean this shit up and go and get me some wine. I want a proper fucking drink!”

    I scurried off into the kitchen and got a clean fork, some white wine and a tea towel. On returning I cleaned up the spilt water and then approached Beth with the fork and wine.

    “Give me that.” Beth said snatching the wine away. She then virtually drank it all in one visit.

    “Now feed me slave for I am your goddess.” Beth said.

    This last comment signalled the danger had passed and I set about feeding Beth the salad as she glanced at me for more. We sat in silence for almost an hour with Beth deep in thought.

    Eventually she stood up and said, “I am off to bed now slave. You will sleep on the hard floor beside me. If I need anything in the night you will be within kicking distance to get it. In the morning you can then be my welcome mat.”

    Beth then disappeared into the bedroom while I cleaned away the plate, glass and fork. After a little further tidying I went into the room and lay on the carpeted floor by the side of the bed. Beth was still awake.

    “You will say nothing of that phone call slave. Understand?” She said.

    “I understand goddess. I will never mention it.” I replied.

    Beth then went to sleep.


    I slept pretty poorly as I was both cold and uncomfortable so I was glad when I heard Beth stirring around 7am. She only uttered one work, “Coffee.”

    I quickly got up and prepared her some coffee and returned with it and set it down on the bedside table. She was sat upright.

    “You know what I am thinking slave?” Beth said with that ominous glint in her eye.

    “I am sure I don’t goddess.” I responded.

    “I really need a pee and I am wondering whether I should piss in your mouth or the toilet this morning.” Beth said with a nasty giggle.

    I cringed and my disgust must have shown as Beth slapped my face hard. “Don’t you dare look at me in disgust slave. If I offer to relieve myself in your pathetic mouth you should see it as an honour. Fuck, you have already drunk my sisters piss twice!”

    “Right, get your miserable face over my toilet. You have made my mind up for me now haven’t you?” Beth shouted

    With my neck craned over the toilet Beth entered and crouched down over my mouth and started to piss. Reluctantly I started to swallow what I could, feeling sick in my stomach. This was not something I was aroused by. When I could keep up no longer Beth then started pissing all over my face and hair until she had finished.

    When Beth got up she turned back to me and said, “Now clean this fucking mess up you pathetic piss drinking worm and don’t you dare touch any of that piss I released in your face. You will be walking home with that as a reminder not to pull faces at me again. Now get cleaning then get the fuck out of my house!”

    Our time together ended on a low. Beth didn’t look at me or speak to me again. I cleaned up the bathroom, got dress and left dejected without the stockings. Our day together had been full of so many low points but I couldn’t help but cling onto those all to brief moments when the Beth I still loved emerged.

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    Wow, that was perhaps the most sadistic we have seen Beth be toward Chris, although the pussy-eating scene was incredible. That phone call with her sister Eleanor was interesting, and surely something to keep in mind for the future.

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    I agree, that pussy teasing paired with the sophia situation was nice *gg* i also loved the sadism of beth in the end..... Mmmmh, i bet he had to swallow a lot hahaha
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    Wow, that was perhaps the most sadistic we have seen Beth be toward Chris, although the pussy-eating scene was incredible. That phone call with her sister Eleanor was interesting, and surely something to keep in mind for the future.
    I am glad you liked Beth at her sadistic best OneAuthor - she does really turn it on with Chris in this chapter. The teasing is arguably as torturous as the pain she inflicts!

    As for Eleanor - we will be seeing her again in the future - she is really something to behold!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsuko View Post
    I agree, that pussy teasing paired with the sophia situation was nice *gg* i also loved the sadism of beth in the end..... Mmmmh, i bet he had to swallow a lot hahaha

    Ooh yes - a whole nights worth in fact. Chris would definitely have known about that with the taste in his mouth on the way home. *chuckle*

    What's quite interesting here is that Beth clearly likes being this sadistic to Chris but combines her tortures with a level of intimacy I am sure he wasn't expecting. I am sure Chris is becoming ever more confused as to how Beth really feels about him...

