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Thread: MenHaters (F/m with F/f later in the story)

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    Is this a callback to the events of chapter 1, where Chris brings his loved one in a restaurant, and ends up feeling like shit in no small part because of a waitress?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacurason View Post
    Whaaaaaaat it's gotta be a trick, right? Right? Just a head game to make Christ submit himself more!
    It's always a good suggestion to challenge what you read in MenHaters Sacu. All will be revealed in the next chapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    Let's hope that it is indeed a mind-game and Nicola hasn't actually dumped Chris in favor of the waitress.

    The reason for this hope is that everything in that chapter leading up to the scene in the French bakery seemed to indicate that Nicola had forgiven Chris and that their relationship was back on track. Even as a dominant it had seemed everything was going well between them - although of course running into Sophia at the coat shop was a sticky situation that Chris barely managed to navigate without arousing Nicola's suspicion.

    I did enjoy all of that and everything but the very end of the scene at the bakery, in which Chris sat under the booth and worshipped Nicola's feet while his goddess lured in the waitress - who was clearly a lesbian submissive. The part in the bathroom where Nicola dominated the waitress with her feet while Chris and the three female university students watched was very hot, but the aftermath of Nicola telling Chris he was being cast aside in favor of the waitress seemed over the top. As stated earlier, perhaps it was just a head game to unsettle Chris and make him yearn for her more.

    Let's see what happens next!
    Mind games are very much part and parcel of MenHaters and the amount of mind fucking going on should leave us remaining healthily skeptical. Either Nicola was really setting Chris up for a major fall or she is actually just teaching him a lesson as Sacu says to make him want her more.

    Sophia was her usual naughty self - she really gets in Chris' head - we find out why she is so good at this later in the story.

    Nicola as you then say is not really an over the top exhibitionist so I would remain optimistic at this point. That said Chris needs to ensure he gets away from that crazy waitress and those student pretty damn quickly. Let's hope that's the last he's seen of them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayPhilosopher View Post
    Is this a callback to the events of chapter 1, where Chris brings his loved one in a restaurant, and ends up feeling like shit in no small part because of a waitress?
    Very impressive parallel drawing Stray - your ability to link different chapters will be an asset to you in putting the pieces of the story together later on!

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    Chapter 30 – A Weekend to Forget

    A few moments later I felt a painful knock in the side of my head. As I looked up I could see Nicola above me.

    She whispered, “I guess you do mean what is on that ring then slave?”

    Barely able to form words through my tears and sobbing I said, “With all my heart.”

    Nicola then grabbed my hair and yanked me back onto my knees. Pulling me to face the three students and the waitress.

    “You see this pathetic excuse for a man, this miserable wretch, this desperate foot worshiping cunt?” Nicola snarled.

    All eyes were on Nicola hanging on her every word. Time stood still.

    “Well I love him more that words could ever express. I am as much his as he is mine and no fucker will ever come between that. EVER!!!” Nicola said with pure venom and undoubted affection.

    She then started to make for the door before pausing in front of the waitress. “If you want to beg for my attentions you may contact me. In the meantime accept that I will haunt your every waking thought.”

    She then turned to the students, “And you bitches. Should you want to experience something of the pleasure she experienced today you may text the number written on this paper. I may or may not chose to grant you some of my attention depending on my fancy at the time.”

    Nicola then threw a piece of paper over her shoulder, motioned for me to follow with her finger and walked out. As I ran after her collecting the bags the three students were scrambling and fighting to pick up the paper whilst the waitress sunk into a fit of devastation recently occupied by me.


    I was an emotional wreck for the next hour physically and emotionally drained by the prior thoughts of losing Nicola forever. Nicola didn’t speak to me. She understood I needed time and wanted to allow me the space I needed to recover and pull myself together.

    We had left the boutique shopping area and were now nearing the park. The sun was shining and the birds were singing which started to lift my spirits just a little though I couldn’t put my uncertainties to bed. Nicola was such an incredible force of sexual energy, beauty and dominance. I was no longer sure whether I could meet her expectations or provide for her in a way that would stop her running off with someone else. The previous experience had hollowed me out despite all she said at the end.

    Nicola took my hand (whilst I was still holding the shopping bags) and led me into the park. We sat down on an area of open grass together before she gently pulled me to lie on my side facing her. She brought her hand up to my face and gently brushed my cheek.

    “I know you think I am a complete bitch for doing that to you Chris.” Nicola said before going on, “The nasty Nicola within me still wanted you to feel like I did on Friday in front of Beth and I couldn’t hold it back.”

    “I need you to know that when you were with Beth not only did you break the heart of the woman that loves you but you also shattered the power illusion that as a slave you were ultimately mine and mine alone.”

    “With you Chris I have come to learn more about myself than with any friend, family member or lover before. I realised there is a side of me full of darkness and it frightens me as I don’t yet know how to control it.”

    “The important point is that the darkness is still me and whoever loves me has to embrace that if they are to love me completely and for who I am. With you Chris I feel safe to let that side of me free knowing you will endure it because you love me wholly. I don’t think anyone else could love me like you do.”

    I listened intently pretty overwrought with the depth of feeling and content in Nicola’s words. There was so much in them that sounded like Beth but with her I have never felt any love. Nicola was right I was prepared to endure for her and embrace the darkness but only because of the depth of love she had for me. With the others I couldn’t see a future that would be anything other than my demise, with Nicola I knew her love would always protect me from her darkness.

    “I understand what you are saying Nicola and you are right that I would endure for you probably more than any other, in fact definitely. But I am so desperately in love with you that your darkness surrounds me like a destructive force ready to break me apart. I am not sure I can be everything you need me to be.” I said

    “Looking at how you dominated and overwhelmed those women in the bakery today I felt I was in the presence of a real goddess. Someone I was not worthy to be with. When you cast me aside it just magnified my insecurities and perpetuated my belief that I could never be enough for you.” I added.

    “Well you are in the presence of a true goddess.” Nicola smiled. I smiled back.

    Nicola went on, “I know there is more to learn and that sometimes I may be incredibly cruel to you but I need you to know something. The love that surrounds the darkness is an unbreakable force and no matter how difficult things get for us I will never desert you and never stop loving you. Your love for me is the glue that bonds these two sides and makes me whole. Without you I would be forever broken.”

    “I really needed to hear that Nicola.” I said and gently kissed her face.


    After the park we started to head home holding hands. I was managing to carry the shopping in the other though it was getting heavy as lead by the time we got back to Nicola’s place.

    We sat on the sofa and listened to some more Jazz. This time it was ‘Marc Moulin’s Placebo 1973’ album. Another impressive piece, Nicola really had great taste in music. She started to espouse the virtues of vinyl over downloads and CDs which I totally went along with, there was no comparison either acoustically or aesthetically really.

    Nicola had her feet up on my lap and I was rubbing her toes as we started to think about a plan for the week ahead.

    “I think I should just resign on Monday whether I get an offer or not Nicola. I have really just got to get out of that place. Beth has it in for me now and there is no telling how she will exact her revenge but it won’t be good. The only problem is that I won’t leave without you Nicola, I refuse to leave you in that place on your own in case they ever find out about us.” I suggested.

    “Perhaps we should both resign then Chris? But how will we make payments on our respective homes until we get new jobs?” Nicola looked concerned.

    “Well if I get one of these jobs I applied for then I can take on both places until you fall on your feet. Or of course you could sell up and move in with me?” I suggested.

    “Is that an invitation?” Nicola said bolting upright.

    “Of course I would love you to move in with me.” I said.

    Nicola jumped onto my lap and gave me one of her huge hugs, “I would love to Chris, but I might be a bit demanding from time to time.” She then winked at me saucily.

    “Oh I think I can handle you Nicola. Your like a little puppy to me.” I teased.

    “Really? You think I am a pushover then? Right get in that bed I am going to fuck your brains out and teach you a lesson.” Nicola shouted with a big smile on her face.

    “Whatever you say Nicola. You are in charge!” I replied.

    “You better fucking believe it!” Nicola shouted

    We then went into the bedroom and fucked until we couldn’t move a muscle. Physically and emotionally spent we then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


    On the Sunday Nicola woke up early and headed off to Squash training while I lay in bed. I managed to pop out to get some bread, milk and a Sunday paper as Nicola had left me a key. When I got back I chilled out in the living room. I suppose I am one of those take it easy on the weekend kind of guys.

    Nicola returned looking very hot, sexy and sweaty around 11. I could have just jumped straight back into bed with her there and then but she had other ideas.

    “You know I am feeling a little bitchy after my hard workout this morning Chris. Normally I would just start kicking your arse around this room and letting you have some serious foot stink. I did dig my week old socks out of the dirty laundry to wear again today just for that very purpose. But something has come up.” Nicola had an evil smile on her face.

    Given Nicola was wearing week old socks that had been through at least 3 or 4 squash practice sessions I was feeling a little underwhelmed by the prospect of being dominated with those so was keen to know the alternative.

    “What’s come up Nicola?” I asked hesitantly.

    Nicola passed her phone to me. It was on the message app page and looking down I could see several texts begging for Nicola to call them back.

    “They are from those 3 students we met yesterday and that desperate waitress.” Nicola cooed. “Looks like I am big demand slave!”

    I started to look like a beaten man again, feeling jealous and sorry for myself. Nicola then slapped me really hard. “Listen stop feeling fucking sorry for yourself Chris. I already told you how important you are to me. In fact new rule, every time I catch you pulling that shit on me I am gonna give you 5 lashes with my crop just to remind you how much I love you.”

    “Crop?” I said looking worried now.

    Nicola gave me an evil smirk and went into the bedroom. When she emerged she was swooshing a black leather crop, “For special occasions and very naughty boys!” Nicola said.

    I backed away and put my hands up, “Ok Nicola whatever you say but please don’t start hitting me with that thing.” I pleaded.

    “Normally I would make you beg for mercy at this point slave but I want to hear your views on what we should do with the students and the waitress instead.” Nicola said in a threatening tone.

    I could see this was important to Nicola so decided to run with it and trust her like she said.

    Thinking my way of this tight corner I said, “I think as a goddess you should invite them around here and dominate the fuck out of them and make me watch?” I suggested.

    “Right answer slave. They are going to be here at 2pm sharp. The students Anita, Joanne and Sarah will be joining us direct from their Lacrosse tournament and Henrietta will be coming direct from her shift in the French bakery. I have insisted everyone wears their stinkiest socks for the occasion, that’s where you come in.” Nicola said with an air of authority.

    “That’s where I come in?” I questioned.

    “Well you had a front row seat yesterday while I put on the show of a lifetime for you and those lucky student bitches. So today you will put on a show for me. I will have you serve all their feet whilst I watch. Whoever does the best job of dominating you get’s to be dominated by me as reward. If they are all shit I will kick them out and give you hell myself instead. Can’t be wasting all my pent up aggression can we?” Nicola giggled.

    “But I thought you didn’t want me serving other women any more Nicola?” I said.

    “This is different, there is no threat to us involved. I have complete control of this situation. This is about me understanding more of my dominant self. I want to see how much forcing you to worship someone else will get me off. If I don’t like it we won’t do it again, simple as that.” Nicola said in a matter of fact way.

    “But what if it does something for me you don’t like Nicola?” I asked.

    “Oh that’s not going to happen because you are going to be wearing this.” Nicola replied and pulled a small metal cage out of her pocket.

    “What the hell is that?” I asked.

    “Let me just say it’s a disincentive device for erections. You get one you suffer.” Nicola beamed.

    “And you are asking me to wear that?” I questioned.

    “No I am telling you to wear it bitch!” Nicola snarled and threw it at me. A wicked grin appeared on her face.

    After about twenty minutes I was back in the living room wearing the device under my jeans. It was pretty uncomfortable but for Nicola I was pretty much prepared to try anything at least once. Nicola then had me prepare a full buffet lunch for all the women due to arrive.

    “This is so gonna fuck with their minds slave. I love it.” Nicola beamed

    Not long after there was a knock at the door.

    “On your knees slave. Go greet our guests and make sure you do it properly. Or else!”

    I crawled over to the door and opened it whilst Nicola sat on the sofa looking relaxed and aloof. Anita, Joanne and Sarah were standing in the doorway in their red lacrosse outfits soaked in sweat holding their gym bags. Upon seeing me open the door on my knees that started to look at each other and giggle.

    I then crawled towards them and kissed their sneakers before moving back to the place I started. Their sneakers had a stale musty aroma indicating they would smell really bad inside. This wasn’t looking good for me at all. The girls must have seen my nose wrinkle in disgust because they went into full blow laughter at that point.

    “How’s that smell down there?” Sarah said with a big smirk on her face.

    “Aren’t you going to invite us in?” Added Joanne impatiently.

