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Thread: MenHaters (F/m with F/f later in the story)

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    Chapter 43 – Nicola’s Darkest Day

    I had tossed and turned much of the night thinking about everything that had happened. My mind replayed the conversation with Aurelia and my submission to her. This made me feel wretched and angry but I couldn’t see another way forward that would protect Chris. Then there was Allegra, she had the hots for Beth so bad it was killing her I thought with a smile. The trouble for me was that Beth was embracing me as her protégé a little too passionately and Allegra was reading that as something more.

    That started me wondering whether there was more in Beth’s kiss than just a mentor’s affection. Fuck no! She was just drunk I thought to myself. But then what happened in the toilet and her promise to help me? I had kissed her to seal not only my affection, but my loyalty. Was I really now prepared to be loyal to the bitch that had served my lover on a plate to that psycho Aurelia?

    I needed Beth’s support if I was going to be able to take my dominant to the next level and stand up to bitches like Allegra and Aurelia. I also felt deep down that whatever Beth felt for Chris, which in the main seemed to be hatred at this point, my relationship with her needed to remain separate. I think I did care for her and I could feel she cared for me. Even if it was just how protective she was. Then I realised that affection might not be root cause, she could just be protecting her own queen status. From my own dominant’s perspective, I wouldn’t want anyone fucking with my property.

    I then looked down at my own property as she lay in the corner of my bedroom looking up at me. She was always awake when I opened my eyes like she had spent all night looking at me longingly. Well, who wouldn’t? I am fucking gorgeous after all! I chuckled to myself and then remembered getting back late last night and pretty much ignoring her, as I was so tired. She had waited up late for me in the hope of some attention and I had pretty much given her fuck all. I decided she deserved a little treat, but first I needed coffee.

    “Where’s my fucking coffee slave?” I barked.

    “It’s on your bedside table my beautiful goddess. I could see you were tired last night so thought it would be nice to wake up to it this morning. I hope you don’t find me too presumptuous?”

    Fucking hell, I thought, that’s some party trick bitch. I felt the coffee cup which was still relatively hot and marvelled at her anticipation. For once the bitch got one over me and I was so impressed I decided to let her have it.

    “Thank you, slave. Your servitude and attention to my needs is just where it needs to be right now. I am even a little impressed.”

    Henrietta beamed a smile at me. It was high praise from a goddess to be thanked and appreciated in the same sentence and she knew it.

    “Oh thank you, goddess. I am so happy.” Henrietta said. “May I start preparing your breakfast?”

    “Not just yet. I want to ask you something first.” I then paused for effect. “What socks do you think I should wear today slave?” I sat up and took a slurp of my coffee. I even pulled up the duvet to expose my beautiful feet before wiggling my toes at her.

    She flushed bright red with excitement. I could see by her face that she wanted my filthy disgusting socks from the wash hamper again. But she was clearly too unsure and embarrassed to say. I wondered whether they would ever actually make it to the washing machine? I chuckled to myself again.

    “Erm, I am sure my beautiful goddess would prefer to choose herself.”

    “If I wanted to choose myself I would have done so slave, now stop fucking around and speak up. Which one’s should I wear?”

    I knew this was a great little humiliation test for her as by selecting those filthy revolting socks she would be admitting to herself and me that she did indeed love them and that was plain nasty. If she didn’t choose them however she would lose out on an opportunity to sniff them again and get lost in a world of pleasure. Which way would this go? Did she have the courage to admit who she was and take another step down the road to ruin?

    “Well goddess, if it pleases you, my favourite socks are the ones in the wash hamper.”

    Bingo, I thought. She was so fucking depraved, I loved it. But she wasn’t going to get what she wanted that easily.

    “What? Those filthy fucking stink rags on my beautiful feet? What are you trying to tell me slut?!”

    Henrietta went into a panic thinking she had insulted me. I laughed my arse off inside, but remained cross and stern on my face.

    “Oh, my immaculate goddess. I am so sorry. I completely lost myself in my own love and desire for you. I should never have suggested such a thing. I deserve to be punished badly.” Henrietta then rushed out to collect my crop from the living room before returning with it in her hands and presenting it to me.

    “Are you now telling me how I should punish you slave?” I asked with my eyebrows raised.

    Henrietta went into another panic and started crying. She was sobbing her heart out. Fucking hell I thought this bitch really cares for me big time. I keep forgetting that fact as I look at her mainly as a toy for my amusement.

    “Enough! Stop feeling fucking sorry for yourself, bitch.” I then grabbed the crop and brought it down hard on her shoulder shocking her out of her crying temporarily.

    “Thank you, goddess. It’s just that I love and worship you so dearly, it breaks my heart when I know I have upset you somehow.”

    Fucking hell, she thought she had upset me. Little did she know how much of a total bitch I could be. That was nothing.

    “Look at me bitch!” I commanded and Henrietta set her tear stained eyes on me.

    “Your punishment will not be the crop. That’s too fucking good for you by half. I am going to be much nastier than that to you bitch.” I said in my most angry voice.

    Henrietta then started trembling knowing I could be devastatingly cruel when I wanted to me. “Oh, right goddess, yes of course.”

    “I am going to wear my nasty filthy socks not just today but all fucking weekend and you will be dealing with them in every depraved way imaginable! We’ll see after that if they are still your favourite socks.”

    Henrietta almost exploded in joy at my punishment but used all the restraint she could to hide it as I had delivered it as a threat not a reward.

    “Yes goddess. I understand. I promise to do all you ask and be very grateful for any punishment you feel I deserve.”

    “Of course you will, slut. And anyway, who gives a fuck what you feel? Now go get my breakfast and be quick.”

    Henrietta shot out the door quicker than a greyhound, buoyed by the prospect of a weekend under my filthy socks. The breakfast she prepared was amazing, even by her high standards. She even put a single red rose in a small pot on the side of my tray saying that my breakfast should be adorned with something beautiful to marry with my exquisite magnificence. Fuck, I loved being her goddess.

    After I had finished my breakfast I took a bath keeping my stinky feet outside the water, which of course she loved. I noticed as she washed my body she would take deep breaths every time she passed them imagining how wonderful the weekend would be. I didn’t give her any shit for it as I was now thinking about work again.

    When I was out the bath I put on my dress down Friday outfit, insisting Henrietta got the socks out the hamper and on my feet, as I didn’t even want to touch them. She then put on my old ratty squash sneakers just to magnify the potency for later. I wore smart blue jeans and a white open-neck blouse to finish off my casual look. Shortly after finishing off my look with a little make-up, I left following one final kiss on my sneakers from Henrietta.


    The early morning was fairly uneventful. I did another sterling job with Beth bringing her breakfast (without spit again) and then going through her agenda, priorities and urgent emails. I took care of pretty much everything, affording her the luxury to just relax until the team meeting.

    During the team meeting Beth surprised me with some rather glowing accolades about my contribution to the bid. Scanning the room, I could see this really pissed off Aurelia, Grace and Allegra and to a lesser extent Porsche who looked like she was close with Seraphina again, though not necessarily the other way around.

    Perhaps more interestingly was how pleased for me Seraphina, Julia, Sophia, Laura and Karine were. Karine was the important one, I thought. The others I kind of expected, as I had worked hard on them. I needed to work on how to develop that relationship and quickly while I had some stock with her. That said, Seraphina was more than a little flirtatious in her glances at me, which made me chuckle given how cute she was.

    Beth then really went in hard on Chris in front of everyone, making him look like a complete idiot. I was pretty fucked off with her for doing that but managed to keep it inside. Chris though could no doubt sense my empathy for his position. Beth even insisted he write some kind of report, justifying his position in the company and threatening to out him. I couldn’t believe she would actually follow through with that threat though, could she?

    Maybe Beth was testing me again, only this time publically to see if I would still side with Chris. She sensed my feelings for Chris and kicked me as if to warn me about my commitment to her. When we got back to her office she started giving me a hard time about my reaction.

    “Your love for that wretch is your weakness slave. You know that, right?” Beth asked sternly.

    “I know,” I said solemnly, realizing this was true.

    “Every bitch in this place that has it in for you will exploit that weakness. You know that as well, right?” Beth seemed to be reading through my predicament like it was completely transparent to her.

    “You are right, goddess. That is exactly what is happening.”

    “Then what the fuck are you going to do about it, bitch?!” Beth was challenging me, presumably for my own good.

    “I need time to think, goddess. I will head your wise words. Thank you for kicking my arse.”

    Beth seemingly satisfied she had pushed me enough, backed off to leave me with the predicament. I then asked what Beth wanted for lunch and went out to get her something while I gathered my thoughts.

    We took lunch together on my return while we went through some other prospects provided by Aurelia’s team. I got a little fucked off hearing how pleased Beth was with Aurelia’s efforts. She was doing a much better job than I hoped she was, it was almost like Chris was helping her, but he couldn’t be that stupid.

    Towards the end of lunch, the bitch actually turned up at Beth’s office.

    “Hi Beth. Hope the latest leads and prospects were all to your satisfaction?”

    “Indeed, Aurelia. I was most impressed. There are a few really interesting proposals in there that we can start to look at after the Masters & Johnson bid next week. Well done to you and your team.”

    “You are welcome, Beth. In fact, I was going to ask you if I can borrow Nicola for the afternoon? I need to complete some additional research for the latest leads and my team are all tied up on other work.” Aurelia said, not looking at me once.

    “Why don’t you get your slave to do that, Aurelia?” Beth asked.

    “Well, I would but he is going to be maxed out with the juniors and I wanted to get my next big prospect back to you before the end of the week.”

    I knew what the bitch was up to and her manipulation of Beth was frighteningly good. Eventually, Beth relented - clearly wanting the big lead input to inform the board as soon as possible.

    She then turned to me. “Well Nicola, do you think you can help out Aurelia?”

    Aurelia then stared at me menacingly as if to say that I had better agree or else. She did this in such a way Beth did not see. She was a conniving bitch.

    “Are you sure you don’t need me for anything here?” I asked, hopeful Beth would say yes and give me an out without having to decline Aurelia.

    “No, in fact I would prefer you help Aurelia as that big lead is one of my highest priorities.”

    “In that case Aurelia, I will come and help you. When do you need me?” I asked.

    She smirked with that devilish grin that said she had fucked me over. “Oh, as soon as you can please Nicola. Say 5 minutes? I will be in my office. Thanks to you both.”


    As I started to make my way to Aurelia’s office, I got thinking. She was as smooth as silk in her manipulation of the situation, which considering it was Beth really shook me. Every time I engaged that psycho bitch I was impressed and daunted by her in equal measure. She seemed to have no fear whatsoever of anyone. I could use some of that confidence and bravado myself. Either way, I wasn’t going to be frightened of the bitch. If I showed any weakness she would have no qualms in completely destroying me, and Beth wouldn’t protect me either as she hated weakness.

    When I arrived, I was hoping to see Chris but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen around Aurelia’s office. So I walked in through the open door.

    “Shut it and lock it.” Aurelia commanded from her desk without looking up at me.

    I turned around and shut the door then locked it with the key that was still inside. As I turned around Aurelia was now sitting with her feet up on the desk and her hands behind her head, power posing.

    “We can’t have your screams echoing down the hallway disturbing all the hard work going on, can we whore?” Aurelia was looking to unsettle me from the get go.

    I was afraid to say it was working and I had to concentrate hard not to show fear. This was the first time I was alone with the bitch and in a soundproofed office with a locked door. It couldn’t really have been any worse, unless of course I was in her house, I supposed.

    “What the fuck do you want, Aurelia?” I asked, giving her equal measure from my dominant.

    “Respect for a start, you fucking stupid cunt! When will you learn that disrespecting me will only mean a world of pain for you?!” The veins in her neck were throbbing and her face was bright red with rage.

    Fucking hell, I thought, that was some serious fucking anger. I needed to be a little more cautious.

    “Ok, let me try again. What can I do for you, goddess?”

    “Too fucking late, you trash slut. Get on your fucking knees. In fact, get all the way down so you are flat on the floor and crawl to me.” Aurelia snarled, still furious.

    She then dropped her feet to the floor and shuffled her seat to the side of her desk so she was sat in front of me.

    I paused for merely seconds before she screamed at me. “Now! Or I will come over there and beat the crap out of you!”

    Just fucking try it, you pathetic bitch, I thought to myself. I considered waiting to see if she had the courage to take me on. Even though she was fearless, she wasn’t stupid and knew I could hurt her. I wondered who would actually win in a fight? I was sure my fitness from squash could overpower her. but with the sadistic lifestyle she had lived I was also convinced she could look after herself.

    It was only when she added “And your bitch boyfriend will have the worst weekend of his miserable life” that I realised why I was here in the first place – to protect my love, Chris. It was almost like she could read my mind.

    I slowly descended onto my knees and then lay down on my front across the carpet. I felt humiliated and embarrassed to be in this position with her and it made me feel sick and angry with myself.

    “Now crawl to me, slut. Feel the weight of my power over you as you do so and the heavy burden of your humiliation. Realise that you are crawling to your doom and there is nothing you can do about it.”

    Aurelia laughed as I started to crawl across the floor towards her. She was a fucking despot lunatic.

    “What a fucking pathetic sight you are slut! You were giving me so much front before, but you will never come close to being equal to me. I am superior to you in every way – mentally, physically and by divine fucking right.”

    I wasn’t sure how much of this shit I could take before I flipped out completely. My dominant was going berserk in my head, screaming to kill her. It was taking all my self-control to just keep going. Eventually I arrived at her chair and she slid her feet over so they were just in front of my face.

    Aurelia had a pair of old white gym sneakers on and what appeared to be white argyle socks underneath. As she wiggled her toes inside those sneakers I felt a waft of stench rise up from them and envelope my face. Fucking hell, I thought, this was sick and I brought my head up to put distance between my nose and the sneakers.

    Aurelia quickly placed her foot on my head and pushed it back down so my nose landed on the top of her other sneaker, which she had inserted underneath.

    “Now stay still and put your hands behind your back for me, slut.” Aurelia commanded.

    “Really?” I asked, getting totally pissed off now.

    “Just fucking do it slave.” Aurelia snarled. As I put my hands behind my back she leaned over and I heard a little click. Fuck, I thought, she just put me in handcuffs!

    “What the hell are you doing Aur…goddess?”

    Aurelia ignored the question. “I told you if you hated filthy, stinking feet you were in for a world of pain and I have prepared something extra special inside these babies for you to revel in. In fact, start licking the tops of my sneakers while I tell you what’s on the menu, slut.”

    She then tapped her sneaker up and down until I put my tongue out onto her sneaker. The tops were pretty nasty, but bearable, so I obliged by leaving my tongue out for now. The handcuffs were tight on my wrists and my only movement now was from side to side.

    “Well, this morning Grace and myself gave your little whore boyfriend a treat of piss-soaked soles to wash his mouth out after her gave us a whole bunch of profanities.”

    Fucking hell. I thought, this was going to be all ways sickening. What the fuck was wrong with this bitch? My only solace at this point was hearing that Chris was giving her shit, a marked difference from the love story she was telling me last night. I knew she was a fucking liar.

    “Now adding to the nice champagne-based starter, I have added an exquisite main course of filth from the local park where we fed your tart a nice square meal of crap from our feet. The desert, of course, is the sweat and stink that was already on my feet, which will just cap everything off rather nicely don’t you think?” Aurelia started laughing as she wiggled her sneakers in excitement.

    “Come on, goddess. You don’t have to do this. Can’t we just settle for a foot rub or something?” I was trying to reason with just about the most unreasonable person on the planet.

    “Oh, but we have to do this, slut. This is what you get when you try to stand up to me or worse defy me. I am only beginning my humiliations and degradations. This is just kid’s stuff. You wait until we get to the really nasty stuff!” Aurelia said in a low menacing tone.

    I shivered at the thought of what this vile nasty bitch could be capable of. Given her personal lifestyle, I didn’t even really want to imagine. All I knew was the threat was very real and she had every intention of executing on her words.

    “Mmm, that little ripple of fear was beautiful, slut. It shows me your weakness, a little chink in your armour to open up and exploit. You now realise what you are fucking with, don’t you? Would you like to beg at this point or shall we save that for later?”

    I didn’t answer and Aurelia didn’t much care, as she knew her words had a crushing effect on me just by the look on my face.

    “Ok enough procrastination. Get those sneakers off with your teeth, slut.” As I started to attempt to pull at her shoelaces with my teeth, I felt the end of her crop brush my face. “Hurry now, you don’t want me to have to use this, do you?”

    I knew immediately then that I would be feeling that crop at some point this afternoon. I could see how her mind worked. After all, I was a dominant too. I wasn’t as sick and twisted as she was but I could still read through her games like they were my own.

    I sped up as fast as I could but still took three lashes across my back despite my efforts. They weren’t too hard, well not for a fucking hard ass dominant like me anyway. With her laces untied it was now time to remove the sneakers.

    “Bite the heel bitch so you can ease off those filthy sneakers.” Aurelia was smiling and looking down at me.

    As I placed my teeth around the heel of the first sneaker, she arched her foot and slid it out bringing a horrendous stench with it. Whether it was already in my mind or in reality, with that sock just inches from my face I could have sworn I could smell the piss, filth and sweat on her feet. I made a disgusted grunt as the smell hit my face, but was helpless to move anywhere.

    She knew I would be going crazy at this point and anticipated the need for handcuffs perfectly. I wouldn’t be making this mistake twice, I thought.

    “Let’s get the other one off nice and quick, slut. I don’t want any of that sweet sock dampness to dry out before I wash your face in it.” Aurelia laughed.

    She almost had the sneaker off before I could get my teeth around the heel this time, she was so impatient to deploy my fate. As soon as the second sock emerged she cupped her feet together under my head, soles turned slightly upwards, then bent down and pushed my face into the black stained wet odorous socks.

    It was fucking revolting in every sense of the word. I shouted and wretched into the socks as the bitch laughed hysterically above me. Her hands were pushing my head so hard into the socks I could hardly breathe. My face was slick with the sweat and heat from her socks, which only added to my claustrophobic suffocation. Though I held my breath as long as I could, inevitably I had to take in a huge cloud of the vile aroma into my body. I convulsed again and thought I was about to throw up.

    “How fucking bad is that, bitch? Isn’t this just about as low as your pathetic insignificant life has ever been? Sniffing the horrendous rank feet of your arch enemy and knowing you will have to continue doing it for as long as I demand it of you. I could keep you in those socks for hours. Fuck, I could make you sniff them all weekend and there is fuck all you can do but sniff and suffer. This is absolutely priceless.” Aurelia laughed.

    The relentless verbal assault went on and on.

    “Come on! Really hoover up all the stench, you ridiculous creature. I want that shit to be burning your nostrils and melting away your resistance, so you become my little foot sniffing puppy dog. I will sit in my chair and wave my vile foot in your general direction, then you will bounce over to me all eager, place your nose into my socks, and sniff like it’s all that keeps you alive. You will then, of course, thank me and beg to lick them clean, which I may or may not allow you.”

    I could clearly see a vivid picture of Henrietta doing exactly what she just described, but never in a million years would that be me. This fucking bitch was deluded. She was on some maniacal power trip, leading her into madness.

    She enveloped my nose with her toes to ensure every breath was drawn through the sock webbing. The stench was not only utterly abhorrent and repugnant, but also completely debilitating. It was wearing me down and making me feel both drowsy and docile. Perhaps it was simply my inability to breathe properly?

    She made me sniff those socks for close to thirty minutes. I really never thought it would end.

    Finally, Aurelia spoke again. “Ok, it’s nasty filthy bare feet time, bitch. Peel those socks off with your teeth and make it quick or I will crop your back again.”

    The socks were stuck to her feet with the sweat that was so entrenched in them and furthermore the elastic around her ankle was really tight and difficult to leverage with my mouth. It took me so long to remove the socks, she found plenty of excuse to administer a further ten lashes to my back. It was now getting very sore and I had to wince a few times to stomach the pain.

    “Aww, poor little foot sniffer. Is that nasty bitch cropping your back and making it all sore? Don’t cry little puppy, it will all be over soon and you can go and play with your little puppy boyfriend. NOT!” Aurelia laughed heinously at her own nastiness. She was in some kind of bitch heaven right now.

    “The truth is that this is your life from now on. All you have to look forward to is my stinky rank feet, endless whippings from my crop, and all topped off with my verbal assaults. Well, at least until I step things up and really break you into a blubbering mess. By the time I have finished with you, you will need five years in an institution piecing your mind back together again before you are fit to integrate back into society.” Aurelia snarled.

    When the socks were finally off I was faced with her filthy black feet covered in grime and piss. The stench was quite simply beyond horrendous and she knew it.

    “Fucking hell, whore. That’s some nasty fucking stank even by my standards. I have really outdone myself today. This is what I call a foot baptism of fire! Now sniff it all up for me so I don’t have to be offended by it anymore.”

    Her toes then danced around my nostrils intermittently pinching my nose, plugging my nasal passages and smearing their filth over my face. I was now on the verge of being sick and my face was green.

    “If you are sick on my feet, bitch, I will make you eat it off together with the filth between my toes. There is no fucking way you are leaving this room until they are spotless, so choose your fate.”

    I rolled to the side in some vain effort at temporary relief. Aurelia could see how sick I looked and gave me twenty seconds or so respite - more to avoid my vomiting than out of compassion. Eventually, she got impatient and rolled me back with her hands into her awaiting soles.

    “Ok, time to start eating the filth and piss from my feet now, slut. Get used to the taste as this will be a regular meal for you each week. In fact, I can see you getting so addicted to it you will be asking waitresses in restaurants to stick their feet in your face so you can eat off their sweaty feet instead of eating off the regular menu. Time to embrace your new best friend, depravity!”

    The crop lashed me hard this time and I yelped slightly. I was really annoyed for showing anguish to her, as I knew she would thrive on this show of weakness.

    “Get licking bitch! Now, or the next one comes in 3…2…1…” Another lash came down, this time harder, and I felt a shiver of pain run down my back.

    “Ok, fucking hell! I will lick them! Just stop, ok?!”

    She paused briefly to watch my tongue approach her filthy feet. She even moved them back slightly to prolong my agony and I had to shuffle forward like a snake to reach them.

    When my tongue finally landed on them, she smirked. “Perfect. Simply, perfect. A lowly worthless slave washes the filthy feet of her queen, understanding her divine and supreme standing in her life. Overcome by the sheer awesomeness and power of this woman the slave feels honoured and privileged to undertake this meagre of all tasks. But to you, slave, this is everything. This is your purpose and this is now your life!”

    Aurelia started rubbing her pussy now, so excited and enthralled by my suffering that she couldn’t help herself. She also started moaning loudly.

    I closed my eyes and thought of my beautiful Chris and then the strength of my mentor Beth, and used them in combination to find the resolve to clean those revolting feet. The filth was all over my lips, tongue and mouth. I had to ingest copious amounts just to create clean patches I could work from. I resolved never to allow her to get me in this situation ever again. It was at this point I heard Beth’s words echo in my mind that my love for Chris was my weakness. Without that I would be destroying this bitch instead of worshiping her. I wasn’t sure how much longer my dominant could put up with this before I would have to let Chris fend for himself. Aurelia’s wickedness was simply otherworldly and didn’t belong on this earth.

    As I was nearing the last twenty per cent of my foot cleaning ordeal, my mouth was so full of filth I could hardly swallow - let alone clean.