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    Yeah, thats the way how you drive people crazy and fuck their minds xD mmmmh i start to like beth more and more. Also her dominat attitude to the shop women was nice *gg*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsuko View Post
    Yeah, thats the way how you drive people crazy and fuck their minds xD mmmmh i start to like beth more and more. Also her dominat attitude to the shop women was nice *gg*
    HaHa. It's not that I want to drive people crazy but I do want to keep them guessing. One of the features of MenHaters is that the women in it are very deceptive and often up to a lot more than they let on - even to the reader. Beth is a big favourite with a lot of readers and I think it's because she shows those very human qualities of caring and vulnerability albeit temporarily amongst her wickedness.

    I am glad you like the way she treats the shop staff - all the MenHaters women are prone to 'testing' women they meet to see if they will cower down to them or stand up to them. Most hate weakness and will prey on those that display it. For those who stand up to them or support them then there are rewards a plenty...

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    Chapter 22 – My next date with Nicola

    When I got back to my house it was already mid morning which meant I had plenty of time to clean up and get some breakfast before heading over to see Nicola. I texted her to confirm the arrival time but didn’t get a reply for almost an hour then I remembered she was playing squash and was probably tied up.

    Eventually when I did get a text back it said, “If you are ok with sweaty Nicola come at 1 otherwise 2 Chris. C U soon!”

    I liked the sound of a one o’ clock meet I thought to myself and smiled.

    I headed off to Nicola’s at 12 so I had time to swing by the shops on the way. I wanted to get something nice for her to make up for the late change of plans. After looking through a few shops I managed to pick up some pretty but unusual pink orchids and also some pink pearl earrings. I thought to myself if I can layout two grand for Beth in a day on shopping I can sure as hell spend a couple of hundred on Nicola even if this was only our second date.

    I arrived about fifteen minutes early so decided to park myself down on the floor by her door and play on my mobile for a bit. Nicola arrived a little over ten minutes later and she was indeed sweaty. She was wearing a pink flannelette tracksuit with a white trim; pink socks and well-worn white sneakers with a pink Nike swoosh. Her short blond hair was wet through and her face was covered in a light film of sweat. Her beautiful large brown eyes shone out at me as she approached.

    Squash is one of those games which really gets you super hot and clammy and I figured she had played a lot of games this morning. As she got closer I could see she was holding a trophy in her hand and had a beaming smile on her face.

    “I don’t know if I am more happy that I won the tournament or more happy to see you Chris.” Nicola said cheekily.

    “Wow that’s fantastic Nicola. Congratulations.” I responded with a smile.

    “And it was county level so that gives me a chance to make the nationals in two months time!” Nicola beamed. She then put her arm around me and gave me a big passionate kiss on the lips. I responded in kind putting my hands up through the back of her wet hair to pull her head towards me.

    “I guess you prefer sweaty Nicola then Chris as you got here for 1. In fact you definitely do because you were already waiting for me. Hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.” She said teasing me.

    “Oh not at all I just wanted to swing by the shops and pick something up for you.” I said producing the pink orchids from behind my back.

    “Pink, my favourite and such beautiful orchids. Never seen those before. You are really sweet Chris. Are you trying to get round me for something?” Nicola asked narrowing her eyes and smirking at me. She then noticed the ring on my finger.
    “What’s with the ring Chris? Isn’t that new?” Nicola asked

    I went red and responded, “Yes I will explain that later. Please don’t ask me about that now.” Then hastily returned to our prior conversation with, “Anyway, I just felt bad for the late change of plans and felt I should make it up to you.” I said.

    “Yes you were naughty doing that Chris. I will need to find some way to punish you for that!” Nicola said in a firm playful tone.

    The word ‘punish’ really send a shiver down my spine after the week I had had. She must have seen my discomfort as she quickly changed the subject, “Well let’s get inside then Chris. We can’t chat out here all day.”

    When we got inside she threw her sports bag in the corner, made her way over to the couch and plopped herself down. I initially hovered near the doorway. I couldn’t help but still feel trepidation as I had to seek permission all week even to do the simplest of tasks and wasn’t used to being me again just yet.