    I backed away from the door and they walked in and went over to join Nicola sat on the sofa. Immediately they went into conversation laughing and joking just like any other friends meet up.

    As I was closing the door I could see Henrietta approach. She still had her black and white maid outfit on though this time she was wearing thin white ankle socks and old beat up white plimsolls that were so dirty they could pass as black. I opened the door as she approached and knelt in front of her. She paused as I was blocking her way and I bent down to kiss her shoes. The smell was palpable and hit me from 2 feet out. I gave a little wretch but still managed to greet her as Nicola instructed. Again I then backed away and she walked passed me.

    After a brief period all the women were sat around the living room table awaiting Nicola to take the lead. I was knelt down at the side of the sofa next to Nicola who was stroking my head like a dog.

    “Ok before we eat there are a few things I would like to explain. I know you all came here today in the hope of my attentions but before I will even consider that you will need to earn it. I gave each of you some basic instructions by text last night. Did you follow them?” Nicola asked.

    All the women nodded hanging on her every word.

    “Good. Now you see my loyal slave here. He is fully at your disposal today. I want you to impress and enthral me with your domination and humiliation of him. Each of you will have ample opportunity over this afternoon to inflict your worst but it must be in full display of us all. I will then judge who has done the best and they will spend the evening here with me when I will take them on a journey of endless pleasure and submission. Everything clear? Any questions?” Nicola said.

    There was a pause before Henrietta asked, “What are his limits?”

    “Just three rules. Number One - Your feet must be part of the performance. Number Two – No sex, he is mine not yours and Number Three - there is to be no permanent damage to my slave. If you do damage him in a way that displeases me I will fucking make you wish had never been born! Any other questions”

    The threat of Nicola was still hanging in the air and everyone fell silent. After a brief pause they all nodded.

    “Ok lets relax and enjoy ourselves then ladies. Slave, serve the food.” Nicola ordered.

    After a few minutes the women were much more relaxed and talking and laughing as before. The students started swapping ideas and thoughts on what they might do in their performance trying to gauge from Nicola what was and wasn’t a good idea. Henrietta remained quiet just staring at Nicola longingly.

    I made my way over to the buffet I had prepared earlier and ferried the food and drink over to the ladies as per their orders. A couple of the students even said thank you to me which I found quite novel. Henrietta snatched her plate and would not even offer me eye contact.

    Once they had eaten Nicola ordered me to clear everything away and clean up. This also included licking the floor beneath her for any crumbs, which the students found amusing. Henrietta looked at me with despise in her eyes.

    A little while later Anita, the brown haired cutie with the glasses made a request to Nicola, “Nicola could I have some fun with your slave? I think I am ready.”

    “Of course Anita, I think some entertainment is just the thing to get our little party started.” Nicola encouraged.

    Anita was about 5’ 5” tall with UK size 6 feet. Like all of the students she was athletic and muscular from the regular sports they practised, in fact she looked the strongest of the three. Her dark brown eyes set beneath her glasses gave her an intellectual but mysterious look. She was the kind of girl one would say ‘It’s the quiet one’s you need to be careful of’ and in this case those words could not have been more appropriate.

    Anita took the centre of the room whilst the rest of the ladies remained on the sofa and chairs. Those on chairs facing the wrong way turned them around to get a good view of the performances to follow. When she was positioned Anita crossed her arms, raised her eyebrows and started tapping her sneakered foot with impatience. Joanne and Sarah started giggling with anticipation.

    Initially I just watched Anita as she strode out into the centre of the room a bit like I was expecting her to sing or something. After clearing up I had returned to my kneeling position by Nicola’s side waiting for further instruction.

    Nicola then learned over and whispered in my ear, “I wouldn’t keep her waiting slave. I am sure that would be a big mistake on your part.”

    I shook awake and looked at Nicola who was pulling one of her evil smirks and then back at Anita who was looking at me with eyes that were now full of anger. I think she felt I was trying to belittle her by holding back but all that succeeded in doing was royally pissing her off.

    Not long after Anita blew her top, “What the fuck do you think you are doing slave? I will not under any circumstances be kept waiting. Get your fucking miserable arse over here now or I will come over there and stamp your face into a bloody pool of mush.”

    Nicola whispered to Joanne and Sarah, “We are off to a good start.” And then chuckled.

    I went into panic seeing how stupid I had been and scurried over to Anita as quick as my crawling pace would allow. When I got to her side she slapped me so hard across the face it sent me flying halfway back to where I had come from. In fact she fit me so hard I think she hurt herself. She fucking hurt me anyway.

    I slowly picked myself up and rubbed my cheek, there was a little blood on my hand as she had hit me so hard it created a blood blister. It was stinging like mad. All the girls started laughing and clapping except for Henrietta who remained emotionless. I quickly returned to Anita’s side and looked at her with pleading eyes in the hope she would not continue with that level of brutality.

    “Kiss my fucking hand you stupid idiot. You made it sting.” Anita seethed.

    I made it sting I thought? How the fuck do you think my cheek feels bitch? I said nothing however and just kissed her hand gently. As I continued to kiss her hand she looked down at me with a gentle smile so I smiled back. As I did so her face contorted into venomous anger again and she spat several times in my face.

    “Don’t fucking smile at me you ugly good for nothing waste of space. Get down on the floor where you belong.” Anita then kicked me in the chest sending me onto my back before straddling my face and shoulders with her legs and pinning down my arms with her hands.

    “Now slave, I have you right where I want you. You are completely at my mercy. Time for some real fun.” Anita barked.

    Anita then lifted up her skirt and slid her pussy and arse over my face completely blocking off my air supply. Initially I was quite turned on by this even though my cock growth was totally restricted. However after around twenty seconds I realised she wasn’t going to move and I was running out of air. In something of a panic I started to squirm and squeal.

    “That’s it bitch. You now realise the predicament you are in. I control the air you breath and if I decide to snuff you out I will. Every breath you take from now on will be at my discretion.” Anita snarled.

    Nicola was fidgeting a little watching this as she didn’t know how much I could take but not wanting to undermine her position of dominance she remained calm. I was screaming into Anita’s arse and pussy desperately trying to find air. My arms were desperately trying to break free to lift her off but I was bound tight. Eventually Anita lifted her arse just a couple of inches and I sucked in all the air my lungs could gather. She then laughed and sat back down moving so her arsehole was right over my nose.

    “Sniff my sweaty arsehole bitch, I have been at Lacrosse all morning and haven’t showered for two days. That’s got to stink like hell in there.” Anita shouted adding, “It’s the only air you are getting until I allow you another breath anyway bitch.” She then wriggled to force my nose deeper into her arse to prevent any chance of breathing.

    I was becoming desperate for air again now and wriggling like mad. I was screaming into Anita’s pussy but they were being muffled into dull moans. As I wriggled my nose was thrusting deeper into her arse.

    “Your really are desperate to get your worthless nose as deep into my arsehole as you can aren’t you arse sniffer? Well let me help you with that.” Anita smirked.

    She then lifted a couple of inches again so she could pull the crotch of her knickers to one side revealing her bare arse to my face. As she did I exploited the opportunity and took another massive intake of air. “Please, no more” I screamed as she lowered herself back onto my face.

    “Right let’s get that nose nice and deep in my arse hole slave. I want to feel my arse lips wrap around your nostrils as it enters.” Anita said.

    She then wriggled to position herself then ground her arse down hard onto my face so my hose started to go into her hole. I am sure the smell would have been foul but at this point I had no air supply so was in a pitch black vacuum. Sensing I needed to breath again I started to move and rock my body to signal I needed air but all that succeeded in doing was making Anita giggle.

    “That’s it scratch my arse with your nose bitch. Really get it deep in there I want my scent ingrained so deep in your senses you will be still smelling it after a month. Oh wait what’s this?” Anita asked.

    She then lifted up another inch and as I launched into another huge suction of air she let rip an enormous fart, which I consumed at the same time. She went into hysterical laughter, as did most of the girls sat down watching.

    “Perfect timing slave. We can now add fart sniffer to your extensive CV of depravities. I am so loving this, let me see if I can rustle up another for you.” Anita added.

    Anita started rubbing her stomach trying to agitate more wind from her bowels, which took a while during which time I had no air and was in a massive panic. When she finally lifted I had no choice but to gather as much air as I could which meant consuming the huge fart that Anita blasted straight into my face at the same time. Everyone laughed again.

    Joanne said, “Fucking hell it really sucks to be him right now. This is bloody awesome. Go Anita girl!”

    Anita having been goaded on blushed a little at the compliments and laughter she was getting and moved on.

    “That last fart was a real wet one slave. Why don’t you stick your tongue in there and clean me up?” Anita ordered.

    As she lifted off a few inches this time I took a deep breath and then looked into Anita’s hole. It was wet with sweat and stinking from the farts she had just let go. I felt utterly repulsed and turned my face away.

    “Going to play hard to get are we bitch? Your choice” Anita threatened her eyes narrowing and teeth gritted.

    Anita then pulled my head back straight and sat down over my face blocking my air. She then leaned forward and punched my stomach hard causing me to emit a muffled cry into her pussy. After about another 45 seconds and me feeling like I was losing consciousness she finally lifted again. I was now crying in desperation and I gasped to replenish my oxygen supply.

    “Ok one last chance slave. Get that tongue in my hole and clean me up or I won’t be coming up again!” Anita warned.

    Nicola was fidgeting again concerned for my welfare but at the same time she was getting wet seeing me suffer like this under her indirect control. She decided to interject to assert her authority on the situation and placate her desire and lust for power, “You heard the lady slave, clean her fucking arse or I will personally come over there and make you!”

    Hearing Nicola order me I extended out my tongue towards Anita’s arse and gently touched the lips of her bottom. The taste shot through me like a rocket sending convulsions through my body making me rigid. Before I could retract my tongue she pressed down hard on it so it went deep within her but still allowing me just enough air to breath.

    “Mmmm, oh that feel’s good slave. I have never had a slave tongue my arsehole before. Especially not when it’s dirty, sweaty and smelly. I mean what kind of lowlife dog would reduce himself to doing that? Oh that’s right, you!” Anita then laughed deeply and heartily a bit like the wicked queen in the movies.

    Anita started playing with herself with the pleasure of feeling my tongue in her arse. She was getting a huge amount of sexual arousal from this but feeling a little exposed in front of the others stopped short any further meanderings towards pleasure. After a few more minutes of tonguing her arse she finally released me and rolled off.

    I was spent already. Exhausted from Anita’s weight upon me and the lack of clean air I had access to over the last 20-30 minutes. Thankfully Anita gave me a few minutes to recover turning to Nicola and saying, “How am I doing goddess?”

    “Just fine Anita. I think my slave has earned a reward don’t you?” Nicola said with a wicked glint in her eye.

    “Most definitely goddess!” Anita said as she untied her sneaker laces. She then eased of the sneakers off and said, “Wow that’s one hell of a stink in those puppies bitch. You are gonna love ‘em!”

    She then shuffled up by the side of me, extended her legs across my chest and planted her filthy, stinking red lacrosse socks on my face. “Deal with that foot bitch!” Anita shrieked and went into fits of laughter.

    “Fuck my feet are soaked with sweat. My toes feel all sticky and itchy, but that’s just music to your ears right footboy? Come on give me a long deep sniff to show your appreciation.” Anita insisted.

    I was still somewhat in a daze but the stink of Anita’s socks was like smelling salts they were so bad and I quickly recovered with a start. As my senses started to feel the full onslaught of her reeking feet I started to pull away subtly. Anita was straight on it and hooked one foot around my neck and pulled my face towards the other red-socked foot, which she planted around my nose.

    “Ok three big sniffs and I will let you go slave.” Anita said feeling she had probably put me through enough.

    On hearing this I braced myself and took my first big inhalation. Fuck I thought that really stinks. “Mmm delicious, a fine bouquet if I say so myself” Anita chuckled. I then took another deep sniff and the stench started burning my nostrils.

    “Oooh that looked like a good one.” Anita said laughing at the disgust written on my face. I started to feel a little spark of arousal between my legs, which worried me. I couldn’t afford that with this fucking cage on.

    Almost with uncanny telepathic senses Nicola asked, “How much is my slave enjoying those nasty socks Anita?”

    Anita then glanced her hand down to my crotch to feel if I was hard and then screamed with delight, “Oh my god! You’ve put your slave in a bitch cage goddess. That’s fucking awesome. I wish I had known that from the start!”

    Anita then started tickling my balls with her fingers as she said, “Ok one last big sniff then bitch. Make it a good one!”

    I tried to ignore the tickling as best as I could while I took that last deep sniff but I definitely started to feel some strong stirrings below. Luckily for me Anita stopped short to working me into an erection else it would have been bloody painful. Anita then stood up planted her socked foot on my face and took a bow. The seated ladies started clapping and cheering to which Anita took another bow and then went back to her seat.