    Aurelia glared at me. “You stupid fucking slut! You are just pushing the dirt around now. They won’t get clean like that and you are not coming up until they are. Beg for my spit, cunt!”

    I was exhausted, debilitated, and quite frankly beaten - at least for today. “Please goddess, can I have your spit to help me clean your feet?”

    “Not fucking desperate and pathetic enough slave. Try again!”

    I recalled some of Henrietta’s best phrases in my mind and conjured up what I thought she needed to hear so I could get this over and done. “Please, my beautiful goddess. Would you honour me with your spit so I may clean the filth from your divine feet?”

    “Perfect!” Aurelia said and I heard a click. As I looked up I could see her camera phone hovering above my head. She had filmed the whole of my piteous begging.

    Shortly after, I saw five huge globules of phlegm land on her toes and soles.

    “Well what do you say, whore?”

    “Thank you, goddess.”

    “To my face whore!” Aurelia sneered.

    As I looked up to repeat my words, she spat furiously into my face multiple times - laughing between each one. “Feeling loved now, bitch? Get back down there now as my spit trickles down your face and clean off my feet.”

    I just didn’t care anymore at this point. My dignity, pride and even my dominant were shattered. It was everything I could do not to cry, which I am sure would have been the coup-de-grace for Aurelia had I given her that satisfaction.

    I laboured through the remainder of the cleaning and then collapsed exhausted, relieved and somewhat amazed I didn’t actually throw up in the end.

    As Aurelia lifted her feet to inspect them, she remarked, “Fucking hell, whore, you are one world class foot cleaner. I was sure I had you beaten with these babies but you got through it and without even throwing up. I am going to have to go back to the drawing board if I am gonna break you, slut. You are one tough motherfucking bitch.”

    After accepting they were as clean as they were going to get, Aurelia plopped her feet back down on my head. “Ok, you can have 5 minutes on foot stool duties as a reward while you collect yourself before our next little game.”

    My god, I thought, it’s not over yet?

    I almost collapsed into a slumber, I was so exhausted by my last ordeal, so I was shocked when Aurelia slapped my cheek hard with the sole of her foot. It also stung and I whimpered softly, but not loud enough she could hear this time.

    “Ok whore, get on your knees and face me. I need to see your ugly mutt for this next game, though I am sure you will compensate me with lots of amusement with your suffering.”

    I wriggled to my side and then rolled until I was able to lift my body with my hands still cuffed behind my back. My wrists were now sore with the struggling and discomfort. Once I was balanced, I stood up before I then knelt back down in front of Aurelia.

    Whilst waving her crop in my face she spoke. “Ok, this little game is called truth or punishment. I will ask you a series of questions. If I think you are telling me the truth, I will give you a reward like a foot kiss, spit in the face or a foot slap. If I think you are lying I will whip you hard with my crop with each lash being harder than the last. We both know how hard I am prepared to go with my crop administrations, as I am sure your gutless boyfriend would have told you.”

    She then paused briefly as if in thought.

    “I should also tell you that I have a doctorate in psychology, following the financing of private degree studies through my BDSM lifestyle. What that means to your tiny mind is I can read you like an open book. I know pretty much everything you are thinking as it’s going on in that ugly head of yours. Also, being a dominant I know how you think, what makes you tick and what fucks you up. Though looking at you now, I think any self-respecting dominant clan would rather wipe their feet on you than give you any reverence.”

    “I won’t ask you if you are ready to start because you are a worthless cunt and I don’t care either way. First question – When did you first realise you were a dom?”

    “I guess I always was. I had a difficult upbringing, which I guess seeded in a lot of resentment. That then emerged during my teens. I had a few boyfriends who liked kinky stuff, but whenever I brought my dominant out, they shit themselves and ran a mile.”

    Aurelia then placed her sole to my face and I kissed it, signalling the truth, I guessed.

    “Fuck you and your difficult upbringing. It was nothing compared to mine, you snivelling winger! Question two – What drew you to your boyfriend?”

    What the fuck was she on asking me these questions? Also, why did she care? I didn’t like where this was going one bit.

    “Why do you care bitch?” I started welling up with anger.

    Aurelia then lashed me hard, much harder than earlier, and I bent over to absorb the pain. Fucking hell, that was really painful, I thought.

    “Ok. I guess I could see he was a submissive, like you could, right? I figured he might be able to cope with my dominant better than the pussies at college.” Her foot came up to my face again.

    “Question three – Was he what you expected then?”

    “Chris is everything I expected and more. He is my soul mate. I have never met anyone who can embrace my dominant like he can and still love me so completely.”

    “What a load of slushy horseshit. Just stick to the questions, bitch. So he can handle the dominant shit. Is that what you are saying?”

    “It’s more than that. He is not actually that good with the pain, but he will endure so much more than most, even though it crushes his heart. It is the love that pours out when I dominate him that makes me whole.”

    Aurelia didn’t lift her foot this time, she was too interested in the conversation. She had an unhealthy interest in Chris that was worrying me. I was really hoping now all this talk of him saying he loved her wasn’t true.

    “What do you mean love pours out, bitch?”

    “Well when I push him too far he doesn’t really break with the pain and suffering, but more from the love he has for me. In some strange way it brings us closer together, rather than forces us apart.”

    “Is that why you love him?”

    “Look Aurelia, why are you asking me all these questions?”

    Aurelia went into a rage. “Disrespectful cunt! Answer my fucking questions.” She then lashed me three times with full force and I screamed with the pain.

    “Well?” She asked as she finished.

    “Fucking hell, yes! He makes me whole. He is the only person I have ever met that can embrace my dominant and me and love them both equally. I can let go of everything and just be myself with him. No fucking double life shit. Are you satisfied now?”

    Her foot came up and I kissed it again.

    “And do you think he can always love you with the darkness in your heart? You know one day it will try to destroy him, don’t you?”

    “He will always be there for me, I am sure of that. Despite how much others try to corrupt him.”

    As her crop lifted I raised my voice and continued, trying to prevent the oncoming lash.

    “And yes, my darkness will threaten us but I will do everything in my power to control it or deflect it somewhere else to protect him. I won’t allow myself to destroy what we have in the same way I won’t allow anyone else!” I said snarling.

    “The bitch awakens, as out little game ends. You surprised me. I was sure you would be a lying whore all the way through that game.”

    I wondered myself why I had been so open. I guess I wanted to hear it myself, and also she needed to hear how strong and devoted Chris and myself were, and how fucking tough it was going to be to break us.

    “I was intending to close our first session together with a toast. As a reward for being so open with me, I will allow you to choose your drink. There are three choices, slut. You can drink my piss, lick the arse sweat out of my crack or clean up my pussy until I come. What will it be?” Aurelia smirked knowing there was only one choice.

    I raised my eyebrows and approached her pussy. She slid down in her chair slightly and pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side, before dragging some sanitary wipe across my tongue.

    “Make sure I enjoy this slave or next time I won’t be as lenient with your choices.” Aurelia threatened.

    As I started licking she started up her verbal belittling again. “That’s right, worship the pussy of your owner, your goddess. Give pleasure to the one who snuffs out your happiness, your hopes and your dreams. Taste my sweetness and feed your own arousal as it is as close as you will get to sex ever again slut now I own your boyfriend too.” Aurelia then laughed.

    I wanted to bite her fucking clit off but figured I had got this far and now just needed to get done and out of here. I lapped, splashed and slurped at her pussy for around five minutes and she was dripping all over the place. Clearly the last couple of hours had excited her sadistic warped mind immensely. After some well-timed and focused sucking on her clitoris she exploded and I sighed. I never felt so sexually depleted as watching her orgasm. For me, it was the antithesis of pleasure.

    After a few minutes recovering, Aurelia smiled. “Well at least you are good for something, slut. I might have to hire you out to my girlfriends at the BDSM club one night. Anyway, I am bored with you now and have better things to do so you can fuck off. Our next date will be Monday night, when you will be coming to my house for dinner. Some intimate time with me and your best friend Grace will be just the tonic you need to lift your spirits going into the weekend. Don’t think of bailing on that date either, or I will summon a she-brute to come around my house and fuck your bitch with a strap on until he has to go into hospital with internal bleeding. That enough incentive for you?”

    “I will be there,” I said in a dejected voice - knowing only she could follow through on such a threat.

    “Good, it’s a date then.” She reached down and unlocked the handcuffs before kicking me in the chest, sending me across the floor towards the door.

    I couldn’t leave without giving her a final verbal fucking. My dominant would not allow it after what she had put me through.

    “Listen, you mad fucking psycho bitch. I have put up with crazy amounts of shit here today for you to go easy on Chris, so just make sure you live up to your end of the bargain. If I find you are going hard on him after this, I will make today look like a day at the seaside compared to what revenge I will exact on you. Also, don’t try any of your mind-fucking on him. He doesn’t love you and he never will. He is mine and I am his and nothing will ever change that!”

    Aurelia listened quietly before adding, “That final word will cost you dearly on Monday night. I hope it was worth it. Now fuck off out of my sight!”


    I leapt out of the door after unlocking it and slammed it behind me. On the way through the foyer towards the exit I saw Chris, which so warmed my heart. If ever there was a time I need to see him it was now. I was a fucking mess as well and he noticed straight away.

    Though he offered to help me fight her I knew she was too strong for him. Fuck, I was beginning to wonder if I had the resolve to see this through with her. What was most important was he told me he loved me, vindicating my sacrifices for him and assuring me Aurelia’s poisonous words were nothing but lies. After seeing him I finally relented to the tears I had held back for the last two hours.

    Chris also asked me about Beth. He must have felt threatened by her reaction to me in the team meeting but I needed her now more than ever. Chris just had to understand that our being together was only going to come with sacrifices. I also knew Monday with Beth was going to be a tricky time. She had some plan for that report from Chris and I wasn’t sure what it was.

    When someone from Aurelia’s team approached I backed into the shadows. If I had known is was Julia I maybe wouldn’t have bothered but I needed out of there and quick. I just had enough time to tell him I loved him and then I left.

    Once alone with my thoughts on the way home, I let the rest of my tears pour out. Aurelia really had crushed my dominant today in a way I didn’t think anyone could. She knew all my buttons and vulnerabilities. As I walked and relived some of those horrendous experiences, my darkness started to shadow me and I began to feel both wicked and evil. Normally this would unsettle me and I would show restraint, but tonight I wanted to unleash it. In fact, someone was going to go through hell to appease my dominant needs and there was only one person who could do that for me.


    When I knocked on the door it was six o’ clock and Henrietta opened it up within seconds, already on her knees. When she saw the state I was in, all the colour drained from her face. She watched me walk into the room silently and I sat down on the sofa, carefully placing a cushion first to protect my sore back. My dominant was rampant and I just needed to restore my energy before I unleashed on Henrietta. Poor bitch, she had no idea what was coming to her.

    Henrietta came and sat by me. Her face was bright red but not with excitement and she had the makings of tears in her eyes.

    “Goddess,” she said tentatively.

    “What the fuck is it?” I asked dismissively.

    “I would never normally ask you this, but I wonder on this one occasion whether you would allow me to speak freely?”

    These words peaked my interest. “Yes, speak. Say whatever the fuck you want.”

    Henrietta got up onto her feet. “I want to know who the fuck in this world would dare hurt my beautiful goddess? You are everything to me and I will not allow anyone or anything to harm you. I will fucking absolutely destroy that person with a hatred so complete and perfect they would wish they had never met you. Please tell me who it is, goddess.”

    Her fists were now clenched, the veins in her neck were pronounced and her head was almost purple with rage - tears of hatred streaming down her cheeks. I actually felt quite nervous being near someone so angry. She most definitely had murder in her eyes.

    “Kneel at my side slave,” I said, my dominant now respecting her courage and loyalty. I then continued. “I have lost enough today and I am not about to lose you into hell as well.”

    “I don’t care, goddess. It doesn’t matter what happens to me. You are everything and I would do anything for you. Don’t you know that?”

    “I do now, my beautiful slave,” I said affectionately.

    “Then let me go into hell for you,” Henrietta said resolutely, meaning every word of it.

    “Listen, Henrietta. I will call on you one day for such a sacrifice but not today. What is important is I now know how much I mean to you and how much you are prepared to do for my affections. That is enough.”

    Tears started rolling down her cheeks as her anger abated and her devotion and love for me took control of her feelings. She then got up and walked across the room.

    “Where the fuck do you think you are going, slut?” I shouted as my dominant started to cast its long shadow across the room.

    Henrietta didn’t answer as she returned from the bedroom with my crop.

    “You told me this morning, goddess, not to tell you how to punish me. Well, now I am going to insist you release your rage on me to find yourself again. I can see in your eyes a part of you is lost. I know I will hurt, I know I will bleed and I know I will cry, but that is not your concern. If I cannot destroy whoever did this to you then I will be whatever you need tonight to rediscover your resolve to fight your battle. I will always be by your side as long as you allow me. I will not ask you for a safe word. I will just bear whatever I can until I am no more able to.”

    “Strip,” I said and Henrietta took all her clothes off.

    “Give me the crop,” I said.

    I then lost the next thirty minutes or so as the darkness completely clouded my mind. I was beyond rage and any kind of sensibility as my crop lashed across her body countless times. It was only when her body went limp and lifeless I even considered stopping. I collapsed on the sofa, completely filled with hate, anger and bile. My dominant felt magnificent but at what cost?

    I wasn’t even sure if Henrietta had survived my onslaught, it was so vicious. After about another thirty minutes, I heard her groan with the pain that wracked her body.

    Looking upon her pathetic, abused body I started to feel overcome with guilt. My mind was being carved in two between the dominant that was fulfilled and the caring part of me that felt callous and self-loathing.

    “Can you come to me, Henrietta?”

    She literally crawled to me with what little strength she had left. Even to this point her loyalty was unquestionable. Arriving at my feet, she kissed my sneakers.

    “I am sorry I couldn’t take more from you, goddess. I tried.”

    “Oh, my poor love. I am so sorry. What have I done to you?”

    “You did nothing but what I asked, goddess. You must not take this on yourself. It was my sacrifice and I don’t regret it for one second. I will emerge from this and hopefully you will see how much I love you.”

    Tears were now streaming down my face and onto hers as she lay before me. She put her hand to her face and wiped the tears into her cheeks and smiled feeling the emotion I was affording her. I made a promise to myself that I would never lose control like this ever again. Iit was not who I wanted to be.

    I made us some simple food of dips; fresh vegetables to accompany them and packet snacks, then brought them in. I made Henrietta lie across my lap on her front to protect her back while I fed her from the tray. I stroked her hair tenderly while we listened to some of my favourite modal jazz tunes.

    After a couple of hours of tenderness and affection on my lap - some of which she slept through - I asked Henrietta, “How are you feeling my love?”

    “Please call me slave, goddess. Anything else doesn’t feel right.”

    “How are you feeling, slave?”

    “This is the happiest day of my life, goddess.”

    “How so?”

    “Well, when I bought you the necklace I wanted to show you how much you mean to me, but after I realised material things cannot do justice to my feelings. Today, I have been able to show you how I truly feel and that makes me so happy.”

    “You are probably the most extraordinary person I have ever met in my life, slave. I have a number of dominant acquaintances who like to think they are tough but none of them come anywhere near you.”

    “I get my strength from my love for you, goddess. Without you I am nothing.”

    I knew then that if one day I walked away from her it would indeed kill her, and I breathed a heavy sigh appreciating the responsibility I must bear for her now. I owed her so much, knowing when my needs were so great she was there for me, and I resolved to do the same for her come what may.

    “I know that, slave, and I will be there for you. Today will be with me forever.” She then cozied into my lap and cried tears of love and happiness.

    We were both exhausted with pain and emotion now at this point, but I didn’t want to deny her pleasure if she was capable of it. “Do you have the strength to sniff my socks, slave?”

    She smiled up at me like her world had come alive. “I have been thinking about them all day, goddess. I would so love to but I fear my pain will not allow me to enjoy them yet. Would it be possible for me to worship them in the morning?”

    “I will be insisting, slave!” I smiled at her.

    I then helped her to her feet and carried her into the bedroom. Once by the bed, I lay Henrietta down on her side to avoid any pressure on her back. I got in beside her so I was facing her, like we did before, and I embraced her gently with my arms and legs.

    I kissed her tenderly on the lips. “We are going to have a girls’ day out tomorrow, slave, and I am going to leave my stinky trainers on tonight just to make sure you get more than you can handle in feet stink!”

    “Perhaps tomorrow will be the happiest day of my life instead then.” Henrietta joked and we both laughed like loving sisters would. I kissed her goodnight and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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    Chapter 44 – Girl’s Day Out

    As I awoke stiff and still a little sore from my back scolding from Aurelia the day before, I could see Henrietta looking into my eyes lovingly. I returned the same loving look recalling what she had been through for me the night before and kissed her sweetly on the lips again.

    Henrietta looked at me with begging eyes. “Please don’t be too nice with me, goddess.”

    “I’ll do what the fuck I want.” I teased her with a smile and kissed her even more sensuously.

    Henrietta went bright red showing her embarrassment and discomfort.

    “Wow it seems being nice to you is the only torture you can’t handle, slave!” I said mockingly.

    “I am sorry. It’s just that you are my goddess and you shouldn’t need to lower yourself to kiss me or treat me nicely.”

    “Hmmm, so you only want my nasty dominant side then, bitch?”

    “Well of course that is your discretion, goddess, and I would never presume to tell you anything.”

    “A lot happened last night. You reached through my dominant and touched my heart beneath, Henrietta. I want to be able to show you warmth and love as my sister as well as dominate you as my slave now I know you would do anything for me. That courage and commitment is beyond any slave. It makes you my family.”

    “But I don’t want to lose my goddess.”

    “Oh, you won’t lose her as she is an integral part of me. I want to spend time today getting to know you and what makes a submissive tick. I want to reach inside your mind and heart and draw out all that you are. I will then decide how to love you as my sister and use you as my slave and the balance therein between them. I owe this to you as I want you to be in my life forever.” I said.

    Henrietta burst out crying and I pulled her to my chest. Her sobbing was uncontrollable so I held her tightly and kissed her forehead.

    “Did I say something wrong, love?” I asked.

    “I am so overwhelmed, goddess. I have never been loved by anyone, even my own family. I have always been an outsider with no friends full of self-loathing. Now you speak of acceptance and of a future together. It is just beyond anything I could have hoped for.”

    “It is more than acceptance. It is my love, Henrietta. I want you to be my adopted sister who I care for and respect but also dominate and humiliate in equal measure. You will not know whichever I make you at any point in time which will be exciting and frustrating to your submissive in equal measure. How does that sound?” I asked.

    Henrietta just sobbed again into my chest, my advances were too much for her to handle so quickly. For someone who had never been loved to receive so much affection was literally breaking her apart.

    “I am sorry Sis, I know I am laying it on a bit thick so quickly but last night showed me I need to appreciate what was in front of my eyes all the time. Now let’s park this for now and start planning out some fun and games for the day.”

    “Can I have permission to speak freely, goddess?”

    “When I refer to you as ‘Sis’ you are to treat me as your sister not your goddess. This means you have the freedom to say anything you want, however you want. Just be careful, though, because when my dominant kicks in you will be paying for any sisterly shit you give me in spades.” I smiled.

    Henrietta smiled. “I really really love you, Sis. I am glad beyond words that I met you. Thank you for accepting me into your life. I promise I will never let you down.”

    “I know you won’t bitch, now get down there and get my sneakers off, you snivelling whore. My feet are burning up after spending all night in my them and you are just the foot wipe I need to clean them off.” I snarled with the last of my smiles.

    Henrietta went bright red as her tear-laden eyes widened with excitement. She paused for a second wondering how to react, before she stammered. “Does this mean you are my goddess again?”

    “Don’t ask stupid fucking questions, slut. In fact, I didn’t give you permission to ask me any questions at all.” I shouted and slapped her face, firmly but not hard enough to really hurt her. Fuck she had enough pain from me to last a lifetime last night. “Now do as I command before I get really annoyed with you, slave.”

    “Oh thank you, my wonderful goddess. You are so perfect in every way. It would be a pleasure beyond my wildest dreams to worship your feet.”

    “I know it will fuck face, but there is a cost.”

    “Oh, right goddess. What is that, please?”

    “You must have three orgasms at my feet before I will allow you to go shopping with me today. Now fucking hurry up and serve me!”

    Henrietta’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she crawled down the bed towards my feet. As my shoes came off I gagged and wretched myself at how bad they smelled, but knew she would be in some kind of depraved heaven. I then heard her moans and groans as she drifted off into stank ecstasy. I was going to make this the best fucking day of her life, I said to myself, as her first orgasm started to erupt in a fit of screams.


    I insisted Henrietta wear some of my best clothes from what fitted her as she was quite a bit thinner than me, even though we were the same height. I then helped her apply some subtle make up and did her hair nicely tied back in a bun. She went from quite cute to something bordering pretty damn sexy, I thought, though her confidence in herself would never back that up.

    In the end she wore a pretty red dress of mine that came down to the knees with a matching red jacket with white trim around the collar and cuffs. I also made her wear a pair of my fully-fashioned tan stockings with a pair of flat red shoes. She couldn’t handle heels as she was too clumsy.

    “You look great, Sis!” I said.

    “Thank you, Sis! You know, I just can’t get used to calling you that.”

    I threw my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek. “Give it time, Sis. You will.”

    She went off to check herself in the mirror while I got dressed in one of my most expensive plain black designer dresses. As I wanted to wear my foul white sports socks and ratty sneakers, I was determined to put on a show up top to balance off my look. Otherwise, everyone would think she was the queen and I was the slave! I had a little giggle to myself.

    Henrietta came back in the room and saw me dressed. “Look sis, you don’t have to wear those socks and sneakers, you know. You look absolutely stunning in that dress. It really needs some nice shoes with it.”

    “But if you could choose, you would have me wear them, right? So they are nice and warm, wet and stinky for your face later.”

    Henrietta went red in the face, imagining worshiping them again. “Yes Sis, I would.”

    “You are such a pervert, Sis. You are going to get it extra nasty later just for being so depraved! I think you could live under my stinky feet. You just never seem to get enough.”

    “Yes goddess, you are right. Thank you.”

    “Listen, Sis. Cut out the goddess shit. I am in charge of the role swaps here, not you. You are to address me as Sis, Nicola and goddess only in accordance with my lead. That is non-negotiable. If you call me goddess by mistake when I am being your Sis, then I will probably just tease you and laugh it off. But don’t ever make the mistake of calling me Sis or Nicola when I am your goddess. That can only lead to a world of pain for you, clear?”

    “Yes, Sis. I will try and learn as quick as I can.”

    “I am going to be changing up on you frequently today, Sis. So best be on alert! Come on then, let’s head out. We have shopping to do!”


    As we walked into town, we held hands like real sisters and shared a few jokes and light banter about who was dressed best today and who looked more stunning. I had to be honest, most of it was lost on Henrietta who just couldn’t stand up to me like a sister would. So I teased her more to goad it out of her. I would need to keep working on that to build up her confidence.

    “So then, Sis. What kinds of domination really get you off the most and what don’t you like at all?” I asked like it was a perfectly natural question from one sibling to another.

    “Well, Nicola…can I call you Nicola?”

    “For fuck sake yes! Answer my question!”

    “Oh ok, well Nicola I think I love feet the most, especially when they are a little dirty and smelly.” Henrietta was looking around to be sure no one could hear.

