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Thread: MenHaters (F/m with F/f later in the story)

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    I for one never believed Nicola had nothing to do with them in the first place!

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    Aaaaaw, goooood, smart boooooy *stroking strays head* XD
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    I don't know, it's all kind of fishy. I also don't understand why Chris didn't mention the videos to Nicola...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsuko View Post
    My favorite chapter so far I read it this morning in my hotel room while having my coffee and i really loved it. Why? Nikola playing her role as being one of those sadistic bitches was so hot... also the thought of her hiding something..... Is she a part of beths evil plan to test his loyalty? Chris is psychologically fucked up because of the fear of her.... Being a part of the evil horde hahaha. I think nikola is my favorite character at this moment *gg* i have great expectations
    Thank you Natsuko
    I will try and upload a couple more chapters a little quicker to keep you amused while you are away on work!

    Your analysis here is also really great and exactly what you need for this kind of story - Nicola is indeed hiding something but what? At this point it is logical to see the link with Beth especially given she was selected to be in her team at Beth's request but the last chapter shows that if this is the case she does not want Chris to know that. Alternatively she is not working for Beth and genuinely wants to help Chris - then how does she know so much about domination in her treatment of him?

    Chris is indeed psychologically fucked up. He spent all weak having his self-confidence and worth ripped to shreds and was hoping to find sanctuary with Nicola but actually now finds a woman a lot more powerful and mysterious than he expected. This raises many questions - one of which you are right to ask is that she is is part of the evil horde.

    Loved you comments! Thank you again

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayPhilosopher View Post
    I don't know, it's all kind of fishy. I also don't understand why Chris didn't mention the videos to Nicola...
    In reply to your two comments Stray - it is maybe a little premature to conclude that Nicola is not in league with any of the MenHaters just yet though her tenderness with Chris does seem to suggest she should be given a chance.

    Chris didn't want to mention the videos as he was ashamed of them even with Nicola and felt if she see them that she would lose all respect and affection for him. Remember they showed him begging for the abuse so he would need to also explain why he was asking for all that if he really didn't like it.

    You could argue that he should just come clean with everything but then this is only there second date and he desperately needs an ally in the office if he is to cope with Beth and her horde of evil doers!

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    Chapter 23 – First day in the new office

    I had agreed to meet up with Nicola for a coffee before we started work just far enough from the office in Southborough Lane not to be seen by the rest of the team. It was also still only 7am so I had a full hour before I would need to report for my first 8am ‘goddess time’ slot with Beth.

    It was a little under five minutes later that Nicola joined me in a small family run coffee bar. I had got us a table at the back so we were far enough away from the window not to be seen by any passers-by just in case. On our table were my double espresso and a double shot latte for Nicola, which she had requested by text before she arrived.

    On seeing her I offered one of my best good morning smiles and she returned the compliment. She was looking very professional in her navy blue business suit. Her jacket was buttoned at the waist and accompanied by a knee length skirt with a slit running up the side displaying enough leg to be sexy but not course. She had light brown nylons on and plain black business shoes with a comfortable two-inch heel. Her short blonde hair was tied back giving her a serious no-bullshit air of confidence. She strode across the coffee bar like she owned the place.

    “So how do I look Chris?” Nicola asked

    “Wow Nicola, you look very confident and professional. I wouldn’t mess with you!” I responded.

    “You better not Chris or I may be forced to discipline you!” Nicola said with her cheeky smile.

    I was a little excited by this but ran with it as the joke it was intended to be, “You’re starting early Nicola.” I teased.

    “Just getting some last minute practice before our big day, Chris. I so hope it will be ok for you.” Nicola said in a caring tone.

    “Me too Nicola but I am not too hopeful. I will just try and keep my head down and stay out of trouble as long as I can.” I said with an air of gloom

    “Well on a brighter note I think I had found you another job Chris.” Nicola beamed.

    “Really?” I said.

    “Yes Leading Edge Associates are hiring consultants as part of their UK expansion. They have a number of roles from junior all the way up to director. I am sure you will walk a senior consultant role and maybe could even try for team leader?”

    “Wow that sounds great Nicola thanks. Do you have the details?” I asked

    “Yes I got them on my personal laptop. I didn’t think it was smart to print them and bring them along just in case but I can pop around to yours later and we can go through them together?” Nicola suggested.

    “That sounds great Nicola. Thanks for doing that. I just need to ensure I keep discrete about this until I can get an offer. Well I will look forward to running through it later with you then.” I said with some renewed optimism.

    I knew of course I would need to ensure none of the pictures or videos would be leaked to a prospective employer and also try to work around the references but I figured either David Parkinson or Michael Hepstein could help me there.

    Nicola and me exchanged some further small talk then we reached across the table and exchanged a kiss before splitting up to head to the office. I went first as I needed to be on time for my first meeting with Beth. I knew I couldn’t be late.

    I got to the office around ten minutes to eight and quickly headed into our offices on the ground floor. I passed the basement staircase to the gym and had a quick peak at the facilities down there. They were very impressive with treadmills, cycle machines, weight machines and a range of mats and weights.

    Heading into the office I could see they had indeed been fully renovated. There were a number of small meeting rooms and two larger vacant offices at the entrance front, which then led into the main open office space. I could see a number of partitioned cubicles with the team’s names on them and then a small open area leading up to Beth’s office at the back. I was surprised to see there was no desk outside for me, as usually a PA would position themselves just outside their manager’s office.

    Beth’s office was closed fronted so it was difficult to tell if she was in there or not. It was also fully soundproofed for sensitive discussions so I decided to knock on the door. After a few seconds I heard, “Who is it?”

    “It’s me goddess.” I replied. Then all fell silent for around five minutes. I figured Beth was making me wait for something so just stood by until called. Eventually I heard Beth say, “Ok, in.”

    I turned the handle to the large wooden door and entered. I was immediately struck by how large the office was, in fact it was bigger than Stephanie’s but then the other office was more cramped. Beth had a small round table at the front with four chairs for meetings, some bookshelves with files and documents and a very large solid wooden desk with a black office chair behind it. Strangely there was what looked like a child’s desk and chair on the floor beside it.

    Beth was sat in the executive style black chair with her shoes up on the desk. She was wearing a pair of the red shoes I had bought her on the weekend and a bright red business style dress ending at the knees together with a black waist length jacket. Her legs were shimmering and on closer inspection I could see she had luxury silk white stockings on to compliment the red. As I entered she watched me as I walked across the room and stood before her. “Do you want to try that again slave” She said with her eyebrows raised.

    Beth had a habit of asking questions that needed working out or guessing. The trouble was she only gave you seconds to figure it out before she started shouting. I failed once again in this case as she was soon screaming, “On your fucking knees idiot!”

    I dropped my head and walked back to the door and dropped to my knees. I then proceeded to crawl across the floor back to her desk my face was now red with embarrassment. You would think I could get used to these humiliations but in the office it felt so much worse. Beth smirked as I settle by her desk. She pointed in front of her shoes and clicked her fingers. I then shuffled round so they were directly in front of my face.

    “Clean them slave.” Beth ordered.

    I began licking her shoes and removing the little dirt that had accumulated on the new soles during Beth’s journey into the office which didn’t take long. When I had finished Beth lifted her shoe up to my face and using her heel turned my head to look at the small table just down and to the side.

    “Do you like your new desk slave?” Beth giggled.

    I looked at the table and chair in disbelief. It was barely big enough for my laptop and the chair was so low that I would need to crane my neck to see above Beth’s desk. I looked down at the floor disappointed.

    “Aww. Look at that little face. So disappointed. You are not going to start crying this early on in the week, are you slave?” Beth said belittling me.

    “No goddess.” I responded with the subtlest hint of defiance.

    “Glad to hear it slave. I don’t have time for your pathetic trivialities when I have important work to do. Now take a seat at your new desk.”

    “Yes goddess.” I replied and sat on the small chair. I then removed my laptop from my bag and placed it on the desk. As I looked around for a power supply in the room I couldn’t find one close enough. Beth was watching me and drumming her fingers. I needed to get a pace on.

    On looking under Beth’s desk I could see a four-way plug socket with two spare. I started to crawl under to plug my laptop in, when I felt a hard kick on my back force me to the floor. I was winded as I lay there. Beth started digging her heel into my back then brought her other shoe down onto my face and started trampling it into the carpet. I groaned in pain as she kept pushing down hard.

    “I appreciate you offering yourself as my footstool slave and understand exactly why you prostrate yourself at my feet given your desperate needs but those privileges need to be earned. Now get a fucking move on with that plug and sit down! I don’t have all day!” Beth said starting calm and ending in rage.

    I reached out and managed to get the plug into the socket after a few attempts despite her shoes continuing to crush me. I then started to slowly back out. As Beth felt this she jabbed her heel in my cheek hard one last time then removed her shoes. I quickly sped up and was sat back down in seconds.