    Joanne was next up. I only had around ten minutes to recover so was feeling somewhat daunted when she approached. Joanne was taller than Anita at around 5’ 9” and looked the most fit, she was well toned and muscular. Her blue-green eyes were fixed on me looking strong and threatening, which made me feel uneasy. Her blonde hair was messy and wet like someone who had been doing some serious sports and wasn’t worried about keeping pristine. She had the same red Lacrosse uniform as Anita on complete with red socks and UK size 8 sneakers which were so well worn they had a split down the outside from the side up to the little toe around 2 inches long.

    “Ok foot sniffer, time to change things up. I am one fucking badass bitch and have been a champion wrestler for over 5 years now. You are going to receive the benefit of all my hard work and practice over the next thirty minutes or so. It’s going to be painful and nasty for you but on the brighter side it will be fun and hilarious for us.” Joanne said with an air of authority and intimidation.

    Joanne then added, “I have my lucky sports socks on too which haven’t been washed since the start of the season almost ten weeks ago so if you thought Anita’s were bad you are going to be in a whole world of pain with mine!”

    “Now I am going to give you a chance slave. I know normally you pathetic cowardly submissives just do whatever shit you are told but that’s not going to be any fun for me at all.” Joanne declared. She then turned to Nicola and said, “Can this wimp have your permission to fight back please goddess?”

    Nicola then addressed me, “Slave I command you to give your best shot in defeating Joanne. If you win I may even reward you.”

    She then turned to Joanne and spoke, “However Joanne remember rule number three. If you do any permanent damage to my slave, badass or not I will bring a world of pain on you that you will never forget!”

    “Understood my goddess.” Joanne said and then turned to face me. “Ok weakling it’s just me and you now.”

    I was starting to feel quite scared of Joanne. He face looked bloody serious and full of malice as she raised her arms and put her hands into an open clenching position ready to grab me. Her legs were astride to give her perfect balance and maximum leverage. I was a lamb to the slaughter.

    As she came at me I desperately tried to deflect Joanne’s hands. I succeeded the first two times but that only served to wind her up all the more. She went red with anger and grabbed my shoulder and side then swung me over her hip and slammed me down onto the carpeted floor. All the wind was knock out of me and I curled up into the foetal position in order to recover.

    Joanne laughed and said, “Too fucking easy! Here, while you are down there get some of my pungent socks in your lungs from that hole in the side of my sneaker bitch.”

    She then shoved the sneaker up to my face and lifted her toes to expose the hole close to my nose. The smell was close to the worst thing I had ever smelled and that was saying something given what I had been through. I swung my head away like someone had punched me and held my face in my hands, “Oh god!” I said involuntarily.

    “That good eh?” Joanne said with a nasty look on her face laughing. “Well I must say I find your reaction somewhat insulting slave, so I am going to give you a choice. You can bring your miserable nose back to my sneaker and insert it into that hole and take a nice big whiff and apologise or my little tootsies are gonna take matters into their own hands!”

    “Sorry Joanne, I just can’t the smell is too bad. I feel sick already and I only smelled them for a moment.” I said. Perhaps not the best thing I could have come up with but I was still dazed from my fall and the terrible stench.

    Anita then said, “Bad fucking call you stupid fucker. Now she is really gonna roast your arse!”

    Joanne looked furious and screamed, “So you think it’s funny to shame me in front of my friends and my goddess do you wanker! You are so going to fucking pay for that bitch.” Her face was now truly frightening, she looked like she wanted to kill me.

    I started to back away towards the sofa hoping to reach the safety of Nicola’s chair thinking she would intervene but Joanne was far too quick. She grabbed my flailing legs and dragged me back to the centre of the room then dropped her knee onto my chest knocking what little wind I had recover back out of my lungs.
    She then flipped me over and sat on my upper back one foot either side of my head with my arms pinned at the side. The god-awful smell was returning and I was trying to get my nose somewhere safe and out of range but there wasn’t anywhere.

    Joanne then slipped off her trainers, lifted my head and then pushed my face back deep inside them holding my head in place with the underside of her feet. With my nose pressed against the insoles I had no choice but to breath my air direct from the torrid, damp, filthy insides of her sneakers.

    “Get you fucking face deep in there you pathetic foot sniffing cunt! I want you to lick my insoles clean. They are just about the most vile and disgusting thing in the world right now but don’t let dissuade you.” Joanne spat. She then twisted both my wrists sending me into a world of agony to ensure I complied with her orders.

    I screamed with pain and then instinctively started licking the insoles before my wrists were twisted off my arms.

    “Fucking hell Joanne. He is only doing it.” Said Sarah with a huge giggle of glee.

    “Of course he is Sarah. Because I am putting him in so much pain he doesn’t have a choice.” Laughed Joanne.

    Joanne then started pumping her feet onto the back on my head forcing my face and tongue in and out of the sneakers.

    “Keep fucking licking foot whore. You aren’t coming up until they are white again!” Joanne said knowing full well that was impossible. “Bet that tastes fucking amazing right?”

    I was feeling very nauseated now and my stomach was churning. My body was writhing in pain the smell and taste was so terrible. Joanne must have sensed this as she removed her feet temporarily grabbed my hair and lifted my head up. “Not in my fucking sneakers you don’t bitch.”

    I then threw up across the carpet in front of me avoiding any going in the sneakers. “Ok back in you go. No fucking respite for you. Just yummy stench!”
    I held my breath and started licking again to which Joanne yanked my head up again.

    “On second thoughts I don’t want your vomit tongue in my sneakers thanks slave. It’s time for the hell-stank of my socks.”

    Joanne then lifted my arms across to my mid back and sat back down on them so I could not move. She then shuffled forward and placed her socked feet either side of my head. She then turned both sock soles towards my face and then brought them together like a vice on either cheek. She then slowly wiggled her socks, soles up, under my face so my nose was buried deep inside the toe portion. The final piece of the puzzle was her pushing down hard on the back of my head to grind my face hard into her feet.

    The smothering effect of such force on my head left me without breath. I tried to move my head to the side but had not chance.

    “Now if this turns out the way I planned it you are going to run completely short of air in about a minute. That means when I ease up on your head you will have no choice but to lift your face and take a huge breath about 1 inch for my reek feet. That’s going to be kinda priceless to watch.” Joanne smiled to herself.

    Everything went to plan except for one thing. When I did come up for air I took all the air through my mouth and not my nose.

    “Cheat!” Anita shouted. “He breathed through his mouth Joanne.”

    “Fuck. He’s a tricky little bitch isn’t he?” Joanne bemoaned. “Well let’s see how he deals with this!”

    She then removed one of her lucky socks and stuffed it in my mouth. As I tried to spit it out she twisted my wrist and to ensure I complied. She then placed her bare and socked foot back under my face and then pushed my head down to smother me once again.

    “Think I might give you ninety seconds this time just to make up for the sniff you still owe me from last time.” Joanne said with a vindictive tone.

    In the final throws of the ninety seconds I was utterly shot. I thought I would pass out for sure but somehow I held on unluckily for me. When my head was finally released and I lifted my face and took a big sniff to replenish my lost air I felt completely destroyed.

    “That’s got ya bitch. How fucking nasty and revolting is that shit? I reckon that must be in your top three most disgusting smells you have ever had the pleasure to imbibe right? Well now I got you where I want you finally I am gonna keep you at this until you either pass out or die of foot stink.” Joanne laughed.

    “Fuck there’s a thought. Goddess what happens if my foot stink is so bad he dies from it?” Joanne asked with a big cheeky smile on her face.

    Nicola responded, “I am not sure I have ever heard of anyone die from foot stink before but given how bad yours smell from all the way over here I think you might just set a precedent.” Everyone laughed, even Henrietta briefly.

    The smell I was forced to take in through my nose was utterly diabolical. How anyone’s feet can smell that bad beggars belief I thought. They were completely rotten, I was sure she must have had an infection or something but her bare foot looked smooth, innocent and perfectly healthy apart from the odour. My nose was being pushed right between her toes alternating between the wet, filthy sock and her sweaty, black foot. There was no escaping it either as I took deep breath after deep breath. Joanne was wetting herself laughing with each one.

    “That must be the singular most unforgettable experience in your pathetic life foot sniffer. Though they are my lucky socks I would say they are pretty fucking unlucky as far as you are concerned right?”

    My stomach was very unsettled again and I was retching badly at the smell I couldn’t hold it in any longer and threw up on Joanne’s bare foot throwing the sock from my mouth across the room.

    “Fuck, you stupid bitch. You threw up on my foot. Lick that off!” Joanne screamed as she pulled my hair to set my face over her foot and twisted my wrist with her other hand.

    I was green by this time attempting to clean her foot. I am not sure how I managed to finish without throwing up again but when the majority was off Joanne rolled off and set me free.

    “I think you have had enough now slave. Suggest you get yourself cleaned up too you look a fucking state. Oh and make sure you rinse my socks of any vomit too. I need them for practice next week.” Joanne then removed her other sock and threw it at my face as she stood up.

    As she returned to the sofa the rest of the ladies implored her to put her sneakers back on to contain the smell somewhat.

    Nicola ordered me to rinse the socks, myself and the carpet of the sick I had thrown up. She called a break for thirty minutes and asked Henrietta to serve some drinks. She shot up thanking Nicola profusely and then rushed off to get them. When she returned with Nicola’s drink she dropped to her knees before offering it to her. Nicola couldn’t resist and extended the sole of her sneaker out for Henrietta to kiss.

    “The kiss was free bitch but to get inside my sneaker you will need to put an unforgettable show given what I have seen so far.” Nicola then gave Henrietta an evil smirk.

    After cleaning the carpet I disappeared into the bathroom with Joanne’s socks and collapsed. I didn’t know if I could go on with this any longer. I washed the socks and my face and just slumped against the bath exhausted with my suffering. I stayed there as long as I could. Around 30 minutes later there was a knock at the door.

    “Hello?” I said.

    “You’re not giving up on me slave are you?” Said Nicola entering the bathroom.

    “I am trying my best goddess. But I am not sure I can go on.” I replied.

    “Oh you will go on. I am sure of that.” Nicola responded confidently looking at me intently.

    “How do you know goddess?” I asked.

    “Because you love me and would do anything for me slave. It’s also why I love you so.” Nicola smiled. She then bent down and kissed my check before turning and leaving. “Hurry up we are ready for round 3!” she called back.


    Sarah was already waiting for me when I emerged from the bathroom though she was still sat on the sofa. Given she was already staring at me when I emerged I couldn’t help but catch her eye. When I did she beckoned me over with her index finger.

    As I started to walk towards her she shouted, “Ahem, don’t be so fucking presumptuous. On your knees when you approach me slave!”

    I stopped as the women laughed at me (except Henrietta who had returned to her serious contemptuous look) and dropped to my knees. I then continued to crawl towards Sarah.

    Sarah was also a blonde similar in colour to Joanne though her hair was longer and straighter dropping down below her shoulders. She had light large blue eyes and a chiselled face with prominent cheekbones. She stood around 5’ 7” and had a slender but still athletic build but not to match Anita or Joanne, so was more feminine in her stature. Compared to the other two she hand a kinder and more caring look which had a starker contrast when she was angry as in now. Sarah was also wearing the same red Lacrosse sports kit on and though she looked well groomed her sneakers were still old and beat up from heavy use.

    “I bet you are hungry slave having served us the buffet and not eaten yourself. How about I give you a break and let you eat something?” Sarah asked.

    “That would be very kind goddess. Thank you.” I responded and looked over towards the kitchen trying to recall what I had wrapped and put in the fridge for leftovers.

    “Oh there is no need to go prepare something slave. I have taken care of all of that for you.” Sarah smirked as Anita and Joanne giggled.

    I looked back at Sarah confused wondering where my food was. My eyes then dropped to her sports bag. Perhaps she had brought a packed lunch I thought.

    “No not in there slave, in here.” Sarah then pointed down to her sneakers whilst staring into my face with an evil grin.

    My stomach gave a little twist as I gulped and thought of what food she had stored in her dirty old sneakers. I had been forced to eat some pretty foul stuff from sneakers in the past and questioned whether my stomach could take any more today.

    “Let me be clear slave. I won’t have any more sick doggie antics either. You will eat everything I offer you with a smile on your face and a thank you. You will consume everything without quibble or I will bring nasty Sarah out to play. Are we clear?” Sarah threatened.

    “Yes goddess.” I replied with a lot of hesitancy.

    “Good now that’s all sorted you may remove my filthy old sneakers. Fortunately for you I am not a lucky sock wearer as well!” Sarah smiled, as Joanne raised her eyebrows.

    I bent over and untied Sarah’s laces then removed her sneakers. The smell was quite pungent but nothing on Anita and Joanne. I breathed a huge sign of relief. One washer out of three was better than none. I then searched for the supposed food but none was to be seen.

