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Thread: MenHaters (F/m with F/f later in the story)

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    Well I wouldn’t mind Nicola being turned against Chris... the betrayal would be quite... sadistic and intense. But maybe I’m too much of a masochist? Lol.

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    It was great to read the different perspectives from the same day.

    The slave games were quite entertaining, and what Nadine did to Yuki at the end was certainly extreme. The last scene at Aurelia's house shows that she has money and perhaps power that belies her position at the company, and should certainly concern Chris while he is her live-in slave. The mind-fucking by Grace (with assistance from Aurelia) was spectacular and unsettled Chris a lot. At least he got an orgasm for his troubles and was left to sleep in a bed to allow a bit of recovery.

    Beth is really giving Nicola a hard time, and seems to be making it her mission to make her new slave suffer horribly. Thankfully, Nicola has Henrietta so she can let off some steam. Yuki's situation seems even worse, with Allegra and the twins. Perhaps Nadine can be an ally for her, and she can get away.

    Let's see what happens next!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonicmerlin View Post
    Well I wouldn’t mind Nicola being turned against Chris... the betrayal would be quite... sadistic and intense. But maybe I’m too much of a masochist? Lol.
    Hi SonicMerlin

    Thanks for your support! The story has many twists and turns still and just where it will land might just keep you guessing a while longer. I think given your preferences you will find plenty to enjoy in the coming chapters...always expect the unexpected!


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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    It was great to read the different perspectives from the same day.

    The slave games were quite entertaining, and what Nadine did to Yuki at the end was certainly extreme. The last scene at Aurelia's house shows that she has money and perhaps power that belies her position at the company, and should certainly concern Chris while he is her live-in slave. The mind-fucking by Grace (with assistance from Aurelia) was spectacular and unsettled Chris a lot. At least he got an orgasm for his troubles and was left to sleep in a bed to allow a bit of recovery.

    Beth is really giving Nicola a hard time, and seems to be making it her mission to make her new slave suffer horribly. Thankfully, Nicola has Henrietta so she can let off some steam. Yuki's situation seems even worse, with Allegra and the twins. Perhaps Nadine can be an ally for her, and she can get away.

    Let's see what happens next!
    Thank you OneAuthor - there early perspective chapters are a little insight into how the story will evolve. Given Nicola has quite a powerful dominant side we will get to explore the world through her naughty side as well as Chris' submissive.

    The slave games were something pretty crazy and it's normally a bad sign when all the girls get together as the offsite will tell us. Aurelia clearly has more going on as you rightly point out given her wealth - time will tell what she is hiding.

    I loved the mind games too - the good cop, bad cop - flip flop head fuck was really unsettling Chris as you say. I am sure he still really has no idea what living with these two nasty bitches will really be like. Perhaps they have a softer side which he has not seen's hoping!

    As you say, at least he has a bed of his own and a little quiet time to himself to recover from the day's festivities.

    Beth is really on the warpath with Nicola and you rightly point out that Henrietta has now become key to maintaining her balance

    The less said about Yuki's position the better - lets hope as you say Nadine can be her saving grace...

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    Chapter 35 – A New Dawn

    I awoke with a start the next morning as Aurelia entered my room and shouted, “Where the fuck is my breakfast slave?” I was almost out of bed with fright before I had even woken up. I fell down onto the floor and kissed her feet.

    “I am so sorry goddess. I am going to get straight on with that right now.” I said hoping to calm her down.

    Aurelia then whipped my back three times very hard and I screamed.

    “Not fucking good enough slave. I told you there would be no more second chances now get down there and cook us the best breakfast we have ever had or I will administer another 10 for being a useless wanker. We will be waiting in our bed. Be fucking quick about it.”

    What a way to wake up I thought. That wouldn’t be happening again. Fuck it stings. I quickly gathered up my clothes and dashed down to the kitchen. Knowing I needed to be quick I searched the refrigerator and prepared pancakes with maple syrup, poached eggs with toast, fresh coffee and fruit juice. I placed napkins, pots of milk and sugar on the side of the tray just in case and then returned to the master bedroom. As I started to enter Aurelia raised her crop and eyebrows at me.

    I knelt down carefully so as not to spill the tray contents and started to shuffle forwards towards the bed. As I approached Grace pulled the duvet up exposing their feet at the end of the bed. Realising what was required, I gently kissed their feet before arriving by Aurelia’s side. She leaned over and examined the tray. She then nudged Grace who leant across her and looked at the tray too. They both started laughing and kissed each other while I held the tray. This went on for about a minute.

    I was thinking first I get whipped, then I get an assault course to deliver the breakfast and now I have got to watch them make out while it goes cold. Eventually Aurelia looked back at me whilst Grace placed her head against Aurelia’s chest in a loving embrace.

    “Where’s yours slave?” Aurelia asked.

    “I er. Wasn’t sure I was allowed any goddess.” I replied hesitantly.

    “Damn fucking right foot bitch. You can suck feet for breakfast and be thankful we are giving you that instead of the crop.” Aurelia sneered and Grace laughed.

    She then took the tray and sat up with Grace to begin eating. I crawled to the base of the bed and started to delicately kiss their feet. They were making exaggerated eating noises to grate on my hunger pains and giggling at my disgruntled face. I was getting quite hungry at this point.

    “If you keep that face up foot bitch you are going to burn up what little stock you earned cooking this breakfast real fast. Then I will be pissed and you don’t want that right? As for the feet I said suck not kiss. Don’t move the dirt around on our feet eat it for fuck sake. It is your breakfast after all.” Aurelia said in a threatening tone.

    I returned my concentrations back to their feet and started licking and sucking on their toes while they finished breakfast. When they were done Aurelia said, “OK slave take this downstairs with the cups from last night and clean everything up. Then get yourself ready for work we leave in thirty minutes.”

    “Goddess may I ask a question?” I replied.

    Aurelia raised her eyebrows then said, “Be careful slave. What is it?”

    “It’s just that I don’t have any fresh clothes and toiletries for work here.” I asked.

    “Well you will have to make do today. I will arrange to have them dropped off later. You won’t be going home that’s for sure. Now get to it.” Aurelia said.

    “Of course goddess and thank you.” I said collecting the tray.


    When we arrived in the office I was told to get back on my knees and follow Aurelia to her office. Grace kissed Aurelia passionately before she departed and Aurelia then sighed, as she knew she wouldn’t see her again for most of the day. This was a sensitive time for Aurelia so I needed to be extra careful not to upset her in any way. When we got close to her office door I sped up so I could open it for her.

    She gave a little barely noticeable smile and entered. I then took my seat and started to run through her diary and important actions for the day. One thing she couldn’t level at me was my professional competence. I was way above her pay grade and experience so having me around should have been a massive boon to her if she could see it. After going through the appointments and administration I thought I would take a chance.

    “Goddess may I ask another question?” I asked

    “You really are walking the tightrope today aren’t you slave?” Aurelia said picking up her office crop and brushing it across her hand threateningly. “What is it?”

    “Well I was wondering if perhaps you see fit to order it of me, whether I could prepare some presentations and analysis on the new leads for your team. Of course it would only be prep work as the final documents would need to be edited and signed off by you and therefore any role I play would be behind the scenes as it were.” I asked hopefully.

    “Are you trying to insinuate that I am not capable of doing that work myself slave?” Aurelia asked going a little red and now tapping the crop on her hand.

    “Absolutely not goddess. I was merely offering to support your role as team leader knowing how busy you will be with the team management and customer site visits. I know you could do it with your hands tied behind your back if you wanted.” I said.

    “So let me summarise this as I hear it slave. You are desperate to remain on my good side, avoid punishment and other humiliations so you are pleading to do some work in order to win my favour and stay out of trouble. You think you are better than me so you are trying everything to avoid coming across as patronising and condescending but really you think I need your help if I am to succeed. Did I get everything?” Aurelia said with a smirk on her face.

    I went bright red sensing I was in for a thrashing. I may be more experienced at work but she was by far the smarter person when it came to mind reading and psychology. I regretted trying to manipulate her.

    “Yes I am fucking much smarter than you give me credit for and a lot fucking smarter than you foot bitch.” Aurelia said.

    I had no idea how she could read me so easily. She must be some kind of witch. I was now clearly for it and braced myself by bowing my head to the floor. Aurelia started laughing.

    “Get up slave you have work to do for me. I have decided you will prepare some presentations and analysis for the new leads we are looking at.” Aurelia said.

    My heart fluttered and I looked up at her. She was smiling at me.

    I then said, “Thank you goddess. I won’t let you down. I promise.”

    Aurelia then gave me an almighty slap across the face, which sent me flying across the room. My head almost flew off my shoulders. Fuck that girl had hard slapping down to a fine art and my cheeks were throbbing. I gathered myself and looked back up at her.

    “Don’t ever assume to try and play me again slave or the consequences will be much more severe, I will always be at least three steps ahead of you. Now get busy with the work, I am going to check in on the team. I expect some demonstrable progress when I return later.” Aurelia then laughed to herself and left the office.

    I immediately sat back at my little desk and started working my arse off keen to make a good impression for when she returned. I thought it quite ironic that a few weeks back I was working to impress the board and now I was working twice as hard for a recent office junior. The leads were pretty good and I found some great angles to exploit in terms of their strategies and weaknesses where we could add value. I managed to put together two reasonable proposals and an outline of two others in the time it took Aurelia to return a little under two hours later. That was great for even the very best of them I thought to myself.

    Aurelia could see I was busy working hard when she entered so she sat down at her desk and put her feet up and watched me for a few minutes. I sensed this but continued working through my final edits and preparations until she spoke.

    “Ok foot bitch bring what you have and present it to me on your knees.” Aurelia ordered.

    I crawled round and positioned myself in front of her just to the left of her outstretched shoes so I could gauge her face as she read. She snatched the papers from my hands and started to read. After a few moments she looked up and saw me staring at her so moved her shoes so they were in front of my face blocking my view of her. During the first few minutes I heard her made a few interested noises as I stared into her shoe soles. She was wearing her well-worn black pumps today, which I knew would make her feet sweat and smell especially as she was barefoot also. I then shook my head and reconnected with my work, waiting for feedback.

    As I waited Aurelia popped her shoes off and started dangling them from her perfect toes. She had black nail polish on which was very typical for her. I caught a waft of the sweet aroma that drifted from them.

    “You haven’t earned the right to sniff my toes just yet slave. Just stare at them and hope.” Aurelia said and wiggled her toes barely keeping the shoes on whilst she continued to read. I felt a tingle in my pants with the teasing.

    After a few more pages turned Aurelia said, “You know these shoes always make my feet sweat. If I had thought about it I would have washed my feet this morning. Now they are really going to stink by the end of the day. Ho hum. What’s a girl to do?”

    She then twirled her toes and dropped one of the shoes to the floor. I could now see her face and she was staring at me. I didn’t move. She smiled knowingly then glanced back down to the pages before saying dismissively, “Well pick the shoe up and place it gently back on my toes slave and don’t you dare even think about trying to sniff them secretly.”

    I picked her shoe up and looked inside. It did indeed look damp and it felt warm to the touch. I so wanted to bury my nose in it but instead carefully placed it on her toes and retook my earlier position.

    Aurelia then placed the first proposal down on the desk and started reading through the second. She gave no indication of what she thought of them. The suspense was killing me as I waited, hypnotically staring at her toes.

    “I have very pretty toes don’t I slave? I think it’s a big part of the reason my feet drive that dick of yours so crazy. I mean I know I am absolutely stunning and beautiful too but your desires are more for what’s on the end of my legs right?” Aurelia asked.

    I just smiled nervously

    “Do you harbour any secret desires to fuck me slave? You know like a normal person would.” Aurelia said moving her foot slightly to observe my reaction.

    I smiled again, not knowing what to say.

    Aurelia looked a little pissed. “Well? Answer me slave.”

    I was fucked answering this question. If I patronised her I was going to get a beating, if I lied I would get the same and if I said I loved Nicola I would be lucky to get out of the room alive. I had to think quickly.

    “I am sure I am not to your taste goddess. I would never have a chance regardless of what I wanted.” I said.

    Aurelia smiled acknowledging my escape from her trap, “Mmm. Well you never know slave. Maybe I will just fuck you out of curiosity to see what you have. Maybe Grace will join us for a threesome.” Aurelia said laughing at me before shifting her attentions back to the second proposal.

    After reading through the second document for around ten minutes Aurelia allowed both shoes to fall to the floor and started rubbing her feet together in front of my face. This gave off a stronger scent that made me even hungrier to bury my face in them and I felt a stronger urge in my pants.

    “Oops. There go my shoes. Never mind, leave them off for now. I need to air my sweaty stinky toes out a bit. I am sure you don’t mind the smell caressing those hungry nostrils of yours. Just imaging how sweet they must smell close up around the ball of my foot. In fact just imaging how fucking amazing they must smell between my toes.” Aurelia smirked continuing to read.

    My cock started to throb as I imagined that smell. I started shuffling on my knees trying to calm myself down. I was starting to hope now that Aurelia would reward me with her toes for the work I had done. As she read on she started flexing her toes and spreading them apart to emphasise her earlier comment. I was now totally transfixed on her feet. I tried to resist but my urges were too strong.

    After a few more minutes Aurelia said, “OK I have read through the two proposals. What are these?” She was waving the outlines at me.

    “Oh they are outlines for 2 other proposals which I would be happy to prepare for you if you would like.” I said looking lovingly at her feet.

    “So do you think you have earned a reward for your work this morning then slave? I know you have been staring at my feet the entire time with a look of utter desperation.” Aurelia asked.

    I went red and just smiled.

    “Come closer to them slave.” Aurelia ordered and my cock went into an instant erection.

    As I moved closer I could feel the smell potency increase and my senses started to engage. My arousal was getting very strong. As I got to within a few inches I closed my eyes ready to take a deep sniff then I felt a hard slap around my face, which knocked me off balance. I opened my eyes and could see Aurelia had slapped me with her foot and was laughing at me.

    “Desperation doesn’t become you slave. The work you did this morning was ok I suppose though I could have done much better. After I have pulled them into shape they will be fine. Now I think to earn your reward you will need to finish off the other two proposals. You will of course work through your lunchbreak, there is no time to eat for you. I will go out for a nice long lunch and a walk so my sweet toes will be swimming in a pool of delicious sweat just in case you do manage to impress me with your work later. Let me down though slave and I will whip your arse for wasting my time.” Aurelia said.

    My face dropped and my cock screamed with the frustration I was now feeling.

    “Ok take one last loving look at my beautiful soles slave then put my shoes back on. Remember no sneaky sniffs or else!” Aurelia laughed.

    I picked up her shoes and placed them gently back on her feet. Following which she stood up and walked out of the office saying, “It’s just so fucking great being me.”


    With my cock aching for release and having been hypnotised by Aurelia’s feet for close to thirty minutes I was indeed desperate. What the fuck had she done to get me into this state I thought?

    Well whatever it was it worked. I set down to work even harder on the two outline proposals even adding in a third to ensure I exceeded all possible expectations Aurelia may have. I was now starving hungry as well, which was making the task all the more difficult.

    It was another two hours before Aurelia returned and she did indeed look hot and bothered.

    “You wouldn’t know it with the air conditioning in the office but it is stifling hot out there. My feet are soaked through in these shoes and are going to stink royally. I would be surprised if you can last more than twenty seconds with them in your face slave they are that ripe. Anyway we are getting ahead of ourselves aren’t we? That reward has to be earned so how did you do with my two outline proposals?” Aurelia asked.

    “Well my goddess I finished them both and added a third to please you.” I answered with a proud smile on my face.

    “Wow you really are keen to get that worthless nose all over my toes aren’t you foot bitch? Well let’s see what you have.” Aurelia beckoned me back to the same place under her desk as before with her shoes in my face.

    As she started reading the third proposal she spoke without looking up, “I know you would like me to balance my shoes on my toes again slave so you can stare and lust after them but I don’t want to let any of that lovely wetness dry out inside my shoes. My feet will be all the more potent fresh out of my shoes so you will just have to wait and hope.”

    The third proposal went down onto the desk and Aurelia moved to the fourth, leafing through the first few pages. “Mmm quite impressive” she murmured, which raised my spirits. It was the first positive thing she had said all the time she had been reviewing the proposals. At last she turned to the final proposal.

    “You must be wondering by now what I think of your work slave. Is it enough to qualify for my delicious stinky toes? If it is how long will you get a few seconds or will I let you gorge on them until you find release? How strong will they smell? Will you be able to handle it? The excitement for you at this point must be almost too much to bear. Well that’s the life of a slave I am afraid. Keep waiting.” Aurelia chuckled.

    Eventually after what seemed like hours Aurelia put the last of the five proposals down on the desk. She then smiled at me. “It seems you may have some potential albeit limited to support me with the development of proposals for the team. Though I want to be clear your only priority is what I want whether it be work, suffering for me, menial duties or prostituting you out to the team for abuse to maintain team morale. Are you clear how far your station is below me?”

    What a fucking comedown I thought. I nodded feeling pretty low.

    “Ok good. Now before you remove my shoes which I know will be the highlight of your life so far, go and get me a coffee from the French Patisserie round the corner. You may buy yourself a sandwich as well but be quick.” Aurelia commanded.

    I rushed out as much in hunger as my desire to return for my reward. I stuffed the sandwich down on my way back I was so famished and had returned within fifteen minutes.

    When I arrived at Aurelia’s office I could see her inside talking to Sophia at the meeting table. I went in and crawled over on my knees to present her with her coffee. “Where is Sophia’s coffee slave?” Aurelia barked as Sophia laughed.

    Feeling put out I rushed out again to get another coffee. There was a queue this time for mid-afternoon refuelling so it was almost twenty minutes before I was back. As I crawled across the office to set the coffee down next to Sophia they both ignored me so I just knelt beneath them at the table.

    They were discussing edits to some of the proposals, which Aurelia was presenting as her own work. I knew she would so wasn’t too put out though a little credit would have been nice. Sophia was taking notes on the changes being sure to get all the details correct. They were talking for close to twenty minutes before Aurelia addressed me.

    “Well slave what the fuck do you want hovering around me like an irritating fly? Don’t you have work to do?”

    I was crushed, after teasing me relentlessly all day while I worked my arse off for her, now when it came to my reward she had simply cast me aside like a piece of rubbish. My face dropped to the floor as I started to turn away.

    “Oh that’s right I promised you a reward for your work this morning didn’t I slave?” Aurelia said.

    I was half happy to hear this given she hadn’t forgot but the other half of me didn’t want to be having this conversation in front of Sophia, especially as I was almost certainly going to be highly aroused.

    “Now remind me again what it was you wanted.” Aurelia said with an evil glint in her eye.

    “Oh nothing goddess. I just wanted to contribute to the team.” I said trying to change the subject.

    “That’s not what I remember you saying slave. If I recall correctly you were sat staring lovingly at my stinky sweaty feet desperately hoping I would allow you to sniff them up close and personal. In fact you even worked through your lunch break and did a whole bunch of extra work just to increase the faint hope that I would feed your depraved desires.” Aurelia said.

    Sophia started pointing at me and laughing, “You really are so pathetic slave. I mean who would work their arse off all day and through lunch just to sniff rank sweaty feet?”

    “Well him for one.” Aurelia said and they both laughed while I blushed with shame.

    “Aw look at his poor little face. So ashamed but also so frustrated. I almost feel mean denying him after he worked so hard. What do you think I should do Sophia? Shall I let him remove my nasty shoes and submit himself to my vile peds?” Aurelia asked.

    Sophia looked at me and my head was still hung down, “Look at me slave.” She ordered and I looked up at her.

    “Hmmm. Let me have a little think. How bad did you say they smelled Aurelia?” Sophia asked

    “They fucking reek Sophia. I am not joking when I say they are swimming in a pool of sweat at the moment and these shoes are pretty nasty anyway. On top of that I forgot to wash my feet this morning.” Aurelia said glancing at me.

    “Wow that’s sounds all kinds of nasty. I don’t think anyone sane would actually want to sniff those anyway right? I mean it would make you sick surely.” Sophia suggested.

    “Indeed. Unless you are utterly pathetic and desperately addicted to evil smelling feet that is, in which case I am sure it is some kind of utopia.” Aurelia said.

    “Well we need to know which it is Aurelia. Is he a worthless foot whore or perhaps he still has his dignity and pride in tact in which case he wouldn’t debase himself to such a low level right?” Sophia said.

    “Well there is only one way to find out.” Aurelia said.

    “You know I am wondering if we need a second opinion Aurelia.” Sophia added.

    “You are right of course. Go get Laura and Julia.” Aurelia agreed. Moments later the two ladies had returned with Sophia and were sat down.

    “Thank you for coming Laura and Julia. I was conferring with Sophia that my slave here had worked all day and through his break just to earn the reward of sniffing my disgusting rank feet.” Aurelia said.

    “Ew. That sounds nasty.” Laura said.

    “Indeed. In fact Sophia was questioning what kind of sub-human could actually get off sniffing feet let alone work all day for the chance when it wasn’t even guaranteed. This raised my own doubts that maybe I had misunderstood my slave so we brought you guys here to observe and give us your own opinion.” Aurelia said before turning her attentions back to me.

    “So tell me slave did you do all that extra work including through your lunch break just to sniff my feet knowing that they were exceptionally smelly and nasty today?” Aurelia said with an evil smirk.

    I went deep red with embarrassment but nevertheless tried to recover from the very awkward situation. “I am sorry goddess, perhaps there was some mistake. I just wanted to contribute to the team and play my part.”

    Aurelia then eased off her shoe and placed her hot, wet, intoxicating rancid foot right under my nose and said, “So you are telling me you have no desires to sniff these putrid noxious feet?”

    I held my breath for a while but eventually took in the exceptionally strong scent of Aurelia’s feet, which hit me like a thunderbolt. My cock was throbbing again and my face blushed, as I said hesitantly, “No not really.”

    “Doesn’t sound very convincing to me slave. Perhaps he is lying. What do you think Sophia?” Aurelia suggested.

    Sophia slipped her own navy blue pump off and placed her navy nylon foot on my crotch wiggling her toes. My already throbbing manhood was now even more aroused with her attentions.

    “He’s definitely a liar Aurelia.” Sophia said and I went an even deeper shade of red. I really wanted out of there as quick as I could feeling completely embarrassed beyond belief but Aurelia was far from done with me. She loved toying with me like this; there was something about psychological domination that she had a talent for way over and above the others.

    Aurelia waved her foot around slightly in the air drawing me from left to right as I automatically followed it trying to stay in touch with her scent. It was only when she started exaggerating these moves I realised what I was doing and stopped.

    Julia then blushed excitedly and said, “Look how he is following her foot trying to sniff it. You have him completely entranced Aurelia. It’s like you have hypnotised him or mind fucked him to do whatever you want.” Aurelia smiled back at her knowingly before pulling her foot away altogether and placing it back in her shoe.

    I tried to remain calm and collected but simply couldn’t hide my disappointment. Aurelia giggled seeing the control she had.

    “So then slave what to do with you. Do you now finally admit that you are totally in love with my stinky feet and you would do anything to worship them?” Aurelia said crossing her legs and swinging her shoe towards me.

    “ not really.” I said trying desperately to back out of the corner she had me in.

    In my mind I had to admit I was smitten, looking back at what I had done today it was obvious to her but the shame of admitting it in front of all these young attractive women was just too much for me. I wondered how something so foul could be so compelling to me to the point where I craved it so much. Perhaps it was the fact it was taboo and frowned upon that made it so attractive or maybe Aurelia had actually managed to change me with her games. Did she really have that kind of power though?

    “Not really! Not fucking really! What the fuck is that?” Aurelia screamed at me, gathering my attention instantly.

    “Well if you don’t REALLY want my feet then I will ensure you are NEVER able to sniff or kiss them ever again. I will always choose other punishments for you. That would seem a suitable end to this argument wouldn’t it slave?” Aurelia said giving me the strongest of ultimatums.

    I looked at each of the women who were staring at me intently waiting for my reaction. They were occasionally shifting their glances to Aurelia to see what she was doing. I then looked at Aurelia’s shoe as it swung back and forth towards me. I was cracking under the weight of my desires, I so wanted to imbibe that sweet smell and submit to it but she was threatening to take that away forever. Knowing I was enslaved to her for the foreseeable future that was a truly torturous thought. I also thought about the alternative punishments she was alluding to and was repulsed at every one I could conjure up in my mind. Eventually I spoke.

    “Never goddess?” I asked almost pleadingly.

    “That’s right slave. You will never even glimpse them let alone touch them, kiss them or sniff them.” Aurelia said smirking as she was doing her mind reading thing on me.

    “Ok then it’s true goddess.” I said so quietly it was barely audible.

    “I am sorry slave did you say something?” Aurelia asked. Starting to reel me in like a helpless snared fish on the end of a line.

    “It’s true goddess.” I said more audibly but still quiet.

    “What the fuck is true slave?” Aurelia said getting irritated.

    “That I love your feet goddess.” I said putting the final nail in my shame coffin in front of the women. Aurelia smiled as the others giggled.

    “Not even near good enough slave. After having to drag this out of you kicking and screaming I think your audience deserves to hear every point spelled out in infinite detail. Now lets start with the question – why do you love my feet slave?” Aurelia said as she raised her foot and waved it close to my face looking down at them herself with a satisfied smile.

    Aurelia then turned to Sophia and said, “I want every second of this filmed please Sophia love.” Sophia immediately scrambled for her phone, as did Laura and Julia. Now all eyes and phone cameras were on me.

    I took a deep breath and then sighed. I had known this moment was coming for a while now, I had to be truthful to what I was, what I am. In some ways Aurelia was offering me a cathartic release, a chance to let go of a wall of insecurities for which I was deeply ashamed. I just really didn’t want to do this so publically but then there was no other choice but Aurelia’s way.

    I took one final deep breath and then spoke, “It is true that I love your feet Aurelia. I don’t exactly know what it is about them other than I find them both beautiful and alluring. I know deep down there is a magnetic bond between your perfect curvaceous soles and immaculate toes and my heart that I cannot deny. When you tease me with them I am compelled by an overwhelming desire that has me completely imprisoned. It is also a reflection of your magnificence and pulchritude as a woman. Your assuredness, confidence and assertiveness. Your intelligence, knowledge and understanding. You have an aura so complete and perfect that I have not felt in another and now I am totally smitten by you. But then I suspect you already know every word of what I just said anyway. You know me better than I know myself.”

    As I finished I slumped forward feeling dejected and insecure. I have ripped my heart out and served it to her on a platter for all to see knowing only too well that she had no feelings for me whatsoever and would exploit my weakness for ever more in the weeks and months ahead finally casting me aside when my time as her toy ceased to be amusing.

    The silence in the room was loud enough to deafen. It hung in the air like an axis point on which all history hinged. Sophia, Laura and Julia stared with their jaws agape. But it was Aurelia’s look that surprised me most.

    She was bight red blushing, I had completely knocked the wind out of her sails. I think she was expecting a fumbling mess of embarrassed words and indecision when in fact she had received an almost near perfect compliment and adoration or not only her feet, but her as a woman. I could see she was desperately trying to regain her composure but she couldn’t summon the words to escape the warm, endearing feeling that my tribute had wrapped her in. I was always used to seeing her either angry or twisting my mind but now for the first time I could see what I thought was something else and it was frozen on her face.

    Eventually she managed to break free and started to speak.

    “What a load of fucking horseshit! I have never listened to such crap in all my life. You think you can fool me? You believe I am weak enough to fall for your beautifully crated verbal tributes slave? Well fucking think again, I am the queen of mind games and no slave is ever going to trap me.” Aurelia said.

    “But that’s just it goddess. Every single solitary word I offered you is the single undeniable truth.” I said speaking more confidently and assuredly than I had done almost in my entire life.

    Aurelia looked at the others who were now staring at her waiting for her response. “Turn those fucking things off now!” she shouted to which Sophia, Laura and Julia all quickly put their phones away like naughty children.

    Aurelia was turning red with rage looking like she was fit to explode but in her face was the tiniest modicum of warmth. This could go either way I thought to myself. Either she would crack and finally let me see another side of her or she would lead me in a dance that would flirt with death.

    “Look I haven’t got time for this shit anymore today, we have work to do. Sophia take those updates and make sure you share them with Laura and Julia. I want all five proposals complete and back on my desk by the end of the day. Go now!” Aurelia said still continuing to look flustered and incoherent.

    Sophia gathered up her notes and led Laura and Julia out of the room. By the time they got to the door they couldn’t help but start gossiping. Moments later they were gone.

    Aurelia then stared at me for close to 3 minutes. I could see her go through every emotion known to woman checking and validating against the feelings inside her.

    “What the fuck was that slave?” She screamed at me.

    “I am so sorry goddess but you pushed me so hard to answer.” I said.

    Aurelia got up and grabbed her crop returning to her seat. She brought it down hard across my shoulder as I sat there looking up at her. Aurelia struck me again harder and I winced with the pain retaining my eyes on her. Then there was a third and fourth slightly less powerful lashes, before a fifth that barely grazed me. She had what looked like tears in her eyes and was confused at what to do with me.

    “Get the fuck out of my office. I fucking hate you!” Aurelia screamed.

    I had seen hate in her eyes many times and it was a fearful sight but at that moment it was not hate I could see.


    Having left Aurelia’s office I made my way around to see Sophia to see if I could help with the edits. The three women were talking and gossiping furiously until Sophia see me approach when she then cleared her throat to signal the others to stop.

    All eyes then shifted to me.

    “I thought I would come and see if I can help.” I said.

    “What are you offering to do? Sniff feet.” Sophia said teasing. I flushed red and Sophia laughed at me. “Well?”

    “Well it was more help with the proposals. You see I put them together and wondered whether you could use some support with the edits.” I reaffirmed.

    Sophia looked put out at my snub whilst Laura picked up the challenge. “So you didn’t get rejected by Aurelia then? Thinking where else can I get some delicious sweaty stinky feet.”

    I felt like I had walked into a hornet’s nest. These women just didn’t want to hear that I was there just to help with the work.

    “Well no it was really just about the work.” I said cautiously trying not to offend.

    “So you are telling me if I wave my nice stinky foot in front of your face like this.” Laura then raised her grey nylon clad foot to my face. It had intermittent dark patches around the toes where the wetness had seeped through. “You don’t want to give it a huge sniff and start kissing it. They are perfectly sweaty from my gym session at lunchtime.”

    The wall of emotion and attachment I had thrown at Aurelia just prior had built some kind of shell of protection around me. At this moment only her feet would do. I thought of her and wondered what she was feeling. I really wanted to go back in the office and gauge where I stood with her, but I knew such an action would lead to a brutal beating so soon after she had expelled me from her office.

    “Your feet are very beautiful Laura and I am sure that if I did smell them I would find them very appealing but on this occasion I honestly just came to help with the work.” I said.

    Laura rubbed her foot in my face leaving a lasting imprint of sweat and stink. She then kicked me away. “Well fuck you foot boy. You are not worthy of them anyway.” Laura said trying to protect her pride.

    Though both her and Sophia had tried to adopt Aurelia’s hold over me neither could compete. Both were stunningly attractive and used to having men bend to their will at the drop of hat. This rejection only served to peak their interest in me more.

    Sophia leaned forward, “Well you will learn to desire our feet in the same way you do Aurelia’s. I don’t care how much you try to resist, you will break because you are weak and we are perfect.”

    She then kicked me hard in the balls as a signal she was done but wanted the final word.

    “Ok you can work on these two. We will take the others.” Sophia said and threw the papers in my face.

    “Thank you goddess.” I said and took my seat at the next table over on my own. The women continued to talk and plot against me, intermittently looking over before putting all their focus into the work.

    It was almost five o’ clock by the time we were done. Sophia came over to me and said, “So are you done slave?”

    “Yes my two are all done. Here they are.” I handed the papers to her.

    “We are going to take them to Aurelia now. You should come.” Julia said.

    Though I really wanted to go it would need to be alone and I wasn’t sure what I was going to face, “I am not sure that’s a good idea. I will just wait here if that’s ok with you goddess.” I suggested.

    “Suit yourself. On your head be it.” Laura said and they strode off.

    They were back within five minutes still with papers in hand looking angry and pissed off. Sophia threw the papers at me and said, “She wants you to take them to her, you fucking cunt. If you start getting in the way of my career I will personally beat you to a pulp myself. Now fuck off.”

    I quickly gathered up the papers and started towards Aurelia’s office. When I arrived the door was ajar so I got on my knees and crawled in. Aurelia was at her desk working on her laptop, she shot me a glance as I entered but continued to look busy. She made me wait on my knees by her desk for over ten minutes. I could see she had been irritated even though she had retouched her make up to hide the evidence. I suspected she was making me wait as some kind of power play to reassert her dominance over me from our earlier exchange.

    Finally she turned and faced me. I could see a glint of distress quickly cast across her face. I held out the papers and said, “They are all complete goddess, I hope they are to your satisfaction.”

    She snatched the papers and slammed them down on the desk without looking at them.

    “Today didn’t happen right slave?” Aurelia said with rage and hurt in her eyes

    “I am sorry goddess I don’t understand.” I quivered sensing I was in for a hard brutalising even by Aurelia’s standards. She had shown just the slightest chink of humility and emotion to me today. It was eating her up and she hated me for it.

    “If you ever breathe one word of what happened in this office today, especially to Grace, I will fucking kill you! Is that clear enough?” Aurelia snarled.

    “Yes goddess it is perfectly clear. I will never speak of it. You have my solemn word.” I responded.

    After a brief silence I then said, “May I ask you something now goddess?”

    Aurelia flashed rage followed by apprehension. She was clearly still unsettled from earlier and full of conflict.

    “What the fuck is it slave?” She said trying to come across as disinterested.

    “I know you are angry with me, I opened up to you today with all my heart and now I fear you are going to really hurt me.” I pleaded.

    Aurelia looked shocked and flustered like when I had offered my feelings to her earlier. She quickly got up and walked to the door so I couldn’t see her face. She then locked it and returned to sit down. She leaned over and collected her crop and looked back at me with a face that could kill on it’s own.

    “You know what’s coming now don’t you slave?” Aurelia snarled.

    “Yes goddess but today I feel I have earned your wrath. I am sorry if I let you down. Trust me when I say it is eating me up already.” I said and removed my shirt to bare my torso ready for her crop. Aurelia watched this with interest reading my thoughts and considering her options.

    She then sat back in her chair and put her shoes up on the desk. She then placed the crop down and said, “I want you to remove my shoes slave. Do it in a way that shows me you are embracing something truly cherished.”

    I caressed her shoes and slid my hands up and down them lovingly glancing the top of her foot and ankle. I then ever so tenderly clasped the heel of her shoe and eased it from her foot so slowly the movement was barely noticeable. I then removed the shoe with equal precision and care whilst I embraced her foot with my other hand. All the while I did this I looked into her eyes adoringly.

    “Now the other slave.” Aurelia said.

    I repeated the same process with the other shoe carefully placing it on the floor by the other. As I looked down at them I reached in gently with my finger to feel the sticky wetness on her insoles. They were everything I hoped they would be.

    “Ok listen to me carefully slave. I want you to show me in every action, expression and thought a reflection of the words you spoke to me earlier. I need to see the adoration and love you spoke of. Be truthful in every moment and complete in your submission to your feelings. I will know if you are not.” Aurelia commanded with seriousness and intent I had not heard in her voice before.

    “Now sniff my feet slave!” Aurelia said completely transfixed on me.

    It felt like time froze again at that point. The day of teasing, together with my full admission and underlying feelings had all triangulated to bring me to this perfect moment. The moment before I would finally submit to Aurelia’s feet.

    I was so absorbed with the emotions channelling through my mind and soul I felt myself well up as a tear dropped down my cheek. I looked at Aurelia as I slowly approached her foot and placed the most delicate of kisses on her toes. My tears continued to fall dropping onto her foot as I closed my eyes to take a first sniff.

    As I inhaled something new happened. It was kind of an outer body experience, my body went into raptures of ecstasy convulsing into an instant orgasm with an intensity beyond my wildest dreams; my mind erupted into a sea of sounds and colours perfect in their harmony and aesthetic and my heart submitted itself to the moment completely. I collapsed onto the floor weeping uncontrollably.

    My mind was all over the place. I felt I had betrayed Nicola. I thought Beth would likely kill me if she witnessed this but most of all I felt desire for Aurelia like I had never known.

    My preoccupations were then interrupted by a crop on my shoulder.

    “Get up.” I heard Aurelia say.

    As I got up she added, “It is only because I know there was truth in your words today slave that I have not punished you to the point of agonising madness. But you should know that your suffering is paramount to me and nothing will get in it’s way. You are playing a very dangerous game submitting so completely to one so dark and forbidding. Think very carefully before you make that leap as the well goes deeper than you could ever imagine.”

    Aurelia then brushed the streaming tears from my cheeks and looked into my eyes. She then leant forward and placed a subtle exquisite kiss on my cheek soaking more tears with her lips.

    BANG! BANG! We were both startled out of the moment by a knocking at the door. Aurelia went into panic and shouted, “Who is it?”

    “Grace. Why is your door locked?” Came the answer.

    Aurelia scrambled around for her crop and lashed me ten times hard in quick succession. My body was stained with blood and marked badly as the lashes were uncontrolled and brutal. I didn’t move a muscle though my body was in agony I just continued to stare up at Aurelia.

    She then slapped my face hard, I still didn’t move. Aurelia then slapped me harder than she had ever done. It must have hurt her hand as much as my face. Either way I was sent three foot across the floor into a heap. I placed my head on my hands and lay there silently.

    I could hear the door unlock and Grace say, “What the hell has been going on Aurelia?”

    “I lost it again Grace, he really fucked me off over a bunch of proposals I need to get to Beth by the end of the day. In the end I did them myself but made sure he paid a hard price for it.” Aurelia said flustered and sounding unsure.

    Aurelia then went on, “Anyway Grace you look pretty upset yourself and what are those marks on your neck?”

    Grace then responded, “Oh nothing and anyway why are you changing the subject?”

    Grace looked sceptically at Aurelia and then to me for affirmation. Seeing me in a bloody mess on the floor crying she seemed content with the answer.

    “Well I am sure he deserved it anyway. Fucking stupid cunt. Pity I wasn’t here to see it I am sure it would have got me all hot and in the mood.” Grace said.

    Grace then touched Aurelia’s face lovingly before leaning in to kiss her. Aurelia quickly backed away saying, “Sorry just a second Grace. I need to get these proposals to Beth before we go. Is she still in her office?”

    Grace looked hurt by the rejection and she clearly had other things on her mind but answered the question, “Yes she is still there.”

    “Ok thanks won’t be long.” Aurelia said and then grabbed the proposals and left.

    Grace then walked over to me to examine the marks on my back. “I hope your beating hasn’t worn you out slave. I haven’t had my turn with you yet and I plan to abuse you completely when we get home. My day has been fucking shitty thanks to that little whore of yours and you can take the brunt of that.” Grace seethed.

    I wondered what the hell she was referring to but decided not to ask.

    Aurelia then came back in looking much more composed but paused seeing Grace talking to me. Looking at unease again she then said, “Everything ok? Ready to go?”

    “Oh yes I was just telling foot bitch here that I am looking forward to abusing him when we get home after the crap day I have had.” Grace said.

    “Oh right.” Aurelia responded uncomfortably and put on a fake smile.

    “Are you sure you are ok Aurelia?” Grace asked.

    “Oh yes I have just had a shit day as well. Let’s go home now and open a bottle of wine my love.” Aurelia then kissed Grace tenderly before looking down at me.

    “Come on then fuck face. I don’t care how much pain you are in, we are ready to leave which means you are.” Aurelia shouted and kicked me in the leg.

    I slowly got to my feet now feeling the pain more than ever with Aurelia’s threat echoing round my mind. We then left together.


    When we arrived back at Aurelia’s place Grace clasped the collar around my neck and instructed me into the living room. Aurelia had not spoken or looked at me once all the way home, she walked a few yards ahead holding hands with Grace discussing the day’s events.

    As I crawled into the living room Grace and Aurelia were sat in separate chairs as per the previous night. Grace was staring at me as I approached intently. Aurelia was busy looking at her phone.

    I knelt down in front of Grace who placed her feet in my lap and said to Aurelia, “Are you joining in tonight love?”

    “I am actually starving hungry. I just want to get him in the kitchen and cooking Grace.” Aurelia said still looking at her phone. She was still clearly thinking about how she wanted to deal with me following what happened today.

    “Oh right.” Grace said pausing. “Would you preferred I wait until after dinner then?” She was looking a little unsettled and thrown off by Aurelia.

    “No you go right ahead.” Aurelia said. Glancing briefly at me.

    Grace smiled and said, “Rub my fucking feet Slave. They are all hot and sweaty in these shoes and I am sure they are going to stink. Why don’t you take them off for me.”

    As I started to remove Grace’s shoes, Aurelia got up and glanced at me again before walking towards the stairs. Grace called out to her, “You ok Aurelia love?”

    “Yeah I just need the bathroom. Be down in a bit. Have fun!” Aurelia called back.

    Grace then raised her rank black nylon feet up to my face and said, “How nasty is that smell then foot bitch?”