    “You really are a fucking simpleton slave. You have wasted ten minutes of my time now just getting your laptop powered up. It’s not good enough. For the rest of the week you will arrive at 7am and be set up and ready on my arrival. You will buy me coffee and pastries at that expensive French place around the corner and have them on my desk each morning.”

    Beth then started scribbling something on a post-it. She then turned to me and said, ”What are you slave?”

    “A simpleton.” I responded feeling despondent.

    “That’s right simpleton. At least you got that right.” Now you can wear this for the rest of the day. Beth then leaned over and stuck the post-it (with Simpleton written on it) on my forehead. Beth then shouted, “Now get my crop.”

    I looked around the office and saw in the corner behind the desk a crop leaning up against the wall. Reluctantly I crawled over to retrieve it. On picking it up I was surprised by the weight. It was much heavier than Aurelia’s and appeared to have a gold handle. I returned with the crop and offered it to Beth.

    “Hands!” was all she said.

    I offered out my hands palm up and she started to beat them alternately. Fortunately Beth was only glancing my skin and not putting her full effort into each so they just really stung rather that broke the skin. I counted five on each hand. By the end my face was still red with the pain and my hands badly scolded.

    “That’s one for each minute you wasted slave. Each additional minute you waste of mine this week will be a much harder crop on your arse. Understood?”

    “Yes goddess. Thank you.” I said.

    “Right let’s get back to work then slave. What’s on my agenda for today?”

    Beth then leaned back into her comfortable chair with her hands held behind her head then propped her shoes up onto my shoulder so her soles were pressed against my cheek. “I decided you can be my footstool after all slave as it means I will be comfortable.” She cackled.

    I then started going through Beth’s diary for the day with her shoes in my face. In the morning we had a team meeting followed by a call with Stephanie then in the afternoon Beth needed to be out on customer calls returning around 6pm for goddess time. With her busy diary I knew I just needed to get through the morning then Beth would leave me alone at least until she came back at 6.

    Beth then said, “I want you to have a diary of your own slave. Of course it will be solely dedicated to my needs as you are my property but the team may want to book you out from time to time. I will control your diary so my authorisation will be required before you will allowed to do anything for yourself or for the team. If there is no response you will assume permission is not granted. Any questions?”

    “None my goddess.” I replied.

    I guessed from the ring and some of Beth’s recent outbursts that something like this would happen. I was now sat directly beneath her on my child’s table under her watchful eye and the team needed her permission before they could get access to me. I sensed that could be a cause for conflict and shuddered at the thought.


    It was 10am when we were all assembled in the meeting room for our team briefing. Everyone was there for this one so space was a little tight. I was made to sit on the floor under Beth with the stupid post-it stuck to my face. No-one wasted the opportunity to poke fun at me as they entered either saying ‘Morning Simpleton” or just laughing in my face. Even Nicola joined in to avoid standing out from the group.

    “Right slave, take notes and actions I am about to start.” Beth instructed as she dug her heel into my back before standing up.

    Beth then welcomed everyone and started to discuss some new client opportunities she wanted the team to focus on. The revenue numbers were very ambitious but the team seemed energised rather than sceptical. Beth then welcomed Nicola formally given she had missed the offsite and Nicola said a few words about herself to the team. She didn’t look at me once, which is exactly as I had taught her.

    “Thank you Nicola. There are some additional points we need to cover from the off-site but we can do that over lunch. Slave take an action and be sure to include Lucy on the invite.”

    Nicola was as cool as a cucumber and just assented and smiled. She was doing great!

    Beth then went on to explain that each new big client win would earn a team reward. Whoever converted the sale could pick but it would need to benefit everyone to keep team morale high. Beth then gave examples including a beauty-pampering day, horse riding team event, a night at the opera or a team meal. She then added that she was open to other ideas as long as they fitted within the budget.

    The team were really excited by this news and there was a lot of discussion about how the rewards would work. There were also a number of near-term opportunities, which the team wanted to clarify whether they would qualify including the Strathbourne account decision due on Wednesday. The Strathbourne account was sizeable and would contribute more that 20% of the annual target alone. Beth confirmed the deal would indeed qualify which led to more excitement and discussion.

    Following that there was a question and answer session on the new facilities including wi-fi access, conferencing services, meeting room booking and access to the gym. By the sounds of things everything was very well organised and set up. The gym would be open from 6am to 10pm to cover both ends of the working day and the team could use it also over lunch as long as it didn’t impinge on work performance. Beth also said that she would approve funding for classes in the evening if the team all contributed a minimum financial input.

    The final item on the agenda was my diary.

    “The last thing we need to discuss is access to my slave.” Beth’s use of the word ‘my’ sent a number of looks around the room but no one spoke.

    “I have told my slave that he will keep a weekly diary and all appointments by default are mine as he is my PA. Of course you may book out time with my slave but it will need my prior approval. Any questions?” Beth said with a superior air of authority.

    Aurelia was the first to speak after she had exchanged a confirmatory look with Grace, “What can we do with him? I mean does it have to be work related?”

    Aurelia’s confidence was growing daily. To ask such questions of Beth in front of the whole team took a lot of courage.

    Beth took a little time to answer. She was considering the implications of further restrictions. I looked up at her imploringly but Beth only shot me the briefest of glances, which didn’t relay her feelings. Reluctantly she relented. “As long as it stays within the rules we agreed you may do with him anything you want.”

    Aurelia’s eyes narrowed and her face blushed slightly as she sensed a level of empowerment and opportunity. She then said, “Anything?”

    I felt sick, as I knew Aurelia was planning something really bad with Grace. As I looked up I caught Nicola staring at me with something between a smirk and pity etched on her face. This concerned me somewhat but I decided to avoid any further eye contact as it could catch someone else’s attention.

    “Yes anything.” Beth responded with a slight note of caution. “Well that’s the end of the meeting guys. Let’s go win some deals!”

    The team then went back to work and I returned to my desk in Beth’s office. When Beth walked in she said, “That went well didn’t it slave?” She looked at me to gauge my reaction. She could see I was upset, I felt she had thrown me to the wolves. It was now just a matter of time before they all started queuing up to abuse me.

    Despite my feelings I said, “You were great goddess.”

    Beth sensed the disingenuous nature of my reply and then said in an effort at appeasement, “Well I am in a good mood now so I will allow you to rub my feet while I take my call with Stephanie.”

    I remained quiet with my head hung down. Beth then nudged me with her shoe, “Well?”

    I looked up and said, “Yes goddess. Thank you goddess.”

    “Ok set the call up then slave and get under my desk. You can be my footrest while you rub then.” Beth ordered.

    I then dialled the number and waited for Stephanie’s PA to answer. When I got through I connected to Stephanie and handed the phone to Beth. Beth snatched the phone without a thank you and pointed to ground under her desk as she started her call.

    I crawled under the desk and lay on my back whilst Beth propped her shoes on my chest. Delicately I removed the shoes and placed them at the side of Beth’s chair and then started to gently rub her white stockinged feet. Her feet had quite a potent smell considering she had new shoes on and it was still early in the morning but for me that just made my job a little easier to work through. As I rubbed one foot on my chest looking up at her beautiful sole through the white nylon Beth brought the other up and placed the heel of her foot on my face just to accentuate my place on the floor beneath her.

    I couldn’t really hear the conversation above me very well but as the call meandered through it’s natural ups and downs Beth would grind her heel into my face as some kind of stress reliever. Occasionally she would change over feet or pinch my nose with her toes and all the while I just kept massaging them softly. Eventually the noise of the call stopped which I assumed meant it had finished so I started trying to shuffle free of the desk.

    Beth initially lifted her feet, which I took to mean I could exit but then she threw both feet down hard on my face slamming me back to the floor. I then heard a chuckle. I started massaging her feet again but Beth pulled them away and lifted them. As I started to try and exit once more she again slammed her feet onto my face and pushed me to the floor. I lay there with her feet on my face for around ten minutes before she lifted them again.

    Before trying to exit this time I asked, “Goddess can I please come out now?”

    It was at this point that I heard a knock on Beth’s door. Beth planted her feet back onto my face and answered, “Come.”

    Beth then followed up with, “Oh Nicola, yes lunch. I had almost forgot.”

    Beth then called out, “Slave did you organise our lunch and invite Lucy as I ordered?”

    Of course I had not as I had been stuck under Beth’s feet since the team meeting finished and even if I were to speak now you wouldn’t hear it as I was still under them. I muffled an apology.

    “You know my slave really is pathetic Nicola. I ask him to do one simple thing and he fails.”

    Nicola then asked, “Where is your slave?”

    “Oh he is under the desk. I have granted him the honour of sniffing and massaging my feet while I work. He is my personal footstool.” Beth said nonchalantly.

    “That sounds nice.” Nicola replied.

    “Yes it is quite relaxing. You should book a slot and have him do it for you Nicola.”

    “I sure will but my feet get pretty sweaty at work especially in nylons.” Nicola said.