    “Well what are you doing over there, Chris?” Nicola called out

    Given my signal to approach I made my way over towards Nicola and was about to sit down when she said, “Not before you cook me lunch first! I had to change all my plans for you so you owe me big time today Chris and I intend to milk that for all I can!”

    I felt myself sliding towards a more submissive stance given her assertiveness and replied without even thinking, “Of course. What can I get you Goddess Nicola?”

    Nicola looked positively shocked at what I had said before throwing me a suspicious look, “Don’t be cheeky, you owe me lunch at least.”

    I then went bright red realising what I had said. I realised that I needed to play along with her like it was a joke to prevent any further embarrassment. So I smiled cheekily like I meant to say it.

    “There is some fresh salmon in the fridge. Why don’t you grill that with some fresh herbs and lemon? You can knock up a quick salad to go with it. Ok?” Nicola suggested.

    “Sure Nicola I will get right onto it.” I said and turned to enter the kitchen. Nicola then cleared her throat to catch my attention so I paused and looked back.

    “You mean goddess Nicola, right?” She was looking super snooty at this point with a sly smile on her face.

    I smiled awkwardly hoping she was really just joking. After my week I couldn’t help but be defensive and suspicious. I decided to just run with, “Of course” and disappeared into the kitchen.

    I was about half way through preparing the meal when I heard Nicola call out, “Chris?”

    I popped back into the living room to see she had her head back and feet up on a coffee table looking very relaxed. On seeing me enter she said, “Any chance of a nice drink while I am waiting Chris?”

    “Sure.” I responded and went out to grab some bottled water and ice for her. I quickly checked the fish and then returned with the water. When I handed it over to Nicola she took a big gulp and made an exaggerated sound to indicate how refreshing it was, “That really hit the spot Chris. Thanks.”

    I smiled back at her it was so nice to hear the word ‘thanks’.

    “You know I was thinking I may not actually take my shower until this evening. I am too beat to move a muscle at the moment. Is that ok with you?” Nicola asked with her teasing tone.

    “Sure Nicola I don’t have a problem with that at all. It’s your place after all and I did disrupt your plans at the last minute.”

    Almost seeming to ignore my response Nicola went on, “The only problem is my body will be all wet with sweat and I might smell. Especially my delicate little toes all trapped in these nasty sneakers.”

    She then looked at me to gauge my reaction to her description. I felt a twinge in my trousers thinking about her body and also her beautiful feet. I smiled nervously and was about to speak when she continued, “It’s just I was rather hoping you might give me a little foot rub after dinner and I didn’t want you to be put off by the smell.”

    My eyes wondered down to her feet and I unconsciously started staring at them thinking how smelly and beautiful they would be. She must have noticed because after a minute or so she wiggled her foot to regain my attention. Realising she had been watching me staring at her feet I flushed bright red. I also didn’t know how to respond but was feeling hot and more aroused at the thought.

    “Well let’s just play it by ear then Chris. I am sure if the stink is too much for you to handle I can go wash them or you might even enjoy the smell?” Nicola teased wondering where the boundaries of my affection for her feet lay.

    I went bright red again and she smiled knowingly. I was wondering how she knew to press these buttons with me. Had she been speaking with the girls in the office? If so was she one of them and just playing me along? I then snapped out of my thoughts realising the fish might be burning and ran back to the kitchen. Nicola just giggled seeing the impact of her teasing.

    About fifteen minutes later I emerged with the fish and salad as she had asked and offered her the plate. She took it with a smile and patted the sofa next to her.

    “Where’s yours Chris?” she asked confused.

    I realised that I had daydreamed through making the lunch for Nicola not even thinking I would be entitled to join her. I was starting to realise that my behaviour maybe coming across as a little odd so just said, “Oh I am not really hungry Nicola.”

    She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Ok. Hope you don’t mind watching me eat then because I am starving.”

    She then wiggled her bum up the sofa and then moved her feet from the coffee table to my lap almost like I should expect it. She didn’t look at me, or comment but just kept eating. My hands wondered down and settled around Nicola’s ankles just above the sneakers. I could feel the wetness on her socks and the heat coming from her trainers so knew their smell would be very strong. There was a gentle but vivid smell of feet wafting up from them but it was still quite subtle. It was giving me another tingle in my trousers.

