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Thread: MenHaters (F/m with F/f later in the story)

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    Chapter 8 – Promotion selection and an opportunity to regain my life

    In was now Thursday as I lay in bed reflecting on the awfulness of the night before. There was now a second video and three more women with false evidence that I had perverted desires. Thinking back to my original plan to use the promotion to out Beth I realized things had got a lot more complicated.

    If I got rid of Beth I would also need to get rid of Grace, Porsche, Karine and Mireille to avoid the obvious repercussions. I wasn’t sure how that was going to be possible. The alternative to throw the promotion also didn’t sound good as it was a big opportunity for me and was the only way I could gain leverage and get some options to deal with Beth.

    I knew I needed to rework my presentation now that Beth had all my original material and I only had one day to do that. I decided to make an excuse as to why I couldn’t come into the office to give myself the maximum time to prepare and also ensure there would be no more entanglements with Beth. I quickly set about working on promotion material and by midday was making some good headway when my phone bleeped. It was Beth with a message “Where the fuck are you?” I decided not to reply, as it would only trigger more distraction. I would make an excuse that I was too ill to respond. Around 10 minutes passed and I got another text “Text me now or else!” This one was a lot more difficult to ignore, as I didn’t know what the “or else” meant but still decided to stick with my original plan. To my relief there were no more messages after that.

    It was now the day of the promotion and I had the usual nerves and trepidation rattling around inside my stomach as I made my way into my office pod. All seemed very normal which helped settle me down, as I was sure Beth would try something. After checking through my emails quickly before heading down to the promotion review I was surprised to see that Reece Jackson had withdrawn from the promotion race at the last minute due to ‘mitigating circumstances’ and would be leaving the company with immediate effect. That news shook me as it got my mind wondering if Beth had been instrumental in that and what that meant for me. On reflection I thought it means that she hasn’t shared the videos otherwise I would be out as well. I felt a renewed sense of optimism that things were looking up.

    The first part of the promotion, a personal interview, went really well. I had prepared well and had good stock answers and examples for all questions. Stephanie had tried to trip me up a couple of times (I guess she was favouring Beth) but I had dealt with those effectively. Beth would be having her interview shortly after mine then we would be meeting in the group review after lunch in the final step of the process.

    As I stepped into the group review meeting I could see two of the three selection panel members already seated, David Parkinson (Group CFO) and Michael Hepstein (Head of Consultancy). Knowing both of these well from my years of experience I quickly set about some serious networking and relationship management to get them on side. After a few minutes I see Beth walk in out of the corner of my eye and swung round to look at here directly.

    She looked absolutely stunning. I have never seen her look more composed, authoritative and self-assured. She was wearing a tight blue business suit with a white stripe down one side, bare legs and black designer stilettoes again with a white stripe. Her beauty and presence were quite imposing and unsettled me slightly before I recovered with a message of welcome.

    “Hi Beth. Good to see you and good luck today.” I said offering my hand out to shake. She briefly flashed red in anger at my use of her name before realizing her circumstances and calmed immediately. “Thank you Chris. Good luck to you too.” She replied flashing a smile at David and Michael. When they returned the gesture and then continued in private conversation Beth turned back to me briefly and whispered “You are going to fucking regret that bitch. There is a whole bunch of insolence that you need to account for after I beat your sorry ass to the promotion.” She then quickly span off to sit down further up the board table. Stephanie was now entering the room and we were ready to start.

    The review started with Beth’s presentation which had around 70% of my original content in it together with some new ideas which I had to credit her were pretty good. What a bitch ripping off my work for her own gains! The follow up questions showed as expected that Stephanie was quite supportive but David and Michael were reserving their judgment awaiting my response.

    My presentation couldn’t have gone better. Expecting Beth would use my earlier work I had carefully crafted counters and extensions to those ideas, which I knew would give me an edge under scrutiny. Beth was absolutely seething seeing the promotion was slipping away from her. I was sure she was going to hit boiling point a few times and launch herself in my direction in an attempt to kill me. The follow up questions from the panel showed I had hit the spot and even Stephanie was impressed. Beth tried in vain to trip me up a couple of times and counter by revisiting her own proposals but to no avail. I didn’t relent and also didn’t present any restructuring slides! As we started to wrap up I had the feeling I had hit the finishing line on this one and couldn’t help but smile as I reached out to shake Beth’s hand. Her look was frighteningly angry. She knew she had lost and I sensed this would need some very careful management in the days to come.

    The panel was making a decision in the next hour and Beth and myself would be notified. Before the hour was up I was called back in to the meeting room to be told I had been successful. Though my body was screaming with joy I kept my composure and shook their hands professionally and thanked them for their trust in me. I left the room with a spring in my step and headed out for some fresh air. Beth was nowhere to be seen.

    After a couple of hours I was back in my pod finishing off some work when I got a tap on the shoulder. It was Aurelia DeSantos, an attractive latin beauty who had only joined the company a couple of months ago as Junior Consultant. She had long curly thick brown hair, dark brown eyes you could lose yourself in and a perfect complexion. She stood 5’ 6” and had a slender toned body not too muscular and spoke with a cute Spanish tinge in her voice. “Stephanie needs to see you Chris. Can you come directly?” she asked before waiting to escort me to her office.

    Knowing this to be the signing of the formalities of my successful promotion I leapt up and followed Aurelia adding, “Sure Aurelia let’s go.” We made some small talk as we made our way to Stephanie’s office and it was only when I was within eye shot that I caught sight of Beth sat in the office with Stephanie. I didn’t like the look of this – what was going on?

    As we arrived at the office Aurelia said “Good luck in there” before shooting me a wicked grin and giggling before turning on her heels. Rather confused I looked back into Stephanie’s glass office and made my way in. Stephanie was looking disappointed and Beth was looking smug.

    “Chris thank you for coming at short notice. Please sit down” Stephanie led off.

    I took a seat next to Beth on the round table and Stephanie quickly joined us. Stephanie then said with very careful, considered poise. “There has been an unexpected turn of events Chris. Information has come to my knowledge that means we will no longer be able to offer you the promotion and the panel has agreed to offer the position to Beth for her outstanding performance instead.”

    Stephanie went on, “I am not at liberty to discuss the information or source but I am sorry to say it borders on gross misconduct. I am not sure your position here will be tenable Chris beyond this point.” Beth was doing her level best to disguise her joy at the news and my clear discomfort and fate.

    “I don’t understand Stephanie. Perhaps there has been a mistake?” I said welling up inside. I was sure this was to do with some video evidence so didn’t want to push the issue too hard.

    “I am sorry these is no mistake. I have evidence on my computer and I suggest you don’t push me on this any further Chris”. Stephanie added disappointed in me.

    “Well if I can’t have the promotion can I least just keep my job just until I can find another one? I have a mortgage and financial obligations to protect Stephanie.” I pleaded.

    “I don’t think so Chris,” replied Stephanie. I slumped down into my chair utterly deflated noticing that Beth was sniggering with evil glee.

    Beth then interjected catching both of us off guard. “Stephanie can I run a proposal by you privately?” Stephanie agreed and asked me to step outside briefly while they talked. Within about 10-15 minutes I was called back in and retook the same seat round the table. Stephanie then continued.

    “Ok Chris as you know from before I feel your position with us is untenable though Beth has put a proposal to me which may offer you some reprieve. As you know the position of team leader which she will now take has a personal assistant attached to it. Beth has said that she will be ok for you to apply for the position beneath her, which I have reluctantly agreed to given the importance of her role to our function. To be clear this doesn’t mean you have the job but just that she will consider your application. If you are successful we will need to agree the terms of your demotion and revised remuneration package. Beth will handle all of the operational responsibilities and duties of the role. This is a one-time offer Chris. What’s it going to be? Apply for Beth’s PA role or leave? I need an answer now.”

    I started to feel myself sinking into the ground as my world was falling apart and to make matters worse I was dependent on Beth for a lifeline. I couldn’t see any other way out though, if I left now and didn’t another job quickly I could lose my home. Looking at Beth who was still smirking in absolutely triumph I realized I had no choice. “I would like to apply for Beth’s role please Stephanie” I said dejectedly.

    “Ok then Chris.” said Stephanie. “I will leave the details with you Beth. Please let me know as soon as you make a decision.” With that Beth and myself left the office.

    Beth pulled me to one side and then said through gritted teeth allowing her underlying anger and contempt to resurface. “We will meet in 2 hours in my office and I will hear your pleading and begging for this role. However that works out for you we will also deal with your recent indiscretions including not referring me correctly, ignoring my texts and trying to shortcut me on my orders. Are you absolutely fucking clear on my instructions footwipe?”

    “Yes Goddess.” I conceded as my head dropped again. “Good!” snapped Beth then quickly left.

    Two hours later with the building now empty aside of security staff down in the lobby I made my way to Beth’s new team leader office. When I arrived she was already sat down with her shoes propped up on the desk in front of her drumming her fingers with impatience.

    I knew as soon as I heard her first words that this was going to be the interview from hell. “Come in and close the door you fucking pathetic piece of shit. Get on your knees in front of me. Now!”

    I approached and got on my knees as instructed. Somehow I had to get Beth to offer me this role with some degree of dignity left in tact. Some hope.

    “Perfect. Exactly when you belong. At my perfect feet. Come closer so they are in your face but be sure you keep your eyes locked on me.” I shuffled forward so Beth’s shoes were around 3 inches from my face and looked at Beth by peaking over the top. She was still wearing those designer shoes with the white stripe and business suit with the same design.

    “Now today did not go as expected. You undeservedly got the nod for the promotion before better judgement was seized upon by management reversing that decision and offering it to me. I am clearly the rightful heir so justice has prevailed in the end and now you are before me with nothing but hope that I might save your sorry arse.” She then laughed and threw her head back as if to display and overelaborate on her success over me.

    “The role you will soon be begging for will be completely subordinate to me in every way. Though at work you may retain the title of personal assistant in reality you will be my personal slave. Apart from doing all my administration, email, meetings, travel, expenses etc you will do whatever I tell you to, immediately I command it and with total dedication and enthusiasm. Am I clear?”

    I paused as she had not yet said I could speak and thought this to be a trick. She looked at me seeing I was not caught out then flicked a sneer at me and went on.

    “This will include worshiping my sweaty stinking feet at the end of each day, running whatever errands I see fit to instruct you on, serving as my personal stress toy to inflict pain and suffering on, subjecting you to endless personal verbal humiliation for my amusement and saving the best until last….serving as my personal urinal if I deem the need necessary.” She then dropped her feet temporarily and leaned into my face and spitefully spat the final words at me. “Now is all of that absolutely fucking clear as crystal you miserable disgusting worthless cunt!”

    She then paused again and seeing no reaction added. “You may speak. But keep it fucking short.”

    “Yes Goddess.” I added in a veiled attempt to mask my utter desperation at my lot. I couldn’t persist in this role for more than I absolutely had to. Beth was a ruthless vindictive bitch and meant every word she said. I was mortified by the thought of those depravities but had to find some way to keep my income until I found another job.

    “Ok you may now beg beneath me footwipe for the opportunity to be demoted to my personal slave. But make it fucking good as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and I will not give you a second chance.” She then propped her shoes back on the desk and started easing them off her feet. They were clearly hot and sweaty as it took some effort to remove them from their sticky casing but she eventually got it done.

    “Ok now get your face nice and close to those toes footwipe. I want the stink of my sweaty feet to be wafting up into that worthless nose of yours, while you grovel and beg before me for the opportunity to serve as my slave. It will help remind you as you fumble for words exactly where you will reside here at the company in relation to me your superior. You may begin.”

    The smell from her feet was pungent, nasty and stifling. Her toes and soles were glistening with sweat as she wiggled her blood red painted toes in my face to both distract me and release waves of odour into my face. Seeing my discomfort and disorientation she giggled and then shouted “Well get a fucking move on I don’t have all night!”

    I looked up at Beth stumbling to find the words, still in shock by the radiance of her beauty and the remorselessness of her contempt for me. “Err. Ok right Goddess. Please will you consider me…” as I had finally started Beth wiped her sweaty right foot down my face pressing her toes onto my lips stopping my ability to talk. “Speak up for fuck sake wimp.”

    I recomposed myself, rethought my approach and restarted. “Dearest Goddess. Would you please consider me to be your worthless slave to serve at your feet and amuse you in whichever way you see fit. To submit myself to you wholly to whatever whims and commands you deem me worthy of. I promise to be nothing but dedicated and endlessly thankful to you for the opportunity and will do everything in my power to ensure I always please you.”

    Beth looked a little shocked then composed herself. She sat silent for around a minute wiping the soles on her feet on my face whilst thinking of what to say. She then declared. “Sniff in between my toes footwipe then clear all the crap out between them with your tongue while I give this some thought. Keep looking at me retaining a look of absolutely submission to amuse me.”

    I then proceeded to insert my nose in between her delicate, beautiful but malodourous toes and started to sniff. The smell was awful. Clearly the nervousness and stress of the day combined with wearing those shoes barefoot had made her feet sweat profusely. Seeing my discomfort she smiled as she put her pen up to her mouth in some thought gesture. “Mmmm. Bet that’s delicious in there right footwipe?” Then pinched my nose to stifle my breathing. “Make sure you get in between each of your goddesses’ toes bitch!”

    The wait went on with Beth showing no sign of abating. Once I had sniffed in between her toes for what seemed like eternity but was nearer 20 minutes she then kicked my face in a firm gesture and said. “Ok now get all that toe jam and filth out from between my toes foot cleaner. That’s all you will be getting for dinner tonight after all so you better make it thorough.”

    That last comment rather confused me but instead of debating the point I proceeded to prepare myself as best as I could for this disgusting ordeal and pressed on with the task. I then leaned forward and placed my tongue between Beth’s toes and started to extract the nasty collections she had accumulated that day. My stomach was retching at this but I knew I had to keep it in otherwise I would have no chance of the job. As my tongue darted and probed between each toe I was shocked to see Beth place her hand down on her pussy and start gently rubbing as she closed her eyes and allowed her body to start squirming with pleasure. Seeing this combined with her startling beauty I started to feel horny myself despite the nastiness of the duty. This really worried me. Was all this starting to have some adverse affect on my libido and sexual desires? I quickly shook the thought from my head and refocused myself by sniffing her feet to remind me how disgusting this was. “Mmm yes footboy. Sniff them while you clean them you disgusting, depraved little cunt.” Shit I thought to myself Beth just assumed I sniffed her toes because I wanted to.

    Beth stopped short of fully pleasuring herself and after another twenty minutes of toe sucking, foot sniffing and sole licking instructed me to stop.

    “Ok I have made a decision.” She announced. “Your ability to subordinate and prostrate yourself before me with your words has once again saved your stupid little arse. Together with your foot worship skills, which I didn’t really appreciate until now, I agree to give you a trial run in the role as my personal slave. You may now thank me for this glorious opportunity.”

    I bowed my head and said “Thank you my beautiful goddess.” And Beth smiled satisfied with my response. She then continued.

    “OK before you leave I want you to clean this office, unpack all my stuff and put it where you feel it needs to go, clean the two dirty pairs of shoes under my desk inside and out with your tongue and then prepare a presentation for me to discuss with Steph on Monday. It is to recommend a restructuring of the team and downsizing of 4 staff. There are to be no women on the exit list under any circumstances. It should then outline a split of the remaining team with my side getting all the best juicy strategic objectives. I will fill in the names of that team when I get your draft. If the presentation is not top grade in any way when I receive it I will kick you in the face until your nose breaks. You will sleep here tonight working on it until it is finished and I will come back tomorrow morning (Saturday) after my weekend lay in to inspect your work. Clear?”

    I shivered as I realized the full extent to what I had just signed up to. Beth was going to use all my experience and knowledge to further her own career whilst degrading and humiliating me at the same time. What was she up to with the team split and how can she be so two-faced as to suggest a restructuring after what they did to me this week?

    As she prepared to leave she turned and added. “Don’t think I have forgotten about the punishment for your indiscretions either I don’t have time for that now so you will have to look forward to that late tomorrow morning. Now get to work slave!”

    She then laughed and exited slamming the door behind her. Despite the fact I was going to keep my house at least for now I could not help but cry in my utter despair. A day that had had so much promise had in the end completely destroyed me.

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    There it is, aurielias first entrance *gg* I like latina girls feet, very pungent aroma ;D

    Beth was a real bith in Chapter 8 . . . i think i would've killed her if she'd tried that with me XD
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsuko View Post
    There it is, aurielias first entrance *gg* I like latina girls feet, very pungent aroma ;D

    Beth was a real bith in Chapter 8 . . . i think i would've killed her if she'd tried that with me XD
    Yes Natsuko, Aurelia makes a sneaky appearance and she appears very innocent right? lol

    I put a summary biography together of the characters which I will post when we introduce a few more. Each character has a looks like and Aurelia's is Mila Kunis to give you an idea how she appears. She has a rather nasty pair of black flats which she wears to work on hot

    Beth is also really ramping up her nastiness on Chris and I am tickled with your reaction. She of course is no fool so wouldn't even think to try this on with you...she would rather you be an ally as she looks to expand her empire!

    Beth finds other dominants super hot and hates we shall see...

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    Chapter 9 – First days as Beth’s Personal Slave

    I had been working on the presentation for Beth until late into the night as the prior duties took so long. I cheated a little by cleaning the shoes initially with a damp cloth figuring she wouldn’t find out. On waking I went back through the presentation a second time to check for any final edits. It was a tough job to nominate 4 male colleagues for the chop as the department only had 6 left after I was demoted and Reece was exited. This meant after the restructuring there would only be 2 left in our department.

    I quickly popped out to grab some breakfast so I would back in good time for Beth’s arrival later that morning but had clearly miscalculated. I was waiting until after 7pm in the end before Beth strolled in.

    “Ok where is it slave?” she asked as she strolled in. She could see the look on my face, which was showing how angry I was that she had made me wait all day and eaten up most of my weekend. Like she could read my mind she walked over to me and slapped my face hard creating a ringing in my ear. “So fucking what if I am late. My social lunch and celebratory shopping trip are a much higher priority than what you had planned for your weekend. Deal with it fucker.”

    Seething inside I summoned all the control I could to suppress my anger and swallow it up. “Sorry Goddess you are quite right of course.” Beth retorted with “I am always fucking right idiot!”

    Beth then pushed passed me and sat at the desk to review the slides I had prepared for her seemingly disinterested in my office; shoe cleaning and arranging efforts. “It’s bloody hot out there today and after walking around sweating in the heat all afternoon I don’t have the patience for any of your shit today slave.” As she took her seat she pointed down under the desk. “Footrest now!”

    Not knowing quite what she meant I looked around the office for a footrest but couldn’t locate one while she started reading. After a few seconds she screamed at me “Imbecile. Get your fucking head on the floor underneath me and be my footrest slave. I told you I don’t have time for your shit today and I won’t tell you again!”

    Realising now what she meant I reluctantly crawled under the desk and placed my head at her feet. Beth was wearing a red cotton dress with low neckline and another pair of designer shoes this time red with a white heel and toe design and 3 straps around the ankle. Beth then barked out her next set of orders. “Remove them slave so I can rest them on your face and wipe the sweat off that my feet are swimming in right now.”

    I started mentally preparing for my second sweaty foot session in less than 24 hours as I fumbled my way through removing the straps and then the shoes. As soon as they were off I felt them envelope my face. They were indeed wet and absolutely stunk. I wondered if and when Beth actually washed her feet and again like she could read my mind she peaked under and said, “It’s only fun when I know they stink and how much you will fucking hate it. Now suffer bitch.” Then chuckled and returned to her slide review.