    “Oh I wouldn’t worry about that. The worse they smell the better really. It is about your pleasure not his suffering that you need to be concerned.” Beth said assuring Nicola.

    “Well in that case I would love to. Is he available this afternoon?” Nicola asked.

    “In fact he is. I am out on customer appointments until 6. Why don’t you book it now while I am here and then we can go grab lunch? I will call Lucy on the way.”

    Beth then kicked me again and motioned for me to come out. I arose slowly from the cramped space and was red with the embarrassment of Nicola standing over the desk watching me. As I emerged I got a hard smack on the face, which dropped me back on my arse temporarily.

    I started rubbing my face trying to dull the pain. “That’s for fucking up lunch idiot!” Beth screamed and Nicola giggled. She needed to show she was enjoying my humiliation.

    “Now open your diary and book a nice two hour slot with Nicola so you can serve her feet this afternoon. If I hear you haven’t done a good job when I am back later you will answer to my crop. Got it?” Beth seethed.

    “Yes goddess of course. I am so sorry about the lunch appointment.” I said.

    I then organised a 4pm appointment with Nicola and they both left for lunch. Beth called out as she exited, “I sent you an email of duties for the afternoon. Make sure they are all done. Or else!”


    Once they had gone I managed to sneak out of the office for lunch before one of the other women got to me. It was so nice just to get time to myself but I was worried about Nicola. Lucy and Beth were so good at brainwashing and sussing people out I wondered how she would be coping with both sisters together. I just hoped all my coaching and help on Sunday was giving her the edge she needed.

    I got back to the office around 45 minutes later and made my way back to Beth’s office. I picked up the email Beth had sent and found two presentations that she wanting editing and updating before the end of the day. In addition she wanted a bunch of research done on five potential clients to give the team an edge in deal negotiations. All this work on top of two hours with Nicola was going to be really tight so I set about work immediately.

    After about thirty minutes I started to feel quite cramped sat at the small desk so decided to relocate to Beth’s desk figuring she wouldn’t be back until 6 so wouldn’t find out. This made me feel a lot more comfortable and I carried on working with renewed vigour. It was now approaching 3pm and I had been busy on Beth’s actions for just under two hours. One of the presentations was done and I had starting wading through the research, which was taking a lot longer than I hoped.

    Suddenly the door opened after which Aurelia and Grace walked in. I gulped as I looked up. I put on a fake smile in an attempt to look relaxed.

    “Hello goddesses. I hope your day is going well.” I said.

    “Close the door please, my love.” Aurelia said to Grace and then turning her attentions to me added, “Shut the fuck up you miserable wanker.”

    The transformation in her face between the first and second sentence were frightening and I wanted to literally hide under the desk. Instead I retained my fake smile as the blood drained from my face.

    Aurelia then climbed up on the desk and crawled across it until her face was only a few inches from mine. Grace had repositioned herself so she could see the whole episode about to unfold.

    “Are you scared of me wimp?” Aurelia snarled.

    “Erm. Well a little, Goddess. It’s just that…” I was then interrupted.

    “Your pissing your pants bitch. It’s written all over your face. Well you should be fucking scared of me. I am going to be your worst fucking nightmare. You are anathema to me. You got that!” Aurelia was red with rage and screaming into my face.

    I was really quite scared at this point. Having been brutally beaten by these two crazy bitches just days before I was still in a mix of shock and trepidation.

    “Please Aurelia. Don’t hurt me again.” I pleaded.

    “I will do what the fuck I want slave including beating your arse again. I have missed watching you suffer. I have been thinking about it all weekend and when I do it makes me wet.”

    Grace then approached and lent over me as well. She grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. “Only your suffering will do slave. I need to make you shed tears and see the fear in your eyes as I punish you.” Grace then licked the full side of my face whilst pulling my hair hard.

    “Oww, please you are hurting me Grace.” I whimpered.

    “Good.” She cooed then let go of my hair and disappeared behind me.

    “So you think you are safe now slave? In your office with Beth to watch over you and to protect you. I tried to book a slot with you this week and Beth flat out refused me. What the fuck is that about?” Aurelia said through gritted teeth.

    “I really don’t know goddess. I am sorry.” I begged.

    “Oh you are going to be sorry alright. You are going to know a world of sorry beyond even your wildest imagination and I am getting wet just thinking about it. Your suffering will be fucking legendary. Right Grace?” Aurelia was now looking over my shoulder at Grace who had returned.

    Beth’s crop then appeared on my shoulder as Grace placed it down. “Thank you my love.” Aurelia whispered as she took it in hand.

    Aurelia then dropped off the end of the desk and span Beth’s chair around to face her. She then said, “Trousers down now!”

    “Please Aurelia, I will do anything you ask just don’t hurt me like before.” I pleaded.

    “Yes you fucking will slave. You are our property and ours alone despite whatever that fucking ring says. Now pull those trousers down immediately or we will kick your head in right here and now.” Aurelia demanded.

    I shuffled forward on the chair and pulled my trousers down so they were round my ankles. My thigh was now exposed and Aurelia stroked it gently licking her lips before looking back at me. She then arched her back and threw all her might into a single crop lashing on my left thigh. I screamed in pain and held my head in some vain attempt at self-comfort.

    “That one is for our humiliation at having to nurse your pathetic body. Thank me.” Grace whispered in my ear.

    “Thank you goddess.” I barely managed to say with the pain I was in.

    Aurelia then arched her back once more and brought another lash down onto the same thigh with all her might. I collapsed in the chair in pain and started crying like a child. I feared for my life.

    “That one is to remind you that you will do whatever it takes to get Beth to agree that you will spend Friday afternoon with us this week. Thank me and tell me you understand slave.” Grace continued

    “I understand goddess, thank you.” I said between tears

    Aurelia then arched her back one last time. She leapt off her feet into the air and brought the crop down again in the same place with all her body weight behind it. I fell off the chair and onto the floor as I shrieked with the pain.

    “That one is to brand you and hence remind you that WE own you and it is us you submit to above all others. Do you fucking understand slave?” Aurelia said

    “I do goddess. It is you who owns me and nobody else. Thank you.” I whimpered.

    “Grace would you please get us some tea? I think we are all thirsty after that.” Aurelia smiled.

    “Of course my love. Give me 10 minutes.” Grace then disappeared.

    Aurelia then pulled her lacy white panties, tan pantyhose and navy blue skirt down around her ankles. She then reached down and grabbed my hair then dragged me to my knees so my face was in front of her perfect shaven pussy.

    “I am now sopping wet slave and it’s your fault. Your suffering just sends me into raptures. Now clean me up bitch!”

    She then dragged my face into her pussy and started grinding it across my mouth. Still racked in pain I offered my tongue and started to lick Aurelia as best I could, tears still running down my face.

    “Keep crying bitch. It makes it all the sweeter. But those tears won’t save you. Now get your tongue deep in there and lick me as hard and fast as your sorry arse is capable of or it’s the crop again.” Aurelia snapped.

    I immediately jumped into action with all my effort in order to bring an end to this torture. As I did Aurelia’s body squirmed and writhed with pleasure. She was already very wet and excited so it was only a matter of minutes before she was screaming in fulfilment. As she climaxed she pulled my face deep into her so I could not breath and held me there for over two minutes. She then released me and threw me to the floor.

    Aurelia then pulled her knickers, nylons and skirt back up and went and sat on Beth’s chair.

    “You know I think Beth would like to know you sit at her desk when she is out. What do you think slave?” Aurelia smirked.

    “Please Aurelia, don’t do that. I have already suffered enough today.”

    “We’ll see.” Aurelia said putting her feet up on the desk.

    At this point Grace returned with three cups and set them down on the desk. The women then took their tea and started sipping. Grace then said, “You are not going to be ungrateful and not drink your tea are you slave? That would make me upset and I know you don’t want that to happen.”

    I quickly took the cup and had a sip before realising it was only hot water. I looked up at Grace just as she started laughing at me. “Did I forget the tea bag bitch?”

    “Erm, no it’s fine thank you Goddess.” I responded trying to calm the situation.

    “Well let me address that for you slave.” Grace replied with evil smirk on her face. She then reached down and brought a zip lock bag from behind her. “Remember these bitch?” she added.

    I looked at the bag and could see they were the same socks they had worn the previous week. Grace opened the bag and took out one of the socks and placed it in my cup.

    “We’ll just let that marinate in there for a little while ok bitch?” Grace said.

    I dropped my head at the thought of what was to come.

    After a couple of minutes Grace said, “Ok bitch drink up.” She then removed the sock and wrung it out in the cup then replaced it in the bag and sealed it.

    I looked down at the tea in utter disgust. It was black and smelt as foul as the socks. Both Aurelia and Grace started laughing at me.

    After 20 seconds or so Grace bent down and said, “If that tea isn’t in your stomach within a minute. I am going to crop your other leg just the same and I don’t have her technique to leave skin left on your pathetic bones.”