    “Best leave them on for a bit. I don’t want that smell putting me off my nice lunch Chris.” Said Nicola pinching her nose up in a light display of disgust.

    I blushed at the insinuation that I was trying to remove her sneakers and quickly said, “Oh sorry no Nicola. I was just resting my hands.”

    “Really Chris?” Nicola said sceptically continuing to eat. “By the look of it you can’t wait to get them off.” She then padded my hardened cock with her sneaker. I felt very awkward at this knowing that Nicola could see right through me.

    I tried in vain to change the subject, “How is the fish Nicola?”

    “It’s great Chris. I must have you round to cook for me more often.” She said with a cheeky smile on her face. “But don’t change the subject. I would like to know are you going to like my feet just as much if they are all sweaty and stinky? I need to know because I do a lot, and I mean a lot, of sport and I can’t guarantee they will always smell like sweet roses. But I can guarantee I would always want your attentions on my toes”

    “I don’t really know Nicola.” I said lying to protect my dignity.

    “Well we need to know Chris, don’t we?” Nicola said putting her plate down on the coffee table now she had finished. She then wiggled down the sofa a little stretching out her legs over my lap and rested her head down on a cushion.

    “Why don’t you ease those sneakers off for me Chris?” Nicola purred.

    I said nothing and just started to undo her laces then gently freed her pink socked feet from their tight casing. By the looks of her socks they were fresh on this morning but they had picked up a strong but not disgusting scent from her old sneakers and the sheer level of exertion she had put up in her tournament. Nicola then let out a pleasurable moan, “Mmmmm. That feels so much better.”

    “Give them a nice rub for me Chris.” Nicola pleaded with a twinkle in her eye.

    I took her pink socks in my hands and rubbed them gently, initially on the ball of her foot then pressing my thumb down as I ran it the length of her sole before focusing on her heel. Nicola was moaning more audibly and had closed her eyes. I continued with the same patterns I had started off with on her feet and then after around twenty minutes moved up to focus on her toes. I took each toe in turn and delicately pressed into the pad and moved my thumb around in a small circular motion. When I did this Nicola started moving her legs and body in rhythm with my rubbing. She moved her head onto its side and licked her lips still with her eyes closed.

    I looked at her face and smiled seeing the pleasure it was giving her. It made me feel good doing this for her knowing I wasn’t bound to do it. I started to feel more human again. I continued rubbing and massaging her feet and as I went on her movements become less and less until she had drifted off to sleep.

    I toned down my rubbing so as not to wake her but ensuring she stayed relaxed. I looked at her beautiful angelic face, serene on the cushion. She had a frozen smile of pleasure and looked to be a world of pure relaxation, just where I wanted her to be. Whilst looking at her, my mind started to reconnect with the feelings I have for her. We had had such a great time last weekend and she was really good company even if a little bossy at times. I had a little laugh to myself seeing her cheeky smile in my minds eye.

    My mind then snapped to Beth and the serene picture of her face on the bus as we travelled home on Friday. I then started playing through my memories of the last days flitting between the moments of tenderness I had shared with Beth and then the moments of fear, violence and humiliation. These latter thoughts reconnected me with some of the horrific trials and violations I had endured over the week and whilst looking back at Nicola I started to wonder how I was going to explain all that to her or even if I should explain it at all. I wasn’t sure I wanted to drag her into all the madness. A big part of me wanted to protect her from it even at a cost to myself. I smiled again looking at how beautiful she is.

    Her eyes then flickered open. She had been asleep for about an hour. As she started to focus on me she caught me smiling at her and smiled back. “That rub felt so good Chris. I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself drifting off. Hope you didn’t mind?”

    “Of course not, you must have been exhausted kicking everyone’s butt on those squash courts this morning. I am just glad I could help you relax and that you felt comfortable enough to sleep with me here.” I said in a quiet voice.

    “I am sure I don’t deserve you Chris. You come over with flowers, make me lunch then rub my feet while I sleep. What more could any woman want?” She smiled at me again.

    “Oh that reminds me.” I said. I then dug into my back pocket and pulled out a small case with the earrings in and handed it to her.