    I baulked and my head involuntarily darted backwards. Grace’s feet were exceptionally potent even for her and her foot odour problem. I wasn’t sure if I could handle these so soon after being with Aurelia but then I felt a twinge in my crotch as she started wiggling her toes around my nose. My face slowly went from disgust to desire, which didn’t go unnoticed to Grace.

    “There that’s better, I can see in your face that my sweet smelling feet are taking control of you slave. Give me a nice long hard sniff and show me I am right. My feet are so much more important to you than that stupid whore of yours.” Grace cooed.

    Though I was upset at the insult I could not help but draw in a large sniff of Grace’s scent and closed my eyes to process the impact through my mind. It wasn’t anywhere near the same explosion on my senses I had with Aurelia but it was nevertheless still strong. Grace slid down the sofa and placed her hand onto her pussy like she always did in these situations. Within a few minutes she was purring and moaning as I was holding her feet to my nose and sniffing deeply.

    “Lick the filth off the bottom of my feet slave. Give my nylons a thorough washing while they are still on my feet. I want hard tongue licks, deep rubbing with fingers and plenty to committed sniffing. Get to it and remember it’s this you love not that fucking whore of yours.” Grace then clicked her fingers and went back to attending to her own needs.

    Grace was seething about Nicola for some reason but still I rubbed her feet sensuously and licked and sniffed them as ordered which was really sending Grace into waves of pleasure. For me the feeling was more muted, I was thinking about Aurelia at this point and what she was doing upstairs. I maintained enough attention to bring Grace to a stunning climax given how loud she screamed before she collapsed into the chair. I didn’t finish, though I had a super hard boner and probably would have done had I have stroked it.

    “I see by your hard on slave that you didn’t finish.” Grace said teasingly. “That’s just tough shit on you because now I am fulfilled I couldn’t give a fuck!” She started laughing.

    “We have more important things for you to do like making food for my sweetheart. Go upstairs and see if she is ok then ask what she wants to eat. Your pathetic needs can wait until you are alone in bed later. If you do a good job I might even lend you some of my particularly ripe gym socks. Now fuck off!” Grace said kicking me away as she eased back into the chair with her eyes closed.

    I quickly got up and ran towards the stairs and leapt up them two at a time until I was in the hallway. I looked in the master bedroom but couldn’t see Aurelia but heard noises from the en-suite. As I approached I heard a splashing sound, so I stopped and listened at the door.

    I then lightly tapped on the door and the noises immediately stopped. “Yes?” came the response.

    “I am sorry to trouble you goddess. I just came to ask what you would like to eat.” I said.

    “Are you alone?” Aurelia said

    “Yes Grace is downstairs resting after her exertions.” I answered.

    The door then flew open and Aurelia snarled, “So did you enjoy yourself foot bitch?”

    “No I didn’t goddess because it wasn’t with you.” I answered. “I thought about you whole time.”

    Aurelia looked down at me, smiled and slapped me hard across the face, “Some lamb chops and a simple side salad will do.” She then walked back into the en-suite and slammed the door in my face.


    I had been busy preparing the lamb chops and salad for about twenty minutes when Grace walked in. “Something smells nice slave. What are we having?”

    I could tell her mood had improved probably due to her recent pleasuring so responded confidently, “Lamb with a nice side salad goddess.”

    “Great sounds delicious. How was Aurelia?” Grace enquired.

    “Oh she’s fine. I think she will be down soon.” I replied as Aurelia entered the kitchen.

    “What were you saying about me slave?” Aurelia demanded.

    “I was just saying you were on your way down and here you are goddess. Are you ready to eat as I can dish up now or keep it hot for you for a few more minutes?” I asked.

    “Serve it now. I am starving. Oh and prepare yourself a small portion you can sit under the table and eat whilst I use you as a foot rest slave.” Aurelia said nonchalantly and disappeared into the dining room with Grace in tow.

    Soon after I appeared with their food and set it down in front of them. “Would you care for some wine goddesses?” I asked.

    “Yes open a red bitch.” Aurelia ordered. I quickly exited and returned with the open wine and two glasses. I poured each of them a glass and then knelt by the side of Aurelia.

    “Well go and get yours slave. My feet need a place to rest and you are it. Get a move on.” Aurelia commanded.

    I was soon back in the dining room with my small bowl of food. I decided to eat from a bowl, as I didn’t want to make a mess under the table It would be me that would have to clean it up after all. As I crawled under the table I placed myself just in from of Aurelia’s legs and then bent down to kiss her feet gently to signify I was in place. Aurelia then brought one foot up onto my shoulder with the other resting on my lap with her toes resting on my cock. I immediately started to feel arousal just looking at her toes before me. I could hardly eat just staring at her feet, they were becoming all I could think about.

    As Grace and Aurelia started talking about plans for a party above me Aurelia took her foot off my shoulder and started rubbing it across my chest. I watched every movement it made wondering what its plans were and what Aurelia was thinking. Was she concentrating on her foot movements or Grace’s questions about the party? Women are so good at multitasking it could easily have been both I laughed to myself. I still didn’t know how she would take my declarations and tribute. It could all unwind on me so easily though at the moment she had appeared to soften somewhat.

    Within a few minutes Aurelia’s foot came up to my face and she rubbed her toes across my mouth. I stopped eating my salad and opened my mouth to receive her foot. As it slid in I closed my mouth around her toes and delicately sucked on them careful not to allow my teeth to get in the way. I then noticed Aurelia paused mid-sentence as if distracted and then jostled in her chair like she was uncomfortable. Looking across to her legs I could see her rubbing her thighs gently. She then continued speaking.

    I carefully collapsed my fingers around her foot cradling her sole in my hands. I darted my tongue in and out of her toes applying enough pressure to illicit delectation and avoid tickling. Aurelia gave a low groan mid-sentence, which she then converted into a cough trying to avoid alerting Grace.

    “Are you ok Aurelia, you look quite flush. Have you got a temperature?” Grace asked.

    “Oh no, it’s just a little hot in here Grace. In fact can I ask you a favour?” Aurelia asked.

    “Sure what is it love?” Grace enquired.

    “Would you mind going upstairs and getting the thermometer from our en-suite just in case?” Aurelia asked hoping Grace would bite on the request.

    “Well let’s get our foot bitch to get it. It’s what he is for after all.” Grace said.

    “Oh yes of course that’s a better idea.” Aurelia said with reluctance in her voice.

    Grace then called out to me, “Bitch, go get the thermometer from our bathroom now and be quick.”

    As I gently took Aurelia’s foot from my mouth I gave her toes a lasting kiss before placing it in my lap. I could see her hand go into a firm clench on the skirt covering her thigh as a release of the frustration she was feeling. Moments later she slide her feet from my lap and back under her chair. I quickly scarpered off up the stairs to retrieve the thermometer.

    On my return we quickly confirmed Aurelia was in good health as I already knew and the two women retired to the living room while I cleaned up the kitchen and finished my now cold food, which I had deferred in favour of Aurelia’s sweet toes. I made two cups of peppermint tea and took them back in the living room with me.

    “Goddesses, I hope you don’t mind but I thought you might enjoy a nice cup of peppermint tea as a digestive to your dinner. May I bring them to you?” I asked

    “Well, well. Our slave seems to be adapting well to his domestic servitude. I bet his whore bitch wishes she was getting this kind of treatment.” Grace said. Before adding, “Yes bring them here.”

    I took the teas through and placed them on the coffee table next to the sofa. Aurelia and Grace were now sat together snuggled up at one end. I knelt down beneath them and waited in case they needed anything more. Aurelia stretched out her leg and placed it on my shoulder to verify my place as her footrest. She then looked deep into my eyes like she was trying to scrape out my every thought and feed her own actions on them. After a couple of minutes Aurelia said to Grace, “Kiss me Grace, show me how much you care for me.”

    Grace embraced her and placed her lips on Aurelia’s. She then applied a gentle firmness to compliment her loose malleable jaw so the kiss rolled around their mouths. Grace’s tongue was frequently touching the edge of Aurelia’s lips and she raised her hands to hold Aurelia’s cheeks. Grace’s passion was increasing. What had started as a kiss was now evolving into intense lust.

    I was really struggling to watch this given what I had said to Aurelia today and I was now frankly coursing with jealousy. I dropped my head so my eyes were set to the floor so I didn’t have to watch.

    Aurelia caught a glimpse of me in between her passionate exchanges with Grace and broke away temporarily. She took her foot off my shoulder and placed her foot under my chin, then drew my face up to face her and Grace. “Keep your eyes on us at all times slave. If I catch for averting them for just one second I will serve you twenty lashes.”

    She didn’t wait for an answer, she returned to her passionate kissing of Grace. Their heads were now rocking from side to side in unison tongues splashing across each other’s face with the twisted randomness of desire. Aurelia then lifted herself up and applied downward pressure on Grace to indicate she wanted her on her back on the sofa. Grace obliged and slid down so she was underneath Aurelia.

    Aurelia then lowered herself slightly and started teasing Grace’s nipples with her lips through her blouse and bra. Grace raised her arms above her head and grabbed the sofa below her head as an act of total submission to Aurelia’s attentions. Grace was moaning as her nipples radiated frequent gestures of spasmodic pleasure. Aurelia then grabbed the insides of Grace’s blouse and ripped it open popping several buttons in the process. Grace shrieked briefly with the shock and then settled back into the arousal she was surrounded by.

    Aurelia looked at me and licked her lips before she smiled teasingly and then threw her face and mouth around Grace’s breasts. Over the coming minutes Aurelia slowly descended across the plain of Grace’s stomach before lifting her skirt and placing her mouth wide around the fabric of Grace’s nylons and knickers. She gave several warm deep breaths into the fabric as a tease of pending delectations. Grace moaned loudly and said almost in a whisper, “You beautiful bitch you are destroying me.”

    Aurelia then slowly slide Grace’s nylons and panties down her legs. Grace lifted her bottom off the sofa to allow them easy passage. As Aurelia slid them down she traced their journey with her tongue until she reached the knees. She then raised her head to stare into my eyes again as she pulled her knickers and nylons down their remaining expedition to Grace’s ankles.

    As Aurelia stared at me, I felt her hand reach into my chest and clasp her fingers around my heart. She then squeezed hard with the weight of her look crushing my hopes and dreams to dust. A wry smile appeared on her face as she studied and dwelled on my desperation and despair. She continued watching me as she placed her tongue on Grace’s knee and began its ascent all the way up to her crotch. Aurelia then narrowed her eyes before averting them and focusing her attentions back onto Grace’s pussy. I could sense this was in part what she meant by how much I would suffer if I gave my love to her.

    Aurelia made exaggerated noises as she sucked and lapped Grace’s now soaking wet pussy. Grace was moaning loudly as she gripped the sofa harder and harder her knuckles whitening. Aurelia moaned to create symmetry of emotion between them, she was now frenetically attacking Grace’s clitoris with lasting excursions from her tongue and lips. Grace’s pleasure was now in the inevitable throws of a massive climax. She screamed loudly sensing an orgasm was approaching and Aurelia increased her licking still more intently before suddenly stopping.

    Grace’s body went into crisis sensing her body would fail to find release. She screamed out, “Please don’t stop. Aurelia please keep going. I can’t wait any longer.”

    Aurelia laughed as she sat up looking at Grace teasing the inside of her thighs with her fingers but retaining distance enough to halt the advent of further pleasure.

    “What are you doing Aurelia? You can’t leave me like this.” Grace pleaded.

    Aurelia then looked at me and stared into my soul. I was empty having poured out my emotions and now seen them discarded like trash in front of my eyes.

    “You finish her slave!” Aurelia screamed at me, then grabbed my hair.

    Grace then intercepted, “Fuck yes. Make him submit to me. It will be the ultimate betrayal of his dirty worthless whore of a girlfriend. That fucking cunt deserves all she gets.”

    Aurelia looked back at Grace and placed her finger across her lips and gestured a hush. Aurelia then pulled me towards the sofa by my hair and pushed my face into Grace’s wet pussy. As I leant across the sofa Aurelia mounted by back to hold me firmly in place then put her hands around my head pushing it toward Grace. I tried to resist not wanting to be a part of this betrayal but she only pushed me harder until my lips were on Grace.

    By this point Grace was so committed to an orgasm she simply threw her head back and waited for my indulgence to start. I continued to resist.

    Aurelia then leant down to my ear and whispered, “Imagine it’s me slave, you said you adored me right?” She then laughed.

    Though I knew she was taunting me I couldn’t help myself. A surge of motivation burst through me as my body and soul became totally wedded to the pussy in front of my face. I thrust my tongue deep into Grace who’s body rocked and shivered. I grabbed her hips and pulled them hard towards me and started sucking hard on her clitoris whilst stabbing it repeatedly with the end of my tongue. Grace’s body started going into huge involuntary convulsions as the waves of elation entrenched her feelings. Her orgasm was now standing back on a precipice waiting for the slightest encouragement to tip her into an oblivion of ecstasy.

    Aurelia whispered in my ear again, “I want to feel it too slave, show me how you would pleasure me if I ever gave you the chance.”

    I shouted in angst before launching myself forward for one last all out assault. Grace gave a piercing scream befitting of any horror film damsel as I continued to lap the flowing juices of her orgasm. Her body shuddering and lurching until it finally relented into silence. I collapsed my head and face against Grace’s crotch waiting for Aurelia to free me.

    As Grace lay there silently Aurelia bent down and licked my face from my chin to my upper cheek. “How much do you crave to do that to me slave?”

    I sobbed at her teasing, I couldn’t bring myself to speak. She then leant down one final time and said, “Ok enough for now slave, I don’t want to snuff out all your love in one day.” Aurelia then got up and let me off the sofa. Aurelia then lay back down on Grace’s chest and cuddled her warmly.

    Aurelia then said, “Go make some hot chocolate slave. My beautiful Grace needs something soothing.”

    Grace put her arm across Aurelia and spoke to her softly as I walked out into the kitchen wiping the tears from my face, “I would love to have made his whore watch that Aurelia.”

    “What is it with you and Nicola, Grace? You have been cursing her ever since we left the office.” Aurelia asked

    “Oh nothing. I would just like to get off making that slut suffer big time.” Grace said with true venom in her face.

    “I am sure I can arrange that my love.” Aurelia said and kissed her gently.


    Aurelia was tossing and turning in bed unable to settle her mind. Her head was fracturing with an overflow of thoughts taking her on excursions to all possible eventualities. As one ended another one started in some kind of endless loop. Eventually she sat up on the edge of the bed. Grace had felt her movement and partially awoke. “Are you alright my love?”

    “Yes Grace I just can’t sleep. My mind is full of shit. I think I will go sleep in the spare room so I can read without waking you up.” Aurelia said.

    “You can read here if you want.” Grace murmured.

    “That will just wake you up. One of us at least should have a good nights sleep.” Aurelia then leaned over and brushed Graces face with her hand and stroked her hair.

    “Ok Aurelia love. Thanks.” Grace said turning over to enter a deep sleep again.

    Aurelia got up and left the bedroom silently closing the door behind her. She then walked along the corridor until she encountered the door where I was sleeping. Aurelia stood in the doorway looking into the darkness trying to discern if I was sleeping or not. I was not.

    I had been wracked with sorrow ever since I left them with their hot chocolates and was asked to leave and go to bed by Aurelia around two hours earlier. My face was scarred with the traces of dried tears and my eyes were bloodshot and swollen. When I saw Aurelia it only rekindled the rejection she had afforded me.

    Aurelia came into my bedroom and took my hand, which was resting at my side. “Come with me.” She whispered.

    Aurelia then led me into the spare bedroom, which was further down the hallway from the master bedroom where Grace was sleeping. When we entered she told me to kneel on the floor by the side of the bed while she got in and shuffled over to the same side to look at me.

    Aurelia stared silently at me for what seemed like forever as I knelt before her. I had a million questions but knew I would not be allowed to ask her anything. She was going to lead this conversation and that was the way it was going to be.

    “You know you can never have me don’t you slave?” Aurelia said confidently.

    “Yes I know goddess, that is what pains me so.” I said despondently.

    “I mean how can a magnificent goddess like me lower herself to commune with a pathetic desperate wretch like you?” Aurelia added.

    “You wouldn’t goddess.” I replied.

    “Look at you for fuck sake. You are a miserable submissive not even a real man. What could you offer a goddess like me? I deserve everything, I will have everything.” Aurelia declared.

    “You are right of course goddess. I have little to offer but what I do have is everything to me.” I said

    “And that is exactly what?” Aurelia said flippantly

    “My unconditional love and complete submission to you as my goddess.” I said humbly.

    Aurelia slapped me hard across the face. “You know what. Fuck you and all your poisonous words! I don’t trust one single one of them. I told you before if you truly start to love me it will lead you to a living hell that you could not possibly live with.”

    “But goddess..” I tried to say.

    “But nothing. Now fuck off and let me sleep.” Aurelia said firmly.

    “Can I just stay here by your side a little while longer?” I pleaded.

    “If you say one more word I will open your back up again with my crop until you pass out with the pain. Tomorrow the mercy you acquired with your tributes will be exhausted, expect to find me back in full bitch mode from the moment you see me. And if you choose to love me then on your fucking head be it.” Aurelia seethed, her eyes scathing but tinged with doubt.

    I shed another tear or two before her then got up to leave her alone.

    Neither of us slept a wink that night.

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    I see that life for Chris as a slave to Aurelia and Grace is definitely not easy for him. Aurelia's teasing with her feet was tremendous, but her goading to make him say why he loves her feet kind of backfired on her. So to compensate, she is being extra nasty to him. In fact it seems that the more he confesses his love to her, the more brutal she is toward him. I wonder where all of that will lead? Can't wait to find out, of course.

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    Aurelia does come from a background of abuse, huh? She can't accept devotion from a man at all - in fact, it horrifies her. Chris must be having some trouble emotionally of course. This absolutely was a betrayal of Nicola, yet I can't blame him. Who could be expected to act rationally in such a situation?
    "It's an indulgence to sit in a room and discuss your beliefs as if they were a juicy piece of gossip." -Heinlein

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    I see that life for Chris as a slave to Aurelia and Grace is definitely not easy for him. Aurelia's teasing with her feet was tremendous, but her goading to make him say why he loves her feet kind of backfired on her. So to compensate, she is being extra nasty to him. In fact it seems that the more he confesses his love to her, the more brutal she is toward him. I wonder where all of that will lead? Can't wait to find out, of course.
    Hi OneAuthor,

    Thanks for your comment!

    A very nice summary and shows how uncomfortable Aurelia is with Chris' affection. As you say the harder her pushes the harder she pushes back - he has been warned - quit while you can!

    But will he listen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacurason View Post
    Aurelia does come from a background of abuse, huh? She can't accept devotion from a man at all - in fact, it horrifies her. Chris must be having some trouble emotionally of course. This absolutely was a betrayal of Nicola, yet I can't blame him. Who could be expected to act rationally in such a situation?
    Hi Sacurason,

    Thanks for the comment my friend!

    We are now entering the phase of the story where complex emotions start to emerge, lies vs. true feelings and seeds of the background to each character and why they are who they are. You are asking some excellent questions here and already plugging into some of the mix up feelings embedded in these characters. I won't spoil the surprises by giving you an in depth answer at this point a that is what the story is for - but you have great foresight!

    Chris also has a story which emerges much later which explains why he feels the way he does - as these characters get pulled in different directions it creates a lot of internal turmoil and conflict which you are already anticipating - rationality is perhaps not an option for them as it would be for the reader - which again is spot on. As each character grasps for what matters most to them the conflict of interests really starts to ramp up now.


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    Chapter 36 – Nicola’s Divergent Life

    When I awoke Henrietta was still staring at me like she hadn’t moved a muscle, I noticed her face was stained with dried tear tracks as she smiled at me. When I think of it we were in exactly the same position as I collapsed into – our legs, breasts and lips in an embrace. I was slightly uncomfortable as it was my fucked up mind that had led me here last night and I wasn’t sure I wanted this level of intimacy right now with her. I also felt guilty that I had betrayed Chris but then considering what I had been through I gave myself a break. It was much harder for me as a dominant to go through that shit than him as a natural submissive anyway.

    Looking back into Henretta’s eyes I stared at her with authority and purpose until she relented and bowed her eyes down. I wanted to remind her quickly who was in charge. I needed some time to think so I lifted my leg so she was free of my body lock on the bed then pushed her hard on the chest forcing her off the bed and falling on the floor.

    “Go and make me breakfast bitch. You have had enough fun.” I ordered then felt a slight twinge in my crotch as I exerted my power over her.

    She scampered off quickly still naked out of the bedroom towards the kitchen. I rolled onto my back and started laughing, something I didn’t think I would be capable of ever again after yesterday. God I felt great having released my inner demons on Henrietta last night, it gave me balance and strength but more importantly it helped me understand what Beth was looking for in her submissive and where she would gain most pleasure. More importantly it also showed me how I could dampen her cravings and minimise her interest in me. It would take time given how much she hated me right now but at least I knew what I needed to do.

    My mind then swivelled back to a world where Beth was laying prostrate at my feet as I whipped her hard with a crop over and over while she cried and begged for mercy. Of course I gave her none and laughed in her face as her life essence drained out of her limp defenceless body.

    “Would you like your breakfast in bed or at the table goddess?” Henrietta said kneeling in the doorway of the bedroom.

    I noticed she had dressed without my permission and smiled to myself that it was too good an opportunity to miss.

    “Come here you fucking stupid bitch.” I screamed.

    She looked alarmed and confused but slid forward on her knees all the same.

    “Who the fuck said you could get dressed?” I asked in my perfect rage voice.

    “Erm..sorry goddess…I just thought..” Henrietta fumbled

    “You didn’t think fucking anything, you selfish disrespectful cunt.” I then slapped her hard across the face three times. I had left a near perfect red hand print on the side of her face which I stopped to admire. I could see the pain visible in her face and it aroused me again. I needed more.

    “Did that hurt bitch?” I sneered.

    “Yes, goddess. But its ok.” Henrietta replied.

    “I know it’s fucking ok because I say it is. Who gives a shit what you think anyway?” I then slapped her harder three times in the exact same place knowing the stinging would be brutal. It brought a tear to her eye, which warmed my heart and sent a wave of power coursing through my body. My dominant was rising again and I needed to feed it.

    “Thank me for the tears bitch.” I insisted.

    “Thank you, goddess.” Henrietta said.

    I then slapped her again three times in the same place knowing it would sting like hell. There were now blood blisters on her cheek and my hand was stinging me badly. She broke down into a flood of tears.

    “Thank me for the tears I said your ungrateful whore.” I shouted.

    In between the tears and pain Henrietta pleaded, “Oh thank you my beautiful goddess. You are so kind to me with your attentions.” She then reached over and placed a kiss on each of my feet.

    Feeling satisfied she deserved a rest I said, “Now get those fucking clothes off and get back to my breakfast. You will feed me here where I lay, and if there is but one burnt morsel on my plate there will be hell to pay. Understand?”

    Henrietta nodded and then darted out of the room as quickly as she could to prevent anything burning. She also needed the respite to recover from my beating which made me chuckle. Those were some really hard slaps but her sore reddened cheeks felt so warm and volatile in my palms. My pussy was getting wet thinking about it. I couldn’t wait for her to return so I could continue my maltreatments as I figured it would recharge my batteries ready for Beth the bitch.

    I lay there resting planning the day ahead when Henrietta returned with a tray full of breakfast delights. There was cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, coffee, orange juice and even a pot of Greek yoghurt with honey. Though I couldn’t possibly eat all that I had to give her an A for effort. But that’s not what she heard.

    “Fucking hell slave what is all this on my tray. Are you trying to insinuate I am overweight or something? You have pretty much emptied my entire weeks shopping on here.” I shouted whilst chuckling inside.

    Henrietta dropped to her knees, “I am so sorry Goddess. I just wanted to prepare a breakfast fit for a queen. I will wrap up anything you don’t eat and keep it fresh I promise. You are perfect in every way and I am not saying anything about your weight. Please forgive me.”

    I thought to myself, wow that was a good apology, she seemed to have covered all angles. As such I decided to run with some humiliation instead of more pain, it would make for an amusing show while she fed me.

    “Ok go and get my filthy socks out of the dirty washing hamper over there bitch.” I ordered. I then immediately started drumming my fingers on the tray to make her panic and show my impatience. Without giving her even enough time to reach the hamper I added, “Come on fuck face. I haven’t got all morning.”

    I could see she was completely flustered now and desperately trying to find the socks, which were a little buried. Moments later she pulled them out and returned.

    “Those stink rags used to be white once.” I said, adding. “They have been through about 5 hours on the squash court so will be hanging in stink. Take a sniff and let me know if I am right slave.”

    Henrietta bundled the socks in her hands and smothered them over her face and took an almighty sniff. I knew she fucking loved this, which was perfect for my humiliating rant to come.

    “I said sniff them not become one with them you disgusting whore. You really fucking love that stench don’t you? How bloody degrading is that? I mean who in this world would actually lower themselves to take dirty socks out of a wash hamper and sniff on them like you just did?” I said with contempt.

    I let the silence hang in the air so the humiliation would surround her and eat away at her dignity. She dropped her head and eyes so I knew it was working.

    “Just think about it. All the shit and filth on the bottom of my feet being endlessly ground into those socks with a full accompaniment of sweat from my exercise in two year old trainers. They must be absolutely ridden with nasty bacteria and you just sucked it all up your nose like a desperate dog. You are nothing but a revolting sub-human piece of shit, I should be using you as a doormat to wipe my filthy shoes on and eat the dead skin and dirt off my feet after exercise. That’s what you deserve isn’t it slave?” I said with a testing look in my eyes.

    “Yes, goddess. You are right. In fact, even that is probably too good for me.” Henrietta said feeling ashamed.

    “I bet you haven’t a friend in the world. Once they know what you are really all about and what perverted nasty desires you have normal people would run a mile. She’s putrefying they would say, she’s into shit that even animals would turn their nose up at. Tell me, how utterly awful is it to be you whore?” I smiled.

    A tear fell showing me I had reached beyond her slave façade and was now getting her to face the shame of who she was and what she had become. I didn’t want to lose her willingness to be my slave so needed to pull her back up once she had stewed in it just long enough. I let her sit silently there for a couple of minutes laughing and shaking my head while I took a slurp of coffee.

    “Stop feeling fucking sorry for yourself slave, you are what you are and that’s the end of it. Lucky for you that you found me, because I fucking love getting off on your depravities. In fact I know you will do anything I say just because I want it done. You have no resistance when it comes to my will. In fact you worship me so completely that you would fight to overcome any hardships just to make me happy. Let me give you an example.” I said.

    “Those socks are fucking vile that I should probably burn them rather than try and wash them but I know if I told you to suck the filth and stench out of them you would do it without question. More than that it if I allowed you to sniff them and masturbate you would almost definitely come within a couple of minutes they are that potent.” I added.

    I then looked at her, as I know she was hoping and waiting for the next part desperately. Having been completely humiliated she needed to feed her perverted desires more than ever to bring balance to her submission. She needed some form of payback like I needed to make her suffer to cope with Beth. I kept her waiting for five minutes while I sipped at my juice and coffee like I had all the time in the world. She was flushing red with desire for those socks and had her eyes transfixed like a dog ready to chase a ball across the field.

    “Ok whore, put one sock in your mouth and suck out the filth when sniff the toe end of the other while you masturbate for me. Don’t forget to thank me profusely for this privilege before you start or I will end it immediately. I will laugh at your expense of course and maybe call you a few names just to reinforce our knowledge that you are totally worthless. I will feed myself just this once while you put on your little show for me.” I ordered.

    “Thank you my beautiful goddess. Though I am utterly pathetic it is such an honour to be able to clean and sniff your enchanting socks and the fact I can enjoy it with your permission is a reward beyond that which I deserve.” Henrietta said.

    Pretty fucking good I thought to myself, this bitch has spades of submissive talent, she is really growing on me. I got another power rush hearing this before I clicked my fingers and said, “Proceed.”

    She then completely submitted to my nasty socks while I tucked into what was a quite delicious breakfast. This woman could really cook, not to mention clean. She must work about ten times harder for me than she did in the bakery except when she was doing overtime for me. That gave me a thought.

    “Are you enjoying those socks then slave?” I asked. She clearly was as she was huffing on them furiously with her face bright red and stroking her pussy like the world was going to end in 30 seconds.

    Henrietta nodded her eyes wide and excited. There was probably a muffled thank you in there too but there was too much sock in her mouth to make it out.

    “Good. Well I have decided to allow you to buy me a present today to thank me for the privilege of worshiping my nasty socks. It should be appropriate and expensive befitting of the goddess I am. You may now thank me.” I ordered.

    Henrietta took the sock briefly from her mouth and said, “Thank you goddess that would be such an honour for me.” Before plugging it back in and continuing to stroke herself. She was nearing orgasm now. I could see her body stiffen and shuffle and her head was almost purple.

    I felt a little cream on the cake was in order so I added, “That’s it bitch feel my stench crush your very soul. Submit to my power over you. Cement your place as my lifelong slave devoted to all I command.”

    I then laughed at her as she started screaming my apartment down. Her orgasm really was something and made quite a mess on my carpet, which she would be cleaning up anyhow. Her body slumped to the floor in a drool of satisfaction and completeness. I decided to let her enjoy the moment for a while during which I finished my breakfast.

    Around ten minutes later I got up and thrust the tray towards her. “Give me those socks bitch, I am going to wear them today and skip my shower. If the present you buy me exceeds my expectations I will let you worship them on my feet tonight when I get home.”

    Henrietta’s eyes almost popped out of her head with excitement. That’s added another 100 pounds to my present today I thought with a wry smile on my face.


    As I walked towards the office I looked down at the socks that were squelching from Henriettas saliva in my black designer trainers and gave a little chuckle thinking how gross she was for washing them with her mouth. I was feeling fully energised from my morning domination of my slave and now I was going to have to walk into a office to face much the same treatment myself but this time from a bitch who genuinely hates me.

    I looked at my watch and could see it was a little after 0730 so still had good time to get the bitches breakfast. When I had the coffee presented to me I spat in it twice before stirring it and the barista laughed at me.

    “Like your boss do you?” She said.

    “She’s a fucking bitch. The very worst.” I replied.

    “Here let me put one in for you then on the house.” She then looked around to ensure no one was looking then spat a huge lump of phlegm into the coffee. We both laughed and I thanked her.

    On my way to the office I found a quiet little alleyway off the street and took out the pastry, hoisted my black knee length skirt and wiped my arse crack with it before putting it back in the bag. I wished I actually hadn’t done that as now I had crumbs in my arse and it was itching. Still Beth would have a mouthful of my arse so maybe it was worth it.

    When I arrived at the office her light was on so I took a deep breath and entered. Beth glanced up quickly to note it was me and then back to her laptop busily typing away. I placed the coffee and pastry bag on the desk and waited with my arms folded. I didn’t realise at the time but my stance had a big ‘fuck you’ look to it, as I was full to the brim on dominant attitude. On reflection perhaps it was not the best way to start a day when you work for a psycho bitch.

    “Well look at you foot whore, I see you decided to bring in plenty of attitude in with you today. Good I will enjoy knocking that out of you during the course of the day. Trust me you will be snivelling mess by the time you leave here on your knees tonight.” Beth said threateningly and with purpose.

    “I also see you decided to dress like the slut you are. Black trainers and white polo vest in an office is not exactly business attire, but then you are not a businesswoman are you?” Beth paused for effect and then answered her own question, “That’s right you are a worthless piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe.”

    I sneered at her but kept quiet holding her stare. Beth then flipped, jumped up and came towards me. “You know what bitch you are really fucking me off right now.”

    Beth then grabbed me by the throat and pinned me up against the wall. Fuck she was she strong. She then applied pressure to start choking me and I grabbed her hands trying to release myself but it had no effect.

    “Please, I said you are choking me.”

    “I know what I am doing you weak pathetic shit stain. I am teaching you some manners. I am your goddess and when you enter my office it will be on your knees. You will speak only when I allow it and do exactly what I tell you to at all times. Am I absolutely fucking clear?” Beth shouted into my face.

    Barely able to breath I whispered, “Yes.”

    “Yes, what?” Beth replied squeezing my throat even harder.

    “Yes, goddess.” I followed up.

    Beth then let go of my throat and I dropped to the floor in a heap taking huge breaths to compensate for the lack of oxygen in my lungs. As I lay there she placed her shoe on the side of my face and said, “Your place is at my feet whore, get used to it. I know you think you are some pretty hard-core dominant but you have no fucking idea whatsoever what real nasty looks like. You are merely a fledgling who dabbles as true dominants like me laugh at how ridiculous you look.”

    I wasn’t going to give Beth the satisfaction of the truth at this point though I so wanted to show her just how fucking evil I could be. That would come later when I exacted my revenge on this sadistic cunt. For now I just remained motionless letting her burn out.

    “Look at you, beaten into submission within seconds, you are a fucking joke. I don’t know how you managed to convince my slave otherwise. I suppose its testimony to how stupid he is to believe in a piece of trash whore like you. I bet you picked up dominant practices hanging out with hookers. Perhaps your mother was one and your father pimped her out so you could learn from her. Well all I can say is she was as crap a teacher as she was a mother if you are anything to go by.” Beth snarled.

    I blocked out most of the words knowing they would be vindictive and nasty and just kept repeating to myself ‘ignore her and keep it together’. I couldn’t afford to get angry, if I was her that is exactly what my goading would be trying to achieve. As I remained inactive Beth eventually burned out her vitriol, finally spitting in my face and wiping her shoe across it before returning to sit down in her chair.

    I wiped off the spit and sat up against the wall. Beth was looking at me laughing with her feet up on the desk wearing some of the designer red shoes Chris had bought her.

    “Are you docile enough to begin your day's servitude whore or do I need to come over there and tenderise that weak cowardly body of yours some more?” Beth asked threateningly.

    “What do you need goddess?” I asked, taking a deep breath. I realised my resistance was now depleted and I would need to start doing what she ordered or I would be leaving work in an ambulance.

    “That’s better whore. Get your ugly fucking face over here and wipe the shit off my shoes with it. I want to see nice dirty streaks all over it. You can then wear them all day as a sign of just how submissive you are and how much power I have over you. Consider all eating and drink privileges cancelled for today unless of course I fancy pissing in your mouth, but that will be a reward you need to earn slut. Now get over here!” Beth shouted.

    I was only half an hour into work now and I was already feeling like shit. I crawled over to Beth and started wiping her shoe soles against the sides of my face. Though there weren’t filthy they were certainly dirty enough to leave dark stains all over my face. As I did this I started thinking of Henrietta and what she was going to buy me. I needed anything to take me mind of submitting to this bitch.

    Beth watched as I debased myself and when I finished spat in my face again. “You can leave that one on there to dry whore, it will compliment my shoe stains perfectly. If I see you try and wipe it off I will be very upset and you don’t want that do you?” She then laughed.

    A few moments later Beth said, “Ok open my diary and let's see what I have on today.”

    We then spent time going through her appointments She had a call with Stephanie and Irene Carter at Strathbourne Associates this morning and this afternoon she would be working on another big deal for the Turner & Lewis Partnership with her own and Allegra’s team. The presentation was planned for Thursday so there was a lot of work to get through. From my perspective I was hoping the bitch would be too busy to fuck with me or at least give me some work to do instead of all this nasty shit for her amusement.

    “Is that all in order for you goddess?” I asked.

    “We have an evening appointment on Wednesday to add as well. Aurelia and Grace are having a masqued ball at their place and you will be there as my slave for the evening.” Beth added.

    Feeling pissed off I would lose out on some valuable Henrietta time I added the appointment into her diary.

    “Ok then slave you can serve as my footstool this morning when I take my calls. I didn’t wash them and have the same red nylons on, as yesterday so the smell should be somewhat foul by now. I know that will really fuck you off but that’s just more fun for me. Now get down under my desk foot rag.” Beth smirked.

    As I lay there stuck under Beth’s desk I heard voices from above. It was Allegra talking about Yuki, I couldn’t quite make it all out but it sounded like she was ill or hurt badly or something. Anyway the conversation was brief and within moments I heard the door slam. The next thing I heard was Beth talking to Stephanie. Beth’s shoes reached out and she stepped onto my chest. Before she removed her shoes she took the time to dig her heels into my chest several times to inflict an annoying pain and ensure I remained uncomfortable. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of a moan, as I knew she would use this as leverage for more punishment after the calls. I would have anyway.

    It wasn’t much longer into the call that she slipped off her shoes and presented her red nylon soles to my face. The heat was irradiating from them when they were almost a foot away so I knew the stink was going to be bad. That said they wouldn’t be as bad as what I was serving Henrietta tonight. I giggled to myself before her toes wrapped around my nose and killed my sense of humour flat.

    Fucking hell her feet reeked. What a waste of new designer shoes to put those stinky things inside them. They would be ruined within a few weeks if she went on like that I thought. I gave them a half-hearted rub more to keep them as far away from my face than anything else, but Beth was a little too smart for that and though she let me rub one the other was always firmly wrapped around my nostrils. I breathed through my mouth as much as I could but the smell was so bad it permeated my brain and polluted the entire environment under the desk. I would be smelling feet for days after this.

    After about 45 minutes the call ended and I hoped to get some respite from Beth’s feet for a while but to no avail. Her head appeared under the desk and she said, “I am going to call Irene now instead of waiting so you can start licking the filth off my nylon soles. See if you can ease some of the stench out of them, it’ll be better for you tomorrow when you deal with them again if you do a good job.”

    Fucking hell I thought, now the bitch wants me to taste them. When I took my first apprehensive lick I immediately felt sorry for Henrietta having to suck my socks. This didn’t last long however when I recalled the immense orgasm she had soon after. Pity I couldn’t enjoy stinky feet like she did I thought. My mind then drifted to Chris and I wondered how he was coping with Aurelia. She had a fucking screw loose and was someone to be genuinely frightened of. I so hoped he was safe. Thinking of his face brought a smile to mine. I really wanted to see him again soon.

    As my mind wondered over a number of topics I realised I had managed to lick Beth’s nylons for close to thirty minutes without really thinking about it. True I had done a pretty shit job of cleaning them as most of my licking was in the same place over and over but that’s just tough for Beth. Fuck her I thought. I decided to put a little extra effort in just to avoid any pain and put in a few licks across both soles. I wanted to spit to remove the taste from my mouth but in the end had to swallow it. Yuck I thought.

    It sounded like Beth was wrapping up her call with Irene, at long last I thought. It must be getting on for midday now and a lunch break. Then I remembered Beth cancelled my lunch, shit. As I waited for the call to end licking her disgusting nylon sole Beth slid down her chair a few inches and inserted her toes into my mouth. Given I had no room to move under the desk I closed my mouth around them hoping she would free me up quicker. As I sucked on her dirty nylon toes she started creeping her foot slowly deeper and deeper into my mouth. My lips were now being stretched as she started forcing all of her toes into my mouth and it fucking hurt. She had big feet and my mouth was not made to suck on them all at the same time.

    I started to gag and heard a laugh from above followed by, “Anyway Irene I gotta go now. I have something urgent to attend to. Will call you later this week to ensure we are still on track with everything and in the meantime if you have any concerns you know where I am. Take Care.” Then the phone went down.

    Beth then said to me from above the desk, “Having fun down there foot sucker. That sweat and filth is your lunch today so make the most of it.” She then laughed and pushed her foot deeper into my mouth.

    I started shouting and gagging badly, her foot was now completely filling up my mouth and I could feel her toes tickling my tonsils. I clasped my hands around her foot to try and pull it out but Beth compensated by forcing it harder into my mouth. I thought my lips would split as I choked and coughed her foot pinning my head to the floor I had nowhere to escape to.

    “Can’t hear you bitching and answering back now whore. Why’s that? Perhaps it’s because my mouth is shoved so far down your throat you can barely breathe!” Beth laughed.

    I tried to cry for help through her foot but it came out as a garbled mess. Beth then lifted herself off her chair and pushed down again really hard into my throat making me convulse, I could feel blood in my mouth and was struggling to breathe. I was screaming into her foot and banging the sides of the desk. Beth said, “Beg for your release whore.”

    “Please, I beg you Beth, goddess. You are killing me.” I spluttered still difficult to make out which probably helped me as I had mistakenly used the bitch’s name.

    Beth finally withdrew her foot and I quickly shifted onto my side to eject the blood and spit that had accumulated in the back of my throat. My breathing was heavy and my hard was racing from the panic.

    “What a fucking pussy you are whore. Any true dominant would laugh in the face of such discomfort but you well, you are weak, spineless and full of cowardice. I am surprised you even have the strength to lift a crop let alone use one. I bet you cry yourself to sleep in remorse for any pain you inflict on your subs. Well I am fucking ruthless and I feel nothing for you and your suffering. Well nothing but pleasure that is.” Beth snarled.

    I continued to spit to clear my throat and then said, “Can I come out now please goddess?”

    Beth then reached down and grabbed my hair before yanking me out by it. I screamed with the pain. When I was underneath her seat she let go and placed her dry foot on my throat and the soaking foot on my face. She then applied a little pressure on my neck as a warning to her next command.

    “Suck the crap off my nylon whore. There are blood stains and spit all over it. I need to wear these again tomorrow so do a good job.” Beth ordered.