    I delicately pulled up my trousers and grabbed the cup. I then took a deep breath and started to glug the horrible sock juice down. My stomach immediately started to wretch and reject. I tried desperately to overcome the revulsion but I was losing as I continued taking gulps. Eventually I could take no more and dashed out of the room to the toilet to heave up the sock tea and my lunch from earlier.

    It was then I noticed there was no male toilet. In my haste to vomit I went in the ladies. Luckily I was not seen

    After ten minutes or so I slowly returned to the office. Grace and Aurelia were just leaving. “Don’t forget bitch. Friday afternoon or else and that ring better not be on your finger or I will snap it off. Oh and I sent Beth as text to say you were using her desk. Have fun with her later.”

    “Fucking bitch.” I said under my breath. Thank goodness they didn’t hear me.


    I had lost a good 45 minutes to an hour with Grace and Aurelia, which put me way behind with my work so I dashed back and started on the second presentation. It was now damage limitation, as I didn’t have enough time left to complete everything. Not long after there was a knock at the door.

    “Hello.” I called out. Nicola then walked in and closed the door behind her.

    “How’s it going Chris?” she said.

    “I have had better days Nicola.” I replied despondently.

    “What happened?”

    “Grace and Aurelia.” I replied and pulled my trousers down slight to show her.

    “Fucking hell Chris that looks really painful.” Said Nicola.

    “Yeah. It hurts like a bitch.” I said

    “Well at least you can have an easy two hours before you go home now. You have an appointment with me.” Nicola said trying to appease me.

    “Thank you Nicola.” I said.

    “Yes I will just settle for a nice massage and some foot smelling.” Nicola said.

    “Err, sorry Nicola. But I still have work left for Beth and no time left to do it.” I said.

    “Well you are going to have to multi-task then Chris because if she comes back early and catches us all friendly and shit, it’ll be both our arses right?” Nicola said.

    Of course she was totally right. Thank goodness one of us was able to think straight. I said, “You are totally right Nicola. Thank you.”

    “No need to thank me. I will be the one enjoying this. Now get under the desk so I can relax in the chair. You can take your laptop and work in between sniffs.” Nicola smirked.

    I got myself together and positioned myself under the desk with the laptop whilst Nicola sat in the chair. When I was ready she placed her shoes on my chest and said, “Better get those shoes off Chri…slave, I got a little treat for you inside.” Beth changed course mid sentence getting back into character.

    As I removed her shoes the intense stench hit me and I baulked. “Oops I forgot to wash them last night after all that squash. Poor you! Do you think you can handle it slave?”

    The smell was bringing back the same feelings of disgust I had before. I really thought Nicola was gorgeous but there was something distinctly wrong about submitting to her and sniffing her feet when they were in this state. I wriggled slightly to move my head away from her nylon feet, which were only inches from my face.

    “Oh no you don’t slave.” Said Nicola and she pulled her seat forward so her feet could be planted firmly on my face. She then started wiping them up and down the sides of my face and moaning with pleasure, “Oh that feels so good slave. I hope you are enjoying the stench as much as I am in enjoying your face.”

    I started trying to push her feet away mainly so I could breath but also as the smell was making me feel sick again. The sock tea was still living with me also.

    “What are you doing slave?” Nicola said as her face appeared below the desk.

    “Sorry Nicola, it’s just a little difficult to breath down here.” I said.

    “So you are fine to sniff and rub Beth’s feet but you won’t do mine. Is that it?” Nicola was showing a little anger at this point.

    “It’s not that Nicola.” I said trying to calm her.

    “Well what is it then? You do whatever she says whenever she says it. Also I ask for is a little massage and you start pushing my feet away. Perhaps you like her more than me?” Nicola challenged me.

    “But I really feel for you Nicola. Of course I don’t mind rubbing your feet.” I said trying to recover the situation.

    “Well then get back down there and start sniffing and rubbing and don’t let me hear any more bitching slave.” Nicola said firmly.

    Realising she had put me in a catch 22 and that I needed her on my side I decided to just do what she asked. She made me do the full two hours under the desk and I had smelled her feet so much the memory of the stink would stay with me for life. Amongst some of my best massaging I did manage some more work but not enough to finish the second presentation or the research.


    At around 1750 Beth walked into the room and seeing Nicola asked, “Is my bitch doing what he should be doing?”

    Nicola glanced under the desk at me then looked up at Beth and said, “Oh yes. I made sure of it.” She then smiled and Beth returned with one of her own.

    Nicola then took her feet off my face and put her shoes back on to my great relief. I slowly emerged from the desk with my laptop in hand.

    Beth then said, “So is my work done then slave?”

    I shrank down with guilt and very slightly shook my head. I knew there was no point in pleading, apologising or making excuses.

    “What! That’s the third fuck up in one day you pathetic little bitch. First there was the slow start to the day, then you missed organising our lunch and now you have sat on your idle arse all afternoon instead of doing the work I set you.” Beth was building up to one of her infamous rages.

    It took all my resolve not to mention Aurelia and Grace but I knew she would side with them and then there would be hell to pay when I met them.

    “Well you must be punished slave. Nicola what do you suggest we do with him?” Beth then looked at Nicola who had risen from the chair and was standing by the desk.
    Nicola looked at me and a wicked little smirked appeared on her face. “Well he has been sniffing feet for two hours now so we are going to have to better that. How about making him clean our arses with his tongue?”

    I was shocked that Nicola would suggest such a thing and flung her a look of anger. Nicola then kicked my chest forcing me to the floor and then stepped onto my face, “Don’t you fucking dare look at me like that slave! If I ever catch you doing that again I will kick you senseless. Understand?”

    Beth had a beaming smile watching this unfold. I responded, “I am sorry Goddess. Please accept my apology.”

    “Kiss my fucking arse slave!” Nicola snapped and both her and Beth started laughing.

    Within minutes I was on the floor with Nicola’s arse slowly lowering down onto my face. “Come on shit-licker. Get your tongue deep in there and clean me out. That will teach you not to lie, make promises you can’t keep or talk shit to your goddess.” Beth looked on full of pride for Nicola.

    Before I even had the chance to prepare Nicola was grind her arse all over my face. She was taking great care to really force my face deep within her crack and focus her anus around my nose before moving down to my mouth.

    “Get that fucking tongue out slave.” Nicola shouted then leant forward and punched me in the balls. I screamed into Nicolas arse and pushed my tongue out as far as I could.

    Nicola then push down hard on my tongue so it started entering her arsehole. “Get it in deeper slave. Move it from side to side I want my arsehole to shine. Choke on it bitch!”

    I was indeed choking. I was now cleaning the arsehole of the woman I was falling in love with. What the hell was she doing to me? More to the point why? My stomach was retching yet again and I was desperate for breath. My arms were flailing in my desperation.

    “You will breath when I say you can arse-boy!” Nicola shouted.

    Just as I was about to pass out Nicola lifted her backside and I took as much air as I could before she dropped back onto my face. “You owe me a wealth of tongue now bitch for allowing you that breath. Get to it or next time I won’t bother.”

    I drafted my tongue in and out of her arse shivering at the filth I was eating and the wretched stench all around me. This hell went on for twenty minutes. I started to weep as I was consumed with thoughts that Nicola had betrayed and abandoned me.

    Nicola then lifted off me and then looked into my face and said, “That’s it arse-wipe, cry for me. Those tears with soften up any remaining filth up there nicely for you to complete your job.” She then dropped back down on me and started laughing. She continued giggling for the remaining ten minutes I was under there.

    When she finally arose I was utterly exhausted and spent. Nicola looked down at me with a satisfied smile and Beth stepped over to inspect.

    “Go and clean yourself up you revolting specimen. I am not going to add to your punishment tonight as I will probably finish you off, but I will take my turn on you when the time suits me. You can take the work you still have to do home and return at 7am with it complete and with my breakfast bitch.” Beth snarled.

    I slowly arose and started making my way towards the door. Beth then crossed over to Nicola and gently kissed her on the cheek and stroked her face with the back of her hand. Nicola then turned and kissed Beth’s fingers.

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    The second date with Nicola showed that she seems to enjoy being dominant with Chris, as shown by how caught up in the moment she got. But then she also does seem to care for him, as she wants to help him get out of his work situation (er, slave situation I should say) and find him a new job. Plus she shows a lot more tenderness and compassion than any of the women at the office. Overall, I really enjoyed that chapter.

    Now back at the office, Beth of course continues to be a royal bitch toward Chris and has invited all of the other women to use and abuse him. Nicola did a great job with playing the dominant role at the office...maybe a little too well. That ending scene with Nicola making Chris tongue her ass in front of Beth appeared to show that Nicola isn't just pretending to enjoy dominating Chris...but that she actually loves doing it. And the bit of affection between Beth and Nicola certainly looks suspicious. I would be very concerned if I were Chris. This twist made for a nice cliffhanger as we await what happens next.