    “What’s this?” Nicola said. Rising a little, but still with her feet on my lap, so she could open the box. She carefully lifted the lid and peaked inside. Nicola then went quiet for about twenty seconds. I continued to watch her face waiting for a reaction hoping she would be pleased. She then looked up at me and a tear appeared in her eye.

    “What’s the matter?” I said feeling guilty I had done something wrong.

    “Nothing is the matter Chris. Everything is just perfect.” Nicola sighed. She then gave me a long adoring look that melted my heart. “Thank you Chris. I really love them and they are my favourite colour.”

    “You are welcome Nicola. I just couldn’t resist.” I said and smiled back.

    There was a pause while Nicola started searching her thoughts. “Chris?” she then said.

    “Yes Nicola” I replied.

    “I was worried about you in the week when you texted. Do you want to talk about it?” Nicola said looking concerned and caring.

    “I guess I do but I am worried Nicola.” I said.

    “Worried about what?” Nicola enquired.

    “Nothing. Let’s not get into it.” I said feeling guilty I was dragging Nicola into it.

    Nicola then sat up fully and nestled up to me putting her head on my shoulder, “You can trust me Chris. I am on your side. Please let me help.”

    I reflected on the fact I had no one else to turn to at the moment. My relationship with Beth had distanced me from all my nearby friends and being an only child whose parents had passed away I had no family either. “Are you sure Nicola?”

    “100% Chris.” Nicola responded.

    I then proceeded to explain some of the details of the last few weeks. I shared that Beth and me had split up and she had a vendetta against me but didn’t mention the videos as I felt too ashamed. I then went on to explain that Beth had turned the team against me and contrived to get me demoted (avoiding any details on how). Nicola listened intently.

    I then went on to explain that Beth was abusing her authority over me and was literally treating me like a slave and being very nasty. I then paused and took a deep breath.

    “And then last week at the offsite everything went off the scale Nicola.” I said looking sad and forlorn.

    I outlined how Beth and her sister Lucy had got the team to make a pact and that Beth had encouraged the team to humiliate and abuse me as much as they liked. I couldn’t summon the resolve to provide details of the trials (especially my new found fondness for stinky feet) so just stuck with a description of the beatings.

    Nicola was so shocked she giggled in disbelief. “I knew it was wrong to tell you.” I replied.

    “I am sorry Chris it just all sounds so unbelievable. Yes Beth is quite hot headed and she is incredibly driven and assertive but ‘a pact’ and encouraging the team to punish you. It just sounds well…” Nicola tailed off not knowing how to finish the sentence.

    “I know it sounds crazy and having lived through it I am carrying both the emotional and physical scars. I have lost most of my self confidence and with the abuse they inflicted I am genuinely scared of these women.” I then slowly got up and removed my shirt to show Nicola the bruises and crop marks over my chest and back.

    “Oh my god Chris. I can’t believe it and Beth did this to you?” said Nicola

    “Well not just Beth but pretty much the whole team at one point or another.” I said

    “You have to go to the police Chris. Let’s call them now.” Nicola suggested.

    In my mind I realised she was probably right but I was full of conflict. Firstly I still cared for Beth and couldn’t face the idea she would be arrested even though I didn’t care at all about the others; secondly everything would come out including videos, pictures, which would go online and stay with me for life. In addition these videos showed me thanking the women for their abuse, which I knew they would use to say I was a masochist who begged for the punishment. Finally I knew Beth and Lucy had a bigger network than the team and a lot of important contacts. If I was successful in getting them arrested they could well have the legal clout to get off or worse would see revenge both against Nicola and me.

    Putting everything together I said, “I think that will just make things worse and aside of the scars I have no real evidence to pin on them. I think it would be better to just get away.”

    Nicola responded, “Well it’s your call Chris but we need to act quickly. Those marks are serious. I suggest you take some time off sick and start looking for another job straight away.”

    All of Nicola’s suggestions sounded right but my circumstances were full of so many complications, “The problem is Nicola I need this job for my mortgage and Beth has me on probation for the PA role. If I don’t turn up she will just cut off my salary somehow. Also if I don’t come into work I know Beth or some of the others will come and find me at home and that wouldn’t end well for me.”