    I wasn’t about to defy her again so soon. I needed time to recover so I put my sore lips and mouth around her foot and sucked gently. She had me do that for around ten minutes and then said, “Bored.”

    She then got up.

    “I am bored making you suffer now slave, you are so useless and easy to subordinate. My former slave was much more fun. Perhaps I should have him back and send you to jail.” Beth said in a considered tone looking down at me.

    My face must have shown my nervousness and fear because she laughed and smeared her foot across my face. “Well, maybe I will give you a little longer. I just need to think of some more nice little punishments to amuse myself. I will take my lunch now, you can stay here and tidy up. Lick my seat clean as well my arse was sweating sat there all morning on the phone. I will be back when I feel like it. Be busy when I return or else.” Beth warned and left.

    I slumped to the floor in a heap then looking over at the desk I could see the pastry bag empty and the coffee lid off. At least I scored one on the bitch today even if she didn’t know it.


    In the afternoon Beth decided to decamp to the team meeting room as she wanted both groups assembled for an idea sharing session for the Turner & Lewis Partnership bid. At least I will be able to split my service duties with Yuki I thought.

    As Beth and I approached the meeting room I could hear an audible buzz from inside to indicate everyone was settled inside. Then from out of nowhere, Allegra intercepted us.

    “I need a couple of minutes Beth, it’s urgent.” Allegra said looking concerned.

    “How is she?” Beth asked.

    “Not good and getting worse. Something’s not quite right.” Allegra said.

    “Ok leave her for now. Let’s check on it tomorrow. I am sure it will be fine.” Beth said holding Allegra’s arm to comfort her.

    I was trying to figure out who they were talking about. It seemed most likely to be Yuki who had looked pretty ill last night and it wouldn’t have helped locking her up in the basement all night. I avoided eye contact and any show of interest to keep out of harms way on this either way. When we entered the room Yuki was indeed missing which added more credence to my guess though I couldn’t be absolutely sure.

    Beth introduced the meeting and split the group into teams to come up with approaches, ideas and actions for the account bid. Beth must have been pre-occupied, as normally she couldn’t resist a humiliation show with so many women in attendance though today she settled for me serving drinks and taking notes on what was being discussed and agreed. The session went very well as far as I could tell and each of the groups had clear goals and actions to follow up and deliver back to Allegra and Beth by the next day.

    Grace asked permission to speak before they broke, “Aurelia and I are planning a masqued ball tomorrow, the day before the bid. Is that still going to be ok Beth?”

    Beth responded, “Sure as long as all the work is done we could do with letting our hair down before the bid presentation on Thursday. I just suggest we don’t drink too heavily. Well not until after we win of course.”

    The team chuckled in appreciation of Beth’s confidence, even Allegra who looked quite serious throughout the meeting had a little giggle.

    “That’s great Beth thank you. We are really looking forward to having you all over. I am sure we can get everything done in time.” Grace added.

    Beth then closed the session and wished everyone good luck with their actions. As we were leaving Grace approached Beth and whispered something to which she agreed. Beth then turned to me and said, “Remain here with Grace. She wants to see you about some stuff, do as you are told then come back to my office when you are done. If Grace tells me you have fucked her around I will fuck you around.” Beth then left.

    Grace waited until everyone had left the room then closed the door. She then returned and sat down on the chair at the head of the table and motioned for me to kneel down in front of her. This was the first time I was ordered to do something for someone other than Beth and I didn’t like it one bit. At least with Beth she was a fucking brutal bitch, who most people would fear and bow down to but Grace was a fucking pussy by comparison and I knew I could easily take her down if I wanted. The trouble was I had Beth’s threat hanging over me if I didn’t do as she asked.

    “Don’t worry slut I just want a little chat. If you fuck me around though I will make you do something much worse so don’t test me. Clear?” Grace ordered.

    What a fucking cunt I thought. Who the hell is she to give me orders? If I had her under my control she would be crying her fucking eyes out in seconds begging for mercy. Of course, I wouldn’t show her an ounce. I managed to contain my anger and just answered, “Clear.”

    “Clear? What a disrespectful slut! Don’t test me.” Grace said firmly.

    “Clear goddess.” I said with the minimal additional effort.

    Grace paused with displeasure wondering whether to pursue it then decided to carry on with her original intensions.

    “Well, slut I figured it was time for me and you to have a little talk. That means I am talking and you are listening and well maybe crying. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. You see there are a few things about your pathetic wimp that you need to know.”

    Grace then paused to allow her introduction to take root. I didn’t like the crying threat one bit and I liked the subject matter even less. I had to listen with an open mind and recognise that Grace would say anything to get to me including lying.

    “You see I started abusing your pathetic excuse for a man a while back. I used to make him sniff my rank feet and believe me they were bad as I have a particularly nasty foot odour problem. Initially he fucking hated it, which meant I loved it. I used to masturbate watching him suffer I loved it that much. Anyway when Aurelia came on the scene she started teasing your bitch and playing on his sexual urges until he started to change. In just a few sessions your little foot sniffer started to get more and more desperate for our attentions. The more we denied him the more pathetic he got. He was literally begging to sniff our feet even when they were so nasty it would make a normal person sick. How fucking stupid and revolting is that?” Grace laughed.

    The anger was rising in me rapidly now as there was a haunting ring of truth to this.

    “I mean let me spell this out to you whore. Your little bitch would literally be crying and begging endlessly just to sniff our feet. We of course just laughed at how ridiculous he looked and the more we degraded and humiliated him the more desperate he became. Aurelia had him completely under her control, I am sure he would have done literally anything for the privilege of a sniff or two. She played him so perfectly it was amazing to watch.”

    I was seething now desperately trying to stop myself from killing her.

    “This all brings me back to you. I keep wondering how pathetic and desperate you must be to love a wretch like that. I mean I would struggle to be bothered to piss on him he is that low. So what does that make you?” She then paused before answering her own question, “A slut who loves a bitch, who begs to sniff another’s feet. That’s just so fucked up.” She then started laughing hysterically.

    I started clenching my fists ready to take her down.

    “Anyway now for the best bit. After fucking with your bitch loads and getting him to do all sorts of degrading crap for a foot sniff or two he then ends up becoming our full-time slave. We have him cooking and cleaning and all sorts and he seems so perfectly happy. You know he hasn’t mentioned you once. We let him wank off to our feet which is more than enough sexual pleasure for him and certainly a lot better than he was getting from you and he seems like he has landed in paradise.”

    “We fully intend to lower the ceiling on the bitch to reduce him to new lows in degradation every day. I am thinking toilet slavery, beating the fuck out of him, severe mental torture to strip him of all dignity and some public humiliation just to really seal his fate. In fact by the time we have finished with him even you would be too ashamed to love what’s left and that’s saying something given what a shameful fucking whore cunt slut you are!” Grace shouted the final abuse into my face.

    My eyes were streaming with tears and my anger was at breaking point I threw my hands around her throat and started squeezing.

    “Get off me you fucking bitch!” Grace shouted.

    “No fucking way you nasty good for nothing cunt.” I screamed and started squeezing hard dragging Grace to the floor. I then straddled Grace and started increasing the pressure around her neck. She started weeping and panicking which only fuelled my dominant urges.

    I spat in her face several times and said, “Let me be absolutely fucking clear about one thing. I can and will be your worst nightmare if you try and fuck with me. You may think Beth and Aurelia are badass but they are nothing compared to me. I have a past so dark and scary if you knew you would not even want to be alone in the same room as me. Right now your life is in the balance and I would have absolutely no qualms about offing you. I feel nothing for you and your miserable life. Do you fucking hear me bitch?”

    “Yes. Please let me go I hear you.” Grace pleaded.

    “Please what?” I said.

    “Please goddess.” Grace fumbled. I eased up on her throat to complete my tirade.

    “If you say one single word to anyone about what happened here today I will capture you, torture you and kill you. That will be my one and only purpose in life and be sure it will happen. Do you understand exactly what I am saying?” I shouted into her face.

    “Yes…goddess.” She answered.

    “Right now fuck off before I really lose my temper bitch.” I warned as I got off Grace.

    She was rubbing her neck, looking fearful and upset, “You are a fucking class A psycho!”

    “You better fucking believe it bitch. Remember what I said.” I spat.

    Grace quickly exited the room and I followed. She made it to Beth’s office before I could and was speaking with her. As I approach she left not looking at me.

    “Well, it seems you did an ok job with Grace, slut.” Beth said and I laughed inside. What a fucking pussy Grace is. It was now high time I started showing who the queen bitch really is around here.


    Following my ‘ok job’ with Grace I was able to get away from Beth with just a foot rub and was making my way home feeling pretty good about myself. I had finally got an opportunity to corner one of the bitches and show them I was not to be fucked with. My inner dominant was at last getting her fill while I was in the office. I just needed to find more opportunities to work my way through them. Granted there were a few I wasn’t going to fuck with in a hurry like Allegra’s warrior women and Beth herself but the rest were fair game. But I would find some way to overcome them all in time.

    My mind switched to home as I started to picture Henrietta waiting for me with my gift. I wondered what she had bought me. I had a big smile on my face as I looked down at my socks remembering how fucking nasty they were going to smell when she took them off. Boy, was she in for a treat.

    When I got to my apartment I knocked on the door knowing she would be there and it wasn’t long before it opened. She was on her knees looking up at me like a long lost dog returned to its mistress. I smiled to myself, as it was now time to play again.

    “Did you miss your goddess slave?” I asked

    Henrietta nodded and bolted forward to kiss the tops of my sneakers. I could see her pause above them, which I took to be the very strong scent leaking through. I smiled to myself to see the power it had over her.

    “Slave, don’t upset me before I am even in my own home. Go and fetch me a cool refreshing drink while I take a seat.” I ordered and Henrietta scuttled off very quickly towards the kitchen.

    I made my way into the living room and flopped onto the sofa and put my feet up on the end. Now for some serious pampering I thought, at least my bitch knows how to treat her queen. A few moments later Henrietta was knelt in front of me with some fresh orange juice with some ice. I really liked that she listened and acted on the detail. A dominant like me needs the details taken care of. When I say cool drink I expect a cool drink. I took a big slurp and made a loud satisfied refreshed sound to show I was happy.

    “Goddess?” Henrietta asked tentatively.

    “Yes, bitch?” I replied giving her permission to speak.

    “May I present you with my gift? I am so excited to give it to you. I have been thinking about you all day.” She said.

    “Of course you have been thinking about me all day. I am your life. What else do you need to concern yourself with?” I teased purposely not answering her question. I waited to see how long it would take for her to crack.

    It was a little under a minute. “Sorry goddess. I don’t want to upset you but may I offer my present to you now?”

    “Not yet slave. My sneakers need a clean first. They picked up some dirt on the way home and that’s where you come in right?” I said nonchalantly.

    “Yes, of course, my goddess. Let me clean those for you. Thank you.” Henrietta said and immediately bounced over to my sneakers overhanging the sofa and started licking. I relaxed knowing I was in for a nice surprise. Generally, my philosophy on surprises was to eke them out as long as I could, as often the best bit was the waiting. She was only a waitress at the end of the day so my expectations were pretty low for the gift but I guessed pretty high for her.

    I ran through a few options as I lay there relaxing. Perfume, gold jewellery maybe, certainly not flowers or chocolates as that would be very disappointing. I then wondered whether it might be tech but looking at her I wasn’t sure she was that savvy on the tech front and I did already have a smart phone and iPad.

    “Why don’t get a little sniff of those sneakers bitch. You can only imagine what delights lie within can’t you?” I teased her.

    She went red with excitement and her eyes flashed before she ran her nostril along the top of my sneaker and around my ankle to soak up as much of the available smell as possible.

    “I know it must smell pretty strong but it will be nothing compared to the wet, rank socks inside. Fuck they are going to stink so bad even you will have trouble hanging in there bitch.” I smiled to myself waiting for the pending tribute response.

    “Oh, my glorious goddess. You are so completely perfect. I am so unworthy to be in your presence but still so happy you allow me to be. I just hope that I can please you in my own small way and you will see fit to keep me around.” Henrietta said.

    There it is I thought to myself and smiled. I decided to ignore her tribute just to leave her in doubt and suspense. I knew that would fuck with her head too.

    “What have you prepared for me to eat tonight slave?” I asked moving even further away from the topic of my gift, as I knew how desperate she was to give it to me.

    “I have prepared a Chicken Chasseur with fresh asparagus and mange-tout. I bought an expensive bottle of chardonnay to accompany it. I hope I wasn’t too presumptuous my goddess?” Henrietta asked.

    Fuck I thought that sounds like restaurant level cuisine. This bitch has talents. She also knows her wines and what I like. I couldn’t wait to get tucked into that I was starving after Beth denied me food all day.

    “Well, it sounds like you have been a busy slave. As you have put in so much effort I will eat now.” I said now totally consumed with the thought of that delicious food.

    Henrietta paused considering asking me again about the gift but looking at my face decided against it and disappeared into the kitchen. She was back within 5 minutes with the wine, which she placed down on the coffee table.

    “Would you care to eat at the table or on the sofa goddess?” Henrietta asked.

    She really did think ahead. Female slaves were so much more thoughtful than male slaves. I guess that’s because male slaves are so led by their dicks.

    “You can feed me while I sit on the sofa tonight bitch.” I said.

    “Thank you, goddess.” Came the reply and I had my dinner within ten minutes. She had obviously prepared everything in advance so I wouldn’t have to wait. In fact, I was struggling to find fault with her performance so far. True I could have just laid into the bitch anyway and created a problem for her but I figured I would give her a break for now.

    She knelt by my side and carefully cut balanced forkfuls of the food, which she then offered me whenever I glanced at her. I had no need to ask she simply watched me very attentively and anticipated my needs. The only time she got it wrong is when I took a glug of wine instead of another mouthful. The food was absolutely delicious, I probably could have eaten it all over again when I had finished but decided not to overeat my main course.

    I didn’t even need to ask when I had finished. She scooped the plate up and went to clean the kitchen coming back only to refresh my glass with more white wine. After around twenty minutes she was back knelt by my side.

    I looked into her eyes and carefully touched her face to show her I was pleased though I did not offer any compliment. “I guess you want to give me your present now don’t you slave?” I said.

    “Oh yes please goddess. I so want to give you my present. I just hope you will like it.” Henrietta said.

    “Very well. Go and fetch it.” I commanded.

    When she came back she had an A4 paper sized present about one inch thick wrapped in high-quality pink paper with a large red bow. On the front was a small card which read, ‘With all my heart and all my love for my goddess.”

    I smiled before realising what I was doing and then quickly wiped it off my face and tossed the card across the room like it meant nothing. Actually, it meant a lot to me because I knew every word was true. But then I wouldn’t be a goddess if I went all slushy on her. I needed to ensure she always felt beneath me even when my dominant was sleeping like it was then.

    I looked at her face as she watched the card fly away. I could see a hint of disappointment before the excitement returned watching me start to unwrap the gift. Inside was a pink box of the same dimensions with a small clasp on one end, quite a bit better than I was expecting. When I popped the clasp and opened the case I was flabbergasted. Inside was a white gold necklace studded with diamonds and a large dark green emerald at the base. It must have cost thousands. I was quite flustered not really knowing how to react. I need time to recompose myself so decided to create some thinking time.

    I said, “Explain yourself, slave.”

    “Well I wanted to buy something that would befit the most beautiful divine person I have ever had the privilege to spend time with. I cannot express in words how happy and joyous every moment with you is for me goddess. Whether you are punishing me or rewarding me doesn’t matter. Every moment is exquisite and time stands still for me in your presence. When I lay with you last night I realised that you are simply everything to me and I am nothing without you. This gift cost me everything I have but it was the only way I could show you how I felt where mere words could not come close. I hope I haven’t offended you goddess.” Henrietta said.

    I actually started to cry, the outpouring of love from this wretch before me was simply too much given what I had been trying to cope with over the last days. She had simply given me everything she had just for the chance to be used and abused by me. Maybe she felt there was more to us after last night? Was I really so special as to have this kind of effect on someone? How did I really feel about her?

    She was my crutch in my hour of need no doubt and my ability to release my inner demons on her was essential to my state of mind, especially while Chris wasn’t around. I thought back to when we were together last night and realised what it was. It was sisterly love but with some twisted sado-sexual shit in the mix. I didn’t find her desirable but making her suffer did get me off. I actually needed her probably more than she needed me but then looking at the necklace I was starting to wonder. If I cast her aside what would it do to her? When I got Chris back what would I do with Henrietta?

    Fucking hell it was all so complicated. I was getting angry now and my dominant was surfacing. She was messing with my mind. This kind of present is way over the top. What was she up to? I then took a deep breath and thought again.

    If I were a perfect goddess then perhaps such a present is just. I didn’t think I was actually that great and listening to Beth today by her standards I was too soft and not classy enough. Well, look at me now bitch. I bet she never got a gift like this one. Fuck I only met this girl days ago.

    I started to tell myself I was a true goddess, I was fucking perfect and untouchable. This wretch should be weeping just to be in my presence. My tears stopped as my self-empowerment took hold. This slave should tribute me with all she has, as it’s the least I deserve. To serve me is everything for her, I am the greatest fucking dominant that ever fucking lived.

    I looked down into her face and spoke.

    “Listen you miserable fucking bitch. I will take your gift because I deserve it. You are quite right that to be in my presence is everything. It would be a blessing on anyone to be so privileged. Fortunately for you I have granted that gift to you. Don’t think this gives you any favour with me because I would just a soon as beat you as reward you in seconds of this moment. All this does is show that I recognise you know how truly lucky you are to be with me. Now put it round my beautiful perfect neck slut.” I sneered.

    Henrietta cried with joy at my response. It was everything she hoped for and more. She took the necklace and delicately placed it around my neck. I felt like true royalty it’s weight and value was so great. I got up and walked over to the wall mirror to admire the jewellery. Apart from the fact I was dressed in sports gear I did actually look fucking awesome. I took some time to indulge myself in how beautiful I looked. This tribute had transcended me to a new level and I intended to stay there at least within my own mind.

    I returned to the sofa and sat down. Without asking I placed my foot on Henrietta’s shoulder and started waving my shoe around in front of her face.

    “You know what time it is now, don’t you slave?” I asked.

    Henrietta’s eyes almost exploded out of her face. She was shaking and quivering with excitement, which made me smile as I knew better than her what was coming.

    “It’s time for you to make me some desert. Go bake me a nice cake slut. I will have a nice cup of tea to go with it.” I said and watched her sexual urges destroyed. The disappointment on her face was a killer. I even laughed out loud at her just to emphasise it. But I knew she needed this, the extra wait would just make it that much sweeter. Also I didn’t want to connect her gift with my reward. Well not immediately anyway.

    She crawled slowly back to the kitchen like a broken animal. About twenty minutes later she returned and said, “My beautiful goddess. A fresh ginger cake is baking in the oven and will be ready in about 15 to 20 minutes. Would you like me to bring your tea in now or with the cake?”

    “I will take the tea now bitch. Earl Grey.” I said in a curt and rude tone.

    Within 20 minutes I had the freshly made cake and tea on my coffee table, I didn’t want my stinking feet putting me off my nice food so I decided she could wait until after.

    “Foot stool.” I said firmly and clicked my fingers. Henrietta curled over on her knees and I propped my feet on her back.

    The cake was delicious and I did think about a second slice but decided I didn’t need the extra calories this late in the day. Anyway, if Henrietta waited any longer she would likely have a nervous breakdown. When I had finished I gave her a little kick on the head and she looked up.

    “You know slave, my nasty socks that you gathered from my dirty clothes hamper have been on my feet all day. On top of that, I didn’t wash my feet before putting them on and they have been sweating profusely all day. I am not really sure you are going to be able to handle them. Perhaps I should just jump straight into the shower. What do you think?” I said teasing her.

    Henrietta was a flustered mess, “My goddess I promise you I will be fine to worship them if you decide I am worthy. In fact, it would be an absolute blessing for me. But if you decide you would prefer to shower then I will of course understand.” Henrietta pulled a look that showed she would certainly cry if I showered first.

    “Well, I would like to see that put to the test. It would amuse me to see how you cope with the truly awful smell of my feet. If I see one twitch of disgust in your face though slave I will beat you with my crop. Understand?” I warned.

    “Oh yes, goddess I understand fully. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Henrietta said.

    “Ok bitch prepare yourself. My feet have probably never smelled this bad and you are going to get them both barrels. When they are in your face I want to hear you sniff them like it is the last breath you will take on this earth. I want to see your complete and utter submission to them. But most of all I want to see you orgasm without touching yourself. If you fill all my instructions I will reward you. If you fail it will be a severe punishment. Now take off my filthy sneakers you worthless foot sniffing whore.” I snarled.

    As she eased off my sneakers the whole room filled up with a stench so hellish and vile it made me feel sick and they were my feet. Showing restraint I placed them in her lap and clicked my fingers instructing her to lift and smell.

    Henrietta’s whole body was shaking uncontrollably. It looked like she was having some kind of low-level seizure; her face was beetroot red with excitement. Given the teasing I had submitted her to for almost two hours I was also guessing she was wetter that the Pacific Ocean down below. She lifted my socks to her face so slowly it was almost ceremonial; she had her eyes fixed on me as if to indicate her complete devotion to me. As they neared her face she leaned in and placed her nose in between the large and second toe of my right foot. Just about the perfect storm when it comes to the centre of the stench. She then briefly prepared herself and closed her eyes. There was a pause of a few seconds before she unleashed a simply incredible inward sniff that I am sure would have clouded her brain for minutes in it’s own right but absorbing my stench I was suspecting it might actually knock her out altogether. The sniff lasted almost twenty seconds. When it was in its final throws her eyes opened and rolled into the back of her head, she let out an almighty scream, “Oh my god, I love you so much goddess! I can’t last.”

    She then buckled and twisted as an immense orgasm took it’s strangle-hold on her, she screamed a second and third time so loud I almost had to cover my ears and then she collapsed onto the floor in a heap, crying with joy and fulfilment.

    I rested my vile reeking feet on her face just to really drive home how much control they had over her and she didn’t move for close to twenty minutes. She so loved being under them I think she could have died there happily.

    I then got up and ushered her to follow me into the bedroom. She pulled herself together as best she could and followed. When we got into the bedroom I stripped down to my knickers leaving my socks on and got into bed.

    “You will sleep down the bottom of the bed tonight slave with my socks in your face. I don’t care how much you sniff them, masturbate to them or just worship them but you will do it quietly so as not to disturb my sleep. Now strip naked and get into bed.” I ordered.

    She didn’t need a second invite and was in bed within a few seconds with her face nestled to my socks. Fucking hell I thought a few seconds was enough for me and she is going to get a whole night of them. Lucky her I chuckled. I knew having her worship me for so long would wed her soul to me and take her devotion to a whole new level, my power over her would be absolute and complete.

    As I drifted off to sleep I smiled at how perfect this moment had been for her. Absolutely beyond disgusting for anyone normal but then neither of us was normal, we were surrealistically divine.

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    Nicola's life definitely is divergent. She has the submissive Henrietta to dominate at home, then she goes into the office and is completely dominated by Beth. I loved the spit in the coffee (esp. the barista's added as well) and the butt-crack pastry. At least Nicola got that little score on Beth. And given the chance, Nicola was able to turn the tables on Grace and dominate her for a bit. I do wonder how this will impact Chris in the short-term (since he is a slave to Aurelia and Grace) and Nicola in the longer term (if it gets back to Beth, or else if Aurelia/Grace team up on Nicola).

    Henrietta seems to be getting it good from Nicola, and by that it means that she is loving her treatment. The delay of allowing Henrietta to give her gift was fantastic, but being allowed to orgasm at Nicola's feet was certainly the best reward Henrietta could have wanted. The final paragraph sums it up. "As I drifted off to sleep I smiled at how perfect this moment had been for her. Absolutely beyond disgusting for anyone normal but then neither of us was normal, we were surrealistically divine."

    Looking forward to the next update.

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    I have been in communication with Wildyone, and he informed me that he wanted to continue posting the story on this site. However, he has been having major issues logging onto the Den in the past few months.

    He has asked me to post the additional chapters here, at least until he is able to successfully log on. A number have been written, so I will be adding them her at the rate of 1 or 2 per week.
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    Chapter 37 – The Mask of a Thousand Secrets

    Given the threat of the previous night and the lack of any sleep I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast by 0600. I decided to go the whole nine yards in an effort to stave off Aurelia’s brutality, as she was sure to come out all guns blazing to cement her words. I cooked poached eggs, bacon, quick pan-fried paella with chorizo sausage and toast. I made coffee and added orange juice to the tray and then took it upstairs.

    I looked in on the bedroom Aurelia was in last night and she wasn’t there so made my way to the master bedroom. She was sat up with Grace in bed waiting. I could see immediately by the look on Aurelia’s face that she was waiting for the slightest fuck up before she would unleash on me. Fear started to rise in me and I was shaking as I placed the tray down.

    Grace smiled at the array of items on her breakfast tray but Aurelia was in another place and wanted to make her point. She passed the tray over to Grace and got out of bed. She then kicked me hard in the balls and as I rolled over in agony literally stamped on my head. I was in immense pain.

    “Where the fuck is the salt, you stupid idiot?” Aurelia shouted.

    I crawled towards the door as her foot lifted and once I was able to get to my feet went to the kitchen to retrieve salt, pepper, red sauce, brown sauce and even mayonnaise. I didn’t want to get caught out twice.

    I entered on my knees and crawled across the floor to present the items to Aurelia who snatched them off me, clearly pissed off I had gotten everything in one trip.

    “Close your eyes slave.” Aurelia ordered and I did so waiting for a slap that didn’t arrive. I heard some eating and chomping until around five minutes later she added, “Ok open them again.”

    As I opened my eyes Aurelia threw salt in them which burned like hell. I screamed and threw my face into my hands then leapt instinctively into the en-suite to rinse the salt as quickly as I could. I was in there for a good ten minutes before the pain subsided to something manageable. My eyes looked like shit.

    They were still laughing when I crawled back in.

    “That was fucking intense Aurelia. What made you do that?” Grace asked.

    “Oh no reason in particular I just thought it would be fun.” Aurelia said before adding, “You look fucking terrible slave. Go and get my crop from the corner there.”

    This day was turning into a hell on earth. If she kept this up I would be in hospital before lunch. I retrieved the crop and prepared myself.

    “Who the fuck said you could use our bathroom bitch?” Aurelia shouted.

    “No one goddess. I am truly sorry.” I replied knowing it was senseless to argue.

    “Right I am going to whip you until you bleed and after each lash I want you to thank me and tell me you love me.” Aurelia looked into my face with an evil glint to reflect her words of the night before.

    As each lash came down, and they were sadistically hard, I screamed then thanked her and then finally told her I loved her. When she finished she sprinkled more salt into the wounds on my back leading me to more screaming and tears.

    Aurelia finally said, “Ok fuck off now slave, I am bored with you. Get ready for work and take the tray down and clean everything up.”


    As Aurelia and Grace departed outside her office they spoke briefly of plans for the Masqued Ball during the night ahead. They had booked some waitresses and cooks for the food and drinks, which likely meant I would be the entertainment again. As Grace left, Aurelia kissed her and sighed again then we entered her office.

    “I am really in a bad mood now slave. I hate leaving my love Grace and having to look at your ugly fucking face, it makes me feel positively sick. What do you think I should do to lift my spirits?” Aurelia asked.

    She was serving me heavy doses of anti-love now almost continuously. Was she trying to prove a point to me, or herself? Either way she was putting huge amounts of focus into trying to destroy the feelings I had shared with her yesterday. I think the thing that shook her most is she knew there was truth in what I said, how much only I knew for sure. The thing I couldn’t shake though was to what extent did she want me to love her? And what would that mean?

    “I am sorry I offended you goddess. Perhaps it I serve as your foot stool under the desk you won’t have to look at me anymore?” I asked

    “You would like that wouldn’t you slave. Laying down there sniffing my perfect feet and blowing your load over and over. Well no fucking chance, at least not with me. I might have you sniff the team’s feet, I hear they offered yesterday and you declined. That’s not being a team player is it slave? Anyway, what do you think I should do with you to amuse myself?” Aurelia got back on point.

    “Please goddess, not the crop my back is still wet with blood and so sore.” I pleaded.

    “But I thought you loved me. If you really loved me you would suffer unconditionally like you offered. Are you now telling me you lied?” Aurelia eyed me suspiciously knowing I was trapped.

    “I said I love you goddess not your punishments.” I said in a submissive tone.

    “But they are as one slave. You love me you love everything I am and everything I do including making you suffer.” Aurelia seethed.

    Reluctantly I removed my jacket and shirt and turned to bare my back to Aurelia. I was dreading more crop lashes but knew it was the only way I could convince her that I did indeed have feelings for her. I was determined to break through the hellish exterior to see the person within even if it near killed me.

    “Fucking hell slave I did a good job on you this morning, didn’t I?” She laughed before adding, “But I am sure we can improve on that a little.”

    Moments later I felt the first lash across my back. The pain was fierce, racking my body and I shouted to release the tension.

    “Doesn’t love feel so wonderful slave?” Aurelia snarled.

    Then another lash, the wounds were opening up again and I could feel the trickle of blood down my back. I screamed again.

    “Ah love’s sweet song. Tell me again how much you love me slave.” Aurelia said condescendingly.

    “I love you Aurelia and I will stand this pain as long as my body will allow to show you that.” I said defiantly.

    “You fucking cunt!” Aurelia screamed and lashed me three times in succession.

    The pain was all over my mind now and I collapsed forward barely conscious. I placed my hands on the floor and pushed myself up for one last act of resistance.

    “If this is what you want Aurelia then I will submit to you unconditionally but you won’t destroy the feelings I have for you.” I said.

    The words were barely out of my mouth when the crop came down again and everything went dark.

    When I came to Beth was in the room with Aurelia.

    “What the fuck have you done to him Aurelia?” Beth shouted adding, “He is a fucking bloody mess. We can’t afford to start getting doctors involved, you crazy bitch.”

    “Well he deserved it.” Aurelia said resolutely.

    “What the fuck did he do to deserve this exactly?” Beth asked now fronting Aurelia.

    “He disobeyed and undermined me.” Aurelia said trying to think of something to say that would avoid the truth.

    “For fuck sake, if you are going to near kill him for simply disobeying you then you won’t have a slave at all. I told you to teach him a lesson not strip all the flesh off his back within three fucking days!” Beth said.

    Beth started inspecting the wounds more closely as I drifted in and out of consciousness.

    “Go get Allegra, she was trained as a doctor in her first degree. She will know what to do. Quickly!” Beth ordered and Aurelia left the room.

    Though I was barely conscious I lay there with my eyes closed trying to block out what pain I could. Certain areas of my back were numb and I guessed Beth was right to be worried.

    Thinking I was still unconscious Beth ran her ringers through my hair and brushed my cheek.

    “I wish I could hate you Chris but I can’t.” She whispered. “Hang in there for me.”

    My heart warmed on hearing Beth’s words, in some ways I wish I could have acknowledged them but I was lost in pain and darkness. Anyway, Beth was still torturing Nicola who I loved dearly so how could I feel anything other than animosity towards her. Then there was Aurelia who I had half died for just to show her I had feelings for her. My life was a fucking chaotic mess of love, anguish and confusion for three beautiful dominants. I just didn’t know what I felt anymore and then everything went black again.


    It was lunchtime when I came fully back to consciousness. Allegra, Beth and Aurelia were in an office, which they had made up as a temporary medical room. I could smell medicines and antiseptic skin creams in the air so guessed that Allegra had been treating my back.

    As I awoke Allegra stuffed two tablets in my mouth and ordered me to drink water.

    “Those are pretty strong painkillers slave so it should ease the pain for at least eight hours. I have also used antibiotic cream and antiseptic while you were out to ensure you don’t get an infection. The wounds should heal in around 48 hours and I suggest you don’t put too much pressure on your back until then.”

    Beth then followed up, “I don’t know what the fuck you did to earn this slave but I am sure you deserved it. I hope the pain you are now feeling demonstrates what pissing me off leads to. And just in case you hope to use this in your favour let me tell you that nothing has changed, you will still serve Aurelia as her personal slave. That said we don’t want to kill you, well not just yet anyway, so I have asked Aurelia for assurances that she will ensure you make a full recovery before she steps up your suffering again.”

    I smiled inside hearing Beth put on her typical bitch front, as it was her earlier words that kept ringing in my ears.

    The three women stepped away and whispered quietly to each other for around ten minutes before Beth said, “Well I need to go and rally the team to get the Turner & Lewis Partnership presentation done otherwise we won’t make the ball later and that will piss everyone off. Aurelia, I will leave this with you and your team. Allegra, let’s go.”

    Allegra and Beth then disappeared.

    Aurelia stood by me staring at my face, “You stupid fucking idiot. Why did you push me so?”

    “Because deep down somehow I love you and I could not let go of that.” I said softly.

    “You can’t love me slave. I won’t allow it.” Aurelia said angrily but defensive.

    “You cannot deny my love goddess no matter what you do to me.” I said defiantly.

    “Don’t push me slave just because you are in a bad way. I am not like the others I will not hold back, I don’t have the restraint they do.” Aurelia warned.

    “Then let go goddess. I don’t care what you do to me as long as I get to see the real you at the end of it.” I said.

    “What makes you think this isn’t the real me? I told you before loving me would be hell on earth for you and that the well goes deeper than you can handle.” Aurelia threatened.

    “Even the deepest wells have water at the bottom. All I ask you is to let me drink.” I smiled warmly.

    “You fucking mad cunt. You just don’t know when to quit do you? Well fuck you!” Aurelia screamed and ran out quickly looking distressed.


    I must have gone to sleep again as when I woke and looked at the clock it was 3pm and Sophia, Laura and Julia were in the room with me.

    Julia was rubbing my hair trying to offer some kind of sympathy whist Laura had her dirty grey nylon feet perched in front of my face. It was the same pair she had on yesterday and frankly they stunk.

    “Thought you needed a pick me up slave so I brought my stinkiest feet along to give you a boost. Here why don’t you have a sniff?” Laura insisted.

    Laura then carefully cupped her nylon toes around my nostrils so as not to put undue pressure on my face but block off any chance of avoiding her scent. She then smiled at me wickedly as I involuntarily took the smell in.

    “That’s two days of gym now given you declined yesterday and I work out harder than any of the pussies in this office.” Laura said proudly her hazel green eyes sparkling behind the wisps of blonde curly hair covering her face.

    The smell shot through my system nursing out what little sexual arousal I was capable of against the backdrop of the pain in my back. I groaned with the pleasure, as I lay there dizzy with the painkillers still clouding my head.

    “That’s better slave. I was disappointed yesterday when you declined my advances, now I see it’s just that they weren’t quite stinky enough for you.” Laura chuckled at her own humour.

    “Hey bitch. That’s not fair, he should be sniffing my feet.” Sophia said feeling put out that Laura had stolen a march on her.

    “Get to the back of the queue bitch. This foot whore is learning his true place under my feet.” Laura threatened.

    “Stop fighting you two. Can’t you see he is still in a lot of pain?” Julia said still rubbing my hair.

    “Well looking at that boner in his pants I would say he is feeling a whole lot better already Julia.” Laura said proudly, looking at Sophia and poking her tongue out mockingly at her.

    “Bitch.” Sophia muttered under her breath.

    “Give him a little rub Julia. You know down there, instead of on his head.” Laura suggested.

    “What do you take me for Laura? I am not some kind of prostitute you know.” Julia replied rather prudishly.

    “Oh come on, I am not asking you to suck it. Just give it a little rub through his trousers. I promise you it will help him feel a whole lot better especially with my feet in his face. Don’t be so stuck up.” Laura goaded.

    Julia looked at Sophia for advice but she just rolled her eyes feeling put out she wasn’t leading me on. Julia decided to just try a little tease to see how I would react and placed her hand around my hard on and squeezed.

    Anticipating this Laura leapt on the opportunity and said, “Take a big sniff now foot bitch. Swallow that gorgeous aroma and submit to its power over you. You know you can’t resist. I am too fucking gorgeous and you are too fucking weak.”

    The humiliation was leading me on automatic dance and my mind followed her orders with docility. My cock started throbbing in Julia’s hand.

    “Fuck I just felt it throb Laura. It’s massive.” Julia declared with surprise.

    “Of course you did, look at me, who wouldn’t bow down to my attentions. I am fucking beautiful. He will be under my spell completely after this.” Laura claimed triumphantly.

    Sophia tutted and crossed her arms as she started sulking.

    “Oh come on, Sophia. Don’t be such a sourpuss. Come up here and give me a hand bitch.” Laura said.

    Sophia realising she was acting a little childish approached and said, “Your bitching is good but my verbal humiliation makes yours look like an entry level novice.” She was trying to claw back her superiority over Laura. Their competitive instincts were in full flow now.

    “All right bitch, then show me what you got!” Laura challenged.

    “Ok. Listen and learn.” Sophia said lowering her voice and adding seductively, “Listen, you pathetic foot sniffing cunt. That smell in your nose is life giving. It is all you ever hoped for and all you’ll ever need. It has complete control of all your senses as well as your soul. Feel it’s awesome unforgiving power as it strangles your heart and wrestles your resistance to the ground. Embrace the shame as you realise this is all you are and all you will ever be, a worthless sub-human dog to foot stench.”

    “Fucking hell bitch that was pure poetry.” Laura proclaimed as I writhed in pleasure.

    Julia pumped my cock twice with firm grasps and Sophia smiled with a sense of empowerment and self-satisfaction. “I am the queen of bitch training. I was born to subordinate weak men.” Sophia added.

    Just then there were footsteps coming towards the room and Laura took her feet away from my face and Julia returned her hand to the side of my head. As Aurelia stepped into the room the three women looked a little flustered and unprepared.

    “What’s going on in here?” Aurelia asked.

    “Nothing we are just keeping an eye on him like you asked Aurelia.” Laura responded.

    “I am not stupid Laura. Just don’t do anything that will cause me more grief ok?” Aurelia said.

    Seeing Aurelia in the room it looked like she was in soft focus due to the effect of the strong painkillers. I wanted to speak with her and follow up on our earlier conversation, I was just starting to break through and didn’t want her to regress back to the hard-core bitch I know she can be.

    “Aurelia, can you stay so we can talk?” I asked.

    Aurelia stormed up to me and said, “I have nothing to say to you, you selfish good for nothing piece of shit.” She then spat hard into my face and stormed out.

    That went well I thought to myself at the same time that Laura laughed and said, “I see you two are besties once again. She really hates your guts slave. I would be real careful what you say next time if you want to make it through the day in one piece.”

    She then leaned over to me and whispered, “So tell me would you like my stinky feet back in your face?”

    I nodded with what little energy and enthusiasm I could muster.

    “Told you I was reeling him in bitches. Beg me then bitch!” Laura added.

    “Please goddess.” Was as much as I could say but that was enough for the ever-keen Laura who propped her feet back up on the makeshift bed and into my face nestling her toes around my nostrils. “Come on then Julia and Sophia let’s send this weak bitch to heaven.”

    The women then gathered round me and between them forced a strong warming orgasm from my loins briefly taking all my pain away and sending my mind into a cluster of sparkling lights. The combination of Laura’s scent, Julia’s hands and Sophia’s verbal assaults was more than I could resist.

    Seeing my body cramp and twist as I came together with my loud groaning and bright red face had them high fiving and cheering like a team who had just won a cup final.

    “Now you know how good it is bitch you will be begging for more every day! Well you are going to have to work hard to earn our attentions next time.” Laura said.

    She was probably over-playing her hand so soon. Aurelia had been working on me for much longer and had an insight into my soul that meant she could pretty much take the hand of my mind and lead it wherever she wanted. This mental coupling we had shared though had started to unravel us both as I clung more and more to her entrapment and she started to realise my affections were more than she could handle.

    “Yes goddess. Thank you.” Was all I said as I drifted off into another uncomfortable sleep.


    When I awoke for the final time it was nearing six o’ clock and Aurelia was standing in front of me alone. As I started to open my eyes she addressed me instantly.

    “Right, don’t say a fucking word slave. Grace has gone back to get the house ready for tonight’s party and I am going to take you home in a taxi. I don’t want any more of your mind-fucking to spoil my night so keep it shut ok?” Aurelia was almost pleading but in a very angry tone.

    “Ok goddess. I don’t want to upset you again.” I said half awake.

    “See there you go already. You can’t upset me, you have no fucking power over me, you conceited ignorant wanker. If you were even halfway able to survive another beating I would be all over you right now. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!” She screamed.

    I didn’t answer. Aurelia called a taxi and we waited together in the foyer by the main office door. When it arrived, she led me out though insisting I carry myself as she wanted the minimum contact possible with me. She sat in the front and I the back. We exchanged no words and a healthy dose of rudeness to the taxi driver ensured he didn’t try polite conversation again after his first attempt.

    When we arrived, she threw a twenty at the driver and said to me, “Ok fuck face in you go.”

    I could see the taxi driver shaking his head as I got out partly from Aurelia’s rudeness and partly to me for sucking it up. I decided to let it slide and got out to follow Aurelia up to the door.