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    Yuuup, fishy fishy fishy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    The second date with Nicola showed that she seems to enjoy being dominant with Chris, as shown by how caught up in the moment she got. But then she also does seem to care for him, as she wants to help him get out of his work situation (er, slave situation I should say) and find him a new job. Plus she shows a lot more tenderness and compassion than any of the women at the office. Overall, I really enjoyed that chapter.

    Now back at the office, Beth of course continues to be a royal bitch toward Chris and has invited all of the other women to use and abuse him. Nicola did a great job with playing the dominant role at the office...maybe a little too well. That ending scene with Nicola making Chris tongue her ass in front of Beth appeared to show that Nicola isn't just pretending to enjoy dominating Chris...but that she actually loves doing it. And the bit of affection between Beth and Nicola certainly looks suspicious. I would be very concerned if I were Chris. This twist made for a nice cliffhanger as we await what happens next.
    Thanks for the great comments OneAuthor - with you, Stray and Natsuko all getting involved now we are getting some great dialogue going on the characters and where the story is heading.

    You are quite right there is a duality with Nicola - a naughty and nice side as it were though where these come from and which is really leading her agenda we will need to see in the future chapters

    The scene with Nicola and Chris in front of Beth does show a less predictable side to Nicola that caught Chris off guard leaving him with suspicions of his own, but equally impressed Beth. Beth appears to be attracted to dominance in her team. The affection between them would suggest a bond that Chris was not aware of. Now he has committed and confided in Nicola could this compromise him or was Nicola just doing a great job of pretending?

    As you say quite perfectly - the twist made for a nice cliffhanger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayPhilosopher View Post
    Yuuup, fishy fishy fishy!

    Indeed Stray - but where is your money going? Nicola the kind and loving or Nicola the naughty and nasty?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildyone View Post
    Indeed Stray - but where is your money going? Nicola the kind and loving or Nicola the naughty and nasty?
    As things currently stand, the latter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayPhilosopher View Post
    As things currently stand, the latter.
    ... You naughty boooooy *wiggles her nasty-smelling feet in front of strays face*

    That ass grinding was fucking hot. I thought about nicola being beths secret sister, what a diabolical plot that would be. Mmmmh..... Wanna grind my ass in someones face now *moans horny*
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsuko View Post
    ... You naughty boooooy *wiggles her nasty-smelling feet in front of strays face*

    That ass grinding was fucking hot. I thought about nicola being beths secret sister, what a diabolical plot that would be. Mmmmh..... Wanna grind my ass in someones face now *moans horny*
    I'm not being naughty, I'm being pessimistic. Which, when discussing the fate of the main character of a domination story, is usually the safest bet. XD

    I agree with the last part, they might be relatives, or at the very least old acquaintances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrayPhilosopher View Post
    As things currently stand, the latter.
    Hmm...I like your thinking Stray...well lets see just how things do develop...

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    Thank you Natsuko - I am a bit of a sucker for a bit of ass grinding. It does seem that Nicola and Beth are closer than Chris realises by then would they be so affectionate as sisters...perhaps they are secret lovers?

    So many twists and turns...I love your analysis and thinking by the way.

    Oh and if you need a volunteer on the ass grinding...

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    Chapter 24 – A Tricky Midweek to Navigate Pt 1

    It was eight thirty pm and I had just finished off my work for Beth and looked at the clock. Nicola had texted me and said she was coming straight from work to discuss the job opportunity we had discussed that morning. I decided to leave my concerns at that until I could see her face to face.

    Just a couple of minutes after she was due there was a knock at my door. I got up and went over and opened the door then turned away. Nicola walked in as I was taking my seat back on the sofa.

    “I know you must be really pissed with me right now Chris.” Nicola said.

    I knew this was going to be a really difficult conversation. I wanted Nicola to know that what she did today was way over the top and plain wrong even if Beth was there but I didn’t want to push it so far as to kill our relationship as I still cared for her and needed her help and trust.

    “You could say that Nicola. Why the fuck did you do that to me?” I said not looking her in the face.

    “I didn’t have any choice Chris. Beth was watching my every move. I had to do something that would impress her and hence trust me. It was a test. Can’t you see that?” Nicola said.

    She was too bloody smart for her own good. We weren’t more than one minute into the argument and I was already on the defensive even though I was forced to eat her arse for over half an hour.

    “I guess so Nicola. But that was so fucking cruel and revolting. What made you think to put me through that?” I asked

    “Beth put me on the spot. I didn’t really give it much thought. I just tried to imagine the worst thing I could think of and then said it. I am so sorry.” Nicola had regret in her eyes.

    “But it was so fucking nasty.” I said shaking my head.

    Nicola came towards me. “Can I come and sit next to you Chris?” she asked.

    “I guess.” I murmured.

    Nicola then came and sat next to me. Delicately she placed her hand on my thigh. “I was also angry with you Chris. You lied to me.”

    “Sorry?” I responded.

    “Beth told me what happened at the offsite. She shared with me that you had actually enjoyed some of the punishments more than you were letting on to me. But when I was doing those things you were pushing me away. Also she told me you went shopping together on the weekend and you bought her new shoes and coats when you said to me you had errands and put off our date.” Nicola said.

    I thought about denying it but couldn’t see a way out and knew it would only make things worse.

    “I am really sorry Nicola. I just didn’t want to drag you into all this. It was only when I saw you that I realised how much I needed you on my side and in my life. I now realise I screwed up. Can you forgive me?”

    I had now done a full 180-degree turnabout and was now seeking Nicola’s forgiveness. It was pretty lame to give up so readily but I really cared for her and didn’t want to lose what we had.

    “I need to know one thing Chris.” Nicola said.

    “What’s that Nicola?” I asked apprehensively as she sounded very serious.

    “If you can take pleasure by suffering for them. I need to know you are prepared to suffer for me.”

    The room went silent and you could hear a pin drop. Nicola was boring a hole in my head she was staring at me so intently. I didn’t know what to say.

    Eventually the silence was broken when I said, “Is that what you really want Nicola?”

    “I need to know you are mine Chris. I won’t have these bitches take you from me. You see I know deep down you are a submissive, they know it too and eventually you will lose yourself to them. Just look at the ring on your hand if you don’t believe what I am saying.”

    I looked at the ring that signalled I was Beth’s property on my finger. Hearing her words I started to shrink. Nicola was really smart and maybe she could see something in me I couldn’t see for myself. Did I secretly want to submit to these women? Was the reason for my perverted sexual urges actually an underlying desire to be dominated? I was so confused. It still felt awful being abused by these women and I still wanted to resist them however I could.

    “Perhaps Nicola but their abuse still feels so wrong. What I need to know is that what you really want? More importantly can you still love and respect me if I suffer for you?” I asked.

    “Most definitely yes Chris. More than I can explain to you right now.” Nicola said.

    I didn’t answer Nicola. Instead I got off the sofa and got on my knees and delicately kissed her shoes. I then looked up into your beautiful face. She was crying but at the same time overjoyed.

    “Take my hand.” Nicola said in an assertive tone.

    I took her hand and we went into the bedroom and fucked each other senseless for close to two hours. Nicola didn’t hurt me. She didn’t even verbally abuse me. She just made love to me. I wondered what I had just agreed to, looking into her eyes. I had got a glimmer of another Nicola yesterday and today one that I wasn’t sure I could control or maybe even handle. I had now agreed to submit to that Nicola and there would be no going back


    It was close to 2300 when we arose from the bedroom. I had brought her a coffee and we sat up in bed together going through the job opportunities at Leading Edge Associates. After around an hour we both agreed I should apply for two roles, the senior consultant and team leader positions. I put together a covering letter and sent my CV off by email to be considered.

    I then went to kiss Nicola on the lips but she turned away and pointed to her cheek. Instead I kissed her cheek and she smiled to herself.

    “Thank you for the help Nicola. I owe you one for this.” I said.

    “You can show me how grateful you are when we go shopping on Saturday Chris. I intend to spend more of your money than even Beth was capable of. Unless of course you want to tell me you think she is worth more than I?” Nicola had an evil smirk on her face.

    I gulped at the prospect but she had me over a barrel. How could I refuse? I needed to check my available credit, as I wasn’t sure I had the bank balance for another shopping trip like before.

    “You are worth much more to me than Beth” I said to Nicola

    “Excellent. Then I will look forward to you showing me Chris.” Nicola purred.

    She then ran her fingers through my hair and said, “Now why don’t you shuffle to the bottom of the bed so you can massage my stinky feet while I relax Chris. Remember this time I don’t want to see any reluctance. You have made a commitment to me that can’t be undone. If you do a good enough job I may even wash them tomorrow morning for you but I am not promising.”

    I put the best smile I could on and then started to shuffle down the bed. Nicola grabbed my chin with her hand and placed a passionate kiss on my lips, which lasted all of twenty seconds. I was lost in passion with her until she broke away from me.