    I must have looked confused as Sarah said, “Patience slave, I know you are hungry but you will have to wait. Now pick my sneakers up and bury your nose in them and tell me how wonderful they smell.”

    I picked the first sneaker up and took a large audible sniff and was surprised that I found the scent quite pleasant even a little sexy. I felt a little quiver in my cock as I did. Without thinking I then took another large sniff now looking into the sneaker and losing a sense of my audience. I then closed my eyes.

    “Fucking hell foot sniffer you are in love with my feet already and you have only got as far as my sneaker. What a pathetic specimen you are, getting off to the smell of a ladies footwear. How fucking wrong and degrading is that? I bet your cock is trying to stand to attention already but trapped in that little cage it’s all cramped and sad.” She giggled.

    Her taunting was now starting to add to my arousal and I could feel my flaccid cock start to occupy the full space of the cage. My face started going red partly with arousal and partly blushing with the humiliation. Nicola was watching Sarah then myself intently assessing how I was responding almost taking mental notes.

    “It seems I have you wrapped around my little toe already you worthless footwipe. Take another deep sniff of that sneaker and learn to familiarise yourself with my scent. It’s the scent that is owning you, a scent you desire and a scent you so desperately need.” Sarah said in deep hypnotic tone.

    I felt I was being brain-fucked by Aurelia as I started to submit myself to the sweet odour of her sneaker as she continued guiding and instructing me. I cupped the sneaker in both hands almost in worship and pressed it hard to my face and took another bigger sniff.

    “That’s right foot worshipper let go of your inhibitions and allow yourself to be fully enraptured and imprisoned by my beautiful foot scent. There is nothing you can do to resist, it has you now.” Sarah continued.

    My cock was getting bigger again now and straining against the edges of the cage causing me discomfort bordering on pain. My face started to show this as my face reddened and contorted.

    Sarah was quick to read this and said, “Aww, look at my poor little foot sniffer. Is that pinprick cock of yours getting all tight and painful? Well I don’t fucking care! Keep sniffing bitch.”

    I was now in a deep conundrum; I could keep enjoying the sweet intoxicating scent of Sarah’s trainers but at the expense of more pain as my erection would no doubt continue to grow. As the pain was getting quite bad now I slowed my sniffs and started to try and preoccupy my thoughts with other things.

    Sensing I was trying to resist Sarah said, “Ok put the sneakers down now slave. You need a stronger and more pronounced serving of my divine foot scent.”

    I placed the sneakers down onto the floor trying to focus on nothing to help reduce my arousal. As I did this Sarah raised her red socked foot to my face and ordered, “Bury your nose in my sock slave. Feel the full intensity of my stink. There will no ignoring that!”

    I placed my nose into her sock and took a deep sniff. The smell was much stronger and took an immediate stranglehold on my mind and cock. My erection shot up as if startled by the impact. I winced heavily with the pain.

    “That’s better slave. You wont escape that level of smell with your mind wanderings. Now if you try and ignore my scent it will simply overpower your weak defences and wrestle your desperation into submission. I can almost feel your arousal from here. Take another sniff bitch!” Sarah commanded.

    The women were in some kind of trance watching Sarah total control me. Nicola was getting quite uncomfortable with the ease of which Sarah was enthralling me. She was becoming quite jealous though could not let this show in front of the others.

    Sarah was now laughing in my face seeing my resolve dissolving as I submitted to her, “How fucking utterly pathetic you are slave. Any normal man would be pushing those socks away in disgust but you just can’t help yourself can you? That warm, damp sock is so comforting to you. That smell is enrapturing and captivating. You fucking worthless cunt! Go on keep sniffing bitch!”

    I couldn’t help but embrace her sock and pressed my nose deep within her warm, wet toes. I wanted to be at one with the smell despite the pain it was causing me. I was now in quite severe pain and shuffling around trying to find space in a cage that had none.

    Sarah then snatched her foot away, “Enough, I have been too kind to you already.”

    My face dropped as I tried to follow the foot that was being withdrawn I fell onto my hands in front of me still looking at her socks. I looked up at Sarah with desperation and sadness.

    “Aww look at those sad puppy eyes everyone. I have taken away everything from this little bitch. Now it is helpless and desperate. What shall we do about that?” Sarah smirked.

    She then turned to Nicola and with a big smile of self-satisfaction said, “I have your worthless slave totally at my command now goddess. It will do anything I say. What will you have me do with it? Shall I deny it or make it beg?”

    Nicola’s face went red with anger. She had to work hard to compose herself as the other women were looking at her for an answer. Nicola knew that if she let her rage surface it would show Sarah ultimately had the upper hand so she needed to work with the situation as best she could. Inside she made a promise to bring this bitch down as soon as she got the chance.

    “Oh I think a little begging is in order. That would amuse me BITCH!” Nicola said with an accent on the ‘bitch’ to let Sarah know where she stood with her.

    Sarah was put a little off balance by the answer and withdrew slightly taking a more meagre tone with Nicola, “As you command goddess.” She then bowed her head before turning to me to continue.

    Rather than continue to speak on her own behalf Sarah now adjusted her stance to orders for the amusement of Nicola as a show of respect and submission, “You heard your goddess slave. Beg her for permission to sniff my feet.”

    Nicola was very pleased with a refocus of power from Sarah to herself and smiled at Sarah approvingly. I turned to Nicola and crawled towards her feet.

    “Please my goddess may I worship your feet?” I pleaded as it was Nicola’s attentions I was so desperate for.

    My words were like a dagger in Sarah’s heart as she realised she had relinquished all of her control over me to Nicola. My pleading was not for Nicola’s permission to sniff her feet but for Nicola herself.

    Nicola snuggled back into the sofa with a huge smile on her face. She wallowed in the absolute control she had in the room once more and paused for a few minutes so everyone could digest the sudden shift in dynamics.

    Having asserted her dominance once again she leant forward and said, “You may not slave. That privilege is way above your lowly position. But I will allow you to sniff my bitches feet again.” Nicola then slapped my face hard and kicked my body to redirect me back towards Sarah. Henrietta had a massive smile on her face hearing that put down from Nicola to me.

    Sarah blushed with embarrassment as her recent power trip had been completely undermined and stamped into the dirt by Nicola. She was trying to regain her own composure so she could assert herself over me once more.

    As I approached Sarah lifted her foot to my face again and said, “Quickly then slave. I haven’t got all day.” She clearly wanted to accelerate past this moment of tension.

    As quick as I took another deep sniff Sarah snatched her foot away and slapped my face again which stung badly as it was still sore from Nicola. Sarah was deferring her discomfort to me by taking her frustrations out on my face. Nicola just watched this unfold with a warm sense of regal empowerment and a smile on her face.

    “Right slave remove my socks now!” Sarah ordered.

    With things moving so quick I was able to regain enough mental strength and composure to control my erection, which was now returning to a level of comfort inside the cage. I bent down and removed Sarah’s sweet smelling socks and revealed my prepared food.

    “That bread has been in my socks since late last night. I slept in my socks and then wore them to Lacrosse all morning. As such it has soaked all the sweat and filth from my soles and in between my toes as it had disintegrated and coated my feet. Given how addicted to my foot smell you are slave I am sure this will be the best meal you have ever eaten.” Sarah said trying to regain some dignity and control over me.

    “Now eat this nasty disgusting supper I have prepared for you and thank me with each mouthful bitch!” Sarah ordered. I figured she would have been a lot more elaborate with her teasing and humiliation had she not been usurped by Nicola but now I think she just wanted to get the performance done and out of the way.

    I wasn’t going to complain about speeding the process up and started to lick and chew the warm, damp bread off of Sarah’s feet. The smell was still pleasant though quite stinky around her toes and she was right that I did quite enjoy the food. This made me feel somewhat ashamed realising what I was doing. At least it’s not making me feel sick I thought.

    When the bread was eaten Sarah insisted I lick off the crumbs between her toes and any sweat left of her soles and then I was kicked away signalling an end, “You have had quite enough attention from me now slave. Fuck off!” Sarah shouted showing her relief she was now at an end and also her frustrations she had been undone by Nicola mid performance.

    Nicola, being very smart and emotionally intelligent, sensed this from Sarah and said, “That was magnificent Sarah. Your ability to tease, control and humiliate my slave was extraordinary.”

    Sarah had a beaming smile on her face with her pride fully restored among the group. Anita and Joanne were slight miffed at the praise she received but had to admit Sarah was quite captivating in her performance.

    Nicola then said, “Ok last but certainly not least my bitch Henrietta will entertain us. Proceed.”


    Henrietta looked longingly and lovingly at Nicola whilst Nicola held her gaze. Nicola then turned away and looked at me to signal Henrietta to move on so she turned to face me to. Henrietta was the woman I actually feared the most especially after what Nicola did to her yesterday and how she had been looking at me during today’s spectacle. Henrietta was clear infatuated with Nicola and saw me as her adversary.

    Henrietta then got up from her seat and slowly walked towards me. I had retaken my kneeling position in the centre of the room and was waiting for what was to come with some trepidation.

    Henrietta was wearing her waitress maid uniform, which I could see was stained with some food. She was sporting the same ponytail she had yesterday and was looking at me venomously with her green eyes. As she approached the awful smell I had caught when I kissed her almost black plimsolls at the door started to waft up to my nose again.

    The waitress stood above me with her hands on her hips and her back to the women. Without warning she then kicked me in the balls very hard and I bent over in agony one hand on my privates and the other on the floor in front of me to stop myself toppling over. I yelped in pain and tears welled up in my eyes.

    Henrietta then stepped forward onto my hand with her dirty plimsoll and started grinding my fingers into the carpet. The pain of my balls was still far too intense for the finger stamping to fully register but nevertheless it still added to my discomfort. I looked up at Henrietta who was still looking at me with murder in her eyes.

    “Please Henrietta.” I pleaded.

    She simply smiled and crouched down next to me with her plimsoll still on my hand. Moments later she approached my ear and whispered, “I am going to fucking destroy you cunt. Maybe not today whilst everyone is watching, but as soon as I can. Goddess Nicola in my goddess not yours, you have no fucking idea how to worship such a beautiful exquisite woman like her. She doesn’t deserve such a pathetic creature as you when I can give her all my heart and soul.”

    Though I was wracked with pain I couldn’t help but be consumed by anger myself. This stupid bitch was presuming to know Nicola better than me and worse than that she was professing that her devotion was so much more than mine even after only one day. She had no fucking idea what Nicola really wanted and how she had shared with me her true heart.

    As I became consumed by anger and contempt for her I punched her foot to release my hand and she reeled back. Surprisingly she did not scream but seemed to occupy a look somewhere between shock and uncontrolled rage. I started to regret what I had done but it was too late.

    Henrietta rushed at me wildly and kicked me square in the face busting my nose and knocking me to the floor. Nicola got to the edge of her seat wondering if things would settle down or if she needed to intervene. I was now holding my nose in one hand and my balls in the other as I rolled around on the floor.

    The next thing I could see through my watering eyes was Henrietta stood above me again so angry she had a bright red face and bloodshot eyes.

    “Fuck you waitress.” I said in a quiet tone out of earshot of Nicola. “She will never love you like she loves me. You’re a fucking psychopath!”

    “Aaarrgh!” Henrietta screamed and stamped on my chest three times before settling her foot on my throat. With the wind knocked out of me I was struggling to put up any kind of resistance now and Henrietta’s anger was giving her ten times the strength she would normally have had.

    I was starting to choke and panic was setting in. Henrietta’s eyes were wild. She had lost control and was now starting to inflict pain and suffering on me way over and above what could be considered amusing to Nicola. The three students were silent watching intently what was unfolding and occasionally shooting glances at Nicola to gauge her reaction.

    As Henrietta pressed down harder on my throat I could no longer breathe. Instinctively my hands wrapped around her foot to try and push her away so I could get air but her bodyweight was too strong. Henrietta was part smiling and part laughing at my suffering and potential demise.

    Nicola then spoke, “Henrietta! I expect you to amuse me not kill my slave. Get it together bitch.”

    Henrietta was shocked out of her foot choke on me by her goddess’s order, especially as she had used her real name. She knew it was serious and started to ease the pressure on my throat allowing me to breathe.

    “I am sorry my goddess. This worthless bitch has been winding me up with nasty language and goading since I started. I guess I just lose my focus temporarily.” Henrietta said.

    “Really? Well that is not acceptable you have my permission to teach him a lesson, just don’t do any permanent damage.” Nicola ordered.

    “Thank you my goddess.” Henrietta said, happy she had won back the respect and trust of her goddess. Moreover she now had permission to ramp up the suffering on me.