    As she wiped her soles across my face she took great care to clasp my nose and sealed my mouth in an effort to block my breathing. I started struggling as the foot smothering was leaving me more and more short of air. I started wiggling and moaning in desperation in an attempt to find oxygen amongst the overwhelming foot odour. The more I moved the harder Beth applied pressure really spreading and grinding her toes over my nose and mouth. She then added “Deal with it slave. Your suffering amuses me and helps me concentrate.”

    For the next 30 minutes I desperately writhed and maneuvered to get air into my lungs whilst Beth ground her feet into my face to ensure I had to fight for the privilege of every breath. Eventually she lifted her feet and motioned with her finger for me to rise out under the desk.

    When I arose from under the desk red and exhausted from my fight for breath she propped her feet on the desk and added. “Kneel. Face. Feet. Now!” and pointed to her soles. Remembering last night’s humiliation I knew exactly what she meant so assumed my position with my face on her soles. The awful smell continued to waft up my nose as she clenched her toes and waved her feet in my face.

    “Ok slave this shit will have to do for now I suppose.” Beth said referring to the slides I had prepared. “I have left a bunch of edits for you to complete while you sleep here tonight, which I want sent to me first thing in the morning.” I felt sick at the thought of spending another night and most of the rest of my weekend in this fucking office before Beth shook me awake with her next words.

    “Now before I go you may beg for forgiveness at your recent indiscretions namely – forgetting to refer to me correctly, ignoring texts and spending time in the toilets to avoid your foot rubbing duties. I will then decide on your punishment.” Her face had gone bright red with controlled rage at this point, which was making me distinctly nervous about what she had in mind.

    I place my tongue immediately on Beth’s feet and began licking furiously whilst in between I offered the best apology I could muster. “I am so completely sorry my beautiful Goddess for any indiscretions I may have caused. I promise it wont happen again. Ever. Please forgive me?”

    Beth sat motionless. Her rage was not abating. The silence was deafening as she left me waiting for her answer for at least a minute.

    She then smiled at me in a way that almost looked like she was feeling sorry for me before her face switched to a terrifying picture of fury. She drew her foot back quickly then unleashed it into my face with her full force knocking me backwards into the wall. She then rose from her seat and screamed in my face. “I know it won’t happen again because you are going to be too worried about the consequences bitch.” She then proceeded to kick me in my chest, face and head at least 7 more times. I was fast losing consciousness at this assault. My head was killing me and my nose was bleeding profusely. Beth then placed her sweaty foot on my face and started grinding her soles on my bloody nose.
    “Remember this pain each time you ever think about disobeying me slave. This is nothing compared to what I will do to you if you ever disrespect, undermine or don’t follow my orders to the letter in future. My MMA skills could put a man twice your size into the ground” I winced and then screamed as she continued forcing her foot into my face. In a haze I recall what it must have felt like when Beth kicked that guy over the railings in the club that night long ago. Only he didn’t get the follow up treatment I was enduring.

    “Please Goddess. I am so sorry.” I pleaded.

    After a few more seconds Beth stopped and sat down. She was breathing hard, red faced and looked highly aroused from my beating. “Ok slave that’s enough fun for you today. Get over here and lick your revolting blood off my feet whilst you continue to grovel and plead for my mercy.”

    I got to my knees as quickly as I could and slid my way over to Beth to start licking her feet clean of my blood apologizing over and over. After a further 15 minutes she kicked my chest hard to force me away and exclaimed “Ok I am bored with you now, get some clean shoes for me from under the desk and add washing these dirty ones with your tongue in and out to tonight’s duties.” I quickly grabbed a pair of the shoes I cleaned the night before and placed them on her feet. As I was doing this she bent down and sniffed her shoe and then looked at me suspiciously leaving me somewhat confused.

    As she arose to leave she turned and said “Be sure to clear today’s shoes with your tongue as instructed. We will be discussing last night’s failure to do so as you were told soon. Now get to fucking work slave you have an 0800 start on Monday. Don’t be late!” Beth then left leaving me to reflect on just how frightening my predicament had become. This bitch was not only heartless but also ruthless in a way almost equivalent to the Deneuve twins!

    I got to work quickly once I had recovered and washed up and sent the slides over in the early hours of Sunday to ensure they would be on Beth’s laptop when she awoke. I then cleaned the office up again, washed her shoes this time with my tongue (they tasted bloody disgusting especially inside where grime and sweat had accumulated) and left to go home for what was left of my weekend.

    I was at work at 0730 sharp on Monday keen to avoid any further issues with Beth. When she then strolled in I was only one in the office I had parked myself just outside her office where PA’s usually sit ready for my duties. It was big step down from the desk she had. Beth stopped just by me on the way in and to my absolutely shock leaned over puckering her lips not 1 inch from mine. I was convinced she was going to kiss me. She then threw her head back and smacked me across the face leaving a stinging red mark on my cheek. “You should be so fucking lucky worthless slave.” she laughed and went into her office.

    After 15 minutes I heard Beth shout “Slave, in here now.” I looked around and saw Porsche heading towards me. Shit did she just hear that? “Congratulations on your demotion to PA Chris” Porsche giggled as she passed me. Bitch I thought at least she didn’t hear Beth call me slave.

    I entered Beth’s office. She was standing making notes on the whiteboard behind her but on seeing me enter quickly rubbed out the content. I just caught a glimpse of the words 7pm tonight – what was she hiding I wondered?

    She then turned and said “You may continue to call me Miss Constance at work to keep things professional but be sure to add more begging and servility around it to show how beneath me you are to everyone in earshot. Don’t fuck up! I will call you “wimp” from now on among the team using Chris only when we are with senior management I am sure everyone will find that amusing. OK now onto more important matters. We will be having a team meeting at 11. Get all these people assembled and ready on time outside my office.” She then handed me a list. “I am off to finalise things with Steph in 5 minutes so run out and grab me a coffee now before I go.”

    I ran as fast as I could and made it back with the coffee just in time as Beth was leaving. She grabbed the coffee without even looking at me let alone thanking me, and left.

    Everyone was assembled ready at 11 outside Beth’s office when she emerged. In attendance were Grace, Porsche, Karine, Mireille, Aurelia, Nicola (the girl I had flirted with in the foyer) and two others Seraphina Baker-Finch and Yuki Nakama.

    Seraphina like the Deneuve twins was from a moneyed family though this time English and incredibly smart (almost on a par with Grace). She had a large flock of curly golden blonde hair almost like a mermaid. She had soft light blue eyes and strong chiseled cheekbones giving her face an air of position and authority. She stood 5’10” and had the figure of a model from Vogue. All the men in the office fancied Seraphina but she was pretty much untouchable. There was a constant rumour around the office that she was a lesbian. She also had very large feet for a lady, size 10 UK, but still in proportion to her tall slender body.

    Yuki was Japanese and had been leading a number of key projects in Asia for the firm. She had only recently transferred to be a permanent member of the team. She had straight black hair in a 60s bob style like Lucy was sporting way back in the restaurant. Her face was rounded slightly and she had rich dark brown eyes, which were quite captivating. She was quite reserved but still assertive when it came to work. She was incredibly professional and another great asset to the team. She was about 5’ 7” tall with a strong, athletic build. Alike the Deneuve twins she was a keen martial arts exponent. In fact with so many kick-arse bitches in the group it was difficult to tell whether we were a business consultancy group or professional fighting outfit.

    Beth really had assembled the crème-de-la-crème of consultants in her team, which included a group of the most heartless bitches I have ever met. I just hoped the four women I had not been maltreated by so far were going to create a better personal balance to the team for my sake. I am also not sure how she had managed to convince Steph it was the right to have so many star performers all in one team.

    As Beth emerged there was a rapturous round of applause from the group as they congratulated her on the promotion. I stood by enviously clapping so as not to show my true feeling on the matter. Beth raised her hand to stop the applause and started speaking “Thank you everyone. That really means a lot to me. You are all such incredibly talented women and I can’t wait for us to start working together.” I realized that these women must already know they will be working within Beth’s newly formed team.

    Beth went on “I have agreed this morning that we can use our secondary office here in London as our own. The one that everyone wants to work in down by Southborough Lane that has it’s own private gym in the basement. It has just been renovated and though a little smaller will give us much more privacy and space for our plans. We will move there over the next 2 weeks and station ourselves there permanently from a week Monday. I will be meeting you all over the course of the coming days to share my plans for the team and get your suggestions on the way forward. I have a new PA as of today here beneath me.” Then Beth pointed down at me. Everyone laughed at my humiliation and Beth’s choice of words as I turned bright red in embarrassment especially Grace, Porsche, Karine and Mireille.

    “He has requested I call him wimp. Some old nickname apparently so please feel free to do the same. I think it rather suits him!” More laughter and embarrassment followed. What a fucking bitch I thought she is already making me look like an idiot and it’s only our first meeting as a team.

    “Do you want to say few words wimp about what a great privilege it will be to work in this team with so many talented women?” I thought no I fucking don’t bitch I am only doing this shit to save my mortgage. However parking those thoughts I rose to my feet to speak.

    “Thank you Miss Constance for this great opportunity to join the team. I really look forward to…”. Beth then interrupted to further undermine me. “Ok we get the picture sit back down wimp.” Everyone laughed again all except Nicola who though initially seeing the funny side now seemed to be growing in her concern for me. At least one of them has a heart I thought.

    “Wimp will be arranging all our 121’s today so please check your diaries and block a slot out with me as soon as possible. He will also be managing the move to the new building and will take care of any issues and concerns for the team. Whilst he is not fully occupied with my demands I put him at your disposal for whatever errands and demands you have. If it’s a big task just clear it with me first.“ Beth added with a big smile on her face.

    “Oh and one more thing whilst everything is transferred to the new office next week we will have a 5 day team building event off-site which I had cleared the budget for with Steph.” Everyone cheered and Nicola was engaged positively once again. “Even wimp is invited!” she then added looking at me.

    As I started to smile feeling a little better at my inclusion and the prospect of a week off work Beth followed up with. “My sister Lucy will be leading all the planning, agenda management and facilitation of the sessions at the offsite camp. She is quite the taskmaster so be prepared. Wimp has met her. He will tell you.” She beamed at me with her wicked smile.

    I felt sick to the pit of my stomach.

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    Chapter 10 – Week one in Beth’s team and preparing for the offsite

    Once the team meeting had finished I immediately set about thinking how I was going to avoid the offsite team-building event, which Lucy was facilitating. That could only be a recipe for disaster for me given what a complete psycho bitch she was. Furthermore now I finally confirmed she was indeed Beth’s sister everything was starting to add up. Sadistic bitchiness must run in that family. Whilst I continued thinking I needed to organize Beth’s 121s and my ‘other duties’ for the team so set about meeting them to discuss what was required.

    I decided to leave the worst until last (namely Grace, the Deneuve twins and Porsche) and so started with Yuki and Seraphina. Both were straightforward conversations, a little tricky to begin with mainly due to my changed circumstances but in the end the 121’s were arranged and the minimal support they needed from me (mainly travel arrangements and expenses) were agreed.

    Next up were Nicola and Aurelia. Aurelia was almost an in and out meeting. As a Junior Consultant her travel and expenses needs were limited and I think she was little embarrassed about the prior exchange we had walking to Stephanie’s office given what happened afterwards. Nicola suggested we do her catch up over lunch, which I was fine with. As we headed out to grab sandwiches in the local park together Beth stopped us and asked where we were going to which Nicola replied “Just for some lunch and a catch-up”. Beth looked really put out and angry but was resolved not to create a scene on day one with her new team so just said “Ok but I need wimp back within 30 minutes ok Nicola?” Nicola nodded and we headed off.

    While we were sitting in the sun eating our sandwiches Nicola kicked her shoes off. She had cute slender feet and long delicate toes. I couldn’t help but think how sexy they looked when I suddenly realized I was fantasizing about her feet. What the fuck was going on? Was all this unwanted foot attention having an effect on me? Luckily for me Nicola snapped me out of it when she started talking though I was sure she noticed me staring at her feet.

    “So I am really sorry about the whole promotion issue Chris.” I was so happy to hear her call me Chris instead of wimp. At least she was showing me some respect. “What happened though to get you demoted to Beth’s PA?”

    I stumbled to find a quick answer “Oh, when I lost the promotion I created a big fuss and upset Beth in front of Stephanie and she threatened to fire me. After some backtracking with them both I got offered the PA role as my only option to stay with the company and I needed the financial security of a job to make my mortgage payments.”

    “Wow you must have said some pretty bad things for that to have happened? But it makes sense seeing how Beth has been treating you lately.” Nicola added looking for more details.

    “Well I was pretty tense and upset. Guess I just lost my cool. Anyway it’s over now.” I added trying to close the conversation down.

    “Well I guess that puts paid to our celebratory drink then Chris…unless of course you still fancy meeting up anyway?” Nicola flirted with me. That really lifted my spirits. It had been so long since I got positive attention from a female it made me start to feel human again. In fact it made me feel like a man again.

    “You know what Nicola that would be really great. I’d love to have a drink with you. How about this weekend?” I responded.

    “Perfect. I am not going to make the offsite next week as I am helping Stephanie with some corporate stuff for the board. It would be great to see you before you go away for 5 days with all those women!” I laughed nervously given that next week was more likely going to be an ultimate nightmare rather than an opportunity for sexual encounters.

    We continued to exchange some personal details and small talk, agreed Nicola’s 121 and admin support then headed back. Just before we got to the office she took my arm and said “I am really looking forward to Saturday Chris.” We both smiled at each other then split up and I headed to Beth’s office.

    When I got there Beth snapped at me saying, “Close the door and sit. Now tell me what was all that about with Nicola slave?”

    “Oh nothing.” I replied, “We were just getting to know each other. That’s all.”

    Beth sensed I was hiding something and added “Well as long as you are not trying it on with my staff slave otherwise I would have to kick your arse in front of everyone and stamp on your head until it explodes. Understand?” Wow I thought, that was an extreme reaction, even for Beth. It was almost like she was jealous.

    I decided to keep quiet on my date plans with Nicola, as it was the only thing I had to look forward to and answered “Of course Goddess. I understand.”

    Beth seemed pacified and went on “Well I need you to work on a new presentation for me this afternoon the details are in your email. Steph has told me Nicola can’t attend the offsite as she has her working on something for the board so sort those changes in the plans out and you will leave at 5pm this evening. I wont need you after that.” Strange I thought Beth never lets me leave early and always makes good use of that lone time to put me through it.

    “Of course Goddess will start on that right away.” I said trying to keep on Beth’s good side.

    I was still getting my teeth stuck into the presentation for Beth when Porsche approached. “Here are my available times for a meeting with Beth together with additional duties you will be performing for me.” She then handed me a folded piece of paper. Also get my documents off the printer, order and staple them. I need them for my customer feedback review.” I waited for a ‘please’ but it never came. As I got up to collect the documents Porsche pushed me and said, “Hurry then!” Feeling completely fucked off I quickly headed off to the printer to avoid a confrontation.

    When I arrived at the printer there were a load of documents already in the out-tray so I started sorting through them. All of Porsche’s stuff was there, which I separated ready to staple but one document caught my attention labeled private and confidential. As I started to read it I took it to be outlining further expansion plans for the team and an enhanced role for Beth.

    As I tried to read on I was shocked when Karine snatch the document out of my hands. “I’ll be taking that wimp. Not for your fucking prying eyes.” She then trod down hard on my foot while she walked away. Ouch I shouted “Careful!” Karine then spun around and stepped back towards me putting her face to within an inch of mine. She sneered at me with the same level of contempt she had shown me previously and said “Or what?”

    Being a good 4 inches taller than me and a whole lot of kick arse harder I thought better of the confrontation and backed down. “Nothing Karine, sorry “ I conceded.

    “You better be sorry you deceitful little shit, I haven’t forgotten!” she added. I quickly backed away from Karine’s intimidations, grabbed Porsche’s papers and left.

    “You can only avoid me for so long wimp.” I heard as I made my escape. The revenge streak of the twins clearly had a long tail and I would need to be careful to avoid meeting them alone if at all possible. I decided to arrange their 121’s with Beth by email instead.

    Beth was clearly up to something, which she was doing behind my back. I needed to find out what that was as I was sure it was going to affect me.

    My final catch up that day was with Grace. I nervously approach her desk and asked. “Erm Grace. Could we discuss times for your one to one with Beth and any other support you need from me?” There was a slight trembling clear in my voice.

    “Lets discuss it over coffee.” was the answer to my great surprise and relief. We made our way down to the canteen, which was now empty so late in the day and Grace said, “Ok get the coffees then wimp.” I should have guessed I would be buying.

    As I sat down opposite Grace I started to reflect on how much she had changed in such a short time. She was still incredibly smart but instead of using that intellect to drive her actions she was now motivated by a raw and primal force, power. It was almost as if her experiences with Beth and myself had woken her out of a deep slumber and now she wanted to take the world by the scruff of the neck or at least me.

    She had a soft round face with that girl next-door cute demeanour and she looked more like a late teen than her actual age of 24. I imagined her as a not-a-care-in-the-world barefoot free spirited girl who took more notice of the natural world around her than what people thought. She lived in a world defined by her own rules rather than by the standards others wanted to impose upon her.

    She was now definitely more excitable than she used to be and more easily influenced by the more dominant, confident leaders like Beth and the twins. That said she had some kind of repressed wild side which was starting to emerge, which when it exploded made her a tour de force capable of striking a fear level up with even Beth. The intoxicating nature of power that she was becoming addicted to was changing her from a quiet, shy cute teddy bear to an unpredictable, ruthless and sometimes sadistic temptress and dominant.

    I stared into her large brown doe eyes searching for clues as to whether the old Grace was still in there somewhere. I also looked at her mouth for that tick where she used to curl her lips around her teeth when in thought. When she caught me examining her she said, “What are you fucking looking at wimp?”

    The old Grace would never have had the confidence to challenge me like that. She was clearly evolving and adapting to her new environment at a rate that left me uncertain just what she would become in the coming months and years now she was unshackled.

    “Nothing Grace.” I said to which she replied “You mean Goddess don’t you?” testifying to her new found self-assuredness. “Sorry I meant nothing Goddess.”
    Sensing my weakness in her presence now, she narrowed her eyes (contrasting starkly from the soft brown eyes of the old Grace) and flung her head back so she could look down her nose at me.

    “That’s better slave. You may now begin.”

    Grace and myself started discussing diary time with Beth. Grace seemed to be more of a right hand to Beth so needed 3 different sessions setting up. This was a smart move by Beth due to Grace’s intelligence, experience and loyalty. We then went on to discuss specific needs and Grace started to outline what she needed. Seeming somewhat distracted Grace excused herself to go to the bathroom. Whilst she was gone I heard a bleep and looked down to see she had left her mobile which was displaying a text. Curiosity got the best of me and I span the phone round to read the message.

    It said “Tonight’s meeting in usual 4 seat meeting room. Be prompt please.” So now I knew when and where the meeting would be and that they were discussing strategy. I just needed a little more detail and I would be fully in the know. I decided as Beth’s PA to take a chance and check her private email when I got back to my desk.