    She then brought her foot up and placed it on my face before saying, “Now get to it slave, you have my orders.” And she started pushing me down the bed with her foot still in my face.


    Tuesday was one of those hot, humid and rainy days. It was tricky to decide whether to wear a rain mac and sweat it out or just take the rain and at least stay cooler. In the end I was lucky enough to find an old umbrella in my disorganised coat cupboard so took that instead.

    With the heat and rain few people were using the French patisserie so I grabbed Beth’s coffee and pastry in double quick time. On the way back I passed a street seller who was offering roses so decided to pick some up for her. I figured she might give me a break if I did something nice.

    It was almost dead on eight when Beth arrived, she had gone for the rubber rain boots and rubber mac option and despite all that she still looked soaked. The rubber boots looked to be a designer brand; they were bright pink with a lighter pink trim around the top and her rubber mac matched the colour exactly except it had little pink bows for buttons.

    As she entered I asked, “Is it still raining bad outside goddess?”

    Beth flashed me a furious look, “What the fuck do you think Einstein? I got caught in some kind of monsoon like downpour and absolutely soaked through about ten minutes from the office.”

    Her face then changed from one of anger to one of conniving deviousness, “But that’s why I have a slave isn’t it?”

    Trying to change the subject quickly I pointed to the coffee and pastry on the table and said, “I have your breakfast ready!” But Beth just glanced down and then ignored it.

    Still attempting to recover the situation I darted to the file cabinet behind us and retrieved the flowers. “I also got these for you goddess. White roses. I thought they might brighten your day.”

    For a second I could have sworn Beth let her guard down as her eyes softened to something resembling affection. But no sooner had this happened and she saw me recognise the slip she was back into full on anger mode.

    “Does my day look ‘brightened’? You stupid fucking dickhead” Beth shouted. “Now take your jacket off and set it on the floor before me!”

    I did as she asked suspecting it would be going in the bin tonight and I wasn’t disappointed. She then grabbed the roses and threw them on the jacket before trampling them under her boots. As I watched I could see how dirty the boots were and was wondering how much damage my jacket would take. I was deeply upset at this as well, mainly because nothing I did to show Beth affection seemed to have an effect. She either had incredibly thick skin or she was a cold-hearted bitch to the core.

    There was then a knock at the door and Beth paused from trampling the roses and mud into my jacket. As it was early Beth knew it could only be one of the team and said, “Enter.”

    The door opened and Karine and Mireille walked in. They were both wearing matching black rubber boots like you find on a farm with white socks tucked over the top. Much less delicate and refined than Beth’s I thought but then they were brutal Amazon types after all. On top Mireille had a navy rubber mac with fur lined hood and Karine had a green rainproof wax jacket with a cloth collar and detachable hood.

    As they entered Beth got back to trampling my jacket making sure there was no way I would ever be wearing it again. “Ladies,” Beth said, “What can I do for you?”

    Karine spoke first, “Yes Beth we just wanted to know when you needed our input for the Strathbourne account today. We have been working overnight to ensure it’s ready early for you.”

    Beth replied still trampling my jacket, “That’s excellent news ladies, we should be able to conclude on that today so I can focus on Seraphina and Porsche’s input tomorrow. Thank you!”

    ‘Thank you’, I missed the sincerity and pleasure of good manners given none were ever directed towards me. Mireille was transfixed watching Beth trample my jacket. After Beth responded, Karine tugged Mireille’s wet mac as a signal to leave but she kept watching.

    Beth then spoke again, “Sorry was there something else?”

    Mireille then smiled and said, “I was just wondering if you were going to make your slave clean your filthy rubber boots after that as a means of apologising for presuming to buy you flowers.”

    Beth smiled and responded, “Well great minds think alike Mireille. Want yours done too? They look filthy from here.”

    Mireille beamed as though she had got just the response she was fishing for. “That would be great only it’s my soaking wet socks that really need attention.” She said cheekily

    “Well I am sure after he has cleaned your boots he can do the same with your socks, right slave?” Beth said turning to me.

    Still looking down at the sight of my destroyed jacket and the decimated flowers I said rather glumly, “Of course goddess.”

    Beth then slapped my face hard; my day was going rapidly downhill. “Show a little fucking appreciation slave when we allow you to clean our boots and socks!”

    I mustered the best smile I could.

    “Ok ladies take a seat at the meeting table.” Beth said.

    “What me as well?” Karine responded, looking a little shocked and uncomfortable at the unexpected invite.

    “Absolutely you worked all night didn’t you? So you deserve some extra nice attention to your boots and feet. That’s his job.” Beth then sneered at me as Karine and Mireille took their seats.

    Karine added, “Sorry we are walking mud into your nice office Beth.”

    Beth then added, “Oh don’t worry, slave will be licking that off the floor with his tongue all afternoon when we are done.” To which they all started laughing.

    After the three ladies were sat down Beth clicked her fingers and snapped, “Heel boot boy!”

    I hated the ‘heel’ dog reference but reluctantly crawled towards them. As I did my trousers collected a lot of mud from their boots, which had been deposited on the carpet. When I arrived at the table and looked down I could fully appreciate just how muddy their boots were and I started to feel sick thinking about cleaning them.

    “Goddess may I ask a question?” I said to Beth.

    “Well you have me all curious now slave. Ask.” Beth responded.

    “I was just wondering given how muddy your boots are whether I could use a cloth just this once to help clean them up? I am sure it would really help get them much cleaner and would be much quicker as well.” I pleaded.

    “You know if you had half a brain you would know that baiting evil bitches with suggestions on how to reduce your suffering is completely and utterly pathetic and pointless. All it actually achieves is to cement your fate, make me want to increase the suffering ten fold for your insolence and REALLY FUCKING PISSES ME OFF!” Beth went from calm to off the scale angry.

    She punched me hard in the chest forcing me onto my back. She then arose walked over to me and started wiping the underside of her filthy pink rubber boot on my face painting it black.

    “So for pissing me off not only am I going to make you do all boots, socks and feet with your tongue but I am going to make you eat every last fucking morsel as we go! Happy now?” Beth shouted.

    Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! I thought to myself. When will I ever get a break around here? Beth went and sat down before saying, “Come on then boot licker we don’t have all fucking morning!”

    I slowly got to my feet and hesitantly made my way to Beth’s boots. As I started to take my first lick the mud literally feel off and onto my tongue. It was bloody disgusting and took close to a minute to get down. The rain had softened the mud up somewhat but it still contained lots of hard material inside, which meant I needed to swallow rather than chew to avoid losing teeth.

    As I continued licking Beth’s boots the women started discussing the terrible morning weather and how the rain was more tropical than usual for the UK. Beth looked down at me and saw I was having trouble cleaning her boots due to the amount of mud on them so suggested to Mireille and Karine they bring the presentation in and complete it together to save time.

    Karine seemed happy with this as she wanted to get the work done and to a high standard. It wasn’t long before the laptop was open and the women were ignoring me whilst I continued to clean Beth’s boots.

    A few minutes later Beth took another look down and then snapped, “For fuck sake slave you are just pushing the mud around with your tongue, it’s filthy. Go and rinse up and return I want a clean tongue on my precious boots!”

    Not needing a second invite I leapt out of the room and returned after rinsing also carrying a cup full of water from the drinks fountain. Beth then lifted the toes of her boot and rested them on the heel before saying, “Ok filth eater get the underside of my boots clean now and be quick about it.”

    I had to lie flat on my chest and extend my tongue fully to get to the underside of Beth’s pink rubber boots. They had deep horizontal ridges of which many were full of mud. I sighed as I started to clean them. Mireille added to my woes when she propped her boots on my back digging her heels in my spine. I started groaning with the pain.

    “Shut up slave. The only thing I want to hear from you is slurping as you get all that shit from the grooves of my boots.” Beth snorted.

    It look me close to thirty minutes to clean Beth’s boots and I was allowed to rinse and drink again before moving to Mireille’s black rubber boots. She had a big smile on her face as she looked down at me licking. Mireille had really been enchanted by her first experience making me worship her feet last week and was clearly seeking any opportunity for a follow on.

    “That’s it slave, really get that disgusting tongue on yours busy on my filthy rubber boots. I have been walking in all sorts of crap this morning so you are going to get lot’s of excellent nutrition off them. Make sure you take a good sniff as you clean them also, that combination of rubber and foot sweat really has given my socks and feet a perfectly nasty aroma. But that’s something you will have to earn from cleaning the outside first!” Mireille was having fun with her verbal humiliation like before.

    Beth interrupted her flow with, “Wow Mireille I never would have thought I would hear that kind of verbal assualt coming from you. More likely a deathly kicking!”

    Mireille responded, “Fuck Beth, I just love it. It really gets me horny.”

    Beth then went into management mode, “Well lets get this presentation done quickly then so you can have more fun. For now I need you focused. Ok?”