    She then whispered down at me, “Did you hear that cunt? Nicola has asked me to teach you a lesson. How fucking awesome is that?”

    A wicked smile then appeared on her face as she started pushing down on my throat again. She wasn’t pushing quite so hard this time but enough to leave me in extreme pain and discomfort.

    “I think you owe my goddess an apology bitch. You are spoiling her amusement with your insubordination and rudeness to her guests.” Henrietta ordered.

    Given that I could barely breathe let along talk all I could do was grunt.

    “My goddess can’t hear you. Speak up bitch.” Henrietta snarled.

    When I finally did manage to free my throat for a moment I screamed out, “Bitch!” unable to control my anger.

    Nicola was shocked and embarrassed by my reaction. Henrietta looked at her for confirmation and Nicola nodded in ascent as if to instruct her to deal with me.

    “How fucking rude and disrespectful you are to my goddess bitch. She deserves to be treated like a queen and you think it acceptable to show nothing but contempt. You have no idea how to show loyalty and devotion to her like I would. I cannot believe she would ever consider rewarding you with her attentions if this is how you behave in her divine presence.” Henrietta said playing me down in Nicola’s presence.

    Nicola was pleased with Henrietta’s dedication, which only served to increase her disappointment and annoyance with me. “Slave, get a fucking grip or I will come over there and beat you with my crop personally.”

    “You fucking bitch.” I whispered to Henrietta who smiled back having got one over me.

    “Time to shut that fucking disrespectful mouth of yours foot bitch.” Henrietta said.

    She then proceeded to force her plimsoll into my mouth and started pushing it down my throat. My hands wrapped around her shoe and my head started swinging in an effort to get the plimsoll out of my mouth. Though I could now breathe through my nose I was gagging and retching unable to free myself.

    “That’s much better. Now we don’t have to listen to your insubordination and treachery any longer. Quite frankly I find it disturbing. Now suck on my filthy plimsoll it should be full of sweat, stink and crap from the bakery floor for you to savour on.” Henrietta said as I continued to gag and gargle.

    Henrietta then looked at Nicola for approval. Nicola smiled back which warmed her heart. She then turned back to me to continue.

    “Is your throat getting a little dry with that nasty shoe stuck in your throat. Here let me help you out a little bitch.” Henrietta sneered.

    She then blasted ten hard deposits of spit into my face each one full of vitriol laughing as she did so. Nicola and the students were now more relaxed seeing Henrietta putting on a show. They could not see the level of pain she was inflicting on me as she was masking it with her words and performance.

    With my face full of spit I could no longer see as Henrietta kept choking me. I summoned all my energy and strength and bit down hard on Henrietta’s shoe. This time she did yelp pulling her foot out and screaming, “You fucking bastard. He fucking bit me.”

    Nicola got up her face blood red and stormed over with her crop. She hit me across my chest five times with it hard and I curled up in pain with tears in my eyes.

    “She’s trying to kill me Nicola.” I pleaded.

    “Stop being such a fucking pussy slave and address me as goddess when you talk to me.” Nicola screamed.

    “Goddess let me apologise on his behalf for being so presumptuous in how he has addressed you. Thank you for caring enough to come over and remonstrate with him. If it pleases you I will try and continue despite the pain in my foot as I only want to make you happy and show my love for you.” Henrietta said and then bent down to kiss Nicola on her feet.

    Nicola took Henrietta’s face in her hand and gently brushed her cheek. She then bent down and placed a kiss on her forehead before returning back to her seat. I watch this unfold in horror. This bitch was completely manipulating Nicola against me and my anger was playing straight into her hands. I needed to get a grip of myself and quickly if I was to turn this around.

    Henrietta then sat on my chest and started to remove her plimsolls. “I have been looking forward all day to seeing how you deal with these foot sniffer.” Henrietta said with an evil glint in her eye and malice in her voice.

    As she removed her shoe a god-awful smell immediately filled the room. As I was in close proximity to her terrifyingly stinky discoloured white socks my whole body baulked with repulsion. She had done something really nasty to those socks though I couldn’t image what it was, I knew there was no way I could have them near my face.

    “I am sorry I hurt you Henrietta. I was wrong to do that. But please I cannot worship your feet with those socks on. I just can’t.” I begged.

    “More insubordination and disrespect for your goddess bitch. When will you finally relent and learn that it will only put you more and more in disfavour with her to act in such a way. And stop calling me Henrietta, I am your fucking goddess at this point and you will address and worship me accordingly whether you like it or not!” Henrietta spat.

    She then started throwing her truly vile socks towards my face and I fought to deflect and push them away with all my might. Just having them this close was debilitating me and making me feel sick to my stomach once more.

    “Stop resisting foot sniffer.” Henrietta screamed then punching my balls to break my defence.

    As my hands went down to protect them Henrietta exploited the opportunity and pressed her socks deep into my face.

    ‘Deal with this cunt, if you can!” Henrietta started laughing uncontrollably.

    “Oh my god. That’s fucking evil. Please get them away from me, this can’t be safe.” I screamed. The women were all laughing unaware of how bad they smelled this close up.

    As I tried to lift my hands up to remove her feet Henrietta grabbed hold of my balls and started squeezing them to keep my hands occupied and away from my face.

    “Don’t be such a fucking wimp you pathetic excuse for a slave. I would tolerate ten times this to amuse my goddess. Get your nose deep in them and take a good whiff to show your goddess that her wants and needs far exceed your own.” Henrietta then continued laughing knowing that no one could sniff her beyond vile socks.

    I had neither the mental strength nor courage to sniff those socks and tried to move my head anywhere away from me. Henrietta traced my every move to ensure my nose remained in contact with her socks until eventually without option I had to take their smell into my nose.

    My body went rigid and my mind went black as the smell attacked my senses. I shuddered as their toxicity overcame my limp defences. My guts then went into spasm and I threw up to the side of my head.

    “I can’t do this. I just can’t, you crazy fucking psycho bitch!” I shouted.

    “Enough!” Nicola screamed and everyone stopped, all eyes were fixed on her. Nicola then proceeded, “Please come and join us back on the sofa Henrietta.”

    Henrietta lent over to me as she started to get up and whispered, “How does it feel to be completely fucked you pathetic cunt? Don’t cry too hard when your goddess becomes mine!”

    Henrietta then grabbed her shoes and put them back on her feet to mask the utterly offensive smell of her socks. She then went back to the sofa where she bent down and kissed Nicola’s feet once more.

    “I hope I haven’t disappointed you too much my beautiful goddess. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you please just say it and your wish will be my command.” Henrietta pleaded.

    “It is not you who should apologise my devoted slave. It is him. He has spoilt the whole day with his unacceptable behaviour and tonight he will pay dearly for it.” Nicola seethed.

    “I am sorry Anita, Joanne and Sarah you have provided wonderful entertainment today and I promise to reward you all as soon as I can but for now I must ask you to leave.” Nicola said.

    The students looked deeply upset but none of them objected. They quietly got up, assembled their belongings and left. I was laid down on the floor sobbing knowing I had really upset Nicola and undermined her dominant side in front of everyone.

    “Come sit next to me Henrietta.” Nicola said. Henrietta had a beaming smile as she got up and did as she was asked.

    “Come before me slave.” Nicola then called out to me.

    I slowly got up tears streaming down my face and crawled towards the two women sat on the sofa. Henrietta sporting a victorious smile and Nicola seething with anger.

    “I am so sorry goddess. I know I have let you down but it was not without cause. Would you please give me the chance to talk alone with you?” I asked.

    Nicola started to reply, “I thought you understood me Chris. What happened here tonight?”

    Henrietta then interjected, “Perhaps I should leave you two to discuss this?” Creating a double bluff, which she hoped would fall her way with Nicola.

    “You can stay there, Henrietta. Keep quiet for now.” Nicola said firmly and Henrietta smiled happy her gamble had paid off.

    I dropped my head, as I knew my challenge had more than doubled. Henrietta was a desperate submissive who was turning Nicola against me with every sentence. She was also smart enough to know how to play the situation and me perfectly.

    “I love you with all my heart Nicola and as my goddess, I would worship you to the ends of the earth. Its just there are others who covet your attentions and would do anything to get between us. I guess I am jealous in the same way I was yesterday and I would fight for you with all my might.”

    I showed Nicola the ring I had bought and was now wearing, “You are and will always be my one and only. It is only you I can fully submit to.”

    Henrietta was becoming very restless now having to listen to this and sensing a turning tide she started getting very angry.

    “Maybe I went too far today Chris. I needed to understand how I would feel as you worshipped these women under my control. I wanted to test the limits of your devotion to my dominant side but couldn’t see that by forcing you to worship someone else I would be breaking the heart of the man I love. Can you forgive me?” Nicola had a tear in her eye.

    “You don’t need to ask for my forgiveness Nicola. I understand more than any other who you are and that you are still trying to understand yourself. I will always love you with all my heart for who you are. I really need to kiss you right now.” I said.

    Nicola reached down to take my hands and pulled me towards her face as she started to kiss my lovingly. Tears were now streaming down her cheeks.

    Henrietta flipped unable to control herself at the sight of us kissing, “What the fuck is this bullshit goddess! Can’t you see he is playing you? He doesn’t love you like I do, he is just a selfish pig who thinks only of himself. Let me be the one who worships you, I can show you much more love and devotion than he ever could.”

    Nicola clenched her hands around my arms as her blood boiled and overflowed into rage. She then spun around and slapped Henrietta so hard around the face she knocked her clean off the sofa and onto the floor. The then grabbed her crop which was still by her side and then started to beat the waitress harder and harder while she wailed and cried in both despair and pain.

    I could see Nicola had lost it and though I hated Henrietta I could not see her so badly beaten. I put my arms around Nicola and embraced her hard to prevent the onslaught from continuing.

    “Enough my love. No amount of pain you can inflict upon this girl can surpass that in her heart right now. Let her be, she will suffer all by herself.” I said.

    “You are too fucking nice Chris. I won’t let her off that easy.” Nicola demanded.

    She then dragged Henrietta up off the floor by her hair and screamed into her face, “Tonight you will see what true love looks like as you kneel in the corner of room and watch us. If I catch you looking anywhere but on us or hear anything from your bitch mouth other than your crying I will cast you out never to return before me. If you want to stand any chance to serve as my slave again you will do as I ask and learn from it. Now fuck off into the corner you spiteful fucking bitch!”

    I didn’t make a big deal out of Henrietta’s fall from grace; the poor girl was destroyed already. I just took Nicola’s hand and led her into the bedroom as the waitress followed on her knees crying uncontrollably.
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    Now if you try and ignore my scent it will simply overpower your weak defences and wrestle your desperation into submission. I can almost feel your arousal from here. Take another sniff bitch!”

    Love it when the smell is so overpowering that it hypnotizes Chris, and I loved this chapter, too! Finally starting to trust Nicola
    "It's an indulgence to sit in a room and discuss your beliefs as if they were a juicy piece of gossip." -Heinlein

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    It was great to see Nicola come back for Chris, and that scene in the park was quite touching. The next day with the lacrosse students and the waitress was very intense indeed (and wonderful to read). Henrietta's domination of Chris and her attempts to prove herself worthy to be Nicola's one true slave were diabolical, but of course backfired on her...although she was still allowed to stay the night.

    It will be interesting to see where things go from her between Chris and Nicola...and perhaps even the waitress. Certainly, the relationship between Chris and Nicola seems to be going in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacurason View Post

    Love it when the smell is so overpowering that it hypnotizes Chris, and I loved this chapter, too! Finally starting to trust Nicola
    Hi Sacurason
    I love the overpowering smell scenes for Chris - as time goes on in the story you will see the feelings during these scenes becoming more descriptive and intimate with the scent. Now the naughtiness is over - it's onto the serious business of work and Chris' resignation.

    Be prepared for anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    It was great to see Nicola come back for Chris, and that scene in the park was quite touching. The next day with the lacrosse students and the waitress was very intense indeed (and wonderful to read). Henrietta's domination of Chris and her attempts to prove herself worthy to be Nicola's one true slave were diabolical, but of course backfired on her...although she was still allowed to stay the night.

    It will be interesting to see where things go from her between Chris and Nicola...and perhaps even the waitress. Certainly, the relationship between Chris and Nicola seems to be going in the right direction.
    Thanks for the great comments my friend!

    Nicola obviously feels a lot for Chris and it is good to see she cares enough to share some of herself with him. The Lacrosse students are a pretty crazy bunch and bring some great dynamics to the fun and games - expect to see them again!

    Henrietta went crazy for Nicola and as you say came unstuck - it seems like all is not quite lost for her just yet. I wonder if she can possibly recover the situation...what will happen next is the interesting part.

    Finally you point out that at least Chris and Nicola are moving forward together - lets hope they can catch a break.