    “A little dirty? But I thought you like feet to be really fucking nasty and stinky, Hen.”

    Henrietta blushed with embarrassment. “Well I do, but I feel kind of weird talking about it so openly with you as my sister and all.”

    “Fuck, that’s what sisters are for. You are gonna tell me everything today and I mean literally everything!”

    “Well how about I ask you a question then, Nicola?”


    “How much do you enjoy dominating me?”

    “I fucking love it to death! The more you suffer, the more I get off on it. Last night was too much though and I lost control. I felt sad and guilty to be honest, but that’s because I have limits. I want to keep those limits because deep down I know I am a good person. It must have been too much for you, right Hen?”

    “Well I was ok with almost all of it. I have a big pain threshold, you see, and I find the pain you put on me very erotic and arousing...even when it really hurts. But at the end, it was a little too much, Nicks.”

    “Nicks. I like that. Well, Sis, you are my fucking hero. Anyone who can take that kind of pain then walk around with me the next day like nothing has happened and can be so cool with the shit I put on you is a superhero in my book.”

    “Well let’s not forget I fucking enjoyed most of it, Nicks!”

    “I am getting a little excited with all this dominant talk, Hen.”

    “Me too!”

    “Right you fucking bitch, get in this shop now!” I then pushed her into a nearby clothes shop. I grabbed a couple of tops and dragged her towards the changing rooms.

    “In here slut now,” I said - just quiet enough not to attract attention.

    Once in the changing room, I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down to the floor. “Right, you worthless fucking slut, I want your tongue all over my pussy hard and deep like your life depends on it. If I am not screaming with pleasure within five minutes, you will be for it!”

    “Yes goddess,” Henrietta said, smiling ear to ear.

    “Don’t fucking smile at me, you cunt. Get focused on my pussy now!”

    She pulled down my knickers and threw her face into my hot wet pussy then lapped and lashed her tongue hard across my labia, sucking deeply on my clitoris. Fucking hell, it was sending shivers down my spine it felt so good. I was groaning deeply as Henrietta was not just throwing her submissive commitment at me but also the deep love she felt as someone who embraced her and wanted to show her affection. I could feel the warmth and the complete devotion she was offering me with every lick and kiss on my pussy. My mind was exploding and I flung my arms against the wall preparing for an incredibly intense orgasm, but I had no idea just how strong it was going to be. When it came, I thought I was going to faint. My head went so cloudy, the waves of pleasure rising up through my body were almost unbearable. On release, I screamed so loud the sales assistant came and knocked on the door.

    “Is everything all right in there?”

    As I collapsed, Henrietta cleared her throat. “Oh yes. My sister just caught her thumb on a pin. Don’t worry, no harm done.” She went into fits of giggles.

    “Oh, ok then. Just let me know if you need any help ok?”

    “Yeah, sure, I will call if I need you to get involved,” Henrietta said cheekily and I started laughing too. We went into hysterical laughing at our circumstances and embraced on the floor as I started to recover.

    “Want to go again, goddess?”

    “I want to trample you bitch but my legs won’t be able to handle it. Where the fuck did that pussy worship come from, bitch?”

    “From the bottom of my heart goddess.” Henrietta then kissed my face.

    “That explains it then,” I said laughing again. “You will have to wait for yours. I need more time to recover. Ok, bitch?”

    “Yes, goddess, it will be all the sweeter now I know I must wait for it.”

    After around five minutes I was just about composed enough to get to my feet. I kissed Henrietta. “Good job, bitch. That will earn you a reward later.”

    As we exited with the two tops, the sales assistant ran over to see if everything was ok. I threw one of the tops in his face. “You can keep that one. I’ll be buying this one. Now fuck off!”

    He looked just about as shocked as anyone could have been at that point, but I didn’t care. I was still sitting on cloud nine filled up with sexual satisfaction. I paid for the top and as we exited, I gave it to Henrietta.

    “A little memento of our perfect day.” Then I kissed her cheek and smiled at her to show my dominant mood had passed.


    “Hey Sis,” Henrietta said.


    “I am going to buy you something nice today.”

    “I don’t want anything. Today is about you, Hen.”

    “Fuck that. I can buy my Sis a present if I want to!”

    I turned to her and raised my eyebrows.

    She shrank down a bit. “I am sorry. Did I overstep the mark?”

    “No!” I laughed. “I just didn’t think you would come out of your shell so quickly! Ok, you can buy me a present. Just make it modest. You already bought me the beautiful necklace of course, most of my weekly groceries, and I noticed you have been putting money in a jar in the kitchen. What’s that all about?”

    “Let’s call it my goddess tribute. I have been doing lots of overtime to help put some money together for you in case you still need to leave your job and maintain your mortgage like you said before.”

    Fuck, I thought that plan seemed a world away considering what had happened since. I then started thinking about Chris and wondering how his weekend was going. With my mood souring, I decided to pick myself up and shake off any thoughts until I saw him tomorrow at the horse-riding day out. There was no point pining after him now when I needed to focus my attention on Henrietta and her perfect day.

    “Oh right. Well let’s just see on that, Hen. There might be a change of plan.” I then wanted to switch the subject. “Hungry?”

    “Sure, Sis. What are we having?” She clearly wanted me to lead on the choice.

    “Let’s go to the American diner round the corner. I fancy some naughty carbs, and lets face it, you could use some fattening up, Sis!” I gave her a smirk and she nudged me with her elbow playfully.


    When we got there, we had the option to take a booth or sit up at the benches amongst the other customers in a shared eating area. I had an idea so told Henrietta we would be sitting in the shared eating area. We grabbed our seats after a little over five minutes and started scanning the choices on the menu.

    “This food is on me,” I said.

    “You can’t pay for everything, Nicks.”

    “Oh yes I can and I will. You don’t have a choice!”

    Henrietta just smiled knowing I wasn’t going to relent. She got back to immersing herself in the menu. I had a look around at the people who were sitting near us. There were two girlfriends just across on one side, a couple on the next table over and just as I looked to my right a young guy sat down on his own two chairs over. Perfect, I thought to myself. I couldn’t have planned it any better if I tried.

    When the waitress came over, I ordered a steak and when Henrietta tried to go cheap on me, I gave her a hard time until she joined me with a steak too. I liked mine super rare or ‘blue’ and so did she so the blood was literally dripping off the meat as we ate. I cut a large slice off and put it up to Henrietta’s mouth and glanced it around her lips as she tried to bite into it.

    “Tease!” she said.

    “Eat it bitch!” I said just loud enough to capture the young man’s attention next to us. As he looked over, I swung my head around to face him.

    “What are you looking at?”

    “Er, I am really sorry. Nothing really. I just…er...” He fumbled and put his hand up in an effort to attract the waitress to order his food and escape my attention. Perfect, I thought, a little bitch for us to play with.

    Henrietta and I continued to feed each other in a playful way through dinner until I whispered to her. “Listen to me, you fucking servile bitch.”

    Henrietta’s eyes widened excitedly sensing I was back in dominant mode, and she whispered back. “Yes, my wonderful goddess?”

    “I am going to go to the toilet soon for around ten minutes. During that time, you are going to flirt like mad with this guy next to us and get him to come sit next to you. If you can get him to kiss you or put his arm around you, then all the better. Got it, bitch?”

    Henrietta looked mortified by my order; she neither fancied the guy nor thought he would be in the slightest bit interested in her. “I am not sure I can get him to do that, goddess. What if he ignores me or says no?”

    “Listen, you stupid fucking whore. You are gorgeous and any man should be eternally grateful for even a single look from you let alone some full-on flirting. Anyway, I am divine therefore I will only accept beautiful slaves to serve me, right?”

    “Er, right goddess.” Henrietta seemed to be trying to process my logic.

    “Well then do as I command or else! If you fail, I will punish you severely, so make it happen any way you can. Trust me, he will try it on if you come across assertive and flirtatious. Anyway, it’s going to happen and that’s that. I am off now. Get going as I ordered, slut ”

    I then got up and headed for the toilets while Henrietta went into a panic wondering how she was going to cope with this latest challenge. I was laughing my arse off. As I promised, I took my time, re-touching my make up and emerged around ten minutes later. As I looked over at our table, I could see the guy sat beside Henrietta, touching her arm briefly as he spoke. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he tried to put his arm around her or kiss her, so I started to slowly walk over.

    When I was about fifteen feet away, he did exactly that. He leaned across and placed a small kiss on Henrietta’s cheek. Before his lips had even left her cheek, I shouted as loud as I could across the room to him so everyone could hear.

    “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

    Everyone in the diner looked around at us, and his face went bright red with embarrassment. “I…your sister just said that...well she kind of tried to…”

    “Shut the fuck up you, pathetic manipulative wanker. That’s my lover you have your hands all over. I am gone not more than ten minutes and you try and slide in and use what little charms you have to try and strip her away from me. How fucking lame is that? What are you? Some kind of relationship destroyer going round finding happy couples to fuck around with?”

    I knew this was really wicked, but I was just fucking around initially before my dominant started to kick in and ramp things up a few notches. This guy was mortified with the level of embarrassment and humiliation I was piling on him and couldn’t run as he still had food and a bill to sort out.

    “Look there is a misunderstanding. I am sure…”

    “Kiss my fucking sneakers and apologise, bitch!”

    “I am sorry, what?” He started looking around.

    A couple of onlookers even took my side, and one shouted at him. “Yeah kiss them, you fucking creep! You should apologise!”

    He looked at my sneakers in a mix of terror and shame.

    “Well what the fuck are you waiting for, bitch!?”

    He looked around again and could see the tide was working against him as more people were taking my side.

    Henrietta could also see what I was up to. “He is a liar, Nicks. I tried to put him off, but he just kept pestering me.”

    This really got the onlooking crowd riled up.

    Wanting an end to this as soon as possible, he knelt down and kissed my sneakers quickly.

    As he started to arise, I pushed his head down. “I said lick my sneakers and apologise, wanker. Then you can do the same for my girlfriend.”

    He didn’t argue. He gave my filthy sneaker a good lick and then crawled over to Henrietta to do the same. She even pushed her sole out to him to make sure he got the underside of hers, which I had to chuckle at seeing how dirty they were.

    As he finally got up I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. “So who the fuck do you think is paying for our meal now you have spoilt it, wanker?”

    “I guess I am,” he said dejectedly - clearly realising he had been played big time.

    “Right.” I then turned to Henrietta and continued. “Let’s get out of here Hen. These kinds of men make me sick.”

    I took her hand as we started to walk out and Henrietta spat in his face on the way past, just for good measure. My heart was thumping out of my chest and I was seething with anger. What had started as a prank had in the end filled me with rage.

    When we were about ten minutes from the restaurant, Henrietta turned toward me. “May I ask a question, goddess?”

    “Nicola will do, and yes, what is it?”

    “What just happened in there, Nicks?”

    “Well it wasn’t what I planned, Hen. I just wanted to play with the guy a little but when I saw him trying it on with you and then kissing you, I kind of lost it in a jealous rage. My dominant just got very possessive over you as my property, I guess. I now know why other dominants flip out like they do.” I was starting to get lost in my own thoughts.

    Henrietta swung her arms around me and kissed me on the lips.

    “What was that for?” I asked in surprise.

    “I love that you were jealous and see me as your slave property. It means you really care about me.”

    “What do you think I have been saying all morning, Sis?”

    “But this is different, Nicks. You said it with your actions and that is much more powerful.”

    “I guess it is but I still feel kinda cruel. Shall we go back and apologise?”

    “No way, Nicks. He was a complete jerk. I only smiled at him and he was crawling all over me trying to get me to go into the toilets with him.”

    “Fucking hell. Good job you didn’t tell me when my dominant was peaking or I would probably have killed the cunt.”

    We then started laughing hysterically and embraced each other.


    Shortly afterwards, we entered the same park where Chris and I had a heart to heart the week before. I ushered Henrietta into a private spot on the grass where we could continue our chat from earlier. As we sat down, I beckoned her onto my lap and stroked her hair gently.

    “So you didn’t answer my question earlier, Hen. What domination don’t you like?”

    “When it comes to you, almost nothing.”

    “Almost nothing means something. So, what is it?”

    “Well, stuff where you make me do things to other people, I guess. It’s because it’s you I worship and love, not them. But I would still do it if you commanded me to.”

    “So I was pretty hard on Chris last weekend when I made him a slave to all you girls then, Hen?” I asked

    I could see Henrietta didn’t feel comfortable with the question as it meant reliving memories she would rather forget. As I waited, she realised I was going to make her answer one way or another so finally spoke.

    “Yes, Nicola, it was pretty hard on him, especially as your lover. I wouldn’t have been happy about that at all. It didn’t really help much what we all actually did to him as well. Especially me.” Henrietta was now looking sad.

    “Hey that’s enough, Henrietta. I won’t have you sad on your special day. I know the person that acted that day was not the real you. I saw the real you yesterday and now we are sisters, right?” I began caressing her face as she looked up at me.

    “Yes. We are sisters.” Her spirits seemed to be raised a little.

    “How about if I had another slave do something to you?”

    Henrietta thought for a while trying to picture the scenario. She seemed a little confused.

    “What sort of thing do you mean?”

    “Well, suppose I had another slave pleasure you instead of serve you, like Chris did?”

    “I don’t really know, Nicks. I prefer it if it was just us really, but I would do it if you ordered me.”

    “Hmm,” I said deep in thought. “Ok. Why do you think you became a submissive, Hen?”

    She looked up into my eyes and smiled gently. “I think I have always been a submissive, Nicola. When I was young I had very strict parents who I got the feeling never really wanted me. They never showed me any affection or love really. In fact, they were always hard on me, punishing me for pretty much anything and everything. I think in the end I found comfort in their punishments as it was the only attention they ever gave me. I was always pretty tall and thin at school compared to the other children, so they used to tease me and bully me. This isolated me and made it difficult for me to make friends. In the end, I just made do with my own company. My grades suffered as I started self-loathing and experimenting with punishing myself for who I was.”

    Henrietta paused as a tear started rolling down her cheek.

    “You don’t have to go on if you don’t want to,” I said while stroking her face.

    “I want you to hear it all, Nicola…” She paused. “Eventually I left school as soon as I could, with pretty average grades, and started waitressing where you met me. I did hang out with one or two of the other waitresses from time to time, but I felt it was more out of sympathy for me than anything else. Then one day the most beautiful, elegant, powerful women walked into the patisserie with her slave, and my life changed.” She smiled.

    “She sounds pretty fucking awesome, lucky you!” I said cheekily.

    “She’s better than awesome, Nicola. She is my world.” Henrietta touched my face.

    “So, you never had a dominant before me?”

    “No, you are the first, Nicola.”

    I was stunned by her answer. “I can’t believe it. How did you know to do that stuff with Chris, say stuff to me, act like a slave and put up with the pain I dealt you yesterday?”

    “Well, I am a bit of a loner so started fantasizing and checking out BDSM and foot fetish sites to learn more. There are many great websites and chat rooms out there, where I interacted and met people with similar tastes. They helped me with a lot of questions. By the time I met you, I knew pretty much everything but had practiced nothing.”

    “And the pain?”

    “I would bear anything for you, Nicola, if I thought it would make you happy or it was helping you in some way. I knew you needed me last night and I wanted to be there for you. Anyway, my question, who hurt you yesterday, Nicola?”

    “I can’t answer that, Henrietta. It’s my fight, not yours, and I won’t drag you into it. I will accept your help in many other ways though if you want to.”

    I knew Henrietta was strong and feared it would either be Aurelia killing her or her killing Aurelia. These women were two extremes that should never be put together.

    “Of course I will help, Nicola. Ask or tell me anything and I mean anything and I will be there for you.”

    I asked her to shuffle round and I cuddled her from behind in a spoon shape with my arm and leg wrapped over her body. We lay there together in the sunshine unspoken for thirty minutes, just sharing the warmth and affection of each other’s bodies.


    After our time in the park we needed some more fun so I dragged Henrietta to the designer boutique area of town. She had clearly never been there before and knew little to nothing of fashion, labels or trends. It was actually quite funny to hear her try and act like she knew stuff. I teased her quite a bit, talking about imaginary labels that didn’t exist and watching her pretend to know all about them.

    “So, what’s it going to be then, Henrietta? Dresses, coats, shoes or accessories?”

    “Who for, Nicks? You or me?”

    “You, of course.”

    “Please let me buy you some shoes, Nicks. It would make me super happy and it is my special day!”

    “Hey, easy on the manipulation, bitch. That’s my game, not yours!” I had a big smile on my face. “Ok, but I am not sure who the hell will want to put shoes on my rank feet. I will clear out the shop in seconds with these socks.”

    We then both laughed.

    “And can I please be your slave in the shoe shop? It’s a big fantasy of mine.”

    “You are really pushing your luck, slut. Come on then, you stupid degenerate whore.”

    Henrietta ran ahead of me to open the door and as I entered, she scurried in behind me. There were two women inside and no customers that I could see. The shoes looked pretty upmarket and were missing prices so I knew they would be expensive. The elder woman with dirty blonde hair approached in her business suit and asked if I needed help. I figured I would get my bitch on, as I didn’t like her attitude towards me, seeing I had ratty trainers on.

    “You couldn’t possibly help me. Send her over and be gone!” I pointed to the younger, early twenties girl with auburn hair and dark brown eyes.

    She was clearly a junior and much less likely to give me shit for how bad my feet stank. With a few choice stares at the manageress, she eventually disappeared out the back feeling intimidated. The younger girl had flat black shoes, black trousers and a simple white blouse. She looked kind of pretty but Henrietta definitely looked sexier today in my stunning red number.

    Henrietta was one shoe size up on me so I guessed her feet must be hurting a little in those red shoes I gave her to wear.

    “I want a pair of red shoes, size 8 for her and bring me…hmm let’s see now…slave, what are you looking to buy me?” I asked Henrietta.

    “Perhaps some nice Ugg boots, goddess?”

    I guessed this must be some fetish thing for her so decided to go along with it. “Ok, slave, Uggs it is. You go get me some nice boots, preferably in pink size 7.” I pointed at the sales assistant.

    Soon after she returned with five boxes of shoes for Henrietta to try on and two boxes of Ugg boots for me. From the labels I could see one set was pink (a limited edition) and the other was plain sheepskin. I was guessing the pink ones were much more expensive, and she probably figured I didn’t have much money, given my chosen foot attire. So she brought the cheaper alternatives just in case. Cheeky fucking bitch – I would make her pay for that.

    “Take my shoes off you!” I sneered at the sales assistant.

    Henrietta looked disappointed I didn’t ask her but she would have to wait until I had had my little game. The sales assistant looked down at my sneakers and pulled a slightly disgusted face, which just fucked me off even more. She looked back at me hoping I was going to change my mind.

    I leaned across into her face and grabbed her cheeks between my fingers. “Look, you. If you want to make a thousand pound sale out of us, you had better get your fucking act together, girl! Now get on your knees and take my sneakers off now!”

    She smiled nervously then looked around for her boss who had disappeared and had no intention of returning until we were gone. I could tell. Fucking chicken shit managers they are all the same, leaving the nasty shit to the juniors. Tough luck then girly, it’s all on you!

    I crossed my leg and placed my hands on the seat behind me so I could start swinging my foot out towards her face. She gradually dropped to her knees and knelt in front of me. Henrietta was watching attentively, hoping to take the sales assistant’s place.

    Finally, the sales assistant plucked up the courage to take hold of my swinging sneaker, so I stopped it for her. She slowly untied the laces as if to be polite but there was nothing polite about these fucking nasty sneakers. When she had loosened the laces, she cupped the heel and toe of the sneaker in her hands and gently slid it off. As she did so the stink immediately filled up the room with a penetrating potency that was both intense and revolting. I had a little chuckle to myself and though I really wanted to plug my nose, I didn’t want her to know that I thought they were bad as well.

    The sales assistant’s face went bright red, she was so disgusted, and I could see her holding her breath desperately.

    “I am sorry, girlie. What’s wrong? Do my feet smell a little?” I placed my filthy rank sock up to her face and held it a couple of centimetres from her nose.

    She didn’t move, she appeared frozen with fear. I could see she just wanted to run but knew her bitch boss would probably fire her for such an indiscretion. Jobs and big sales in this part of town were a premium, so they didn’t need much of an excuse.

    “Well I asked you a question. Do my feet smell a little?”

    She started trembling knowing I wasn’t going to let up until she had sniffed them. I even extended my foot ever so slightly and brushed the damp sweaty fabric on the tip of her nose just to amuse myself. As I watched her dilemma unfold I could see the point she made the decision to comply. As she leaned forward slightly to take a sniff, I pushed my malodourous sock hard into her face just as she took the inhalation. I giggled as I felt the waft of air pass through my toes, knowing how fucking awful it was going to be for her.

    She swooned and fell backwards slightly as the stink disoriented her. I even saw her shiver as her body reacted to protect itself from the assault on her senses. She yelped slightly under her breath, almost as if in pain.

    “My god, what a fucking performance. You really are a rude fucking bitch, aren’t you?” I tried to make her feel guilty for reacting in the way she did.

    “Slave, here - you sniff them. Tell me, do they smell bad?” I pointed down at my sock and looked at Henrietta.

    She leapt immediately to her knees and picked up my socked foot like it was a long-lost treasure. She raised it to her nose to take an almighty sniff that even passersby outside the shop would probably hear. Her face went red as the pleasure and excitement rose within her.

    She giggled with joy. “Your foot smells divine, goddess. As sweet as a sun-blushed flower bed.”

    “That’s what I thought, slave. What do you have to say for yourself, bitch?” I snarled at the sales assistant.

    “My name is Kelsey.” She was trying to stick up for herself in the face of my intimidation.

    “I don’t give a fuck what your name is, bitch! What do you have to say for yourself?”

    “I am really sorry, Miss. I never wanted to cause you offense. Your feet don’t smell at all, in fact they are really lovely like the lady said.” The sales assistant was clearly attempting to recover the situation.

    “Good, then you won’t mind me doing this will you?” I wiped my sock up and down her face repeatedly for about a minute concentrating much of the time on her nose. She went bright red again with a hint of green, as I am sure she must have been feeling quite sick at this point.

    “Now kiss all of my toes one by one and apologise to my foot. Then we can put this episode behind us.” I was giving her a way out of the hell I had been putting her through.

    She held her breath and kissed each toe as instructed and then said sorry to the sole of my foot. She then looked back at me for assurances it was indeed over.

    “Ok fuck off over there, bitch.” I pointed into the corner of the room. “My slave will serve me as you are clearly too incapable and rude to do it yourself. Slave, kneel before me now!”

    The sales assistant’s head dropped like a naughty school child while she shuffled into the corner as I instructed. Henrietta then appeared kneeling at my feet, looking so happy you would have thought she had won the lottery.

    “Yes, thank you goddess, of course. It would be an honour. May I place the Ugg boot on your precious foot please?”

    “Sniff it again first!”

    Henrietta fidgeted slightly as she was now feeling quite horny and my insistence on her sniffing my feet was really getting her off. She took another sniff, this time not quite as deep as before, but still with love and commitment.

    “What was that, slave? I said sniff it, not wave your nose over my foot and approximate any potential air around my toes.”

    Cajoled and goaded on, Henrietta really gave my toes a sniff for all she was worth. I could see her head cloud over as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and closed with the immense arousal flowing through her body now.