    Once inside Aurelia led me up to the spare room I had slept in the night before and placed a cold compress mat on the bed so I could lie on my back. She then reluctantly helped me onto the bed and removed my clothes before insisting I position myself comfortably.

    “Ok are you comfortable, slave?” Aurelia said begrudgingly.

    “Yes goddess, thank you.” I replied.

    “Well tonight you will stay in this room. I have discussed your place with Beth and we have agreed that instead of you providing entertainment for us downstairs as we planned you will remain here tied to the bed and blindfolded. Everyone has been told that pain is off limits for tonight but everything else is ok so expect plenty of visitors. I may even make your evening with a visit of my own though I must say the thought sickens me at the moment.” Aurelia scowled.

    I looked into her eyes searching for the truth behind that last comment but I had nothing like the mind reading skills she had. She looked cool, calm and calculated in her manner.

    Being left with no other option I said, “Do I really sicken you goddess?”

    Aurelia then shouted, “Oh fuck off!” and exited through the door slamming it on the way out.


    Grace and Aurelia arrived a little before eight o’clock and tied my arms and legs to the four corners of the bed. The binds were tight enough to ensure I could not undo them but loose enough to allow me some movement to stay comfortable. Aurelia’s binding skills meant she could pretty much adapt to any given situation using ropes.

    Grace then sat on the bed and whispered, “Your whore is going to be here tonight and I am going to make sure she gets a more than healthy dose of punishment and humiliation slave. I will also be coming here to fuck you over when I fancy it. Have fun.”

    “What are you saying to him?” Aurelia asked.

    “Oh, just that I am going to come visit him tonight and fuck with him.” Grace answered.

    “Well what if I want you with me instead love?” Aurelia asked.

    “That’s easy you always get first dibs lover.” Grace blew her a kiss.

    Just as Grace was placing the blind around my eyes I asked, “Could I maybe please have some food goddess?”

    Aurelia then stuffed her used pantyhose from the day into my mouth and said, “Suck on those, bitch. It’s all you are getting from us tonight.”

    The two ladies then left laughing as I lay there in the darkness blinded and listening for the start of the party.


    Time was difficult to discern for me lying there in the darkness but I did hear lots of music and talking going on downstairs. It actually sounded like a great party and I was regretting not being down there with them even if abusing me would have been the focus of their entertainment. It must have been close to an hour before my first ‘guest’ arrived.

    There was a knock on the door and when I called out through the nylons “Hello who is there?” it opened and someone walked in.

    I felt them sit on the bed but they didn’t speak, though I heard a light giggle and tried desperately to make out who it was. “Hello” I repeated through the nylons but no answer came. It was at this point I realised identities were secret at a Masqued Ball and hence why I was blindfolded. I then felt my binds being pulled like they were testing how secure they were.

    I then felt their finger start to make traces on my face. It was quite ticklish and I started to move my head to ease the discomfort. I then felt their finger stop on my chin and pull down as if to signal for me to open my mouth. Thinking pain was off the agenda I did as instructed and felt the fingers extract Aurelia’s nylons from my mouth before depositing a large amount of what I believed to me spit inside. Once I had swallowed the spit the nylons were stuffed back in.

    The mysterious woman’s finger then started running down my side gently ticking my armpit and waist below my rib cage. I was very ticklish there and sensing that they did the same on the other side to double the torture. I started giggling and heard them chuckle. Again, I could not make out who it was as my giggling meant I couldn’t hear them above myself.

    I then felt the fingers trace around my crotch encircling my genitals. My waist stiffened as I became aroused and they pinched the head of my cock gently in between their fingers. It started to enlarge before they flicked the end hard to make me wince. “Ow.” I said.

    “Hush.” Came the reply and I felt a finger on my mouth.

    The next I knew the mysterious woman got up and exited without saying anything.


    Guest number two arrived about twenty minutes later and as they sat on the bed I felt it bow a little making me guess that they were quite tall and athletic most likely Allegra or someone from her team I thought.

    There was a little rustling of clothes before they climbed back on the bed. I felt the bed bow either side of my head like they were standing above me. I then felt the nylon being removed from my mouth once more before a warm damp feeling embraced my face. I squealed slightly as I could feel that this was one of their pussies. As it started gliding up and down my face I offered my tongue towards it and heard a subtle groan. It did sound deeper than normal, which reaffirmed my suspicions this was one of Allegra’s team or her.

    I took discrete sniffs as it continued to glide across my face, the scent was sweet but anonymous. I decided to push on with the attentions of my tongue to see if I could secrete more pleasure noises and as I did the groans got louder. This went on for a while until the noises where becoming quite loud. There was then a pause and the noises reduced significantly in volume like they were being muffled.

    I thrashed my tongue relentlessly into the sweet pussy and sucked hard on their clitoris at the top until I felt their legs clench hard around my head. There was a loud muffled scream and then they relaxed. Not a second after they carefully stepped off me to ensure no pressure was mounted on my chest and back then I heard the rustle of clothes, as they got dressed. I then felt a soft brush on my cheek before the door opened and they exited.


    Almost as they exited someone else entered and there was an exchange of giggles but given they were mixed up it was difficult to separate them. I heard the two clunks on the floor like shoes were being removed before the stranger sat on the bed next to me. I then felt Aurelia’s nylon being pushed back into my mouth.

    Moments later I felt my nose being encased in a warm wet nylon like fabric. Curiosity got the better of me and I took a sniff. Fuck they smelled strong I thought. There was then a little muffled chuckle, which I couldn’t discern. I was getting frustrated now that I couldn’t tell any of them apart. However, this time I knew by the pungency it had to be someone with bad foot odour.

    As I continued to sniff their foot I started to get aroused and moaned, they in turn did the same. As my sniffing and excitement went on I could feel them shuffling on the bed as though they were playing with themselves.

    When I paused briefly I heard a low dissenting hum of disapproval and a tap on my cheek from what I assumed was their other foot so continued sniffing. It wasn’t long before their moaning and movement increased, as did my arousal. If they had layered on some verbal humiliation I think I would have beaten them to it but they finished again with a muffled scream a little before I could.

    I was now left hanging with a huge erection whist they gave a muffled giggle and got off the bed. There was then a little delicate running of their fingers around my cock end, which ensure it stayed attentive and upright before they giggled again and left.

    Well whoever that was I thought they would at least leave the party happy. I was however feeling very frustrated.


    It seemed like ages before I had another guest. This time the door opened suddenly like they were in a rush and then was hastily pushed to. I could have sworn it was then locked but I wasn’t sure as I couldn’t remember there being one on the door.

    They sat down on the bed and I heard a very strange muffled voice say, “Don’t worry I won,t hurt you.”

    It was almost alien like they had some voice distorting device over their mouth so I didn’t have a clue who it was. I also still had the nylons in my mouth so couldn’t reply.

    I then felt my face being caressed with a warmth and tenderness I almost forgot. I pushed my face to the side to embrace the hand, which pressed back gently. I then felt the restraints being tested again so whoever it was could be sure I couldn’t move. My blindfold was then adjusted to ensure I couldn’t see though that was fairly pointless as the room was quite dark and the blindfold was well secure in the first place. Whoever this was, was being cautious.

    There was then a silence in the room like they were looking at me but I couldn’t be sure. They then shuffled down the bed and to my enormous surprise started to gently stroke my cock. I tried to muffle out some words but it sounded like gobbledegook. Nevertheless, the stranger still told me to hush in their alien like voice.

    The next thing I felt was a warm wet feeling around the shaft of my cock, which I was convinced, felt like their tongue. Immediately I knew it was Nicola and tried to call out again but it was still too muffled to hear and I got another hush followed by a suppressing hand on my stomach. The licking then carried on up and down my cock as I got more and more aroused. I tried to move my hands to touch her but they were firmly restrained.

    I then felt their lips cup around my end and they started licking and sucking putting my senses into overdrive. This went on for a few minutes until I was feeling highly aroused and my cock was throbbing gently eager for a full embrace of pleasure. The licking then stopped and I heard a rustling of clothes being removed. The strangers’ breathing was heavy at this point like they were also aroused.

    They then got back onto the bed and straddled me around the waist. My erect cock could feel a gentle tantalising of wet warmth just hovering above it. I felt a soft blushing against my cock and low moaning (again in an alien tongue) as they teased themselves and me at the same time. This went on for close to five minutes or so as my arousal continued to build. I moaned through the nylons, as did they through whatever was muffling their voice.

    I then felt their pussy plunge down firmly and deeply around my shaft all of a sudden and my whole body went stiff with pleasure. What discomfort I could feel in my back was more than compensated for by this amazing sense of ecstasy. The stranger then started gentle bouncing up and down on my cock while they gently brushed my chest. I was feeling amazing but also a little insecure as it just didn’t feel like Nicola.

    As they bounced up and down we moaned in unison and the pace increased. I gripped onto my binds as the feelings started to overwhelm me. Faster and faster they went until I was at the point of no return I clenched my hips and thrust upwards hard as my cock exploded into raptures I then heard them scream hard into their muffle and our crotches interlocked into a sweet embrace before we both collapsed into a post-climax warmth.

    The stranger sat on top of my cock for as long as it took my erection to abate and withdraw from within her. I felt a steady flow of drips hit my stomach, which I knew to be tears but heard no sobbing. I tried to call out again but only felt a finger touch my lips.

    I then heard a faint barely audible whisper in the strange muffled voice, “You have my heart Chris and I love you, more than you can ever know.”

    They then got off me as quick as they had entered, placed the nylon gag in my mouth, dressed themselves and me then exited.


    I was feeling somewhat overcome by what had just happened. Surely it was Nicola but it just didn’t feel like her and anyway she would be trapped downstairs with the others especially without Yuki and myself. But if it wasn’t her who the hell could it be?

    Beth or Aurelia would be the most obvious guesses but it seems almost impossible that either would go from their current view of me to that in such a short space of time. I then remembered what Beth said to me earlier today about not being able to hate me, but love was a big stretch from that. Aurelia too had persistently put me off trying to show her affection to the extent that I could hardly move now so why would she all of a sudden do that.

    I then went through all the others one by one and confirmed it must be a practical joke. Someone is just fucking with me. They are probably laughing about it downstairs right now. But then what of the tears? I desperately wanted to escape so I could go down and find out who it was but I could barely move with my back and restraints.


    I lay there thinking over and over until there was more commotion outside. A short while later some women entered, exactly how many I couldn’t be sure but there were multiple footsteps.

    There was then a lot of pulling of my restraints and blindfold to ensure I was secure before I felt hands around my chest and cock. The intensity of the last stranger was such that it was taking time to get aroused again but slowly and surely it started.

    I then felt what I took to be a whole bunch of feet hit my face and neck before my cock was taken in hand. There was a little murmur of disgust as the stranger playing with my cock reacted to the wetness produced by my last encounter. It only dissuaded them temporarily though as they started pulling down hard on my cock in rhythm to the sniffs I gave their feet.

    They really had my whole faced covered. There was a mix of quite strong and sweet-smelling toes. It appeared all had washed either this morning or just before the party but maybe someone had some gym time in the middle. It wasn’t long before I was fully erect and the seductive foot smells were driving me towards another orgasm. When I finally exploded there was a number of giggles before they got up and left me lying there.


    I waited for more surprise guests but none came. I had kind of enjoyed this little foray and it was a lot better than having my skin ripped off with a crop for sure. I was disappointed the night was over when I heard the music die down and people start to leave.

    After the house fell silent. I heard Grace and Aurelia coming up the stairs a little after and then enter their bedroom. I was rather hoping they would have freed me before they went to bed but it seemed like I would need to rest as I was. Perhaps they had too much drink and forgot, or maybe Aurelia just wanted to leave me like that to teach me a lesson for pushing her buttons. Either way I replayed all the visits I had that night over and over trying to guess who each one was until I fell asleep.


    The next day I was awoken by Grace as she removed my blindfold and restraints. I moved around a little to get some movement back into my body then felt the pain again in my back. Grace had already anticipated this and forced two painkillers in my mouth followed by a glug of water. It was administered roughly and with little feeling but at least I got them.

    “May I go to the bathroom please goddess?” I asked.

    “Quickly” Grace said in reply. She was mad at me for something though I did not know what.

    As I went out into the corridor towards the communal toilet I caught sight of Aurelia who wasn’t expecting me. She quickly turned and dashed back into her bedroom like she was avoiding me. I made my way to the toilet and then returned to my bedroom not wanting to antagonise Aurelia again after yesterday.

    Grace was sat on the bed. “You will clean the house top to bottom today we left all the shit from the party for you to sort out. Don’t try anything or we will know. Tomorrow however you will be back to work. You can starve for today as punishment for your horseshit slut of a girlfriend. If I even think you have eaten I will take our crop and open up your back in a minute.”

    I nodded to show Grace I understood wondering what Nicola had done to upset her so before adding, “Is goddess Aurelia ok?”

    Grace eyed me suspiciously, “What the fuck does that have to do with you slave?”

    “Oh, I just saw her when I went to the toilet and she didn’t look so well.” I said on the spur of the moment.

    Grace gave a little sigh of relief like she was expecting something else then said, “Probably just a hangover. Anyway, mind your own fucking business and get cracking on the cleaning bitch.”

    She then left and I heard them both descend the stairs and leave for work.


    I was truly alone for the first time since Monday morning. Though I felt a sense of freedom I also could not shake the threat that if I fucked up it would be curtains for me. I was still very sore as I walked around the house looking at the mess left behind from the prior nights entertainments. I figured there was about three to four hours work to get everything back perfectly which left me plenty of time for some breakfast and a rest later.

    As I picked up my trousers and put them on I felt the all too familiar lump of my phone in the pocket, which gave me an idea. I looked at my watch and could see it was still a little before eight. If I called Nicola now I should reach her before she went into the office to meet Beth.

    I called from my bedroom just in case someone came through the front door and caught me unawares. My head dropped when she didn’t answer as I felt I had missed my opportunity. Damn if only I had called a few minutes earlier as Grace and Aurelia had left. Then I got a text bleep.

    “Is that you?” The message said.

    “Yes, can you speak?” I replied.

    The phone then started ringing and I quickly picked up.

    “Hello Chris?” Nicola said.

    “Hello Nicola. How are you?” I asked.

    “Pretty fucking pissed off but hanging in there. Beth is being such a bitch, she really sees me taking you from her as a major betrayal and will not ease up one bit. She’s just so strong. Even when I stand up to her and you know I can be a bitch myself when I want to, she just launches at me and I end up backing down. I can’t discuss it now but I am forming a plan Chris.” Nicola said.

    “I really miss you Nicola. Aurelia and Grace are really fucking my head up. I need to get away quickly I am not sure I can stand it much longer.” I said feeling sad and nervous that my growing feelings for Aurelia were pulling me apart from Nicola.

    “What are they doing to you Chris?” Nicola asked.

    “I don’t really want to get into it on the call now Nicola but it’s getting in my head. They are trying to get between us.” I answered.

    “Those fucking cunts. I won’t let that happen Chris. There is also something I need to share with you.” Nicola said.

    “Really what is that?” I enquired.

    “I am really leaning heavily on Henrietta at the moment. She is living with me and I am exercising my dominant over her to keep my head together after all day with Beth. It is nothing to worry about, I am not falling in love with her or anything but just wanted to share that with you as we are being open.” Nicola said.

    This gave life to two trains of thought. The first was why was she telling me this if there was nothing in it? That meant that she had some confused feelings as well but I couldn’t deny her a crutch to deal with Beth. Secondly, I felt more guilty that I had declared my feelings for Aurelia. If that got back to Nicola it could be the end of us. I needed to get my head straight and realise what I had with Nicola and not keep putting that in jeopardy but I was so weak to Aurelia’s mind fucking and charms.

    “That’s ok Nicola I understand and know that she will be good for you. I also know you are much stronger than me mentally so will keep control of how things develop.” I said.

    “Yes, I am more worried about you as I know they will prey on your weakness and lead you away from me Chris.” Nicola said firmly.

    I felt pretty low at that comment but deep down I knew she was right.

    “Where are you now Chris?” She added when I didn’t reply.

    “At Aurelia’s house still. They have given me the day off to clean up from last night as an offer of respite.” I said.

    “I heard them talking about it at the party, it sounded really bad Chris.” Nicola said with sympathy.

    “Yes, it was pretty fucked up. Aurelia is just such a loose cannon and overall quite a frightening person to be on the wrong end of.” I said.

    “Why did she do that to you Chris? Sounds pretty excessive.” Nicola asked with curiosity in her voice.

    Panic flashed across my mind and I needed to think of something quick, “Well she keeps fucking with my mind so I did the same thing back to her.”

    Nicola laughed, “Well good for you. Though I suppose not so good for you when she took the crop to your back.”

    Luckily, she didn’t ask anything else about Aurelia.

    “Well look Chris I have to go or I will be late and Beth will have an excuse to lay into me hard from the get go. Take care my love. I will be thinking of you.”

    “Take care of you too. I love you Nicola.” I said with heartfelt emotion. There was a brief pause like she was feeling the words then the phone went down. I didn’t even have the opportunity to ask her about last night in the bedroom together if indeed it was her.
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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    Chapter 38 – Nicola’s Big Night Out

    When I awoke I could hear a gentle sniffing and moaning, which I had gone to sleep to the night before. I took a little look down and could see Henrietta still worshipping my socks. She looked fucking terrible like she had forsaken all sleep to sniff those vile filth traps. Well it shows me I was right. She will be totally wedded to my scent now, which will just make my manipulations all the more fun for me and shitty for her.

    I decided a little teasing would be in order to start my day.

    “Did you sleep well sock whore?” I asked with more than a hint of contempt in my voice.

    Henrietta looked up attentively like a dog shocked by a loud sound. “Oh goddess you are awake. I am so sorry I didn’t anticipate you and have a coffee ready. Can I please go and make you a coffee?”

    “You didn’t answer my question bitch!” I snarled.

    “Oh I am sorry goddess. Yes indeed it was the most perfect night I have ever had. To sleep beneath your beautiful royal feet was a gift much greater than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Henrietta replied with all the submissiveness in her worthless body.

    “Damn fucking right it was more than you deserved, slut. Now fetch my coffee before I decide to administer another set of blood blisters on your cheek to match the ones I put on the other side yesterday.” I seethed.

    Henrietta ran out double quick into the kitchen and I had a little chuckle to myself. My bitchiness was already on top form this morning. I wondered when my dominant would be awake. I felt a little twinge in my pussy as I wondered.

    Henrietta returned in less than three minutes with my coffee. I am not sure how she even did that as the kettle takes almost three minutes to boil alone. I snatched the coffee from her hand and barked, “Well bitch, what the fuck are you waiting for? Thanks is a train that isn’t gonna be stopping at your station so get lively with my breakfast.”

    No sooner had I finished my sentence Henrietta was back in the kitchen. I marvelled at how speedy and efficient she could be this early in the morning. I didn’t fancy moving any quicker than a tortoise before at least an hour and two coffees. I guess that’s why I am a dominant and she is a submissive I chuckled to myself.

    I popped my socks off and threw them towards the wash basket and wiggled my toes marvelling at how sexy they looked. I had a devastating black nail polish on at the moment, which gave them a foreboding look, well at least for any discerning foot fetishist that is. My long slender toes and high arched soles gave my feet perfect shape and elegance there wasn’t a blemish on them. I understood perfectly why anyone would want to worship them. Well I am a goddess after all.

    While I was still admiring my feet, Henrietta returned with a tray full of breakfast treats. I took the tray and started inspecting what was set before me. I had sausages, eggs and baked beans with light brown buttered toast, a Greek yogurt and fruit juice to go with my coffee. It was still a lot of food and I questioned whether to bring it up but instead went for, “What do you think of my feet, slave?”

    Henrietta threw herself on the ground like she had been shot and looked at them lovingly. “Oh my goddess, they are the most wonderful feet in the world. Their beauty and shape are faultless and peerless. Just looking at them brings a tear to my eye marvelling at how divine they are.”

    “Kiss them bitch.” I ordered.

    As Henrietta leaned forward she closed her eyes to kiss my feet, I bent my knee and brought my heel crushing down on the side of her face knocking her across the room. She was both shocked and disoriented.

    “It seems my feet were not impressed with your pathetic adoration. How can they be the most beautiful in the world slut if I am an otherworldly goddess? My perfection transcends this abysmal fucking planet, my feet cast a shadow across every living thing in the fucking universe!” I shouted supremely.

    “Oh yes my goddess that is so true.” Henrietta said.

    “Of course it’s fucking true, I said it and my view is the only truth in your miserable life. Ok my feet are pissed off with you now so your kissing privileges are revoked until further notice. Now go and run me a bath slut.” I commanded.

    As Henrietta disappeared yet again, I gave out a huge laugh as I started tucking into my breakfast. That’ll fuck with her head all day not knowing when she can worship my feet again. I may even put those rank socks back on again just to really turn up the denial.

    My breakfast was delicious; I really did enjoy Henrietta’s cooking because she put so much attention and love into my food. She so wanted to please me in every aspect but knew I wouldn’t always let her otherwise I wouldn’t be the first class bitch she loved so much. I decided to spit out a mouthful of sausage just to create a little problem that she would be accountable for.

    I had nearly finished my breakfast when Henrietta arrived and said, “I have prepared your bath goddess. Your towels are warming on the radiator and I have added some luxury bubble bath I bought for you yesterday, which is supposed to improve relaxation. Can I help you in any way with the bathing?”

    “Well first things first slave. What’s this on my plate?” I asked in a threatening tone.

    Henrietta crawled over and examined the plate observing the chewed up sausage on the side. I could see the wheels turning in her mind as she played out scenarios trying to gauge what the best answer would be. I had a good laugh knowing whatever she said would lead to my crop.

    “I guess I served you a substandard sausage goddess and now I will be paying the price for it?” Henrietta said.

    I laughed at how perceptive she was. I needed to up my game as I was clearly becoming a little too predictable. I also was a little pissed she had short-changed my little game so decided to up the ante on my next punishment.

    “Ok smart arse, for that you get some extra arse on your sausage.”

    I then rolled onto my back with the chewed up sausage in my hand and kicked my legs up in the air. The sausage was then inserted into my arse crack and I ran it up and down a few times before throwing it back on the plate. I knew I could wash up soon enough with my hot bath ready so what the hell.

    Finally, I spat on the sausage several times so it had a good thick layer of phlegm covering it. That would teach her to shortcut my games.

    “A breakfast fit for an arse licking whore like you. Thank me and eat it bitch!” I shouted.

    She took a little gulp and I could see she didn’t fancy it much but that made it all the better for me. I was feeling a little wet looking at her eat herself up inside trying to summon the resolve to put it in her mouth. After around ten seconds and just before I lost it she grabbed in her hands and said, “Thank you goddess,” before placing it in her mouth.

    She was chewing rapidly in an effort to swallow it before my arse juices exploded in her mouth. Unfortunately for her my arse won and she gagged before swallowing.

    “Did you just fucking gag bitch?” I asked in a venomous tone.

    “I am so sorry goddess. I did really enjoy the breakfast it was truly wonderful. It must have just been an involuntary reaction.” She pleaded.

    “Get my crop bitch I am going to have an involuntary reaction on your arse for your disrespect!” I shouted. Henrietta quickly retrieved my crop from the lounge and brought it to me before bending down and presenting her bare arse to me.

    “Kiss the tip on my crop before it strikes you bitch. Show it the respect it deserves. Thank it for the honesty and integrity it will teach you.” I smiled as I could feel my arousal increase under the sheets.

    Henrietta did all she was told and presented herself before me again. I thrashed her ten times, I had meant for it to be only five but my excitement got the better of me. I was literally dripping now and needed release. I didn’t break the skin but did leave some beautiful red marks that were almost artistic. I was rather pleased with my work but couldn’t stop to admire it as I had a date with my fingers in the bath.

    “Give me ten minutes slave then come find me. I will allow you recovery time just this once.” I said walking past a snivelling Henrietta.

    “Thank you, goddess.” Was all she could muster.

    No sooner did I submerge into the bath than my hand started rubbing my sweet pussy, I was fucking loaded with excitement and ready to explode. I closed my eyes and replayed the sweet lashes I had just administered together with the painful cries Henrietta let out to heighten my arousal. It worked a treat and I was groaning loudly as the warm water surrounded my pussy and drew out a long, powerful orgasm from my body. I ruptured and arched to accommodate the agony of release as my face contorted and I screamed before relaxing back into the still foaming water. Fuck I loved my mornings before work!

    When Henrietta arrived, I let her wash my back and feet as a treat for giving me an orgasm she had no idea I enjoyed. There was regret in her eyes as she washed the stink off my feet and I sensed her loss so perked her up by saying, “You know I am going to put those nasty socks back on again today. I hate clean feet. Only losers wash their feet every five minutes.”

    Her face went red and her eyes widened with excitement hearing this. So I added, “It is a pity you pissed my perfect feet off with your wretched compliment otherwise you could have been dining out on the stench when I got home tonight. Fucking sucks to be you eh?” I then laughed until I almost wet myself looking at the desperation on her face.

    In the end I said, “Well if you can conjure up something truly magical to make me happy when I get home then maybe I will unleash my stench on you. I will be late tonight however as I am going to a party.”

    I glossed over the fact I would be a submissive at the party, as I couldn’t bear the thought of it myself. Fuck it was getting late, I needed to get cracking otherwise Beth would be raising hell on me.


    I got into work a little after 8am and Beth was already there with her feet up on the desk. Rather strangely she was wearing ratty old sneakers with a bright red flannelette tracksuit with white trim down both sides. She looked hot and bothered and in usual Beth style royally pissed off.

    “You’re late whore!” Beth snapped.

    “I brought your breakfast. Coffee and a French pastry.” I said nonchalantly.

    I had prepared them in the same way as the previous day only my arse was a little less sticky with my earlier bath. Knowing this I was sure to put a few extra spits in the coffee as did my friend the barista. The thing was you see, dominating Henrietta in the morning got me fully fuelled and ready to kick arse. Standing in front of Beth I just wanted to have her beneath my feet. This particular morning, I was even considering telling her to kiss them just to see how she would react.

    I knew she would have to beat the dominant out of me before she could have the submissive kneel before her that she demanded. Today was no different.

    “So fucking what and address me properly when you talk to me slut.” Beth seethed as her face reddened with anger.

    I was smiling inside seeing her rage. I could tell she loved the power but wasn’t sure whether she got off on dominating me in the same way I did with Henrietta. Perhaps her hatred for me got in the way of her being able to enjoy herself.

    I am not sure why I did what I did next. Perhaps it was the diamond and emerald necklace that made me feel so invincible and superior the night before. Perhaps my dominant was too geared up to back down.

    “I tell you what bitch. Why don’t you get down on your fucking knees and kiss my feet! It is where you belong after all.” I said with all the authority and strength I could muster.

    Beth flapped initially being totally caught off guard by my comment. She even glanced at my sneakers as if to mentally play the scenario through before embracing the realisation of what she had just heard. I then saw her face change into something truly frightening; it looked to release all restraint and control then gave way to pure unadulterated anger. It was at that point I regretted pushing her that far but my dominant clearly has a reckless side.

    What happened next was pretty quick. I had only seen glimpses of Beth’s fighting prowess before this. She was so powerful she didn’t need to prove anything so would often defer that to the others. This time however was different and personal. I had challenged her dominant with mine. I had even forced her to consider albeit briefly that I was above her.

    She jumped up and strode towards me as I prepared for a punch or grab but she threw her head forward down to the ground and then brought her foot all the way over the top of where should stood and down onto the side of my face. The force of impact was quite incredible and threw me a full seven feet into the wall. I think had it have come down on top of my head I would no longer be here. I hoped it was her skill and not my luck that had given me that second chance. As I hit the wall I barely struggled to stay conscious, it probably would have been better for me if I had passed out.

    Beth then approached and stood on my ankle to crush it before saying, “I don’t know if I enjoy breaking you more because you think you can resist me or whether you are becoming too irritating to be bothered with anymore. Remember I can have you in prison at the drop of a hat.”

    Beth then pressed down hard on my ankle and watched me wince with pain while she considered her own dichotomy.

    “I have been watching you closely for a while now slut and I think you have a tougher dominant in that heart of yours than I gave you credit for. No one has ever challenged me like that before so I guess you are either fucking stupid or just too determined to relent. It’s lucky for you I know you are smart or you would be dead right now.” Beth mused.

    “Of course, this raises many questions. Why the hell did you start a relationship with a man who undoubtedly would not be able to live in the shadow of your dominant side? I am wondering how you thought it would all pan out? Perhaps you think you can control it somehow or channel it in small doses to avoid it destroying what you had? But we both know you can never fully control your dominant, what you did this morning was perfect evidence of that. Even though you knew I would punish you mercilessly you just couldn’t stop yourself from challenging me.”

    “Did you maybe envisage I would kneel and kiss your sneakers? What would you have done if I had? Just imagine if I had relented and submitted my authority over to you so you had complete control. What would you have done? Would you have killed me, enslaved me or just simply regained control of your own life?”

    Beth then paused and looked at me. “Well would you care to elucidate?”

    “Not really Beth.” I sneered putting emphasis on my use of her name.

    “You see even now you bait me with your disrespect knowing it can only end badly for you. What I like though is you appear to have an inner strength I don’t see in any of the others, well except maybe for Aurelia and Allegra. The rest are just a mix of potentials such as Sophia and Laura; followers like Grace and Julia; single minded warriors such as Karine, Mireille and Nadine and enigmas like Seraphina and Porsche. But you could lead and conquer.”

    “And now we come to the killer question. Are you a threat to me and if you are can you be tamed? It would be simply divine to subordinate something as powerful as you but then I would be wasting all that potential for my own use. I also suspect that though I am right about you and the darkness within, you are not aware of it yourself yet. If you have seen shades of it I am sure it will have frightened you, and you would have walled it off in denial. Am I right?”

    Beth took her foot off my ankle so she could bend down and look deep into my soul.

    I was feeling more naked, exposed and vulnerable at this point than ever before in my life. Now I had shown her my dominant, she could see right through me. We were the same two people but Beth was much more self aware and powerful, whilst I was raw and still coming to terms with who I was. That is why Chris was so important to me, he was leading me on that journey and I knew my love for him would protect him from me. So what did that mean for Henrietta? Was she unsafe in my hands?

    Beth went on now angered by the doubts emerging in my mind, “Oh dear, have I dented your little wall of denial? Can you now see what was so clear to me? How utterly fucking heart breaking! How dare you show me weakness after challenging my authority? Get a fucking grip on yourself and show some self-respect for your dominant. Come on, get up.”

    I rose to my feet with tears in my eyes. Never had I been so ashamed of who I was. As I looked into the face that I hated so much all I could see was myself staring back at me. My dominant was screaming for me to destroy her but my sensibilities held back knowing I may also relinquish my capability to love Chris in the way I do.

    Beth leaned forward into my personal space. Her face was mere inches away from mine now.

    “Those tears are mine bitch.” She snarled as she wiped them from my face.

    “Now embrace who you are, look deep within yourself and truly let go like you have never been able to before. You cannot harm me bitch, I am far too powerful for you so there is no need to be afraid.” Beth said sternly.

    As I started to relinquish control I could feel the hate well up inside me, its corrupting energy coursing through my body. My face was going red as the thirst for violence set in, I envisaged blood on Beth’s face as she screamed and buckled under the weight of my irresistible force. Nothing could stop me and I didn’t want it to. I gripped her neck hard and she had to flex it hard to cope with the pressure I was applying. My eyes widened with a maddening rage that even the might of oceans could not obstruct. Beth looked deep within them and smiled knowing who I am was now on full display for the first time.

    “Now I will say this only once.” Beth said. She then paused to ensure I would hear the rest through my violent rage.

    “Kiss my fucking feet, you pathetic miserable little cunt!” Beth shouted.

    I then threw myself forward and kissed her lips. Immediately she responded by lifting me off the floor and throwing me into the wall. She then pressed her body hard against mine and kissed me back with a force and power that almost broke my face. As I tried to put my arms around her she grabbed my wrists and threw them into the wall. I was totally pinned but screaming into her face, “You fucking bitch, you insignificant piece of shit, bow down to me, get on your knees, worship me.”

    Beth then pulled away her face clouded with every emotion possible. As she let go of my arms I started pounding her in the face and chest but she simply smiled at me.

    Beth then whispered, “Yes let go. From this moment on everything will look and feel so different. Colours will be brighter, sounds clearer and reality more vivid and true. You will now start to see the world with your own eyes and realise what potential you have to shape it.”

    Beth then paused and switched to a much more menacing and assertive voice.

    “For now though you will remain my slave and I will enjoy toying with you all the more knowing how much harder it will be on you. You still betrayed me and I will make you suffer for that. Also, you are not worthy enough to love me yet though the seed I have planted within you will germinate and grow like a virus through your body. Every day will bring you closer to me and further from him and there is nothing you can do to change that irreversible course.”

    “Now as I said kiss my fucking feet, you pathetic miserable little cunt!” Beth snarled with a smile and air of victory.

    “You fucking bitch!” I said as I bent down and placed a kiss on each of her sneakers.

    “Takes one to know one.” Beth laughed.


    There was then a furious knock at the door. “What the fuck?” Beth said all of a sudden distracted.

    “It’s Julia, can I come in please Beth it’s urgent.” She called back.

    “Fucking timing.” Beth murmured under her breath. “Ok come in Julia.”

    Julia came running in looking flustered and panic stricken. “Its Chris, you better come quick.”

    “Fucking hell, you stupid bitch. Can’t you see who is in here?” Beth screamed at Julia before glancing towards me.

    All the hate was flooding out of my body and being replaced with empathy, worry and love. “What’s happened to him Julia?” I shouted.

    “For fuck’s sake!” Beth shouted then kicked me hard against the wall putting me out altogether.

    Julia stood in amazement watching the prowess and power of Beth put me down without even raising a sweat.

    “Come on then, let’s go.” Beth said and they exited.


    I must have come to some time later as Beth was sat behind her desk going through work on her laptop with a high level of focus and concentration. I looked up at the time and could see it was already after lunch.

    “Headache?” Beth chuckled.

    My head was pounding like hell. She must have given me one hell of a kick. I started trying to piece together the events just prior to losing consciousness. Beth was now watching me, sensing what I was doing.

    At that point it hit me that Chris was in trouble and I turned to her ready to speak she interrupted and said, “If you dare ask me I will put you straight back out again whore.”

    I stopped in my tracks and looked at the door wondering whether to bolt or not.

    “Don’t even think about it. Your only concern is my needs whore. If I command it you do it and right at this moment I want you over here kneeling in front of me.” Beth warned.

    I dropped my head knowing she was too quick and strong for my dominant to beat so I slowly crawled over to the desk and knelt beside her.

    “Now I prepared a nice little treat for you today before we got all distracted by your little life coaching session and it seems such a shame to waste it. Do you remember me telling you at the top of the week that I wouldn’t be washing my feet this week just so I could make you submit to their awful stench?” Beth mused.

    “For fucks sake.” I said.

    “Ok now on that. Given I now know what you are feeling inside. Whilst we are alone and within limits I don’t care what you say, as your resistance and hatred at what I am doing to you will only amuse me more. But outside here and in the company of others if you even think of disrespecting me I will make your life a living hell. Are we agreed?”

    “Yes Beth. I suppose.” I sighed.

    “I said within limits whore. You will still refer to me as goddess. You don’t have anything like enough stock with me to use my name. Though in time you may earn that privilege.” Beth ordered grabbing my white polo shirt.

    “Yes goddess.” I said adjusting my position given the increased threat level.

    “Ok good. So, where was I? Ah yes foot stench, an essential staple of any perfect dominant. Well I carefully selected a pair of my nastiest socks and wore them to the gym last night and then for my morning run before coming into work. Hence why you see me in my tracksuit today. Well now it’s time to unleash them on you.” Beth smiled.

    It was like looking at the world through Henrietta’s eyes. Beth was doing almost the exact same thing to me that I was doing to her but with one big difference. For her it was bliss for me it would be hell.

    “Now knowing what a fucking bitch you are beneath that exterior I can tell you this is going to be really fucking awful for you. Before I was thinking to train you like a dog to love my scent but that would be impossible for someone like you. Instead I will just make you sniff then so I can see the agony and disgust on your face and know how mortifying this is for you. Here is how this is going to work whore.” Beth then paused almost like she was going through a rehearsal.

    “If you are a good little whore and sniff up all my stench we can bring this to a close pretty quickly though I will be humiliating the fuck out of you. If you give me some resistance then it will last much longer and I will ramp up the punishments accordingly. Finally, if you don’t play my game at all I will beat you, then pin you into a wrestle hold where my feet will be all you can smell and taste for the rest of the day. I will of course also inflict severe pain to compliment your anguish for causing me the inconvenience.” Beth stopped feeling satisfied she had delivered her lines perfectly.

    “So, what’s it going to be whore?” Beth asked.

    “I guess I am going to be sniffing your fucking feet one way or another bit.. goddess.” I sneered barely converting my words mid-sentence.

    “Indeed you will slut. Ok remove my first sneaker slowly and the second it is off my foot I want to feel your worthless nose embedded in between my toes where it smells worst. From there I want you to take an impossibly large sniff and then thank me like you were a weak submissive.” Beth ordered.

    I groaned knowing this would be the fucking pits but carried on. I carefully removed her sneaker and placed it on the floor then put my nose into her warm damp sock. It was brown and dirty with the outline of her footprint in them from heavy use. I then took what was more than a big sniff and bolted backwards.

    “Fucking hell Be..Goddess. They smell like shit.” I snarled.

    “Now don’t be rude whore or you will upset me. I said within limits and you know full well what they are. Just imagine you were me, what would you be prepared to tolerate?” Beth said

    “A lot less than you are.” I said reluctantly.

    “Right so now you realise I am being more than fair and merciful given we are now secret dominant sisters. So get your fucking nose back in there and give me some sniffing worthy of my superiority.” Beth ordered.

    I placed my nose in the sock again, it was really no better even though I had smelled them once. The smell was rank. Even so I took a sniff and pulled a face of true disgust before adding. “Thank you, goddess.”

    “For what?” Came the reply from Beth with a smile on her face.

    “You aren’t gonna make this easy on me, are you?” I asked.

    “Of course I am not. You fucking betrayed me bitch and now you will suffer. You may have earned back some respect today given what you are but you are still sitting on the wrong side of hate when it comes to how I really feel about you.” Beth said.

    “Then why did you kiss me back?” I asked.

    “To show you who has the power between us. If I had let you kiss me in the way you did, it would have meant submitting to your affections. Instead of beating the fuck out of you I chose to take control and make you submit to my affections instead. I knew then that you would be powerless to shake yourself free of the encounter and that it would corrupt you and eat away at you.” Beth said

    “So you were giving me your affections?”

    “Well let me just say that I could easily have fucked your brains out when I see all that rage welling up inside your eyes. I was as wet as fuck.” Beth said

    “Fucking isn’t affection.” I challenged.

    “No, it’s not. I told you before you have not earned the right to love me yet though you will undoubted fall for me completely. Secondly it is the dominant I want to fuck not the servile whore sat in front of me now and finally…well just the same way you love another so do I.” Beth said trying to kill the conversation.

    “Who?” I asked.

    “Get back to sniffing feet whore. This conversation is over. You are back on service duty. So, where were we? Ah yes, what were you thanking me for?”

    It went on like that for over an hour. Beth humiliating me and making me say pathetic submissive shit just to amuse her while I sniffed her vile socks. She would laugh and occasionally show contempt for me for allowing myself to do this. But she couldn’t see what I could. Beth was simply too powerful a force to resist and when you did you regretted it. I even admired her for that; in a lot of ways I wished I had her strength. Well my dominant did anyway.

    Afterwards we started working on the presentation together for Turner & Lewis Partnership and she got to see, maybe for the first time, how smart I was too. She even slipped up and threw in a few compliments when she wasn’t thinking. Aurelia, Porsche, Allegra and her team all came in at various points through the afternoon to piece their inputs together so that by five o’clock it was in a good well drafted state with just a few edits required the next day.

    Just after five o’clock there was another knock at the door and after Beth’s acknowledgment, Grace walked in. She purposely avoided eye contact with me though I could see her face redden with embarrassment at me being there. I started feeling more dominant myself, had Beth not have been there I think I might have even beaten the bitch just to let off some steam. You could cut the tension with a knife and this didn’t go unnoticed by Beth who flicked curious looks between us as she went through some final inputs with Grace ready for the next day.

    On the way out, Grace said, “So are you looking forward to the ball tonight Beth?”

    “Sure Grace. It will be good to let off some steam.” Beth replied.

    “With you know who not being available I guess we are going to be working this little whore double time right?” Grace said hopefully.

    “Let’s see Grace. What time am I expected?” Beth asked.

    “Oh, around eight is good.” Grace answered smiled and exited.

    Beth then looked at me and said, “What was all that shit with Grace then slut?”

    I looked surprised and nonplussed, “Nothing, she just hates me because she wants to impress you I guess. She always has.”

    “Well I am not buying that pile of crap whore. Being me means I see and feel everything and I am telling you that Grace is frightened of you.” Beth said.