    On Grace’s return she picked up the phone and looked at me suspiciously like I had been up to something. She then opened up her messages and started reading Beth’s text whilst saying to me “As well as all the usual admin and menial tasks I have agreed with Beth that I can use you once per fortnight however I see fit and we both know what that means right?” She had a wide malicious smirk on her face. Before I could reply she concluded “Ok we are done. I have more important priorities than you. In fact everything I have to do is more important than you as we both know.” Seeing my face drop she stood up and slapped my face hard. “Hey wimp, don’t look so sad. We will be having fun together before you know it.” Then Grace left.

    It took me a couple of hours to find the right opportunity to secretly check Beth’s email and after about 15 minutes of searching I found something. It was headed MH Briefing. Inside there were a few cryptic messages outlining a new strategic global approach, development of the team members and rather worryingly conditioning of the bitch. Was that referring to me? What did they mean by conditioning? I then heard someone coming and quickly closed everything up. It was Beth. Just in time I thought!

    She stopped and abruptly said, “I thought I told you to go home at 5 today slave?” “Err yes I was just on my way.” I replied looking up at the clock and seeing it was half passed five already. “Well fuck off then, immediately!”

    I made my way out remaining in a local café before plotting my return to hear the secrets of their meeting at 7pm. It was dark when I returned and as I stealthily approached the meeting room everything was silent. I waited until ten past seven but no one arrived. I thought to myself I had obviously got the wrong end of the stick and decided to leave. As I turned to make my way out of the door behind me was standing Beth, her face red with rage and ire. She was dressed in gym attire and looking sweaty. “My office now!”

    “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I muttered to myself as I followed her to her office. Now I am fucking in for it. What was I doing?”

    When we arrived Beth still carrying all the same rage opened with “Well if it isn’t Sherlock Fucking Failed Holmes. Did you really think for one minute I wouldn’t know what you were up to? Checking sensitive printer documents, reading other peoples private texts and reading my personal whiteboard behind my back.” I noticed she didn’t mention her private email and internally I sighed with relief, as that would have been it for me.

    “Those breadcrumbs were laid out as a test to see what kind of loyalty I can count on with you as my personal PA. Unsurprisingly you failed miserably so we will now start your conditioning. You may be surprised I am giving you this second chance slave? Well I have my reasons and quite frankly they are none of your fucking business. But what is your business is the suffering I am not going to inflict on you to ensure this never fucking happens again! Kneel down on the floor here beneath me.” My heart then sank.

    I got on my knees and crawled to the position Beth had pointed to. She then kicked me squarely in the privates and whilst I screamed and bent over in agony turned around and pulled down her knickers and jogging pants. She then said. “Right kiss my sweaty ass slave just like any disloyal subordinate should do. Lick off all that nasty wetness like the pathetic cunt you are.”

    Beth’s ass was perfect (toned, plump in all the right places and just the right size for her gorgeous figure) and though I didn’t like the verbal humiliation she was dealing out I didn’t actually mind kissing her backside. She placed her hand on the back of my head and pressed my face into her bum cheeks before starting to guide me towards the centre.

    Wow I thought Beth’s backside was a beauty to behold but I am not going near that dark recess in the middle. Beth applied more pressure to my head in an effort to force my face into her arse crack but I continued to resist all the time kissing her cheeks in an effort not to anger her until she screamed.

    “What the fuck are you doing arse licker? I want your face and more importantly tongue in my crack now! I don’t have time for this shit.”

    I then heard a voice coming from the door behind me. “Need some help Beth?” I tried to turn around but Beth’s hand held my head in place. I then heard Beth say, “Yes please Grace. This fucking idiot should be cleaning my arse crack with his disloyal tongue like I told him to but he is fucking me around trying to resist. Hold him in place will you?”

    Beth then took her hand off my head and lent over the desk and spread her arse cheeks wide with her fingers. Whilst I observed this surrealistic event, her arse and the copious amount of sweat inside I felt a strong blow on the back of my head forcing my face right into Beth’s crack as Grace used the underside of her sneaker to drive me forward with an aggressive kick. She then kept her sneaker sole in place on my head and started to grind my face into Beth’s arse crack.

    “Get your face right in there you fucking useless disrespectful bitch. When your Goddess instructs to you to do something you fucking do it and do it well.” Grace seethed. She was becoming more like Beth every day.

    Beth groaned with pleasure as my face was enveloped by her arse cheeks deep inside her crack.”Mmmm, that feels good slave. Right where you belong.” She then started moving on and off of tiptoes to smear and wipe her arse crevice up and down my face. “Now get that tongue out and stark licking the sweat and filth that has accumulated in there. Take nice deep breaths to familiarize yourself with my scent. You are going to be spending a lot of our private time in there slave learning what true loyalty means. Now kiss my fucking arse bitch!” She then started laughing to which Grace also laughed. Their laughs played off each other and continued to escalate until they were both in fits of hilarity. I remained immersed in Beth’s arse totally sickened by the taste I was ingesting and the smell that was all over by nose and face struggling to get air into my lungs.

    This went on for about 10 minutes before Beth grabbed my hair and pulled me out. She then spat on my face and said “You look and smell fucking diabolical slave with my arse juices all over your face. I will not tolerate resistance or disloyalty in any form. When I command you to do something you will submit yourself to me immediately in whatever way I desire. You will also learn that all disloyalty from this point will result in infinitely worse pain and suffering. See this as your one and only chance.” Beth then kicked me in the privates once more and I again bent over in agony. “We will take this up again later. For now I have to go. Thanks for your help Grace he is all yours. Do whatever Grace asks otherwise you will be in for it slave.”

    Beth then pulled her knickers and jogging pants up and left in a hurry shouting over her shoulder “And don’t have any stupid thoughts about missing the offsite where I will continue your loyalty conditioning. You will be there or your life will be worse than hell!”

    “You just don’t learn do you footwipe?” Grace added. “You insist on making life more difficult for yourself instead of taking the easy way out and doing as you are told remaining loyal to your goddesses” Easy way out I thought? What licking and sniffing a post gym arse crack easy? For fucks sake!

    “Right now lets get to the toilet quickly footwipe.” Grace followed up with. “I am horny as fuck watching you suffer in Beth’s arse and now I want my own power trip over your sorry self.”

    I reluctantly followed Grace to the toilet seeing she was also soaked with sweat and in gym wear. She must have gone with Beth earlier and hence why she was still here so late. When we were back in position with Beth sat on the toilet and me on the floor she announced “I have a little surprise to change things up for us tonight. Instead of my lovely socks, which I know you are very partial to I decided to keep my two day worn nylons on for my gym session to really accentuate the stink for this follow up session.”

    As she removed her gym trainers her eyes widened, nostrils flared and she threw her head back. “Fuck me footwipe. That is some serious foot stink right there. I think that’s about as bad as they have ever been and that’s saying something with my odour problem. Nylons really increase the stinkiness of my feet. I will need to pass this finding onto the girls. Anyway enough talk you need these on your face asap before they start drying out. Same deal as before, remember? You sniff for all you are worth and I get off on your suffering big time!” To which she spread her legs, placed her hands on her pussy, laughed and then pushed her nylon feet into my face.

    Grace’s feet were swelteringly hot and I started to sweat when they covered my face. The smell was absolutely fucking atrocious and I threw my arms out in some vain effort to escape and steady my body. The assault on my senses was absolute.

    Seeing me panic and reach out Grace added. “You aren’t going anyway you fucking little cunt. Your only concern for the next 20 minutes will be taking lungful’s of my awful foot stink.” To which she slid down the seat slightly to gain more leverage in her legs to push her feet into my face even harder. My head was now pinned into the corner of the cubicle where I couldn’t move. In desperation at the smothering my face was getting I tried to push Grace’s feet away but the leverage she had and leg strength were more than I could oppose and eventually I relented.

    Grace then seethed “That’s right my little foot bitch. Submit to that horrific smell. Understand that you are under my complete control and I own you at this point. There is no escape despite whatever desperate hope you have left. Just the simple realization that your only purpose here and now is to pleasure your goddess with your suffering.” Grace was moaning loudly as her excitement was peaking again. Though I wasn’t taking big sniffs I couldn’t grasp any air with Grace’s hot sweaty feet pinned in my face so I was breathing more and more heavily sucking in the foul stench by default.

    I threw up again just at the same time that Grace reached her orgasm. It sounded louder and stronger than before I guess her own volley of verbal abuse was increasing her pleasure sensation. “Mmmmm.” She groaned as she smeared her feet in my face as she calmed. Finally her feet dropped and I grabbed as much air as I could to refill my desperate lungs. I thought I was going to die there, if not from lack of air, then by the smell of Grace’s feet.

    I fell back exhausted. After a short while to recover Grace then removed her nylons and got to her feet. She threw them in my face and said “Clean these up bitch and bring them back to me tomorrow. You are a fucking mess. Sort yourself out.” She then stepped onto my chest and then face pausing briefly to grind my head into the ground before exiting the cubicle and then the office.

    I said a little prayer at that point that I would not be back in this cubicle with Grace ever again.

    Thankfully the rest of the week passed without major incident. I had to give Beth a couple of foot rubs but she was so busy in her first week of her new role, with 121s and getting ahead with work knowing we were out next week she simply didn’t have time to humiliate and degrade me further.

    I had relented to attend the offsite after additional threats from Beth and then Grace understanding it would mean my job or at least a more than torturous time on my return.

    As I left the office on Friday I still had a spring in my step knowing I had a date with Nicola to look forward to on the Saturday.

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    I really liked Beths treatment near the end of chapter 10 . . . same goes to Grace aaahahahahahaha. Lovely Girls, i would have so much fun with them *gg*
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsuko View Post
    I really liked Beths treatment near the end of chapter 10 . . . same goes to Grace aaahahahahahaha. Lovely Girls, i would have so much fun with them *gg*
    I am so glad you liked their rather nasty treatment of Chris, Natsuko.

    I would love to see you as a team leader in that office - I think under your leadership it would an amazing place to work...well that's just me. :-)

    Just don't tell Beth I said so or I will be in big trouble!

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    Chapter 11 – My date with Nicola

    It was 6.30pm when I made my way over to Nicola’s to pick her up. It was a pleasant sunny evening and the sky was a deep crimson red casting soft warming shadows over the landscape around me. I gave a little whistle to match my perky feelings inside as I approach Nicola’s door. I pressed the buzzer to her appartment and announced my arrival.

    “Come on up Chris” said Nicola, “I am nearly ready”.

    I made my way up the stairs as she was only on the 1st floor of that four-floor building and then tapped lightly on the door and waited. It wasn’t long before the door opened and I heard a “Come in” from inside. As I entered I saw Nicola walking away zipping up a stunning armless red and black dress as best as she could from behind. She got to within 3 inches of the top before groaning and returning back towards me. “Be a darling and zip me all the way up to the top please Chris.” She said flashing a smile at me. She had perfect teeth as white as those guys you see in all the toothpaste adverts. She was wearing black eyeliner trailing off on either size and a light blue eye shadow around her dark brown eyes complimented with a subtle light brown coloured lipstick. Her short blonde hair was tied back in a bun. She looked bloody gorgeous I thought to myself.

    “Of course Nicola. No problem.” I said and adjusted the zip to the top.

    “Now where are my red shoes?” she murmured looking around. I looked down at her pretty size 7 feet. She had clear toe polish on with a bright white tip on each toe. Nicola had long high arches and walked on almost tip-toe as she skipped around her room looking for the shoes. I felt a little tinge in between my legs as I looked down at her feet whilst she searched.

    “Well stop ogling my feet Chris and help me find these shoes will you?” Nicola said shaking me out of my gaze. I went a little red having been caught staring at Nicola’s feet and quickly responded with, “I am sorry Nicola of course. Where did you last see them?”

    I looked around the room. Though it was clean, it was quite haphazard and untidy, with things strewn here and there. She had a vinyl turntable and speakers as the centrepiece of the room whilst a smaller sized TV took secondary position in the corner. Nicola had quite a few vinyl records and books on her shelves.

    “Perhaps they are under the sofa? She said.

    I looked underneath and could see some red shoes with a 2-inch heel right at the back. “Found them Nicola.” I declared as I then lay chest down on the floor in a position to retrieve them.

    As my face hit the floor and arm stretched out to grab them Nicola stood by me her pretty feet not 4 inches from my face. She then lifted one foot up and scrunched her toes in the carpet. I fumbled with the shoes slightly as I felt another tinge between my legs. I finally got a grip of them and pulled them towards me. On rising I handed them to Nicola and said, “Here you go Nicola.”

    She took the shoes saying “Thanks Chris. By the way how was the view down there?” she had a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a flirtatious smile on her lips.

    Feeling somewhat embarrassed I tried to change the subject. “Oh I was just glad we found your shoes otherwise we might be late for our table.” With that Nicola slipped her dainty feet into the shoes and we left ready to eat.

    We had chosen a French restaurant, as I definitely didn’t fancy Italian! The meal was great and we really hit it off. I was on great form throwing numerous jokes at Nicola throughout the evening. She would often give out a cute giggle followed by a little snort each time, which I found adorable. During the evening we spent some time talking about our backgrounds. Nicola had moved to London 5 years ago following the completion of her University studies at Exeter. She came from a middle class family who were comfortable in terms of wealth but certainly not rich. Nicola has 2 sisters both of them older. Sarah still lived at home with her parents, while Jessica had married and moved abroad to work in Belgium.

    Nicola herself was very sporty and a keen squash player. She had represented at county level and was still playing competitively now at 23 years old. In addition she also takes yoga and intense aerobic classes on a weekly basis. Spending time in her company you wouldn’t expect her to be so competitive as she is so full of fun and playful. Gauging by her earlier behaviour she was also a tease and liked playing with men’s feelings towards her, which I really liked and maybe why she turned me on so much.

    Unlike the other women in the team she was quite relaxed in male company though she was certainly no pushover and was firmly in the camp of equality rather than feminist. I am surprised thinking about it that Beth wanted her in the team rather than one of the stronger female personalities in the firm. I wonder what was the goal there?

    As I was recounting one of my funny back stories for Nicola during the final throws of the main course I felt a tickle on my calf and once distracted I reached down to scratch it. When I started up my story again I felt the same tickle but this time around my knee. I lifted the edge of the tablecloth slightly and could see Nicola’s naked foot rising up my knee and glancing across my inner thigh. I gave a nervous giggle and went bright red trying to regain my composure to restart my story. Nicola continued to circle her toes on my inner thigh while I made every attempt to maintain my concentration enough to talk. My cock at this point was getting quite hard.

    When I finally did manage to start my story again Nicola leant across the table and whilst still footing my inner thigh interrupted me with a whisper “I heard you like feet. Is that true?”

    My face went so red it could have exploded at hearing this. Where did she hear that from I thought? I hope the crazy bitches at work weren’t telling her all about what they were doing to me. “Well erm, maybe your feet Nicola” I stammered. “They are very pretty.”

    “I know they are!” she responded and then proceeded to pad my cock with the ball of her foot and toes under the table. I thought I was going to explode there and then she was fucking driving me crazy with her teasing.

    “Mmm.” She cooed “You are looking a little flustered Chris. What’s the matter? A little more than you can handle?” She then giggled staring at me intently.

    I pushed my bum back on my chair as far as it would go and then held Nicola’s foot. “Please Nicola. I can’t really…well not here anyway.” She looked a little disappointed but then padded my cock a couple more times and said “Oooh you are enjoying that a little too much aren’t you Chris. We don’t want an accident.” Then slowly withdrew her foot gliding her toes back down my leg as she did so.

    “I think I need to go to the toilet.” I said feeling somewhat flushed.

    “I bet you do naughty boy.” she replied with another of her cute giggles followed by a little snort. “Don’t be long.”

    By the time I returned having got my composure back and got some order between my legs. Nicola was leafing through the desert menu. “You know they have some great deserts on this menu Chris and as you know I am feeling quite naughty tonight. I think I am going to treat myself.”

    I couldn’t help myself and replied with “You know Nicola you are one amazing woman and you really need to go easy on me.”

    To which she responded in a quite calm voice “I know I am. You haven’t seen the half of it yet Chris!” and then licked her lips slowly and deliberately. I got another big pang in between my legs and thought this woman would be the end of me if she kept this up.

    “Why don’t you call the waitress over and we can get desert and then get out of here?” I jumped up and almost dragged the waitress over to take our desert order due to my excessive horniness. Nicola ordered the strawberry cheesecake whilst I skipped the sweet course eager to leave. We exchanged a few more stories though my mind was clearly elsewhere then she let me pay for the meal and we left.

    As we approached her apartment she put a stop to the flow of our conversation by interrupting with, “You know I have to be up early tomorrow. I am very sorry. I hope you understand.”

    My face went pale and I must have looked desperately disappointed as she then said, “Ahhh what’s the matter Chris? You look all sad. Was you hoping I would invite you in for a coffee?”

    “Well,” I said, “I didn’t want to presume anything but given how drop dead gorgeous you are and what happened at the restaurant absolutely fucking yes!”. As the words left my lips I blushed again not meaning to be so direct with my intensions.

    She looked at me for about 30 seconds wanting to maintain the suspense for as long as possible (a bit like Beth likes to do) and then said, “Well perhaps we could have just one quick coffee.”

    I smiled from ear to ear and we headed up the stairs. When we were inside Nicola jumped on the sofa and said, “Be a darling and make those coffees Chris. Everything is on the side so it should be easy to find. Mine is white no sugar.”

    “Sure no problem.” I responded and quickly made the two cups of coffee. When I came back in Nicola was laid out across the sofa with her legs just perched off the edge shoes still on. As the sofa was taken I set the coffees down on the side table and started to sit down on one of the remaining free chairs.

    “Not there silly, here.” Nicola giggled and pointed to the end of the sofa where she was resting her legs. As I approached she lifted her legs so I could sit and then replaced them across my lap. “Thanks for the coffee Chris.” She smiled.

    “So tell me how much you like my feet then Chris. I have never dated anyone with a foot fetish before.” She said mischievously. I blushed yet again and said, “Well it’s not really that I have a foot fetish as such but more that you are so gorgeous and so are your feet.”

    “So you have never played with a woman’s feet and toes before then Chris?” said Nicola.

    Not in a way that didn’t make me want to throw up I thought to myself. But keen to move away from my personal foot exploits history I replied with “Not really Nicola, but I would be happy to try with you.”

    She then eased off her shoes and rubbed her feet gently in my lap just delicately brushing my cock again starting to stir my desire. She then lifted her right foot up to within about 6 inches of my face and gyrated her foot around so I could see all sides.

    “So you would like to try with these gorgeous, delicious feet then Chris? Are you sure you can handle them? They are very naughty feet.” She then brought her big toe up to my face and brushed my lips. They smelt like coconut butter mixed with the faint waft of leather which overall was quite pleasant. Certainly more pleasant than Grace’s feet I thought!

    “I think I can Nicola. What did you have in mind?” I said slightly nervously. “Well I could really use a nice foot rub Chris after all the walking tonight. Would you mind?” She purred.

    At this point I was putty in her hand. She then placed her feet into my hands on my lap and I started to rub them back and forth applying enough pressure to help her relax but not so much as to hurt.

    “Mmmm. That’s perfect.” Nicola said and closed her eyes wriggling with pleasure. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” I didn’t answer.

    After about 15 minutes of watching her relax, eyes closed, whilst rubbing her feet she opened them and caught me looking at her. “You know Chris. I have always wanted to know what’s it like to have your toes sucked. Do you think you could do that for me?”

    I felt another tinge in between my legs as Nicola raised her foot back up to my face and circled my lips with her big toes. “Pleeease. Pretty pleeease.” She then said with a cute, naughty look on her face biting the finger as it mischievously circled her mouth.