    Mireille’s green-brown eyes dropped like a scolded child. In was quite a sight to see considering this amazon warrior type woman was normally the picture of authority, power and presence. I had a little chuckle to myself which I was concerned Mireille may have heard as she kicked out her boot into my mouth slightly in annoyance. Reluctantly Mireille turned her attentions back to Beth and the presentation.

    Fortunately once I had finished licking the top and sides of Mirielle’s boots I was pleased to see the underside had a very fine tread which had not collected anywhere near as much mud as Beth’s. I hoped Karine’s would be the same given she had the same kind of boots. It was only fifteen minutes in and I was done and allowed to take another rinse and drink before moving onto Karine’s boots.

    Karine seemed quite irritated by the distraction of me cleaning her boots, as she wanted to focus on the presentation. Every now and again she would kick my face with the underside of her rubber boot in annoyance. At one point she even spat on her boots in an attempt to get them wetter and speed up the process. Frankly that wasn’t the kind of help I was looking for.

    When I had finished Karine’s boots I was sent out for coffee’s while they completed the last of the updates. As I walked out of the office into the foyer I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass and could see the mud Beth had wiped on my face was still there. Embarrassed and feeling rather fortunate that I had checked before leaving the office I returned to clean up.

    On my way back to the bathroom I almost bumped into Yuki, “You look like a fucking filthy pig! Where do you think you are going?” She asked.

    “Oh I was just going into the bathroom to clean up before heading out for coffees.” I said nonchalantly.

    “And who gave you permission to use the ladies bathroom?” Yuki challenged.

    Seeing as there wasn’t a male bathroom I was kind of stuck between a rock and hard place on this. Left with no other choice I went for pleading, “Please can I just use the toilet this once?”

    Yuki took me by the ear and dragged me inside. She then pulled me over to a cubicle and kicked my arse so I toppled inside falling onto the toilet.

    “Right face up bitch.” Yuki shouted.

    Shit I thought this wasn’t going to be good. I turned and rested my head over the bowl face up as ordered. I then pleaded, “Please Yuki.”

    “Don’t waste your breath piss boy. You got it coming anyway.” Yuki sneered. She then straddled me and pissed in my face squeezing hard to produce a strong jet of urine to remove the mud. After around thirty seconds she finished. Yuki then took some toilet paper and wiped the remaining drips before saying, “Open.”

    I opened my mouth and Yuki stuffed the piss soaked paper inside. “Right that’s your lunch taken care of. Now to thank me for helping you get that filth off your face you can get me a coffee as well and lunch on top. Something expensive with noodles will do. Now clean this toilet up and fuck off double quick!”

    I rushed to the basin to wash the piss off my face. Some had unfortunately leaked into my collar and so I scrubbed that as well. Grabbing a bunch of paper towels I was able to clean up the cubicle in a little less than 15 minutes but was now running late on the coffees.

    When I finally returned with the coffees and Yuki’s lunch she wasn’t at her desk so I left them in her cubicle and went back to Beth’s office. As I entered there was an unnerving silence. The laptop was closed signalling the fact that they had finished the work and had been waiting for me. On top of that Beth was drumming her fingers on the table with impatience and looking at me with that fearful look of rage.

    As I walked in I set the coffees down and dropped to my knees. “I am so sorry goddess. Yuki asked me to get her lunch and it took longer than I thought. Please forgive me.” I then started kissing her pink rubber boots hoping I had placated her anger.

    “Take my boot off slave,” was all Beth said. Karine and Mireille looked on. Mireille clearly excited at what was going to unfold and Karine much more relaxed now the work was done and out of the way.

    As I removed Beth’s pink rubber boot I was shocked at the suction it created as I pulled it off. When it was removed I understood why. Her sock was actually dripping wet where the rain had got in and pooled around her socked feet. The sock was badly stained partly from the inside of the boot and also due to extensive wearing.

    Beth held her socked foot up to my nose and said, “How does that smell boot licker? Pretty fucking nasty eh?” Mireille and Karine were chuckling looking at my embarrassment.

    I paused with the disgusting sock inches from my face. Beth was getting pissed off waiting and so pushed her wet sock in my face and started cupping my nose, which released some of the water in the material.

    “I said how does it smell fuck face?” Beth repeated.

    I knew there would be no more chances so took a sniff of the sock. It had a strong rubber smell combined with foul sweaty feet. I shook my head as the intense stench sent a shiver up my spine.

    “Mmmm that good eh?” Beth laughed. “Thought it would be pretty fucking bad. I have worn these socks for three gym sessions now without washing them and they have been sat in stale rain water for over an hour now.”

    “Well I have the same socks on that I wore last week.” Karine chuckled.

    “You bitch!” Mireille shouted. “That means yours will be worse than mine.”

    “No fucking way bitch. Your feet are fucking rank all the time.” Karine fought back.

    The women started throwing banter at each other in an effort to claim the worst smelling feet. This was not a competition I was hoping to be in the middle of. Just my fucking luck I thought to myself.

    Beth then slapped my face hard. “Tip your head back and open up sweat drinker!”

    I guessed the next action was in the insult, so as I tipped my head and opened my mouth I took a big sigh and held my stomach. Beth then collected her boot that had been removed and stood up. She then swished it around and had a little chuckle before tipping the contents of her pink rubber boot into my mouth.

    The water was black and had an acrid rubberized stench to it. As it entered and filled up my mouth I could taste a deep rubber flavour. I started gagging wondering if I had the stomach to get it down.

    “Enjoy your coffee slave! Sorry if it’s a little cold and fucking rank! Now swallow it all!” Beth laughed and the twins joined in.

    I prepared myself and took the vile liquid down in one gulp. I wretch three times and threw myself forward onto my hands desperately trying to keep it down.

    “Wow that tasty eh?” Karine said in a bitchy tone and the laughter started again.

    Beth then repeated the diabolical process with the other boot making me sniff inside the boot after gulping down the disgusting drink. As I sniffed inside the boot it created a vacuum around my nose and my senses where surrounded by an incredibly wicked odour. Beth then discarded the boot to the floor.

    “Ok now the main course foot bitch.” Beth declared sending another shiver down my spine.

    She then bent down and removed her socks and proceeded to wring them out into my mouth. The concentrated rubbery secretion was filthy dirty and utterly repulsive. Beth knew I would have trouble swallowing it so rammed my mouth shut and held it closed with her hands.

    “Drink it down my pathetic little sock sucker or I will make you drink sock tea from them for the rest of the week.” Beth warned.

    I closed my eyes, which were watering with the prospect and gulped. I wretched once again and my body convulsed throwing me onto the floor. I writhed around holding my stomach.

    “Wow you actually got it down slave. Your resolve is improving.” Beth giggled. She then added, “Ok get up.”

    I continued to roll around on the floor feeling sick and ashamed.

    “I won’t ask you twice slave!” Beth warned in her most serious of tones.

    That was enough for me and I slowly started to get back to my knees. When I was eventually up Beth said, “Right now listen carefully slave. You aren’t done quite yet.” Beth then smiled wickedly seeing I was already spent.

    “You see we have been having a little debate about who has the worst smelling feet and I don’t really fancy being the judge of that. But I know just the perfect little footwipe who could. YOU!” Beth snarled.

    She then went on, “So crawl over to Karine and remove her boots to receive your first gift.”

    I did as I was ordered and as I removed Karine’s boots the stink was awful. Her socks were totally black as her sweat had bled with the inside of her boots and discoloured them. I thought they were bad last week but this was fucking vile. Both Beth and Mireille held these noses in disgust.

    Karine lifted her socks to my face and started wiggling her toes to help free the loathsome essence, which was now wafting up my nose. The smell started to trigger sexual thoughts as my mind flew back to the preceding week but luckily this time there was no verbal goading to force me down that route.

    Seeing me baulk and retreat slightly Karine hooked my neck with her other foot and then pulled me forward deep into the toe crack of her outstretched sock. She then gyrated the foot around my nose to drive then stench deep into my lungs. I could hardly breathe so there was little choice about it. Her leg strength could just as easily snapped my neck had I resisted.

    Karine’s competitive side was coming out now, “Come on bitch I want to win this contest you better fucking vote for me or else! Get a good sniff of my sock juice there is a good ten days worth in there now. It’s not like you have anything better to do or any fucking choice in the matter.”

    I took a deep breath then fell backwards. Karine was annoyed at the brevity of her punishment and kicked out at me, “Fucking coward” She spat.

    “My turn.” Mireille piped up and held her boots out for me to remove. Karine was really pissed off now seeing her sister steam in to force a premature end to her punishment

    I eased Mireille’s boots off and realised immediately they were indeed much worse than Karine’s. I was beginning to wonder if it was Grace who had the bad foot odour problem or Mireille. I threw myself back to escape but Mireille was on me like a flash.

    She punched my stomach winding me and at the same time incapacitating any further resistance. Mireille then turned me on my front and straddled my back looking towards my legs. Finally she then pinned my arms under her and started slowly wiggling back. Within moments I was face forward with my nose buried in her socks whilst Mireille sat on my head pushing me deep between her toes.