    How the fuck could she tell that from what Grace said and how she acted I wondered? Perhaps it was her desire to suppress me, or her inability to look at me when she came in shame faced. I was now picking up on the cues that weren’t evident to me at the time.

    I just shrugged my shoulders.

    “Well we are going to play a little game of our own tonight whore. I will give you an option. I can take you as my regular slut whore and prostitute you out for suffering and amusement among the ladies and you will get a night relatively free of me.”

    “Alternatively, you can come as my utterly devoted slave and I mean DEVOTED whereby you will worship me like a true submissive and treat me as a goddess in all her magnificence. If you do this and only if you do, you may be yourself dominant or otherwise with the others all night including having periods of relative freedom when I am preoccupied.”

    “So what’s it going to be?” Beth concluded with a question.

    “Do I really need to answer that?” I asked

    “Excellent. I will then get to see how Grace reacts to you when you are off the leash as it were. If all my suspicions are correct you will fucking terrify the life out of most of them, they really have no idea about you.” Beth then laughed.

    “But let me just remind you one last time. Don’t let your dominant get carried away and try it on with me or I will crush you so hard in front of the others you will never save face ever again. Utterly devoted means just that, understood?”

    “Understood my divine goddess.” I said with a level of sincerity she and I didn’t expect I had.

    Beth smiled. “Ok let’s go back to mine and get dressed. I will find you something to change into for the ball that will fuck with everyone’s mind!”


    Beth and myself were rifling through her clothes for close to an hour trying on all sorts of stuff. She had mountains of designer outfits, shoes, bags and other accessories. I figured she must be a multi-millionaire looking at the combined value of everything; I was even a little envious. I also had to quickly put away my rank socks to avoid raising any suspicions so stuffed them in my bag.

    As we tried on different outfits we even laughed and joked around like little schoolgirls until either she closed it down reasserting her dominant or I realised that I was buddying up to a bitch and cut it short myself.

    Eventually we agreed that I would wear an all black cat suit with knee high boots over black nylons. It would be quite hot and sweaty but would suit my dominant outing perfectly. Beth also had a black cat mask to go with it, which completed the look perfectly. Quite remarkably she actually agreed to let me take her crop as an accessory for the evening if I promised not to use it on anyone.

    Beth decided to go for a quite stunning ankle length armless designer dress in red with a low cut back. It looked like it could have cost thousands and the material was some expensive cotton and silk mix that felt very smooth to the touch. She had a red eye masque with golden studs around the openings that dropped and sat on her nose. Her look was finished off with a pair of the red designer shoes Chris had bought her. I think wearing them was more to rub my face in it than anything else as she had at least twenty pairs of red shoes some of which had never been worn.

    It was just before 8 when our car arrived and we headed off to Aurelia’s house. Naturally we would be fashionably late at Beth’s insistence.


    As we approached the door, Beth turned to me. ”Ok bitch, time to play your part. Get on your knees and make sure you give me 100% sub or you won’t get your playtime.”

    I got down on my knees and rubbed my head against Beth’s thigh in almost an animalistic gesture. The silken fabric of her dress felt lovely on my cheek and she reached down and stroked my hair smiling at me through her red masque.

    “Ready?” Beth said and I nodded.

    The doorbell rang and almost instantly Sophia answered the door, she looked amazing in a purple sequin dress with black shoes. Clearly her connections in the boutique district had paid dividends. She was also sporting a purple masque with red flashes. Her beaming smile shone out at us both as she said, “Welcome Beth, you look absolutely amazing.”

    “Of course I do Sophia, but by the looks of it tonight I have some competition. You look gorgeous as well sweetheart and she kissed Sophia delicately on the lips.”

    As Beth withdrew Sophia followed her trying to extend the kiss and then blushed as Beth pulled away fully. Beth smiled to reassure her then held her cheek briefly before we stepped into the house.

    As we entered, Beth in her stunning red dress looking all Hollywood red carpet and me crawling by her side looking like a cat on the hunt looking for prey all eyes turned to us. I really played up to the staging and rubbed my head against Beth’s thigh several times whilst she strode confidently forward gently rubbing my head intermittently. There was complete silence in the room momentarily before Aurelia turned the music up to put an end to the spectacle not wanting to be upstaged.

    Aurelia was wearing an amazing black shimmering dress that hung off one shoulder and ended above her knees. Her perfect shaped legs took your eyes all the way down to her sparkling black 3-inch stilettos. Her masque was jet black with red twirls on either side giving it an also demonic styling quite befitting of her temperament.

    “Good evening Beth. You look amazing.” Aurelia said clearly waiting for the return compliment.

    Beth obliged with, “Well it looks like the host has stolen the show from where I am standing Aurelia.”

    Aurelia smiled contentedly and gently touched Beth’s arm also as a gesture of control and ownership. This made Beth feel slightly uncomfortable so she repeated the same on Aurelia.

    Aurelia’s eyes narrowed as the two dominants faced off against each other, the electricity was palpable. Beth then looked down at me and said, “Arise slave.” To which I kissed Beth’s hand and slowly got to my feet. Aurelia watched me carefully clearly shocked how readily I was playing up to Beth’s instructions.

    Beth then said without looking at me, “Champagne.”

    I disappeared quickly and returned momentarily with her drink. I knelt down and offered it to her before saying, “Thank you goddess.”

    Beth smiled at me and then held the smile as she looked back at Aurelia.

    Beth then said, “Go play kitty. I will call you when I need you.”

    Aurelia looked confused as I kissed her hand again and got to my feet. As I started to walk away Beth asked, “Where is yours Aurelia?”

    I hovered to hear the answer. “Upstairs, available for fun and games as we agreed.”

    “Good.” Beth purred and then turned to me looking irritated that I was still listening she said, “Shoo kitty.” Flicking her hand to send me away.


    As I left I could see Beth leaning in to whisper something to Aurelia who started to smile wickedly and then looked at me. I could tell they were up to something but made my way into the kitchen. It didn’t take long for me to find one of the three younglings from Aurelia’s team. Julia was hovering by the drinks.

    “I will have a red wine.” I barked at Julia who looked at me confused and then around to see whom else was there. We were alone.

    “I am sorry. Were you addressing me?” Julia said.

    “Get me a fucking red wine bitch.” I sneered flashing my eyes angrily.

    Julia smiled nervously trying to shake off her fear. Not wanting a showdown, she poured the wine with trembling hands and held it out towards me.

    “Give it to me on your knees bitch or I will whip you where you stand.” I snarled waving my crop down passed her ear.

    Even more nervously she then bent down on her knees and held the drink out again. I took it and smiled, “Much better. Now we both know exactly where we stand…and where we kneel.”

    I laughed as I bent down to lick her cheek and walked off with my drink. As I looked back Julia was still kneeling looking bright red and confused. It was difficult to tell if I had aroused her or embarrassed her. Either was fine with me I chuckled.


    As I stepped back into the main party room the music was in full swing. I loved music and was a keen collector of jazz and world music vinyl. I went over to the record player and started flicking through the records stored underneath when Seraphina approached.

    “So you are off the leash tonight then are you kitty?” Seraphina asked.

    “Meow.” I replied and stepped into Seraphina’s personal space. Then sensing her tense up, I brushed my cheek on hers and delicately licked her bottom lip.

    “Why, do you want to play with kitty? Do you think you can handle me?” I cooed rubbing myself gently against her.

    I could see her pupils dilate with excitement as her mind rifled through the possibilities of what I meant. I knew she loved women and I wanted to be as alluring and exciting as I could for her. It was clearly working as her face started to blush as she tried to change the subject.

    “So what kind of music do you like then kitty?” Seraphina said.

    “Oh, all sorts but don’t try and change the subject on me Seraphina. Just say you are intimidated by my feminine beauty and that you can’t handle the intensity of my seductive charms.” I said staring at her with poise and presence.

    Seraphina was an awesome beauty and someone of infinite grace herself but the arousal my advances were generating displaced all of her usual level headedness. She smiled nervously like Julia had just moments before.

    I then saw her take a deep breath to summon her resolve before she then said, “Oh I think we both know whose mind would be blown if I chose to offer you my attentions Nicola. Don’t kid yourself.”

    Her defensive response showed me her vulnerability was crippling her composure as she tried to find an exit.

    “Looks to me like you are running scared little mouse. If I preyed on you tonight I would leave you in such a mess of sexual satisfaction it would take you months before you could put the moment out of your mind. I would fuck you so perfectly; so sweetly and so nastily I would be your single most divine preoccupation during every moment of every day. And you fucking know it…bitch!” I purred touching her lips with my tongue again.

    Seraphina was shaking now with sexual tension, I could see it riddled in her body. Her face was flush red and her chest was blossoming to match. She was looking around her for a safe haven or an exit to save face but there wasn’t one.

    “Time to run little mouse,” I said and she turned and darted off up the stairs.


    It was at that moment that I caught Beth glancing at me over Aurelia’s shoulder. She just shot me a knowing smile and beckoned me over with her finger. I quickly put my dominant aside and bounced over to her eagerly. When I got to her I went onto my knees and kissed her hand again.

    “Is kitty having fun playing tonight?” Beth said.

    “What the fuck is all this kitty stuff Beth?” Aurelia asked assertively.

    Beth coolly responded, “Oh I am letting my little whore off the leash tonight. I want to see how she behaves when not guided by my firm hand.”

    “Well how about if I guide her with my firm crop then Beth?” Aurelia said.

    “Let’s go into the back room and discuss this.” Beth said. She wanted an even playing field to see how her two dominants would face off against each other and knew amongst the crowd I would have no position to stand against Aurelia before they were all ganging up on me.

    Aurelia looked at me with narrowed dominant eyes full of hatred. I quickly looked at Beth who nodded approvingly that I could respond, then back to Aurelia.

    “You don’t scare me you pathetic weak women. You are so wrapped up in self-pity and insecurities it’s no wonder you prey on the weak. Why don’t you step up a few weights and try your luck with a real fucking psycho bitch like me and I will show you hell in every way imaginable.” I said softly with a level of determination that was undeniable. Even Beth was shocked as she looked back at Aurelia.

    Aurelia was a much stronger dominant than I was giving her credit for and we both knew it. The key question was whether my dominant would carve respect out of her, or ire?

    Aurelia slapped me hard across the face and said, “Kneel bitch.”

    I hit her back with equal force plus more and said, “You fucking kneel and kiss my boot while you are down there.”

    Aurelia looked at Beth to gauge her reaction. Beth was just smiling amused by the little play that was unfolding in front of her.

    “I could fucking destroy you bitch and you know it. Why do you taunt me?” Aurelia asked.

    “Because I am every bit as fucking nasty and evil as you and then some bitch.” I answered. I then leant forward and kissed Aurelia on the lips looking into her eyes with intimidation and scrutiny. She kissed me back in exactly the same way. We had reached a point of decision. If things escalated from here, anything would be possible. Only Beth had the power and presence to intervene.

    “Ok my beautiful sweet dominants. Play nicely. You now see the power in each other and you should respect it rather than seek to destroy it. True leadership requires an inner resolve and confidence that allows one to harness and develop the dominant in others rather than feel threatened by it. Tomorrow Aurelia you will still be the intelligent, attractive and bold team leader that is growing every day before my eyes and you Nicola will be my worthless slave sniffing and licking my feet for amusement. But the truth of who you both really are is before your eyes right now. See it, feel it and embrace it.” Beth said.

    Aurelia and I held our stares for around thirty seconds before Grace interrupted us.

    “I see our entertainment is here then Aurelia. What shall we make her do first?” Grace said looking at me with hatred and vengeance in her eyes.

    “Nothing. She is off limits tonight Grace and she does as she wishes.” Aurelia said with the slightest hint of respect in her eyes.

    Beth leant across and kissed Aurelia who remained focused on me, “You are a fast learner Aurelia and you will make a fearsome yet awe inspiring leader one day very soon.”

    “Come on Grace, let’s go dance.” Aurelia said leading Grace away.

    Grace’s head dropped as she felt the weight of defeat, standing among women of greater power and resolve. The aura of my dominant was there for all to see and feel. I knew she would be even more scared of me now. However, the trouble was that she might equally hide behind Aurelia’s strength as a means of protection.

    As Aurelia walked away she glanced back at me and blew a kiss. It was difficult to tell if it was a threat or something more akin to affection. Her mental strength was much greater than I had anticipated and she was giving nothing away. Either way I knew I would need to very careful around her for the foreseeable future.

    I got down on my knees and said to Beth, “Would my goddess like to eat now?”

    Beth smiled and said, “I was right about you. My senses are never wrong. It’s such a pity you fucked up so badly and that I have to punish you so thoroughly but you need to learn who the queen bitch is around here. Now go and get my food whore.”


    I kissed her hand and disappeared into the dining room where there was an amazing spread of food laid across the table. They had clearly used a high-end catering company to put this together and I thought to myself looking around how impressive Aurelia’s house was. Obviously being a super bitch seemed to equate with wealth, and I made a mental note.

    As I started to put together a plate of food for Beth, Sophia and Laura stepped into the room to inspect the food. On seeing me Laura said, “Ah look it’s Beth’s little whore scampering around doing what she is told. Why don’t you put two more plates together for us slut?”

    I didn’t look up immediately but did quickly look around to see who else was in the room. It was just the three of us.

    “Why don’t you sit down over there and I will bring it over to you princesses?” I responded working hard to control my dominant, which wanted to rip these bitches apart.

    I carefully assembled two extra plates of food and then closed and locked the door to the room from the inside. I then gathered the plates and walked up to Sophia and Laura and placed the plates on the floor around 4 feet in front of them. They looked at the plates, then the door and then back to me.

    I was giving them my most menacing and fearsome face but not saying a word. I was gently tapping the crop on the top of my boot. Laura spoke first, “Well bring us our food then bitch.”

    “Get on your fucking knees and lick it off my boots!” I sneered as I stepped on each plate of food and it squished under my sole.

    “No fucking way, whore.” Sophia said. “You should be licking it from my shoes. I don’t take shit from anyone. Especially not you.”

    “Good so Beth was right about you two.” I said.

    “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Laura said.

    “It means you are both strong, powerful and intelligent women who have an emerging dominant inside them screaming to learn, play and evolve. Am I right?” I sneered grinding the food under boot.

    “How would you fucking know bitch?” Sophia said.

    “Because I can see myself in you. And oh, I could teach you so many magical things. I bet Aurelia hasn’t even begun to show you the delights of your true self yet has she?” I asked.

    They looked at each other like I had tapped into a recurring conversation they had been having for some time before.

    “Like what?” Sophia then asked curiously.

    “Like the ability to control another completely and have them worship you like a true goddess. Indulging in the sweetness of another’s suffering as they offer their body and mind to you for sublimation and exerting your will and power on the world and watching it crumble underneath your feet, quaking with fear.” I said resolutely.

    They both looked at me transfixed, I had clearly struck a vein of gold in their thirst for knowledge and now all I had to do was wait.

    “Do you know about those things then?” Laura asked.

    “I AM all those things and much more.” I responded.

    “Will you teach us?” Sophia asked.

    “I will think about it. But first you are going to have to show me more respect.” I answered.

    “Well I am still not licking your boots” Laura said.

    “If you had, I would not be wasting my time with you now.” I said and then kissed them both on the mouth sensuously.

    I then wiped my feet on the carpet and returned to gather up Beth’s plate before unlocking the door.

    “Get you own fucking food bitches. See you soon.” I laughed as I exited


    I soon returned to Beth and was kneeling with her plate of food held out.

    “What kept you kitty?” She asked.

    “Well I was listening intently to what you said to Aurelia and I about true leadership and started exploring what I was capable of. You are a woman of many wise words and I know listening and practicing what you say will help me understand my dominant and its potential better.” I said.

    “Are you trying to stroke my ego bitch?” Beth warned.

    “Fuck that.” I whispered in her ear, “If you were talking horseshit I would tell you to your face, bitch.”

    I then quickly dropped down and kissed her shoes. As I came back up Beth gave me a look that said I should be rolling around in agony at the moment but she appreciated the honesty and more importantly the impact of her teachings on me.

    I then saw her thinking deeply as she looked into my eyes, there was something very important going on inside her mind at that point but she was not betraying it with her face.

    “Ok run along then kitty. Time for you to play again.” Beth said sending me away as she strode over to talk with Allegra.


    As I re-entered the buffet room I could see Karine, Mireille & Nadine sitting down eating their food. Now these were three fucking hard-core bitches I wouldn’t be taking on tonight. Luckily, they were deep in conversation about fighting techniques, competitions and prior achievements. There seemed to be a lot of jostling for supremacy of the title toughest bitch going on. If only I could find a way to get these warriors on my side I would be as invincible as Beth.

    As I skirted around the buffet loading my plate up Karine called out to me, “Hey bitch pass me the breadsticks.”

    My back went up as my dominant wanted to say, “Fuck you bitch, get them yourself!” But I knew I had to play this very carefully.

    I pulled a very casual look as though she had asked me with a lot more respect and politeness. I left it around twenty seconds so she didn’t see me as desperate or too submissive. Then just as she looked up again ready to shout impatiently I was stood in front of her. She looked me in the eyes to stare me down and I held her glance. As she took the breadsticks I withdrew one and bit into it whilst continuing to look at her. She smiled at me knowingly like she could see something and liked it but didn’t actually say the words. I smiled back confidently.

    “Thanks.” Karine then said.

    “You’re welcome.” I replied and winked before turning back to the buffet. I could feel Karine staring at me intently behind my back as Mireille and Nadine went hammer and tong over who had the hardest punch. When my plate was full I went back to the door ready to leave before stopping and looking back at Karine. She was still staring at me. I narrowed my eyes and nodded at her respectfully almost as two foes would do before engaging in battle. She nodded back and then chuckled to herself. I left quickly not wanting to push my luck any further.


    I went back to the record player and scanned the records I didn’t manage to review before and picked out a few I liked. Aurelia had surprisingly sophisticated taste in Jazz compared to what I would have guessed. Being a big Jazz fan myself I made a mental note to pick that up with her sometime, maybe as I was strangling the bitch half to death. I giggled at the thought and created a picture of her screaming and crying, begging for mercy.

    Feeling the urge to go to the toilet I cornered Julia and asked her where they were. She still looked fearful given the shit I threw at her earlier. What a fucking pussy I thought, if I were to really unleash on her she would be a quivering mess in seconds. Henrietta could teach her a thing or two about resilience.

    “Oh right yes Nicola, well there is one bathroom on this floor by the front door and three on the next floor, two en-suite and one off the hallway.” She said eager to please me.

    “Fuck bitch, you know your toilets. Have you been cleaning them out with your tongue again?” I quipped wickedly.

    She gave a nervous laugh to suck up to me.

    “Something funny slut?” I asked with a deadpan expression.

    Julia’s laugh dropped in seconds. “Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

    “Then don’t laugh if you don’t mean it. It makes you look weak. Stand up for yourself or I will walk all over you, literally.” I snarled.

    Julia blushed bright red not unlike Henrietta did when I first threatened her. It made me wonder whether Julia was a secret submissive in a den of dominants. That was a dangerous existence. I decided to leave her a little tease to see if she would bite.

    “You know I am so hot and sweaty under this costume I will need a willing slave to clean me up with their tongue later. Come find me if you want that bitch to be you.”

    I smirked to indicate I knew what she was in case I was right and her face went an even brighter shade of red. She smiled uncomfortably and then bowed her head and walked away.

    So I was right about her then I thought. I wonder who else knows?

    I decided to take one of the upstairs toilets as I had seen a steady trail of the women going up and down all night and wondered what they were up to. As I got to the top of the stairs there didn’t seem to be anyone around. I found the toilet but someone was inside, I decided to hang out on the hallway and wait to see what was going on. Moments later Porsche and Seraphina came towards me. Seraphina blushed as she caught my eyes then looked at the door to figure what I was doing. When she caught on she turned to Porsche and said, “Would you be a love and get me some buffet? I will be down in a little while.”

    Porsche replied, “We should make her get it.”

    I snapped back, “Get your own fucking food bitch. I am busy here can’t you see.”

    Porsche flashed with anger briefly then seeing my stern, determined stare thought better of the conflict. “Sure. I don’t wanna hang around this rude bitch anyway, Sera. I will be in the dining room when you are finished.”

    Seraphina’s eyes remained on me all the while we had this exchange and only at this point did she turn and face Porsche. “Thank you love. I am sure I won’t be long.”

    Porsche then headed off down the stairs. Moments later Nadine exited the toilet and stormed past us like we weren’t there. She was a cold fucking bitch I thought. I like her style.

    With the door now open and Seraphina standing next to me in front of it I ordered, “Get in there, now!”

    Seraphina went bright red like before with excitement and quickly entered looking around briefly to ensure no one could see her. When we were inside I continued.

    “You haven’t stopped thinking about me since our little discussion earlier have you, Seraphina?” I cooed.

    She smiled not wanting to give anything away, “What makes you think you have any effect on me? I am beauty beyond dreams.”

    Seraphina was wearing a flowing white dress with diamond style sequins, bare legs and white stilettos. She had a white masque again with diamond style studs finished off with white feathers either side. She looked fucking gorgeous even if I say so myself.

    “Oh I can read you like an open book, Seraphina. Your little panties will be dripping wet right about now in anticipation of what I am going to do to you. Your heart will be thumping in your chest like it wants to find an escape route and your mind will be clouding with fantasies of sex beyond the heavens. You are putty in my hands and you know it.”

    “Well stop fucking talking and do something then!” She said loudly almost desperate.

    “So, are you going to be my bitch or my princess?” I asked licking my lips. “Be careful what you wish for.”

    “I want to be your bi..” She then paused and changed to “Princess.”

    I threw her against the wall and pushed my luscious wet lips against hers darting left and right across her face. Her tongue thrashed back against mine. I ran my fingers through her mermaid like long blonde hair and then gently pulled it to create a teasing pain but not severe. She moaned appreciatively.

    I then reached behind her and unzipped her white flowing dress so that it fell to the floor. Her body was immaculate and I wanted to stop and admire her for a while but we didn’t have time for that. She stood there before be in just her masque, white lace panties and stilettos. I paused to let the hunger build just briefly then started rubbing the head of my crop across her thighs lightly brushing her perfect pussy. Each time it passed she quivered and flinched.

    The bathroom was massive with plenty of space for us to move around so I said, “Get on the floor now!”

    She quickly lay down and stared up at me. I briefly put my boot on her chest just lightly enough to show I was the dominant.

    “I asked to be your princess.” She whispered.

    “We both know what you really want though, don’t we Seraphina?” I sneered.

    I recognised she was not a submissive straight off but I could tell she would like me to be rough and dominant all the same so this gentle foray into my darker side was probably as much as she could handle. I pulled my catsuit down to my knees, as there wasn’t time to take my boots off. That was lucky for her because my feet would stink in these after having those nasty socks on before.

    I then knelt by her head and shuffled forward so my pussy was directly above her face as I stared down over her amazing body. I lowered myself very slowly and felt her tongue reach out for me. As it did I gave her nipple a quick tweak and she shrieked then moaned.

    “Don’t be eager. Stretch that hungry tongue out as far as you can, Seraphina. I will decide when the time has come for you to taste me.”

    As I felt her tongue glance me again I lifted away just a fraction to deny her. I then very slowly and delicately bobbed up and down onto her outstretched tongue allowing her only the slightest of touches. She was moaning more loudly now as her hands wondered down towards her knickers then inside.

    “Uh uh” I said showing disapproval. “Get those hands away.” I then took her wrists and pinned them by her side as I continued to glance my now wet pussy across her tongue.

    “Your pussy is mine. It is my property and I will pleasure it deeply so that it knows no other joy but what I offer it.” I said seductively and Seraphina moaned very loudly.

    I then leaned forward and plunged my pussy into her face as I threw my tongue hard into hers. She was indeed very wet and excited. This simple movement sent a shiver right through her body and her arms reached up to embrace me and pull our bodies together. I gyrated my hips to thrust my pussy up and down across her face as she threw her tongue hard across my clitoris. I was feeling fucking awesome now and nearing my own sexual peak. Knowing this I threw my face hard into her crotch and lusted and devoured her clitoris with all my passion and seduction. She immediately started convulsing and screaming like she was having a fit. The screams grew louder and louder to the point where I was sure anyone on this floor would hear us but nevertheless I continued to assault her pussy with the best of my attentions until her body froze momentarily then lifted upwards arching her back off the floor and she let out an almighty scream then collapsed.

    She was so caught up in her own pleasure that I was still left short. My work here was done however and I needed to make my escape before we were caught. I quickly got up and adjusted my catsuit before placing my boot on her mouth and looking down at her dishevelled and fulfilled face I said, “Kiss it.”

    She kissed it gently.

    “Don’t think about me too much Seraphina. Every waking moment will suffice.”

    I chuckled as I left. She was almost weeping with sexual satisfaction. I clearly had pressed a lot of buttons Porsche didn’t even know existed.

    As luck would have it the hallway was actually empty. The women must be preoccupied with other stuff I thought. So I made my way to one of the en-suites instead, leaving Seraphina time to recover.

    I was feeling horny as fuck when I took my piss and thought about some hand relief but decided against it. My thoughts then turned to Chris as I wondered where he was in this house. I distinctly remember Aurelia saying he was upstairs for fun and games earlier in the night so he had to be in one of the bedrooms. I set off to see if I could track him down while I had the chance.


    It was almost midnight when Beth’s car dropped me off at my home. As I went to leave she grasped my wrist and pulled me back. I sat down and looked at her.

    “I am so glad I got to see the real you today Nicola. I will still punish your sorry arse tomorrow and enjoy humiliating the fuck out of you but that is because you deserve it. You can now at least rest assured that I don’t have the same appetite to destroy you as I did. There may even be the faintest hope of reconciliation but that will depend on you and your actions moving forward.” Beth said.

    I leant forward and kissed Beth on the lips and waited for her response. She kissed me back gently and I saw her eyes close. As she did this I pulled away to leave her stranded.

    She opened her eyes quickly again and said, “You will regret that bitch.”

    “You wouldn’t love me so much if I didn’t.” I said and leapt out of the car.

    I watched the distant, contemplating look on Beth’s face as the car pulled away until she was no longer visible then turned and went towards my front door.


    I tapped on my front door when I arrived. I thought why should I use my key when I have a willing slave to answer it for me. It was close to three minutes before it opened. Henrietta looked half asleep I guess she had nodded off and didn’t hear the first few knocks, that’s gonna be fucking tough on her.

    She wasn’t half asleep for long as I gave her a huge slap around the face knocking her to the floor. She gathered herself as best she could back to her knees and watched me walk past her.

    “Don’t fucking keep me waiting bitch.” I shouted.

    “I am so sorry my wonderful goddess. I will never go to sleep before you are home again. Please forgive me.” Henrietta pleaded.

    “It is my crop you will need to beg forgiveness to. Now go get it and bring it to me bitch.” I said walking across the room and sitting down.

    A few moments later Henrietta appeared and offered me my crop in her outstretched upturned palms, head bowed. I snatched the crop and snarled, “Bare backside bitch.” Then chuckled at the fact it had a nice rhythm to it.

    Henrietta pulled down her black silken knickers and exposed her bare arse to me. I lashed her ten times with moderate force. Not enough to cut or bleed but more than enough to leave a sting that would prevent a good night’s sleep. When I had finished she knelt down by my side and kissed my knee length boots. I knew she would be desperate to get inside them to balance off the pain she was experiencing with some pleasure and smiled to myself.

    I sat back relaxed and crossed my legs and gently swung my boot back and forth towards her face with a hypnotic metronomic rhythm. I watched as her eyes were transfixed on my boot and started to feel a tingle between my legs as the power I held washed over my body. I was still desperately horny from not finishing off with Seraphina so this little bitch had a nice surprise coming tonight whether she wanted it or not. Who am I kidding; she will shit herself with happiness when I give her the order to lick my sweet pussy.

    “I know what you are thinking bitch.” I said and paused for effect as she turned her attention from my boot to my face.

    “Do I still have those nasty socks on under these hot sweaty boots? Well I don’t though you will be pleased to know that I had them on all day so my feet were stinking when I changed into beautiful silk nylons and put these boots on. Since then I don’t think my feet have ever sweated so much. My toes feel like they are swimming in stink right now. How fucking nasty is that bitch?” I smiled wickedly.

    I could see her face blush red and she closed her eyes momentarily to picture and imagine my feet in her face. She even gave a little moan to simulate the pleasure. I kicked her face lightly to bring her attention back to me.

    “My pleasure comes first bitch. I am going to go lay on the bed and you will come in and slide these sweaty cat suit pants down and embrace my pussy with all your most pleasurable advances. I don’t have knickers on so you will need to clean me up with your tongue after. If you please me and I mean if I have the fucking orgasm of a lifetime you may then remove my boots and worship my awful smelling feet and nylons. However, if I am displeased I will trample your body and face with my boots until you bleed. Are you quite clear on what I am saying bitch?” I said.

    Henrietta nodded and her face reddened even more with the excitement and anticipation. I then got up and brushed passed her rubbing my boot across her shoulder as I made my way into the bedroom. As I lay there I could see Henrietta enter on her hands and knees out of the corner of my eye. She stopped by the bed and waited for my instruction now almost panting like a dog.

    I left her waiting here for a good ten minutes whilst I rubbed my hands up and down my body to tease her. She was actually starting to sweat now the ebullience overwhelming her senses. Eventually when I knew she was about to explode I said, “Come to me now slut.”

    Henrietta slowly approached and whilst kneeling by the side of the bed delicately unfastened my cat suit pants and started to draw them down my thighs. The hot wet stickiness made them clammy and difficult to slide so she had to apply a lot of strength to keep them moving with control so as not to snag my skin and incur my wrath. Eventually she managed to get them as far as my knees exposing my hot wet pussy and sweat covered thighs. She took a few moments to fill her senses with the beauty and perfection of my body before she carefully crawled onto the bed and set herself over my crotch.

    I closed my eyes and relaxed my body as I prepared for her adulation. Initially she just made gentle sweeping licks across my thighs starting from the outside and working in towards my pussy but stopping short of any actual contact. I liked her teasing gestures, as I wanted her to take her time and build me back up slowly. I was so fucking horny this could all be over in a couple of minutes if she went too quickly. I moaned in a low voice to signal my appreciation.

    After she had removed most of the sweat around my hips she approached my pussy and made her first exploratory movements with her tongue. Once again rather than start with my clitoris, she started at the base of my pussy and thrust her tongue deep into my hole before licking up the inside of my labia - stopping short of the top and my g spot.

    “Good slave.” I murmured to show she was still making me happy.

    “Thank you, goddess.” She whispered back in between licks.

    After a few minutes of wetting my labia she darted her tongue lightly on my clitoris and a wave a pleasure rose up through my legs and into my back. I twisted slightly as I groaned again, this time a little louder. I placed my hands around her head to guide her to remain focused on my clitoris. I now wanted a climax and was too impatient for any further teasing.

    “Fuck me with that tongue bitch as hard and fast as your pathetic mouth will allow. Give yourself to my pleasure completely.” I sneered.

    Henrietta clasped onto my thighs placing her hands around my waist and onto my buttocks to pull me forward as she wrapped her lips around my clitoris and sucked hard whilst compressing her face in my pussy. An even stronger wave of pleasure coursed through me as my advance towards an orgasm started to accelerate.

    “Fuck me I said Bitch. Hard!” I screamed.

    She then threw everything she could at my clitoris sucking, licking and rampantly pressing her face into my crotch. I was experiencing wave after wave of arousal as I started to near climax. Seconds later I grabbed her hair tight in my clenched fists and pulled her as hard as I could into me increasing the intensity still further.

    “It’s coming you fucking worthless, pathetic cunt. Oh, it feels so strong.” I screamed.

    She kept lapping, licking and sucking with all her might until I erupted and my mind exploded into flashes of pure white light and warmth. I screamed at the top of my voice as she continued to prolong my orgasm and excite my body. The culmination lasted around twenty seconds and I was in wave after wave of multiple raptures until my body collapsed onto the bed satisfied. Fucking hell I thought that was intense. With my dominant in full gear all night together with my little soiree with Seraphina and now this to finish things off no wonder it was amazing.

    Henrietta understood without me needing to say that I would need a little cool down time so she crawled off the bed and started lightly rubbing my lower legs to help relax me. That was the beauty of a female slave, they understand how I feel and can anticipate my needs better. I smiled to myself as I relaxed. I was feeling tired now.

    “Come close to me slut.” I said.

    Henrietta’s face appeared by my side instantly.

    “Your goddess was supreme this evening. I ruled the party with my presence, power and dominance. I am now in the ascendancy and nothing will stop me.” I declared.

    Henrietta looked at me confused not knowing what I was talking about but seeing it was important to me said, “My beautiful goddess rules wherever she goes and anyone who can’t see that will be crushed accordingly.”

    I smiled at her and she smiled back nervously. I then leant forward and kissed her sweetly on the lips and she blushed beetroot red. I loved throwing her submissive into confusion with these little divergences. “You took your suffering well earlier bitch, it helped prepare me for your tongue.”

    “Thank you, goddess. I deserved it anyway.” Henrietta said with sorrow in her eyes.

    “Now take my boots off and embrace the sweet wetness and stench of my feet and nylons. You may fuck yourself silly all night for all I care just don’t wake me up. I want my scent to be so impregnated on your face and mind by the time morning comes that the smell will stay with you for days.”

    I felt the cool air wash over my hot sweaty feet as the boots were removed then as Henrietta placed her nose in between my toes and rubbed my feet to send me off to sleep. The last thing I heard was a long quiet moan as my essence imprisoned her will and incapacitated her senses. She was lost to me forever.
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    Chapter 39 – Whodunnit?

    As I awoke I heard the all too familiar sound of Henrietta’s gentle sniffing at my feet, she looked like she hadn’t slept again. I thought to myself better give her a night off my stinky feet otherwise the lack of sleep will kill her, and I chuckled. I cupped my toes around her nose and heard her take an enormous sniff, now she knew I was awake.

    “Thank you, my precious most wonderful goddess. I have taken your scent in all night to ensure it stays with me like you asked.” Henrietta said.

    “Don’t pin your fucking depravities on me, bitch. You have been sniffing them all night because you are a desperate, addicted foot worshipping cunt and nothing else.” I snarled.

    “Of course, goddess, but I can’t help but be totally enraptured by you. You are so perfect in every way and I want to savour every second I am in your presence like it’s the last moment in all time.” Henrietta said and took another huge sniff.

    “Yeah ok. Well get your perfect goddess a fucking coffee before I whip you so hard you will wish the end of time was now.” I snapped thinking wow how extra bitchy was I this morning?

    Henrietta dashed off into the kitchen and I started thinking about the day and night before. I was really proud of myself. I had taken a massive chance standing up to Beth but that helped her see the dominant inside of me. Being such a big picture schemer, she started to see my potential and value to her beyond a short-term plaything. That was just the leverage I needed to start with. What I didn’t expect is that she would allow me to unleash my dominant on her unsuspecting team. Fuck they didn’t know what hit them. Only now I was going back into the office as Beth’s slave I needed to be wary of repercussions. Somehow, I needed to convince Beth that she was the only one who could treat me like a slave. That would give me leverage over the others to defend myself and enslave them to me where I could.

    My coffee arrived to break my thoughts so I took a slurp.

    “I have taken the liberty of already starting breakfast immaculate goddess. Would you like it in bed or at the table?” Henrietta asked.

    “I will eat it in bed. You can wash my feet with your tongue before I jump in the shower to lap up my immaculate sweat beforehand. I know you will love that slave.” I smiled. Well I didn’t have to be a complete bitch all the time.

    I watched Henrietta peel off another slice of heaven licking my feet while I ate my breakfast, which was quite delicious, before jumping in the shower. When I was done I sat on the sofa and ordered Henrietta to touch up my purple toenail polish then I got dressed and headed out.

    After grabbing Beth’s coffee and French pastry I headed to the office. I was in such a good mood I didn’t even spit in it.


    When I arrived at the office I placed the coffee and pastry on Beth’s desk and reviewed her diary for the day. Once printed I quickly went through her urgent priority emails and printed those off too, so I could review her responses to them when she arrived. She entered the office a little after 0810 looking quite stunning in an all-black business suit with a white silk over the shoulder neck scarf, black nylons with a bold white seem and black heels with a white bow in the front. The Turner & Lewis Partnership presentation was today and she was dressed to kill.

    After she sat down I leapt up and very professionally took her through the agenda, priority emails noting her required responses and other actions to take care of to ensure she could focus on the big day ahead. I offered to buy her lunch before she even asked knowing this would save her 30 minutes in her busy schedule. I also added that I had booked the team meeting room for 9 and invited the women so she could debrief her final expectations to be ready by midday.

    “Well well, slave. You have stepped up your game. Perhaps cutting you a little slack has brought the best out in you. Everything as well is perfectly attuned to your number one priority, me. Now how would you like to give me a nice foot rub with your nose? I washed them this morning so they shouldn’t smell.” Beth said with a heavy note of mischievousness.

    I could tell she was testing me knowing I would be happy to do all the professional PA support work but this was a stab at my dominant and her smile was betraying the fact that she knew I would hate this. Perhaps that final teasing kiss in the car last night was a bad idea after all? Determined to show my loyalty to win favour I took a deep breath and said, “Of course goddess, it would be my pleasure. Would you like me to rub them for you as well?”

    “No slut. It will be more amusing for me to have your nose on them, it just lowers the tone for you those extra few notches and makes it so much more degrading. Don’t you agree?” Beth asked.

    “If it makes you happy goddess, it doesn’t matter what I think.” I said.

    Beth raised her eyebrows in surprise then smiled. “Good slut. You are learning.”

    I placed my nose on Beth’s soles once her shoes were placed in an orderly way by her side and started to rub. They did in fact smell quite pleasant. I figured it was some kind of vanilla bath wash but it was painful to rub and my nose was getting sore fast.

    “Come on whore, get your nose in there with more pressure I can hardly feel it.” Beth insisted seeing the visible discomfort in my face.

    I pressed my nose harder into her sole and felt the crunch on my nose bridge as Beth pushed her foot back into my face at the same time. I let out a little shriek as the pain rifled up my nose.

    “Did you say something whore?” Beth asked.

    “No goddess. Everything is fine.” I replied and bit my lip hard determined not to back down. By the time I was ten minutes in my nose was hurting like fuck and my eyes were watering but I did not make another sound. The bitch in me was forcing me on and I was using my anger to block out the pain.

    Seeing she was close to breaking my nose Beth then said, “Ok slut take five.”

    I rocked back onto my knees and took another deep breath now I had a break from the pain. I put a smile on my face just to hide any remaining discomfort to take some of the shine off Beth’s victory.

    “You are a tough little bitch, aren’t you? I don’t know whether to kick your arse just to reminder myself of how weak you are or give you some credit for pushing yourself for my amusement. Kiss my toes while I give it some thought.” Beth said.

    Beth then sat there drinking her coffee and eating her pastry while I kissed her toes. She looked at me in brief glances between looking at her laptop where she had the bid presentation open.

    Not long after she said, “Well I have decided to give you a break as it’s now time for the team meeting. Good job this morning slave. Much improved. Keep it up.”

    Beth then started to prepare to leave when Allegra headed her off at the doorway.

    “What’s wrong Allegra?” Beth asked seeing the concern in her friend’s face.

    “She’s gone.” Allegra replied with a serious look on her face.

    “Well how did she escape?” Beth questioned, looking quite angry.

    “No she is still in there, but she is gone.” Allegra answered gravely

    “Well how the fuck did that happen, Allegra?”

    “I don’t know but she looks like shit. Someone really did a job on her. I am going to do a quick medical check now if you want to come?”

    Beth looked back at me and realising I had been listening said, “You didn’t hear that slave. If I get wind you have said anything on this subject I will reset any grace you have earned with me back to zero and go twice as hard on you every day. Am I clear?”

    I nodded.

    “Ok, go to the team meeting and keep them busy until I can get there.” Beth ordered and then they disappeared.


    It didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess they were referring to Yuki and that she was now dead. What was most shocking though was Allegra being clear it was at the hand of someone else. Yuki wasn’t strong mentally so I could understand how a potential life in servitude could really play with her traditional, cultural and proud values so that she may attempt to take her own life but that is still very extreme especially so soon after the change. The last time I saw her was after Nadine took her into the bathroom during the after-work party on Monday and then locked her in a room at the back of the gym. I assumed that’s where she still was now.

    Curiosity was killing me at this point. What happened to her? How did Allegra know it was someone else? It couldn’t be something Yuki could do to herself I assumed. What were they going to do about it? Lastly and most importantly who did it?

    I made my way down to the meeting room and arrived about five minutes late. Everyone was inside except Beth and Allegra. There was a high level of discussion and exchanges going on around the room given the bid presentation due later that day. Most of the team looked tired with the mix of hard work and a late night last night but their motivation still seemed quite high.

    I coughed to summon attention and then as I started to gather the stares of the meeting room occupants I said, “Beth is running a little late. She will be here with Allegra very soon and has asked me to request that you each present your inputs to the rest of the team for final comments and suggestions for improvements. I will take minutes and actions and summarise them for Beth when she arrives.”

    I was quite happy with that impromptu piece of management and it seemed to run well with the team as Karine stood up and said, “I will lead then on what we have pulled together, that is Nadine, Mireille and I.”