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    Chapter 31 – The Day Everything Changed

    Nicola was the first to awake on Monday morning, it was still very early and the sun was barely up. She had a lot of mixed emotions given the events of the day before and more importantly the day yet to come.

    As she rubbed her eyes and looked into the corner of the room, she could see Henrietta staring longingly back at her. Her eyes were bright red where she had been crying most of the night but still full of hunger and love for her goddess. She watched her for a couple of minutes, Henrietta was desperate for any form of acceptance or attention. Nicola smiled to herself thinking about how much power she had over this woman.

    Eventually she took pity on her and moved the duvet to one side exposing her bare feet at the bottom of the bed. Henrietta’s eyes widened to saucers as she waited for a signal she could approach. Nicola started wiggling her toes and rubbing her soles together teasing the poor girl. When Nicola could see she was fit to burst with desperation she clicked her fingers and pointed to her feet.

    Henrietta shot across the room quicker than a greyhound and immersed all her love and attentions onto Nicola’s feet, rubbing, kissing and licking them without pause. They were still particularly pungent from the day before, which just made the whole task that much more pleasurable for the waitress.

    Nicola then turned her attentions to me putting her arm around me and drawing me into her chest. I turned over and embraced Nicola from the side with my leg across her waist. I stirred and looked up to see her staring at me. “Thank you Nicola.” I said.

    “For what?” Nicola replied.

    “For believing in me enough to know what I said was true last night.” I said.

    Nicola just smiled and squeezed me tightly to her breast. When I heard the slurping noises coming from below I sat up slightly and looked down to see Henrietta worshipping Nicola’s feet. I lay back down and smiled.

    “Want me to order her to do your feet Chris?” Nicola asked.

    “I am not sure I would feel too comfortable with that my love.” I said.

    Nicola chuckled and said, “Ever the submissive, but that’s just the way I want you.”

    I smiled back and kissed her breast.

    “Perhaps you should worship her feet while she worships mine then?” Nicola suggested with a twinkle in her eye.

    I gave her a look of shock and disappointment feeling the prior days trials bouncing around my mind.

    “Or you can just fuck my brains out here and now.” Nicola added with a smile.

    “Now that I can do.” I smiled and I leapt on top of Nicola and made mad passionate love to her whilst Henrietta sniffed, licked and kissed her feet.


    When I had finished my shower I got dressed for work (fortunately I had left clothes at Nicola’s prior for just such an occasion) and went through into the lounge. Nicola was sat at the table and Henrietta was sat underneath her eating scraps off a plate.

    Henrietta had made me breakfast as well, which I was quite surprised about given she tried to almost kill me last night, so I sat down and started tucking into my eggs and bacon. As I picked up on some polite conversation with Nicola, it being too early and pre-coffee for anything sophisticated I felt a tickle on my foot and jumped back.

    Looking under the table Henrietta had kissed my foot, which felt all kinds of weird. I didn’t like it. That said I am sure it was well meaning so let it slide. Henrietta then spoke in a soft, apologetic tone, “I am sorry master. I let you both down badly yesterday and I just wanted to say it would never ever happen again. I swear with all my heart.”

    “Master?” I responded startled. “There is only one superior being in this relationship and that is Nicola. Please just call me Chris. Oh and I don’t need any special treatment Henrietta but I am happy to eat your breakfast as you have already prepared it.” I felt really uncomfortable with the label ‘Master’ as it seemed to go against all my principals, which I guess just proves Nicola right that I am natural submissive.

    Henrietta smiled back at me, noting my respectful reply. “I am glad you are enjoying the breakfast I made for you Chris. I would be happy to make you one any day you want as long as my goddess approves.”

    I then looked at Nicola who was smiling at me. I smiled back.

    “Henrietta has offered to be my permanent domestic servant, cleaning up, preparing food when you are not around and running errands as I need them. She will still keep her waitress job as she insists on paying me for the privilege to work for me. I figured, as you don’t want to be doing all the grunt work for me and would rather stick with the saucier side of my dominant nature that could work out quite well. What so you think Chris?” Nicola asked matter of fact.

    “So it would be a strictly non-sexual relationship then Nicola?” I asked.

    “Most definitely Chris, this is about slavery not love. I may let her lick and sniff my feet from time to time as a reward but that’s as far as it goes.” Nicola replied with an earnest look.

    “And how about my role as your slave? Won’t that get complicated?” I asked feeling a little isolated by the proposal.

    “Oh don’t you worry about that I am going to focus my dominant attentions on you all the time. It will just be more sexual, pleasure and punishment focused whilst for her it will be almost all domestic.” Nicola said.

    Nicola then looked very serious and added, “Anyway my love I am still discovering who I am with my dominant side and I want to protect you from that until I know I can control it.”

    “I don’t need any protection my love.” I replied feeling my pride was a little hurt.

    “Then do it for me please Chris. Henrietta can take the brunt of my sharpest and nastiest outbursts. She is more prepared for that than you are. You are so important to me; I don’t want to destroy what we have. I am not sure I could live with myself if I did.” Nicola said.

    I looked at Henrietta under the table who was looking back at me longingly and with hope in her eyes.

    “Why don’t we give it a trial and then see how we all feel about it after a few weeks?” I suggested.

    “Perfect idea!” Nicola responded then added, “I presume that’s ok with you foot bitch?”

    Henrietta licked Nicola’s bare feet on the top to signal her joy at the agreement.

    Just then I heard my mobile phone issue a text bleep so got up to grab it from my jacket pocket. It was from Allegra.

    “Hey Nicola, I just got a text from Allegra at Leading Edge Associates, the woman who interviewed me.” I said.

    “Well what does it say Chris?” Nicola asked.

    “It says I am going to get an offer today and that she looks forward to working with me in the near future if I accept.” I said.

    “Which role is it for?” Nicola questioned.

    “It doesn’t say. But this changes everything don’t you see? We can resign and get the fuck away from Beth and all those crazy bitches like immediately.” I exclaimed.

    “Don’t you think you should wait for a contract or something?” Nicola suggested.

    “Given where I am with Beth right now I think the sooner I am out the better. She wouldn’t text me that news unless it was concrete. That would be unprofessional. I am going to tell Beth I am leaving today, that’s it I have decided. Even if there are issues we can sort them out together. You are too important to me Nicola to stick around that office and Beth any longer.” I said reaching out and holding her hand across the table.

    “Well let me give it some more thought before I jump on that train with you. I am still a little nervous about giving up my pay packet until I have a fall back. I don’t want to get in arrears and lose my apartment. But the danger of continuing to work there without you does make your suggestion quite appealing.” Nicola said thoughtfully.

    Henrietta then said from under the table, “If I may add goddess. I would be happy to work extra shifts to help pay your rent and provide for you in any way I can if that would please you?”

    “Well that is most thoughtful of you foot bitch. I will consider your offer in line with the other things I need to take on board.” Nicola smiled.

    Nicola then got up and went to the side cupboard and withdrew a key. She then ordered Henrietta to approach her, which she did on her knees. “This is your key foot bitch. You will need it to let yourself in to clean and run my errands. You must always knock though in case I am at home with my loved one and don’t wish to be surprised. Understand?”

    Henrietta nodded and kissed Nicola’s feet again shortly before Nicola turned and went to take her shower ready for work. Not long afterwards we were all set to leave and exited together.

    Henrietta gave me a smile and then gently touched my hand, “Thank you Chris.” Before she turned to kiss Nicola’s feet one last time and headed off to work. Nicola and myself walked in the opposite direction to the office.


    As we walked to work holding hands we started bouncing around some of the issues and options we needed to finalise on before we arrived.

    “We need to have a clear plan before we get there, Nicola. If you are leaving as well we can both go in together and give it to Beth both barrels. However if you are going to stay you must not be seen with me like this under any circumstances. It would be dangerous for you if they knew we were in a relationship, especially Beth.” I posited.

    Nicola took some time to reflect on my points for a while before she then responded, “If the Leading Edge role doesn’t pan out Chris, are you sure we can still make this work if I leave?”

    “I am sure we can. We can sell one of our apartments and move into the other together. I will take any job if I have to on an interim basis until we get sorted. I have some savings left though not much with our shopping trip.” I teased.

    “Well I can take that stuff back if I have to and I could also sell some records if we needed quick cash. My collection is worth quite a lot of money now.” Nicola offered

    I smiled and squeezed her hand. “I would be much happier if you left with me Nicola. At least then I know you would be safe.”

    Nicola then stopped and pulled me to a halt with her hand. She then stood in front of me and kissed me gently on the lips and brushed my cheek, “Then it’s decided my love. I will leave with you today.”

    I gave Nicola a big cuddle and lifted her off the ground in my elation. She hugged me back.

    After we had made our decision we picked up the pace and quickly made our way to the office. We arrived a little after 8am.


    I was surprised that Beth hadn’t fired a nasty text at me given I wasn’t in the office for 8 sharp but it never came. When we entered the office it looked like we were the first there, it was only as we approached Beth’s office that we could see the light was on and hear there were voices coming from inside.

    After conferring with Nicola we decided to speak to Beth together and get it out of the way before anyone else arrived. We could then maybe get the hell out of dodge soon after. As such we approached the door and I knocked.

    The voices inside carried on for about another five minutes before the door opened. As we went to walk in Yuki came rushing out in a stream of tears looking utterly distraught. I was tempted to ask her if she was ok but she ran past so quickly I never had the chance. I looked at Nicola who just said, “Let’s just go in and get this done. I am feeling sick with worry now.”

    As we entered the office Beth was in her customary position at her desk with her shoes up on top. She looked calm and relaxed dressed in a black designer dress with red trim on the armless shoulders and bottom where it met her knees. She had a pair of the red designer shoes I had bought her on with some red pantyhose contrasting again the black. She looked both smart and formidable. Her aura and confidence was flooding through the atmosphere and creating a claustrophobic and daunting feeling in the room.

    She was looking directly at us as we entered, her eyes narrowed and introspecting like she was still in deep thought and was picking us apart. Once we were in the centre of the room Nicola and myself stopped and I addressed Beth, “We would like to discuss something important with you Beth. Unfortunately it cannot wait.”

    “Well if it isn’t the happy couple.” Beth said sarcastically. Continuing with, “And you are presuming to call me Beth, you must be full of confidence and self-assuredness to make such a bold opening statement whilst facing me.”

    Beth was already playing power games, which caused me to stutter. Beth smirked seeing she already had me reeling and it was only when Nicola stepped in we continued. “It’s to do with our roles here Beth.”

    “Ahh, now the little traitorous bitch speaks. Having gone behind my back and stolen my slave you have the nerve to come in my office and request my attention?” Beth hissed.

    Nicola was now also thrown off course. Beth was making this very difficult sensing what we were up to and what we were about to say. I took over from Nicola, “We have come to tell you we are resigning with immediate effect Beth. There is nothing you can say to change our minds; we are fully committed to this decision. We just ask that you let us go and don’t try to stop us.”

    Beth started laughing, which confused us both. She then said building to a scream, “Young love, so blind, so optimistic, SO FUCKING STUPID!”

    Beth then picked up some papers from her desk and threw them on the floor beneath us. We both looked down at them not quite knowing what was happening. “Well fucking read them then you idiots!” Beth snarled.

    I bent down and picked up several of the papers and started to put them back in order. When I got to a headed letter with red writing on I started to read through it. As I went through the details I started referencing the other documents. I was completely mortified with what I was reading.

    Nicola seeing the look on my face said, “What’s wrong Chris?”

    I looked at Beth and said, “This is a bunch of horseshit. There is no way you can make this stick.”

    Nicola very concerned now repeated her question, “Chris please tell me what is happening.”

    Beth started laughing again looking at my face sink in the realisation that what she had was watertight and damning. “It’s a legal declaration that the company will begin proceedings against you for embezzlement, fraud and bringing the business into disrepute.” I replied as the words hollowed me out.

    “What? That can’t be true Chris. I have never done anything wrong like that in my life.” Nicola’s voice was quivering with the seriousness of the accusations.

    “There are bank statements here showing the transfer of funds as well as details of an offshore bank account opened in your name. There are also citations linking your accounts with laundering of dirty money. It looks bad Nicola.” I said barely able to look her in the eyes.

    “Well it’s all fucking lies Chris!” Nicola screamed clamouring for the documents to validate what I had said.

    “I know.” I said with a heavy heart realising that Beth had Nicola completely over a barrel.

    Beth then uncrossed her feet and then re-crossed them the other way on the desk, “You see being me has a number of upsides. My power and reach extends well beyond the walls of this two-bit business. I have significant influence in both the finance and legal sectors here in London and if I need something to happen then it does. My finance team has assured me that all the transactions are fully auditable and traceable to Nicola to a sufficient legal standard. Similarly I have had a legal team put that folder together in preparation for a prosecution order. They have both assured me that the charges will stick with 100% certainty.”