    “Get out of that you pathetic sock sniffing weakling!” Mireille’s superior wrestling capabilities combined with her strength had easily overpowered me. I was now at her complete mercy.

    “Who’s feet smell worse foot bitch?” Mireille asked.

    Unable to hardly breath I was forced to take a deep sniff of her socks anyway. I muffled a “You” response.

    “Can’t hear you bitch. You are gonna have to try harder.” Mireille said.

    I took another deep sniff trying to get enough air to shout my answer. The stench was debilitating me and my body was starting give up. I shouted as loud as I could, “You Goddess Mireille.”

    Karine got up thoroughly fucked off, stepped over to me and kicked me in the balls. I screamed in pain and was forced to take another enormous whiff of Mireille’s toxic socks weakening me still further.

    Beth then got up and said, “Congratulations Mireille. Gotta say I don’t think it was even close. Damn your feet stink badly. I even feel a little sorry for my slave stuck under there.” She then laughed.

    Beth then went on, “Anyway I can’t really stand the smell anymore so I am going to go get some lunch while you finish up with boot licker there.”

    Mireille replied, “Oh you take your time Beth. Foot bitch is going to be sniffing my rank socks for a good while yet. Can you please close the door on your way out?”

    “Sure but just make sure you open it again when you finish to air the room out!” Beth then exited laughing and slammed the door shut.

    “Now we are all alone slave. Me up here above you in complete control and you down there with your face deep in my stanky socks. Isn’t this just perfect?”

    I groaned still unable to move and hardly able to breath.

    “Good that’s what I thought foot sniffer. Why don’t you just let fate take it’s course down there? I have you completely pinned down. In theory I could have you sniff my toes until you can no longer breath. That way the last thing you will ever know will be the wretched disgusting stench of those socks. How great would that be?” Mireille was turning herself on with the verbal put-downs.

    She gentle lifted her arse from my head so she pulled her skirt up around her waist. She then reached down and ripped the crotch of her panties to free her pussy. As she sat up I lifted my head and took a massive hit of clean air.

    “Better make that one last.” Mireille cooed. “You’ll only be sniffing feet from here on out.” She then sat roughly down on my head and wiggled her backside really grinding my face and nose into her socks.

    She then started gently playing with her pussy with one hand while the other rubbed my face and hair augmenting the pressure on my face into her toes.

    “Mmm that power feels so good slave. Are you being a good boy and suffering for your goddess?” Mireille said in a sarcastic tone.

    “Humph” I said with my face full of putrid reeking socks.

    Mireille started rubbing herself more feverishly now. Gently lifting her arse up and down on my head. I couldn’t move my face one muscle.

    “That’s right foot sniffer. Your nose is imprisoned in the sock fabric between my toes right in the epicentre where my fragrance is most intense. I have you completely at my mercy. All you have to look forward to is breath after breath of my horrendous evil socks. The utterly appalling bouquet will overpower you and bring you to full submission.”

    Mireille was really getting off on her power trip now and I was wriggling as I struggled to breath and was becoming more and more repelled by the smell. My suffering was now just adding to her arousal.

    “It’s coming you fucking miserable foot cunt. Oh I can feel it coming. Fuck it’s so strong. I can’t stop it. My god here it is.” Mireille then screamed so loud it rocked the office and I felt a hot jet of her vaginal squirt hit my back.

    “Fuck it’s coming again. Keep sniffing you fucking foot whore. I want an even bigger one this time! Oh my fucking good god. Here it comes.” The second scream was even louder than the first and she pushed so hard down onto my head I thought she had broken my nose. Another hot stream of liquid hit my back.

    Mireille then relaxed with me still set in her socks unable to move. After a few more minutes she rolled off me. I immediately took another huge breath of fresh air and rolled onto my side completely spent, all my strength gone.

    Mireille then grabbed my hair and pulled me towards her. It was fucking agony and I screamed. “We are not done yet slave. Clean me up.”

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Of all the women in the office who could command me to lick their pussy, Karine and Mireille were the last one’s who I thought would. I started crawling towards her to ease the pain on my hair and because this was one order I didn’t actually mind following.

    When my face was on her pussy I extended my tongue and started licking gently around her lips. She had thick natural red hairs all around her vagina as you would expect from any amazon warrior. As I continued Mireille screamed at me, “Stop fucking around bitch and get busy with that tongue or I will beat the fuck out of you.”

    I sensed the brutal fearsome Mireille was returning and my gentle slow approach wasn’t cutting it by a long way. If I was to get out of this room without any broken bones I was going to have to match her strength with some formidable tongue work.

    I held on hard to her thighs and thrust my face deep inside her. I then threw my tongue out with all the force my jaw could summon. I made aggressive licks up and down her labia and sucked deeply on her clitoris creating a high-pressure vacuum around it. As I did this I thought you want it rough I am going to give it to you rough.

    I then repeated this pulling harder and deeper on her thighs. Pushing my tongue more forcefully around her sweet spot. She was now getting really excited and she pulled on my head nearly snapping my neck. I let out a little cry but continued. I craned my neck to add yet more force and more intensity to my oral assault and felt Mireille start to tremble as an orgasm started to well up inside her.

    I had to use all the energy and strength I had left to bring her to another apex of pleasure but when I did it was worth it. She screamed akin to a horror movie damsel, which frightened the life out of me. I then felt a final stream of hot vaginal quirt hit my face, which I opened my mouth to embrace. Mireille then collapsed. She was finally satisfied. Fuck me what a woman I thought! No man I know could keep up with that every day!

    We sat silent for around ten minutes before Mireille said, “You know for a pathetic foot bitch you actually have some skills in satisfying a woman. I will be using you again slave.”

    She then leant across and kissed me on the lips. I almost shit myself with shock and as I leant in to kiss her back she withdrew and slapped my face hard. “Don’t be eager, you are still a slave and I am still a goddess.”

    She then got up collected her rubber boots and left the room.


    In the afternoon most of the team (including Nicola) were either out or busy preparing for the Strathbourne account presentation. Even Beth was roped into a number of calls and reviews with the team

    Later in the day I was asked to look over the presentation and having added some very smart, if I say so myself, additions Beth let me off our 6pm Goddess time as a reward. I didn’t however manage to agree a slot in my diary for Aurelia and Grace with Beth.

    I went home alone that night and after exchanging some texts with Nicola about how much we loved each other, went to bed early.

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    Hey, at least Chris got to go to bed early! ;-)

    It seems that things between him and Nicola have been settled a bit, although she still wants to dominate him. She can't yet be completely trusted, so he'll have to keep his guard up.

    Beth continues to be very abusive to him, and even got the twins to join in tormenting him with their wet/muddy boots, socks, and feet. Mireille really seems to be getting off on the combination of making Chris deal with her feet and dishing out verbal humiliation. I liked the scene with him licking her to orgasm. What a woman indeed! :-)

    As this was only Part 1, I am sure there is more "fun" for Chris in Part 2!

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    HAHAHA, he fucking deserved Yukis nasty treatment, fucking-always-complainer!!! I enyoyed it, maybe he willthink twice before asking and complaining too much aaaahahahaha. I want to torture chris too now *gg*
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    Hey, at least Chris got to go to bed early! ;-)

    It seems that things between him and Nicola have been settled a bit, although she still wants to dominate him. She can't yet be completely trusted, so he'll have to keep his guard up.

    Beth continues to be very abusive to him, and even got the twins to join in tormenting him with their wet/muddy boots, socks, and feet. Mireille really seems to be getting off on the combination of making Chris deal with her feet and dishing out verbal humiliation. I liked the scene with him licking her to orgasm. What a woman indeed! :-)

    As this was only Part 1, I am sure there is more "fun" for Chris in Part 2!
    Hi OneAuthor
    You are right that every cloud has a silver lining with the early bedtime.*Chuckle*

    Nicola - is still proving elusive as to her true motivations. I love the way he starts off seeking an apology and then ends being in the wrong. He just can't catch a break.

    Beth is now really getting a show going recruiting her team into her torturous adventures with Chris. I love this rubber boots chapter and as you say Mireille really does a job on him. At least he did manage the 3 orgasm challenge he was given otherwise it could have been curtains for him. Bet he had some serious jaw ache after that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natsuko View Post
    HAHAHA, he fucking deserved Yukis nasty treatment, fucking-always-complainer!!! I enyoyed it, maybe he willthink twice before asking and complaining too much aaaahahahaha. I want to torture chris too now *gg*
    Thank you for your support Natsuko! I will upload another chapter for the weekend.

    Oooh yeah, Yuki really does give him a tough time and she goes from a simple encounter to something pretty nasty. She must have a lot on her mind. Perhaps she's even stressed about something...

    As you rightly say, Chris should learn when to keep his mouth shut - all that complaining is only making matters worse.

    As for getting tortured by you...well that is something he could only dream about...the question is what would you have in store for him?

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