    I opened my mouth slowly and enveloped her big toe with my lips starting to suck gently. “Oh my god that feels fantastic you naughty naughty boy!” she said continuing to tease me. She then slightly widened her legs and slid her hand from her mouth down towards her panties and started rubbing her pussy. “Suck them harder Chris. This is making me so horny.” I sucked her toes harder and also continued to massage her other foot at the same time.

    She continued to moan and groan with pleasure. I could see her panties getting wetter with excitement. She closed her eyes again. Her face was starting to flush with pleasure and she started rubbing vigorously. I was getting harder and harder just watching her.

    Over the next 10 minutes I continued to suck her delicious soft toes for all I was worth whilst the intensity grew between my legs. Nicola was thrusting and writhing and nearing the ecstasy of an orgasm when she leapt up and straddled me. Almost giving me a heart attack with the shock. She then leant into my face and whispered in a soft seductive voice. “Now fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked before you sexy fucking monster!”

    Almost ready to explode at this point I summoned my composure to rip down my trousers and glide my cock in between her legs. It was indeed warm and wet. We then had the fuck of my lifetime both coming to orgasm simultaneously. I was in such rapture that I couldn’t be sure who screamed loudest but it was a close call. We both then dropped on the sofa exhausted and I closed my eyes.

    The next thing I knew she was leaning over me tucking a blanket around my shoulders. “You can sleep here on the sofa tonight if you want Chris.” She smiled. “Thank you Nicola, “ I replied, “You are a really amazing woman you know.”

    “Of course I know.” She beamed and glided away to her bedroom with a smile beaming across her face.

    We were sat together at breakfast discussing our plans for the day. She was going to squash practice later that morning though I am not sure where she gets her energy.

    As we were eating our eggs and bacon Nicola looked a little more serious. “You know I can’t come to the offsite next week right Chris?”

    “Yes I remember you have some work to do for Stephanie right?” I replied. “Yes that’s right.” She confirmed.

    She then continued. “Well I want you to look after yourself Chris.” I was a little puzzled by this comment and asked, “What do you mean Nicola?”

    “Well there is just a strange vibe in the team and I think one or two of the girls have it in for you. Especially those bitchy Deneuve twins.”

    It was so nice to hear someone considering my welfare instead of thinking of new and imaginative ways to make me suffer. I warmed inside and smiled.

    “Don’t worry Nicola.” I said. “I am sure it will be fine. I am only a PA now so am hardly a threat to anyone.”

    “Yes and on that point Chris. You need to find another job. You are far too good to be doing a PA role.”

    I thought regretfully about those videos and how they could be used against me in search of another role if I did try and leave Beth’s team. I then replied.

    “Well it’s just temporary. I just need to get my head straight and then I will start looking.” I replied.

    “I will help you.” Said Nicola. “It will give me an excuse to spend more time with you”.

    I beamed at this and said, “You don’t need any excuse Nicola. I really love your company.”

    To which Nicola responded “And my sexy little toes naughty boy!”

    I flushed red and smiled silently. Not long after we went our separate ways to get on with our Sunday agendas. Mine would be focused on packing for the offsite and playing through what scenarios I would need to prepare for.

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    Chapter 12 – The offsite Part 1 (A Race to the Bottom)

    It was the morning of the offsite and as I arrived at the office I could see the team already boarding the bus. I had spent most of Sunday thinking about Nicola and what a great time we had together not really wanting to come to terms with another working week. Perhaps Nicola was right, I should look for another job and take my chances that Beth wouldn’t bother to try and railroad my attempt to leave by discrediting me to a prospective employer. I thought again, who was I kidding given all the shit she had done to me, I was sure she would fuck me over without a moments thought with those videos she had. I bounced between these two contrasting perspectives as I boarded the bus deep in thought.

    Beth was at the front of the bus sat next to Grace registering people as they got on. “There you are wimp. Glad you could make it. The offsite wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun without you” Beth’s sadistic teasing was already up and running and I had only just got on the bus. What have I let myself in for? I asked myself

    “Thank you Miss Constance. I will try my best to meet any expectations you have of me.” I replied and as I started to walk away she stopped me and said. “You’ll do better than that wimp. You will do every fucking thing I tell you too and thank me for it. I still haven’t forgiven your disloyal fucking arse yet”

    Grace then added “Damn fucking right!”

    “Yes Miss Constance.” I said already feeling dejected and walked through the bus looking for a seat. There was only one double seat left on the bus and I knew my luck was out when I saw who was sat behind me, the Deneuve twins. Across the way I could see Yuki and Seraphina who were already deep in conversation. I hoped their presence would prevent Karine or Mireille trying anything.

    I smiled nervously at the twins as I went to sit down hoping for a positive response. Instead they stared at me coldly before Karine stuck her middle finger up into my face. “This what you are looking for?” she sneered. I thought it best not to answer and sat down.

    The bus got underway not 5 minutes later and Beth stood up to address the team. “Ok we are going to be on the bus for a little over two hours. There are no work objectives for this week but I wont stop you checking email! Wimp will be serving drinks and snacks throughout the journey and carrying out whatever menial duties you need taking care of. If you have any questions myself and Grace will be here at the front.”

    Fucking great I thought already I am going to be a travelling waiter for the next two hours and set off to find the refreshments. Yuki and Seraphina were sniggering at me from this put down. Having located the drinks I served the ladies drinks from front to back with their order and only Yuki saw fit to thank me. Ok I thought just Karine and Mireille to go then I can maybe get a little down time.

    “Hello again Karine and Mireille. Can I offer you a drink and snack?” I said in a somewhat meager tone.

    “2 fresh orange juices. You have got 7 seconds before they need to be in my hands or else.” Replied Mireille.

    I lost 2 seconds in shock trying to process the obvious “or else” consequences before I jumped into action and ran up the bus to fetch the drinks. Spilling a bunch of orange juice on the floor in my haste, I returned with the drinks in what must have been close to 10 seconds. Surely they will give me that I hoped. But hope and me were on different planets when it came to these bitchy twins.

    “Late wimp! Now you must pay the consequences! On the floor you can be our footrest for the rest of the journey.” I looked round at Yuki and Seraphina who were staring intently at the proceedings waiting for my response. Fuck I thought if Yuki and Seraphina see me do that they would already start to think I am a pathetic idiot.

    I laughed nervously and waited not knowing what to do. Mireille, who was nearest me then grabbed my neck and started choking me. “Something funny wimp?” she seethed.

    “No Mireille.” I replied in a desperately soft tone trying to gather breath.

    “Then get on the fucking floor now!” Seethed Mireille.

    “Surely you are not going to make the poor boy lay on the floor under your feet for the entire journey Mireille?” Seraphina asked.

    “Why not Seraphina?” Mireille responded “He has a massive thing for feet so will love it down there.”

    “Really?” said Seraphina, “That’s fucking perverted.”

    Yuki giggled trying to mask her laughter with her hand. I think she was still trying to protect my dignity but couldn’t help but laugh at my circumstances with reciprocal embarrassment.

    “I know. But trust me he won’t be enjoying this foot session.” With that Mireille started to drag me onto the floor with the hold she had on my neck. Once close to the floor she picked up her leg and kicked me in the chest to set me in position.

    At that Karine and Mireille put their feet on top of my face, chest and legs and started to press their sneakers down hard trampling me into the floor of the bus. I started whimpering with the pain when Yuki interjected. “The boy is crying can’t you give him a break Mireille?”

    “He doesn’t deserve a break Yuki.” Mireille responded.
    “Please Mireille. Have a little pity on him.” Yuki pleaded.

    “Only if you absolutely insist Yuki, but I can tell you he doesn’t deserve a reprieve.” Mireille responded.

    “Then I insist please.” Yuki said.

    The twins lifted their sneakers and I started to get up. Mireille then grabbed my neck again and whispered, “This isn’t fucking over yet wimp!” before pushing me away. As I sat down rubbing my sore neck I looked over and thanked Yuki for saving my arse.

    She just nodded quickly back at me and smiled. Seraphina looked disappointed that the boredom-breaking spectacle was over already.

    Apart from several service runs and the odd order to fetch stuff out of bags like mp3 players and books for people and distributing magazines the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful to my great relief.

    After just over two hours we arrived, driving through the gates of a posh country estate. Wow I thought to myself, Beth has really pulled out the stops for this off-site, this must have cost a fortune. After a further 10 minutes we pulled up at the front. Beth then got up and addressed the team again.

    “Ok ladies. We are here at our luxurious destination. You have two hours to familiarize yourself with your rooms and the facilities here at Turner Hall before we will convene in the Palace Suite for our agenda briefing with Lucy. There is a gym, swimming pool and tennis courts if you fancy stretching out after the bus journey. Wimp will take your luggage up to your rooms and take care of any errands you need sorting in the meantime. That’s it. Have fun!”

    Fucking great I thought to myself I am now a bellboy for the next 2 hours. When will I get a break around here?

    As the team dispersed into the Hall I opened up the boot of the bus to retrieve the luggage. On seeing how much there was I nearly fainted. These women had packed for a month and now I had to get all this shit up to their shared rooms before the two hours was up.

    The halls were large and the rooms sat on three different floors. As it was an old estate there were no lifts, just stairs, and I could only carry 2-3 cases on each trip. Beth had instructed the reception that I, and I alone, were to carry all the cases up to the rooms to ensure I didn’t get any help. So when I finally got done I was already 20 minutes late for the agenda briefing. I ran to the Palace Suite still sweating with my exertions and then knocked on the door.

    I could hear voices inside so knew they were in there but no one came. I knocked again a little louder after a few minutes and waited. A little later Karine arrived at the door and pushing me backwards into the hallway with her hand in my chest said, “You will wait here until we call you wimp. Understood?”

    “Err ok Karine.” I replied nervously knowing how ruthless she can be, “Whatever you say.”

    “Fucking right whatever I say, bitch.” She responded “And by the way you are late and Beth is really pissed off with you for that. So expect some ruthless nasty comeback later.” to which she started laughing as she turned re-entered the suite and slammed the door in my face.

    I couldn’t believe it. After spending nearly two and half hours ferrying all those cases around this massive fucking estate I get rewarded with a lock out and a Beth style punishment to look forward to. Fuck!

    After waiting outside for about another 30 minutes the door eventually opened. It was Lucy this time. Fear started to spread through my body and I backed away slightly from my position sat on the floor.

    “Ah. Do I really scare you that much you pathetic little bitch? I thought you would be pleased to see me again?” Lucy purred. She then stepped towards me and pretended to throw a kick towards me. I flinched and curled up to prepare for the impact.

    Lucy started laughing and then flashed blood red in a fearful rage. “That’s right bitch you better be fearful of me. I am going to be your worst fucking nightmare if you even think about defying me. Are we absolutely fucking clear!”

    My god I thought this bitch is crazier than I remember her. I need to get away from her and quick.

    “In now!” she barked pointing to the suite door and I quickly entered the room. Still shaking from my confrontation with Lucy I was then faced with Beth. “So you finally decided to turn up then wimp. Pretty poor fucking start to the off-site for you. Well this calls for a punishment. What do you think ladies?”

    “Please Miss Constance,” I pleaded, “it was just there was so much luggage and the estate is so large.”

    “Stop making pathetic excuses wimp you are embarrassing yourself. Put a sock in it.” Beth shouted.

    “Perfect!” came a voice from the back. As I looked up I could see Mireille removing her sneaker and taking off her sock. She then threw the sock so it landed not 2 foot from me. “I have been on the tennis courts with Karine for almost two hours so he wont even need a drink with that in his mouth.”

    I started to panic with the prospect of public humiliation as my face flushed with embarrassment. All the women in the room started laughing at me waiting for my next move. I looked to Beth with pleading eyes.

    “Please Miss Constance I beg you.” I pleaded. But there was to be no remorse.

    “Well pick the sock up, thank Mireille and put it in your mouth wimp.” Beth said in a firm and stern voice. Grace, Porsche, Aurelia and the twins all continued laughing. Seraphina was in shock at what I was going to have to do at work and Yuki was feeling the reciprocal embarrassment and loss of dignity I was going through so bowed her head to avert her eyes.

    I waited for some reprieve to come but none did. Lucy was now in the room and came up to me and whispered “You are not going to defy your goddess are you footwipe? That really wouldn’t be a smart move with all of 5 days left to go on this offsite.”

    Realising my fate was sealed I crouched down to retrieve the sock which was indeed wet with sweat and also discoloured with the staining of old sneakers. I murmured under my breath “Thank you Mireille” to which Lucy responded.

    “I don’t think anyone heard that footwipe. Louder!” The wider team had never heard me being addressed as footwipe before and proceeded to laugh and gape in shock at this condemnation.

    The sheer humiliation was awful and I kept my eyes looking down at the floor as I couldn’t face the team whilst I summoned another attempt.

    “Thank you Mireille.” I said this time so all could hear.

    I then shed a tear as I placed the sock in my mouth. The acrid taste and smell hit me immediately and I gagged before regaining my composure.

    Lucy then continued with “Ok sit on the floor down there footwipe and keep your mouth shut. Your breath will fucking stink.”

    To add to my humiliations I sat on the floor underneath the women who all had seats and continued to bow my head in shame. Yuki got up and left the room clearly distressed with my humiliations. Grace looked at Beth as a way of asking should she follow Yuki and Beth just responded with “Yes please Grace”

    After 5 minutes Yuki came back into the room with Grace looking a little more settled but couldn’t bring herself to look at me sat on the floor.

    The meeting then carried on with Lucy announcing that following the agenda and timetable review they would start off with some team building exercises.

    “Ok our first session is all focused on establishing trust with each other. Only when you open up and share something really intimate of your true self can you say that you have given your absolute trust to your colleagues. Similarly, only when they share something deeply meaningful of themselves with you can you say you have earned their trust. So we will sit in a circle and share something truly defining of ourselves to help establish absolute trust within the team.”

    They formed a circle around me as I continued to sit with my head bowed in shame and Grace started proceedings. “I am a sexual sadist and get off on making others suffer.” She said sending the room into absolute silence.

    “My god.” Said Seraphina, “That’s one way to open a team building event. Beat that!” To which there was a little laughter to break the silence. Aurelia although the junior in the room then asked, “Is that really true Grace?”

    “Absolutely.” replied Grace. “I wouldn’t say it otherwise and now you all know it I feel so much better for sharing it with my sisters.” The room then started to erupt into a hive of questions and comments to which Lucy said, “Ok guys you can discuss this further with Grace later but for now we need to get round the room.”

    I was in absolutely shock myself even if I already knew the truth that Grace had shared with them I couldn’t believe she would just come out and say it. I figured Beth and Lucy must have put her up to it to set the right tone for this exercise. But that was nothing compared to what else I was to witness in the room.

    Karine and Mireille confessed to killing a man who had attempted to assault them when they were younger and that was the real reason why their parents had sent them to London to start their professional career. By moving to London the truth could be hidden and prevent any embarrassment to their family name.

    Porsche and Seraphina both came out and admitted they were both lesbians and described a number of sexual encounters they had had which even their families didn’t know about. I already knew about Seraphina but Porsche was a real surprise. After they shared their truths they looked at each other and grinned in what appeared to be a moment of shared mutual lust. Given how absolutely gorgeous they both were I was hoping for a front row seat for that encounter.

    Yuki admitted to disgracing her family by taking a man outside of her engagement, which though not so frowned on in Europe was a major dishonor in Japan. With her engagement over she had moved to Europe to start her life afresh with her family virtually disowning her.

    Aurelia was looking really worried and uncomfortable but finally admitted that she was a frequenter of S&M clubs and got off on punishing men like Grace did. Her face was bright red all the time she said this but on finishing said “Wow I feel really great getting that out in the open with you guys.”

    At this point all eyes were on Lucy and Beth. Lucy spoke for them both. “We lost our parents when we were young and were brought up by our Aunt. Under her guidance we learned to be fucking frightening sadistic men haters and have dedicated our lives to the superiority of women over men. We have destroyed more male lives than I can even count.” She then turned to her sister Beth and gave her a long passionate kiss on the lips. “And god forbid any man who comes between us.”

    On hearing all this I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. I really didn’t want to know all this and now I did I was genuinely worried my life was at risk. Almost reading my mind Karine then piped up with “And what about wimp?”

    Beth then smiled and put her feet up on my shoulders. “Well wimp here was born to serve powerful women. He gets off on the servility of slavery to gorgeous women like us. In fact the more we punish, humiliate and degrade him the more addicted and loyal he will become. As you may have noticed from recent events I have already started his conditioning but he still has a way to go. Now he knows all of our most intimate secrets I am expecting you all to assist me in his programming.”

    Karine sensing her chance then stood up and raised her foot just above my head. “Why even keep him around at all? One swift kick and he wouldn’t be a problem to anyone ever again.”

    Beth raised her hand and said “Now now Karine. Where is the fun in that? We have far too many games to play with this slave of ours before he will cease to be an amusement and anyway he has another purpose which we will discuss at a later date.” Karine sat back down looking disappointed.

    “Well I can’t believe I felt embarrassment for him and tried to protect his honour, the miserable pathetic worm.” Yuki said and got up and kicked me in the chest knocking me onto my back. She was very upset that I had failed to meet her expectations.

    “That’s more like the Yuki we want to see,” said Beth. Now thank Yuki for the attention slave and bow your head at her feet.

    I was absolutely fucked at this point and quite frankly concerned for my personal wellbeing on all levels. Lucy and Beth had just cemented this group of women into a trust pact with my suffering and humiliation at the centre of it. With no clear choice in the matter and a sock still stuffed in my mouth I mumbled “Thank you Yuki.” To which I got a swift kick in the ribs from Lucy. “You mean goddess, footwipe.”

    “Thank you Goddess.” I repeated and bowed my head at Yuki’s feet. To which she raised her foot and placed it on my head and pressed my face into the carpet. She then leaned forward and said in soft menacing tone, “You are going to pay for embarrassing me footwipe. You have disrespected my honour and I made a promise to myself that no man would ever do that to me again.”

    Aurelia then asked, “Does that mean I also get to punish him?” with a gleeful look of excitement on her face.

    “Oh we are all going to have the time of our lives this week Aurelia.” Lucy then commented. “Footwipe will be in raptures of joy by the time we have finished with him.”

    I started to cry with my head in my hands to which Seraphina got up and kicked me back over again. “Perverted AND pathetic! What a fucking cry baby!”

    With that Lucy declared. “Let’s take a break for some coffee. I think we have all earned one. Slave here can refresh himself on Mireille’s sock. Back in here in 30 minutes good for everyone?” The ladies then got up leaving me on the floor to contemplate my fate whilst sucking the sweat out of Mireille’s sock.

    I was just thankful that Nicola wasn’t here to witness this. Or was she part of it herself?

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    Chapter 13 – The offsite Part 2 (How Low Can You Go?)

    After 30 minutes the women re-entered the room laughing and joking like nothing had happened. The fact they had resigned me to a fate worse than death seemed not to concern them in the slightest. In fact quite the converse you could sense a palpable excitement from most of them about what devious sadistic pleasures they could now inflict upon me given the approval and sanction of Beth and Lucy.

    Beth addressed the team, “Ok now we are all convened and just before we go onto the next task with Lucy I need to lay out some ground rules in respect of the treatment of our slave.”

    “Whilst we are in our own office at Southborough Lane you can consider all humiliations and degradations fair game but when in the company of senior management we are to remain professional and ensure he gets the minimum level of respect to protect his position as my PA.”