    “I am not sure how I feel about working with this team now.” Nicola said with concern in her eyes. “But if I don’t go into work they will suspect something and I won’t be able to help you Chris.”

    Nicola was a very smart woman. She was already piecing this problem together quickly and seeing that we needed to be both careful and shrewd.

    I then said, “You can’t help me Nicola. You must assimilate and join in their games despite what it means for me. If Beth finds out you are working with me I am not sure what she will do, but it won’t be good. The best way you can help me is by staying safe.”

    “I don’t think I could do those things to you though Chris. I really care for you. I feel kinda dumb insisting you called me goddess earlier now Chris.” Nicola said looking sad and apprehensive.

    “But that’s it Nicola you must do that. You need to blend in with these crazy women. You don’t have to go overboard with the physical punishment just stick to the humiliation side as I think I can handle that.” I implored.

    “Like what Chris?” Nicola asked wanting specifics.

    I went red realising I would need to explain in more detail. I took a deep breath and started with the verbal humiliation examples. I then proceeded to outline a few of the specifics including trampling, dirty smelly feet, cropping and even peeing on me (I avoided saying they actually made me drink it).

    Nicola stared at me with her mouth open. I could see her visualising some of these trials with me in the centre of them. She then asked, “And how did you feel having all this done to you?”

    “Well some were more tolerable than others but it was all horrible overall.” I said, careful not to mention my enjoyment of some of the foot antics. This then got me thinking that Beth or Grace would no doubt make it known to Nicola that I liked feet so felt it was better to be up front about that. “The feet stuff wasn’t so bad.” I said tentatively.

    “Did you like having their feet in your face Chris, like you do mine?” Nicola asked hesitantly.

    I was starting to feel uncomfortable now with the comparison but needed to continue if I was to be able to count on Nicola. “There is a big difference between making out with the feet of someone you care for and being forced to worship the feet of someone you despise.”

    Nicola paused and thought over my response. She then smiled and said, “So you still want to ‘make out’ with my feet then Chris?”

    “I know this is going to sound strange Nicola but I need that more than ever. When we do things together it is normal, it’s sensual and it’s caring. The stuff these women are doing to me is, excuse the language, fucking me up mentally.”

    She stood up and helped me put my shirt back on. As I did she leaned forward and kissed me tenderly on the lips. I kissed her back and embraced her tightly, “I know I am leaning on you Nicola and I am sorry, but I want you to know that I really care about you and I want our relationship to work long beyond all of this.”

    “What should we do then Chris?” Nicola asked

    “Well we are at work tomorrow and you are going to have to adapt quickly Nicola. I need you to practice humiliating and debasing me now so I know you will be safe among them.” I suggested.

    “I don’t feel right about this Chris but I also know you are right. Tell me what I need to do.” Nicola said.

    We then started discussing phrases she should use that the others repeatedly threw at me. I told her she would need to insist on being called a goddess to and we both laughed briefly, which helped break the tension. We then practiced with some light trampling agreeing that cropping and anything more extreme would be off limits, at least for now.

    We were both back on the sofa when Nicola then said, “How about the dirty feet worship? I am good to go on that right now!”

    We laughed again though as Nicola held her foot up to my face she could see my expression change as I flushed with embarrassment and desire. She held her foot out towards me and continued to make a read on me.

    A few moments later she said, “Get on your knees you worthless bitch. I am going to make you sniff my rotten stinky feet!”

    Initially I started to panic thinking Nicola had just shown her true colours and was actually one of the team after all. My heart was racing when I looked at her. To my relief she had a naughty wicked smile on her face when she said, “So Chris how good a bitch am I?”

    I stammered partly in relief and also starting to submit to her assertive charms, “Wow I wouldn’t mess with you…goddess.” I smiled as I looked into her eyes.

    Nicola then leant over to me and whispered, “I don’t want to hurt you Chris but I do want to help you. Just say stop if I get too carried away or I make you too uncomfortable ok?”. She then kissed my cheek gently.