    “You! Bitch! What’s you view on women who love sniffing feet like my slave here?” I glanced at Henrietta to gauge her reaction. She looked quite shocked and embarrassed that I was bringing a stranger into her humiliation.

    Kelsey eventually answered. “I am not sure what to say, Miss. I don’t want to offend anyone.”

    “You have already maxed out for the day on offending bitch. Just answer the fucking question. I don’t like procrastination or being kept waiting when I ask a question. Keep pissing me off and I will have your manager back out here, telling her you are incompetent.”

    This really spurred her into action. “Ok, then I think it is disgusting. Sniffing feet is for perverts and weirdoes.”

    “You hear that, slave? She says you are a pervert and a weirdo.” I then paused. “I, on the other hand, think you are depraved sick fucking cunt! Now sniff it again and tribute me with the finest bouquet of words your tiny idiotic brain can summon.”

    Henrietta was really embarrassed now and I sensed almost wanting to save face by backing away from me, but she knew me too well be try such a thing. Watching her reaction, I saw her internal conflict tip the balance back towards submission at any cost and she sniffed my foot deeply once again. As she did, I wiped my other sneaker down her crotch to elicit more arousal, knowing it would really send her into emotional turmoil. I laughed at her at the same time.

    “Oh, my goddess. Your feet are so wonderful. Their beauty and enchantment carry a magnetism that I am powerless to resist. Whenever I smell them, I am overcome with love and respect of their authority over my existence. Your scent transports me to another world aching with resplendent colour and Kandinsky like dreams full of song. There is truly nowhere else I would rather be than serving you and worshipping your feet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    Henrietta then collapsed backwards, engulfed in her own sensual embrace.

    “You hear that bitch?” I asked, turning to Kelsey. “That’s what true love and respect for feet sounds like. My slave here could kick your arse into the stratosphere when it comes to appreciating women, their feet and the art of shoes. Perhaps I will loan her to your boss for a while free of charge to show her what she is missing. What do you think?”

    “I would lose my job then,” Kelsey said, looking deeply concerned.

    “Duh! Well of course you would, bitch! But then you have no respect for feet or those that do. You called my beautiful slave, what was it? Oh, that’s right, a pervert and weirdo. So why shouldn’t I?”

    “Oh, I was just joking sorry. I actually love feet and shoes just as much as she does.” Then realising how disingenuous this sounded, she continued. “Well, maybe not quite that much, but a lot!”

    “Really?” I asked with a wry smile on my face. The stupid little bitch had played right into the hands of my naughty dominant. Henrietta also thought so as she was chuckling, knowing exactly what was going to come next.

    “Suppose you come over here and show me then, bitch.”

    “What, come over there now?” Kelsey was hesitant, now feeling the weight of the burden her words had placed on her shoulders.

    “Indeed. Crawl over here on your knees. I will even let you have my other sneakered foot, which should be warm and fresh with scent so you can really embrace my perfume. I want to hear a tribute from you that will outdo even my own slave. Which I should say is a mighty high bar to hurdle.”

    As she paused, I went on. “Or I can just loan her free?”

    I was not halfway through the sentence before she came scurrying over on her knees. As she arrived again at my feet, she grasped the heel and toe of my second sneaker. She then gave a sigh before taking a deep breath to build resolve.

    “Slave I want you to hold her head firmly in place against my toes this time, so there is no pussying around with the sniffing. Kelsey was it? Well whatever, who gives a fuck. I want to hear three deep sniffs followed by your tribute. If I am pleased with your efforts, I will take the pink Uggs, whatever they fucking cost and whichever pair of red shoes my slave chooses as a reward for her as well. If I am displeased you will be out of a job. Clear?”

    “Er…yes Miss.”

    She then slid my second sneaker off and I planted my hot, wet, vile sock right into her face and started mushing it into her nose with a nasty snarl on my face. Henrietta grasped both sides of her head and pressed it firmly into the sock to ensure there was no possible way to put distance between nose and toes. I heard the first sniff, which was a pretty good effort for a foot hater I thought and by the looks on her face I had gotten that label for her 100% right.


    The second sniff was indeed louder and her eyes rolled as her head filled with the blood rush of someone overwhelmed with stink.

    For her final sniff she clasped my foot and pressed it to her own nose almost as if to say fuck you I am going to do this if it kills me. Which it might well have done! I laughed to myself.

    As my foot lowered, she lifted her heavy eyelids to display a drugged and drowsy look on her face. She then paid me her tribute.

    “Thank you, Miss, for such a wonderful experience. I never realised just how enrapturing and exciting the scent of your feet could be until I submitted my whole self to them. They are indeed divine and immaculate in their splendour and perfection. To say they are Kandinsky-like diminishes the beauty of their song. It is more like a choir of angels. I, like your friend, experienced a rainbow of colours. I will be forever changed by this experience. Thank you for blessing my life with this moment.”

    Henrietta and myself both stared at her stunned with our mouths open wide. Shock didn’t come close to what we were feeling, though it was in the right ballpark. Was that just the best job saving horseshit we ever heard or did this bitch just fall head over heels in love with my feet after three fucking sniffs? My surprise turned into laughter, whilst Henrietta’s turned into resentment bordering on jealousy.

    “Please don’t laugh at me Miss,” Kelsey said. “I meant every word I said.”

    “Well fucking hell! Can you believe it slave? I think we found ourselves a genuine foot lover right here in this shop. Well, Kelsey, you have indeed impressed me with your tribute and given how much you love feet now, or maybe always did secretly, you are in exactly the right job. We will take the boots and shoes as promised!” I was now laughing.

    “Will you be coming back, Miss?” Kelsey asked tentatively.

    “Are you missing my beautiful toes already, my little foot bitch?” I asked with a soft ominous tone, watching her crumble in my hand.

    “It’s just they really started to turn me on. Could I have possibly one last sniff please?”

    “Well, well. You don’t want to get too desperate, dear. Nasty dominants like me will only take advantage of you and a life under my feet might be more than even your wildest dreams could handle!”

    She bowed her head. I then winked quickly at Henrietta to ensure she knew I was only teasing and she should not feel threatened. It was her day after all.

    Kelsey started to look really sad and indeed desperate. I guessed her pussy must be red hot and soaking right now.

    “I tell you what I will do. Offer me a nice discount on the boots and shoes and I will let you have another sniff, but just the one.”

    “I can offer you my staff discount of 25 percent, Miss. Will that suffice?”

    I offered my fresh sock back to her face and she took it in her hands and pressed it to her nose and sniffed even harder than Henrietta did. I could see the arousal really dominating her mind and body now and brushed my other socked foot along her pussy watching her groan and wilt. I then quickly pulled my foot away.

    “Ok, that’s enough for you.”

    Kelsey was still incomplete in her sexual fulfilment, and she started begging me to have another sniff. She must have gotten so close. It must be agony for her right now.

    “You have run out of leverage, sweet little foot sniffer. You would have to give them to me for free to reach your complete sexual fulfilment. Isn’t that a shame? Poor little you!”

    Kelsey’s eyes widened, sensing the opportunity. “Ok, Miss. You can have them for free. I will find some way of covering for their loss in the takings.”

    “Ok, then pack them up. My slave will choose which ones she wants and bring me back a receipt for them. I don’t want you going back on your word after, do I?”

    She was not getting one over on me. I was a queen bitch and had my reputation to think about. I then chuckled.

    Literally within seconds, she had bagged them up and hand wrote a receipt to prevent traceability of her boss. She was that keen to get back to my feet. I read it over to ensure I was satisfied and told Henrietta to take the bags. She was looking rather forlorn now but perked up a bit when I poked my tongue out at her and winked.

    I pushed both feet back into Kelsey’s face. “Ok you filthy fucking foot whore. Indulge yourself until your mind and body are mine always - trapped in a never-ending prison sentence of devotion, love and desperation for the rest of your miserable life. Sniff and fuck yourself. Be quick about it, too!”

    I said all of this dismissively, like I had better things to do. But my bitchiness seemed to do the trick, as she was groaning and breathing heavily before she even took another sniff.

    It was no more than three to four minutes that Kelsey was screaming, contorting and writhing in pleasure as her climax took control of her. She then collapsed on the floor beneath me. I wiped my feet across her face several times just to ensure my scent would stay with her the rest of her working day.

    “Put my shoes back on, slave.” I ordered Henrietta who was now quite upset she had been overlooked.

    When I was ready I stood up and planted my sneaker on top of Kelsey’s face and pressed down firmly. “Listen to me, slut. This encounter will have a profound effect on you and I suspect you will spend every waking moment waiting and hoping for the day I come back through that door. Don’t! Get your shit together and find a nice boyfriend or girlfriend who will love you and respect you as well as maybe stick their feet in your face. Trust me, your life will be much better for it. Thanks for the shoes...bitch!”

    We then walked out as Henrietta held the door open for me. We walked towards my apartment in silence. I could tell she was really down.

    “So slave, did you enjoy our little shoe shop encounter?” I asked, teasing her.

    “Er…yes Goddess. You were really amazing in there. I think that girl will be so happy you gave her your attention. She has probably fallen in love with you.”

    “Of course she is fucking in love with me. Who wouldn’t be? I am totally gorgeous! But you are annoying me, slave. You sound and look jealous. Are you wanting to limit my fun to only dominating you?”

    “I am really sorry, goddess. It’s just I love you so much that it really hurts me when you dominate others in front of me. I will get used to it I promise. It’s just the first time for me watching you with a slave other that Chris. Can you please forgive me?”

    “Fuck forgiveness. You don’t deserve any bitch!” I screamed and she started crying. I was feeling upset myself now, as I was ruining her perfect day. I needed to deliver the next line quickly.

    “You are going to be punished, slave. We are going back to mine and we will play our own little game of shoe shop in my apartment, except you will be the slave this time. Also, don’t think I am going to let you off with just one fucking orgasm. I want shed loads of orgasms out of you until you are a quivering mess on the floor unable to move for climax exhaustion!” After shouting this, I then smiled and finally winked.

    She looked back at me as her tears turned to a smile and she flung her arms around me and planted a big kiss on my cheek. “I love you so much, goddess!”

    “Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? Now get your worthless hands off me.” I laughed. Then we headed home, Henrietta almost running.


    After our little game of ‘shoe shop’, Henrietta was indeed a complete mess of sexual satisfaction on the floor beneath me. I was also very happy with my new Uggs. I went into the kitchen and prepared us both a double espresso as an afternoon pick-me-up. She definitely needed one anyway, I giggled to myself.

    When I returned I placed her coffee down on the table and she looked at me waiting to see whether I was still dominant or back to being her sister. I placed my now bare feet crossed on her face to ensure she was clear which I was.

    “So slave, we have talked about you serving others and others serving you today. And as I understand, you are not keen on either. The trouble is those Lacrosse students have been badgering me all week to come around and I was rather hoping we could have some fun together this evening.” I was weakening my usual dominant bitchiness to give her a chance to be open with me.

    “Oh goddess. They are fine. I chat with them all the time by text and phone since last week. They keep asking me what it’s like to be your live-in slave, which kind of makes me feel special.”

    “Well, you are special slave. You are chosen by me and will be with me always.”

    “I never get tired to hearing that, goddess. It so warms my heart.”

    “So how about we get them over and get some sordid slave games on the go then, whore?” I asked - again going soft with the dominant.

    “Can I just ask you one small thing, goddess, as it’s my special day and all?”

    “Ok but this is the last one, you cheeky little bitch!”

    “Can you treat me as your special slave with them here? I think if I feel they are getting more of you than me, I will be very sad again.”

    “Well I am not going to allow you to make a habit of this slave blackmail shit, bitch. But today I am making lots of one off exceptions. So yes. That is what we will do. I have a few nice surprises in store for you to finish the day on a high.”

    I saw her smile, and I continued. “As you are already texting them regularly, you can reply and invite them over tonight. Tell them to wear their Lacrosse outfits again, especially the unwashed set! They are to be here at 7pm sharp and arrange to stay as late as need be. I am going for a little lay down to recharge my batteries. Wake me at six-thirty so I can get my shit together before they arrive, slave.”

    Henrietta looked up at me lovingly. “Thank you so much, goddess. I am really looking forward to tonight now!”
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    Chapter 45 – Girl’s Night In

    I felt a little tickle on my toes as I slowly started to re-orientate myself to the fact I had had an afternoon sleep and was now waking up in my bed. I blinked a few extra times to just help lift the penetrating weight of my eyelids, which seemed more determined to close again than allow me to wake up. I rubbed them in the end and looked down to see Henrietta gently kissing the tops of my feet and toes.

    “I hope you haven’t been treating yourself to any sniffs, slave? That would be naughty even on your special day.”

    “Oh no, goddess. I have just come in to wake you as you asked. It is six-thirty and I have made a coffee here for you on the bedside table. I did, however, look at your beautiful face for a couple of minutes while you slept. You really are so ravishing and gorgeous. I am so lucky to have such a magnificent goddess. I hope that does not upset you?”

    “No, you may marvel at my magnificence, slave.” I smiled. She was so fucking great for my ego, it was unreal. I was already feeling bitchy and dominant and I was barely awake.

    I glugged my coffee to give myself a quick adrenaline boost then ordered Henrietta to put my nasty socks and sneakers back on. I then made my way into my exercise room at the back of the apartment and jumped on the treadmill for twenty minutes to help complete my waking up process - and also to get myself all sweaty, ready for a night of fun. Henrietta asked if she could watch me, which I agreed to as long as she was on her knees and passing my energy drink up to me intermittently.

    I was back on the sofa recovering and a little out of breath, given I had ramped up my run to a full scale sprint to end on a high.

    “You are so awesome on that treadmill, goddess. Just watching your incredible athletic body pound the belt and aggressively adjust to the ever-increasing speed with ease was really an amazing sight to behold. You must be so strong and fit, goddess?”

    “I am fucking fit but not as strong as I would like to be. It’s a pity I didn’t do something like kick-boxing when I was younger instead of investing all my time playing squash, as that would have come in quite handy now.”

    I started to think about how incredibly strong the Amazon women at work were like Karine, Mireille, Nadine and unfortunately for me, Allegra. I was pretty strong though, and wondered how much damage I could do to them if I threw everything into it. I soon dispelled the thought, imagining how easy they could deflect my best efforts, leaving me then helpless for a counter attack. I am sure they would fuck me up royally if I did really hurt them without finishing them off.

    “Ok listen, Sis. I want a quick chat before they arrive.” I was switching roles quickly.

    “Oh ok, Nicks. What is it?” Henrietta picked up on my sudden change.

    “I want to get the girls to dominate you so I can enjoy watching your reaction without needing to work myself for a change. Are you going to be ok with that?”

    Henrietta thought for a little while. “I guess…I would of course prefer it was you but they are very attractive and when they dominated Chris last week I did imagine myself being under them a few times and got quite excited.”

    “You dirty little bitch. You didn’t tell me you had fantasies of other dominants!”

    “Well, I don’t usually. As I said before, you are my one true goddess. But seeing it all up close and so soon after my baptism under you the day before I just couldn’t help myself. Have I upset you?”

    “Just don’t get any ideas about serving anyone else, unless it is under my authority, Hen!” I spoke firmly, as my dominant started to emerge from my normal easy going self.

    “Oh, I would never dream of that. I love you completely with all my heart, Nicks. There is absolutely zero chance I would ever risk such a perfect relationship with infidelity.”

    My mind wandered to some of the things I had done with Seraphina that Chris had no idea about. Was that infidelity or just a means to an end to my master plan? Then I remembered seeing Chris with Beth on that shitty Friday when his tongue was all over her, and decided to give myself a break. We were both in a crappy place and just had to do what we needed to ensure we could be back together again.

    Eventually I reconnected to my conversation with Henrietta. “Ok good. If you do a really good job of amusing me, you will get a special slave treat to finish the night on. I just need to sort out some logistics with the girls when they arrive, so disappear into the kitchen to make some drinks or something for me after you have let them in. Ok Hen?”

    “Sure, Sis. I trust you completely.”

    I bent down and gently kissed her lips and brushed her cheek. “Thanks, Sis. I trust you completely too.”

    Just then there was a loud knock at my door so I put on my best scowl. ”Right, you filthy fucking foot whore, get the door and be sure to kiss their feet as they enter.”

    Henrietta’s eyes widened again and she flushed with excitement. She then dashed over to the door, dropped to her knees, then opened it to greet Anita, Joanne and Sarah. On seeing Henrietta, they started giggling in anticipation and almost instinctively placed their sneakers out so she could kiss them. Henrietta threw herself forward and kissed them passionately, like a good slave should. She was clearly giving it her all in anticipation of a potential treat with me. I smiled to myself knowing what would be coming to her.

    Joanne, the strongest but not the meanest of the three (that would be Anita), spoke to the others. “Fuck, girls, we are off and running already. I can’t wait for another night of this shit. I have been thinking about it all week, just hoping we would get to go again.”

    “And this time we get to play with the waitress slave.” Sarah added with a smile on her face.

    As they walked into the room Anita stopped and pressed her sneaker down onto Henrietta’s hand, which was on the floor supporting her body leaning forward. “I hope you are ready for me, you revolting piece of shit. I am going to bitch your arse hard and nasty tonight, so that you will never forget it.” She then ground her foot down hard on Henrietta’s hand, making her wince with the pain.

    “Thank you, goddess Anita. It will be a total pleasure for me to serve you tonight.” Henrietta’s voice was partly obscured by moans resulting from her suffering hand under Anita’s foot.

    Anita laughed to herself and then entered the room behind the others to come join me on the sofa.

    Henrietta nursed her hand for around thirty seconds. It must have really hurt her. I thought that I had better keep an eye on Anita. She was upping her game. Afterwards, Henrietta closed the door and returned to the sofa to take drinks orders off the girls and I. We all decided wine was what we wanted so I ordered Henrietta to go fetch some red and white from my modest store and put together some nibbles and bites to go with it, knowing this would keep her occupied while I talked with the girls.

    When Henrietta had disappeared into the kitchen, I barked at Anita to put a record on just to make sure she knew her place with me, and she danced off to find something. She didn’t have a clue what music she was playing but to my pleasant surprise she chose ‘Duke Pearson’s Phantom’ on Blue note. Nice, I thought, one of my favourites. With the music playing I could now be sure Henrietta would not hear any of my scheming.

    “So then ladies, tell me about your reflections on last week.”

    Anita didn’t take long to jump in. “Well I for one was expecting to be dominated when I turned up at some point, but when it then all became me putting on someone else I was kind of happier. I really got a thrill out of making your boyfriend Chris tongue my arse. It felt amazing. The foot sniffing after was ok but I definitely preferred my arse being cleaned. Maybe I am nasty bitch at heart.” She laughed to herself, then smiled reflecting on the event.

    I had to concentrate to avoid thinking about Chris and how much I missed him. I wished he could be here with me, but that was something I still needed to work towards.

    I returned Anita’s smile and then turned to Sarah. “How about you?”

    “Well I was pretty upset not to have got to the worship part. I had it all planned out so well to win the competition and had your boyfriend in the palm of my hand, or perhaps I should say sole of my foot.” She giggled.

    “Oh yes that’s right,” I said, with an air of threatening authority.

    “Yes, well goddess, I sort of got a little carried away and it backfired on me. In the end I was just glad to get it over and done with. Though I enjoyed the power trip of teasing and playing with him mentally ,all I really want to do was worship you, goddess.”

    “She isn’t lying either,” Anita added. “She’s been going on and on all week about coming back here and getting another chance to worship your feet.”

    “Really?” I asked, then extended my sneaker foot out and waving in front of Sarah’s face. As I rolled my ankle I gently brushed her nose with the toe of my sneaker several times as I made circles. I watched her face as she blushed and closed her eyes to subtly sniff my foot as it passed repeatedly past her nose.

    “So I have more than one foot sniffing slut in my apartment this evening do I, Sarah?”

    “Er, I guess so.” She was going almost purple in the face with embarrassment.

    “There is no need to be embarrassed with me my pretty little foot sniffing bitch. But I won’t have you sitting on my sofa if you are a submissive. Your place is kneeling at my feet.” I pointed at the floor beneath me.

    Sarah looked at her friends temporarily, to which Joanne gave her a nod and a smile as if to say it is ok. Sarah then slid off the sofa and onto her knees in front of me. She then looked up into my face with pleading puppy dog eyes.

    “Good. That’s where you belong isn’t it, slave?”

    Sarah nodded then bent her head down subserviently.

    “That’s perfect.” I placed my legs and feet across her shoulders. “You can be my foot stool while us dominants plan the evening’s entertainment.”

    I then turned to Joanne. “I guess you do not have the same penchant for submissiveness, given your last performance?”

    “Well I was much the same as Anita. I think I got off on the dominant stuff more than I would have done the submissive shit, but then I never tried. For me the nasty foot-sniffing and wrestling I did to Chris was awesome. I have my lucky socks on again tonight and they have another week’s worth of sweat in them for Henrietta or maybe even Sarah to deal with. It is going to be so nasty, I can’t wait to get started on either of them.”

    “I am pretty sure if it’s Henrietta she is going to like you doing that as well.” I laughed.

    “No one can love these fucking socks, Nicola. They are just too fucking vile.”

    “Oh, I am sure my slave will give you a run for your money, Joanne. And it’s goddess when you refer to me. I am the queen bitch around here remember!” I raised my eyebrows at her.

    “Sorry goddess, I just got a bit too excited.” She then got on her knees and kissed my sneaker as if to recognise my authority, which I really liked given how fucking strong and powerful she was. I had a little shiver inside and my dominant got a real thrill. It was much more intense than Sarah offering herself to me, which I just felt I deserved.

    “Tell me, Joanne. This wrestling you do. Could you take down someone who does MMA or Tae Kwon-Do?” I asked, sensing an opportunity.

    “Well it depends really, goddess. Most of those girls are pussies and I could nail their arses easily once I get hold of them. They often get one or two punches or kicks in, but once I have a grip on them they are fucked. I literally crush the life out of them and there is little to nothing they can do about it.” She then laughed to herself.

    “Right, that sounds impressive. So what kind of level can you handle?”

    “Well I have taken on a number of supposed Kickboxing, Karate and Tae Kwon-Do champions and beaten them easily. There are two French girls though who sometimes come down our club who are fucking frightening. I took them on a few times and got my arse roasted. Not only are they bloody fast, but they are also really strong and can even get out of my best holds. Once they get a few big kicks on me I generally have to give up. Astra has beaten them more than a few times though.”

    It couldn’t be, could it? I thought to myself.

    “These French girls, Joanne. They wouldn’t happen to be called Karine and Mireille, would they?”

    “Yes, they are. Why, do you know them?”

    “Yes I do, Joanne. In fact, I work with them.”

    “Wow, small world. I get on really well with them now. I think they respect me because I am not afraid of them and give them a good battle whenever they turn up. Most of the rest of the girls there run a mile.”

    “Do you also know women called Allegra, Nadine or Beth?” I asked.

    “Is she the pompous bitch with the double-barrelled name? Allegra Griffin-Watson or something?”

    “I am pretty sure that’s her name, yes.”

    “She’s a fucking pussy. I have kicked her arse big time on a number of occasions. She is some hotshot businesswoman apparently. When she first turned up at the club she was strutting around like she owned the place threatening some of the lower grade belts. I thought right you fucking bitch I am going to take you down. I don’t even think she landed a kick on me, and if she did it didn’t hurt. I took her down and got her in a strangle hold. She was almost crying when I let go of her. She came back a couple more times trying to avoid me and giving the girls shit so I planned and got another sparring bout with her and really did a job on her making sure she would go home hurt. I haven’t seen her since. Fucking pussy, as I said.”