    Beth then went on, “There are no limits to verbal humiliation but regarding physical abuse you must not do any permanent damage to our slave that will require hospital treatment or a doctor’s call out. All other punishment is fair game whether it is part of his conditioning of just for your own personal amusement. Don’t get too carried away though!” Beth looked at the twins who both looked disappointed.

    “As far as degradations are concerned I expect you to be imaginative and vindictive to the utmost. Just one rule, if you decide to use the slave as a toilet then you need to do it in the bathroom and not the office. We have hygiene and safety standards to work within. Any questions?”

    The room erupted into a cacophony of discussion as the women started to consider and digest what Beth had just said. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach. My decision was made I had to get away as soon as possible regardless of any repercussions.

    Lucy then stepped up beside me and grabbed my hair lifting my face up to the look at the team. “Don’t be under illusions ladies he will try and escape and he will try and use our secrets against us. He must be fully conditioned to be dependent and utterly subservient to our will in every way before he may be trusted. Myself and Beth have done this countless times so if you have any questions at any time then all you have to do is ask.” She then threw my head back down to the floor with contempt.

    “Now before we proceed we need to know you are fully committed to our cause both professionally as a team of consultants and personally as sisters devoted to our greater purpose.”

    Grace, Porsche, Mireille and Karine all responded in the affirmative immediately. Seraphina assented on seeing Porsche commit. Aurelia took a few seconds and then her dominant side emerged and she gleefully committed. Yuki looked at me again and her face went from pensive to repulsed, “It would be my honour.” She said.

    “Thank you ladies.” Beth added. “Your commitment to our team, me and our purpose means the world to me. This moment will be defining in your life and will give untold impetus to your professional and personal prosperity. Our sisterhood will be unbreakable and formidable.” She then opened her arms and the women all collectively embraced.

    After a few minutes Lucy interrupted. “Ok ladies we have more work to do. Please be seated again.”

    After the women retook their seats Lucy started up again. “Ok I think you are going to enjoy this little game. Well at least slave is.” She then looked down at me with a nasty sadistic grin on her face. “We want you to use your imaginations and in teams of two come up with the best humiliation or degradation you can think of for our slave here. He will then endure them all and will let us know whichever was the worst. The team who came up with that idea and inflicted it upon him wins a prize. A brand new smart phone, tablet and laptop to both team members.”

    “Wow that’s a damn good prize,” added Aurelia, “I am going to use all my S&M experience to come up with something really special”.

    “That’s the spirit Aurelia.” Said Lucy. “Right break into teams of two to discuss and finalise your proposals. We meet back here in 45 minutes.”

    Porsche and Seraphina who were fast becoming inseparable joined and set off first with the Deneuve twins close behind them. Grace then proposed to join Aurelia as they both had a shared love of sexual sadism leaving Yuki to work with Beth and Lucy on her proposals.

    After 45 minutes had passed the groups returned to discuss their ideas. Once everyone was seated Beth addressed me. “Ok slave. I want you to listen carefully to each of the proposals to ensure that any requirements of you are fulfilled to the letter. Once each group has finished you will thank them for their attentions and kiss their feet to show your gratitude. Am I clear?”

    I lifted my head and wiped my eyes. “I understand Goddess.” I said through the sock still occupying my mouth.

    Each of the groups then proceeded to outline their despicable plans whilst I had to listen and confirm my understanding, thank them and kiss their feet in gratitude. Having heard them all we scheduled them into the forthcoming days and then Lucy brought our first session to a close.

    “Ok ladies thank you once again for your passion and commitment to our opening day. I think it has been a real success. We now have 2 hours of free time before we will meet back in this room for our evening meal. Over that time I suggest you all spend some time with our slave so he can start to familiarize himself with your needs and demands as goddesses. Have fun!”

    Karine grabbed my ear and pulled me to my feet. She then leaned into my face and snarled, “You can start with us slave. Be at our room within five minutes or you will regret it.”

    The women were sharing rooms with the Deneuve twins in one room. Seraphina had swapped with Yuki and was now with Porsche for obvious reasons. Grace was now sharing with Aurelia and Beth was sharing with Lucy. Yuki and I were the only ones who had a room to themselves.

    Having distributed the cases I pretty much knew where they were all staying so I quickly made my way up to Karine and Mireille’s room to learn my fate. I would have run for it there and then but noticed that Lucy was keeping me in sight at all times to ensure I went where I was expected to so would need to bide my time.

    I took a big intake of breath before knocking on the door as quite frankly I was shitting myself. This was the first time I had been alone with these two crazy amazon bitches since Beth convinced them I had tried to lose them their jobs. Learning that they had killed someone in France before moving to the UK and knowing they still despised me was only adding to my palpable fear.

    After a short while the door opened but seeing nobody answer I decided to enter. Inside the twins were both waiting impatiently. Karine was on the bed and Mireille was sat on the chair by the dressing table. Both were still dressed in their tennis sportswear.

    “Our punch-bag has arrived Karine” said Mireille.

    “Indeed Mireille. I have been looking forward to some time alone with this miserable cunt for some time now. He has managed to worm his way out of all our attentions so far so now it’s payback time.” Replied Karine.

    My legs were shaking and I started to feel sick with the worry of what was going to happen next. Given how frighteningly tough these women were I decided my best course of action was to beg. I threw myself on the floor at Mireille’s feet and started to kiss her tennis sneakers.

    “Please forgive me Goddess.” I pleaded through my socked mouth. “I will do anything you want please just don’t hurt me too much.”

    Mireille looked down at me and said in a cool, unforgiving tone. “Yes you will do anything I want. Now take that sock out of your mouth.”

    I removed the sock and placed it at her feet. She kicked it around to inspect it on all sides and then declared, “Well at least you are a good sock-washer. That surprises me. I thought you would be fucking pathetic at everything. Ok you can continue your begging slave and make sure you clean my filthy sneakers in and amongst your groveling words.”

    “Please Mireille. I beg you. Please forgive me. I know what I did was stupid and it will never happen again. I will make it up to you….oof!”

    During the delivery of my pleading monologue Karine had arisen off the bed and walked over to me and landed a kick into the underside of my stomach while I was kissing Mireille’s sneakers.

    “Where is my fucking apology slave? I don’t hear my name.”

    At this I swiveled around and started kissing Karine’s sneakers. “I am so sorry Karine.” I said.

    At this I got a kick from Mireille on my right underside. “Where the fuck do you think you are going slave. Get back on my sneakers now!”

    I moved back and forth kissing their sneakers whilst they took it in turns to kick me and redirect my attentions. Eventually after the 8th kick I reeled over onto my back battered and bruised holding my sides and crying in pain.

    Karine then declared, “What a fucking pathetic lightweight you are slave. I take ten times this punishment every week in my sparing sessions. Get on your back weakling. We are not finished with you yet.”

    Still dazed from the pain I rolled onto my back and Karine stepped up onto my chest. I screamed with pain as she trampled her feet down into my bruised body. I clasped my hands onto her sneakers in an effort to push them off my body to relieve the pain.

    “What the fuck do you think you are doing slave!” Mireille screamed. “When my sister rewards you with her attentions and punishments you will thank her and receive it with your utmost gratitude.”

    She then put one foot on my chest and the other on my face pushing it to the side and into the ground. She then learned over and pushing down hard on my face said, “Am I absolutely fucking clear?”

    The pain at this point was unbearable and I was starting to lose consciousness. To add to my suffering Mireille lifted her left foot and placed it on my manhood and started grinding it hard.

    “Arrgh!” I screamed. To which Mireille laughed and responded “He’s really starting to have fun now Karine. Let’s not disappoint the slave. Really grind that sneaker into his face.”

    Karine lifted her toes so the heel of her sneaker was flush on the side of my cheek and then shifted her full body weight on it crushing me into the ground.
    “Arrgh! Please…please.” I whimpered exhausted with the agony.

    “You mean thank you don’t you slave?” Mireille sneered pressing even harder down on my cock. I was in floods of tears at this point and desperately fighting for my life. I couldn’t hardly breathe with the pain and suffering.

    “Thank you goddesses.” I barely managed to say. There was then a knock on the door.

    “Who is it?” asked Karine. “Seraphina” came the reply. “Oh come in Seraphina.” Said Karine in follow up.

    The door opened and Seraphina entered closing the door behind her. On looking at me and my broken body under the trampling twins, she went into fits of laughter. “Oh this is priceless. Here let me get a photo.” She then proceeded to take 3 or 4 photos while the Deneuve twins posed for them on my chest.

    “What can we do for you Seraphina?” asked Karine. “Well your time is up with slave and I have come to collect it.”

    ‘It’ I thought to myself. How fucking dehumanizing can you get?

    As Karine and Mireille stepped down looking sad their session was up. Karine added “Well we have softened him up nicely for you Seraphina. He won’t be any trouble to you after this. And if he is just drop him back in here.” she then laughed at her own sick humour.

    Mireille then bent down and removed her sneaker to retrieve the other sock and proceeded to stuff it in my mouth. “Here sock washer. Clean this one up for me while you are gone it fucking stinks. I want it sparkling like the last one when I get it back later. See you at dinner.”

    As I left with Seraphina, literally crawling with the pain I was still in, I heard Karine add. “We are just getting started with you slave. Your pain tolerance is going to have to get a whole lot better than today’s pathetic effort. Have fun Seraphina.”

    Within a few short minutes I was in Porsche and Seraphina’s bedroom. Having just arrived Porsche stepped up to me and slapped my face hard. “Mmm that felt good. Been wanting to do that for a while.”

    Though it stung my battered body hardly registered the pain above what I was still feeling from before. She then looked at me expectantly.

    Seeing what she wanted I said, “Thank you goddess.”

    Porsche then smiled satisfied with my response and then leaned into my face and whispered. “Now strip. Everything off.”
    I was in shock and stood motionless for a few seconds. Seraphina then added, “Are you looking for another beating slave?”

    I immediately started to remove my clothes. The more I took off the more embarrassed I felt. Fortunately for me I keep reasonably fit and have a pretty trim and muscular body though nothing like the power of the Deneuve twins, Beth or I suspect Yuki and Lucy. After a few moments of watching me remove my clothes Seraphine and Porsche then started removing their own. I looked down at the ground suspecting I was not allowed to look.

    “Keep your eyes on us at all times slave.” Seraphina said in a hard commanding tone.

    I started to sweat looking at their long gorgeous bodies. I thought I was dreaming looking at these beautiful blonde sirens removing their clothes. Eventually both were stark naked and sat on the end of the bed. “Tell us how beautiful we are slave.” Seraphina ordered.

    As I started to speak Porsche raised her hand. “Not there stupid. Here on your knees.” And pointed to the floor below the bed.

    As I approached Seraphina observed, “Fuck look at all those bruises. The twins really did a job on you slave.” She then laughed again.

    I got on my knees and said, “My goddesses you are truly a sight of unrelenting beauty to behold.” To which Seraphina replied “Indeed we are slave. Now keep your eyes on us at all times.”

    Seraphina then placed her palm up to her mouth and licked from the bottom to the tips of her fingers. She then placed her hand on Porsche’s pussy and started gently rubbing. Porsche then did the self same thing gently rubbing Seraphina. They both started moaning and groaning in pleasure whilst still keeping their eyes firmly fixed on me.

    I couldn’t believe what was happening I had just gone from hell to heaven in the space of ten minutes and my cock was starting to twitch at this spectacle. As I watched them continue to masturbate each other, groaning and writhing my cock became harder and harder to the point I was fully erect. At this point I would have given anything to actually start stroking myself but felt that would have been a big mistake.

    Seraphina looked down at my cock and smiled. She then looked at Porsche and flicked her eyes back to my manhood in a motioning gesture. Porsche looked down and then to my great surprise leapt up from the bed and kicked me in the mouth pushing me back and across the room.

    “How fucking dare you get hard looking at your mistresses slave! That is absolutely disgusting and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Not get the fuck out!”

    Before I could reach back to retrieve my clothes they had grabbed me and forced me out of the door. As I was being ejected I vaguely heard one of them say “It’s gonna work a treat tomorrow. I told you it would.” and then I woke to the fact I was standing in the hallway stark naked.

    Shit I thought to myself. I need to move quickly. My brain quickly scanned the options. The Deneuve twins were closest but I was not going back there. Ever if I could help it. The next closest was Grace and Aurelia’s room though not a great option for me given how Grace had changed recently I see it as the best of my bad options and ran for it.

    Remarkably I managed to get to the room without being seen and knocked on the door. “Who is it?” came the reply. I quickly looked around to ensure no-one was there then removed Mireille’s sock and replied. “It’s your slave goddess.”

    On hearing the instruction “Come” I quickly entered. Grace and Aurelia were laying on the bed chatting and on seeing me enter naked with a raging hard on went into fits of laughter.

    Realising what they were laughing at I quickly placed my hands down over my erect cock in an effort to preserve my dignity. “Take your fucking hands away slave” barked Grace. “I didn’t give you permission to cover yourself.”

    As I slowly removed my hands and flushed bright red they both erupted into more laughter. “How fucking humiliating is this for you slave?” Aurelia asked.

    “Well…” I started to say to which Aurelia jumped up and slapped my face. The sting this time was much more palpable. Aurelia really had a lot more strength than you would guess at a glance.

    “Who the fuck said you could speak idiot? You are not very good at this slave stuff are you? Well that’s going to change pretty fucking quickly while you are under me.”

    Though she had a cute Spanish accent and had a lovely face and complexion I had never seen her this dominating and forceful before. Given she was just the junior I was quite dumbstruck at her confidence and control of the situation.

    Aurelia then reached down and grabbed my cock and started twisting it. “Arrgh!” I screamed as I dropped to my knees.

    “Better” added Aurelia. “When you are in my presence receiving my personal attentions you will always be on your knees. Are you absolutely fucking clear on that slave?”

    “Yes Goddess.” I added and bowed.

    Aurelia then returned to the bed and sat on the edge next to Grace who had got up to observe Aurelia. “Wow.” Said Grace “You are a fucking great dom Aurelia. I really got to learn a whole bunch of stuff from you and quick. Just watching you there got me so hot.”

    Grace is getting off on my suffering again I thought to myself. Let’s hope this doesn’t escalate.

    “I haven’t even started Grace. Once this runt has spent an hour with me in full dom mode he will be begging for mercy and putty in my sadistic hand.” Aurelia said proudly.

    I started to become quite uneasy hearing this wondering what this young latin beauty was capable of but certainly not wanting to find out.

    “Does it get you sexually aroused as well then Aurelia?” Grace asked

    “Fucking right it does.” She reached down and wiped her hands between her thighs several times.

    “Come here slave. On your knees.” She then commanded.

    I approached cautiously fearing more pain.

    “Now sniff my fingers and tell your mistress whether you think your suffering pleases her.” I leaned forward and gently smelled her hand. It had that sweet sticky smell of sexuality. I nodded at Aurelia.

    “What?” she asked. “Speak you fucking imbecile.”

    She was really toying with me now allowing me to talk so I quickly added, “Yes goddess. I think my suffering pleases you.”

    Aurelia then smiled at Grace and licked her lips. Grace was now starting to shake as her pleasure grew watching this. She learned forward without thought and kissed Aurelia on the lips.

    “I am so glad we teamed up Aurelia.” Said Grace.

    Aurelia then returned the kiss with passion and replied, “We are going to make history making this bitch suffer Grace.”

    I knelt in shock watching this spectacle feeling nothing could be a surprise after this day but also quivered at the words Aurelia spoke and the clear sexual tension it created between them.

    After a little longer Grace looked back at me and asked, “So slave. What smells better? Goddess Aurelia’s hot wet pussy or my hot wet socks after a good gym session?”.

    I looked back at Grace and for a second and thought. Duh! Pretty fucking obvious one that Grace. Nothing smells worse than your feet bitch and I know that first hand. Then my mind returned to the question, which I realized was a trap. Whichever I picked the other would surely be insulted and beat me. As such I opted for, “They both smell equally beautiful my gorgeous goddesses.”

    Aurelia lifted herself off the bed and kicked the side of my head toppling me over. “So my beautiful pussy smells like rank feet then does it slave?” Aurelia screamed.

    I responded with “No.No.No. Sorry goddess that’s not what I meant.”

    “Well if you like the smell of rank feet so much I am sure myself and Grace can oblige your disgusting perversions as a reward. But you are going to have to earn it first. Now bend over and put your face in the carpet.”

    Fuck I thought here it comes but still assumed the dictated position. As I did so Aurelia said, “Fucking hell slave someone has done a good job on you already looking at those bruises. So I will go light on you this once.”

    I then waited for around thirty seconds while Aurelia started going through her things. The next thing I heard was a loud swishing sound which I took to be a whip or crop. This sounds really bad I thought.

    Grace then asked, “Do you mind if I enjoy this Aurelia? I am feeling so fucking horny right now.”

    “Be my guest Grace.” Aurela replied. “I am going to love every fucking minute of it myself.”

    As the first crop whipping hit my arse I winced. “Count each one out slave and thank me.” Aurelia ordered me. “One goddess Aurelia thank you”

    As she struck me a full ten times groaning each time with her rising excitement I heard Grace moaning on the bed as she was pleasuring herself watching me suffer. Once the tenth lashing struck Aurelia declared. “There and not a drip of blood in sight. Now get a dressing gown on and fuck off. Myself and Grace have business to attend to. We will see you at dinner in 15 minutes.”

    As I put the dressing gown on I looked as Aurelia approached Grace and then knelt down by her on the floor by the bed. She then gently moved Grace’s hand away as she was still furiously rubbing herself into ecstasy and then started to kiss and lick her pussy. “Oh my god Grace screamed. You beautiful creature.”

    Aurelia was now licking hard and persistently at Grace’s pussy sending her into raptures as Grace started screaming.

    Aurelia paused and quickly looked back at me. “You watch and you die slave!”
    Getting the message I quickly made my way to the door. Looking back for one final glance I saw Grace’s hands wrap around Aurelia’s head pulling her back into her pussy as she screamed “Fuck me with that beautiful tongue of yours Aurelia. I want you so fucking much right now!”

    As I left I heard a further final scream from Grace signaling her final glory.

    Realising I now didn’t have enough time to get to Yuki and Lucy’s room I swore to myself understanding that would no doubt be more problems for me later. I hence made my way back to my room to dress and then to the suite for dinner.

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    Things just keep getting worse for Chris. Aurelia and Grace are certainly two nasty bitches. And I am sure it's going to get even worse for the poor slave. :-)

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    i really enjoyed chapter 11, nikolas date, that was a nice one , i like her ;D I kinda like Mireille , shes a nice bitch XD Your pairing with Aurelia and Grace ios perfect, im curious to see what they will bring up hahahaha.
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Hi OneAuthor,

    Thank you for your kind comments my friend - I think you may be onto something with Aurelia and Grace...they are enjoying this far more than they should be...

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    Hi Natsuko,
    Nicola is a beauty and had a very haughty teasing side to her...I am sure Chris has struck gold with her! Mireille, one of the twins, has a more sadistic side but I think she is also a little playful, certainly more than her sister Karine. lol

    Grace and Aurelia are a match made in hell literally --- let's hope Chris can manage to evade them for a while...or not

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    Chapter 14 – The offsite Part 3 (Sadistic challenge No. 1)

    When I arrived back at the suite it was empty, but not for long. Lucy, Beth and Yuki soon arrived.

    “On your fucking knees slave.” Lucy screamed grabbing my neck and forcing me to the floor. “You will kiss each and every one of your goddesses feet when we enter a room. Know your fucking place!”