    The team then started going through their business issues, recommendations and action plans for the Turner & Lewis Partnership bid and I captured the suggestions from the rest of the team as they were offered. During the discussions I scanned the room with one constant thought in my mind. Which of these women was hiding something and why did they do it?

    We had completed three presentations when Beth arrived with Allegra. As they strode in the meeting stopped and everyone looked towards them.

    “Please carry on.” Beth said.

    The final two presentations then played out as Allegra and Beth took their seats. In between listening, taking notes and actions, I cast a number of looks towards Beth who I could see was intently scanning the women in the room looking for the same answers I had a little earlier. I was pleased she had allowed me to keep my seat at the table. Perhaps she had more important things going on in her mind?

    When the final presentation ended I read through the key issues and actions and the team committed to have them edited and ready back to Beth within the hour. Beth then thanked the team and ordered Allegra and I to follow her back to her office.

    When we arrived, Beth closed the door and we sat around the meeting table. Once again Beth did not make any issue of me taking a real seat.

    “Ok Nicola, I know you are not stupid and will have already figured out what is going on so all I will say is this. As far as you are concerned nothing happened. You came into work we went through my agenda and then you led the presentation review for today’s bid. All of which is true anyway. I don’t want any further nosing around, questioning or discussions. Everything is now taken care of and there is no evidence or question of wrongdoing. That doesn’t change the fact though that someone is behind this and they have betrayed me. I will be sorting this shit out personally and when I find who is behind it…well God help them.” Beth said.

    “Well you have my assurance that I won’t be poking around as you put it Beth. Also, I recognise how grave the situation is and would like to offer my support or help to you in any way I can.” I replied trying to capitalise on the situation by increasing my collateral with Beth.

    “You are only a fucking slave girl. Don’t get ideas above your station and refer to me as goddess or I will bite.” Beth snapped and Allegra turned to note my response.

    “Actually I am not ‘a’ slave I am ‘your’ slave goddess.” I replied trying to create a position for myself out of the circumstances.

    “Well I still don’t trust you, whore. I know you are bitter and twisted about what I have done with my former slave and I am sure you still harbour plenty of resentment for that fact. Don’t fucking lie otherwise.” Beth said.

    “You are right that I still fucking hate you for trying to destroy what we have but my dominant respects you and more than that admires you. I want your mentoring to help me understand better who I really am, as you know better than any other.” I said.

    Beth stared at me intently. She didn’t like the bluntness with which I had talked to her but she also recognised the truth within my words. She also knew there was conflict inside me and suspected my love for Chris was still the prominent driver of my beliefs and therefore behaviour. As such she was right not to trust me yet.

    “And what if nurturing who you really are takes you further away from what you love?” Beth asked focused on my every reaction.

    I paused as I reflected on the gravitas of the question. To this point I believed that my dominant and my love for Chris could remain within me as one. Maybe I was different from Beth? I was certainly different from Aurelia. But deep down I didn’t know where the boundaries of my dominant were and how much of a threat they could be to my love for Chris. I suspected Beth did.

    “I cannot change who I am. If that is not compatible and he cannot love me for who I am then it’s over anyway.” I said feeling conflicted and upset.

    Beth smiled which left me feeling she was up to something. With all what she knew was inside of me screaming to get out she had the advantage. I needed to reach within myself to understand who I was and quickly to avoid her controlling how this played out. I was still sure deep in my heart that I could love as a dominant and was resolved to ensure that was the outcome I would arrive at in the end with Chris.

    “Ok whore. I don’t want you being fucked around by anyone else but me for now anyway as I am not sure who I can trust other than Allegra, Grace and Aurelia. So let’s agree you are my bitch and I won’t prostitute your ass out to the team. When you are not under my direct control you may act like any other employee. However, don’t let me hear from the team that your dominant is running rampant around the office or I will come down on your hard. And I mean hard. I am the queen bitch around here not you. Understand?” Beth threatened.

    “I will keep my discipline goddess.” I said though I knew inside that wasn’t always going to be true. My dominant was who I was and if someone tried fucking with me they were going to get both barrels whether they wanted it or not. That said I didn’t have to go looking for trouble especially if it was just going to lead me back to square one with Beth.

    I then added, “Unless they start fucking with me first.”

    “If someone starts fucking with you then I am going to deal with them not you slave.” Beth snarled

    Inside I knew that deferring my problems to Beth was never going to happen. I was too proud, too dominant and too fucking powerful to be that weak but nodded anyway.

    “Ok ladies, keep your eyes and ears open. If you see or hear anything I want to know about it first.” Beth then dismissed Allegra.

    “Fucking hell, look at the time it’s gone 12 already. Help me pull together the final edits for the presentation, slave. I want to be done and ready to leave by 2.” Beth said.

    “Shall I dash out and grab you lunch first goddess? You don’t want to lead the team on an empty stomach this afternoon.” I suggested.

    “Yes, you are right slave. Get me something quickly then you can come back and help with the editing as well.” Beth said.

    I dashed out and got us both lunch and returned in good time to help with the edits as they came in from the team. Sitting around the desk with her working on the bid made me feel like a valued team member once more. Over such a short space of time I had carved out a huge change in Beth’s attitude towards me and I could take a lot of recognition for that even if other events had swung in my favour as well. She was probably one of the most difficult people to win over I had ever met in my life. Getting her to accept my love for Chris and giving him the chance to be free of her was going to be a whole different challenge and as I looked at the many different paths which could play out in respect of that, every one of them ended in misery. For now, however, I needed to take small steps and not giant leaps.

    Beth was fully fed and ready with the final presentation by 1.30pm and stood up to adjust her clothes before taking a deep breath and heading towards the door.

    “What a fucking morning!” She muttered under her breath. She then looked back and me and said, “Do you have enough work to do this afternoon while I am out, slave?”

    I nodded hopefully.

    “Well get that done, then clean my shoes and tidy up around the office. Then go out and buy your goddess something nice to cheer me up when I get back.” Beth then smiled somewhere between fuck you and give the girl a break.

    She then left.


    I got Beth’s chores done pretty quickly and as I didn’t have much work to do went out to check the local shops. I found a tiny accessories boutique not ten-minute’s walk from the office and bought a nice red designer neck scarf to go with the shoes and coat she would often wear. Looking at her today in the white scarf and seeing how great it was on her, I was sure she would love it.

    It was 5pm when the team returned and there was a lot of noise and discussion emanating from the open plan area outside of Beth’s office so I went out to see what was occurring. I could tell immediately I looked at Beth’s face they had won the work. This would really put her in the stratosphere with the board, as it was her second big win in as many weeks. That was unprecedented in the history of the company.

    Beth was on a real high and when she saw me she came over so quickly I thought she was going to knock me out so I tensed up to prepare myself. Instead she shocked everyone by planting a massive passionate kiss on my lips in front of the whole team.

    I flushed deep red as I enjoyed the kiss more than I should have done. “What was that for goddess?” I asked quietly out of earshot of the others.

    “Because you are mine and I can do what the fuck I want, bitch.” Beth snapped and then laughed. I felt she was taking the piss out of me and then felt even worse for enjoying it in the first place. On seeing my face drop Beth said quietly, “Actually I quite enjoyed it too.”

    She then turned and said to the team, “Ok let’s go get some drinks bitches, on me!”

    I darted back into Beth’s office and picked up my laptop and her present before returning and joined the team ready to go out.


    The first part of the evening standing by the bar was a little uncomfortable as Beth was being quite possessive of me. She was including me in the conversation instead of treating me more like a slave, which was putting the others on guard. To add to this Allegra kept shooting me jealous looks leading me to think she had a thing for Beth and wanted more personal time with her to capitalise on her good mood. In addition, Grace was shooting me poisonous looks and Seraphina was flirting with me incessantly, which was pissing Porsche off. I was now starting to realise that my role in the team dynamics was as a chaos maker. Tonight was going to be fun.

    Spotting Julia at the bar I decided to have a catch up with her first. I loved the way she trembled when I intimidated her. It gave me goosebumps.

    “Hi Julia. How are you this evening?” I smiled wickedly.

    “Oh Nicola. Well I am having a pretty stressful day with everything that has happened.” She then caught herself saying that and changed direction adding, “Can I get you a drink?” She replied nervously.

    It was a strange comment given the win today and how well things had gone in the office, but then how would she know about Yuki?

    “I would be disappointed if you hadn’t offered and you don’t want to disappoint me, do you Julia?” I said with a subtle air of threat.

    “Definitely not Nicola. What can I get you?” She asked now visibly shaking and giving me those little goosebumps.

    “Oh, I think a glass or two of champagne would be nice, but no cheap shit. Understand?” I said knowing full well that would really blow her budget for the evening as she was buying this round off tab.

    “Oh right. Let me check with Beth about the bar tab.” Julia said looking for an out without declining my request.

    “I wouldn’t do that Julia. You will lose your place at the bar and I will then have to wait for my drink. I don’t like waiting. I am naturally a very impatient and easily irritated person you see.” I warned.

    “Oh sure.” Julia said then paused looking into her purse and seeing she had nowhere near enough cash. She then ordered the champagne and paid for it with her debit card. I could see and feel her distress. She wasn’t earning huge amounts on her salary and I had cost her a new pair of shoes with my teasing.

    “Before you take it over to my table for me Julia, I wonder are you expecting me to thank you for the drink?” I asked menacingly.

    “Of course not. Though that would have been nice.” She shuffled nervously and as she did I leant forward and kissed her lips sensuously holding it for near twenty seconds. She was so flustered and excited she dropped her purse and coins ran everywhere. I laughed as I broke away looking at her bright red face. As she bent down in a panic trying to grab the rolling money I walked off to the table I planned to occupy.


    I took the seat next to Seraphina with Porsche on her left. As I sat down Seraphina instantly noticed me, she must have been watching me out of the corner of her eye. She turned her body towards me and crossed her legs over in my direction. Her back was now turned towards Porsche, which I could see really pissed her off. Porsche excused herself saying she needed the toilet and gave me a daggers look as she left. I just smiled back confidently.

    It wasn’t long after she left that Julia arrived with my bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. I asked her if she wanted to join us knowing she wouldn’t and she scuttled away. It was as much as she could handle dealing with my teasing one to one, let alone in front of others. I had a little chuckle to myself.

    Turning my attentions towards Seraphina I asked, “Can I offer you a glass of Champagne then Seraphina?”

    She gave me one her cute, flirtatious looks and answered, “Yes please Nicola.”

    I poured us both a glass and offered one to her and we clinked glasses.

    “To us and more unforgettable moments.” I said.

    She gave me a beaming smile and tapped her glass on mine again confirming to me that Seraphina had been thinking a lot about last night. In typical fashion she wondered whether there was potential beyond the one time mind-blowing encounter, showing me her insecurities that in no way married with her exterior beauty and confidence. Fucking hell she was gorgeous I thought and wanted to take her into the toilet again right there and then. I must be becoming some kind of sex fiend I thought. Perhaps this was the impact my dominant was having on me and why Beth said it could destroy my love for Chris. If it did lead to this level of infidelity then I understood why. I washed my mind of such thoughts in an attempt to remind myself of the importance of my relationship with Chris.

    “I would really like that Nicola.” Seraphina said placing a soft kiss on my cheek. A little shiver ran down my spine as thoughts of desire started knocking at my door again. I looked around to see who was looking and was thankful only Julia had a direct view of us. Interestingly, she was looking rather sorrowful and I wondered whether Seraphina’s attentions towards me were making her jealous. Perhaps she enjoyed my teasing more than I realised. Part of me felt a little sorry for her but the rest enjoyed her desperation; I would prey on that to my advantage.

    I really wanted to kiss Seraphina now and could see she wanted the same but turning Porsche into a lifelong enemy was not on my agenda.

    “I know what you want my little princess but you won’t be getting that tonight. My attentions have a rare exquisite quality that is worth waiting for. Each time you step into my irresistible embrace it will warm your soul and bring you closer to giving yourself to me completely. You are not ready for that yet so you will wait until I am ready to offer it to you again. And when I do it will take you to new unimaginable heights of ecstasy.” I teased looking at the sense of longing I had planted in Seraphina’s heart.

    Seeing she was more than desperate for me now I got up with my glass of champagne and said, “Enjoy my champagne with your lover, Seraphina, and think only of me when she fucks you.” I then blew her a kiss and walked away feeling the weight of her stare in my back as I departed.


    As I mingled around the bar I caught Nadine and Allegra arguing away from the main table. I decided to discretely approach them from behind so I could listen in. As I neared I heard.

    “Well what the fuck went wrong Nadine? You have to be more careful than that.” Allegra said.

    “Well I did everything you asked Allegra so don’t pin this on me. It was your plan after all.” Nadine responded.

    The women then broke away as their argument reached a point where they needed to cool off or start punching each other. A punch up between those two would be quite the spectacle, I thought to myself before I switched to what they had exchanged. I was getting all conspiracy theory now but it appeared like they were up to something, could it be Allegra who was behind what happened to Yuki? If so coming forward to Beth meant she was hiding in plain sight and would be above any suspicion. She had immediately become my number one suspect but what did Nadine have to do with it?

    I held back for a few moments as they walked off in different directions and then started to head back towards the main table, which Beth was hosting. As I started I felt my wrist being pulled back. I span around to see who would dare grab me and was face to face with Aurelia.

    “Hey bitch!” She smirked. “Did I frighten you?”

    “You will never frighten me slut.” I answered.

    “Really? That’s something I am going to have to put to the test, bitch.” Aurelia threatened. She then added, “You see there is no big sister Beth to protect you from me here right now. Are you ready for that?”

    “I am always ready for you slut.” I said with my dominant now rampant. At the back of my mind I wondered how wise it was to keep winding Aurelia up like this. Then she hit me with something I wasn’t expecting.

    “You know of course that your boyfriend is now my personal slave, right?” She said.

    “What the fuck does that mean?” I warned.

    “It means whatever the fuck I want it to mean bitch and depending on your response to my next order it may mean opening his back up again tonight with my crop just as his wounds are starting to heal.” Aurelia snarled.

    “Don’t you dare hurt him again you fucking cunt or I will destroy you.” I shouted.

    Aurelia smiled, she knew she was holding all the cards, “I don’t think you are in a position to be making threats, bitch. Do you? Especially knowing your poor little foot sniffing boyfriend will be paying the price for it.”

    I wanted to rip her fucking eyes out and punch that smirk from her face but knew whilst Chris was under her control I needed to prevent incurring her wrath, which would no doubt land on him.

    “What do you have to gain anyway by hurting him? If you have a problem with me then bring it on.” I invited.

    “Oh, I will bring it on as far as you are concerned in good time bitch but for now you will be seeing things my way and doing what the fuck I say if you want that worthless piece of shit boyfriend of yours to say safe. Are we clear?” Aurelia said.

    Fuck I thought this was another test of my dominant. If I kept going with this Chris would be fucked, as she had every intention of following through on her threats. However, if I really loved him I would put my dominant aside and swallow my pride then comply. I reluctantly decided to relent.

    “What the fuck do you want then slut?” I said.

    “I thought you might see things my way, bitch. Well first off you can start by referring to me properly as ‘goddess’ as you are now my slave. Secondly you can get on your fucking knees right now and kiss my feet.” Aurelia ordered.

    I couldn’t help myself, my inner dominant was furious. She was pushing me too far and too quickly. “Fuck you bitch.” I said before even thinking.

    “I won’t ask you again bitch. If you don’t comply right now I will walk away and start a reign of terror and pain over your little foot whore that will destroy his mind and body. Even when you are then begging for me to stop I will simply laugh in your face. This is your final chance. What will it be bitch?” Aurelia said.

    I could see her prepare herself in case I attacked her. She knew she had pushed me to the limit and my anger must have been painted all over my face. Aurelia was too tough a bitch to relent to my threats so if I wanted to protect Chris there was only one option left for me.

    “Ok goddess. You win.” I said and knelt down to kiss her shoes. I did it quickly and was then back up facing her not wanting to prolong my humiliation any longer than I had to.

    “That’s better, slave. We are going to have all sorts of fun you know. I have so much planned for you it’s making me wet just thinking about it. My own little dom slave. It really couldn’t be better.”

    Just wait until Beth finds out I thought. She would be dead. As if she was reading my mind she then added, “And don’t think I am stupid enough to let Beth find out about our little arrangement. It will be our little secret. If you tell her I will deny everything and Chris will pay dearly so you better be sure it will work if you decide to involve her. Remember also, I have known her much longer than you.”

    She let the gravity on my situation sink in while she stood there smiling at me, gloating and wallowing in her victory.

    “I haven’t even told you the best part of all this yet. That little worthless cunt of yours has fallen in love with me. It really is quite laughable for him to think he has any chance with me. A pathetic slut like you, well yes, but I am a different league altogether.”

    “It all started with my sweet smelling pretty toes, he really loves them so much. When I tease him with them he goes completely mad and starts begging me to sniff them. You should see how he worships them. I have had hundreds of men at my feet but none are quite so desperate, pathetic and committed as your foot bitch.”

    “From there he started turning his worship from my feet to me as a dominant. He idolises me in every way and will do anything I say just for the smallest attentions now. I have tested this with public humiliation and am pleased to say he will push through almost anything to show his devotion to me.”

    “The devotion he shows me has progressively evolved and taken over his mind and now his heart to the point where he declares his love for me all the time, which is rather boring. I warned him off of course, as anyone who loves me would be utterly fucked but he seems wedded to the idea so I am having fun making him pay dearly for his affections.”

    “Now the icing on the cake is you standing before me agreeing to become my slave to protect such a worthless deceitful piece of shit. How fucking pathetic does that make you, bitch?”

    Her coup-de-grace was like a knife through my heart. Surely Chris would not fall for this nasty psychopathic bitch? He loved me and in the same way I put my dominant needs aside for him, surely he would put aside his submissive needs. She was obviously manipulating and twisting him to her will and that’s what Chris meant by Aurelia fucking with his mind and him giving it back to her when we spoke this morning. Perhaps Chris was just smart enough to pretend he loved her to stroke her ego and drop her guard. By the looks of it she was convinced. I needed to give him the benefit of the doubt until I could speak with him again.

    “You’re a deceitful liar Aurelia and you are trying to mind fuck me in the same way you are mind fucking him.” I snarled.

    Aurelia then slapped me round the face hard and said, “Goddess, you disrespectful bitch.”

    It took every ounce of self-control not to hit her back. My arm even moved instinctively trying to hit her before I reeled it in. “Goddess.” I added reluctantly.

    “Well I don’t care what you believe frankly. The main point here is that you are my slave now and I am going to milk that for all it’s worth. Expect demanding and frequent incursions into your life starting now. Oh, and I hope you like sweaty dirty stinking feet bitch because if you don’t then life is going to go rapidly downhill for you.” She then started laughing before turning to walk away.

    Fucking hell I was screaming inside. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with all this shit I get this nasty ruthless bitch crawling all over me. I thought about telling Beth but she would need to pull Chris away from Aurelia quick if I did that and why should she help me protect him? Perhaps the best way to get to Aurelia was through Grace and I had her running scared. The question was how? Kidnapping her was too far-fetched and anyway how would I keep her imprisoned? Perhaps I could use Seraphina or Julia somehow or even Laura and Sophia if I could get them on side with some mentoring. Fuck things were so complicated right now.


    I made my way back to the bar and ordered a double vodka and orange. I was in need of a drink so ordered one off Beth’s tab and sunk it down immediately. I then ordered another and took it back to the table where Beth was hosting. As I approached Beth caught me off guard.

    “There she is, my loyal slave. Come sit next to your goddess.” She then patted the seat next to her. I could already tell she was worse for wear with drink so this could get quite uncomfortable quickly.

    Sitting at Beth’s table were Allegra, Nadine, Karine, Mireille, Julia, Laura and Sophia. I guessed Grace was off with Aurelia and knew Seraphina would be with Porsche. As I sat down Beth put her arms around me and then all eyes shifted to me.

    “Did you remember to get your goddess a present today?” She asked with almost child-like sensitivity. She really wasn’t a good drunk.

    “I did. Would you like it now goddess?” I asked, keen to get the attention off me somehow.

    “Oh yes please.” Beth said, clearly in this state her manners were winning over her usual dominant rudeness. This might be less embarrassing than I thought it would be.

    I pulled the present out of my bag, which was wrapped in baby pink paper with a crimson bow and a little card. Fuck I thought I forgot about the card. Beth plucked the card out and studied it hard like you do when you are trying to read under the influence of alcohol.

    The card said ‘To my mentor and goddess, I know you will look beautiful in this. Think of me when you wear it. Nicola xxx’

    I cringed waiting for her to read the card out loud but fortunately she just smiled, glanced at me then tucked it into her bag almost as a safe keep. Then turning her attention to the present, she started to peel away the paper to reveal the beautiful designer red neck scarf. She immediately pulled the white one off she was wearing and put the red one on, she had a massive smile on her face.

    “How do I look?” Beth asked me.

    “Beautiful goddess. In every sense of the word.” I replied.

    Though I was desperately angry and sad inside I could not help but have my spirits risen seeing how much Beth liked the present. She got up briefly to do a little show dance for the table before sitting back down.

    “I love it Nicola, and as for your request, I will.” Beth smiled, referring to the message in the card without saying it aloud.

    She then placed her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. I was more than a little uncomfortable as everyone was watching but with the drink Beth had had, together with her irresistible strength I wasn’t going to get away from this kiss even if I wanted to. And actually, I didn’t especially, not after my encounter with Aurelia. The kiss went on and on and started to evolve into something more amorous and intimate as she stroked my hair and face.

    Sensing everyone was watching I whispered to Beth in between her advances, “Everyone is watching us.”

    “Fuck them.” She replied.

    Following that I had no choice but to embrace the kiss and her so I placed my arms around her and kissed her back. I threw all my seductive charms into it lightly licking her lips and rubbing my cheek to hers. She even gave a little moan before eventually she broke away.

    “Fucking hell girl, you can kiss.” Beth said, her face flush with sexual tension. “I need a drink after that.” Beth then got up to walk to the bar whilst Sophia, Laura and Julia followed her.

    Karine and Mireille were laughing at me with what just happened, whilst Nadine was her usual calm collected cool self. It was when I looked at Allegra that a shiver went down my spine. To say she was firing hate through her eyes would have been the understatement of the year. I even took a small gulp. She was a big strong powerful woman not dissimilar to Beth and I knew she could beat the fuck out of me. I couldn’t show weakness or that I enjoyed it as both would only make matters worse so I went for humour.

    “I guess she liked the scarf then.” Everyone laughed except Allegra. I got up quickly and said I was heading for the toilets. I needed to do anything to get away from that table.


    As I walked in I sensed I had made a stupid mistake and it was only moments later that Allegra followed me in. Before I even had a chance to turn around she had me by the neck pinned up against the wall.

    “What kind of fucking game do you think you are playing slut?” Allegra spat.

    “None. Beth asked me for a present and I got her one. That’s it.” I replied.

    “Well let me tell you one thing, whore. She will never fall for someone like you because you are weak, pathetic and useless. Beth respects and adores power and success and I can give her that in spades. So stay out of my fucking way or I will carve you up bitch.” Allegra shouted literally inches from my face.

    “I don’t have any control over what Beth does as well you know. I already have a man who I love so what shit are you trying to pin on me here?” I challenged using all the courage I could through my dominant.

    “You are fucking up to something you snivelling, conniving, manipulative little weasel. Why the hell did she kiss you like that then?” Allegra demanded.

    “I don’t fucking know, ask her. And if you do like her then fucking tell her. Don’t use me as a proxy excuse for not getting what you want.” I snarled.

    That last comment was clearly a little over the top and I got a hard punch in the stomach, which took all my wind away as I dropped down the wall. This was quickly followed by a kick to the head sending me crashing to the floor.

    Allegra then shouted, “Keep out of my way bitch or else!” Then stormed out.

    Well that could’ve been worse I thought.

    I got myself together and had a pee then on the way out of the cubicle I saw Beth coming in.

    “What happened to you Nicola?” She asked concerned.

    I looked in the mirror and could see a small trickle of blood running down the side of my head. I quickly grabbed a paper towel and mopped it until it stopped running.

    “Oh nothing. I must have bashed it somehow.” I replied.

    “Who the fuck did that Nicola?” Beth said looking like rage was setting in and drunkenness was on a fast train out of town.

    “I can look after myself goddess.” I said.

    “The fuck you can. No one touches you, only me, and that is final. Now who the fuck did this?” Beth repeated

    “I don’t want you to get involved Beth. What I want from you is to help me be the hardest fucking nastiest dominant I can be. I am sick of being fucked around by stupid bitches.” I said as a tear welled up in my eye.

    Beth stepped over and kissed the tear rolling down my cheek. “That tear is mine. I can promise you one thing Nicola, when I have finished with you every fucking person on the planet will fear you. Are you ready to give yourself to me?”

    I placed my hands on Beth’s cheeks and kissed her tenderly and lovingly on the lips, only this time with sincerity and commitment. Her eyes closed and she whispered, “You are. I can feel it.”
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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    Chapter 40 – Another Black Friday Part 1

    I was in bed when Aurelia and Grace came back last night. There was a lot of banging around like they had been drinking heavily but thankfully they didn’t disturb me when they came to bed.

    I was now up early and looking at what damage they had done to my cleaning efforts from the day before and was happy to see apart from shoes and coats lying around there was little to worry about. The other thing I was happy about was that my back was feeling better today; the painkillers were now leaving me relatively pain free so I had more movement, which would be important knowing I was back in the office today.

    Walking down the hallway I couldn’t hear any noise coming from the master bedroom so made my way downstairs to prepare breakfast for Grace and Aurelia. Once I had assembled fresh fruit pancakes, coffee, boiled eggs, buttered toast fingers and orange juice on a tray I started to make my way up the stairs. Suddenly I stopped - realising the sauces, salt and pepper were missing so I doubled back to add those as well. I didn’t want a repeat of that episode, I thought.

    When I got to the master bedroom door I tapped on it with my foot and waited for an answer. None came. I then kicked a little harder in case they were still sleeping.

    “What for fuck sake?” Came the reply.

    I eased the door open carefully so as to avoid any tray spillages and then pushed it open. Inside Aurelia and Grace were in bed still half asleep, I guessed they were quite late home last night given how tired they looked.

    “Sorry goddess. But I thought you could use a little breakfast to help start your day.” I offered.

    “And I thought you could use a little crop to start yours, slave.” Aurelia snarled back.

    I stopped in my tracks fearing another thrashing. My back was still quite raw even though I was relatively free of pain. Seeing my fear Aurelia started laughing at me.

    “You are such a fucking wimp slave. A little crop thrashing and you are shaking with fear at the mention of another. Now bring my breakfast over on your knees.” Aurelia commanded.

    I knelt down and slowly shuffled forward to avoid any spillages and then stopped when I was by Aurelia’s side.

    “Well put the tray on my lap, you lazy fucker. I am not reaching over to you for it.” Aurelia shouted.

    I got up onto my knees and placed the tray gently on her lap, all the while she stared at me intently to try and unsettle me.

    “We need to have a little chat slave, which in your language means I am talking and you are listening. I don’t want to have to look at your ugly face while I am eating so get down the end of the bed and sniff our feet while you listen. They should be pretty ripe, as I am preparing for some fun.”

    I crawled to the end of the bed and lifted the duvet to see Grace and Aurelia’s feet curled up together in front of me. The smell was pretty nasty but not so bad considering how awful they had been before now. Aurelia then began talking in between bites of her breakfast. Grace also sat up so she could listen in. I suspect she already knew what was coming by the look on her face.

    “Your little whore girlfriend was at the bid win celebration last night slave.” Aurelia opened up knowing it would peak my interest.

    “I told her of your servitude to us and informed her of your desperate desires over my feet. She was particularly interested when I then told her how you continually declare your undying love for me.” Aurelia smirked.

    Grace added, “Who wouldn’t love such a perfect beautiful woman like you Aurelia.” To which Aurelia smiled knowingly.

    My head dropped and my heart sank through my chest. I felt all hope seep out of my body at this point.

    “Well the point I made to Beth’s slut was that there is no chance whatsoever that your attentions would ever have an effect on me, and even less again that I would offer you any attentions other than pain, suffering and humiliation. Which, quite frankly, is all you are good for anyway.” Aurelia added.

    Tears were now streaming down my face as rejection and pending loss was closing in on me from all sides.

    “That’s it foot whore. Wash my feet with your tears while I continue.” Aurelia said and Grace laughed.

    Grace then started to rub her pussy while she watched my complete annihilation.

    “Though she didn’t seem shocked at your desperate desire for my feet, she was of course utterly shattered by your betrayal and love for me. Of course, it is Grace that I love and always will. We are one united by our desires, dreams and lust for suffering.” Grace placed her head on Aurelia’s shoulder and nestled her arm under Aurelia’s in an embrace.

    “The funniest thing is she was subordinating herself to me to protect your fucking arse. I warned her that unless she did exactly what I told her your life would be hell on earth. Love must have clouded her judgement because I could inflict that on you just because I have the inclination, and nothing more. But she believed that by agreeing to be my slave I would offer you mercy in some form. What a complete fucking imbecile that bitch is!”

    “Now I have her complete devotion as my slave, I intend to soak up every moment of pleasure her suffering will give me.” Aurelia sneered.

    Grace was in raptures at this. “Let’s fucking kill the bitch Aurelia. I want her suffering to be extreme, something legendary and utterly remorseless.”

    “We will have fun my sweet, of that you can be sure.” Aurelia tempered Grace’s request, as she wanted a prolonged arrangement not a quick kill.

    My face was now boiling with rage and bright red as I listened to this vile, degrading and inhuman plotting of another’s suffering. I was starting to consider what the implications would be if I tried to beat the fuck out of these bitches here and now. Surely I could take the two of them?

    “So there you have it foot bitch. Your girlfriend has signed up to a life of servitude to me in an effort to reduce the suffering of a worthless wanker who is in love with someone else and betraying her. How fucking funny and pathetic is that?”

    Aurelia fell silent for a while watching me sob uncontrollably at her feet. After a few minutes she said, “The sound of your crying is such sweet music foot bitch, I could live in this moment for days. Your desperation and sadness are like an energising aura feeding my dominant, it is so empowering. Knowing I have taken everything from you as a reward for showing me love is a fitting gesture given how spiteful and powerful I am. I told you not to fall for me, didn’t I? I warned you it would be hell on earth but you didn’t listen and now you will pay. I have no compassion, no empathy and I will show no mercy to either of you. Crushing you both beneath my feet will just be one more small milestone in my journey to complete supremacy.” She then started laughing as Grace kissed her neck and cheeks.

    Feeling like I had nothing left to lose I stood up.

    “Ok Grace listen to this, it’s going to be fun. You are going to see a weak pathetic slave completely break in front of your eyes. Enjoy!” Aurelia said.

    “Fuck you Aurelia. You are vile, a horrendous thing. Even calling you human is stretching the truth. I don’t love you and I have never loved you. I only said all that shit just to get you to ease up on me and even if you didn’t you still fell for it hook, line and sinker. You think you are some hotshot head-fucker? Well you don’t know me, and you never will. If truth be known, I fucking hate you and your stupid little slut there. There is not a minute I don’t think about escaping or getting my own back on you. You will never know love in the true sense because no one would ever be stupid enough to give themselves truly to you like I have done with Nicola. No matter what you do you won’t destroy what we have. Complete supremacy. Ha! What a fucking joke. More like complete lunacy, you deranged fucking cunt!” I screamed now out of breath I put so much into that tirade of abuse.

    “I think I have heard enough now.” Aurelia said very calmly and produced a small black remote in her hand. The next second I felt an electric pulse shoot through my neck from my collar rendering me unconscious.


    When I awoke I was handcuffed to the radiator in the main bathroom and Grace and Aurelia were standing over me.

    “It’s time for you to cool off slave.” Aurelia said and they both started pissing on my face and body. Being cuffed to the radiator I could not even deflect it or move to escape the two relentless streams.

    Grace and Aurelia were screaming with delight looking at my disgust while they did this to me. The piss streams seemed to go on forever after they were stored up all night and were now making large puddles all over the tiled floor. When eventually they did stop I was soaked in their urine.

    “Well that’s your shower taken care of slave.” Grace giggled.

    “Now you can lick the piss off our feet slave.” Aurelia snarled as she and Grace sat on the edge of the bath and dipped their soles and toes into the piss pools on the floor.

    “I am not fucking doing anything of the kind, you vile witches!” I shouted.

    “Oh really? Then I will just take Grace up on her idea to ruin and destroy your worthless slut of a girlfriend. She can take all the suffering you are evidently not man enough to handle. I don’t give a fuck either way. You won’t be getting another drink any day soon anyway chained to that radiator. By the end of the weekend you will be pleading to drink my piss and I will only allow that if you eat my waste first.” Aurelia smiled.

    “Fucking hell!” I screamed. To which Aurelia laughed seeing she had me beat.

    “Exactly, welcome to fucking hell. Now lick the piss off my feet and thank me, bitch.” Aurelia said as she extended her foot to my face.

    I was dejected, distraught and now felt wretched as I licked that foot. It was as low as I have ever felt and the mocking laughter that Aurelia delivered throughout only amplified the torture.

    “Thank you, goddess.” I mumbled.

    “Mmm. That’s it piss-drinker, lap it all up like the animal you are. I think we have found our new conditioning vehicle Grace. What do you think? I am sure we can have him begging to drink our piss within a couple of weeks what do you think?”

    “Oh I think that’s far too nice of you Aurelia. I am sure we can think of something much nastier to go in that filthy mouth of his. Did you just hear what came out of it? I mean I was positively shocked and upset by it.” Grace then laughed.

    They kept me in that bathroom licking piss off their soles for close to twenty minutes, periodically refreshing their soles by dipping them in the puddles, until boredom got the best of them. I was sick to the pit of my stomach.

    “Ok slave we are going to get ready for work, after which we will hear you beg for forgiveness. Note though that when we come back we will only hear your plea if you have drunk and licked all the rest of the piss off the floor. Best get busy.” They then left laughing and kissing each other, revelling in their newfound level of nastiness.

    Aurelia then said to Grace, “Are you feeling a little better about things now my love? This is just the beginning.”


    When they returned I was a sickened mess on the floor. I had ingested the urine and felt like a trip to the doctors was the best course of action for me. Aurelia’s words were ringing in my mind like a loud clanging bell at close proximity as they pounded my head. How could I ever recover this situation with Nicola? Could I help her understand I just said those things to Aurelia to carve some sanity out of this madness? I regretted ever trying that shit on Aurelia as it had backfired worse than I could have ever imagined. Even so, I had to admit to myself that I did have feelings for Aurelia. As I tossed all my options around I kept coming back to the same point. Only Beth could help Nicola and myself but how would we ever convince her to do that?

    “Ok, piss-drinker. Let’s hear it.” Aurelia said looking bored referring to hearing my plea for forgiveness.

    “Look I am sorry I said those things but…” Aurelia slapped me hard mid flow.

    “Don’t you dare put a ‘but’ in that sentence. I want pleading, not excuses!” She screamed.

    I took a deep breath and started again, “I was wrong to say what I said goddesses. I know I don’t deserve your compassion but I beg you to please find it in your hearts to forgive me so we can move on from this. I will be better and I will try harder to please you in whatever way I can moving forward.”

    “I told you I don’t have any compassion and I certainly have no heart as far as you are concerned bitch. So, what are you asking me?” Aurelia smirked.

    I broke down again, “I don’t know. You hate me anyway. There is nothing I can say. I am at whatever mercy you choose to bestow on me, and nothing more goddess.”

    “Good, now you finally realise slave. Well let me be clear about something. If I were to meter out your punishment for your little outburst in one administration you would not survive it and though I despise you, I don’t want to kill you yet as you are the leverage I am using to play with your slut girlfriend. Therefore, expect a general ramp up in the abuse you will receive over the coming days until I feel you have served your penance. Also, if you try anything that displeases me or compromises my plans for you and your bitch I will unleash hell on her and it will be all your making.”

    “Yes, my goddess.” I murmured. I was desperate to repay Nicola for the sacrifice she had made for me at least until we could work a way out of this mess.

    “Tonight, Grace and myself are taking my team to a club where you will be the centre of attention. That will be your first opportunity to pay back some of your debt. You will now wear our collar 24 hours a day so I can give you a little zap if you displease me, or a real fucking knockout blow if you try anything. I suggest you wear a large collar so the others don’t see you wearing it. I don’t want to have to explain myself because of your insubordination.”

    “So are you going to be a well behaved slave or not?” Aurelia asked.

    “Yes, I will do as you ask goddess. I don’t wish to incur your wrath any more than I have already and I certainly don’t want Nicola to suffer for my choices.” I said though after the last club they took me to I was actually filled with dread at this point.

    Aurelia reached down and unlocked the handcuffs then ordered me to get dressed ready for work. I wouldn’t be eating before we left.


    We arrived at work a little late and only just made it in time for the team meeting, which Beth was chairing. Nicola was kneeling beside Beth’s chair and I was marched round the other side by Aurelia to kneel at her feet. There was still no sign of Yuki and Allegra didn’t look to be missing her. I wondered if they had just let Yuki go in the end?

    Beth started off with some corporate messages before spending considerable time congratulating everyone on the Turner and Lewis Partnership win. Beth made a point of hammering home the significance of the win as not only did it put us way ahead of our annual revenue target but it was the first time two such large wins had been won in the same quarter. It also fully vilified the recent team expansion and Beth’s recommendation to form three separate teams to grow the business development side of the firm.

    Beth then said, “I have spoken with head office this morning and they have added addition funds to our sales commission pot, which I will be channelling into your pay packets and into future social rewards. Following our horse-riding day this Sunday I have now organised a beauty-pampering event next week, which will have some great surprises to look forward to.”

    There was a massive round of applause from the team. I noticed that even Nicola was appreciating Beth’s accolades to the team, which really worried me. What the fuck is going on there, I thought? I really hoped she wasn’t getting into Nicola’s head like she had done with me before. I stood no chance getting between those two.

    This was compounded soon after when Beth added, “I also want to pay a special mention to Nicola for helping me with the final editing, and she did a fantastic job. And for the avoidance of doubt I would like to remind you that she is my bitch and anyone who fucks with her fucks with me!”

    The mood of the room swung from joy to a sudden and shocking silence as Beth’s threat hung in the air. Beth was scanning the room for a reaction from the team. Something must have happened recently to Nicola for Beth to be so possessive. I was now really worried as Beth’s affections seemed to have swung firmly towards Nicola, which I felt both jealous and envious of. I started to feel very alone in that room as I looked up at Aurelia who was smirking at Beth’s outburst.

    After a brief pause Beth was conscious she needed to galvanise the team again so went on, “Aurelia and her team have done some sterling work developing new proposals for prospective bids, which I now want us to focus on. This includes a global outfit called ‘Masters and Johnson International’ which I would like Allegra and her team to lead on with their experience.

    Fucking hell, I thought, everyone here is getting credit except me and I put that proposal together. Aurelia and her team exchanged glances and smiles given their recognition, as did Allegra and her team for the opportunity to shine in this new bid. A positive buzz built back up in the room.

    Beth then added, “In fact we only have one runt in the litter right foot bitch? What the fuck are you going to contribute over and above sniffing and licking feet?” She looked at me with that evil smirk she did so well.

    I shrank into the floor as the women started laughing and pointing at me. There were a number of insults added into the mix like ‘What a fucking tosser’ and ‘I don’t know why we keep him, surely another woman would add more value to the team.’ Aurelia dug her stiletto heel into my thigh just to accentuate my discomfort with pain on top of all the humiliation I was feeling.

    Beth then added, “I want a report on my desk Monday morning to explain what value you will add to this team. If as I suspect it is pathetic and worthless like you I will dispense with your services henceforth.”

    I then caught Nicola’s eyes and could see she was feeling my pain and anguish. In that brief moment I could see and feel the affections she had for me which helped me cope with the weight of despair I was wresting with. I couldn’t allow Beth to out me and leave Nicola here to suffer alone.

    Beth picked up on this exchange and kicked Nicola lightly to gather her attention away from me.

    “So slave, is there anything else we have on our agenda before we close?” Beth then asked Nicola.

    Nicola broke her stare and recapped in her mind what she had subconsciously heard Beth ask. “Oh no goddess, you have covered everything.”

    “In that case we are finished ladies. Thank you once again for such an outstanding performance, this company will appreciate how incredible you all are and I will personally see to it that each and every one of you is rewarded appropriately.” Beth closed wanting to end on a high. Everyone then got up and left.


    Following the team meeting I was led back to Aurelia’s office for her own team meeting with Sophia, Julia and Laura. The juniors were given ten minutes to grab a coffee and then we were all gathered ready to start.

    Aurelia had me sat down on the floor with her feet up on my shoulder when they arrived and took their seats around the meeting table. Laura and Sophia made sure to layer on some humiliation as they entered.

    “I see our foot sniffing tart is where he loves to be Aurelia. Being used as a footrest. What a pathetic wanker!” Laura said.

    “I have been working up a right stink for ages now Aurelia. When will we get a turn to abuse this animal?” Sophia added.