    “Ok Nicola. I trust you.” I said leaving the sofa and getting on my knees in front of her.

    A wicked smile then appeared on her face again, “That’s goddess to you miserable slave!”

    “I am sorry goddess please forgive me.” I said as I kissed the tops of her sweaty socks.

    “You are not worthy to kiss the tops of my feet bitch. Your place is underneath them cleaning my soles. Now get on your back where you belong.” Nicola demanded.

    I was really impressed with her assertiveness and how quickly she was picking this up. I would almost have said she was a natural if it wasn’t for the odd cheeky smile she threw in every now and then. I slowly got on my back and looked up at her shining beautiful face. She was going a little red imitating anger and contempt, which just made her all the more desirable.

    “Lick the filth off my revolting socks footwipe. It’s all you will be getting to eat tonight. Make sure you hoover up all the stench as you go I want that impregnated in your miserable brain.” Nicola ordered.

    I paused a little at the use of footwipe as I hadn’t mentioned this to Nicola before and was surprised she had come up with it. Perhaps one of the women in the office had used it or mentioned it. Either way it made me feel uneasy. I hoped Nicola was telling me everything.

    “Come on slave I won’t be made to wait! Get to it now!” Nicola shouted.

    I started to lick her socks and took gentle sniffs. There was still a very strong scent in them from which I found very arousing. Her humiliations were only accentuating the feelings stirring below.

    “Come on slave, really get in there. I demand deep sniffs. I didn’t run round the squash court all morning for you to avoid my captivating scent.” Nicola then pushed her feet into my face and started wiping them up and down pinching my nose to control my breath as she went.

    I started to become more erect which didn’t escape her notice, “Look at you bitch, you’re fucking pathetic. You love that stench and you can’t get enough of it. Well I am not going to make this easy for you.” Nicola then removed her socks and stuffed them in my mouth.

    “Now you can draw the scent directly from between my toes. It fucking stinks in there and it’s full of filth and sock lint. When I am satisfied you have taken the maximum amount of stench you can handle I will have you clean all that crap out with your tongue and eat it.” Nicola said with a level of assertiveness even the team would be proud of.

    I was growing more and more concerned with how quickly Nicola was embracing this new role but at the same time I was starting to erupt with desire for her. She was absolutely fucking stunning in this mood and I moaned as I took a deep sniff between her toes. The smell was wretched and awful between her toes but at the same time sublime and intoxicating.

    “Thank you goddess Nicola.” I said submitting to my desires for her.

    “Shut the fuck up and sniff slave. I didn’t give you permission to talk. Keep taking it in until it makes you sick with revulsion. I want to see you suffer bitch.” Nicola was now positively beaming with contempt. The cheeky smiles had stopped and she was starting to embrace the role fully.

    I took another deep sniff, which sent me into raptures. I exploded as my orgasm flowed out into my trousers. I took another deep sniff, which prolonged the effect as my throbbing cock continued on and on. My face went bright red and my body twisted and contorted in ecstasy before I collapsed my body spent.

    “I didn’t say you could stop fucker!” Nicola screamed. “Did you just release yourself slave?”. She was looking really pissed now.

    “I am sorry goddess but I couldn’t help it. You are so beautiful and captivating.” I apologised.

    “I know I am beautiful and captivating you miserable shit, I don’t need you to tell me. You NEVER get a release until I give you permission.” She then reached down and grabbed my cheeks between her fingers before adding, “Do you fucking understand?”

    “Sorry goddess.” I whimpered.

    “Clean my fucking feet bitch! You better do a good job!” Nicola seethed.

    I started licking between her toes and it was very unpleasant. I was struggling to enjoy ingesting this filth and started to squirm a little. I was no longer feeling aroused, perhaps I was in some kind of post-orgasm shame and embarrassment. I tried to wriggle a little to free myself.

    “You aren’t going anywhere until they are spotless footwipe. Get your tongue back in there and get all that shit out. I know it’s fucking revolting but it’s what you deserve.” Nicola then started laughing at me as I pulled faces of disgust licking in between her toes.