    I dropped to my knees and started kissing their shoes. Beth had those red and white designer shoes on again that she wore on the weekend before last. Lucy also had Italian designer shoes on. Hers were black with a low cut front exposing a large section of her toe cleavage. Yuki had simple black pumps on with a white trim around the open toe front.

    Looking down at me whilst I kissed their shoes Beth said, “You look like you have been having fun slave. Have you enjoyed the attentions of your goddesses?”

    I quickly flashed a look up at Lucy and Yuki who were also looking down at me. “Yes goddess thank you.”

    “Well,” Yuki then added, “It wasn’t much fun for me as he never turned up.”

    “What!” Beth screamed

    “I am so sorry Goddess Yuki and Goddess Lucy but the other goddesses took so long.” I begged.

    “Oh so it’s the other goddesses fault is it slave?” said Beth resentfully.

    “No. No. Sorry goddess Beth I am not saying that.” I pleaded.

    “Well what the fuck are you saying then bitch?” added Beth putting her shoe on my head and grinding my face into the carpet.

    “He’s saying that he will give us double the pleasure with his suffering when he takes breakfast with us in the morning Beth. Right slave?” Insisted Lucy.

    “You better perform as Lucy has instructed slave or you will be dealing with my personal punishment. Am I clear?” Beth hollered

    “Yes goddesses. Absolutely.” I replied hoping to stifle any further escalation.

    Luckily for me they must have been hungry because they then turned their attentions to the dining table, which had been set behind them and went to sit down. I remained by the door and kissed the ladies shoes as they entered one by one. The twins were still wearing their tennis shoes, Mireille without socks as I had those and Karine with hers still on. Seraphina and Porsche both had expensive designer shoes on like Beth and Lucy. Grace and Aurelia were last to arrive.

    As they entered I noticed Grace was wearing her old beaten up gym shoes that I had had the misfortune to experience close up more than once now. Aurelia also had a pair of old trainers on that looked almost as horrendous as Grace’s. On seeing me bend down to kiss her sneakers Aurelia quickly removed her bare foot from her shoe and wiped it down my face.

    “Pretty fucking nasty eh slave? Just wait until tomorrow when we give you your reward. They are going to be so much fucking worse.” They both chuckled as they walked away to join the others.

    Once everyone was in the room I got up and started to make my way to the table. I noticed there wasn’t a spare seat.

    “What are you doing off your knees slave?” Beth asked. “Who gave you permission?”

    Rather than answer I just dropped to my knees again and waited. And waited. And waited.

    They were half way through the main course when Beth addressed me again. “Thirsty and hungry slave?”

    I nodded. She then reached down into her handbag and retrieved a zip locked bag. Inside was a pair of her heavily soiled gym socks.

    “Well you can start by sucking the sweat out of these then bitch.” And then tossed the socks in the corner. “Run after them slave and stay over there we don’t want the smell putting us off our food.”

    Beth and the others then started laughing at my disappointment and humiliation. I sat in the corner sucking on the socks feeling sick and revolted by their taste and smell. They were indeed wet through with sweat but hardly enough to quench my thirst and certainly not healthy for any man to ingest.

    When the meal was over Beth approached me again and the others gathered around watching. “Well I must say slave that dinner was delicious. Such a pity you couldn’t join us. But we can’t have you starving now can we? How tip your head back, close your eyes and open your mouth.”

    I knew whatever was coming would be bad but also knew if I didn’t obey then I was going to be in for some hard punishment and my body had taken enough today. As such I complied.

    As I knelt there with my mouth open I felt something go into my mouth. It tasted salty and had the consistency of talcum powder. It made my mouth go dry instantly. “Ok open your eyes slave.” Beth said.

    As I opened my eyes I could see her emptying the final remnants of a ped egg into my mouth. “We have all had a good go on this for you slave so you need to thank us all for this wonderful meal we have bequeathed upon you.”.

    I murmured a thank you with my mouth full of their disgusting food dust and skin and Beth responded. “Aww is that all dry poor slave?” and then leaned over and spat in my mouth. “There that will help and if you need more refreshment you can get back to my vile rank socks for the extra juice. Enjoy your meal.”

    The rest all left laughing at me and throwing the odd contemptuous glace or kick at me. Lucy who was the last to go stopped and said “If you are still hungry after all that delicious food we have given you myself and Yuki may allow you to share breakfast with us. You will pick it up at 7am and bring it to us in our room. Don’t be fucking late or you will regret it!”

    She was then about to leave when she stopped and turned around. “And don’t even think about running slave. I have you on watch and any attempt will be met with punishments so bad even your worst nightmares wouldn’t come close. Clear?”

    I dropped my head and said, “Yes goddess Lucy. I won’t run and won’t be late. Goodnight.”

    She looked at me in a testing way and seemingly satisfied turned and left. I dropped to the floor and closed my eyes just glad I had made it through the worst day of my life.


    It was 6am when I finally made it off my pillow exhausted, aching and still in pain from the prior days exertions. I took a shower and then called down for some breakfast hoping to get some food but was told by reception that mine was being arranged by Miss Constance and would be available for me to collect at 0630. Lucy had thought of everything I rued.

    I collected the breakfast trolley, which was covered by a tablecloth at 0645 and made my way up to Yuki and Lucy’s room. I arrived a little before 0700 and knocked on the door.

    “Enter came the reply.”

    On entering I saw Yuki and Lucy sat at the room’s breakfast table in their gym clothes looking very sweaty.

    “We have been out for an early morning run slave and given you were bringing breakfast we postponed our shower to ensure the food was still hot when we ate.”

    Yuki sniggered at Lucy’s comment, which led me to believe they were up to something.

    “Bring the trolley over then slave, quickly!” Lucy ordered.

    I wheeled the trolley over and set it down by the side of their table.

    “Ok remove the tablecloth and let’s see what has been prepared for us, slave.” Yuki demanded.

    On lifting the cloth I scanned the breakfast banquet, which was fit for a queen. Well two queens in fact. As well as a range of cooked breakfast items, there were cereals, fresh fruit, juices and even champagne in a chiller bucket. Underneath the food spread were plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery. The sight of all this food made my stomach cramp with hunger and my mouth parch with thirst.

    “Well get a move on slave. Serve your goddesses and be grateful we are letting you watch us feast.” My hunger was killing me and I was really pissed off they were rubbing my face in it and making me thankful. Lucy really is a super-bitch of the highest order.

    “Thank you for allowing me to watch goddesses.” I murmured weakly as I set their table, took their orders and started to dish their food out including serving the champagne.

    “You are welcome.” Yuki added starting to get into her role as a goddess.

    They sat gorging on the food making accentuated eating noises to torture me further. On each sip of juice or champagne they added a loud “Ahh that’s really hit the spot.” They proceeded to describe how lovely the food was in infinite detail ignoring me completely.

    After 15 minutes of making me watch them eat. Lucy turned to me and said, “If you are a good slave we may even toss you a few scraps when we have finished.” and then laughed.

    Yuki then ordered me onto my knees and leant over me and spat in my face. “You can drink that while you are waiting slave if you can reach it with your tongue.” She said and they both laughed again.

    After kneeling there for close to an hour watching them eat I felt really lousy. The offer of food from the night before was a complete ruse. They just wanted to torture me knowing how hungry I was. Eventually they seemed to be finishing off and there was still some food left on their plates so I was hopeful of at least something. When they were satisfied they stopped their conversation and turned their attentions to me.

    “Did you enjoy the honour of watching us dine, slave?” Lucy enquired.

    Summoning all the sincerity I could muster I replied, “Thank you my goddesses. Yes it was a true honour.”

    Lucy then turned to Yuki and said, “You know perhaps he deserves a little more than scraps Yuki. He has been very good and patient with us this morning.”

    “I agree Lucy. Slave clear everything away and set a bowl for yourself on the floor.” I quickly complied and put everything away. It killed me scraping all that food to one side but I did it anyway in the hope of something better. When complete I grabbed a bowl and set it down.

    “Ok slave. Put some cornflakes in the bowl for yourself. You may eat.” Said Yuki.

    I quickly put a full bowl of cornflakes together and then searched for the milk. To my dismay there was none remaining. The thought of dry cornflakes was pretty lousy but better than nothing I thought.

    On seeing my disappointment Lucy said “No milk left slave. That’s a real shame. Cornflakes can be so dry without milk.”

    Lucy then took a look on the table and eyeing the champagne bottle said, “Oh look there is still a little champagne left. Perhaps you would like that instead of milk?”.

    Thinking that champagne was better than dry cornflakes I responded, “Yes please goddess. That would be really kind.”

    Lucy then turned to Yuki and said, “Yuki love. Would you be kind enough to put some champagne on slave’s cornflakes for him?”

    To which she picked up the bottle and stepped towards me. She then learnt into my face and said “If I add some champagne to your cornflakes you will need to really thank me afterwards slave. Right?”

    “Ok course goddess Yuki” I replied in the affirmative.

    Yuki’s face then turned from a gentle sympathetic look to a nasty vindictive look. She then reached down and pulled her gym pants and knickers down and positioned herself over the bowl. I looked down in horror. She then released a heavy flow of urine over the cornflakes filling the bowl up around the cornflakes.

    Seeing her piss fill the bowl up she clenched to stem the flow and then stood up and stepped closer to me. “You are not going to waste this champagne are you slave? That would really upset your goddesses.”

    Knowing how completely ruthless Lucy was I knew I was going to have to at least try else I could be leaving the building in an ambulance. A shiver ran up my back and through my body as I realized I was going to have to drink Yuki’s urine before I would then have to eat those cornflakes. I tipped my head back, closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

    I felt a heavy smack across my face before Yuki said, “Don’t be fucking disrespectful bitch. Open your eyes and concentrate to ensure you get every drop. I want you to swallow it as I release it into your mouth. Any spillage will mean a lot of pain for you.”

    Lucy looked on in amusement. I guess she was recalling the time when she did something very similar to me though with a much bigger audience.

    I opened my eyes just as the hot stream of piss started to fill up my mouth. Realising the flow was very heavy I started to quickly gulp to keep pace and ensure none hit the carpet. The consumption of that piss was awful; it tasted really sour and made my guts wretch several times. Yuki and Lucy started laughing seeing the discomfort on my face.

    After about 30 seconds of drinking that piss the flow was abating and Yuki ordered me, “Lick off the remaining drips and thank me slave.”

    I leant forward and gently licked Yuki to remove the remaining urine. “Thank you goddess.” I said my head bowed in disgust.

    “You may now eat your cornflakes slave. Though they have gotten a little soggy with your procrastinations slave. Still look on the bright side you are a desperate piss drinker by birth so this will be right up your street.” Lucy chuckled.

    Lucy then leaned over and coughed up some horrendous mucus and spat on the cornflakes five times. “That will give it some sweetness as sugar will only make you put on weight slave”

    The both watched intently as I bent down and started to eat the cornflakes. Seeing how repulsed I was, they both laughed again. “Every fucking mouthful slave. Nothing left. Understand?” Lucy added.

    Not waiting for me to respond she added, “And if you don’t I will shit in that bowl and make you eat that as well.”

    I was really struggling to consume the piss soaked cereal and gagged several times. Lucy was getting agitated and that wouldn’t be a good thing. Moments later she leapt to the feet and screamed “Fuck this you ungrateful little cunt. Put that spoon down and get your face in that bowl. You will eat it like a dog if you can’t show more respect for your goddesses.”

    Now regretting not making a better effort to eat the cereal I put the spoon back on the trolley and put my face slowly towards the bowl ready to eat. Almost immediately Lucy put her sneaker on the back of my head and forced it into the bowl. With my face fully immersed in the cereal mush and piss I began to choke and splutter.

    “You fucking imbecile. It’s going everywhere. Drink it idiot. Drink it!” Lucy shouted and pushed my face deeper into the piss.

    I summoned all the resolve I could and started taking large gulps of the foul mixture. Though I continued to choke and heave forcing it down. I eventually got the bottom of the bowl. I then collapsed hold my stomach with sickness.

    “You haven’t finished yet slave.” Yuki added. “You still need to lick that bowl clean and thank me for your breakfast.”

    I slowly rose to my knees, picked the bowl up and then licked the remnants of the foul contents. “Thank you my goddesses.” I said thankful my ordel was at an end.

    “That’s better slave. Now we will allow you to have the second course.” Lucy said with evil glee in her eyes.

    Yuki and Lucy then ordered me to remove their gym sneakers. I really didn’t like where this was going. The stink was awful. They had both obviously avoided washing their feet and reused pre-worn socks for their morning run and the odour filled the room up.

    “Fucking hell. That’s some rank feet stink for you slave. I didn’t think they could get that bad so quickly.” Lucy giggled.

    “Now remove our filth socks carefully and place them down on a plate in front of you.” Yuki added.

    As I removed the socks I revealed a large grey compressed mass inside each under their soles.

    “Mmmm that looks absolutely fucking delicious right slave?” Lucy said. “Now turn the socks inside out over the plate ensuring you get all that sustenance on your plate without spilling any. Then do the same by licking the soles of our feet to remove any of that shit that is still stuck under there.”

    They then placed their soles over the plate to ensure any food still stuck to their feet would fall on the plate when removed with my tongue.

    The smell was overwhelming me and several times as I tried to lick off the sweat soaked food mass they ground their feet into my face and laughed.

    “Mmm tasty treats for slave. You aren’t going to want to eat for a month after this!” Lucy said going into fits of laughter.

    I slowly made my way through the great damp mass of food. It tasted like bread but sodden with their foot sweat was more akin to an overripe blue cheese. I don’t know how I got through it but eventually the food was gone. Somewhat disappointed I had actually managed to eat it all Lucy barked. “Well fucking hell, you have surprised me slave. You have more resolve than I credited you with. We are going to have to try a little harder next time. For now you have pleased your mistresses. Now wash those filthy vile socks off in your mouth while we shower then you may leave.”

    Lucy and Yuki then proceeded to strip naked in front of me. Both beautiful shaped bodies were still glistening with sweat, which threw small reflections of light across the room. Lucy stepped towards me and grabbed my hair pulling it close to her pussy, which was neatly trimmed and perfectly shaped.

    “I bet you would rather have had this for breakfast right slave? My delicious wet pussy, sweet and succulent from my morning exertions. Well dream on you fucking insignificant worm. That will never happen. Ever!”

    She then turned and wiped her arse crack down my face adding “But this you may get if you are really really good.”

    Yuki and Lucy then both left to enter the bathroom before Yuki turned and added, “And those socks better be sparkling before you leave or there will be hell to pay slave!” to which they both laughed again and disappeared.

    I made my way back to my room and immediately threw up in the toilet. Despite copious amounts of water I struggled to shake the horrendous taste from my mouth so went to lie on the bed.

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    Chapter 15 – The offsite Part 4 (Sadistic challenge No. 2)

    I was awoken with a start not one hour later with a loud knock on my door. My stomach-ache had abated somewhat but I still felt unwell having ingested so much filth.

    “Hello.” I called out meagrely.

    I then heard a reply from the other side of the door, “Message for Mr Wimp.”

    I slowly arose and went to the door. A receptionist was in the hallway outside my door holding a folded piece of paper. I took it and thanked her and she then giggled and disappeared.

    Unfolding the paper I read the message ‘Where the fuck are you slave? You should have been at our room one hour ago! Goddesses Porsche and Seraphina”

    I cringed at the thought this message had been dictated by Porsche and Seraphina and then scribed by the reception before being delivered. They must think I am a completely pathetic. No wonder the receptionist laughed as she left.

    When will I get a fucking break? I thought to myself. This endless nightmare has no let up. Resigned to more hostilities for my tardiness I got myself together and made my way to their room. On arriving I knocked and was told to enter.

    Now Porsche and Seraphina were more like beautiful sirens than fearsome amazons but on this particular occasion their anger was palpable and occupying the whole room.

    “So you thought it wise to keep your goddesses waiting for an hour did you slave?” said Porsche.

    “Erm, I am really sorry goddess. It’s just that..” I started to say before Porsche stepped forward and slapped me across the face.

    “No excuses. All insubordination and tardiness will be punished severely.” She shouted.

    Porsche then looked back at Seraphina and motioned her to come forward. Seraphina looked a little hesitant but joined Porsche anyway. Porsche then nodded in my direction to Seraphina as if motioning for her to do something to me.

    After a brief pause Seraphina unleashed a walloping slap across my face sending me to the floor.

    “Wow. Did I just do that?” She declared. “That felt fucking awesome!” Seraphina then went into fits of laughter looking down at me.

    “Get up slave.” Ordered Porsche and I slowly rose to my knees holding my burning cheek.

    “Do that again Sera!” Porsche cooed to which Seraphina unleashed another enormous smack to the side of my face.

    My god I thought as I hit the ground again, this girl is putting everything into these smacks and loving every minute of it. I thought these two were the softer touches of the group. How fucking wrong was I? They are completely crazy.

    I was ordered up a further three times to receive a whack from Seraphina before she said, “My hand is stinging now slave you stupid fucking idiot. Kiss the hand that beat you, then kiss my feet and beg for my forgiveness.”

    When I arose this time there were tears in my eyes from the stinging pain in my cheeks. As I bent down to kiss Seraphina’s feet a tear dropped on her toes and disappeared between them. She then giggled as if it had tickled.

    “I am deeply sorry goddess Seraphina please forgive me.” I pleaded.

    “Well you are not fucking forgiven slave.” Replied Seraphina. “Now strip naked like before and get on your knees.”

    Remembering what happened yesterday I slowly proceeded to remove all my clothes and got back on my knees in front of them. They then removed their clothes until they were stood over me completely naked. I couldn’t help be overwrought by their beauty but remembering what happened last time I knew I needed to keep my composure and prevent any arousal if I was to avoid being kicked out of the room.

    I tried to avert my eyes down to the floor catching sight of their pretty feet, high arches and long slender toes before I heard, “Eyes on us slave. Do you want another slap? Don’t you want to look at our heavenly bodies? Are we not divine in every way?” Porsche said, swishing her head gently from side to side so her long blond hair tantalized her cheeks gently.

    I looked up and responded, “Absolutely goddesses. I am not worthy to be in the presence of such beauty.”

    Seraphina smiled at this saying, “Indeed you are not worthless slave. Tell me does our beauty intimidate you?”

    “Indeed it does goddess.” I replied which was indeed true. I then instinctively looked down again almost to reflect the response I had given.

    I then felt another hard slap on my face before Porsche said, “Are you not fucking listening? You were told explicitly to keep your eyes on us slave. If you avert your eyes again I will stick my fingers in your sockets and push them right back into your pathetic brain. Understood?”

    I looked back up quickly at the two blonde sirens my cheek burning once again. Seraphina then leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I am feeling so fucking hot and wet at the moment slave watching you suffer. My pussy is literally dripping with sexual excitement. Do you know that feeling when your whole body is rippling with waves of pleasure and you know the only way you can cure it is by surrendering yourself completely to an orgasmic release?”

    Porsche then added, “I am sure he does Seraphina. Look at the desperation in those eyes as he beholds our sweaty naked bodies in his gaze. The agony of his desire for us is palpable. If only he could take his throbbing hard cock and fuck us both his worthless life would be made complete.”

    Porsche then turned to Seraphina and pulled her lips towards her. She reached out her tongue and then with the tip circled Seraphina’s mouth leaving a delicate layer of moisture around it. Seraphina then took her tongue and licked her lips savouring the wet kiss Porsche had left for her.