    “How bad do they smell then Sophia?” Julia asked with a slight blush in her face, which didn’t go unnoticed to Aurelia who raised her eyebrows but stayed silent.

    “Why the fuck do you care, Julia? I am not going to make you sniff them.” Sophia replied curtly.

    “Oh sorry. I was just curious.” Julia replied looking rather embarrassed she had asked. Sophia dismissed the comment as her interest was in dominating me, Laura however had her curiosity peaked by the comment.

    “Mine fucking stink as well Julia. I have been hammering the gym every lunchtime and evening for days and pretty much wearing the same socks in each session. If you want to know how bad mine stink I can rub them in your face if you like?” Laura teased, trying to get a reaction from Julia

    Julia went bright red and looked down into her notebook like a naughty school kid.

    Aurelia bailed her out of her predicament by saying, “Now now, Laura. Keep your attentions on our slave here if you want to play games.”

    “But we never get to use him,” she grumbled.

    “Well that’s going to change today. I am taking you all out for lunch after this meeting and we are going to have some public fun with the slave together. Afterwards I am giving him to you all afternoon as a reward for the fantastic work you all did with the leads. Beth was very proud of our work and you all deserve recognition.” Aurelia exclaimed.

    Fucking hell, I thought. Not only did Beth skip over me regardless of all my efforts on those leads, but now these bitches are claiming all the credit themselves when they know I did the work. My thank you is a public roasting followed by an afternoon with three bitches. Well, two and half anyway.

    “Now that’s what I am talking about.” Laura snarled and high fived Sophia. Julia watched on with a smile on her face.

    “Ok slut, make sure you get the minutes and actions whilst you clean the bottom of my shoes.” Aurelia barked and then started her meeting. I was forced to lick her shoes and take down all the key points as the juniors giggled at me in between Aurelia’s messages.

    The main thrust of Aurelia’s meeting was developing more international leads as well as trying to carve out another big potential client. I knew they would struggle with this alone so thought to bide my time in the hope I could get some leverage with my contribution later.

    After some additional congratulations to the team and a brief question session at the end we were done. Aurelia asked the women to get ready for lunch and they agreed to meet in the foyer within ten minutes


    Aurelia led me into the foyer to await the juniors and said, “Right slut. Your payback for this morning’s trash talking is going to continue soon. Just remember that if you don’t do what I tell you to willingly and with appreciation then I will zap you, ramp up your punishment tenfold and of course give your slut girlfriend a full dose of nasty Aurelia to compensate for your weakness. Has that thick head of yours processed all those details?”

    My anger was rising again as Aurelia threatened Nicola, I realised that was a real sore spot for me but needed to keep my cool to protect her. I took a deep breath and said, “Yes goddess I understand and will do what you ask.”

    “I am looking forward to putting that to the test foot whore.” Aurelia sneered.

    “Putting what to the test?” Laura chimed in as she approached.

    “You will see Laura. Let’s go.” Aurelia said as she observed Julia and Sophia approaching close behind.

    We made our way out into the sunshine and Aurelia asked the juniors what they would like for food adding a proviso that they would be eating in the park today to capitalise on the nice weather. After some brief conferring, mainly between Sophia and Laura they decided to go for sushi. There was an upmarket sushi bar not five minutes walk, which we went to directly. Sophia, Laura and Julia made their selections picking from the top of the menu where the premium items were and Aurelia paid picking up some still water in the process for everyone.

    After looking at my sorrowful face due to skipping yet another meal Aurelia said, “Don’t look so glum bitch. You’ll get some food, don’t worry.”

    She then smirked with that devilish grin she likes to throw out just before hell starts. I was figuring I would be eating sushi served with feet today as my punishment, which normally wouldn’t be so bad but Sophia and Laura had hyped up their poor foot hygiene before we left so I was now dreading it.

    When we got to the park the ladies took a seat on one of the benches facing the sunshine and ordered me to sit on the floor underneath them. I looked around and noted there weren’t too many people about, which I was thankful for. There was a couple sat on one bench down to the right and two women seeming to have an argument on the left. The final bench opposite us was empty.

    “This is the life right ladies?” Aurelia said putting her feet up onto my shoulders again.

    Laura and Sophia didn’t waste any time joining her this time. Sophia taking the other shoulder and Laura crossing her feet on my head heavily forcing me to bow down. Julia seemed satisfied to watch and giggle.

    I could hear lots of munching as they ate and chatted. Aurelia asked the women if they were looking forward to their big night out to which all three got really excited. I heard Aurelia give a little hush sound as if to request them to keep quiet about the details and then they moved on from the topic. Aurelia was very interested in music and quizzed the women on their tastes. Julia seemed to only be into pop and chart music, which seemed to irritate Aurelia whilst Laura liked her music loud and heavy and cited Jimi Hendrix as her favourite. Aurelia approved of that choice. Sophia however was the one who really caught Aurelia’s attention most when she said she was into spiritual and modal jazz.

    “Really?” Aurelia said sceptically. “Like who for instance?”

    “Oh, lots really.” Sophia said.

    Aurelia was pissed now as she felt that Sophia was sucking up and lying so pushed her into a corner. “Lots as in, never really listened to any but know my boss likes it?”

    Sophia then annoyed by the accusation replied assertively, “Erm, no actually. Lots as in Sahib Shihab, Charles Rouse, Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison, Davis’ blue period and even some of the more obscure shit like the Hasting’s Street Jazz Experience.”

    Aurelia was properly put down and I had a little chuckle, which wasn’t lost on her as the ripple of my giggles ran through her feet parked on my shoulder. She kicked me in the side of the head before replying coolly, “Ok bitch you know your stuff. Sorry I doubted you. It’s just I hate brown-nosers.”

    “Well, I ain’t no fucking brown-noser Aurelia. I thought you would have known that about me by now.” Sophia said with authority.

    Aurelia smiled and said, “I like you more every day Sophia. I won’t make that mistake twice, that’s for sure.”

    Aurelia then said to me, “Hey bitch, rub Sophia’s feet for her. She deserves some respect for her musical choices, which I am sure are infinitely more refined than yours.”

    Sophia didn’t wait a second before she dropped her feet off my shoulder and parked them in my lap. She didn’t even pause to seek Aurelia’s permission to proceed. She was going for it come what may after waiting so long.

    “Right foot slut it’s Sophia time. Take those hot sneakers off my feet and let my stinking toes air out under your nose while you rub them.” She said.

    I looked down at Sophia’s feet, which were parked under my face. My head was still being pressed downwards by the weight of Laura’s legs crossed. She was wearing the same black designer trainers she wore in the coat shop when I first met her together with pink ankle socks just visible above the top. The company allowed for dress down on a Friday and Sophia was clearly capitalising with her relaxed dress choices. She was wearing some tight fitting but smart denim jeans and a snug white t-shirt, which accentuated her nice firm breasts. Had I not have had her feet stuck under my nose I probably would have admired her beauty instead as her ice blonde hair reflected the sunshine and pale blue eyes pierced looking down at me.

    As I removed her sneakers the same smell wafted up into my face that I still recall from our first meeting. It was a very strong scent today and much stronger than back then but I still found it strangely alluring. Her pink socks were black around the toes and heel where they had been tainted by the inside of her shoes with copious amounts of sweating.

    “How wet, warm and nasty does that feel foot bitch?” Sophia said as she proceeded to wipe her socks across my face once freed from her sneakers.

    “Thank you, goddess.” I said as I tried to grab her feet to massage and avoid any further arousal from having them in my face.

    “I haven’t finished wiping my scent on your pathetic face yet footboy. I have spent days marinating these babies. Make sure you get plenty up that nose of yours.” Sophia sneered.

    “Save something for later Sophia.” Aurelia encouraged.

    “Oh, right yeah. Ok then bitch just give me one almighty sniff right between the toes and then you can rub them.” Sophia commanded.

    As I took her foot in my hands and inserted my nose into the sock fabric I felt a strong arousal tinge in my crotch. The deep sniff immediately triggered a hard on which Sophia placed her other foot on and pedalled hard on it for a few seconds.

    “You are so mine later, foot bitch. I can’t wait.” Sophia said triumphantly as Aurelia laughed. Laura was feeling put out at Sophia getting all the attention and started sulking a little, in a role reversal from before.

    Julia asked, “How does it smell slave? Describe it to me.”

    As my head was still bowed my blushing was not visible to them as I said, “The smell is quite alluring. Sophia has beautiful feet that it is difficult not to admire.”

    Julia blushed again as she started to imagine the smell. Her submissiveness and curiosity were now starting to overlap more publically but she could not stop herself. Laura cast her a glance to confirm her suspicions and Aurelia smiled to herself wondering how much fun to have at her expense, as she was also her boss.

    Sophia kicked me in the face and said, “I think you mean goddess right slut?”

    “Yes, I am sorry goddess. I was in another world admiring your feet.” I replied.

    “You are going to be in another world later bitch alright.” Sophia laughed and was elbowed lightly by Aurelia to keep quiet.

    “Ok get rubbing then slave.” Sophia said and I started rubbing her feet as they continued talking. Laura was amusing herself by putting extra weight on my head to pull my nose down closer and closer to the pink socks whilst Julia watched enthralled and Aurelia and Sophia talked music.

    After about ten minutes their sushi was finished and the women threw their empty plastic trays and chopsticks at me informing me I was to dispose of them in the bin. As I got up to take the rubbish to the bin I could see the couple had left and the two women on the bench had ceased their argument and were now watching me. As I walked past them towards the bin one of them said, “You should be ashamed of yourself doing that in public.”

    I thought about answering them but decided it would only get me into an argument and wind Aurelia up even more than she was already with me. As I returned all the women were laughing almost maniacally, which didn’t really help ease what fears I had.

    “Pity you missed out on the sushi huh slave?” Aurelia said. “Well, all is not lost. Sit your arse back down and we will prepare you something nice.”

    The women all laughed again as they removed their shoes and socks. Aurelia then poured her bottled water onto the flowerbed just to the right-hand side of the bench whilst the others watched. When all the contents had been emptied they all got up and started trampling in the wet mud coating their feet. My stomach started to fall through the floor watching this as I recalled my first encounter with the Deneuve twins. That was more a light smattering of plant mud whilst this was a large mound of earth from a public place. Fucking hell I thought, I couldn’t do this.

    Aurelia then said, “Ok slut, remember our little chat earlier? Well here is my order. I want you to beg to lick the filth from our feet loudly enough that those two women sat over there can hear it.”

    I glanced around quickly to see the two women still watching me and noted their distance. It was at least 15 to 20 metres, which meant I would literally be shouting to ensure they heard. Fuck, this was getting worse and fast.

    “When you lick the shit off our feet I want you to eat it and thank us again loudly enough that they can hear. If you don’t do as I command?” Aurelia said and then showed me the little black remote in her hand before adding, “I will piss in the mud and make you eat that instead and well you know the rest…”

    I had tears welling up in my eyes just thinking about what I had to do, let alone actually doing it.

    “Fucking hell I am getting wet just thinking about this Aurelia.” Sophia said. “Hope it doesn’t remove too much stink from my feet for later though?”

    “Me too bitch. This is fucking awesome and in public too!” Laura added.

    Julia remained quiet her jaw agape at what I had been told to do. I could see this was one punishment she wouldn’t be queuing up for herself.

    “Come on then bitch, stop snivelling and eat filth!” Aurelia shouted and everyone laughed.

    “Please!” I exclaimed desperate for reprieve.

    “That better be a fucking plea to eat filth and not a pathetic beg for mercy cunt!” Aurelia seethed with pure venom in her eyes and mouth.

    I had reached a point of no return. In order to protect Nicola, I was going to have to do this. Worse than actually licking the filth off Aurelia’s feet I was essentially showing the others this kind of shit was acceptable as a benchmark for future punishments. Sophia and Laura were obvious sadists themselves, whilst who really knows what was going on in Julia’s mind. This action was going to present me with infinitely worse problems moving forward I could sense it and Aurelia had planned it just that way. What a fucking bitch!

    I closed my eyes and took a deep breath while I pictured Nicola’s beautiful face and reminded myself how much I loved her.

    I then opened my eyes and shouted, “May I lick the dirt from your feet please goddesses? It would be an honour for me.”

    The women then whooped and cheered loudly in return as all eight feet were presented to my face simultaneously. I could also hear the two women previously sat on the bench behind us approaching.

    Aurelia noting their arrival said, “Be my guest you horrible revolting man, you have paid us enough for this privilege. Though why any human being would want to lick dirt off of another person’s feet is beyond me. Just make sure you thank us for this privilege as I can assure you this is disgusting for us even if you think this is normal, you fucking animal.”

    As I started to lick their feet large amounts of mud entered my mouth and thankfully a lot hit the floor. I chewed very carefully suspecting there would be stones but to my relief it seemed like newly deposited top soil. The mud quickly clogged in my mouth and I was struggling to consume it.

    “Are you telling me this man has paid you women to lick dirt from your feet?” The women behind me asked.

    “Didn’t you just hear what I said?” Aurelia said rudely.

    “Yes I did, but I couldn’t believe it.” The women replied flustered.

    “Look, if you are feeling left out you can come kneel by me and clean my feet up as well bitch, if you want?” Aurelia said, chuckling as she did so. Laura and Sophia were amazed at her confidence and were wide eyed with respect.

    “I am sorry?” The woman replied sounding very annoyed and embarrassed.

    “You will be sorry if you keep wasting my time with your pathetic questions, bitch. Now fuck off before I really get annoyed.” Aurelia said.

    “How rude!” The women said, adding, “Let’s go Miriam. These people are complete degenerates.” They then started to walk away.

    Aurelia then said loudly enough so they could hear as they departed, “They are fucking lucky I have better things to do at the moment otherwise those bitches would be in a world of pain right now.”

    When the women left Aurelia said, “It was actually my intention for filth eater here to have an audience but it looks like I scared them away. I have to learn to be less bitchy sometimes.”

    “Fuck ‘em” Laura said with a sneer before adding. “Come on dog, eat that dirt off my soles. I want to see the look on your face as all that crap fills up inside your mouth. How fucking sick is that shit?”

    I was gagging and retching now. I had barely managed a couple of small mouthfuls and already I was feeling sick.

    “You are so fucking useless, bitch.” Aurelia added. “Can’t even handle a little dirt, what a wimp!”

    She then proceeded to wipe the dirt off on my face and Sophia joined her on the other side. Laura kept her foot in my mouth pushing more dirt in quicker than I could swallow it. Julia had given up and other than a few wipes on my shirt as a token gesture she was wiping them off on the footpath.

    After a lot more choking and gagging I threw up desperate and unable to handle any more. Fortunately, I manage to do it away from their feet otherwise I was sure I was going to be licking it off.

    “Well what a fucking major disappointment that was ladies. I am really sorry that all our work went so underappreciated. You will be fucking paying for this big time later bitch when you are out of the safety of a public place, rest assured. Now go and buy some more water then come back and wash our feet. Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed that filth better still be on your face when you return or else!” Aurelia ordered.

    I was just pleased to get the hell away from them and that grotesque ordeal even if I did have to buy water looking like I had just had a mud bath. Pretty much everyone in the nearby newspaper shop either laughed or was shocked by my appearance but I got in and out pretty quickly and returned with two large bottles of water.

    The women were talking and laughing when I returned like nothing had happened. I was told by Aurelia to leave her feet so I bent down and started pouring the water on the other’s feet and wiping off the mud with my hands before Sophia said “With your fucking tongue bitch!”

    Aurelia didn’t even have to order me anymore; she now had two apprentices who were just as capable now of running her little sadistic shows. It took about fifteen minutes to clean their feet up whereby they made me put their shoes, socks and nylons back on then we started back towards the office. Aurelia covered her filthy feet with her socks and shoes herself.

    On the way back Aurelia said, “As I said earlier, he is all yours to play with this afternoon however you see fit ladies. The nastier the better in my book. Don’t fuck him up too bad though, because I am going to be busy and don’t want to be disturbed, agreed?”

    “I am sure we will think of something, Aurelia.” Laura said chuckling to Sophia.

    “Ok great. See you at the end of the day then. We are going straight back to mine then out from there ok?” Aurelia requested and they nodded approvingly.

    When we got back to Aurelia’s office she went inside and slammed the door whilst I was led off by Laura and Sophia who were kicking my arse to get me to hurry up.


    Initially when we were in the open area where Laura, Sophia and Julia worked they just continued to use me as a footstool while they finished off their work. I guess they must have had commitments for Aurelia and Beth that they wanted to get done. It also showed me that at their heart these women did want successful careers and were beyond the playing around phase of their life.

    Trying to capitalise on this fact I asked if I could help them in any way offering my experience and knowledge of their workload.

    Sophia being a bright and enthusiastic go-getter said, “What are you expecting in exchange, slave?”

    “Oh, nothing particularly goddess. Though it would be nice if you and Laura weren’t so hard on me if I help you guys out.” I requested.

    “Ah so that’s your game, is it slave? Well what do you mean by ‘not so hard on you’?” Sophia pried further.

    “Well what you made me do in the park was really tough. I would really appreciate it if you would not do stuff that extreme on me in the future.” I said.

    “Fuck him, no slave tells me what to do.” Laura chipped in virtually undoing all my negotiation in one comment.

    “I want to discuss this with Laura, slave. Go out and get us all coffees. You’re paying. Be back within thirty minutes.” Sophia ordered.

    I figured I had nothing to lose and at least I got another thirty minutes without being subjected to their games so quickly made my way out. Whilst I was out I grabbed some food to make up for missing breakfast and lunch. I figured they wouldn’t know.


    When I returned Laura, Sophia and Julia appeared to be waiting for me. Julia took the coffees from me and gave them to Laura and Sophia. Sophia then stood up to speak.

    “Ok we have considered your proposal slave and have made the following decision. You will work your arse off for us and teach us all you know. You will not tell Aurelia or anyone else you are doing this so we will get all the credit for your work. If you do say anything, we will come down on you so hard that Aurelia will appear like a saint compared to us. In exchange we will let you remain relatively pain free when under our supervision though all other humiliations and degradations are fair game.”

    “May I ask goddess what you mean by relatively pain free?” I asked.

    “No, you may not. I should also add that if you withdraw your offer to help us now then we will fuck you up big time.” Sophia said poking me hard with her finger in the chest and stepping into my personal space.

    Somehow, I had managed to back myself into a corner and played all my cards and still came out losing on this deal. I couldn’t actually be sure at all of what I was gaining. Perhaps that will teach me not to try and make deals with bitches.

    “I am not trying to back out goddess. In fact, I would like to help you guys any way I can.” I said trying to keep a lid on any escalation.

    “Good then it’s agreed. You may now kiss our feet to show you accede. In fact, fuck that. You can lick our shoes clean instead while we drink our coffee.” Sophia chuckled and the three women sat down and put their shoes up on the desk.

    Laura had a black pair of sneakers on like Sophia except she was wearing black and white stripped socks. Julia was in flats with knee high black nylons. Both were wearing jeans for dress down Friday like Sophia. The bottoms of their shoes were more dusty than dirty. At least they didn’t trample those in the mud I thought to my great relief.

    I managed to eke out the cleaning of their dusty soles for close to half an hour while they drank their coffees and talked. It was mainly women’s stuff including fashion, cosmetics and what their friends were doing so most of the time I was tuning out and thinking of Nicola.

    When I had finished I spent another hour taking them through a number of my secrets on lead development showing them links they could use, sources of business information including financial accounts and how to decode them. Using business social media sites where you could find out who is who and what background CV information there was on all the key decision makers. They soaked up all the information and asked some good questions which I spent time following up with them.

    I then went onto how to put a good outline proposal together, giving them templates they could use, excel spread-sheets of example analysis, 100 day plans and bid cost calculation sheets. This part of the work was much more complex and they all struggled quite a bit to get to grips with it all so I promised to continue to support them in the background until they were confident to go it alone.

    At the end of almost two hours of coaching and training Sophia said, “Actually I have to give it to you slave, you do know quite a bit about what we do and how it should be done right. The stuff you taught us today will get us 2-3 months ahead of our objective goals with Aurelia and Beth if you ensure we can learn and apply it right.”

    I almost felt human again at work that afternoon. It was so nice to just be my old self for a brief period and try and help these women do a great job. They were all very smart, capable and motivated, which just made it all the more enjoyable. I think they quite appreciated my support though I am sure they would not admit it to my face.

    “I suppose you are expecting some reward for all this help then are you slave?” Laura asked.

    I wasn’t going to make the same mistake as earlier so just replied, “No not at all. I just want you to know that I am here to help you and if it means you do a great job and get some recognition then that is enough for me.”

    “What is it with you? Why the fuck would you help us after what we have done to you today in the park?” Laura followed up.

    “Well I figure goddess that you are going to do whatever you want to me anyway so why make things any worse for myself.” I replied.

    “Hmm, well fuck off out and get some more drinks for us slave. You can take 45 minutes this time as your reward.” Laura said.

    “I’ll come with you.” Julia said to which Sophia and Laura raised their eyebrows but didn’t object.

    I was rather hoping to get time alone but I figured Julia wasn’t anywhere near as nasty as the other two so relaxed at the prospect.

    When we got clear of the building Julia said, “So what’s it like?”

    “What’s what like goddess?” I asked.

    “You can call me Julia while we are away from the others. I don’t like being called a goddess anyway. What’s it like being a slave?” Julia asked.

    “Why are you so interested in slaves and what feet smell like Julia? I noticed that today.” I asked.

    Julia slapped my face and said, “Answer the fucking question bitch.”

    Ok I thought so she is clearly interested in being a submissive for them but when it comes to me I get the shitty treatment. I didn’t really want anyone to have to go through what I have been through so tried to put her off the prospect.

    “It sucks Julia, in case you are even remotely curious about it, don’t be. It can only lead to pain, suffering and sadness.” I said.

    “But you find feet a major turn on. I have seen and felt it myself. You love being treated like a slave sometimes.” Julia challenged.

    “You are only looking at one small aspect Julia. My whole life has been falling apart around me ever since all this shit started. I was just starting to develop a loving relationship with Nicola before it all got pulled apart.” I said.

    “I happen to know she is a dominant and I am sure she must have punished you. It’s in her nature.” Julia said.

    How the fuck did she know that I wondered? Perhaps one of the others told her?

    “Well yes but I trust Nicola and she loves me so would never really hurt me badly. We also do a lot of great regular stuff. It’s not all kinky.” I said.

    “So, you do like doing the whole slave thing but only with certain people. How about Beth? Did you like being her slave?” Julia asked.

    “Almost always no.” I replied whilst I recalled the tender moments we shared in and amongst her crazy dominant spells.

    “So, you did enjoy being her slave sometimes then!” Julia shrieked.

    “No. Not at all.” I said defensively.

    “You are a lying fuck. I can tell.” Julia said she then pushed me to the side of the road and pressed me up against the wall and leaned into my face.

    “Listen, if you don’t tell me everything I want to know I will tell Sophia and Laura you said to me they are cunts and you are only helping them because you think they are stupid. When I challenged you, you punched me. I bruise easy so could easily fake a punch mark on my arm.” Julia said.

    Fucking hell. What a manipulating bitch Julia is, and all just to know how great being a slave was. Well if that’s what she wants she can have it I thought.

    “Look don’t give me a hard time, Julia. If you are naturally submissive I am sure you will love being treated like a slave. In fact, you will probably get off on it big time. Just steer clear of the real crazy bitches because they really do enjoy hurting people and they get off on that like you would kissing feet.” I said.

    “How do you know I want to kiss feet?” Julia demanded.

    “Oh, come on. It’s so obvious. The way you look at them doing it to me, the blushing when they tease you about stinky feet and the curious questions you ask.” I said.

    “So, you think they already know?” Julia asked looking shocked and concerned.

    “Well Aurelia and Laura do. I don’t know about Sophia but figure by now with them being alone back in the office she will know too.” I said.

    “What shall I do?” Julia said.

    “I told you. Back out before it’s too late. Remain a goddess while you can and keep out of the way of their dominant side.”

    Julia’s mind wondered off and she eventually dropped the subject. We grabbed the coffees and then took a roundabout trip back to eat up the remainder of the forty-five minutes. She didn’t say a word all the way back.

    When we got back Julia handed out the coffees again to Sophia and Laura. This time Sophia said, “Oh look my shoe lace is undone. Be a love and do that up for me while I slurp my coffee Julia.”

    I watched this unfold carefully and realised immediately Laura and Sophia had been discussing Julia while we were gone. What I noted most was the aloof and nonplussed way that Sophia delivered the request combined with the lack of a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. Any normal person could have been easily sucked in to such a request especially as she used the phrase ‘be a love’, but I knew this was just the entry point of what was to come. Having got Julia to bend down to tie that shoe lace she was perfectly placed to be led further into their game. I was just hoping she would heed my warning and resist the temptation.

    Julia paused briefly to register the request and looked Sophia in the eye. Sophia stared her down with an assertive authority to make Julia feel like it was her obligation. Julia’s eyes dropped to the floor to look at Sophia’s sneaker, the lace was indeed undone. She then looked back at Sophia who now had a soft teasing smirk on her face. Finally, she looked at Laura who nodded subtly at her to indicate she should comply. It was so slight it was barely noticeable but to the subconscious mind it was like a jack-hammer in its power and force.

    Julia’s submissive side was now completely overwhelmed to comply; she would be feeling sexual tension and excitement at this point. I know as I have felt it when I was anticipating the rare humiliations I actually enjoyed. This was her last chance to back out. If she didn’t this small action would redefine her relationship to her friends and potentially change her life forever. It almost always starts with the small stuff like bread rolls falling onto the floor.

    Very slowly Julia’s knees bent and she slowly descended towards Sophia’s black designer sneakers. Instead of crouching she knelt down to offer a clear sign of subordination to Sophia. She then laboured the shoelace tying soaking up every second of the duty as excitement coursed through her body. Sophia put her hand on Julia’s head to both indicate ownership and position through her body language. This also meant that Julia would need to show resistance to Sophia’s hand if she wanted to rise back to her feet.

    When Julia had finished tying the lace she remained kneeling and looked up at Sophia who was smiling gently at her like Nicola did with me when we first started exploring my submissiveness and her dominance.

    “Would you like to kiss it?” Sophia whispered quietly but firmly.

    “Yes please.” Julia responded.

    “You may.” Sophia said.

    Julia then bent down again and placed her cheek on the top toe end of Sophia’s sneaker and placed her lips on the warm black leather. I could see her body heave as she took a long, protracted sniff of their scent. Sophia’s face now changed to something more powerful and controlling sensing the potential of this change in their relationship. After around twenty seconds Sophia said simply, “Ok come up to face me, Julia.”

    Julia slowly withdrew from Sophia’s sneaker almost like she was saying goodbye to a loved one at the railway station. As she began the journey back to her feet the enormity of this gesture started to overcome her and tears started flooding down her cheeks though there was no sound of crying.

    As Julia stood in front of Sophia trembling in apprehension and sexual arousal you could feel the tension within the room.

    “What do have to say to me, Julia?” Sophia said in a slow methodical and menacing tone.

    Julia searched for the words as she started to look within herself; she was so confused her mind was clouded with every thought imaginable. Not being able to find the words there she looked deep into Sophia’s stern dominant stare.

    “Thank you.” Julia stuttered and stumbled barely able to allow the words to leave her lips.

    The next moment Julia ran out of the room sobbing trying to make sense of what just happened.


    “I told you, Sophia.” Laura said looking serious

    “This changes things Laura. This wasn’t part of the plan.” Sophia replied then noticing me in the room brought the conversation to a quick halt then a detour.

    “Did you know, slave?” Sophia asked.

    “I guess it takes one to know one, goddess.” I replied looking at Sophia.

    She had visibly changed too from this encounter. She was taller and straighter so that her presence now filled the room. The power and confidence she was evoking was quite daunting. I could see the same change that my beautiful Nicola had embraced in our time together. I so hoped Sophia would be able to control her emotions and protect Julia from the demons within her like Nicola did with me.

    My empathy for Julia was now killing me as I wrestled to remain quiet. I looked at Sophia and Laura who were watching me waiting for my reaction like they knew there would be one. I just couldn’t stop myself, my belief in people and their capacity for good was just too great.

    “May I speak goddess?” I asked Sophia.

    “Be very careful of the words you choose next, slave.” Laura said in a frighteningly challenging tone.

    “I know that she is now yours and her willingness to submit to you will be all she can think about. This moment will define her life. Please…” I was now starting to regret starting this sentence as my mind was processing the various ways I could say what I wanted but none sounded like I wanted them to be heard.

    “Please what?” Sophia said impatiently

    “Please help her see the love in you, goddess.” I stammered unable to form any other phrase under time pressure and fear.

    “And what if there is no love, slave?” Sophia said in a sombre, cool voice.

    “Well I just kind of hoped there would be.” I smiled nervously as concern for Julia started to grip me.

    “Come here, slave.” Sophia said with an air of regal authority.

    I approached her and on feeling her intimidation knelt under without being asked. She was showing nothing of how her dominant would manifest so I was preparing for anything between laughter and outright rage. This was very unsettling and made me tremble in anticipation.

    “I can feel your fear, slave.” Sophia said tilting her head backwards so she could look down her nose at me.

    “I wondered what this moment would feel like when it finally arrived. I imagined it would be with you. I now realise there is an energy and aura to full submission which is like no other. You don’t offer that, so I have never felt it.” Sophia said.

    “I have only offered it to Nicola because I love her with all my heart and I know she loves me the same and will protect me from her darkness if needed.” I said

    Sophia watched me intently processing my words and considering how she wanted to react. I was feeling at this point that if she was going to go into a fit of rage it would have already happened so was calming slightly.

    “I see.” Sophia said.

    “So how should we make you submit to us in such a way that we would get more fulfilment?” Laura added.

    “All I can say is that for me there has to be feeling, love or emotion for the person for me to fully embrace my submissive side. Sexual acts are purely transitory and temporary. I cannot see things from the other side, but I can tell you it is better to draw on love than feed on fear.” I said.

    “Do you think that is why Aurelia hates you so much?” Laura said.

    That was a conversation I really didn’t want to be having. I had no idea to what extent if any I could trust these two so needed to find an exit quickly.

    “I am sorry goddess, I don’t know. Aurelia is a complex person. I am not sure I could ever really know her, or if she would even allow it. Nicola is the person you should speak with. She is beautiful, confident and courageous but also loving. I believe it’s the love in her that makes her so indomitable and powerful.” I said.

    “Do you agree with what he is saying, Sophia?” Laura asked her.

    “I know what I am feeling Laura and I want to embrace this side of me. I want to feel absolute devotion and submission more than fear.” Sophia said.

    “Then it is settled.” Laura said.

    “Yes, it is settled.” Sophia replied.

    Sophia paused in thought then put her hand on my cheek. “She will be safe with us slave though that is as much as I am prepared to promise.”

    I breathed a huge sigh knowing that Julia would be safe in their hands at least.

    Laura then added, “You however will receive no such leniency. You can be the plaything, which allows us to explore our darkness. It must be allowed to breathe, play and learn. Think of it this way, by accepting what we give you, you will be protecting Julia. Unless of course you can find a way to submit to us completely as well in which case we will embrace you as we will Julia.”

    Sophia then added, “And your comments about Aurelia being a fear inducing psycho bitch incapable of love will remain with us as long as (a) You keep teaching us your work secrets like today (b) Tell us what you know of submissives so we can adapt and learn (c) Do what the fuck we tell you, we have our own agenda to serve here and finally (d) Keep your mouth fucking shut about everything that happened here today. We subjected you to foot worship all afternoon amongst the work we had to complete. That’s all you need to say if asked.”

    Fucking hell, I thought, I did one good deed and this is the thanks I get. Though I felt low and fearful of what this all meant I remained hopeful that these two women had ambitions and desires beyond purely hurting and humiliating me. I needed to get them to speak with Nicola to show them there was another way and hoped their ‘settled’ reference was exactly that. If Aurelia got to their hearts first they would turn blacker than night.

    “Ok slave. Go see if Julia is ok. I want some time alone with Sophia.” Laura said.

    I had a good look around the office to find Julia but couldn’t find her anywhere. I decided not to go out again as it was getting late. As I hovered around the foyer considering my next move Nicola appeared and on her own.

    I rushed up to her and pulled her to one side so we were hidden from sight behind some pillars. Nicola winced as I touched her; she was clearly in a lot of pain.

    “My god Nicola, did Aurelia do this to you?” I asked. Nicola just smiled as best she could.

    “Look Nicola I know she told you I said I love her but I don’t. I just tried to manipulate her to go easy on me but she is a fucking ruthless psychopathic bitch. You are the one I love and I realise that more than ever.”

    “I really needed to hear that Chris. I hoped with all my heart that is what you would say to me.” Nicola said as she touched my face and a tear traced her cheek.

    “Don’t let her control you to protect me Nicola. I can handle her, I will put up with anything to keep you safe my love.” I pleaded.

    “I know her Chris and you can’t handle her. I appreciate you want to but you have to trust me. This is my fight and you are mine to protect, love and cherish. Just be patient my love and hang in there for me. I need to go recharge my dominant.” Nicola asked firmly.

    “And Beth?” I asked.

    “I need her Chris though I…” Nicola was cut off mid-sentence by approaching footsteps. I pushed her gently back into the shadows and stepped back out into the foyer.

    “There you are.” A voice called out, which when I looked up I could see was Julia.

    I heard Nicola’s voice whisper behind me, “I love you.”

    Rather than betray her I leapt towards Julia and said, ”I have been looking for you everywhere. Where were you?”

    “Just getting my mind back together.” Julia said

    “How are you now?” I asked with trepidation.

    “I am probably the happiest woman in the world right now after seeing Laura and Sophia again.” She beamed.

    “I am so glad to hear that Julia. I believe they have the right hearts to protect you.” I said.

    “From what?” Julia asked puzzled.

    “From themselves.” I said and she smiled as we walked back.


    We got back literally seconds before Aurelia emerged from her office. She looked quite exhausted but fulfilled, which only confirmed my suspicions that she had been giving Nicola a hard time this afternoon. The fucking bitch! Thank God my beautiful lover was so strong. She was of course right that I had nothing like her resolve to handle Aurelia though I surely would have tried. I needed to find a way I could help Nicola however I could.

    “So, did you ladies have fun with my slave?” Aurelia asked.

    “We did Aurelia. Thank you.” Sophia replied.

    “What did they treat you to slave?” Aurelia asked me.

    “The goddesses allowed me with clean their shoes, worship their feet and then trampled me.” I said as Sophia smiled seeing I had followed her instructions to the letter.

    “Did he perform satisfactorily?” Aurelia asked Laura and Sophia knowing Julia would not have a view.

    “A lot better than I was expecting Aurelia. I would almost go as far to say he did a good job.” Laura said cutting me some slack in return for what I had done for them today. I didn’t expect anything more given the threat they had left me with afterwards.

    “Well, well. Maybe we will have to consider a little reward later at the club then ladies?” Aurelia said.

    Aurelia then turned to Julia who still had the outline of her tear-stains on her cheeks. “It’s been a while since I have seen such tear tracks. I hope your epiphany is now resolved in your heart.”

    Julia nodded.

    “And where is your heart now?” Aurelia said almost disdainfully.

    Julia bent down and kissed Aurelia’s shoes before arising and bowing her head.

    “Very well bitch, I will enjoy using you for my amusement.” Aurelia said coldly.

    My heart sank whilst Sophia and Laura exchanged concerned glances. Before the moment could echo into any further reaction Grace came around the corner.

    “Are we ready to head out then everyone?” Grace then looked at me and added, “Oh…and this animal.”
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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    Chapter 41 – Another Black Friday Part 2

    I was told to be ready at 8pm sharp and to have a shower first. Not knowing where we were going but guessing it would be some kind of Aurelia type of club I decided to dress smart casual so I wore jeans and a navy-blue shirt.

    As I came down the stairs I could hear the women chatting in the living room. I checked my watch and could see we still had twenty minutes to go until 8. I thought better of going down early and started to climb back up the stairs when a voice called out.

    “Slave, come join us.” I couldn’t be sure who it was but it sounded like Laura. She must have seen me. Damn.

    I descended slowly annoyed with myself for being so stupid and entered the living room. Grace didn’t waste any time getting in my first order of the evening.

    “Get on your fucking knees slave and come refresh our drinks.” She said.

    I got down on my knees and made my way towards the wine, which was parked not three feet from where Grace was sitting. Honestly it would have taken her seconds to do it herself. Grace was wearing a pale blue dress with frills around her short sleeves and a white peter pan collar. As I approached she crossed her legs and kicked out her foot towards my face.

    “Get a good waft of that slave?” Grace cooed. “It’s your favourite socks making a reappearance.”

    The smell hit me immediately as I recalled the time at the offsite and then at Aurelia’s red queen club. Though it was exceptionally pungent I couldn’t help but feel a certain attachment to the smell. I just smiled nervously. Grace was also wearing her ratty sneakers to go with them. It was almost as though she had dressed the top half to look gorgeous and the bottom half like a tramp. As I glanced around I noticed they had all done the same. Laura and Sophia were still wearing their black sneakers with the same black & white striped and pink socks respectively. On top Laura was wearing a bright red knee length dress with shoulder straps that would not have looked out of place at a cocktail party. Sophia’s dress was crimson and similar in style to Laura’s. Sophia’s however had superior tailoring and you could see it was a high-end designer effort. She had clearly made use of her fashion connections to land that I thought. Aurelia was wearing a sleek black silk dress, which clung to her body. It had broad white bands down either side and also hung over the shoulder. I could see why any man would fall for her dressed like this, save of course for the sneakers and socks combination below, but god help anyone that did.

    I then glanced across and saw Julia kneeling by Sophia’s side almost hidden by the sofa end she was parked behind. She was wearing jeans and a plain black t-shirt with sneakers and white socks. Sophia was glancing her hand across Julia’s hair almost as a symbol of ownership and Julia was rubbing her head into Sophia’s hand as a sign of affection and submission.

    “Thank you, goddess.” I said to Grace as I refilled her red wine.

    I then cast my eyes to the other glasses and proceeded to fill Aurelia and Laura’s glasses. As I approached Sophia, Julia leapt forward and snatched the bottle from my hand and hissed at me. She then filled Sophia’s glass herself and gently kissed her hand as she took the glass back. Julia then threw me a poisonous look as if to threaten me not to go near Sophia and then retook her position at her side.

    “Seems you have some competition tonight slave.” Aurelia chuckled. “Let’s hope all the experience you have gained comes to your advantage. By the way, how well has your back healed?”

    I cringed at the question knowing why she was asking. “Well it is still a little sore but most of the wounds are now scabbed over so it should be repaired in a few more days.”

    “Well luckily for you, your whore girlfriend took her fill of my punishments today which will probably spare you the crop this evening unless of course you piss me off, embarrass me or don’t do everything I tell you to.” Aurelia said waving her sneaker foot in front of my face again to show me the same socks she wore before.

    Just about five minutes before eight there was a ring at the door. Julia was requested to answer it by Aurelia and she ushered a young female into the hallway dressed in a light grey chauffeur suit with white shirt. Grace told me to approach then snapped a lead onto the collar I was still wearing. We then all made our way outside to the car, which was a long pink limousine. This got me thinking again about just how much money and influence Aurelia had. She was clearly not in the same league as Beth but nevertheless she had a lifestyle that was way over and above what anyone could have guessed when she used to hustle around the office as a junior. Thinking back, apart from the odd curt comment there was no sign of the evil bitch that lay within at that time. I wondered what trigger set her dominant free at work?

    In the car Julia remained kneeling on the floor by Sophia and in between her and Laura whilst I was told to sit the other end to be a footstool for Grace and Aurelia. The journey only lasted around twenty minutes and when the door opened I breathed a huge sigh of relief not to be outside that black regency door of the ‘Distinguished Ladies Club’. We were actually standing on a short red carpet that led up to a wide-open doorway with two tall athletic women standing either side.

    “Well ladies welcome to the ‘Den of The Succubae’. Don’t be put off by the name, it’s actually great fun inside and a very relaxed atmosphere. It is almost exclusively a women’s only club, subs and doms, but special members like myself can bring male slaves by exception.” Aurelia then turned to me and added, “So you better be on your best behaviour in there, slave - or else!”

    “Yes goddess, I won’t let you down.” I said wanting to minimise the suffering that lay ahead of me.

    “Ok come on then ladies let’s go in.” Aurelia said leading the way past a large queue of people running round the side of the building and straight to the front door. I was being pulled along by the lead attached to my collar by Grace.

    “Aurelia, it’s good to see you and I see you have brought guests, please sign them in as usual. Thank you and have a great evening.” The tall blonde doorwoman said.

    Aurelia just smiled at her as we filed in after. She was clearly a person of high influence in these circles so once again like in the red queen club I made a mental note not to fuck around whilst inside. Aurelia signed a black book monitored by a woman who had tattoos covering almost the entire space of both hands and arms. Her face was pale and she had her bleach blonde hair shaved on one side and piercings in her nose, tongue and both eyebrows.

    “Thank you, Aurelia,” was all she said as we passed through noting the guests had been signed for.