    I laughed at Joanne’s story as though I was on the same physical level as her when inside I was mightily impressed by her fighting prowess. I recalled how easily Allegra had taken me down in the toilets and briefly imagined seeing Joanne destroy her in front of me. That would be so fucking awesome.

    I switched from my fantasies back to reality quickly and vowed to myself that I really needed to work on Joanne tonight and make sure she was my ally before she left. I needed to exercise my dominant over her to keep her respect but also make her feel important, as I could see she had the potential to be fearsome in her own right if pushed.

    Just then Henrietta came in with the drinks and nibbles. Her timing wasn’t good, as I wanted to keep talking with Joanne. When Henrietta put down the food on the table in front of us, I kicked Sarah away.

    “Right you two, get out into the kitchen and prepare us some hors d’oeuvres. I want something very fancy for us three dominants and I don’t want to see you both for thirty minutes. I also suggest Henrietta that you give Sarah some advice on how to be a good slave in our presence so she doesn’t incur too much unnecessary punishment on her first night!”

    Anita and Joanne laughed, while Sarah looked positively fearful. Henrietta took her hand and led her back into the kitchen, giving me a knowing look on the way.

    “So Joanne, tell me a bit more about your friend Astra. You say she is even tougher than you?” I asked, showing a healthy level of interest.

    I am sure Joanne could have talked all night about her fighting exploits so was more than happy to answer my questions.

    “Astra, right? Now there is one tough motherfucking bitch. She started up in MMA and crossed over into wrestling to tighten up her defences. I taught her a whole bunch of stuff when she was new to wrestling so she has a soft spot for me. We were besties for a while before she started getting involved in shady circles and underground fighting. She still comes down the club now and again to say hi, but no one is anywhere near tough enough to take her on so she doesn’t spar anymore.”

    “Wow she sounds like something out of a movie, Joanne.” I laughed. “I would love to meet her though.” I was not quite sure if that was a good idea or not.

    “Sure. I’ll text her and see what she’s up to next week. When were you thinking?”

    I was caught off guard by Joanne’s quick proposed response but felt this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

    “How about Tuesday? She can come around for dinner. Henrietta will cook for us.”

    “Ok great, leave it with me. I’ll text her now.”

    I looked at Anita while Joanne started tapping away on her phone and could see her looking positively bored. I decided I would just ask one more question then park this conversation for the evening.

    “Ok Joanne, just one more question. You said you knew Allegra but how about Nadine and Beth? Ever heard those names?”

    “Don’t think so. I know a couple of Elizabeths, but they are lightweight white belts so I am sure they are not who you are referring to?”

    “No. Beth isn’t a lightweight white belt.”

    “Ok, Joanne, thanks for answering my questions. I am very impressed you are so well connected on the fighting scene and you are such a tough little bitch. Don’t get any designs about trying it on with me though or you will pay dearly.” I said cheekily then kissed her delicately on the lips.

    Joanne blushed deep red then dropped to her knees and kissed my sneakers almost instinctively again. I laughed. “Come up here, Joanne. You have earned a place sat next to me, bitch!”

    She smiled from ear to ear as she took the seat next to me and Anita looked thoroughly pissed off.

    “Ok then ladies, let’s get this night organised.”

    This immediately re-engaged Anita and we started discussing all the fun stuff I had planned.


    As Henrietta and Sarah emerged from the kitchen almost thirty minutes later to the second, they each had a tray of hors d’oeuvres prepared. When they approached we were presented with an array of delicacies ranging from prawn twists, to mushroom pate on mini crackers and even smoked salmon with lemon rolls. I could tell this had Henrietta’s touch but wondered if Sarah had skills as well.

    “It’s going to get confusing tonight with two slaves so I will refer to Henrietta as queen slave and Sarah as princess slave. Just for the record Henrietta is most highly treasured by me, she is like a sister so I don’t want any nasty hurtful shit going down on her. Sarah is also new to submissiveness so lets not put her off for life with one evening of fun ok?”

    Everyone seemed satisfied with the terms and Henrietta literally glowed at my dedication to her. She even looked at the other girls just to note they had heard and to record their reactions.

    “Ok good. So princess slave, did you help to prepare these hors d’oeuvres or did you just watch queen slave?” I asked.

    “I just watched really goddess. I am sorry but Henrietta…sorry I meant queen slave is such an amazing cook. I just didn’t know how to help. I did do all the cleaning and washing up however.” She justified.

    “Not good enough I am afraid princess slave. You will need to be punished.” I said looking at Anita.

    Sarah had a mix of fright and excitement on her face wondering what she was going to have to do.

    Anita then said, “Get on your fucking knees bitch and crawl to me now!”

    Wow I thought, Anita has brought her A-game with her tonight. I sat back a little to watch the spectacle and placed my hand on Joanne’s. She turned her hand palm side up then placed it underneath mine and interlocked our fingers then squeezed me lightly. I smiled to myself.

    Anita then took a plate off the tray and threw it on the carpet beneath her. She then picked up two of the hors d’oeuvres and placed them on the plate, before turning back to face Sarah.

    “Watch carefully slave. Keep your eyes on the plate at all times.” Anita said, and then removed one of her sneakers. As the smell rose up into Sarah’s face her head jolted a little as the offense started to grip her senses. She also pulled a face of disgust, which Anita was not at all pleased with.

    She spat hard into Sarah’s face three times and shouted, “You fucking disrespectful bitch. Don’t turn your nose up at my feet, they are divine and it is a privilege for you to be anywhere close to them!”

    Sarah thought about wiping the spit away then after recalling her brief training talk with Henrietta in the kitchen decided against it and just stared at the food on the plate.

    Anita slowly lowered her red lacrosse socked foot onto the food like it was a slow motion replay on a sporting event. When her foot was planted firmly on the food she pressed down hard and crushed it into the plate so it collected into the fabric of her sock. She then twisted her foot several times to really accentuate the demolition of the food. Seeming satisfied with this step in her little ritual she turned her sole up so she could inspect it. She gave a little smile seeing the food smeared all over the sole of her socked foot.

    “Perfect.” She said.

    “Ok princess slave, I want you to lick and chew the food from my sock and eat it. I want to hear nice deep sniffs every time you approach my foot then a kiss and thank you after each mouthful. Any failure to comply will be met with a swift and unmerciful punishment, clear?” Anita growled.

    Sarah took a big gulp. Anita was her friend and knew over the last few days she had made admissions of her submissiveness, but she just wasn’t quite prepared for her buddy to switch so quickly on her. It was almost as if Anita had always wanted to dominate her and now she had given her the perfect opportunity. It was also a lot more intense than she was expecting. Sarah was also rather hoping she would get to worship me, but that pleasure would need to be earned. As she looked up at Anita’s foot the smell invaded her nose again and she felt a little sick. She was worried about whether she could actually go through with this but was fearful of what punishment lay ahead. She reflected back on last week remembering how Anita had made Chris tongue clean her arse which was infinitely worse for Sarah so she decided to take the lesser of the two evils.

    Sarah offered her tongue to the heel of Anita’s sock then licked a mouthful of the food from it. The food was in fact quite delicious and the sock had hardy contaminated any of it. She started chewing the food and savouring the taste when she got an almighty smack across the face.

    “You forgot the sock sniff before you licked you stupid fucking cunt!” Anita screamed at her.

    I looked down at Sarah to gauge her reaction. She was still new to slavery so I thought this heavy handedness might upset her quite a bit. She did look quite distressed as she rubbed her cheek cringing with the stinging pain throbbing through it. Fortunately for her she remembered to say thank you and kissed Anita’s foot before she approached the sock again.

    This time Sarah took a deep sniff of the sock. Initially she had a look of disgust on her face and I was concerned she would get another smack but as quickly as she set it, it disappeared and was replaced with something approaching curiosity. She was clearly starting to feel something now, which I guessed was arousal and was trying to make the connection in her mind between the horrid smell of the sock and what she could feel between her legs. She then took another deep sniff, which earned her another smack.

    “What the fuck are you doing you idiotic trollop? I didn’t say had a good old fucking sniff if you fancy it, I said sniff, lick, eat, kiss and thank me. It’s that fucking simple. I won’t warn you again!” Anita screamed and Sarah rubbed her face. This time she was more accepting of her fate knowing she would get to sniff the sock again soon, as long as she followed Anita’s rules.

    Sarah licked the sock again and started chewing the food. This time there was the distinct taste of sweat mixed in with the food as well as the pungent aroma. Sarah was almost smiling as she chewed then swallowed the food. Once again she remembered to kiss the sock then thank Anita.

    As she then leaned in for the third sniff I could see her exhale deeply just before she got to the sock so she could take a much longer smell. With her nose planted firmly between Anita’s toes now instead of close to her sole she took an almighty sniff, closing her eyes and shivering wildly with joy and sexual fulfilment.

    “Wow did you just see that Nicola?” Joanne said.

    “It’s wonderful watching a new slave embrace her first submissive experience. It is always full of such trepidation and fear initially but as they indulge themselves in those first steps towards serfdom they become instead overwhelmed with sexual energy and fulfilment. The same thing happened to me today in a shoe shop in town and I got almost a thousand pounds worth of stuff out of a few foot sniffs.” I Said.

    “Fucking hell Nicola. No way!” Joanne said.

    “I have no reason to lie and nothing to prove to anyone here. Why do you question me?” I said, looking stern.

    “Oh I am really sorry Nicola. It’s just such an amazing story.” Joanne said.

    “Well I am a fucking amazing goddess. I thought you would have figured that by now!” I said, with a commanding tone.

    “Indeed you are Nicola. You are probably the most amazing woman I have ever met.” Joanne said.

    “Probably? You fucking insubordinate bitch!” I said narrowing my eyes at her.

    “Definitely. Sorry I meant definitely.” Joanne said and looked at my sneakers.

    I nodded to her solemnly and she knelt down and kissed them. I smiled approvingly and she joined me again on the sofa. I knew I needed to ensure I commanded her respect if I was to establish a relationship with Joanne on the terms I wanted. So far it was going very well.

    Following our brief discussion we returned our attentions to Sarah who was almost finished eating the food off Anita’s sock. As the food was almost entirely removed Anita had requested Sarah suck her socks to extract any remaining food, which Sarah was happy to do. A few minutes later and she was done. I had a little chuckle seeing she was actually disappointed it was over after being so sceptical at the start.

    Anita, Joanne and myself then sat back to drink a little wine and eat some of the hors d’oeuvres, which were quite delicious and I complimented Henrietta on her cooking again which she smiled widely at.


    “Ok then slaves I would like to see you perform for me. Sarah why don’t you stay with Anita and Henrietta you shall serve Joanne here.”

    I squeezed Joanne’s hand and whispered to her, “It’s her special day. Make it something she will really enjoy!” Joanne smiled back at me and gave me a subtle wink that only I could see.

    Joanne got up from the sofa and yelled at Henrietta, “Get your fucking arse over here in the centre of the room slut!”

    Henrietta looked to me for assurance and I said, “Do whatever she says slave. I won’t be pleased if you defy her in any way.”

    Henrietta then crawled over towards Joanne who was now waiting with her hands on her waist impatiently. “You didn’t have the pleasure of getting intimate with my lucky socks last week did you slave?” Joanne sneered.

    “No I didn’t goddess.” Henrietta said, slightly blushing at the prospect.

    “Do you know how bad they stink?” Joanne asked, with an evil smirk on her face.

    “I am not sure I do goddess but I remember slave Chris was really quite scared of them.” Henrietta said.

    “That’s right. He was a right fucking pussy I seem to recall screaming ‘Oh god I can’t smell them, they are too bad’ and all sorts of shit like that. I have only been wearing them for let me think 11 weeks or so. You can handle them right queen slave?” Joanne said, mocking Henrietta.

    “I think so goddess. At least I will try my very best.” Henrietta said modestly.

    “She is the best in the business when it comes to foot stink. These socks I have on now should be burned the stink in them is so fucking nasty and she is happy for me to wear them again today and submit her to them without batting an eye.” I said.

    “Well, well. So we have ourselves a world champion foot sniffer then do we? Well I don’t care how bad Nicola’s feet and socks smell, mine are going to be ten times worse. After all the complaining last week I even gave them an up close sniff myself when I got home and they made me feel sick. That’s some nasty shit when your own socks make you feel sick right slave?” Joanne laughed.

    “Perhaps goddess, but I would not presume to offend your beautiful feet.” Henrietta said.

    “Fucking hell bitch you are incredible! Nicola, this slave is one in a million! Do you hear this shit?” Joanne said.

    “Oh I hear it and she is more than one in a million. She is priceless. I wouldn’t give her up for the world. She is mine forever.” I said.

    Henrietta was overcome with emotion and started tearing up again.

    “Ah look. The queen slave has had a change of heart. She is shitting herself now and crying like a little baby.” Joanne ridiculed Henrietta.

    I laughed and said, “Oh it’s not your feet she is crying about it is just she can’t handle it when I am nice to her. That’s her only weakness.”

    “We’ll see about that. Get your fucking worthless nose inside the split in my sneaker and get a good whiff slut before I get you to remove them.” Joanne snarled.

    Henrietta nodded and then bent down towards the sneaker. Joanne lifted her toes to open up the hole in the side of her shoe and Henrietta slid her nose into the gap that was almost made to measure for her. Once inside she closed her eyes and took a tentative but quite audible sniff. I watched her face as it went bright red and knew that she was really enjoying the intensity of the smell. I had a little smile as I watched. I see her body shudder with excitement and her backside wiggled a little bit as it was stuck up in the air.

    Joanne smacked Henrietta’s bum firmly and said, “Give me a bigger sniff bitch. I want both lungs to be bursting to capacity with my stink working it’s way round your whole body. Fill yourself up with it.”

    Henrietta now knowing what she was dealing with happily gave a herculean sniff to Joanne’s socks inside the slit in her sneaker. Her crotch went backwards and forwards several times as she felt the very strong arousal between her legs. The smell was so intense she was nearing a climax without even touching herself.

    Joanne was completely unaware of this but I knew Henrietta all too well to see what was taking place. I smiled to myself happy she was enjoying it so much. I also felt a little tinge of jealousy that she would enjoy another woman’s feet that much, which was perhaps a good thing as it vindicated my choices and commitments throughout the day.

    “Right on your back you filthy whore. I am going to give you a full on assault to your senses with my rank feet. You won’t fucking know what’s hit you bitch!” Joanne threatened as she sat down on Henrietta’s stomach and placed her feet either side of her head. She then lightly tapped Henrietta on either side of her face with her sneakers and added, “Come on then bitch. I haven’t got all night. Get those nasty sneaks off my feet.”

    Henrietta lifted her arms above her head and clasped the heel of both sneakers then pulled them upwards to slide them off Joanne’s feet. As her red socks hit the air there was a loud groan from Anita, Sarah and I. The smell was indeed horrendous and filled up the room. We all covered our faces to protect ourselves from the offensive odour.

    Joanne on seeing us said, “Sorry guys.” Then went a little red with embarrassment.

    “That’s ok goddess.” Henrietta said, thinking Joanne had included her in the apology.

    “Are you taking the fucking piss slut?” Joanne screamed at Henrietta then lifted both feet into the air and slammed them down hard onto her face mashing and grinding them deep into her nose.

    “Ok take that you fucking insolent bitch. How does that feel?” Joanne laughed.

    Henrietta was struggling for the first time I had witnessed under Joanne’s quite horrific foot smell. She was trying to turn her head away so she could grow accustomed to the acrid stench but Joanne was giving her no chance. Henrietta then started slamming her hands out to the side trying to deal with the intense attack on her nose and lungs. The stench was literally burning it was so foul.

    “You seem to be having a really great time under there slave. Tell me do you love my smell so much it is still making you shiver with excitement?” Joanne laughed wickedly.

    Henrietta tried to answer but the feet overwhelming her face were barely allowing her to breathe they were smothering her so hard, let alone talk. Henrietta was starting to panic a little and raised her hand to try and dislodge Joanne’s feet for a few seconds but she was having none of it. As quickly as Henrietta tried her wrists were gripped and hands slammed down at her side tightly.

    “Oh no. There will only be extreme stinkiness for you bitch. You aren’t getting one breath of fresh air. Come on suck up that filthy warm, wet air from between my toes. Submit yourself to my awesome stench, you cannot move a muscle so you have no choice anyway. Come on give me nice deep, long sniffs bitch.” Joanne said, pulling a disgusted face as the smell was making her feel queasy now.

    “Please goddess.” Came Henrietta’s muffled reply.

    “No need to beg me for them bitch! These feet will be in your face for the next thirty minutes or so free of charge. I can still feel you struggling, but you are so weak and puny, I am so easy overpowering you. How does it feel to be so completely defenceless, having to submit to my torturous feet?” Joanne mocked.

    Henrietta was starting to wilt under the lack of air and horrendous smell attacking her body. I was getting a little worried she might suffocate or pass out so was agitating on the sofa a little. Finally Joanne allowed Henrietta to breathe. As she removed her socks Henrietta took a massive breath before she was immediately smothered again.

    “Remember that bitch? That’s fresh clean air, not that you deserve any. Your place is under rank vile feet like all slaves in this world and I am the goddess that is delivering today. I don’t care how much you think you like feet, after this experience you will fear me always. In fact I may put you off feet for life.” Joanne laughed.

    As Henrietta continued to struggle, Joanne dominated her harder and harder barely allowing her any movement. Every breath she took was extracted from right in between Joanne’s toes where the smell was strongest. Her relentless offense eventually overcame poor little Henrietta and she collapsed into a dizzy haze not quite unconscious but totally pliable to Joanne and her scheming mind.

    “That’s better, I don’t want a wriggling, struggling slave for what I have planned for you. I like you nice and docile, a complete slave to my stench. How does this feel slut?” Joanne said, as she let go of Henrietta’s wrists, stretched out behind her and started rubbing Henrietta’s crotch.

    Henrietta jolted feeling the intense pleasure of Joanne’s fingers on her pussy contrasting with the foul stench in her face. She groaned loudly and Joanne laughed. “I thought you would like that.” She said, then turned to me and winked.

    Thank fuck for that I thought. Joanne is so bloody strong and brutish she half killed Henrietta subordinating her to her feet. Now she has her overwhelmed she is going to fuck her up with an orgasm. I am sure Henrietta will never forget this experience though I am not sure it’s one she will want to live through again.

    “Come on you little foot sniffing slut, give them a good huff for me and I will rub it again for you!” Joanne said.

    Henrietta was fast regaining consciousness with the pleasure rising up from her crotch through her body. She was writhing like a worm in fresh wet soil and her face was taking that all too familiar glow that showed me she was in raptures. With her eyes closed she cupped her hands around Joanne’s foot in a tender embrace and sniffed on it deeply groaning.

    Joanne said, “There’s a good little slave. Now why don’t you get all nice and wet for those beautiful feet that you would never presume to offend?”

    Joanne relaxed her feet from their vacuum over Henrietta’s face now seeing she was totally under her spell. Henrietta now able to speak said, “Oh my glorious divine goddess. You have me in complete raptures, the pleasure coursing through my body makes me feel like a fly snared on her goddesses web, utterly helpless to her wishes. Your beautiful feet are like nothing I have ever encountered, the scent is enthralling and captivating in the extreme. At first I did not think I was worthy of such attentions but now you are making me submit all my sexual impulses to them I know I must embrace them, love them and cherish them.” Henrietta said.

    I was feeling quite low hearing this. Joanne was captivating my slave with a foot stench that could put an army down at 100 yards and I was powerless to intervene without showing my own weakness. I just had to watch.

    “Yeah, fucking cherish that stink you depraved foot sniffing whore. I don’t know how you ridiculous, desperate bitches get off on this shit. I really don’t. But here goes anyway.” Joanne mocked.

    She then pressed her socks firmly around Henrietta’s nose one last time and rubbed her pussy furiously. Henrietta screamed, then screamed again and then finally screamed one final time before collapsing. That was at least three orgasms I thought. Fuck I have never done that to her.

    Joanne got up and took a bow, winking at me again on the way down.

    “My work is done here.” She joked and came back to join me on the sofa.

    Putting my feelings to one side I said, “That was pretty fucking spectacular Joanne. I am not sure my slave will ever recover from that shit you just laid on her.”

    Joanne just laughed like it was nothing.

    As Henrietta got up looking rather shaky and disoriented following her climax she came over and knelt by my side.

    I leant over and whispered in her ear, “Shouldn’t you be kneeling besides your new goddess Joanne?”

    Henrietta looked shocked and upset as she glanced into my eyes. “You clearly enjoyed that so much I think you should go and live with her instead bitch. What would you say to that?”

    At that Henrietta went into floods of tears and ran out of the room into the kitchen. I was quite shocked and a little caught off guard in front of the others so just said, “I won’t be a second. Anita prepare for your show I will be right back.”

    I went into the kitchen and saw Henrietta curled up in the corner crying uncontrollably. “What’s fucking going on Henrietta?” I said, signalling a brief switch to talk to her.

    She was barely able to speak through the crying but in the end managed to say, “I have fucking ruined everything! I am so stupid and selfish. The best thing to ever happen in my life and now it’s gone. It’s all fucking gone!”

    I stormed over to her and grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and lifted her up to her feet. I must have been pretty angry, as I wouldn’t have thought I had the strength to do that before. Whilst holding her up against the wall I screamed in her face, “Yes you are fucking stupid. This is my fault not yours. I made her do that shit to you knowing full well it would excite the hell out of you. But when I watched your reaction I just well, I just didn’t like someone else doing that to you. That said you should not have enjoyed it like you did, that will not be so easily forgiven. You’re mine for fuck sake. ”

    I then dropped her to the floor.

    Henrietta crawled over to me and clasped my ankles with her hands and continued sobbing into my sneaker, “Yes I am yours. I always was yours goddess. I don’t want anyone else. I never wanted anyone else. Please punish me, I deserve it.”

    “Get the fuck up!” I barked

    Henrietta stood up to face me but with her head bowed. I smacked her face so hard it made my own hand sting.

    “Kiss it.” I said offering my hand to her and she kissed it lovingly.

    “Now kiss me.” I sneered.

    Henrietta looked at me not knowing what to do. Did I mean kiss my foot, my pussy or my lips? I waited looking at her menacingly. When my patience had run dry I snapped, “I said fucking kiss me bitch.”

    Knowing she needed to react she dropped to her knees and kissed my feet. I grabbed hold of her hair and yanked it upwards so hard she screamed in agony. “I won’t ask you again bitch. Kiss me.”

    She started tearing up again as she leaned forward, closed her eyes and placed the briefest merest kisses on my lips. It was so delicate it hardly stood for anything but to her it was probably one of the most difficult things she had ever had to do in her life.

    “Do you not love me?” I said, and slapped her face even harder. Her cheek now was bright red and starting to blister. My hand was stinging like fuck.

    She then threw her arms around me and placed her lips on mine and kissed me with so my love and passion I really didn’t want it to ever end. Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me so tight it was like she never wanted to let me go. Affection and love were pouring out of every part of her body, which warmed my body and my soul. I placed my hands around her head, which was thrusting itself forcibly behind her oncoming lips and I kissed her back with indomitable power and force. Henrietta relented and submitted to my control once more.