    I went red with shame, which only made my self-loathing escalate. I felt more disgust licking Nicola’s toes and started to gag. The smell, which had usually been so arousing, was now making me feel sick. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. Perhaps it was the conflict of doing something so debasing with someone I really cared about.

    “Please,” I said, “I can’t goddess.”

    “There is no can’t about it slave. I order it and you WILL do what I command. Keep lapping up that filth until it makes you sick. I don’t care how disgusting this is for you. That is whole fucking point. I want you to feel what you are, pathetic!” Nicola was flushing deep red and looked to be getting off on her power. She had an evil smirk on her face that reminded me of Beth.

    I was really starting to feel sick now and knew I needed to put an end to this. It was getting out of hand. I started to try and push Nicola’s foot away.

    “How fucking dare you slave!” Nicola screamed. She then stepped on top of my chest and started grinding her foot in my face. “Eat it you fucking worthless piece of shit. Eat every bit of it. You should feel utterly ashamed of yourself. Only an animal would do what you are doing. Eating foot filth is fucking inhuman!”

    Nicola’s eyes were wide, her pupils dilated and staring at me wildly. Her hands were on her hips and she was snarling with absolute contempt at me as she ground her foot into my face. I started to panic as I remembered what Grace and Aurelia had done to me when sexual gratification at my suffering was left unchecked.

    “Please Nicola stop! I can’t take any more. I care about you too much.” I shouted desperately trying to push her foot from my face.

    Nicola had raised her foot and was literally going to stamp on my face when she snapped out of her dominating posture. I put my hands over my face to defend myself but the kick never came. Instead she stepped down and dropped to her knees by my side and embraced me.

    “I am so sorry Chris. I don’t know what happened to me. Your submissiveness was just driving me to do more and more nasty things to you. I got so wrapped up in it I think I lost myself. It will never happen again. Did I hurt you?” Nicola said sorry at her actions.

    “No I am ok Nicola. I just didn’t want things to get out of hand. What we have is just too important for me to put it at risk.” I said.

    She looked deeply and lovingly into my eyes. As she stared a tear fell onto my cheek. “Chris, I think I am falling in love with you.” She whispered and kissed me on the lips before laying her head on my chest and embracing me.

    We lay together for almost 30 minutes whilst I embraced her and played with her hair and brushed her face. Nicola then wriggled up and spoke gently in my ear, “I want your tongue deep inside me Chris.”

    Hearing her sweet desires stirred my feelings for her and I ushered her onto her back. I then gradually made my way down her body planting soft kisses on her chest and breasts before running my tongue around her belly button. When my mouth had reached her pussy I was shocked on kissing it at just how wet it was. She was absolutely soaked with the sweet juices of sexual fulfilment. I realised that our little practice run had indeed had a bigger effect on her than I at first realised.

    As I started to lick away at the wetness, playing with her delicate clitoris with my tongue my mind started to consider the implications of what had just happened. Nicola had clearly enjoyed her dominance over me on a level way over and above what I had anticipated. Having seen how these desires can quickly get out of control and change people I was worried I might lose her if we played these games too much. I was also deeply troubled by the language Nicola had used she had a dominant vocabulary way over and above what I had shared with her. She was also incredibly at ease with making me suffer. I had expected her to be very uncomfortable with it for at least a few weeks if not always. I felt that Nicola was hiding something.

    I parked my thoughts and embraced the sweetness of her pussy. I gave myself to her pleasure using all my passion to build a desire deep within her and then bring her to an explosive eruption of pleasure. She screamed so loud I thought the windows would shatter and it went on and on and on. I don’t think I have ever witnessed such an intense climax. This too had a bittersweet effect on me. Though I was pleased to have precipitated such feelings I couldn’t help but wonder how much was contributed by the acts that preceded our embrace.

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    My favorite chapter so far I read it this morning in my hotel room while having my coffee and i really loved it. Why? Nikola playing her role as being one of those sadistic bitches was so hot... also the thought of her hiding something..... Is she a part of beths evil plan to test his loyalty? Chris is psychologically fucked up because of the fear of her.... Being a part of the evil horde hahaha. I think nikola is my favorite character at this moment *gg* i have great expectations
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