    As we entered the large open space that I assumed to be the heart of the club I could see a stage with some sexual acts being performed by two women and a large cock strapped onto one of them, which I must say shocked me a little. The look on Julia, Laura and Sophia’s face was priceless. Grace looked calm and collected as I guess she had been to a few of these with Aurelia, whilst Aurelia herself looked like she was strolling around a supermarket doing her shopping she was so relaxed.

    A female maître d’ intercepted us and spoke briefly to Aurelia before leading us off to the side and front to our own private booth. There were two women already sat there who the maître d’ asked to sit somewhere else just adding to my guess that Aurelia was some kind of big deal in these circles. The women got up and looked at us disgruntled until they saw Aurelia whereby they bowed their heads and scuttled away quickly.

    As Aurelia sat down a woman dressed in a maid’s uniform not too dissimilar to the red queen club appeared out of nowhere and took a drinks order for the table, which was a wine and champagne assortment before disappearing. As Aurelia did sit down on the edge of a semi-circular red velvet sofa another maid appeared and knelt at her side waiting for instruction. Aurelia ignored her initially asking everyone else except me to sit down, before turning to the maid and nodding very slightly. Within seconds the maid kissed both of Aurelia’s sneakers and lifted her feet onto her own back and settled to become a footstool for her.

    Fucking hell I thought Aurelia must own the place. I have never seen her looking so calm and serene as here in her own environment. It was as though everything had been proven here and without challenge she had no need to act any other way than just being herself. Grace snuggled up to her side and placed her head on Aurelia’s shoulder before saying, “I love you so much Aurelia. I get such a thrill seeing you in these places. You are so fucking awesome.”

    Aurelia just smiled.

    Laura and Sophia sat on the other end of the semi-circular sofa with Julia kneeling by Sophia’s side looking daunted and nervous in her new surroundings. I got the feeling she could have picked a better time and place to declare her submissive desires, but then no one was going to come and fuck with our table given we had Aurelia at the head of it.

    The odd thing for me was that I actually felt very alone and left out kneeling in front of the sofa and table as people came and went. Aurelia didn’t pay me the slightest attention and nor did Grace who was doting on her. Sophia and Laura were too busy taking everything in to focus on me, whilst Julia was hanging onto Sophia like the last life raft of a sinking ship.

    As my mind drifted I too looked around at the many characters that were occupying the club. I then felt a nudge on my arm, which broke my train of thought and I looked down to see Aurelia’s sneaker tapping me.

    “What are you thinking slave?” Aurelia asked.

    “I don’t really feel I have the right to answer that question here goddess.” I replied.

    “You have the right because it is me who is asking. Now answer me slave.” Aurelia said adding impatience to her tone.

    “Well it’s just that I have never spent time with you in such a place as this. The red queen club was different, you were respected there, and here you are revered.”

    “I think you mean the ‘Distinguished Ladies Club’ right slave?” Aurelia corrected.

    “Oh yes, my apologies goddess.” I replied.

    “And you think I should not be revered?” Aurelia said questioning me with a tinge of threat attached.

    “No, it’s not that at all goddess. It’s just that you are different here.” I said.

    “How so?” Aurelia asked becoming more curious.

    “You are more goddess-like here.” I said and as the words left my lips I cringed realising what I had said and started to panic inside.

    “What did you just fucking say to me slave?” Aurelia said as her eyes widened and her mouth curled into a sneer.

    “Oh no please, goddess. That’s not what I meant. What I am trying to say is that you are shining so brightly tonight, you are adored by everyone around us and your aura is reaching out and sweeping the hearts and minds of all you encounter.” I said hoping desperately to have recovered the situation.

    Aurelia sat back a little and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. This was not the time to wind her up and in here of all places.

    “So, is my aura reaching out to you then slave?” Aurelia asked.

    “It is filling the entire club.” I said.

    “And do you not adore me like all those around us?” Aurelia said and leant forward to observe my body language with the response.

    After a long pause to consider my answer I said in a quiet voice, “I fear you goddess.”

    Grace chuckled at my answer. “He shits himself whenever he is in your presence now, my beautiful one.”

    Aurelia looked disappointed by my response briefly before noticing I could see it, she then reset to a stoic and assertive look. Aurelia then turned her body away from me and started kissing Grace passionately as if to fill the void of affection I had not afforded her. I had long thought that Aurelia wanted me to adore her, but whenever I then tried to broker verbally how that would work she would flip into some complete crazy psycho bitch.

    Things were different now, her brutal treatment of me following my first show of affection combined with what she was doing to Nicola made me both fear and loath her at the same time. I was a person not really capable of hatred so loathing is as far as I could take it. As I witnessed this vulnerability in her I still couldn’t shake the feeling I felt sorry for her in some way. Did she actually love Grace or did she just use her as a convenient bridge to affection when she needed shoring up? Why were my feelings towards her important in some way? When I had shown her affection in an attempt to break through to find the real person she did everything possible to threaten me and push me away. Aurelia was probably the most complex person I had ever known in my life and arguably the most dangerous.

    A little while later Grace got up to go to the toilet and Aurelia sent her footstool slave away and beckoned me to kneel at her side. Given the difficulty of our earlier discussion I sensed this would be a follow up and I was not disappointed.

    “So, what is it about Nicola that you adore then slave?” Aurelia asked.

    Fuck I muttered under my breath, here we go. I knew she would force me to have this conversation one-way or another so had to respond.

    “Are you going to get angry with me goddess if I answer these questions honestly?” I asked.

    “I will get fucking angry if you insist on addressing my questions with your own.” Aurelia threatened.

    “Ok goddess. Everything really. She is funny, kind, beautiful, caring, strong, confident…” I started to answer before Aurelia cut me off.

    “Ok shut up. I don’t want a fucking shopping list of perfect attributes. I want to know WHY you adore her.” Aurelia insisted.

    “Well she opens up to me and lets me know how important I am to her. I care deeply about her and know that she would do anything for me. We share tender moments as well as dominant playtime. I know she would never really hurt me or at least mean to hurt me. But most of all I still feel myself when I am with her, when I am dominated by others I feel I have to become someone else for them and I lose myself in the process.” I said.

    “That’s fucking bullshit slave. She is just as lethal and nasty as I am. You just haven’t seen it yet. But you will, trust me. I can see it in her eyes and her soul. She reminds me a lot of someone I used to know.” Aurelia said with certainty.

    I knew it was fruitless to argue and it would only wind her up so I decided to ask a question instead.

    “How do you know goddess?”

    “Because the darkness in her heart has a life of its own. She’s probably told you some crap about you being able to handle it but that’s only because she doesn’t know the extent to which it can consume her. One day you will find that out and it will shatter your adored illusion of her forever. Beyond that moment you will never be able to trust her fully ever again.” Aurelia warned.

    This conversation was really worrying me as it seemed to contain so much consistency and truth. I couldn’t believe it though, I had to give Nicola all the benefit of the doubt I could and trust her, especially given what she was doing for me. I reassured myself that Aurelia was just jealous of what we have and was trying to destroy us, but for what reason?

    I didn’t comment on her last viewpoint.

    “So, when you said you adored me before slave, you lied right? I was correct not to trust you.” Aurelia said matter of fact.

    “Look Aurelia, this is really difficult for me. The last time I shared my feelings with you, you then used them against me with Nicola almost destroying what we have.” I said.

    “And how do you know it was almost and not complete slave? Have you met with her?” Aurelia looked rather menacing at this point.

    I thought quickly and replied, “No it was more how she looked at me in the team meeting today. When you know someone as well as I know her, you can trust what you feel instinctively.”

    “Ok, well get back to my question then. I command you to answer me, did you lie before?” Aurelia said.

    “You see that’s just it Aurelia. You use fear to get what you want. How can I be honest with you now when I am so fearful of what you will do to me?”

    “Just answer the fucking question!” Aurelia said bringing the attention of the juniors upon us. She noticed this and knowing I would not answer with them there sent them away for a while. When they got up and left to explore the club, she continued.

    “Ok. It’s just you and me now. I give you my word, just this once that what you tell me now will never go any further.”

    “Ok Aurelia. I will trust you one last time, please don’t betray me again.” I said.

    “Go on.” Aurelia said ignoring my use of her name and getting impatient knowing Grace would return soon.

    “I was completely enraptured by your dominant side. The more you teased me, humiliated me and used your charms to reel me in, the more infatuated I became with you. Initially it was lust not love that I felt but your magnetism wore down my resolve and I started wondering whether I could feel more for you. That’s why I wanted to know who the real you was. But when you shut me out and tortured me for trying, it was easy to hide behind my fear of you and let the distance between us grow again. When you then started hurting the woman I love…well…I said all kinds of stuff I shouldn’t and now you are going to make me pay.” I said.

    The same look of affection that I had witnessed on Aurelia’s face that day in the office, when she finally let me worship her feet, reappeared.

    “I was scared Chris. I still am scared. It’s easier to hate.” Aurelia said.

    “Hate is my favourite subject!” Grace chipped in as she returned. “What are you talking about, Aurelia?”

    Aurelia froze not knowing how much Grace had heard as she appeared from behind her. I could see her approach and knew she only heard the tail end so I spoke to free Aurelia from her predicament.

    “My goddess was just telling me how much she still hates me for saying the stuff I said this morning and how much I will pay for my indiscretion.” I said

    “I didn’t fucking ask you slave. Shut the fuck up and speak when you are given permission.” Grace sneered.

    Aurelia was leaning forward now as Grace had taken the seat next to her. Grace was sat back so couldn’t see the look on Aurelia’s face that I could. She looked pretty close to distraught and a tear dropped from her eye and rolled down her cheek slowly.

    “So my chance is gone?” Aurelia whispered.

    I quickly looked around and confirmed no one else could see Aurelia’s face but me then I leapt up and brushed her cheek with my sleeve purposely removing the tear and knocking her drink to the floor in the process. The fuss I created was just the distraction Aurelia needed to compose herself.

    “I am so sorry, goddess. I really didn’t mean to jog you. Please forgive me.” I pleaded.

    Aurelia just turned her face, got up and walked away.


    “You stupid fucking idiot, slave. What do you think you are doing?” Grace shouted.

    “I am sorry, goddess. Aurelia just has the power to make me so nervous, I guess I kind of lost it for a moment.” I begged and kissed Grace’s sneakers.

    Grace’s mood quickly shifted, “Oh I see you are still thinking about my naughty socks, slave. Would you like to sniff them right here in the club and play with yourself in front of everyone?”

    “Er, I would probably find that a little tough goddess.” I said with genuine fear inside me now.

    “Well I will check with Aurelia when she comes back. I don’t want to break any rules or embarrass her. Kneel in front of me so I can use you as a foot stool then slave.” Grace ordered.

    I did as she asked and not long afterward Laura, Sophia and Julia returned. Julia was now looking somewhat more relaxed.

    “You see that Laura?” Sophia said so it was audible to Julia and they both looked over at me serving Grace as a footstool.

    “Yeah, it’s so considerate of the foot bitch to think of his goddess’s comfort and make a footstool of himself.” Laura responded with a smirk on her face.

    Julia listened intently and then interjected quietly, “Er sorry to interrupt Sophia and Laura but I would be honoured to serve as your footstool.”

    Sophia replied rather curtly, “I am sorry, were you addressing me? If you were, you should choose your words more carefully.”

    Julia paused temporarily and looked at Sophia for guidance. None was forthcoming. Sophia did however raise her eyebrows and looked at Julia with a demeaning stare down.

    “I am sorry… goddess…” Julia responded, looking rather sheepish.

    “So slave, what were you saying?” Sophia said with a long drawn out emphasis on Julia’s reference as a slave.

    “I was offering to be your footstool, goddesses. It would be an honour.” Julia repeated.

    “Well of course it would be, slave. But to get comfortable we would need to remove our hot stinky sneakers and place our wet, sweaty and smelly feet all up in your face. I am not sure you could handle that.” Sophia said almost laughing at Julia’s swooning face as she spoke.

    Julia was visible shaking now with sexual tension, she was dripping with excitement and bright red in the face. Her body was actually swaying almost like she was going to faint with the arousal coursing through her body and mind.

    “Oh please…” Julia murmured.

    “Please what, slave?” Laura added again putting emphasis on the word slave.

    “Please let me be your foot stool, goddesses. I know I will be fine with your beautiful feet so close to me.” Julia started to beg.

    “Well on your head be it, slave. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.” Sophia said and they ordered Julia to untie their shoelaces.

    “Sit in front of us then, slave.” Sophia said pointing at the floor beneath her.

    Julia quickly moved and knelt down while Laura and Sophia removed their shoes from the heel end with their other foot and swapped over until both were in socks.

    “Come a little closer, slave.” Laura said wanting to make sure her socks would be firmly planted in Julia’s face when she raised them. Julia obliged.

    Laura and Sophia then slowly raised their socks and pushed them towards Julia’s face and smothered her in a cloud of stink. Sophia’s pink socks had picked up a lot of scent over the course of the day to add the smell they already had. Laura’s black and white stripped socks had a day’s worth of gym training ingrained into them. For Julia’s first time sniffing feet the challenge could not have been any more intense or challenging.

    Laura and Sophia started wiping their socks all over Julia’s face, not giving her any respite. The smell was so strong I could smell it from where I was and I had Grace’s feet on my back, which I knew would be much worse.

    Initially engulfed in sock stench Julia started to feel overwrought and tried to back off a little.

    “Oh I don’t think so, slave. You had your chance to back out. Now I am afraid you are committed.” Laura said as she hooked her sock around Julia’s neck and pulled her forward back into her foot and Sophia’s two.

    Julia’s body submitted as her mind gave way to the final gateway to a new life. She didn’t want to resist anyway. This was always inevitable. Now she would know intimately and completely how totally wedded to her new status she was.

    Julia took a large intake of air through her nose and groaned loudly as the stench clouded her mind and strangled her senses. Her hands started rubbing her breasts and across her body glancing her pussy periodically. She was submitting completely to Laura and Sophia now and they were getting off on it as much as she was.

    “Fucking hell slave, you really dig that stink, don’t you? Let me squeeze off some of that toe juice right under your nose to magnify the intensity of smell for you.” Laura said starting to rub herself.

    “That’s it, foot slave. Offer your body, mind and soul to me. There is no turning back now my scent has tainted you. You will be mine as long as I deem you worthy. Do you understand what I am saying?” Sophia added also rubbing herself

    “Oh my goddesses, yes. I am totally yours now. I worship you. You own me. I will be yours completely. Thank you for this wonderful privilege.” Julia screamed through the socks covering her face and nose.

    The three women were going crazy in some kind of foot fetish orgy and I got a massive hard on just watching it. Grace was also getting excited and I could feel her legs moving up and down my back as she stroked herself.

    The sexual tension of the juniors must have already neared a peek when they started because the whole thing was over in literally minutes as Julia collapsed in an excruciated mess on the floor. I was pretty sure Sophia and Laura climaxed too though theirs seem less intense. Maybe they needed more I thought, and I was a little worried what that would mean for Julia.

    As Julia lay on the floor, Laura and Sophia placed their socked feet on her body and head and continued wiping them all over her.

    “Here, bitch, enjoy our sweaty stinky sock bath as we wipe them all over you. You are going to stink so badly of feet a week of washing isn’t going to get it off. But it’s what you deserve for not lasting longer sniffing feet and being our footstool. You’ve got thirty minutes and we are going again.” Sophia said wanting more.

    A little over twenty minutes later Aurelia returned looking cool, calm and collected once more. She retook the same seat she vacated and put her feet up on my back and her arm around Grace who nestled her head into her breast.

    “Aurelia love?” Grace said.

    “Yes Grace, my sweet.” Aurelia said.

    “Can I have fun with our foot bitch here? I was watching Sophia and Laura baptise Julia with their feet and it got me all horny.” Grace asked.

    I glanced up at Aurelia who was clearly still thinking about our conversation earlier.

    “Well Grace we need to ensure you get some satisfaction then, don’t we?” Aurelia said and Grace smiled down at me.

    “Julia will come over here and service your feet whilst foot bitch here serves mine.” Aurelia said in a way that said there would be no debate.

    Grace looked disappointed and skeptical. “But I have my really intense socks on, Aurelia. I am sure Julia won’t be able to handle them and even if she does I am not sure I will get the same satisfaction from her suffering as I do from his.”

    “Well I think you will get more pleasure, Grace. She is going to freak out when she sniffs your socks and her suffering will be infinitely worse than his. He loves stinky feet now, remember?” Aurelia said.

    Before Grace could challenge again Aurelia said to the two young doms, “Sophia and Laura. I want you to do something for me.”

    Their attention turned to Aurelia as Sophia said, “Sure anything for you, what is it?”

    “I want you to order your new slave to come over here and remove Grace’s sneakers. Her feet smell really bad so your slave is likely to panic and try to escape. I want you to hold her in position so Grace can overwhelm her with her feet, whilst pleasuring herself. To help ease your slaves step up to such a great challenge you should continue ordering and humiliating the bitch to help maintain her resolve. If you do this for me, it will make me very happy and I will of course find some way to return the favour to my new dominant sisters.” Aurelia requested firmly.

    “Sure Aurelia, though she could barely handle our feet so god only knows how she will cope with Grace’s. But now she is our slave we will be happy to ensure she serves you as requested.” Sophia said.

    Julia had heard all this transpire and was already resisting as she was led over by Sophia and Laura towards Grace’s feet. When kneeling in place Laura stood in between Julia and Grace then put her hand between her legs and pulled Julia’s head through by her hair so it was trapped between her strong athletic thighs.

    “Ok she won’t be going anywhere now. Sophia, you do that whole humiliation shit so much better than me. You ok to take care of that for Grace?” Laura said.

    “Of course, I would love to.” Sophia said with a devilish smile on her face.

    “Goddesses, I am not sure I can do this yet. I think it will be too much for me.” Julia started to beg to Sophia.

    “You will do what we ask because as in your own words ‘you are completely ours’ and ‘we own you completely.’ Do a good job of hanging in there until Grace is satisfied and as Aurelia will reward us, we will reward you.” Sophia said.

    I could see by Julia’s face that she was not convinced, but that is the life of a slave I thought. She will now learn the hard way that she will do what she is told and not what she would like from this point on. Perhaps this experience will put her off the idea of a submissive lifestyle and she can get out while she still has the chance. At least I hope she does still have that option.

    Grace’s face was already switching to her mean, dominant bitch look. I could visibly see the change in her, which I recalled from back when she used me in the cubicles at the old office. Her face was visibly flush with excitement at Julia’s pending suffering.

    Grace leant forward to within a couple of inches of Julia’s face, which was still trapped between Laura’s thighs.

    “Listen to me carefully, bitch. My socks and feet are going to smell so foul and vile you are likely to pass out with how revolting they are but I don’t give a fuck. All I am interested in is watching you suffer under them until I have had my fill. If you give up on me too quickly I will stop and make you do this again and again until I achieve full satisfaction even if it takes all night.” Grace warned.

    “Please feel free to cry and scream as much as you like as that really turns me on, and it’s not like you are going anywhere anyway. I want to hear strong loud sniffs on my socks as I command you. If you don’t, I will have Laura crush your head with her thighs and Sophia beat you until you submit to me.”

    “I don’t think for one second you will find this arousing like you did with Sophia and Laura’s feet, as mine are another whole level of nasty, but feel free to play with yourself when you gorge of the stench if you wish. Hell, I may even give you a foot job with my other sock if I think you may enjoy it. That will help with your conditioning for next time. It took foot bitch here quite a few sessions before he could cope and then embrace the experience.”

    “Ok, are you ready for your little excursion to hell bitch?” Grace giggled.

    Julia’s eyes were wide with panic and she had grabbed Laura’s thighs that were wrapped around her head to brace herself.

    Grace sat back in her seat and eased off her old ratty sneakers. The smell that filled the booth we were in was just about as intense and disgusting as anything I have endured, and we all held our noses to protect ourselves from the offensive assault. Julia didn’t have that luxury though. As she reached around Laura’s thighs to try and defend her nose Laura grabbed her wrists and held them tightly at her side. Julia was now completely defenceless.

    Grace sported the look of an evil queen as she raised her now black stained white, worn out socks and pressed then into Julia’s face.

    Sophia said, “Fucking hell, I can smell them through my nose plug. That is so nasty it’s not even funny.” But still giggled anyway.

    Grace was really starting to get off on Julia’s suffering now. She opened her legs slightly and started rubbing her pussy as her socks engulfed Julia’s nose and face. Julia was flailing wildly and it took everything for Laura to keep her still for Grace’s socks.

    “Get that fucking terrifying odour in your soul, bitch. You are powerless to prevent it anyway. There is nothing you can do about it. Submit yourself to me as my feet crush your life force and incarcerate your senses in a prison of foulness. You are now beginning to be bound to the hopelessness and depravity that your life is destined to embrace. Take a nice deep sniff for me and fill your lungs with my scent.” Grace shouted as she thrashed her hands up and down her pussy, her face red with arousal and eyes rolling.

    Julia screamed, “No I can’t. Please let me go. I can’t take it anymore.”

    Laura squeezed her thighs together to serve Julia with a painful incentive that would help her understand she had no choice in the matter.

    Sophia was crouched down by the side of Julia who was now crying hysterically. “Let go my little bitch. Don’t resist who and what you really are. Take a deep sniff as Grace asks and it will soon be all over.”

    Julia took that big sniff and then screamed as the powerful redolence attacked her olfactory senses once more. She started convulsing like she was going to throw up.

    “Oh yes. Your suffering is so sweet, you beautiful little whore. I can see the terror in your eyes and the tears rolling down your face only serve to feed my desire to punish you more. I am fucking wetter than the ocean down there now. Give me another big sniff to send me into orbit, bitch.” Grace insisted.

    Sophia then added, seeing that her little slave was so helpless, “Come on slave, give one last sniff to her and it will all be over.”

    Julia crying through her broken voice said, “I will do this for you, goddess.”

    Julia then took a final big sniff, which broke what little spirit and resistance she had left and she stopped struggling. Grace’s socks remained on her nose as she invited in each vile sniff.

    Grace was growing in raptures, her arousal and wickedness working off each other in splendid harmony. She started screaming as she ground her socks into Julia’s now helpless face and fed off her suffering until the advent of her climax took hold. Her body thrust, jerked and went into spasm as the clouds of orgasmic ecstasy occupied all the corners of her mind. She screamed so loud half the club looked around and then her body collapsed fulfilled. The force with which she pushed her feet out and into Julia’s face actually projected her out through Laura’s thighs and into a crying heap on the floor behind her. Sophia went to her and sat by her side rubbing her head.

    Grace closed her legs and snuggled back into the red sofa with her eyes closed and Laura returned to her seat to get a drink having been exhausted from holding Julia still through the entire ordeal.

    Five minutes passed before anyone move or spoke. Aurelia then declared, “I am taking my slave off for some private fun and games now. The bitch slave here [referring to Julia] has endured enough tonight. See she gets whatever she wants, and bill it to my tab.”

    I am sure Grace would have wanted to join us being so possessive over Aurelia, but she wasn’t in a fit state to move for at least thirty minutes - let alone abuse me - so didn’t react as we departed.
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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    Chapter 42 – Another Black Friday Part 3

    Aurelia led me off down a small corridor and into one of a number of private rooms off to the side. She locked the door and turned to me.

    I looked around. Inside this rather baron room was a small comfortable red sofa chair in the same fabric as the one outside, a small double bed made up in fresh sheets and a thick wool rug on the floor patterned with red and black flecks.

    As my eyes then returned to Aurelia I could see her looking more serious than I have ever seen her. I tensed up slightly as she was about to speak.

    “I am going to give you a choice slave.” She then took a deep breath and contemplated heavily before proceeding.

    “I will open up to you and show you the real me within this room on the condition that you give yourself to me completely and let go of your fears. I will not stand for receiving some muted leftover attentions on the basis of the guilt you feel for betraying Nicola. Similarly, you will let go of whatever bitterness you have for me for the fact she and I do not see eye to eye. What happens here will never be discussed by either of us but we will both know what there is between us and what could be there if things were different when we return to our lives.”

    “Alternatively, I will treat you as my slave and fuck around with you like I normally would with my stinky feet. You will no doubt get off on it like you always do and leave perfectly fulfilled sexually. The purpose of this alterative is that I don’t want fear and pain to drive you towards choosing the first option. If you choose the first option I want it to be because your heart wants it.”

    “Whichever you choose, when we leave this room everything will return to as it was. You will still be my slave and you will still need to repay me for your nasty outburst though after tonight I might choose a slightly easier path for you.”

    Fucking hell, why did this shit always happen to me? When I tried to get closer to Aurelia before, she nigh on killed me. Now she was offering it to me on a plate and just after she fucked with my lovely Nicola and me at the same time. This was clearly being offered as a one-time opportunity, so I needed to consider it with a clear head and not be tainted by what pain she had already dealt Nicola and I. I wondered what I should do.

    “Why are you making me choose Aurelia?” I asked, testing the waters and her reaction to me using her name whilst challenging her desire for control.

    “Well I need to know which decision of my two choices you are committing to,” Aurelia said resolutely.

    “But don’t you see? My feelings can’t be manufactured because I made a decision especially in light of the pain you have already caused Nicola and I. They flow naturally from a connection with someone and the trust in them I believe I have. If you are genuine in your offer to be your real self then just do it, I will do the same. Let’s just be who we are and see what happens. There doesn’t need to be commitment, we should both feel free to just stop and back out at any time.”

    “Then what am I getting for showing you the real me when no-one has seen that in all my adult life? This is much harder for me than it is for you!” Aurelia was starting to look upset.

    I approached her slowly with my hands up to show I meant no harm. I still needed to be cautious as I knew how volatile she could be and how much harm she was capable of inflicting. I then reached out and placed my hands initially on her upper arms.

    “You are completely safe with me here. I swear to you with all my heart I will never betray what goes on in this room tonight. May I embrace you?” I asked softly.

    Despite all the hurt she had inflicted on me, her vulnerability and honesty were breaking down the fear and loathing I had for her. I felt endeared to her in the same way I did when I previously declared my feelings.

    Aurelia’s face went red and her eyes soon followed, tears were now streaming down her face as I gently slid my hands around her shoulders and pulled her towards me. When our bodies touched I felt her warmth and wrapped my arms further around her being careful not to squeeze tightly. She nestled her face into my chest and slid her arms around me. She squeezed me so tightly it was like she was clinging onto me for dear life and she sobbed in my arms for what seemed like hours. It was very distressing and difficult to listen to. I remained silent just occasionally raising my hand from her back to stroke her hair.

    Eventually when she quieted down I asked her if she would like to come and lay on the bed with me and talk for a while. She nodded and I led her to the bed with my hand in hers. We lay down together on top of the bed and turned to face each other. I now wanted to give her the benefit of my trust to hear her out and understand how she could inflict so much hurt on us.

    “You must wonder why I am showing you so much weakness Chris?”

    “I don’t see it as weakness, Aurelia. I see it as emotion and it shows me a beauty in you I never knew you had,” I said as her vulnerability and allure started to draw me towards her again.

    “Oh, I don’t think you can use the word beautiful when it comes to me. Well maybe with the exception of my looks. I am cold, hard and positively fucking evil when it comes to other people. Until I met Grace I have never really trusted anyone before, well except one.”

    “I am sure there have been countless men in your life who must have loved you. Fucking hell Aurelia you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.”

    “I have never known love Chris. During my younger years I was either used or abused by all the men in my life including my father. When my mother passed away I couldn’t take it anymore and I ran away from home. I got caught up in various difficult situations, let’s say, where men would use me for money, before I managed to break out of that and into the BDSM scene. There I learnt about, power, submission and dominance and vowed never to let another man treat me badly ever again. From within that scene I could legally exact my torturous revenge on all men and never feel vulnerable to them ever again. Initially I was vicious and cruel all the time and I did a lot of bad things to a lot of men, but most of them probably deserved it. Fuck they were paying me for pain; they just got more than they planned, sometimes a lot more. The endless cruelty I was inflicting on men was leading me into a dark path of self-destruction as I started to flirt and fantasize about destroying all men I encountered permanently. That was when I decided to set myself up with the money I had accrued and take a regular job at our consultancy. I started at the bottom and quickly got promoted into the juniors. No-one knew my private life and those that did would be too fearful to betray me.”

    “My god Aurelia, I had no idea. I am so desperately sorry to hear that.”

    Though there could never be an excuse for what she had done to Nicola and I, it was difficult not to empathise with such a sad life story.

    “Don’t feel sorry for me, Chris. I don’t deserve it. I have inflicted ten times the pain and suffering on others than was ever done to me.”

    “But don’t you see that’s not the real you.” I said to her, trying to touch her face in comfort.

    “Don’t fucking touch me Chris…not yet. We need to finish this. Of course it’s the real me. I live a life full of duality and conflict. I love being nasty and spiteful, there is no doubt about that. In fact, I often wonder if even without what happened to me I would have become the sadistic bitch I am anyway.”

    “But don’t you see? That’s just one side of you. The woman who is lying here before me right now is full of love, emotion and I suspect kindness. You just have to allow that person to flourish. Experiment with that side of you. See where it takes you.”

    “But there is no-one I can trust to be this person with and where will it lead me anyway? As soon as I show any kind of vulnerability, people will fuck me over like they always have.”

    “How about Grace? You said you trust her, Aurelia.”

    “Yes, I do trust Grace but I have never shown her this side of me. She adores me for my dominant. I am sure I could make her my slave instantly if I wanted to. Fuck, there’s a thought. Maybe I should?” Aurelia chuckled and then caught herself. “I am sorry. Well anyway, Grace wants to be led by my dominant side. She looks up to me. She wants to worship me. She wants to be me.”

    “She appears to have a lot of affection for you also Aurelia.”

    “That’s because I have not unleashed my darkness upon her. If I were to she would buckle and break like an old dry branch. Grace is weak. She lives out her fantasies under my power because it’s where she feels safe. Her affection as you call it is nothing more than an illusion or a fantasy. I used the phrase that we are on a journey together. But in reality, she is just a small part of my journey. I need more than that. I need more than her.”

    “She still cares about you a lot though, Aurelia. Surely that counts for something?”

    “Perhaps. She helps me keep a balance in my life and to separate my two conflicting worlds, but her constant desire to spend time with my dominant isn’t healthy and at some point, it will be dangerous for her. Anyway, she can never be enough for me.”

    “Well what do you need then, Aurelia? Perhaps I can help you find it?”

    She lay there silently deep in thought. “You can touch my cheek now, Chris.”

    I reached out and caressed her cheek. I gently stroked her perfect skin, running my fingers around her ear to pin her hair back behind it. She looked so lost, so alone and so desperately sad. My heart felt so heavy with doubt, confusion and empathy.

    “I need you Chris.” A silence then descended into that room that could shatter into a million sounds.

    I lay there in silence while I tried to process the words that were now echoing around my mind. I just didn’t understand why she was saying it was me she needed. This woman could have almost anyone on the planet. True not many, in fact, very few if any could handle her, but there were people out there.

    “Why did you hurt Nicola and I so much then, Aurelia?” I asked, trying to understand more.

    “When I met you the boundaries between my two separate lives were brought together and I resented you for it. Beth turned you into a slave and I had nothing but contempt for you as I do for all submissive men. You represented everything I was trying to get away from in my normal work life. I had worked hard to get my life together and you were pulling it apart by allowing my dark side to bleed back into the sanctuary I had created for myself. I started to wonder if I destroyed you whether I could go back to the way things were before.”

    “But it’s not what I wanted, Aurelia. I didn’t set out to be a slave. It was forced upon me.”

    Aurelia smiled and this time held my cheek. “You were always meant to be a slave, Chris. You just didn’t know it. But Beth did and now so does Nicola.”

    I felt aggrieved at being put in the bucket that said wimps and slaves, but given how easily I had allowed myself to submit to these women, I figured she was right. I sighed.

    “So why didn’t you destroy me then, Aurelia?” I asked rather nervously.

    “Well, even though I am without doubt the nastiest bitch on this earth, I am not stupid. I realised that killing you would only fuck my own life up completely and I wasn’t prepared to let that happen. So I just punished you for making my life difficult as a means of making up for the shit you were putting me through.”

    “And then I went and said all those nice things after you had treated me like shit, right?” I said.

    Aurelia paused again, thinking. “Yes. That really sent me over the edge. You were lucky to survive that period, believe me. I knew you were lying to me but somehow you reached beyond my darkness and affected me in a way that really touched me and then hurt me. No man has been able to hurt me in that way in years. That’s when I knew you were different.”

    “That night with Grace when you made me…you know…”

    “Yes, I imagined myself with you while watching you with Grace. I could see you didn’t want her and I get that. I guess I kind of retreated back into my safe hate space, making you out either as a liar or someone who just wanted me for sex.”

    “So that’s why you pushed me away so hard that night in the bedroom?”

    “Yes, Chris. Though something wasn’t quite right. As I lay there awake that night thinking how easy I have always been able to read you, I couldn’t understand how you could lie to me about something so important and me not see it. It just didn’t make sense.” Aurelia still seemed at odds with herself.

    “You said to me that night that my life would be hell if I tried to love you.”

    “Well no-one said it would easy loving the world’s nastiest fucking dominant. I was trying to warn you off knowing that you would only persist if you really meant it. It was my way of knowing the truth. We can only learn a limited amount about people from their words. The indisputable truth however is always in our actions.”

    “But then the next morning you beat the fucking crap out of me, Aurelia. I thought you were trying to kill me at one point.”

    Aurelia paused. I could tell something important was coming by the look in her eyes.

    “Yes, but you still kept coming didn’t you Chris? Despite everything I put you through you showed me you were prepared to overcome anything for me including how badly I was treating you. Nobody has ever showed me that kind of devotion and tenderness in the face of my darkness. Again, that’s when I knew you were different.”

    “So why didn’t you just tell me all this, Aurelia?”

    “Well firstly I was still unsure if you were lying to try to manipulate me, given every man I tried to trust in my life has ended up being a fucker. Secondly, I needed time to think about what I wanted. And finally, there was Nicola.” Aurelia said as a snarl crept across her face.

    “And then you went after Nicola?”

    “It wasn’t by design. Well not initially. She was fucking with Grace, which I was not prepared to accept under any circumstances. Nicola knew when she did that she had crossed the line with me and would pay dearly. I then decided as she had shit coming to her to use my leverage to firstly understand why she loved you so much, testing my own theories on what made you special, and then to challenge both of you to see how strong the bond of love was.”

    “And why do you think she loves me so much?”

    “I am not going to answer that.” Aurelia said cutting me off.

    We sat in silence again for a brief period before she spoke. “Hold me again please Chris.”

    I shuffled over and took her in my arms and she lay with her head down on my chest.

    “This morning when you said you hated me and only pretended to love me, I finally knew you were lying. I didn’t know how much you cared about me but I could see the hurt in your eyes was not just for Nicola. They betrayed your hurt from my rejection of you. I guess I went a little over the top on you after that?” She chuckled recalling the events of this morning.

    “You think?” I sighed but couldn’t help chuckling myself. I then started to feel concerned about how much she really knew of my feelings for her.

    “Tonight was the final piece of the puzzle. When I asked you if you adored me you said you feared me. That upset me initially. I know you probably do fear me sometimes, but it wasn’t consistent with what you had endured for me before. I knew then you were hiding your true feelings.”

    Aurelia then curled her leg over my waist and hoisted herself up so our faces were literally touching. She looked deep into my eyes almost hollowing out my soul and every thought with it.

    “So, tell me honestly and with all your heart Chris. Do you have love somewhere deep inside for me?” Aurelia asked longingly.

    I was agonising over what to say, as I knew the consequences would be enormous.

    “Before you answer, consider one thing Chris. I have shown you everything tonight, including the honesty as to my inner feelings and now my heart. From that alone you owe me the truth and as we said, it will never leave this room.”

    The weight of that statement crushed me. I loved Nicola so dearly but I had to stop running from the conflicts that were crushing my life. There was something in Aurelia that connected on a level that was undeniable, a thread so strong it wouldn’t break. The more I spent time with her, the closer that thread brought us together. Even when she had been cruel to me, it only drew me closer to her. And now that she was showing her true self, I felt the thread was binding our hearts. She had to know the truth.

    “Yes Aurelia, there is love in my heart for you…” I said softly.

    Aurelia squeezed her body against mine, sighed contentedly and then kissed my cheek. “That’s all I needed to know, Chris. Thank you for being honest with me.”

    She then whispered in my ear mischievously. “My feet are super stinky. I think you should get down to the foot of the bed and bury your nose in them for me, slave.”

    I looked at Aurelia who was smiling and she giggled. What the fuck was going on?

    “I know you are wondering why I am playing now and teasing you. Well, I can do soft play as well as hard. I don’t have to be a royal bitch all the time, even though I love it. Also, let’s face it. You fucking love my feet and they own you big time. So better get down there and pay them some respect.” Aurelia giggled again.

    “Are you sure, Aurelia?”

    “I think you mean goddess, right slave?” Aurelia smiled with a raised eyebrow.

    “Oh yes, sorry goddess.” I answered as my heart started fluttering.

    “Before you go down to those toes and lose yourself in a world of stink and excitement Chris, you know that when we leave this room it will be the same as it was before we came in. We both need time to reflect on this talk and my dominant won’t allow you to start trying to use this as leverage. That said, I probably won’t be stripping the skin off your back or pissing in your face any time soon. Well, unless you give me good reason to of course!”

    I laughed nervously seeing the outline of a threat in Aurelia’s last words.

    “Oh, that little chink of worry in your eyes is getting me all horny, bitch. Come on then, slave. Get on with it. My stinking feet don’t have all night. I want lots of sniffing first, then get those socks off and lick all the filth off my soles and between my toes, then suck them hard while you jack off. I might even do the same myself. Come on, chop-chop!” Aurelia laughed.

    I made love to Aurelia’s feet whilst she laughed and giggled through almost all the opening worship, up to when I started licking her feet and sucking her toes. Her hands were all over her pussy at this point as she threw herself into raptures of climactic joy. We both came together like it was almost meant to be. I am not sure who was loudest but it was close. We then collapsed briefly.

    Shortly afterwards, she ordered me to my feet.

    “Come on then, slave. It’s time to go back to the life where you are you and I am me.”

    Aurelia then leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I returned the compliment with interest and we embraced one last time. I wanted it to last longer but she pulled away.

    “Ok bitch, slap me!”

    “What?” I asked.

    “Fucking slap me now or else!”

    I slapped her almost instinctively out of fear.

    “Good. Now get your fucking arse out that door now, you stupid pathetic cunt.” Aurelia seethed, her face now the picture of bile and hatred.

    It was like nothing of the last hour or so had happened. As I opened the door and crawled out, I wondered whether I would ever meet the real Aurelia again.
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    Sooooo, i finally catched up with the chapters hahaaaaa *proudy-proud* you sir are responsable to all the things, that happened to me in the rehab xD but now for the matter:

    Nicola enslaving Henrietta was such a joy to read! Fucking hot. Especially making her sniff those nasty squash socks from her hamper and humiliating her hardly before that...... and i looooved the nasty asslicking scene between them, yuuuum yuuum. Similar feelings for the scene, where Beth forces Nicola to clean her ass. I masturbated like 2 times on that one xD
    Even hotter, when considering what happened later, when Beth unleashed Nicola on the others and the Beth + Nicola romance began, very very nice! Although im not sure if i would trust Beth on that...... Im sure there is some hidden perfidy behind it to make Nicola suffer even more.

    That scene you created, where Nicola gathered those 2 college girls (Anita and Joanne) together with Henrietta, making chris suffer. My panties were soaked the whole day lol, that was some awesome asslicking with anita and Joanne making chris vomit with her nasty socks made me cum like 3 times in a row.

    One of my Highlights was the Scene of Nadine forcing Yuki to drink her Piss. You couldn't have made it hotter, my pussy got wound from masturbating on this xD Aurelia and Grace pissing all over Chris after fucking him up mentally was also nice.

    My absolute favorite so far.... Is the new trio you introduced: Sophia, Laura and Julia. Oh my god...... those three...... what a chemistry together, especially after Sophia and Laura enslaved Julia (she reminds me of polly a little bit *gg*) ! Sophia is so fucking hot and my absolute favorite besides Aurelia being my No. 1 tThe way Sophia and Aurelia talk while making others worship their stinky socks is so stunning. Instant turn on. The scenes where Laura and Sophia made Julia sniff their superstinky socks and wiped them all over her face....... that scene killed me here in tbe rehab clinic.... and it was THAT scene, when Doctor Hellmann catched me fingering myself xD (for more information, read the story in my encounter thread xD)

    Where was I...... yeah..... Julia..... also nice, borrowing her to Grace, superstinky-socks-suffering. Loved it

    You once said, that Aurelia would be my favorite character..... You knew me so well. Fucking hot bitch! the latest chapter here was also nice..... Although I dont know if she can be trusted xD Aurelia is a fucking witch and her nice-version-stinkysocks-talk made me cum just an hour ago.

    Thanks to you, I lost plenty of pussyjuice in my rehab, I feel dehydrated xD MOOOOOOAR!
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    Natsuko: I am sure Wildyone will be very happy to know how much you enjoyed the recent chapters. And I am quite sure he is chuckling at the notion of you losing so much pussy juice that you feel dehydrated.

    And now, for the next chapter!
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