    “That’s better, you fucking selfish whore. You will pay dearly for enjoying another woman tonight but not on your special day. Now clean yourself up and get back in there.” I sneered.

    “Goddess may I ask you a question before we do please?” Henrietta said hopefully.

    “Yes I do love you, yes you are my sister and yes you are and will always be my slave. Does that cover it?” I said.

    Henrietta’s eyes lit up and she smiled to show she understood. She then lay down underneath me and put her hands around my foot. I relaxed my leg and she lifted the sneaker across and over her face. She then pulled my foot towards her face and pressed it hard down upon herself crushing her nose. I leant forward slightly to compound the pressure on her face and looked down into her eyes.

    She kissed the underside of my sneaker sole and said, “I would rather die than serve another goddess.”

    “Yes I believe you would slave. But you will still pay for tonight’s indiscretion.” I said emotionless.

    “Thank you goddess.” Henrietta said.

    I then pressed my foot down hard onto her face once more then withdrew it and walked back into the living room.


    When I took my seat on the sofa next to Joanne, Henrietta came rushing in seconds later and knelt down in front of me with her back arched to signal her availability as a foot stool. I crossed my legs and propped my feet up on her neck and allowed all my weight to bear down on her. Just to make it more uncomfortable I added extra downward pressure to ensure she would suffer while I watched Anita’s show.

    “Carry on please, Anita.” I said, as everyone’s eyes were on us since our return from the kitchen. Joanne placed her hand underneath mine once again and I interlocked our fingers and squeezed. She gave a little moan to signal her content.

    Anita was now standing above Sarah with a wicked smile on her face. “Did you enjoy the little snack I prepared for your earlier princess slave?”

    “Oh yes goddess. It was delightful.” Sarah said.

    “I think you owe me slave don’t you?” Anita said.

    Sarah’s feeling of trepidation returned, as she knew Anita could be quite cruel and sadistic. Perhaps she wasn’t ready for Anita yet I wondered. Anita herself was only just starting to exert her own dominance on another and probably didn’t have a lot of restraint beyond her own selfish desires. This could go either way.

    “Er I guess I do goddess.” Sarah said, struggling with the conflict going on inside her head.

    “Oh you are guessing are you?” Anita sneered.

    “Oh no, sorry I meant yes I most definitely owe you my goddess.” Sarah said.

    “No more second chances bitch.” Anita said, and kicked Sarah in the face with her socked foot sending her across the floor. She had removed her other sneaker just prior to crossing the room.

    Sarah was holding her nose and looking quite upset though she wasn’t crying yet. As she nursed herself from the pain, Anita came over and sat on her chest before grabbing Sarah’s throat and squeezing. She was choking Sarah so that she could still breath but was also in pain.

    “Would you like to sniff and lick my damp, sweaty and stinky toes you worthless whore?” Anita snarled.

    Sarah’s eyes enlarged as she shivered in anticipation. “Yes please goddess. I would like to do that for you.” I shook my head knowing exactly what was coming next.

    “Well tough fucking luck for you shit licker. Your place is under my arse sniffing and licking me nice and clean. How do you like that?” Anita laughed.

    “Oh please no. I am not ready for that please goddess. Please don’t make me do that, I am not sure I could take it.” Sarah pleaded.

    “Three ‘pleases’ in the same sentence, that some serious desperation slave but I don’t give a fucking shit. You are going to take it whether you like it or not. In fact the less you like it the more I am going to fucking get off on it.” Anita laughed again.

    Sarah started begging profusely to be let go; her eyes were wild with fear at the thought of what she was going to be made to do. She tried to wrestle herself free of Anita but she was too strong and her rampant dominant was only increasing her power. Anita tightened her grip on Sarah’s throat before saying, “You are going to pull down my lacrosse shorts and sweaty panties and beg to clean my arse bitch. I want everyone here to hear you beg, got it?”

    Sarah continued trying to resist as Anita increased the pressure around her throat. With her head turning red and desperate for air and knowing that no one was coming to her rescue Sarah gave in. “Ok Anita, I will do it. Please just let go of my throat.”

    Anita placed her face one inch from Sarah’s and said, “That’s goddess to you.” Then licked her face from chin, through cheek to forehead.

    Anita lifted her bottom off Sarah so she could pull her shorts and black sports panties down. Once they were around her thighs Anita said, “I am going to get up now and turn around so I can park my arse on your face. If you try to move one muscle as I am getting in position not only will I stamp on your head but will choke the fuck out of you before I start. Am I making myself clear?”

    Sarah was really frightened now; the reality of what was about to happen had totally sunk into her mind and was scrambling her thoughts sideways. She was utterly disgusted but still inexplicably curious to what this was going to feel like.

    “That fear in your eyes is making me so wet and horny slave. Here feel.” Anita said then wriggled up and wiped her wet pussy across the same facial contours her tongue had previously occupied. Sarah closed her eyes to embrace Anita’s warmth and sex. It sent a shudder through her body.

    Anita then got up and momentarily paused above Sarah to see if she was going to try and run. Her eyes still full of fear were accompanied by a body frozen, unable to move even if she wanted to. Anita took her socks off and threw them towards Henrietta. We all chuckled when one hit her square in the face; it was some shot from where Anita was standing.

    Anita then placed her foot on Sarah’s face as she said, “Here have a few last sniffs while I remove my shorts and panties slave. See it as a reward for being compliant.”

    Sarah took as many sniffs as she could in that all too brief diversion before Anita was then ready, completely bare from the waste down. She then walked over and stood with her feet either side of Sarah’s head looking back down at her body.

    “Just one more thing before your face and my arse start making out intimately. If you thought I had bad gas last week, just wait until you feel how much I have been holding onto tonight. It will be a minor miracle if I don’t shart on your face while I am on there.” Anita said.

    Sarah went into a major manic and started trying to get up but Anita dropped down on her face quickly and pinned her hands back down beside her.

    “Now this is going to be much easier on you if I don’t have to spend all my time restraining you.” Anita then punched Sarah hard in the stomach winding her.

    We heard a muffled scream disappear into Anita’s arse before Sarah passively relaxed to await her fate. She had no desire for more pain and knew that Anita would be all too keen to dish out more if given half a chance. Anita wriggled her backside down onto Sarah’s face to position her hole neatly across her nostrils.

    She then eased out a short but audible fart and chuckled. “I can’t tell you how great it feels to finally start letting that wind out. My stomach has been cramping all night holding that in. How does it smell?” Anita asked as she raised her arse off Sarah’s face briefly.

    “I don’t know goddess, it was too short to catch it really.” Sarah said answering the question more logically though it came out more like an incitement to more.

    “Well now, why don’t I fix that for you slave. Let me concentrate for a little while.” Anita said, and took a hand off one of Sarah’s wrists. She noted with content that Sarah didn’t try to move when released and smiled to herself. Anita then started rubbing her belly to agitate more gas.

    After a few more seconds she declared, “Oh yes. Here comes a nice big one for you bitch. Here take this.”

    Anita then lifted slightly and blew a tremendous blast of foul air into Sarah’s face not one inch from her nose. It lasted more that ten seconds and you could see Sarah’s hair ripple as it past across her face. I couldn’t be sure but I could have sworn that Sarah sniffed at the fart slightly before she pulled a disgusted face.

    “Fuck yeah. That’s more like it. How does it smell then bitch?” Anita asked triumphantly.

    “Well goddess it smells a bit beefy like you ate meat or something. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.” Sarah said.

    “You fucking insolent bitch.” Anita said, and punched Sarah hard in the stomach again winding her. “That said your sense of smell is quite remarkable. I had a chilli con carne this afternoon with extra beans. Now wasn’t that nice of me?”

    “Ok open up that impertinent mouth of yours. You can eat the next one to teach you to choose your words more carefully next time slut.” Anita growled.

    Anita then grabbed Sarah’s jaw between her legs and pressed her fingers firmly into Sarah’s cheeks opening her mouth wide. She then slid her arse down so her hole was directly above and released another massive fart into Sarah’s awaiting mouth. It echoed loudly in the room and Joanne and myself couldn’t help but laugh despite how revolting it was.

    “Taste good slave?” Anita chuckled.

    Sarah was not too impressed with this latest abuse of her body and didn’t answer, as anything she said would have pissed Anita off and made her angrier.

    “I will take that as a yes then slave. Stick that worthless tongue of yours out so I can clean my arse with it. All this farting is making it itchy. Don’t fuck around either or I will start punching your pussy instead of your stomach and you wouldn’t want that would you?” Anita warned.

    At this threat Sarah pushed her tongue out so quickly it made Anita jump and she let out a little squeal in shock as it poked into the anus. She then gave a deep, contented smile as she nestled her arse deep onto the hot wet appendage and moaned. “Fucking hell that feels so good Sarah.” Anita said losing herself in the moment and using her friend’s name.

    Sarah started writhing as well as she licked and sucked on Anita’s arse. She was starting to enjoy this as much as her. Both women were now making loud noises to show their excitement and commitment to the moment.

    Sarah’s unrestrained hand moved down to her pussy and she started playing with herself. Anita leaned forward and kissed her hand as if to indicate she was pleased that Sarah was getting off on this. As she did so the air compressed in her stomach pushed out another fart, which sounded wet and nasty. I cringed and looked at Joanne who also pulled a repulsed look.

    Anita now started playing with herself as Sarah’s tongue lashed back and forth as well as deeply inside Anita. The two writhed and gorged on each other’s rhythmic dance and continued to develop their arousal to a heightened level of tension and energy. Their moans were now becoming screams and they started to converge on an orgasm, which would unite them in both their desires and depravities.

    Moments later the two were literally screaming my apartment down and Anita sent a long hard stream of pussy squirt down Sarah’s torso before collapsing down on her face. Both moaned lightly in sexual satisfaction as they recovered.

    Eventually Anita wriggled and got up off of Sarah in order to kiss her for her immaculate attentions. As she looked at her face she started laughing, “Oh my god Sarah. I am really sorry.”

    “What is it?” Sarah asked, putting her fingers up to her mouth.

    “Oh my god you didn’t?” She said.

    “I am so sorry I just got carried away with the moment.” Anita laughed.

    They both then jumped up and sprinted towards the bathroom while Joanne and myself did everything to dispel the vision from our memories. Henrietta luckily for her still had her head bowed down with my feet on her neck. Looking at her I could see she was in a lot of pain, which I hadn’t noticed being so transfixed by Anita and Sarah’s antics. I took my feet off to give her some relief and said, “Clean my sneakers bitch.” That would keep her busy while she recovers from her neck ache.


    When Anita and Sarah emerged, Anita was still laughing whilst Sarah looked positively grossed out. As they approached I said, “I hope my bathroom is spotless bitches. I will not be happy if you have left a mess in there.”

    Sarah answered, “Everything is super clean goddess. I made sure it was and then cleaned it one final time just to be super sure.”

    “Ok then. Anita come before me and kneel!” I snarled.

    Anita looked thoroughly pissed as I talked down to her but overcame her pride to do as I asked. When she was below me I said, “What you just did was fucking foul and you should be made to pay a penalty for it, right Joanne?”

    Joanne looked a little shocked I had included her almost as a consultant but nevertheless said, “Yes absolutely Nicola.”

    I Smiled as Anita cussed under her breath pissing me off even more.

    “Sarah, what do you think we should do with her? It should be your choice as it was abusing you that got Anita off in the first place.” I suggested.

    Sarah gave a wicked little smirk as she thought through a number of potential possibilities for Anita’s payback. Clearly her time as a slave had not taken all her appetite for retribution away.

    Eventually she said, “Well I would make her lick my arse but I am not really into having that done to me.”

    “There.” Said Anita almost in vindication of her actions. “And you enjoyed it as much as I did Sarah.”

    “That’s not the point I didn’t ask for you to…” Sarah said before I interrupted.

    “Ok I think we know where you are going with that Sarah. How about you slave?” I said looking down at Henrietta and kicking her mouth lightly with my sneaker.

    Henrietta looked up somewhat confused; she was too engrossed in her foot service to really know what the hell we were talking about. Seeing everyone looking at her for an answer she glowed red with bashfulness. Now rather distraught she looked at me for help.

    “How would you like to have your arse licked by Anita here slave?” I said relieving her of her predicament.

    Henrietta giggled thinking we were having a joke with her and I guess her complete surprise at the question. Big mistake. I slapped her face hard and said, “Don’t laugh at me when I am asking you a serious question slut!”

    Henrietta’s face immediately switched to a very serious and regretful look. “I am really very sorry goddess. As for your question, I have no opinion other than that which you chose to order. I am your devoted slave and your will is my only concern. My life is yours to command.”

    “Anita, you will lick my slaves arse like the bitch you are and you will thank her for it as you do!” I said

    “I am not fucking licking her arse Nicola. Yours maybe but you can’t ask me that.” She said.

    “Oh I am not asking you anything. I am telling you.” I said then looked at Joanne and said quietly, “Can you offer some gentle persuasion please love?” as I squeezed her hand gently.

    Joanne immediately threw out her legs and snapped them around Anita’s neck. She then tightened her impressive leg muscles around her sending Anita onto the floor in a heap of agony and helplessness.

    “Please Joanne. I am your friend.” Anita said.

    “But she is my goddess.” Joanne smiled back at her. That warmed my heart and I squeezed her hand again and kissed her cheek.

    Like it was extra motivation Joanne squeezed Anita’s neck even tighter and then shouted, “You will do exactly what my goddess asks to the letter. Are you absolutely fucking clear?”

    This exclamation of dedication was beyond my wildest hopes. I had clearly had an effect on Joanne way over and above what I had expected. This stroked my dominant and made me feel so much more impressive and pleased with my magnetic power over Joanne.

    “You are killing me Joanne. Yes I will do whatever she asks. Please let me go.” Anita screamed.

    Joanne looked at me and I nodded after which she opened her legs whilst Anita gasped for breath. Joanne gave her little more than ten seconds before she reached down and dragged Anita down towards my feet and said, “Kiss them and apologise maggot!”

    Anita kissed and embraced my sneakers like they were the last bottles of water before a hundred mile trek across the desert.

    After watching and laughing at her for a brief period I announced, “Very well here is what I have decided we shall do. Anita, Sarah and Henrietta, I want you all to strip naked. Joanne you may keep your clothes on or strip as you wish?”

    Joanne looked quite excited and decided to strip as well making me smile. I even took the time to compliment her on her magnificent body rubbing my palm up and down her torso brushing her nipples to see her body quiver.

    “Now queen slave, you will worship my bare feet. You have had enough pleasure out of my socks today and I want my feet cleaned especially in between my toes. Sarah, you will worship Joanne’s pussy or feet whichever she chooses.”

    I looked at Joanne who said, “She can lick my pussy. I am getting wet just thinking about all this!”

    “Very well. Anita you will sniff and lick the arse of my slave while she worships my feet. You will also play with her pussy so she can concentrate fully on worshipping my toes. I will ask her afterwards if you served her well. If the answer is anything other than a fucking magnificent orgasm and some high praise then Joanne can finish the job she started on you earlier.” I looked at Joanne and we both chuckled.

    “Finally, Joanne as you have impressed me the most tonight I will give you the option of worshiping my other foot or my pussy.” I said. This was another test for me to see where she now saw herself in relation to me. Would it be a near equal or my slave?

    Joanne looked at me and I smiled back at her, “If it pleases you goddess I would prefer to worship your feet.”

    “They are pretty stinky slave.” I said holding her cheek in my palm. “You think you can handle that?”

    “As they are your feet goddess I would have no problem.” Joanne said smiling.

    “Excellent. Everyone knows their role. Let’s embrace this moment together and make memories long in your hearts and minds.” I said.

    Joanne went onto her knees to join Henrietta as I then slide off my ratty old sneakers and peel the stained, stinky socks from my feet. I felt their hot warm mouths surround my toes as they sucked and slurped at the filth on my feet. I then watched Sarah go around the back of Joanne and started kissing and licking her pussy whilst Anita bent down to sniff and lick Henrietta’s arse. Joanne fidgeted a little in order to navigate Sarah’s tongue to her sweet spot then continued to focus on my feet. Henrietta looked positively shocked initially before Anita then start stroking her pussy at the same time. Henrietta then closed her eyes to embrace the pleasure sweeping through her body and again engorged on my delicious toes.

    Henrietta looked up at me briefly and whispered, “Thank you my goddess. Even with some of the difficult moments this really has been the best day of my life”. I smiled back at her as she returned to attend to my feet.

    I looked down before me at my troop of slaves, feeling regal and majestic in my power and authority over these women. Never have I felt so magnificent as in that moment. This is where I was born to be, this was my divine right. I closed my eyes, slid down and rubbed my pussy gently as my dominant embraced the dream like fantasy playing out before me. This was my moment.
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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    Finally caught up with the story so far (this tale is epic). So wait a second, Yuki is *dead*? That went dark real quick. How is that possible? And no one’s ... worried about it lol?

    Also what happened to chris’s chastity cage haha. Other than Aurelia the guy seems to be living the dream. Tied up and forced to have sex while worshipping the feet of multiple beautiful girls. Always more feet at hand. And of course he can cum whenever he wants. Lol.

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    Hi sonicmerlin...since Wildyone is still having issues logging into the Den, I will do my best to reply - even though I am only the messenger and not the writer of this story.

    I am with you on wondering what happened to Yuki, and if she truly is dead. The lack of concern over her demise is also odd, even if she was guilty of having made bad business choices. Perhaps we will find out more in future chapters.

    My guess regarding the chastity cage is that Nicola may have used it on him again, but of course things happened to separate them. As you then state, his life does seem to be quite crazy and at times is what many of us would consider a dream. The most recent scene with Aurelia was very emotional, and he had a great experience at her feet to close it out. So even though he is a slave and has to sometimes deal with brutality, there are moments when he experiences great pleasure.

    Thanks for your reply, which I am sure Wildyone would appreciate greatly. I will continue adding chapters at the rate of 1 to 2 per week until I am caught up to his current writing.
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    Chapter 46 – Team Event: Horse Riding Day Part 1

    I had been instructed to wake Aurelia and Grace up at five thirty in the morning with a coffee. That was never a good thing, as these two were just about the worst morning bitches on the planet. Nevertheless, it was the team day out and the ladies were going horse riding around two hours outside London at the stables Seraphina’s parents owned. To get there, Beth had arranged a bus that would leave from the offices at six o’ clock sharp.

    Aurelia and Grace had decided the night before not to bathe as they figured it would ‘wash away too much of the fun’ from their feet, as Aurelia put it. So, I was instructed to wake them up at five thirty with coffee and then we were to get dressed and go.

    In hindsight, I should have gotten up earlier and prepared everything - as they had me running up and down the stairs like a whippet getting everything together for them. Sometimes I wondered how the hell they got by before they had me as their domestic servant.

    I had made some fresh buttered croissants for them to eat on the way and Aurelia caught me bagging them up just prior to leaving.

    She barked at me from the living room. “I suggest you take one of those, slave! You are going to need to keep your strength up today!”

    Wow, I thought, it was a first for me to take some breakfast of this quality. Usually, I had their leftovers before I washed the plates - or simply went without. Aurelia had definitely gone softer on me since Friday. Not in a noticeable way to Grace though, she wasn’t stupid, but her unusually high punishment level had definitely dropped. For example, yesterday I spilt a little wine on the carpet and got three hard lashes from her crop for my trouble before I had to scrub it clean for close to thirty minutes. Previously that would have cost me at least ten and maybe even twenty, depending on her mood.

    “Thank you, goddess. That is most kind of you.” I then felt a pinch on my backside, which made me jump. Aurelia had sneaked up behind me, as I had been preoccupied with preparing breakfast. She had a cheeky smile on her face when I spun around.

    “I have spent so much time thrashing that arse I never really noticed how nice and firm it is.” She spoke this in a whisper, and I blushed red. She then slapped my face firmly, but not violently. “Come on then, or we will be late.” I had been given little chance to enjoy the moment.

    I couldn’t be sure if she was just fucking me into a ‘false sense of security’, as she liked to do, or whether she was somehow starting to notice me more now. Either way, I didn’t follow it up and hastily gathered everything - then dashed to the front door, ready to put their shoes on for them.

    It was a little after 0545 when we left for the ten minutes walk to the office, so we had a nice stroll through the city on our way. Aurelia and Grace walked ahead holding hands and chatting while I walked behind carrying their bags. At one point, Aurelia raised her hand and clicked her fingers so I caught them up and handed them the croissants, which was indeed what she wanted.

    They were both dressed casually as had been instructed for the day, as their riding wear would be made available to them at the stables. Grace was wearing blue jeans and a simple white blouse with sneakers and light grey socks, whilst Aurelia was wearing designer soft pink jogging pants and jacket with a cropped pink sweat top, pink socks and sneakers as well. Aurelia’s cute bottom was gently swaying from side to side as she walked and I spent half of the walk just watching its sweet hypnotic rhythm.


    When we arrived at the office, the bus was already parked outside and several of the women were already boarding. Grace and Aurelia got straight on and I was told to wait by the cute female driver with dark brown eyes and mousey brown hair. When finally everyone had gotten on the bus, she came over and prodded me hard in the back.

    “Ouch!” I said, somewhat surprised how hard she poked me.

    “On now!” She snarled.

    Fucking hell, even the hired drivers were bitches. There must have been some local company called ‘Menhating Bitchy Bus Drivers’ I didn’t know about. I gave a little sigh and just got on instead of making an incident, as I knew what way that would end up going if Beth had to get off the bus and sort it out.

    As I got on, I could see Nicola talking intently with Beth who had her hand on Nicola’s thigh as they spoke. Nicola glanced at me very briefly, but didn’t acknowledge my arrival. I understood why. Fucking Beth off this early in the day would only make the excursion much harder for Nicola, so she was just being cautious. I was, however, growing increasingly concerned with how affectionate Beth was becoming with Nicola. It was only a short while ago she wanted to half kill her. I wondered what Nicola had done to turn Beth around. Also, how the fuck had she managed it so quickly?

    I next walked past Nadine and Allegra, sat together, with Karine and Mireille behind. I recalled briefly my last bus trip with those guys and how they had half trampled me, before Yuki bailed me out. I wonder where Yuki was now.

    I passed a few empty seats but didn’t sit down, as I knew Aurelia would want to tell me where I was sitting. A little further back, Laura and Sophia were sat together and Julia was underneath them being used as a footrest. I had a little chuckle seeing how excited they all looked and how happy Julia was to be serving her new goddesses. I really was hoping that would work out well for her.

    I knew Seraphina and Porsche had gone down directly by car last night so Seraphina could introduce her friend to her family and her riding buddies. I overheard at least that much from Aurelia on the walk in. As I walked further back into the bus, I then arrived at the seats Aurelia and Grace were occupying. I knelt down and waited for them to notice me.

    They continued talking for close to ten minutes while I knelt in the aisle. The bus had already departed by this point and I was swinging from side to side having to hold onto other seats just to avoid flying down the bus. Aurelia was on the inside with her legs propped out into the aisle and Grace’s legs were over the top of hers facing into the foot space in front of them.

    Eventually Grace turned to me. “You can sit on the floor at my feet, wanker. If you squeeze in up to the window my soles should be resting on your face just nicely. That way I can play with you on the way down for my amusement.”