    Their bodies then intertwined with their thighs and pussies in a firm embrace. Seraphina started rubbing her body up and down Porsche’s, moaning and licking her breasts, nipples and neck.

    I was completely transfixed by their erotic dance and had entered another world similar to paradise in my mind. Porsche and Seraphina then slowly unlocked their embrace and looked towards me. Their bodies were now glistening with the sweat from their embrace and also the initial releases of their intimate desire for each other.

    Seraphina then stepped towards me so her pussy was literally 1-2 inches from my face. “Smell of my divine scent slave and tell me how glorious it is.”

    I was really starting to sweat now and having to muster all the concentration I could away from the situation to prevent arousal. I learned forward and took a gentle sniff of Seraphina’s pussy. It had a sweet delicate aroma that only added to the challenge of keeping my cool. I had to secretly pinch myself to inflict the necessary pain to block the arousal signals my body was trying to send.

    “Can you feel yourself surrendering to the sexual aura my body is invading your mind with? Do you feel my total control of your weak soul imprisoned by your complete submission to my rapturous beauty? Doesn’t that smell completely overwhelm your senses slave?” Seraphina whispered licking her lips with lust.

    “Your scent is simply beautiful my goddess.” I barely managed to say as my mind was melting and my voice quivering.

    They were both looking down at me intently. I was still, though barely, keeping my arousal under control. Though god only knows how. Looking disappointed Seraphina slapped me once again knocking me to the floor. She then said, “Crawl to us on your knees you desperate pathetic worm.” They then retreated back to the bed.

    As I approached Porsche raised her legs up on the bed and spread her knees apart. She started touching herself in small concentric circles around her clitoris in my full view. She started moaning with pleasure.

    “Now smell her pussy slave. Describe her wonderful intoxicating scent as goddess Porsche’s releases signal the advent of her pleasure.” Seraphina insisted.

    As I learnt forward Seraphina brought her foot up and planted it on my face, “Not so eagerly slave. These moments are to be treasured. Savour the moment as your mind embraces the thought of immersing your senses in that warm wet abyss of pleasure.”

    She held my face in the sole of her foot for a couple of minutes while I watched Porsche continue to play with herself. She then said, “Now proceed slowly,” and hooked her foot behind my head to pull me closer to Porsche’s pussy.

    I was literally millimetres away at this point and as Porsche writhed and groaned with pleasure I felt her pussy brush my nose leaving small deposits of her pre-cum on it. My body was now heavily resisting my attempts at maintaining my composure and I could feel a growing arousal in between my legs. I barely kept my mind with Seraphina but when I then took a sniff of Porsche’s beautiful perfectly groomed pussy the chemical signals shot into my brain like a rocket and obliterated any remaining self-control I had left. I started to get an erection.

    Seraphina then arose slightly and leaned over my ear and said, “Lose yourself in that world of heavenly bliss slave. Abandon any resistance you have left and succumb to her superior resplendent form.”

    Seraphina then looked down at my erection and on seeing it smiled and stroked Porsche’s thigh gently. Porsche looked across and returned the smile. Seraphina then leaned back on the bed and retrieved something from the floor. A few seconds later I felt a stinging pain welling up from my cock. She had struck me with the same crop that Aurelia had used on my back the day before. I bent over and screamed holding my throbbing manhood.

    Seraphina then spoke again, “I said describe the scent slave, not immerse yourself in your own despicable desires! I will not tolerate any show of self-gratification in our presence. You must and will learn complete self-control. Am I making myself clear slave?” Seraphina had a wicked self-satisfied smile on her face.

    My god I thought. I have two of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on in front of me rubbing their pussies in my face and masturbating just a few millimetres away and I am supposed to not be aroused. What the fuck! At that point I could see where their devious game going. If I reacted to their succubus like temptations it would mean more pain. I had to regain my composure somehow thought I had no clue how I would achieve that.

    The stinging pain in between my legs had at least allayed my recent urges and I replied, “I am so sorry goddess. I will try not to disappoint you again.”

    “You will do more than try slave. You will do what you are told.” Said Seraphina.

    “Now lean forward and lick goddess Porsche’s pussy. Immerse your nose in between her beautiful wet lips and thrust your tongue deep inside her. Suck her clitoris and subvert yourself to her complete sexual satisfaction.”

    On top of everything before the words alone would make any normal man blow his top but I had to do all this and not get at all aroused again. As I learned forward to start thrusting my tongue into her pussy I felt the arousal welling up inside me again. Seconds later I was in excruciating pain again as the crop landed again on my erect cock.

    “I thought I told you no fucking selfish thoughts slave! Now concentrate on pleasuring goddess Porsche”. Seraphina had an evil smirk on her face. She was clearly enjoying the control she had over me together with the pain I was being submitted to.

    I took three more crop lashes on my manhood before completing that task before Porsche finally climaxed. As she did she kicked out her foot which hit me square in the face and sent me toppling backwards onto the floor.

    Seraphina then commanded, “Right slave now you will serve me. On your back you worthless piece of shit.”

    I moved so I was lying down on my back. Seraphina then arose and walked over so her feet were either side of my head and she was looking down at me. She was absolutely fucking stunning with her long blonde mermaid hair, large pert breasts and beautiful shaped body. I gulped as I listened.

    “Right now listen carefully slave. I am going to sit on your face and you are going to pleasure me with no thought to your own personal needs. You will remain totally committed to my desires otherwise you will pay the price. Understood?”

    As I started to answer Seraphina lowered herself onto my face and started rubbing her pussy up and down my face. It was already wet with the sexual excitement of watching Porsche’s prior pleasure. It wasn’t long before I was erect again. Porsche by this time had recovered and was sat by the side of us. She reached out and grabbed my cock and started to bend it hard against the erection causing me immense pain. I screamed out to which Seraphina said, “I want that tongue deep inside me you worthless cunt now shut your noise and concentrate all your energies on my pleasure.”

    As I offered my tongue towards her, my face was immersed in her sweet wet pussy and she started groaning. Once again I was finding it impossible not to be aroused and each time I was, I received a punch or twist to my privates from Porsche sending me into the throws of deep pain. I could hear her laughing whilst she did this. As I felt Seraphina close in on her orgasm I felt Porsche starting to stroke my cock to ensure I could not help but get another erection.

    At the point that Seraphina exploded Porsche jumped up and threw a full force kick straight into my balls. I shrieked in agony and writhed. Seraphina had me pinned down with her pussy still on my face so I could not escape or curl up in pain.

    “Drink my cum bitch!” She ordered and pulled my hair so that my face was thrust into her pussy once more. She then wiped herself up and down my face again covering me in a thick layer of her orgasm. “My scent will mark our property for now you belong to us.”

    Miraculously I managed to clean off the remaining cum from Seraphina’s pussy without further arousal only because my balls were on fire with the immense pain.

    As she then arose I curled up and remained bent over nursing my broken manhood. Porsche then stepped onto the side of my face as I wept and said “Men are so pathetically easy to control and completely without any will or strength to manage their desires. You weakness slave is our power. You are now completely bound to our will.”

    Porsche was grinding her heel into my cheek as she went on, “Look at you slave beneath my goddess foot. Utterly desperate for our attentions and your insignificant release. Well the only attention you will be getting today is the sole of my foot as I grind it down into your face to show the complete contempt with which I hold you in.”

    Seraphina then planted her foot next to Porsche’s sliding it down my face and cupping my nose with her toes, “Can you smell your humiliation slave? Does the stench of your defeat prostrate under my foot help you understand your total servility to our will? Let my sweaty foot impregnate that tiny mind of yours with the reality that our otherworldly beauty will always be beyond your wildest dreams.”

    They ground their feet into my face, as I lay there feeling worthless, helpless and completely undermined for at least five minutes before kicking me one last time and walking away.

    “Now lay there while we continue to pleasure each other and if I see so much as see a hint of a hard-on you will wish you were born a woman.” Porsche said.

    Seraphina and Porsche then returned to the bed and intertwined their bodies such that each was able to give oral pleasure to the other. They then continued to lick, suck and kiss each other until they fulfilled all their orgasmic needs. This unification of their lust and love for each other went on for almost an hour. I closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears to ensure I could not witness any part of that angelic bonding as for me it would have meant more hellish suffering. Thankfully they were too engorged in each other to notice.

    When they were sleeping following the exhaustion of their climactic endeavours I grabbed my clothes, dressed and slipped out of the room remaining careful not to wake them.


    When I got to my room I quickly made my way into the bathroom to nurse my broken body and give myself a much-needed release feeling pathetic that it was proving Porsche right.

    Once I had regained my composure I exited the bathroom and found some complimentary biscuits that had been left in the basket by my bed. I quickly ate them all satisfying at least part of my hunger. My body was still wracked with pain as I lay on the bed once again to recover. I was feeling distraught at this point wondering how I would cope with the days ahead of me. I needed to do something.

    After thinking long and hard I decided to send Nicola a text message. I quickly put together a message explaining that I needed her help and asked if she would meet me on the weekend. After around thirty minutes I got a reply

    “What’s wrong Chris?” [Nicola]

    “Need to tell you F2F” [Me]

    “I am worried about u. r u ok?” [Nicola]

    “I will be. Just really need to see you Nicola.” [Me]

    “Sure. I can come to yours first thing Saturday. Ok Chris?” [Nicola]

    “Thank you Nicola. I really appreciate your support” [Me]

    “Anything I can do to help Chris. Take care. xxx” [Nicola]

    I felt a lot better now I had something positive to focus on. I just needed to keep my sanity and health for the next three days to arrive at the weekend in one piece. I managed to sleep again for a couple of hours before I awoke and realized I would need to get ready for dinner again which was in the same suite as last night. I was highly tempted not to go, as I was sure I wouldn’t get any real food but decided that would just result in more abuse.


    On returning to the suite I waited by the doors on my knees and kissed each woman’s shoes as they entered. Apart from Beth who had another pair of designer shoes on, blue with black buckles, everyone else was in the same shoes as the previous night.

    Rather predictably Aurelia repeated her trick of wiping her foot down my face when I bent down to kiss her shoe, which released a putrid waft of rank feet into my face.

    Seeing my repulsion she laughed and said, “Grace and me have been busy on the tennis courts and in the gym all day. Our feet are almost ready for your attentions but not quite. We still have another workout in the morning. Be at our room at 11am sharp slave and prepare for the stink-fest of your life!”

    She then laughed and walked to the table to join the others.

    Once again I was left kneeling in the room for the duration of the starter course. On the arrival of the main course Beth ushered me over. I approached on my knees and kissed her shoes again trying to appeal to her for pity. She grabbed my cheeks in between her fingers, which were still sore from the earlier slapping from Seraphina and Porsche then pulled me closer.

    “I have heard that you did well today slave and your conditioning has led to some marked improvements in your attitude and behaviour. Seeing you kiss our feet on entering and again as you approached me shows you are learning your place slave. Is that true?” Beth said.

    “I am learning goddess Beth and hope I have pleased you with my efforts today.” I said again in the hope of some food but at least to ensure no further punishment was forthcoming. Though hearing the words I despised myself for it.

    “Well I think you have earned a treat. Appropriate behaviour for your goddess merits a reward.” Beth replied.

    She then took a plate and placed it on the floor by her feet. Shortly after she scraped some of the main course leftovers onto the plate and then held her palm out towards me. “Wait.” Came the instruction.

    Beth then bent down under the table and spat three times onto the plate of food. She then removed her shoe and proceeded to compress the food into a pulp under her toes.

    After about three minutes of this she said, “Ok clean my feet up first slave then you may proceed to eat the food I have kindly prepared for you.”

    I knew if I showed any disgust at this spectacle I would lose the dinner altogether so held a smile on my face trying to display as much sincerity as possible.

    I then followed with, “Thank you goddess Beth for preparing this food for me.”

    Beth then smiled and clicked her fingers as a signal I could now begin. The women all watched this play out and chuckled amongst themselves as they continued to eat. I moved forward and started licking the mushed up sole of Beth’s upturned foot. Her feet didn’t smell too bad and the food tasted great after eating only a few biscuits in the last couple of days. Once I was sure Beth’s feet were clean I started to kiss the tops of her feet. She looked down, inspected her soles and then clicked her fingers again signalling that I could eat from the plate. Despite the spit she had added to the food it didn’t really affect the taste and again I ate everything on the plate feeling much better now. At least from a hunger point of view.

    When I had finished the women were taking desert. Beth leaned over towards me and said, “Now off to bed slave. Us grown-ups have important things to discuss and you have more conditioning trials to work through tomorrow. Be sure not to disappoint me!” Beth then pointed her finger at the door.

    How fucking condescending can someone be? ‘Us grown-ups’ indeed. I am not a fucking child! Keeping those thoughts to myself I bid my goddesses goodnight and made for the door on my knees. The last thing I heard was Grace shouting out at me, “11am prompt slave. Don’t be late!”

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    Chapter 16 – The offsite Part 5 (Sadistic challenge No. 3)

    The following morning to my surprise I was able to get a light breakfast delivered to my room though I feared Beth would find out. I thought it best not to venture out in case I encountered one of the team. It was at this point I realized that I was actually becoming scared of these women. They were actually creating fear and uncertainty in me. My will to put up any sort of fight was fading as I searched for some glimmer of optimism in the days ahead. I didn’t find any but did find solace in the fact I would at least have some time with Nicola once I got to the weekend.

    After watching TV for a while, washing up and getting dressed it was time to set off for Grace and Aurelia’s room. I wondered whether it was wise to have eaten at all given what had happened previously with Grace but thought it was right given I needed to keep up my strength.

    I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Inside I heard some excitable giggles and then, “Enter slave.”

    On entering I was immediately struck by a musty smell in the room that resembled changing rooms at a sports centre. Aurelia and Grace were lying on the bed looking tired from their lengthy exercises. As both got up I was shocked at just how sweaty and hot they looked. It was almost as if they had slept the night in a sauna.

    Aurelia spoke first, “Grace and I spent a lot of time and energy planning and preparing for this slave so you better be fucking grateful when this is over!”

    After a slight pause she went on, “Now I have been dealing out punishments to men for a few years now but I don’t recall ever putting someone through the hell you are about to face. In fact I am wet with excitement just thinking about it.”

    I gulped and my eyes widened and dilated.

    Grace then added, “Me too. Fuck, I can’t wait!”

    Aurelia despite her youth continued with supreme confidence, “Grace explained how much you have enjoyed engorging on the stink of her feet and socks previously and we both agreed to use this approach in your conditioning. This morning we will test your resolve and your foot fetish perversions to their absolute limits and you will demonstrate your complete devotion and gratitude to us while this is happening.”

    ‘Enjoyed?’ I thought. How far from the truth is that bullshit? More like made me sick to my back teeth. I kept quiet.

    Aurelia’s tirade of humiliating words continued, “Now I could say that our feet stink but that is not coming anywhere near the truth. Our feet are so rank, vile and disgusting that it will feel like hell on earth for you to be trapped under them. Be clear though there will be no backing out of this. Karine and Mireille have requested a full account of your performance with us this morning as an indicator for what they will put you through this afternoon. So unless you do everything we say and meet all of our expectations then you will be severely punished by us and I can’t even imagine what they will do to you after.”

    The blood was draining from my face listening to all this. I had previously prayed I would not have to spend another session in the cubicle with Grace and now here I was with not only Grace, but Aurelia as well, about to face the ultimate foot stink hell. I closed my eyes and prayed again that I would be able to get through this ok with my mind and body intact.

    Grace then spoke up and pointed, “Strip slave and sit in the corner over there.”

    Being naked in front of Grace was something new which unsettled me further as I now wondered what was going to play out. I went bright red with embarrassment as I stripped in front of them.

    “Aww. Look Grace. Our little slave boy is feeling all vulnerable and embarrassed.” Said Aurelia. They then both looked at me and laughed making sure to maximise my discomfort.

    Grace then added above her laughter, “Embarrassment is going to be the least of your worries when our super stinky feet are all over your face bitch.”

    Feeling dejected I went and sat in the corner covering my manhood with my hands. Grace and Aurelia then pulled two armchairs across the room and set them in front of me. They explained that their close proximity would give them additional leverage in leg strength over any potential resistance.

    They both then took their seats in front of me and put their sneakered feet on my lap. The incredible smell was already becoming evident even though their shoes were still a few feet from my nose. My body started to stiffen as I imagined briefly how bad this was going to be when their shoes were off.

    Grace then spoke, “So footwipe there are a few changes for our little pleasure session today. First of all you have four feet to deal with instead of two, lucky you double the fun! I have lent Aurelia some of my pre-prepared socks to help her really get a good stink on and I must say she has done a great job of keeping up with my high standards with all the gym sessions we have had together. She is a really committed dom and you are a very lucky slave.”

    My god I thought. How on earth can this be lucky?

    Grace continued, “Secondly you will masturbate hard and furiously while you are sniffing our vile feet and socks. You will need to achieve 3 full orgasms before we achieve one each. Only if you manage this will we inform the Deneuve twins that you have met our expectations and will you avoid a severe punishment with us.”

    My mind was now racing trying to find a way through this impossible task. I didn’t like the phrase severe punishment and how I was going to successfully masturbate and climax even once whilst taking in such an awful smell? Also how fucking bad was my time with the twins going to be if I failed? They already hated me! Fucking hell I thought!

    Grace then said, “We will give you a couple of minutes to prepare yourself and then you will quickly remove our sneakers. The fun will then begin. Is everything absolutely crystal clear slave?”

    “Err. I think so goddesses. It’s just that…” I said before Aurelia interrupted me. “Shut up you fucking moron! It’s not that complicated!”

    Wow I thought Aurelia is bloody vicious as a dom!

    Aurelia then went on, “Also there is good news and bad news. Good news is you have an extra bonus in that we wont have our sweat pants on so you get to look at our gorgeous wet pussies while we fuck ourselves crazy watching you suffer. Bad news is we are already hot as hell just thinking about how fucking bad this is going to be for you. So you better get a move on if you want to keep up!”

    They then proceeded to get up and remove their sweat pants. Neither was wearing knickers underneath and I could see between their sweat-covered thighs that their pussies were indeed already wet. As they sat back down they both started playing with themselves. “Better get a move on slave. You don’t want to waste all that delicious rank foot stench wallowing in our old sneakers.”

    Despite my embarrassment, with the thought of severe punishment and twins torture running through my mind, I quickly grabbed my cock with one hand and started stroking whilst keeping firmly focused on their thighs and hot wet cute pussies. Aurelia was completely shaven whilst Grace, as I would have expected, was very natural and covered in wispy light brown hair.

    Watching these two lovely women masturbating in front of me I immediately started to feel arousal between my legs. I just needed to keep focused on something normal to get myself off and avoid the thought of their disgusting feet. Also the prior days session with Porsche and Seraphina had left me horny as hell, which should give me a head start on them.

    “Come on slave get these hot sneakers off, my feet are burning up.” Aurelia screamed and Grace laughed.

    As I reached down to remove Aurelia’s first sneaker they looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Too fucking slow bitch”.

    They then quickly kicked off both sneakers and pushed all four socked feet into my face at the same time.

    As those socks came towards me I noticed a few things. Firstly the dirt and filth on them was absolutely foul. Being something of an expert in nasty socks after my prior trials I couldn’t believe how nasty they had managed to get theirs. It looked like they had worn them for a year without washing and that wasn’t good. Secondly the socks looked worn through, I could clearly see their feet through the underside of the socks as the ball, toe and heel area were completely threadbare. There were also a couple of small holes where their toes were protruding. Last but certainly not least was the indescribable yet utterly terrorizing smell.