    Nicola and myself were staring blankly at Beth in shock. Nicola now had tears rolling down her cheeks fearful of what Beth’s wrath could do to her life.

    “15 years is the conservative estimate Nicola. Think you can wait that long Chris?” Beth then laughed again.

    I wanted to kill Beth but knew I stood no chance and that it would only make matters worse. “What does this mean then Beth?”

    “Well for a start it means STOP FUCKING CALLING ME BETH!” she screamed.

    “What does it mean please goddess?” I repeated feeling the next fifteen minutes would be as painful as any in my life before and probably to come.

    “It means whatever the fuck I want it to mean bitches!” Beth smirked.

    “Now go and get my breakfast slave. You are fucking 30 minutes late already and I am not discussing this further until I have had my coffee.” Beth ordered.

    I looked at Nicola who nodded back at me. I stated to lead Nicola by the hand with me and Beth called out, “Just you slave. Myself and Nicola have things to discuss.”

    “Just go Chris.” Nicola said solemnly.

    I ran as quickly as I could to the French patisserie in an effort to return and support Nicola. I was panting heavily out of breath when I got back. As I walked in I stopped in shock, I started to feel sick. As I looked across the room Beth had her stockinged feet resting on Nicola’s face who was down below her chair. Nicola was rubbing the areas of Beth’s feet that were overhanging her face.

    “We had a little talk while you were gone slave. Nicola begged to be my personal slave in exchange for putting the prosecution order on ice, which after some thought and begging of course I agreed to. You see I had a vacant position, as my last slave was an ungrateful disrespectful fucker who I needed to replace. I promised my new bitch that with enough love, devotion and suffering under me I would eventually grow weary of her and set her free. How long that will be exactly we will just have to wait and see.” Beth then chuckled to herself before looking down at Nicola.

    “Pretty stinky under there isn’t it foot bitch? Well don’t worry in a couple more days when I have really got some serious stink in them today will seem like a walk through a rose garden. You will soon grow accustomed to them even if you hate feet at the moment. In fact my old slave used to shoot his load doing exactly what you are doing. Funny eh?” Beth cooed.

    I dropped the breakfast on Beth’s desk and got on my knees and kissed her feet, which were sat upon Nicola’s face. They did indeed smell pretty bad.

    “Get the fuck away from me you miserable wanker. I don’t want you anywhere near me. That honour is for my slave and my slave alone. Now fuck off!” Beth then kicked me hard in the chest sending me across the floor winding me.

    After a few minutes recovering I got back to my knees and pleaded, “Please goddess, take me as your slave. Let Nicola go. I will do anything you want.”

    “Oh that ship has sailed long ago wimp. I have a nice shiny new slave now and I am not about to trade her in for a fucking disgusting piece of shit like you!” Beth shouted.

    “Adding to that, this slave is duty bound so I can be much nastier, more brutal and a lot less tolerant with her than with you. You were a fucking coward, I am sure she will have a lot more resolve than you and even if she doesn’t tough fucking luck for her!” Beth then laughed like an evil queen parodying Nicola’s predicament.

    “And what of me Beth?” I said.

    “Ah yes, you. I wondered when you would get round to asking me that. It didn’t take long for you to doom your little bitch here to a life under my feet and then return to thoughts of your own miserable existence did it?”

    Beth then leant down and pressed her feet firmly into Nicola’s face before saying, “Your lover seems to have lost interest in your plight slave, he obviously agrees with me that you belong under my feet. He is now more worried about himself now.”

    “Actually I am not, I have another job now and plan to use all the money I earn on that to bring you down and free Nicola by any means necessary.” I challenged.

    “Another job eh? You have been busy.” Beth said sarcastically then looking down at Nicola continued with, “Did you hear that slave? Your lover is going to leave you here alone with me; he is like a rat on a sinking ship. You really do need to choose your men more wisely in future.”

    “You know what. Fuck you Beth. I love Nicola and she is perfect, kind and beautiful. You are an ugly horrible sadistic bitch. I will find some way to get around this nasty spiders web you have spun and then I will bring you down. I am going to start by joining one of your competitors. When I have helped them beat you in enough bids you will lose your job and that will be the beginning of the end for you.” I shouted.

    Beth was angry now and pressing down hard on Nicola’s face making her scream in pain, “You are going to do all that? Do you really think you have anything like the resources to challenge me? And this job you talk about, sounds quite grand tell me a little about it.”

    Before I could answer there was a voice behind me, “It’s more of a pipe dream really. In fact I am not even convinced that leaving here at all is in his best interests. You see that role just might not actually come off.”

    As I turned I could see Allegra standing in the doorway smiling. My jaw dropped and my heart sank. What the fuck was going on?

    “Ah yes you haven’t met our new co-team leader yet have you wimp? This is Allegra, Allegra Griffin-Watson, one of the best and smartest talents in the business. She has decided to join our team here seeing the potential we are developing and the enormous opportunities ahead. She did have an opportunity in her new team going but unfortunately it got filled earlier this morning.” Beth smiled seeing my confidence wilt and dissolve.

    “So you were telling me about this great new job you got and how you were going to bring me down wimp. Please carry on.” Beth smirked and giggled, as did Allegra.

    “Well I will just find another job, even better than that one. I will find a way somehow, I don’t care what it costs.” I shouted.

    “Ok enough games, I am getting bored with your hollow threats now wimp. On your knees and listen carefully to what I say.” Beth ordered.

    I stood there defiantly while Beth looked at me and then she nodded over my shoulder. Within a few seconds Allegra had kicked my legs from the reverse sending me down onto my knees. She then walked up to the side of me and sat on my shoulder to pin me in position. I could sense by her strength that she was another fighter of some description though I didn’t yet know what so decided to stay put at least for now.

    Allegra then cuffed me across the head and said, “Listen to Beth carefully slave or I may have to stamp on your neck.”

    “Thank you Allegra, it’s so nice to see a woman who knows how to put a slave in their place.” Beth said. She then pressed her feet down heard onto Nicola’s face making her whimper as if to demonstrate the fact.

    Beth then addressed me, “Do you care about the welfare of your dirty little whore here wimp?”

    “I care about Nicola more than words can say. I would do anything for her.” I proclaimed.

    “Well that’s very good to hear wimp because if you want to minimise her pain and suffering under me in the months ahead you will quickly learn to do exactly what I say. If you really fuck me off I will send her arse straight to prison and you can spend the next 15 years speaking to each other through 6 inches of glass. Do you understand what I am saying?” Beth said imperiously.

    The full realisation of our predicament was now upon me. Not only did she have Nicola completely under her control but by virtue of my love for Nicola she had me as well. Any chance of escaping to find a way out for Nicola had been snuffed out in her collusion with Allegra. My shoulders slumped and my head dropped.

    “What do you ask of me goddess?” I asked with a pathetic beaten voice.

    “That’s better. Now the fun can begin.” Beth smiled. “Another opportunity came up over the weekend. You see we will have three teams across the group following our recent successes and the third team leader will need a slave to assist with her duties.”

    “And who is the third team leader goddess?” I asked after a long silent pause.

    “Why Aurelia of course. You two were made for each other!” Beth laughed and Allegra joined in.


    Allegra and Beth couldn’t stop laughing at the predicament that Beth had put me in. Aurelia was a first rate fucking power hungry psychopath with little to no regard for human life, let alone pain and suffering. I was fucked and Beth knew it.

    After Beth had settled down she addressed me again though this time in a serious and grave tone, “I told you before slave that you had no idea how important my protection and authority over you was. Well now you are going to find out first hand. When I informed Aurelia that you were to be her personal slave she spent close to twenty minutes interrogating me about what rules, limits and conditions she would need to conform to. I simply told her that your treatment was totally at her discretion, the only rules that would apply should be the one’s she creates. I am not going to tell you the next part of the conversation because I don’t want to concern you and anyway it would spoil the surprise. Suffice to say that girl is rather unsettled to say the least.” Beth chuckled to herself.

    “I also advised her that I figured you would try and escape her control if she pushed you too hard too quickly. I suggested that if she were to go down an accelerated extreme route then she should either chain you up or cage you in her own home. She seemed to like that suggestion. Of course if you do try and succeed to escape and cause me a fuss then my slave here will go straight to prison.”

    “Oh and one more thing. I have decided to retain Grace in my team as part of the re-organisation. Aurelia was really, and I mean really fucked off about that so she is in a pretty shitty mood, which I expect to last most of the month. I tell you this as I expect you will take the brunt of that over the coming days so be prepared.”

    I was literally terrified at this point. I think if the ground had swallowed me up and put me to rest it would have been a blessing. An unrestrained Aurelia with a license to do whatever she wanted to me was just about the worst thing I could imagine. Beth was right I was thinking of escape but the danger that would put Nicola in was just not acceptable to me. My fear turned to outright panic and I threw myself back on my knees in front of Beth pleading for mercy.

    “I am so sorry goddess. I now realise how stupid I have been not to appreciate your grace and protection. Please give me a chance to show you I can be better. I promise to do and be so much more for you. I thought you used to care about me goddess, please don’t cast me out and into Aurelia’s control. She will kill me or worse.”

    “Slave, What happened to ‘I fucking hate you bitch?’” Asked Beth coyly.

    “I was crazy mad goddess. I lost control. I didn’t know what I was saying. It was all bullshit.” I responded.

    “So are you saying you love me more than this pathetic whore on the floor under my feet? You did after all tell me that you loved me right?” Beth questioned.

    Nicola was shouting under her feet with anger. She had me in a perfect catch twenty-two; I needed to be careful here not to tip the balance against Nicola and me either way.

    “Look I love Nicola and you goddess. I don’t want to be drawn into comparisons but you have never shown me any love back.” I said.

    “I told you before you know nothing of love and once again you show me how completely fucking ignorant you are. Love is not the one-dimensional bullshit you make it out to be with kisses and cuddles. Love is about sacrifices. It is when someone gives themselves to you fully in whatever way their love manifests.” Beth screamed. She had a tear in her eye.

    “You are right goddess I don’t know shit about love, but then no-one has ever taken the time to teach me. Why couldn’t you help me see?” I asked.

    Nicola was crying under Beth’s feet now, but I needed to try and turn Beth around to save us both if I had the chance.

    “I gave you every chance slave. In fact I gave you more chances than I have ever given anyone but you fucked up. Now you get to live in the shadow on my darkness. And as for your stupid whore here, she will be made to pay every single day for taking you away from me.” Beth was now using a dark and forbidding tone.

    “But no-one has taken me away from you. I am right here and I want to come back goddess. Just give me the chance.” I pleaded.

    “You are so foolish slave. You listen but you hear and understand nothing of the words. I can’t stand to look at you anymore, you need to go before I unleash my wrath upon you.” Beth warned.

    “But you said I was your property and that you wouldn’t let me go. Why are you now casting me out and giving me to Aurelia?” I asked.

    “Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are free of me slave. You will always be bound to me. I just…” Beth started to get flustered and lost for words. This was the first time I had seen her like this and it created an awkward silence.

    Finally composing herself she added, “Now get the fuck out of my office! Me and my crop have a date with your whore.”

    Allegra led me to the door and pushed me outside, “I suggest you go and see Aurelia as soon as possible. Don’t want to make a bad impression on your first day slave bitch!”. She then pushed the door to and went back inside. Before the door closed I heard a loud whoosh followed by a crack. Nicola then let out an almighty scream, which felt like a dagger in my heart.


    At 11am we were all assembled for a team briefing led by Beth. I had gone to meet Aurelia but she was busy and said she would see me after. I didn’t know if being busy was true or she was just playing me. Her mind games would be something I would need to learn to cope with, somehow.

    Beth emerged from her office just in time to make the start. Nicola was crawling behind her with a collar around her neck on a leash. Nicola’s face looked distraught like she had been suffering and crying badly in equal measure. Allegra was walking with Beth talking and laughing like nothing had happened. As they approached the noise in the room increased as people started talking.

    Looking around I could see some new and unfamiliar faces. I wondered what was going to be said.

    “Thank you for coming today everyone. Well almost everyone.” Beth chuckled and so did her audience. “As you know we have only been formed as a group for a very short time but already we have made a massive impact on the company and it’s reputation. Following the highly prestigious Strathbourne account win we have already made significant inroads into three or four other leads. When I met with Steph and then the board last week they asked me a number of probing questions about my ambition for this team. I sold our potential very strongly and they were both enormously impressed and also incredibly supportive. That very same day we had the team budget doubled but at the same time so were our revenue targets.” Beth smiled whilst the crowd listened silently.

    “I then immediately set in motion a series of actions to bring the finest talent into the team to ensure we could meet those targets but also so we could grow as a team and as individuals. As from today we will be organised into three teams.”