    Aurelia looked at me and then as I looked back, turned and glanced out of the window as if to ignore me. I crawled forward past Aurelia’s legs and Grace lifted her feet so I could crawl against the side of the bus. As I turned around she then extended her legs back so the dirty soles of her sneakers were pressed firmly against my cheeks pushing my head against the corner of the seat in front. She applied quite a bit of extra pressure initially to raise my discomfort and I groaned a little with the pain.

    “Stop fucking wining, slave. Clean my sneakers off. There is filth on them from the walk in and I want to look my best today.”

    Grace then really ground my face hard again just to make her point and it was all I could do to soak up the pain without making another noise. Eventually she abated and I was able to adjust my position to one of a little more comfort before starting to lick Grace’s trainers. Aurelia continued to ignore me and look out of the window. Her beautiful face was glowing as the morning sun arose on the horizon and cast its warm light across her skin. She was lost deep in thought, like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

    “So what did you do to this fucker on Friday when you went off alone with him, Aurelia?” Grace asked, almost like she knew something had changed but couldn’t put her finger on it.

    Aurelia’s eyes widened as she looked out of the window and I could see she was thinking about her response. It was as if she was pretending not to hear Grace to give herself more time.

    “Aurelia?” Grace asked, after a little wait.

    “Er…yeah, what is it Grace?” She looked distracted.

    “I was just asking what you did with slave here on Friday when you went off alone with him.”

    “Oh, you know, the usual stuff. I kicked him around a bit then got him to sniff and clean my feet.”

    Aurelia glanced down to me to ensure I was not giving anything away with my face. I wasn’t, and being behind Grace’s sneakers would hide anything I did show involuntarily anyway.

    “I thought you were going to unleash hell on him after fucking up on the shoe cleaning at lunchtime?”

    “Yeah, well, I changed my mind, didn’t I?” Aurelia added a stern tone to her voice as if to warn Grace.

    “In that case why didn’t you do that to him on the sofa with us? Why go into a private room?”

    “Look I wanted a nice wank and some privacy. We are not all exhibitionists about our sexual arousal like you are, Grace!” Aurelia was now getting agitated with Grace’s questions.

    Grace seemed a little hurt by that comment. “Oh, right, well I hope you are not going soft on him, Aurelia. It was you who taught me that slaves need constant hard reinforcement of their position beneath us to ensure their pride, ego and confidence stay constantly suppressed.”

    “Get your feet out of his face now, Grace!” Aurelia barked and Grace withdrew her sneakers. Aurelia then pummelled my face hard with her foot five times, almost knocking me unconscious. Fuck that really hurt!

    “Does it look like I am going soft, Grace? Well?!”

    Grace spoke more timidly. “No it doesn’t, Aurelia. Sorry I asked. I didn’t mean to question you.”

    “Yeah, well, why don’t you go take another seat so I can stretch out and sleep. I am not in the mood for talking now. It’s too fucking early.” Aurelia bucked her legs as if to indicate she wanted Graces legs off her lap.

    Grace was now regretting pushing Aurelia. “Look I am sorry, love. I didn’t want to piss you off. I will give you some time to chill out. We can maybe have a chat when we get to the stables, right?”

    “Sure. Look, I am just tired ok. Give me an hour to chill and another coffee then I will be fine. Ok, Grace?”

    “Sure no probs,” Grace said, a little more optimistically, then got up and walked down the bus to find someone who wanted to chat this early in the morning.

    Aurelia then slid over the other seat and then extended her legs back towards me so her shoes were inches from my face. “Take my shoes off and show my feet some love Chris,” Aurelia whispered, then she started staring out the window again - lost in her thoughts.

    My heart warmed with this small gesture and I delicately untied her shoelaces and removed her sneakers. Her pink ankle socks had a light staining on and enough scent to be very arousing. She wiggled her toes in my face to release more of the smell as I closed my eyes to draw in the perfume. As I opened my eyes I caught her with a smile on her face. I then kissed her feet tenderly before embracing them in my hands and rubbing them up and down through her sole. She closed her eyes and nestled into the seat in an attempt to get some comfort out of it before slowly drifting off to sleep. As I looked up at her sun blushed face sleeping, I started to feel affection for her rising within me - recalling our time together on the Friday. My mind then switched to the time I massaged Beth’s feet on the way home from the offsite and how rapidly downhill things had gone afterwards. I just hoped that with Aurelia things would maybe be different.


    I was still gently rubbing and kissing Aurelia’s feet when she started to come to, around an hour later. We still had about thirty minutes to go before we arrived, so she timed it perfectly. She yawned and then stretched pressing her toes into my face gently before she then slumped back into her seat. Aurelia then set her eyes on me and watched me kiss and massage her feet.

    “Take my socks off slave,” she said, switching back to her more regular label for me.

    I removed them delicately and then folded them respectfully before placing them on the seat next to her. She turned her ankle to show me the tops of her feet.

    “Do you like my black nail polish, slave?”

    “Yes, your feet look quite beautiful, goddess.”

    “What’s your favourite colour?”

    “I do actually really like black goddess, though maybe red is my favourite.”

    She smiled to herself and then started playing with my face with her toes. She brushed my eyebrows, then slid her big toe down the contours of my nose. She then started wiggling her smaller toes to insert them into my nostrils before pinching my nose between her toes. She then slid her big toe down and started circling my lips all the while staring deep into my eyes. It really was quite erotic. She had tremendous poise and presence that made me feel weak and powerless in her presence. I guess that’s why she kept referring to me as a natural submissive.

    I opened my mouth slightly and she slid in her big toe. I brought my lips back around it then slowly built up a vacuum by sucking careful not to allow my teeth to catch her skin. She moaned lightly and her eyes fluttered briefly. She then licked her lips sensuously and my hard on that I had acquired from rubbing and sniffing her feet over the last hour became stronger and more attentive. I must have blushed as she giggled seeing the power she had over me.

    She then placed her hands between her thighs and brushed her fingers across her crotch to placate her desired sensitivity. I continued to suck on her toes and darted my tongue in between them. She groaned a little louder.

    “Say something nice to me slave.”

    I opened my mouth slightly to allow her big toe to slide out. “When I looked up at you as the sun arose and cast its warm iridescent light across the contours of your face...I was enraptured with just how beautiful you are. Not just your exterior beauty, which you already know I am smitten with, but the radiant glow coming from within which I could feel surrounding me like never before.”

    Aurelia smiled contented with my answer before changing to a look of sadness and loss. She even seemed a little irritated and then pushed her toe back inside my mouth and looked out of the window remaining deep in thought.

    Though I knew I might pay heavily for it I had to ask as the curiosity was killing me. “Penny for your thoughts, goddess?”

    She looked down at me disapprovingly then extracted her toe and slapped my face hard. Ouch!

    “I don’t think so, slave. Now put my socks and shoes back on. We will be there soon and I need to get back in the mood to treat you like shit today for everyone else’s benefit.”

    Though I knew she needed to save face, I was still pissed off she couldn’t just drop the act and show me a little respect for once like Beth was doing with Nicola. I guess that was the problem with being a man in a woman’s world.

    I replaced her socks and sneakers respectfully, after which she pushed her sole into my face and ground it onto my lips expecting a kiss, which I obliged her with.

    “Clean them until we arrive, slave.”


    It was only another ten minutes before we turned off and up a private tree-lined drive. It was a long drive, which invariably meant the property at the end would be both grand and very expensive. I wasn’t disappointed as we passed a large mansion before turning down a less well-kept private drive towards what I presumed to be the stables. Fucking hell, I thought, Seraphina’s family must be worth a fortune. I could see from the look on her face even Aurelia was impressed and she was independently wealthy herself given her home and contents.

    Moments later, the bus came to a stop and the cute female driver got up to announce we had arrived. Everyone started ferrying off the bus where Seraphina, Porsche and another woman were standing by to greet them. All three were dressed in jodhpurs, blazers, white shirts with a pinned riding stock tie - together with riding helmets and black riding boots. Seraphina and Porsche were stunning anyway, but seeing them dressed in this attire sent my libido through the roof. Wow, I thought, if only!

    Seraphina and Porsche were sporting black blazers with cream jodhpurs whilst the woman I had never met before had a crimson blazer with cream jodhpurs. She looked like a slighter shorter and stockier version of Seraphina, I thought, as I got off the bus and got a second look at her. As I approached the women and offered my hand out, the stranger spoke.

    “Hello, I am Constance.”

    Porsche then swung her riding crop from out of nowhere down onto the top of my hand and thwacked it. The pain shivered right up my arm, as she caught me across the knuckles and dislodged some skin. It fucking hurt and I dropped down on one knee to recover from the agony coursing through my hand.

    “That’s the boot licker, Constance. You don’t need to show him any courtesy. He is a worthless piece of shit who deserves nothing but your contempt.”

    Nice fucking introduction, Porsche. You bitch. Now I feel both pain and humiliation.

    As I looked down at my throbbing hand, a boot appeared below me on the ground, which as I looked up I could see was the property of Constance.

    “Well?” She was looking down her nose at me. She had a posh English accent, almost identical to Seraphina’s. I guessed she must almost certainly be her younger sister.

    As I looked at her perplexed, Seraphina stepped forward and placed her size 10 boot heel on my toe and started pressing down hard. I cried out in pain.

    “Lick my sister’s boot, you fucking impudent wanker, or I will thrash you where you kneel!” Seraphina showed me her crop, which again only came into view with the threat.

    “Ok, goddess. I am sorry. I will do as you say.” I wanted an end to the pain, and also this debilitating encounter.

    As Seraphina removed her boot, I got onto my knees, bent down and kissed Constance’s boot. I felt a heavy sting on my backside, followed by Constance speaking.

    “Lick the boot, you fucking imbecile. Are you deaf as well as stupid?”

    I bent down again and licked the toe of her boot removing a surface layer of dust and dirt onto my tongue and then got back up onto my knees.

    Constance then placed her boot on my chest. “Spineless fucker. No wonder you are a slave, doing that to a woman’s boot. You should be ashamed of yourself!”

    She then laughed in my face and kicked me backwards onto the ground before walking away with her sister and Porsche towards the stables.

    I sat down for a few minutes to gather my thoughts and my pride before rising to my feet. I heard a chuckling behind me and looked around. It was the female bus driver with the mousey hair and brown eyes. I wanted to tell her to fuck off, but given that Beth knew just about everyone, I thought that would be unwise.

    “What a fucking embarrassment you must be to your family and friends.” She sneered.

    Well at least I am not driving a bus for a living, I thought, but kept that to myself. She then stepped forward and kicked me right in the balls and I went down in a heap.

    “What was that for?” I asked.

    “Because you were pulling a face like you were looking down on me for driving a bus.” She then spat on the ground next to me.

    “Lick it up!”

    I couldn’t get a fucking break. Aurelia please come back, I thought, and get me away for these horrid women.

    I looked up at her. “Look, I am sorry if you think I have any problem here but I don’t. Can I please just go?”

    “You have a fucking very real problem,! Now lick up my spit or I will kick your balls up into your stomach and then tell Beth you tried to assault me.” She then smiled, seemingly happy with the predicament she had put me in.

    Fucking hell, I thought to myself, as I bent down to lick the spit. How gross is this? As I did, her shoe hit the back on my head and she pushed my face into the spit instead and giggled.

    “Fuck, I could play with you all day. Abusing pathetic tossers is so much fun, but I have more important things to do. So you can get lost now.”

    She moved her shoe and I quickly got up, wiped the spit off my face and made haste towards the stables, while she laughed at me again.


    As I approached the stables, I was mightily impressed with the number of horses, size of the paddock as well as the equipment and features on display. It must be one of the best in the country, I thought. I guessed it must be a commercial stable as no one could be wealthy enough to maintain the upkeep required for these just for personal pleasure. I looked around and couldn’t see any of the women so spent a few minutes looking at the horses before I heard a kafuffle coming from an out building just thirty yards up the path. Curiosity got the better of me and I approached. As I neared the outbuilding I could hear the familiar voices of the women in Beth’s team. The door was open so I poked my head around and saw the women in a combination of semi naked and partially dressed states. Rather embarrassed I ducked back quickly.

    Someone must have seen me as I then heard a voice. “Slave, get your arse in here and give me a hand.”

    I sheepishly turned the corner and entered the room. There were clothes scattered everywhere and at each changing slot there was a full riding uniform, boots and a helmet for each lady. I had my eyes firmly fixed on the floor though I could see some women like Beth, Karine, Mireille and Nadine had brought their own riding outfits. They were also helping the others to dress, as some didn’t really have a clue what to do. Beth was helping Nicola I noticed, who was looking simply ravishing in her jodhpurs and white shirt. I sighed heavily before my attention was grabbed again.

    “I am not going to ask you again!”

    I looked up briefly and could see Aurelia looking at me with an annoyed face. Not good, I thought, and dashed over past Julia who was serving Laura and Sophia.

    I dropped to my knees in front of Aurelia. “I am very sorry, goddess. I just didn’t think I would be allowed in here.”

    “Why not? You are an irrelevant, insignificant excuse for a human. No woman in here could feel threatened by you, despite what you see. If I was to spot anything like a hard on I would kick the shit out of you publically for embarrassing me anyway. So I suggest you keep your libido in your pocket for the day. Now help me pull these jodhpurs up. They are really tight fitting and tricky to get on.”

    “Then you can do the same for mine.” Grace also seemed to be struggling to get hers on.

    From my kneeling position, I tugged firmly at their jodhpurs until they were level with their upper thigh. They then pulled them the rest of the way, preferring I did not go near their crotch or arse.

    “Boots!” Aurelia then used my chest to push down on, so she could slide her now tan stockinged foot inside. After rising to her feet and stamping around for a few seconds, the boots were on.

    “Fucking hell, these things are hot and tight as hell. My feet are going to sweat buckets in these.” She then turned to me realising what she had said. “No hard-ons! Remember, slave!” Then she laughed.

    Grace dragged me by the collar towards her and then down onto my knees, before thrusting her boot into my chest. In the time I had helped Aurelia, she had managed to get the jodhpurs on. Grace was still wearing her grey socks from earlier saying, “Well I need to keep my socks on in these boots as I have my really nasty one’s underneath and they are already wet. With my foot odour problem, if I wear only nylons they will have to throw my boots on the fire at the end of the day!”

    After a further struggle, Grace also had her boots on and looked over to Aurelia, who now had her black riding blazer and riding stock tie adjusted over the white shirt and was just clipping the pin on to keep everything fastened. I was looking at her in sheer awe at how amazing she looked.

    Looking down towards me, she smiled. “I know I look fucking resplendent, slave, but you need to park any hopes that I would have you within a country mile of my remarkable body. Get that worthless tongue back in your mouth now or I will make you clean everyone’s boots with it!”

    Grace giggled. “It’s nice to hear my beautiful Aurelia is back with us again.”

    That was a heavy come down from the shared moments on Friday, and then again this morning. I sighed deeply, feeling Aurelia was slipping further away from me and back into her safe place of hate. It wouldn’t be long before she was beating me with a crop and losing her mind in sexual sadistic ecstasy, I thought.

    The women were then all addressed by Seraphina, who stood forward confidently with her sister and Porsche flanking her on either side.

    “Welcome everyone to the Baker-Finch private stables. We have the whole place to ourselves today to do whatever we want. I was sure to send the servants and stable hands away in case we wanted to have a little private fun with our submissives. However, if you want I can have them back here within thirty minutes at any time today. Everyone will have access to riding time, though I suggest each group goes out with at least two accomplished riders to support the beginners just in case. Porsche, Constance, Beth, Karine, Mireille and Nadine and I are all highly skilled with horses so will pair up with outgoing groups. There is a light jogging ring for those new to riding, which only needs two of us to support; a small show jumping course behind the rear stables where we can team up one-to-one, and quite few miles of local countryside which we own to really stretch out - for those who are feeling more adventurous.”

    Seraphina then turned to Beth and asked her if she wanted to say anything.

    Beth then stood forward. “Thank you, Seraphina. You really are a splendid host, and your stables are magnificent. I want also to thank the team for working so hard and winning us the Strathbourne account, for which we are here today to celebrate. I have arranged a beauty pampering evening in the gym area of the offices for Thursday evening for also winning the Turner and Lewis account. Fingers crossed with a Masters and Johnson win, we will have yet another treat in the pipeline soon!”

    Everyone clapped following Beth’s announcement.

    “As for today, I think we will be fine by ourselves for most of the day as the horses are already prepared and dressed for riding. Though it would be good if your servants could come back at the end of the day to close down the stables for us and return the horses safely.”

    “Yes of course, Beth. That goes without saying.”

    “As for today’s supporting cast, Nicola will be spending the day with me.”

    Beth then turned to Nicola, who turned to her and they kissed briefly on the lips, before Beth glanced at me and smiled briefly. My heart sank and my shoulders slumped. I felt completely hollowed out by how much Nicola had just embraced the affections of the woman who had destroyed me. Aurelia had a wicked smile on her face, no doubt seeing my relationship with Nicola crumbling into the dust, and rather strangely Seraphina and Allegra looked some weird mix of sad, angry and jealous - but nothing compared to my hurt.

    Feeling like my life was in pieces, it didn’t help when Beth then referred to me, as all eyes looked around to focus on where I was kneeling.

    “And what of our boot licker? Aurelia, are you prepared to share him with us today as Seraphina’s servants are absent?”

    “Of course, why would I care?”

    For the first time, I sensed some hurt in Aurelia’s eyes. It was momentary, to say the least, and she remained overall quite composed - not even looking at me.

    “Excellent. Thank you. And what of Julia? I see she has been dutifully attending to Sophia and Laura all morning.”

    Sophia spoke up confidently. “She is pretty new to all the slave stuff and still pretty uncertain. I think she needs to stay under our wing for a while until we get her conditioned, if that’s ok Beth?”

    “Of course, though I am sure you wouldn’t mind if I had a little play with her later right?” Beth had a wicked smirk on her face.

    “Oh no, of course not, Beth. In fact, I can’t think of anyone better to teach her about what is and isn’t expected of a submissive than you. It would be an honour for her.”

    Beth smiled and Aurelia looked totally fucked off, seeing her own team stroke Beth’s dominant ego above her own. Perhaps not the best career choice for Sophia, but then she did have a very strong relationship with Beth to protect. The politics in the team were getting very complicated, I thought. It wasn’t all the happy families it was made out to be.

    “Excellent, then I will hand back to Seraphina to get us organised. Thank you once again, everyone.”

    Seraphina then brought everyone together while Julia and I remained where we were on our knees. Grace, Aurelia, Laura, Sophia and Julia were all to start at the jogging ring with Seraphina and Constance coaching and supporting until they were confident enough to go out with the horses into the open fields. Nadine, Allegra, Beth and Nicola chose the small show jumping course, as Nadine and Beth both had competitive experience. Fuck, was there anything Beth wasn’t a champion at?

    Finally, Mireille, Karine and Porsche, who were all accomplished riders, chose to go out together for some open country racing. I suspected Porsche might well be the better of the three given how much time Mireille and Karine spent fighting, and I had a little chuckle to myself wondering how well they would take to being beaten by her.


    As the groups separated and started to file out, Beth looked at me and pointed into the corner. She then turned to Nicola and sent her out with the others. Aurelia glanced over then, nodded at me to go, but I could see she wasn’t happy being excluded from what I expected to be a Beth dressing down.

    I made my way over to the corner of the room where Beth was now standing above me. Everyone else had left the building, so we were alone.

    Beth tapped her foot and stared menacingly at me like she was impatient, but in reality she was just unsettling me with her usual high level of intimidation. I remained silent with my head bowed.

    “Pretty fucking shitty life you have going on there, slave. How’s the optimism holding up?” Beth then chuckled.

    I didn’t answer, which Beth didn’t like.

    “I want to hear your fucking misery, wanker. Answer me!”

    I sighed, as she was right. I was full of self-pity at this point and feeling pretty shitty all round.

    “I guess I have been happier, goddess.”

    Beth went into hysterical laughter. “No fucking kidding, you worthless piece of shit. On a scale of crap lives from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest, I figure you are about -100 now. Right?”

    “At most.” I murmured.

    “You know you’re losing her...don’t you, slave?”

    I started to well up. I couldn’t hold back the tears, even though I could stifle the audibility of my sobbing.

    “Look at me when you are crying, cunt. I want to enjoy those tears and your desperation!” Beth kicked me in the thigh with her boot. I looked up with my eyes pouring out tears.

    “Well, look on the bright side. At least you have psycho bitch Aurelia to look after you, right? How’s that working out?” Beth chuckled.

    “Better than I expected.”

    “What the fuck does that mean? She hasn’t killed you yet?”

    “It means just that goddess. There is more to Aurelia than meets the eye.”

    Beth reached down and grabbed my shirt, then hoisted me up against the wall like she used to do in her office when she was really fucked off.

    “Don’t fuck with me, plaything, or I will stamp on your ribs until they break. Is she still fucking you over regularly and making your life hell?” Beth looked a little concerned.

    I guessed Beth had always intended me to suffer under Aurelia by her reaction, and I didn’t want to put Aurelia in a position where Beth would get onto her to treat me worse or perhaps compromise the trust I had established with her. So I lied.

    “Yes. My life is fucking shit and she is treating me to a day in hell every day. Is that what you want to hear?” I was starting to lose control.

    “There you go. A little bit of pressure and you capitulate like a house of cards in a wind tunnel. Don’t think of amplifying your anger any further, slave, or you will regret it. I may have put aside my wrath to protect you before, but you don’t have that luxury anymore.”

    “How is my report coming along boot boy?” Beth asked.

    “Aurelia let me have some time yesterday to write something, but I am guessing you have already made your mind up to kick me out anyway, goddess.” I was unable to summon any hope - and frankly didn’t care much.

    “You are so fucking pathetic, you know that? It’s no wonder Nicola is giving up on you. All you do is wallow in your own self-pity and think about yourself. You really don’t deserve her, you know.”

    “I know, goddess. She is such a beautiful person and so much stronger than I could ever be. But I do love her and nothing can change that. Even if she left me, I think I will always love her and would only wish happiness on her.” I was now sobbing.

    “FUCK YOU! Why do you insist on holding onto something that has no chance to work out? Are you just stubborn as well as stupid?”

    “I guess I am both, goddess. I still hold onto my love for you even though you have destroyed my life and wallowed in my hurt. It’s just who I am. I can’t help it.”

    “AARGGH! You drive me insane you fucking fuck!” Beth was now visibly upset herself, but stopped short of tears. “You have no right to love me at this moment.”

    “I can’t change who I am, goddess.”

    “Well, we will see if you still love me when I tear the remaining threads of your life apart tomorrow, slave.” Beth spoke with a coldness and brutality that surpassed even her high water mark.

    “Get your fucking arse to the jogging circle. Your goddess awaits you slave.” Beth then turned and left, leaving me on the floor in a pool of my own grief.


    After a brief period of respite, I finally pulled myself together and made my way outside. I remembered Seraphina saying the small show jumping course was at the rear of the stables, so I figured the jogging ring must be in the centre of the stables somewhere. It was such a big place that it took me a further ten minutes to find it. I really couldn’t believe these were private stables. Seraphina’s family must be one of the richest in the country on this alone. Why the hell was she working for our consultancy?

    As I approached, Aurelia turned and stepped forwards so she could intercept me for a quick conversation before I was amongst the others. “I see you have been crying slave.”

    “Oh yes, sorry, goddess.” I wiped my face in an attempt to remove the tearstains.

    “What did she say?”

    “Oh, just the usual. Laughing at how fucked I was and that she is taking Nicola away from me. I just wish...”