    I understand that the body will react in strange ways when faced with absolute filth and disgust in an attempt at flight and self-preservation. As those socks approached my face my pupils dilated, my face went bight red in panic and my entire body initially froze and then convulsed as I threw myself back against the wall in a vain attempt to avoid my impending fate.

    As the four feet hit my face my initial feeling was from the heat and clammy wetness enveloping my face. Like before when Grace had me in the cubicle the sheer force and smothering effect their feet had on my mouth and nose was sending me into a claustrophobic panic. I was immediately struggling to find any air and so the inevitable happened, I took a long deep inhalation of their devastating foot odour in through my nostrils. The smell was the worst thing I had ever experienced in my life. It was so awful I was beyond sickness and bordering on innate self-preservation. I took my hand off my cock feeling utterly disgusted and started using all my energy to try and fight off their socked feet from my face.

    “No fucking chance slave.” Screamed Aurelia. “You are gonna deal with these feet whether you like it or not and the more you fight the worse we are gonna make it for you. Come on Grace really get your nasty feet all over his face. Don’t give him one fresh breath.”

    “Fuck yeah.” Screamed Grace. “Take all that foul stench my suffering foot whore.”

    I desperately tried to hold the army of feet back but they were too strong, too quick and too agile for me to have a chance.

    Aurelia then leaned forward and removed one sock and stuffed it in my screaming mouth while Grace continued to assault my nose with her rank socks.

    Grace then screamed, “Gag the bitch. Keep that sock in there so we can exploit the use of his nose for air. That will leave him no choice but to really sniff deeply and suffer.”

    Aurelia then forced her now bare right foot into my mouth holding the sock in place and choking me at the same time.

    I was desperately trying to remove the sock gag, which tasted beyond foul. But every time I reached up another foot kicked my arm away. As Aurelia forced the sock deeper into my throat with her foot I began choking and convulsing.

    Aurelia then said, “That’s it sock bitch. Choke on it. There is no way we are letting you get that filthy thing out of your mouth. In fact if your keep trying I will force it so far down your throat you will be feeding off of it for the rest of the week.”

    The sock gag and choking restricted my breathing further and I took even bigger breaths through my nose to compensate. Grace had anticipated this and forcefully rammed her socked toes up into my nostrils to initially prevent my breathing and then on releasing ensured I took a deep sniff right at the centre of stink hell between her toes.

    “Oh god. Please. No. I can’t take any more!” I screamed and Aurelia and Grace went into fits of laughter.

    “Look at that face Aurelia. Isn’t that suffering just the picture of beauty? I am in heaven right now. Wow do we make a perfect team.” Shouted Grace and then high fived Aurelia.

    She then continued, “This is the hottest most overtly sexual experience I have ever had.”

    Both of their faces were turning red with the onset of sexual excitement. Aurelia leaned across her chair and grabbed Grace’s head and pulled her forward kissing her passionately on the mouth. Grace reciprocated darting her tongue in and around Aurelia’s lips. The erotic energy between them was evident as they fed off each other.

    “You are so fucking gorgeous you beautiful evil bitch!” Screamed Aurelia.

    Grace reached down and started to play with Aurelia’s pussy as both continued to overcome my defences with their assault on my face.

    “Look at him suffer! See how we totally own him. He is utterly powerless and it’s so fucking wonderful. I don’t ever want this to end.”

    They both laughed again. I was starting to worry I wouldn’t get out of this room alive.

    Realising quickly that I was not strong enough to fight off their feet I started to quickly weaken as the stench consumed me. My body was going limp as it submitted to the lack of clean breathable air and the pummelling of feet into my face and nose. In the brief glimpses I got of their kissing, embracing and mutual masturbation I realized my only options were to give up to the assault and face my punishments or try and find some way to reach a climax amongst my utter disgust. I reached down and started playing with my cock as the god awful stench of feet attacked my nose in wave after wave.

    Aurelia noticed this and said “That’s it slave. Wank yourself to our fucking vile foot stench. Program that tiny brain of yours to associate all sexual gratification with that nasty smell between our toes.”

    She then dropped the foot attacking my nose, whilst keeping my foot gag in place with the other, and started teasing my balls and lower cock with her toes. She was pinching the lower base and pushing up and down in the same rhythm as my hand. Without my hands to defend my face I was now placing my nose at the complete mercy of their horrific feet and Grace was exploiting my weakness completely.

    Grace then said, “Good slave. You are now submitting yourself totally to your fate. All that stupid struggling was just putting off the inevitable. Now make sure you get big deep sniffs of these socks. I have worked so hard to maximise their pungency I don’t want you wasting a drop.”

    Aurelia then picked up the conditioning dialogue by adding, “Mmm. That smell is overwhelming you slave. It is now controlling your senses. Submit to that stink. Let it consume you. Feel the arousal in your cock as wave after wave of that raw acrid odour envelopes your face. Let it grow inside you until all you know is our dominating and controlling feet.”

    As she said this two things happened. Firstly Grace started screaming louder and louder. Aurelia’s hard Dom talking was driving her wild with excitement and she was nearing climax. Secondly Aurelia was increasing the frequency and pace of the cock thrusts she was doing with her toes. Despite every part of my body fighting to free itself from that killer stench I was nearing orgasm from her stimulation. I was struggling to understand how this could be happening but also felt powerless to fight it.

    Grace thrust her feet hard into my face as her body contorted into sexual fulfilment.

    “Oh my fucking god! Yes. Fucking Yes!” she screamed. Her orgasm was so powerful that she started kicking my face and slamming it into the wall as her body tensed and twisted in absolute ecstasy.

    Though I could hardly breathe, as their feet continued to assault my head and face, I too had a massive orgasm almost at the very same time. I threw my arms out and screamed, “Arrgh,” as my cock exploded.

    Aurelia screamed in triumph. Then there was a brief pause as Grace started to recover from her incredible indulgence. Aurelia then leaned over and kissed Grace again.

    Aurelia then said, “You are so fucking hot when you dominate bitch. I think I am falling in love with you. Now come kiss me here.” Aurelia slid her hand down towards her wet pussy motioning Grace to her desired intentions.

    She then offered a wistful seductive look at Grace to which Grace moaned with pleasure and responded, “I am gonna give you the fucking orgasm of your life bitch. Prepare for your body to explode in raptures.”

    Grace then removed her feet from my face and knelt on the floor in front of Aurelia with the underside of her socks sticking out behind her. As she leant forward, Aurelia opened her thighs and stroked Grace’s hair. Aurelia then bent over and said to me “One each bitch. You better get your face in those socks quick if you want to have any chance of getting through this trial successfully.”

    I watched Grace embrace Aurelia’s wet pussy with her lips as she started planting delicate kisses on her clitoris and inner thigh teasing Aurelia. Following my orgasm I was feeling both exhausted and utterly disgusted that I had come to debase myself to such a level and reached sexual gratification with something so revolting all over my face. The stink was impregnated on my face and would not leave me.

    As I looked down at Grace’s filth and stink-ridden socks I felt disgust at the thought of having to immerse my face in those despicable things once again. I initially started trying to masturbate whilst watching Grace pleasure Aurelia but Aurelia saw this transgression and screamed, “Get your fucking face in those socks bitch otherwise it won’t count and I will punish you more than severely.”

    Realising I had no choice I got up slowly, knelt down and leaned forward burying my nose back into Grace’s socks.

    As I took my first deep sniff I felt Aurelia’s feet land on my head as she wrapped them around Grace and pushed my face deep into Grace’s socks.

    Aurelia then screamed, “Ha! Get your fucking miserable nose in those socks bitch. Draw in that seductive scent. Disregard your inhibitions and allow yourself to submit to our power. As the foul smell spreads through your nose and into your mind realize that you are now on the path to complete submission.”

    She then pushed down even harder on my head driving my nose deep in between Grace’s toes.

    The first sniff was still occupied with a strong sense of disgust though worryingly I could feel my sexual excitement rising as I started masturbating. I started to take longer and harder smells of Grace’s malodourous socks as my cock got harder and harder. The stench was now confusing me and clouding my judgement. I grabbed my cock and started vigorously pulling back and forth in an effort to drive some pleasure out of my god-awful predicament. Aurelia continued pushing my face deep into the socks.

    Whilst this was happening Grace continued to tease Aurelia gradually increasing the frequency of her tongues attentions to Aurelia’s clitoris. She was now using a mixture of darting thrusts and long slow licks from the base of Aurelia’s pussy to the top sucking on the sweet spot each time. At the same time she was fondling and tweaking Aurelia’s nipples, which were pert and erect from her growing desire. Aurelia was starting to squirm and convulse with sexual pleasure grabbing Grace’s head more forcefully and pulling it deep toward her.

    I was now starting to feel my erection grow despite my body continuing to feel revolted by the smell surrounding me. My mind and body were in complete contradiction. I had to keep these two feelings (disgust and pleasure) separate in my mind. I could not afford to allow the association of one to connect with the other. As I went on masturbating with my face pressed deep into Grace’s filth ridden socks I was eventually overcome with the need to cum. This second orgasm was even more powerful than the first. I felt absolutely awful as the pleasure abated and all I could feel was the heat and horrendous stink of Grace’s socks. I desperately tried to pull away but Aurelia kept my head pinned.

    Eventually Aurelia moved one foot from my head and pushed it in between my legs to verify I had indeed cum having felt my convulsions.

    She then replaced her foot on my head and said to Grace. “Don’t let this cunt win. Fuck me lover with that filthy beautiful mouth of yours.”

    Grace then threw her face forward into Aurelia’s wet pussy and started vigorously thrashing her tongue deep inside and up to envelope her clitoris. She was sucking hard and fast pinching Aurelia’s nipples and stroking her sweaty wet thighs.

    “Mmm. You taste fucking delicious. Now cum for me you resplendent object of desire.”

    As Grace went into overdrive assaulting Aurelia with her best oral attentions, Aurelia started to shout and scream. “Oh my good. I can feel it coming. It’s coming Grace. Keep going!”

    Realising I had to react quickly I pushed on through the resistance my mind and body were offering. Grace sensing I was keeping pace then quickly yanked off her socks revealing her equally filthy feet, covered with lint, grime and stench. Another layer of defiance arose looking at her feet, they were truly shocking and I knew the smell would be even worse between her toes than her socks. Despite all this I summoned all my strength and immersed my nose between her toes and started sniffing again. As I did this I started to lose myself in the revolting stench that was consuming me. Amongst the shudders and convulsions of abject revulsion I started to feel a frightening compulsion to sniff Grace’s toes. I started to pull my cock vigorously in an attempt to summon one last orgasm but the two proceeding climaxes had left me depleted.

    I pushed my face deeper into Grace’s toes and started licking and sniffing them with all the commitment I could muster amongst my despair. In my total dedication to the task at hand I was unaware of the deafening screaming orgasm that Aurelia was experiencing. It was so intense that she started crying with joy and embraced Grace and kissed her lips once more.

    “My god that was amazing. Let’s be one Grace and take a journey together of unimaginable sexual exploration through the suffering of others.”

    Grace smiled wickedly and whispered, “You have awakened me fully Aurelia. I am now with you…always!”

    I was now nearing my third and final climax immersed in those revolting feet. I was throwing my tongue in and out of Grace’s toes lapping up all the filth between then and taking deep hard sniffs to fill my mind with their intoxicating stench as I rubbed my face along the length of those sweaty soles. My mind was now totally lost as the boundaries blurred between pleasure and pain. As I finally reach orgasm I lifted my head up and screamed a third and final time.

    As I raised my head Aurelia and Grace were looking down at me. Seeing my absolute submission to Grace’s feet and my sexual release, both were initially quite dumbstruck. As the redness in my face started to subside and my consciousness returned to the room I could see their faces initially move from wicked self-satisfied smiles to joyous laughter.

    “Well that couldn’t have gone any better Grace!” Said Aurelia.

    “I was so immersed in pleasuring you,” Grace replied, “that I couldn’t feel the depth of devotion he was serving my feet with. It was only after you climaxed I could feel that hot tongue in between my toes and the large wafts of air passing through my feet with his impassioned sniffing. Now seeing his face contorted with such pleasure I realize he is completely and utterly smitten with my stinky feet.”

    I slumped back against the wall exhausted and utterly destroyed by my pathetic submission. I couldn’t believe I had actually managed to climax amongst so much disgust. I realize I had allowed my mind and body to be totally enraptured and hypnotized by their threats and instructions. How was I ever going to recover from this humiliation? What permanent damage had this actually done? I was desperately hoping none. I couldn’t allow myself to become something so wretched.

    Watching me flush with embarrassment and curl up away into the corner Aurelia said, “You can run as far as you want but you will never escape what happened here today slave. Before you came into this room you were utterly disgusted by our filthy feet. Now you have started to associate their smell, taste and sight with your own pathetic sexual desires. How absolutely ridiculous is that. You should be completely ashamed of yourself. It is fucking inhuman.” Grace and Aurelia then started laughing uncontrollably.

    I bowed my head and started crying in absolute despair and self-loathing. Grace then added, “Ahh. Look at the sorry wretch Aurelia. He now understands that every word you said is true. Those tears are starting to make me wet again. Shall we start over?”

    Aurelia added, “Not with our feet Grace. For his conditioning to work we need to proceed slowly otherwise we will undo all the good work we have done today. Deep down his shame and repulsion are still alive in there somewhere. We need to slowly erode that if we are to make him completely dependent and devoted to our diabolical foot scent.”

    I put my head in my hands trying to drown out those words. Trying to fight the threat and truth that was embedded within them.

    Aurelia then declared, “Now slave I am sorry to say you failed, miserably. My orgasm of a lifetime (she then smiled at Grace) happened a good 5 minutes before you finished your worthless lot. Though I will say you did remarkably well given how bad our feet stink. I wasn’t sure we would get one orgasm out of you today and you managed three. Next time we are going to have to have to make things much harder for you. Anyway as you failed you will now have to suffer our chosen punishment.”

    Aurelia then crossed the room and retrieved her crop from the bedside table and returned to stand over me.

    “No please goddess Aurelia,” I whimpered “not that crop again.” To which she laughed and flushed red in the face with excitement, her eyes widening.

    “What do you think Grace? Shall we give the wretch something to dull the pain?” said Aurelia.

    “Perfect idea Aurelia.” Grace replied.

    Grace picked up her filthy socks off the floor and threw them down by my side. She then grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the floor planting my face in the socks. She then put her foot on the back of my head and started grinding my nose into them.

    “You may smell them while you receive your castigation slave. Maybe the stench left in them will dilute the pain of your suffering, but lets hope not!”

    Grace and Aurelia then started laughing hysterically as Grace crushed my face into her socks while Aurelia whipped my arse with the crop. Their sexual excitement was growing again and the crop lashings got harder and more frequent.

    Grace was standing over me closely watching each lash, “Fucking hell Aurelia you are magnificent with that crop. Hit him harder. Really punish him. Make his suffering absolutely. Don’t give him an ounce of remorse.” Grace was rubbing her hands up and down her body glancing her breasts and rubbing her pussy profusely.

    I couldn’t help but take deep sniffs of Grace’s socks as the pain made me breathless with lash after lash on my back. Their desire was starting to peak again as Aurelia’s inflictions on me became uncontrollable. Each crack of the crop was harder than the one before. Grace was screaming louder and louder.

    Grace was almost breaking my nose as these screamed, “Sniff those fucking revolting socks you miserable pathetic cunt.”

    To which Aurelia added, “Bleed you filthy sock whore. Suffer for your perverted desires. I will strip the flesh from your back until you embrace an agony you have never known in your miserable life.”

    The punishment was unrelenting as Aurelia released lash after lash across my back in a sexual frenzy. Grace continued to goad and encourage Aurelia into ever more brutal attacks.

    I screamed, cried and pleaded, “Mercy goddess. Please have mercy.”

    Grace screamed, “Keep crying and pleading you pathetic wretch it only adds to my pleasure.” She was nearing another orgasm now, which was driving Aurelia to still further heights of unrelenting brutality.

    “There will be no mercy for you slut until we have had our fill of your suffering and I am just getting fucking started.” Aurelia screamed and then let out a venomous laugh as she hit me harder and harder.

    The unrelenting attack went on and on until the pain eventually consumed me and I passed out.


    It was at least an hour before I came to and looking at my back I could see that their punishment had got way out of hand. I struggled to my feet and saw Grace and Aurelia sleeping on the bed naked and embracing each other. I made my way into the bathroom and found a basic medical kit to start dressing my wounds. The antiseptic stung like hell as I cleaned and bandaged the cuts. Luckily the lacerations were not as deep as I suspected given the amount of blood flow I initially observed but nevertheless the damage was marked and looked bad. Aurelia was an expert with that crop and knew exactly how to inflict pain with the minimal permanent damage but this time she had lost control completely and I was now carrying the evidence.

    I needed to get out of this room. The play off between Grace and Aurelia in their desire for sexual satisfaction through sadism and punishment had made them an extremely dangerous couple. Without something to keep them in check I feared nothing would actually stop them going too far and killing someone.

    I gathered up my clothes and dressed as best I could, wracked in pain, limped back to my room and collapsed on my bed. I then cried myself to sleep.


    A knock woke me some time after though I don’t know how long. “Yes?” I called out and Beth entered.

    “Where the fuck have you been slave? You had an appointment with Karine and Mireille over thirty minutes ago. I told you before I will not tolerate this insubordination!” Beth screamed at me.

    Now crying again with the advent of pain flowing through my body I turned slightly and removed the blood stained sheet from my back. Beth stopped in her tracks when she saw what Aurelia and Grace had done to me. She paused for 20 seconds before sitting on the bed next to me to examine the wounds more closely.

    Without saying anything she then brushed her fingers across my cheek and then ran them through my hair. Beth then leant down and kissed a tear on my cheek as it dropped from my eye. She kept her lips on my face for around five seconds and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again and sat up her face displayed a level of anger and rage I had never seen before. I started to recoil in terror wondering what she would unleash upon me. She then got up and stood above me.

    “No” was the only word she uttered. She then kissed her fingers and placed them on my cheek one last time and then turned to leave. As she reached the door she turned and said, “Never speak of this. Ever. Ok?”

    “Never my goddess” I replied as another tear fell from my face this time due to the unexpected tenderness she had shown me.

    Beth then left.

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    What a nice breakfast scene, i enjoyed the whole chapter *gg* Seraphina surprised me, whes hot as hell and may be even one of my faves so far ;D Aurelia and Grace . . . that funky, kinky, bitchy romance , crazy girls XD The end is interesting, but i wont spoileeeeeer *gg*
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    These sadistic challenges are quite entertaining to read and certainly humiliating if not painful for Chris. Sera and Porsche were quite wicked with their sexual teasing, Yuki and Lucy were quite sadistic with the pissing in the cornflakes, and Aurelia and Grace were truly devious and cruel with the combination of super-stinky feet and a severe beating with the crop. At least Beth showed a little tenderness to him after all he had endured.

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    Thank you Natsuko for your really great comments

    The breakfast chapter was quite devious and shows how manipulative Lucy can be when put with Yuki who earlier seemed quite respectful of Chris. Seraphina has not only charms and charisma but is also highly manipulative and a tease - she is a siren and one you should respect for she is not as weak as she comes across. She is the tamer of queens.

    Aurelia and Grace are a match made in hell and definitely ones to avoid for Chris if he wants to have any normality back in his life though I suspect Aurelia has other plans.

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