    “The first team will be led by Aurelia and will be focused on the initial leads through to first point engagement. They will also oversee pipeline governance and progress reporting to the board. Joining that team will be Julia, Laura and Sophia all new junior consultants from various high profile companies. Please welcome them all and congratulate Aurelia on her promotion.”

    There was a warm round of applause as the ladies emerged. It was only then I saw Sophia step out of the shadows, the same woman from the boutique coat shop. She looked straight at me and gave me a sinister smile followed by a cheeky wink. It was at that moment I realised how Beth already knew about Nicola and me when we entered this morning. That fucking bitch!

    Julia and Laura were both recent 22-year-old graduates who had been fast-tracked in other high profile consultancies. It really was a coup for Beth to attract this level of junior talent, as we could not compete with the wages they were getting before.

    Julia was a tall 5’ 9” with long brown hair with blonde streaks. She had dark brown eyes with thick model like eyebrows and a small pinched nose. She had a medium build and looked like she kept fit maybe did aerobics or running. Her body was toned but not overly muscular. Today she was wearing a simple white blouse; black trousers with black pop socks and black flat shoes UK size 7. She was very pretty and also knew it. She looked quite pompous and aloof.

    Laura was also aloof and pretty. In fact you could say they were both quite conceited and unapproachable given my first impressions. As I was in their team I could expect to be treated pretty fucking poorly I thought.

    Laura was slightly shorter than Julia at 5’ 8” and was a keep fit fanatic with short blonde curly hair and contrasting dark eyebrows with hazel green eyes. Her small turned up nose gave her attractiveness a cute quality. Her body was both muscular and very toned without an ounce of fat on her. She had an amazing body and liked to flaunt it with a short mini skirt in grey, skin tight black roll-neck that accentuated her ample breasts, light brown stockings and grey pumps with a 2-inch heel.

    Neither Laura or Julia were typical Beth type recruitments as they were both younger and seemingly more balanced and less gladiatorial. At least that was how it looked initially.

    When the applause finally died down, Aurelia stood up to say a few words, “I just want to take this opportunity to thank Beth for believing in me. I know from their backgrounds that we have a fantastic team of juniors assembled here and can wait to get started. Oh and I also have my own personal little bitch who I can’t wait to get started on!” She then stroked my head like a dog and giggled, as did most of the team with the exception of the new recruits who looked somewhat confused.

    Beth then picked up again, “Thank you Aurelia, I know you guys will do a fantastic job. Well now onto the second team this will be focused on international opportunities and has Karine, Mireille & Nadine managing the pipeline. Nadine joins us from our Russian division and has done a brilliant job over there so we have great hopes of a major impact on East European growth under her guidance. Karine and Mireille are already leading lights on West European penetration familiar to you all.”

    “I now have the great pleasure to introduce Allegra to you all who will be leading the team. She is literally a superstar of our industry here in London and brings a wealth of leadership, management experience and technical knowledge, which we can all benefit from. Please give them all a warm round of applause.

    Once again there was an eruption of applause as I looked over at Nadine to assess my first impressions. She was very tall 5’ 10” almost 6 foot in heels and had a bold strong athletic build not too dissimilar to the Deneuve twins. Like them she had a very serious looking ‘don’t fuck with me’ face, which was angular with hard features. Nadine had thick short brown hair and cold blue eyes that wouldn’t look out of place on an assassin. She was definitely one to avoid if she was to get into Beth’s little clique of bitches. Today she was wearing a black short length skirt and jacket combination with a sky blue woman’s dress shirt underneath. She had long bare legs and two-inch heels. Her feet like Allegra’s looked to be topping two figures in size but didn’t look out of place with her tall body. Though she looked mean and cold she was also exceptionally attractive, a real man-killer.

    As the applause died down Allegra got up to speak, “Beth is quite right I am a superstar and you may think that sounds conceited but let me tell you something. When I met Beth and we talked about the ambitions, objectives and talent of this team I made it my one goal to be a part of it. Beth is both an incredible business leader and an even more incredible woman. I have no problem working under her and I couldn’t say that for anyone else in London. I will do all in my power to live up to and exceed her expectations as well as your expectations on me as a team. I am very fortunate to be working with Karine, Mireille and Nadine who I have met and competed with numerous times in the past. They are a formidable outfit and I take great pride in offering my leadership to support them in any way I can.”

    Another round of applause ensued before Beth took the floor again, “Finally there is my team. I am very happy to announce that Grace, Seraphina & Porsche will remain with me to focus on the UK pipeline including the Strathbourne Account extensions. They were all incredibly important to that win and I am sure will help us develop our UK business significantly over the coming year. My team is full of incredible talent and though I cannot really teach them much about business development I will put all my focus and resources into helping them and all of you in any way I can. Any questions?”

    There was one last warm round of applause to recognise Beth’s team, which eventually wound down to silence. After a few moments Seraphina asked, “What about Nicola and Yuki?”

    Beth’s face went from proud and excited to disappointed and forlorn, “Ah yes well that is the tricky part. Though as a team we have recently gone from strength to strength I have some difficult news to share with you all. Yuki had been sharing business secrets with Leading Edge Associates in an effort for them to gain a competitive advantage over us in our recent bids. It was Allegra who brought this to my attention when she decided to join our team. Regretfully Nicola’s is a similar story, for whatever reason she has tried and succeeded in defrauding the company and managing to embezzle funds into private accounts. It is only because I have a number of friends in the finance sector this was made known to me.”

    Beth paused and there was a strong underlying murmur in the room, “Now I need to make one thing absolutely fucking clear. I will not under any circumstances tolerate disloyalty and deceit in this team. We are all here to support each other and achieve great things together. If someone decides to go against us then I will make it my personal responsibility to teach that person a lesson they will never forget.”

    “Yuki and Nicola have shown themselves to be traitors, there is no other word for it. I could have easily had them both arrested and taken away but that would have been deferring my responsibility to you my team and them. As such I have given them both a second chance. Yuki and Nicola from this moment have been demoted to PA’s and their contracts adjusted accordingly. In reality they will be treated with the contempt and derision of a slave until they have learnt their lesson.”

    “They are not to be treated as peers until they have earned that privilege back. Allegra and myself will be using them as our assistants to ensure they get constant daily reminders of how important our love and respect for each other is to a winning team mentality. This will not be pleasant for them but trust me it will be effective and offers them hope and a way out rather than prison. Please remember that when you see their treatment. They both have the choice to take prison at any time for rehabilitation if they so desire.”

    “So slave Nicola will work under me and slave Yuki will work under Allegra.” Beth concluded.

    There was silence for a few moments before Grace said, “They fucking deserve all they get bitches. I can’t believe after what we have been through as a team that they would try and screw us like that. Are we allowed to help with their conditioning like we did with him?” Grace then pointed at me.

    “Thank you Grace, yes it is deeply regretful it has come to this and I feel the same as you. As for helping with their conditioning I am happy for you all to support that though I suspect the new joiners may need to adjust first. Please just discuss and agree with Allegra and myself first.” Beth said.

    Before she could continue Nadine responded, “Perhaps the juniors will be uncomfortable but I have no problem helping to teach them a lesson. Where I come from there would have been little to no mercy.” Her voice sounded as cold as she looked.

    Also as if cajoled Sophia and Laura said, “Excuse my language but fuck the bullshit that us juniors can’t handle the heavy stuff. We are bang up for any arse kicking that’s required. Trust us when we say we will be first in the queue!”

    Aurelia gave a look towards them like a proud mother. I looked at them with a massive amount of regret wondering what I was going to be in for with these haughty bitches.

    There was then a significant increase in discussion within the team as the team started to exchange thoughts on the two new slaves, Nicola and Yuki. I just wanted to grab Nicola by the hand and run out of there as quick as I could. But that was now a remote dream. I felt so far away from Nicola, it was as if I had never known her.

    “Ok now then everyone, there are a couple more things. Firstly, I have arranged some drinks, food and games for this evening down in the gym area for us where we can get to know each other better and do some team bonding. You will all have ample opportunity to impress Allegra, Aurelia and me with your conditioning skills to wind down after a busy day. What better use could we have for our traitorous slaves?” Beth smiled.

    She then added, “Secondly I have booked a horse riding event this Sunday, which everyone is invited to. It is a special treat to celebrate the massive Strathbourne win and though it is short notice I hope you can all make it. No need to bring anything other than yourselves, we have made provision for everything for you on the day. That’s it everyone, thank you and let’s go make some sales!”

    I wandered nearer to the front temporarily to catch sight of Nicola who was looking back at me her eyes bearing a deep pain and sadness. I mouthed the words ‘I love you’ which gave her a brief smile. Beth then yanked at her collar and started dragging her back into the office. Nicola’s head dropped as she turned to go back in.

    At that same time I got a tap on my shoulder. As I turned around I got a massive smack around the face, which sent me backwards into an office partition. I managed to steady myself against it. Aurelia was standing before me with Sophia, Laura and Julia standing by laughing at what she had just done.

    “Wake up slave we have work to do. Stop fucking daydreaming!” Aurelia snarled.

    “Fuck that was a belter Aurelia. Can I have a go?” Laura said with a big grin on her face and hope in her eyes.

    “Of course Laura, that’s what he is for.” Aurelia smiled.

    I then received a second slap on the same cheek as before. My face was now burning as I turned away. “Wow that felt fucking awesome!” Laura exclaimed.

    “Well I don’t want to be left out.” Insisted Julia. Aurelia smiled approvingly again.

    Julia then swung her body and put all her full weight into a smack that sent me to the floor. Initially she looked a little ashamed of what she had done before noticing the attention it was picking up and adding, “I am going to fucking love working here!”

    I remained on the floor in an effort to put an end to the beating. Aurelia then looked at Sophia and said, “And you?”

    Sophia walked over to me and placed her shoe on my head and gently pushed it down before saying, “I have other plans for this one, later when we have more time.”

    Aurelia then led the women away saying, “Beth has chosen her prodigies exceptionally well. I can see this team is going to be a world of fun! I am just glad to be a part of it.” The women then all laughed heartily in unison.

    As they left Aurelia looked back and said, “My office for our first team meeting in 10 minutes slave, 10 lashes for every minute you are late.”

    As they disappeared I took a deep sigh. Already I could hear Beth’s words echo in my mind about her protection and authority being important to my welfare. I knew I faced some grave days ahead and would need all my resolve to get through them.

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    That escalated quickly...

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    Just gonna be honest that last chapter kind of made me lose interest. I was liking where the story was going with Nicola but now at this point it just seems overkill. Tbh they have no hope in this situation and the only logical solution here seems like double suicide. That's just my honest opinion. Sorry if I was too honest but I didn't even bother to finish the chapter it massively disappointed me. It's not any fun to read anymore there is nothing new and exciting about Beth fucking everyone over nonstop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayPhilosopher View Post
    That escalated quickly...
    To us readers it was quite the surprise Stray, for Beth however I am sure it had more than an ounce of pre-meditation about it :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parzival View Post
    Just gonna be honest that last chapter kind of made me lose interest. I was liking where the story was going with Nicola but now at this point it just seems overkill. Tbh they have no hope in this situation and the only logical solution here seems like double suicide. That's just my honest opinion. Sorry if I was too honest but I didn't even bother to finish the chapter it massively disappointed me. It's not any fun to read anymore there is nothing new and exciting about Beth fucking everyone over nonstop.
    Hi Parzival

    Thanks for your comment and honesty. MenHaters is a story that provokes strong emotions one way or another and this chapter was quite potent in that respect.

    The story itself is quite expansive and this turning point is just one of the cross-roads on the character's journey. Each character has motivations for their actions which will take a while before they come to light.

    Of course it does look pretty desperate (though not quite suicidal) for Chris & Nicola but don't think they are people who will just lie down and take it - their love for each other is too strong for that to be the case. In life as well as in MenHaters - the best things in life are worth fighting for - but nothing will come easy.

    You are quite right that it is not a 'fun read' kind of story I am afraid - it is quite deep and at times very emotional as will be seen - at it's heart it a story of the power of the human spirit in the face of aversity. It will certainly not suit everyone but then that is life.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this far - sorry you felt so disappointed.


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    Well, it started out good with Nicola and Chris agreeing to both quit and to have Henrietta be a domestic slave for Nicola. But the shit hit the fan the moment Nicola and Chris entered Beth's office. The ultra-devious and uber-sadistic Beth was as it again, using blackmail to turn Nicola into her personal assistant/slave and forcing Chris to take that same role with Aurelia. Naturally, she set them up with the whole Allegra thing, and having Sophia be one the women Chris has to serve is just another of Beth's diabolical tricks. And of course Yuki will be suffering under Allegra and her team of strong, brutal women.

    Looking forward to see where this goes, and whether Nicola and Chris can escape from their respective situations.

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