    “Now, now, slave. You must calm yourself. If you make a scene and embarrass me, I will punish you brutally in front of all these ladies. Am I clear?” Aurelia spoke threateningly, though she was clearly smirking with my update from Beth.

    “Yes, goddess. I am just really upset. I am sorry. Is there any possibility…”

    I was interrupted a second time by a lashing to my neck from her crop. The stinging was immense and much more painful than on my back. I shrieked and placed my hand over the offended area.

    “Don’t ask me that ever, and especially not in public. It will always be my choice and never yours. Do you understand?” Aurelia had said all of that in a loud whisper, and she looked very angry.

    I don’t know how she read my mind, but once again she knew exactly what I was going to ask. Cutting me off like that just made me feel even more worthless. I didn’t really care about the pain anymore.

    “Yes goddess,” I said dejectedly.

    “Right...get over to the ring now. You can serve as my seat while I listen to Seraphina and Constance’s tutoring. Also, pull yourself together and stop feeling fucking sorry for yourself or I will beat you hard.”

    As I approached the jogging ring, Aurelia grabbed my neck and pushed me down onto my hands and knees then sat on my back. Grace, on seeing this, joined her and they held hands whilst the lesson started. Laura and Sophia stood with Julia in between them on her knees. Sophia was stroking her head like she was a dog. At least she was getting some positive attention, I thought.

    I listened in on the teachings of Seraphina whilst I held up Grace and Aurelia. They were pretty light by comparison to the others but after twenty minutes I was starting to shake a little.

    “If you collapse I will hurt you badly, slave.” Aurelia warned.

    The lecture seemed to go on forever with endless details on instructing the horse, safety measures and even horse etiquette. After a further fifteen minutes, I was really rattling and on the border of exhaustion.

    “Don’t you dare?” Aurelia sneered.

    She then raised herself up slightly and dropped her weight back down, and giggled. Seeing I had absorbed this just about, she did it again, this time with more force. I wobbled badly and almost went, as Grace and Aurelia even gripped each other’s thighs for support. Aurelia then stood up and looked down at me with an evil glint in her eye and a nasty smirk on her face. She leapt in the air slightly and then brought her full weight crashing down into my back. Inevitably, I collapsed in a heap underneath them.

    Grace and Aurelia stood up quickly and Grace kicked me hard in the ribs, which with those boots on really killed me, and I screamed out. She then placed her boot over my mouth.

    “Shut the fuck up. I can’t hear Seraphina with you winging.”

    Aurelia had other ideas, however, and started whipping me brutally on my back and legs, which drew me quickly out of self-pity and into self-preservation. I threw my hands up to protect myself as best I could, but nobody was more potent and brutal with a crop than Aurelia - who landed just about every lash on my defenceless body. Everyone by this time was watching her, mostly with open mouths. Her face was red with arousal and she was licking her lips in anticipation of each stroke. When she was in this mood, there was very little I could do but hope and pray she would be stopped - as she rarely had an inclination for self-control.

    On this occasion, however, after the tenth stoke or so she just stopped. Slightly out of breath and looking supremely violent and dominant, she adjusted her hair and clothes in order to regain her composure before acknowledging the eyes upon her.

    She could almost sense that she needed to explain her actions. “I warned him not to collapse and he disobeyed. I won’t tolerate selfish wankers who don’t listen or carry out my instructions to the letter.”

    “Fucking hell, Aurelia, you are one tough bitch sister!” Constance had a smile on her face.

    Seraphina glared at her sister. “Mind your manners and your language, Constance.”

    Constance looked at Aurelia. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. It was kind of meant as a compliment.”

    “Don’t worry about it. Just carry on with the lesson. If I can’t sit on him. I will stand on him. He can feel the weight of my boots on his lacerations as a reminder not to fuck with me.”

    She stood on me and then Grace, Sophia and Laura all joined her. My poor body was literally trampled into the ground. Laura, who was standing on my shoulders, made a point of pressing her boot toe down onto my cheek to leave a lasting imprint of the tread on my face. After another ten minutes, the introductory session was finished and Seraphina invited the ladies to come meet the horses.

    Thankfully, as they departed, I managed to get some brief respite, as I lay there with trample marks all over my shirt, trousers and face. The crop lashings were not as fierce as Aurelia had administered before. It was almost as if she had held back a little. But why had she been so brutal in punishing me in front of these women? Also, she had ensured it would happen one way or another. I just couldn’t understand it. The woman I lay with on Friday and the one I served today just weren’t the same person in any way.

    As the women disappeared off to the stables to gather the horses, Constance remained behind for what I thought would be preparation of the jogging ring. I noticed Aurelia look back to see what she was up to but she cleverly waited until they were out of sight before she approached me. I was still lying prostrate trying to recover.

    “Hey, doormat. How you bearing up?” Constance asked, giggling.

    “I feel pretty fucking shit, actually. Thanks, Constance.”

    Constance then pressed her boot onto the same side of my face Laura had been making her imprint on. “You should address me as ‘Your Majesty’, you insignificant lame coward!” She then started applying more and more pressure on my face until I addressed her as such.

    “Ok, Your Majesty. Please stop. I am still in lots of pain from before. Can I have a break?”

    “Only if you promise to worship my feet before you leave, slave boy.”

    “Why do you even ask me? Everyone else around here just jumps in and abuses me whenever they like.”

    “My sister made me promise not to be alone with you. She insisted on monitoring all my interactions with you personally. But I am 19, for fuck sake, and I could take you down easily if I needed to. So, are you going to promise or am I going to have to get really nasty with you?”

    “Look, it’s not really up to me. I get dragged everywhere they want me. If you can arrange something I will serve your feet, ok?”

    “Agreed. Kiss my boot to show you are making an unbreakable commitment.”

    I kissed her boot and she took it away and quickly ran back to the jogging ring to finish her preparations for the horses. The women and horses returned about ten minutes later. There were two horses, so the women would operate a two on and two off arrangement in cycles until they were confident enough to step up or just finish. Laura and Sophia volunteered first and Constance helped them get onto their horses. The two horses were very passive and easy going so Constance was very at home shepherding the two women around the ring whilst they tried out their newly acquired skills.


    Grace, Aurelia and Serphina then issued an instruction to Julia and myself to follow them, whilst they went and sat on some hay bales that were close by. Thank goodness I wouldn’t have to support their weight again. I really wasn’t sure I could handle that so quickly after the last session.

    When we arrived, Julia was asked to go get them some drinks from the fridge back at the changing area so scuttled off, and I was ordered onto the floor for their boots to rest on. Seraphina had the privilege of my head and face so proceeded to press her boot heel into my cheek while she spoke. This area of my face was like a fucking magnet today, I thought.

    “You know, Aurelia, I miss playing with him. I will let you into a little secret. Just before Beth found out about him and Nicola, he had agreed to become Porsche’s and my sex slave.” She then chuckled.

    “What?” Aurelia said, with shock and contempt written on her face.

    Seraphina picked up on this immediately. “Oh, not in that way. More like a toy for our fucked-up games. We had lots of crazy shit lined up for him and then it all went to pot and I have barely played with him since.”

    “Ok,” Aurelia said tentatively. “What kind of games?”

    “Well that would be telling now, wouldn’t it?” Seraphina said, with a grin.

    Aurelia’s face changed to one of a sly smirk. “So, this is the point where I say well why don’t you have him for the night and fuck him up all you like, right?”

    “Well, if you are offering?” Seraphina smiled, hopefully.

    “Well, I am not!”

    There was an uncomfortable silence between the women as they watched Laura and Sophia on their horses riding in a small circle under the watchful eye of Constance. I was just glad that Aurelia had at least protected me from Seraphina’s sexual experiments, as I am sure they would be fucking horrendous.

    “So, are you enjoying your day then, Aurelia?” Seraphina asked, starting up the conversation again.

    “Why yes, Seraphina. The stables and the mansion are quite amazing. Did you grow up here?”

    “Yes I did, though I spent a lot of time at boarding school so was away most of my teen years. It was an all girls’ school and full of mean bitches. I guess that’s where I learnt to look after myself. My sister went to the same school and finished just over a year ago. She tries to play all sweet and innocent with mother and father, but I know from inside information that she was the queen bitch in the school and just about every girl lived in fear of her. You wouldn’t think butter could melt in her mouth looking at her out there, but I am telling you she is one fearsome fucking bitch!” Seraphina laughed, though a little apprehensively.

    “I even told her she couldn’t play with your slave today unless I was there, as I couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t kill him.” Seraphina added, after a chuckle.

    “A woman after my own heart,” Aurelia said, now looking more interested. After a brief pause, she continued. “Look, Seraphina, I was kind of out of line when you asked for my slave earlier. So I am prepared to make you a deal.”

    “Really? Fire away.” Seraphina turned and put her hand on Aurelia’s knee, also giving my face temporary relief from her boot.

    “You and Porsche can have your sordid sex games with my slave on three conditions.” Aurelia had a smirk on her face.

    “I am not sure I am going to like this, but go on.”

    “Oh, it’s nothing serious. One, the games will be at my house. Grace and I will either watch or join in.”

    Grace giggled with joy. “Fantastic, it sounds very exciting.”

    Aurelia smiled, knowing Grace would be at the front of the queue for sexual experimentation.

    “Fine, the more the merrier,” Seraphina said.

    “Number two, you will bring Constance so I can see her in action. It doesn’t have to be sexual. I just want to see how nasty she really is. Being something of a mega-bitch myself, I am keen to see how she compares.”

    “Well ok, Aurelia, but you are going to be responsible for keeping her under control. I take no responsibility for what she does to your slave. That’s on you.”

    “I am sure I can handle her. Trust me, I know some truly wicked people in this world. We will be fine.”

    “What’s the final condition then?” Seraphina asked.

    “Ok number three, for every session you organise conditions one and two will apply by default but in addition you will owe me a favour per session on top.” Aurelia smiled, in a sinister manipulative way.

    “What, like I am going to be in your debt?”

    “Look, don’t worry about it. It will just be small stuff like getting me information and playing little games for me. I won’t ask you to kill or maim anyone. Anyway, you are not tough enough for that and I won’t demand money, as I have all I need and more.”

    “Well ok, as long as you don’t ask me to do any really fucking nasty shit. I know you have a reputation and so being in your debt is not something I want, thanks.”

    Aurelia offered out her hand and Seraphina went to shake it. As she did Aurelia offered it up to Seraphina’s lips instead and though shocked she still kissed it.

    Aurelia smiled and whispered. “Deal. Our first session is on Tuesday, ok?”

    “What, this Tuesday? Wow…ok…right. Well, I need to talk to Porsche and get stuff organised again. I will discuss details with you tomorrow, ok?”


    Seraphina got up to go speak with her sister.

    “You hear that slave?” Aurelia mocked me from above.

    “I did, goddess. What are they going to do to me?”

    “I don’t fucking know, but I am going to wet my pants watching and laughing, slave.”

    Both Aurelia and Grace laughed.

    I couldn’t believe Aurelia would do this to me. I was now firmly starting to believe Friday was either a dream or just a perfect mind fuck. Either was fucking shit from my perspective.


    It was now Aurelia and Grace’s turn to ride the horses, so they went off to the centre of the ring as Constance, Laura and Sophia returned. When they arrived, Laura and Sophia laughed at me laying down on the floor whilst Constance stepped on my back and then collapsed into the hay bales.

    “I need some sweaty foot licking Laura, don’t you?” Sophia asked.

    “Fuck yeah. Mine are going to be fucking rank after all that gym work yesterday.”

    “Bet mine are worse!” Sophia said, being sure not to lose any of her competitive edge with Laura.

    Constance leaned forward. “Mind if I watch? I am interested in the games you guys play with this piece of shit.”

    Laura spoke assertively. “Sure, no problem. I was going to let Julia get some sweaty feet but she had a whole stack yesterday and too many treats will just spoil her so yeah we can give some to footwipe here instead.”

    Julia looked distraught like she had been looking forward to a stinky foot treat all morning.

    Sophia picked up on this. “You can have them at the end of the day when they are even more ripe. We will even leave our boots on later for you as long as you are a good slave.”

    Julia kissed her boots. “Thank you, my beautiful goddess. You are so gracious and kind. I will not let you down.”

    “Fucking hell, pretty impressive. So even the girl is a slave then?” Constance asked.

    “Only just. She is in transition and learning the ropes. We are teaching her. It’s more the fun stuff for now. When she’s ready we are going to ramp it up and see what she can handle.” Sophia smirked.

    “Nice. I like the sound of that. I had a few bitches at school that I used to treat as slaves. Nobody fucked with me period and if they did I came down on them hard and nasty. Dumb ass bitches only ever opposed me once and after I dealt with them, it never happened a second time.”

    “Wow,” Laura said. “But I figured you were quite well to do money wise, and excuse the label, but quite posh.”

    Constance laughed. “Yeah, I suppose I am, but money and highfalutin social circles doesn’t get me off like power and fucking with people does. Even my sister is afraid of me and she is quite a bit older, though she would never admit it. I was a champion kick boxer in my school you see, whilst she was more a prima donna. She used to know all the right people from school to get favours, but I had all the right people from my year doing whatever the fuck I told them.” She then laughed again.

    “Fucking hell, bitch. You sound pretty fucking dangerous.” Laura was clearly stroking Constance’s ego.

    “Well, as long as people do what they are told there is nothing to worry about. I don’t accept no or maybe. Well, not without bloodshed.” She laughed again.

    “Well we better put on a good show for this tough ass bitch then, Sophia,” Laura said, confidently.

    Just listening to the conversation from below was filling me with dread. Constance just seemed to be another psycho bitch in a long line of crazy demented women queuing up to torture me, or get off on my suffering. I made a promise to myself not to end up alone with her today under any circumstances. Dealing with Tuesday night would just have to be something I would come to terms with as and when it arrived.

    “Ok slaves, take our boots off.” Laura lowered hers over my face and Sophia extended hers towards Julia.

    I managed to extract Laura’s boots relatively quickly even though there was a strong vacuum inside that was resisting as I pulled. Julia, however, was really struggling with Sophia’s boots and she was getting really fucked off about it.

    As I lay there, Laura slowly descended her grey argyle socks down onto my face. They were wet through with sweat from her boots and she clearly hadn’t washed her feet since Friday, as the stench was unbelievably bad. The light grey colour of the socks was darkened around the toes and along the soles where you could see the moisture in them.

    “Fucking hell, slave, that is some pool of sweat my feet are swimming in and we are barely half way through the day. Unluckily for you I haven’t washed my feet in a couple of days, as I have been too busy doing gym work and getting shit done. All that sweat has washed through my toe cracks and enlivened the filth and evil shit between them. The smell is so fucking nasty I can smell it all the way up here. Mmmm, lucky you!”

    “Fucking hell,” Constance said, “I can smell them all the way over here! What is it with stinky feet and slaves anyway?”

    “Well, as you can see for yourself, it’s just plain nasty. For him, though, it has some sick perverted double effect of not just being really bad but also being really good.”

    “You are not trying to tell me he likes that smell now, Laura?”

    “Oh, he more than likes it, Constance. He is fucking in love with it.”

    “Take a nice deep sniff for me, sweat drinker.” Laura snarled down at me.

    “Come on for fuck’s sake, Julia, get my boots off!” Sophia was losing her patience with Julia. “Put your back into it! I am missing out on the fun. If you don’t hurry up, I will trample you in them right here in front of everyone!”

    With the nasty grey argyle socks firmly cupped around my nose and Laura pressing down firmly on my face I took my first tentative sniff. The effect was like a rocket to my brain and my crotch went into spasm as my cock immediately went into an erection almost like it was told to do so by Laura and was obeying her. I knew that would only make matters worse for me and tried to hide the fact. However, Laura’s volley of abuse following up her foot assault shattered my defences still further.

    “At last I have you underfoot again, you worthless, weak, sock-sniffing loser. You are now all mine to control and play with as I see fit. What limited power you had has now washed from your body and you are immediately subordinated to my foot odour. Can you just feel the helplessness of your predicament? All these lovely women looking at you debase and degrade yourself by sniffing horrendous vile putrid feet and there is nothing you can do about it. You think only with your cock and I own that so therefore I own you.”

    Laura then picked one foot up and slammed it down hard on my cock as if to ram the point home. I immediately screamed out and my body half arose before her foot re-joined its partner on my face and slammed me back down.

    “Oh, I don’t think you will be going anywhere, toe-jam eater. Not while you are under my control. That hard throbbing cock of yours says all I need to know about how desperate and pathetic you are to stay under there probably forever. Come on give us another nice deep sniff to continue your journey into my web of endless subservience.”

    “Fucking hell,” Constance said, “this is a show. If only my sister wasn’t watching I would be in there with you Laura. Only thing is my feet were clean this morning so I am not sure I can compete with you on that front.”

    Sophia snarled at Julia. “At last, now the other one. Quick! Here, you can smell this sweaty foot while you extract the other boot, bitch. I am not wasting my hard-earned stink just because you are weak and pathetic.” She pushed her red and white striped socks into Julia’s face.

    As I listened to the chaos of trash talking all around me, I took another deep sniff of Laura’s feet - now becoming transfixed by the smell and her verbal humiliation. My cock started throbbing as I submitted further. Laura giggled and clapped almost like a little girl, she was so excited to have me completely under control.

    “Here watch this, Constance.” Laura lifted her feet away from my reddened heavily aroused face. I followed her foot, as she took it further away then she planted one foot on my chest to prevent any progress towards the foot and left the other hovering 5 inches or so above my nose.

    “Oh, it’s so close yet so far, foot whore. I can almost feel your agony knowing how excited you are, yet not being able to nuzzle into that sweaty, wet, stinky sock fabric that holds everything you desire within it. Why don’t you beg me to place it back on that worthless undeserving nose of yours?” Laura sneered contemptuously, and then smiled and winked at Constance.

    “Fucking hell, Laura, I have never seen a slave so completely under someone’s control as you have him right now. I have had loads of slaves, as I said, but they only ever did what I told them because they were frightened of me. Ultimately, they didn’t really want to do it but knew they had to. This is a whole other world. This guy actually wants to do shit for you, and in fact he knows he has to. I love it. Keep going please.”

    My crotch was aching badly as my arousal transitioned into frustration. I looked into Laura’s face and she smiled back at me with all the control and poise of a true goddess. For someone so young she was frighteningly assertive and powerful.

    “Please goddess,” I said, trying to appease my desperation.

    “Oh, come on, you fucktard. You don’t get any of my sweet tasty toes with such pathetic begging. I want to hear you completely debase yourself to a level even Julia would be embarrassed to witness. Give me what I want or you will be left denied. You have one more chance.”

    Sophia was looking really fucked off now as Laura had me over a barrel and she had pretty much missed out on the whole thing. She also knew she couldn’t pick up from Laura if she left me in denial, as it would be breaking with their dominant protocol.

    It was probably the fact that I had felt so alone seeing Nicola kiss Beth and had Aurelia abuse me like I meant nothing that made me so weak and pathetic at that point, even by my own low standards, but I so needed this release.

    “Goddess Laura, please consider my worthless plea. You are so divine and resplendent in your beauty but more than that awesome in your power. You are absolutely right that I am completely at your will at this point, which would be futile to deny. It would be such an honour for me to worship your perfect feet and show you my complete devotion to you.” I was literally begging more than I had ever done in my life.

    “Mmm...I will have a think about it, slave.” Laura pushed me down to the floor with her left foot on my chest, then crossed over the right foot and dangled it over my face - bouncing it to and fro tantalisingly close to my face but not near enough to continue my journey to fulfilment.

    Constance was in awe of Laura’s power over me. Her mouth was almost wide open, with her head filled with possibilities of wreaking havoc on the poor souls in this world at her mercy. She was already a spiteful, venomous bitch with money and family power. With this knowledge and education, she would be a tour-de-force for anyone.

    “What are you going to do with him Laura?” Constance asked, with baited breath.

    Laura must have sensed the opportunity of having Constance as an ally, as she ignored the question. “Why don’t you team up with me and Sophia? We can teach you what we know and give you access to our slaves. You can help us take over the world.” Laura then laughed.

    “What are you expecting from me then?” Constance had a look on her face that would intimidate anyone.

    “Oh, I am sure you will think of something you can contribute, Constance.” Laura seemed totally at ease with Constance’s indomitable presence.

    Constance was impressed with Laura’s assertiveness and so eased back a little. “Well I have money, shit loads of it in fact, and a whole bunch of connections through my family we can use. Also, I have a bunch of slaves I can bring along to share with you guys.”

    “Well there we go then. Sophia, do you concur?”

    Sophia was finally having her second boot removed. “Yeah. She seems just vicious and nasty enough to fit into our little clique nicely. So, what are you going to do with him now?”

    Constance smiled with her tribute and acceptance.

    “Well,” Laura said, “I will leave that to our new queen bitch. Constance, what grace shall we afford this pathetic, worthless piece of shit?” Laura extended her foot temporarily to glance my nose, emitting her nasty perfume to ensure my continued arousal.

    “Absolutely and positively none. His arousal will starve and remain on the cusp of fulfilment for the rest of the day. The slave will hope and pray for release but not know whether it will be granted or not. At the end of the day we will commune and vote. If he has earned and achieves unanimous support from us he can feed his perversion on all of our sweaty feet. Otherwise, he will remain a desperate worthless cunt defined by his denial.” Constance smirked, then got up and brought her heel crashing down on my cock after she had checked her sister’s back was turned. “You can have that little dissuader free on me, lowlife.”

    I crumpled into a ball with the combined pain of denial and the crotch kicking, as Laura started to put her boots back on.

    “You really are a nasty bitch, aren’t you Constance?” Laura asked

    “I haven’t even started yet, bitch. I am going to surpass even your wildest expectations.”

    “Looks like it’s your lucky day then, slut,” Sophia said to Julia.

    “I didn’t wait half the day for you to take my boots off just for you to put them back on again. So you can lay under me and play with yourself while you sniff them up. Foot whore here can then listen to your arousal and enjoyment, as a constant reminder of how simply magnificent an honour it is to be able to worship our divine feet and what he is now missing. I expect complete servitude and submission to my toes. You are to sniff them so hard it makes your head cloudy and scream with pleasure with no thought of who will hear or what they will think. I am your only concern and what I command is law.”

    Sophia then lowered her feet onto Julia’s face who was wet just from the introduction alone and then only continued to engorge and satiate her innermost desires for Sophia’s smelly socked feet. Laura had replaced her boot and turned my head with her foot so I was forced to watch Julia’s pleasuring, as she pressed her boot toe down hard into my face and Constance placed her boots on my chest, ensuring to intermittently dig her heel in to perpetuate my pain and discomfort throughout.

    I was falling deeper and deeper into despair as I watched Julia. I had hoped it would be over quickly but Sophia kept pulling her feet away from Julia to extend the whole exhibition and prolong her arousal. In the end this just succeeded in making Julia even hornier and sexually excited, the denial was driving her crazy. When Julia was literally screaming with the advent of her orgasm, I was almost in tears.

    At the point the full impact of her volcanic like eruption assaulted her body, Julia’s climactic scream was so loud it actually scared the horses, which were across the field with Aurelia and Grace on them. As her body then slumped down satisfied, mine slumped with the misery I was wallowing in.

    “Fucking sucks to be you, eh feet craver?” Laura smirked.
    Feet dreams are made of stink

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