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Thread: The Teacher's Pet (F/f)

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    Thank you for the wonderful replies, beep and Tim. I am happy to know you are enjoying the story. I do hope to have a new chapter posted within the next week or so.

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    Monday, January 26

    Once I was finished in the bathroom this morning, I stood before the full-length mirror in my bedroom. I wanted to ensure that my ensemble was well matched, and that my makeup was perfect, and that there wasn’t one strand of hair out of place. I chuckled, wondering whether I was getting ready to go to work – or to the senior prom.

    While bouncing down the stairs and into my kitchen, I realized that I did feel a similar nervous excitement to that which I had experienced when waiting for my date to arrive on prom night. This would be the first time I’d be seeing Polly since we engaged in those naughty little episodes on Saturday. And I was becoming filled with giddy anticipation about what would happen later in the day.

    I put some coffee in my travel mug, grabbed a banana, and skipped out the door. I was whistling as I got into my car, and continued smiling even as I encountered a major traffic backup near the main road.

    With everything at a crawl, I had the opportunity to peel and eat my breakfast. Since that only took a minute and I was still looking at a rather lengthy delay, I pondered the reason for my current mood. This took me back to the events of the previous day.

    Sunday began with me laying on my couch, with my hand inside of my drenched panties. I had obviously fallen asleep masturbating, and I wasn’t even able to recall how many times I had pleasured myself. It took a while before I could summon the energy to stand up, but I managed to get cleaned up and dressed before I needed to leave for brunch with my parents.

    Being with my parents made me think of meeting Polly’s mother and father. And that triggered a strong sense of guilt about the perverted activities I had coerced the girl into. I spent much of the afternoon feeling ashamed for allowing myself to indulge in my fantasies at the potential expense of my career – and my student’s relationship with her parents.

    Just as my wallowing in self-disgust was nearing the point of no return, my phone dinged to inform me I had a text. It was from Polly, and I smiled as I started to read it.

    “I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. It was beyond amazing, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I hope you are having a great Sunday too. I’m really forward to seeing you in school tomorrow. P.S. I am being so very good, Miss.

    After seeing that last line, I burst out laughing. I instantly let go of all the negativity that had gripped me. Those few words from that adorable girl meant everything to me. They served as the perfect reminder that while there were many risks, what we had together was worth pursuing.

    It took a few moments for me to reply, as I contemplated the notion that her mom or dad could check her phone. I soon realized that it most likely wasn’t the case. Her message to me would have raised too many questions from them. With that in mind, I decided to write something that would stoke the fires inside my pretty foot-loving girl.

    “I too had a wonderful time yesterday. My Sunday is going well. Just to let you know, I have on the same stockings as yesterday along with the same shoes. And I plan to wear them tomorrow as well. My feet are burning up and sweating like crazy. I can’t even imagine what they will smell like by tomorrow afternoon. Continue to be my good girl, and you may just find out.

    We exchanged these types of messages a few more times during the evening, which led to several sessions of self-indulgence on my part. And I was sure Polly was doing likewise. It was a miracle I was able to focus my brain long enough between orgasms to create the early week lesson plans for my classes.

    A sudden movement of the cars in front of me brought me back to the present, and I became aware of a couple areas of wetness. My feet were very damp inside my pumps, and my pussy was soaked beneath my panties. I shook my head at the notion that I could be in a constant state of arousal throughout the day. It might be a vicious cycle of sweaty feet leading to a dripping vagina. Damn, I should have worn a maxi pad – or three!

    During the remainder of my drive, I was able to focus my thoughts on school and the lectures I would be giving. And this seemed to calm down my raging libido. By the time I parked my car in the faculty lot, I was no longer adding to the moisture between my legs.

    This made me wonder if anything had leaked through. A quick check of my black skirt revealed no obvious wet spot. I breathed a sigh of relief and began heading toward my office.

    As I strolled the hallways, I warmly greeted every person I encountered. I even said hello to the boys who had been bullying Polly, and wished them a happy Monday. They looked at me like I had two heads, but I continued to smile and walked away.

    During homeroom period, I attempted to strike up a conversation with that young female teacher in the lounge. However, she had to take a personal call right after I approached her and she hurried away. But the rest of my morning went very well. My cheerful mood led to quite a bit of fun during the two classes I taught. I engaged a number of students to portray different characters as we went through a Shakespearian play, and the dramatic readings resulted in a good amount of cheering and laughter.

    My happy demeanor kept up right through lunch as I chatted and joked with the group of guys at my usual table. They were pleased to have me back to my normal self, none of them bothering to ask why I had been so detached the previous week. After my tablemates left, I even allowed Linda to corner me and ramble on for almost forty minutes about her weekend bird-watching exploits – without making it seem like I was bored to tears.

    With little time remaining until the start of sixth period English, I jogged to my office to grab what I needed and then rushed toward the classroom. I arrived mere moments before the bell rang, and was glad to see Polly sitting in her desk. We exchanged smiles as I noticed her outfit: a red blouse with ruffled sleeves, a pretty black skirt, red patterned stockings, and black heels. She looked absolutely stunning, and I gasped as my heart began racing.

    I took several deep breaths to calm myself, and then assumed my normal teaching position in front of the large desk. While going over new vocabulary words, I leaned back on the desk and gave a nice show to the sexy petite girl – and anyone else in the class with a fetish for stockings or feet. I popped a heel out of a shoe, and leisurely removed my foot. I then flexed my foot in a slow, circular motion before gently sliding it back into my pump. I repeated this process many times throughout the period.

    Every so often I made eye contact with Polly. Her stare was one of pure longing, as if she desired nothing more than to throw herself at my feet and worship them. And I wanted to let her indulge to her heart’s content. But I couldn’t allow these salacious thoughts to consume me in front of all these boys and girls. I somehow managed to maintain enough composure to continue instructing my students until the end of the period with no major issues.

    While the room began to empty, I approached the pretty girl and her friend. When they were finished sliding their books into their bags, they both stood and looked at me with a grin.

    “Hey Miss Nolan,” Tanya said, “I heard you had a great time with Polly at the outlets on Saturday.”

    “Yes, we had a lot of fun. It’s a shame you couldn’t go with us. But then I’m sure you had a blast in Key West.”

    “Oh, definitely. Still, I’d rather hang out with you two than my boring parents.”

    Polly gave her a puzzled expression. “What do you mean ‘boring’? Your parents are really cool.”

    She shrugged. “Yeah, I guess they are. But I really do wanna hang out with you guys. Maybe next weekend?”

    “Hmmm...” I shifted my gaze to Polly. “...we could do something next Saturday, if that works for you.”

    “Yeah, that would be cool.” She then turned toward her friend.

    “I’m in!” Tanya put an arm around Polly and squeezed. “So what are we doing?”

    “Well,” I said as I cocked my head and lowered my brows, “I’m not sure. I don’t have enough money to go on another shopping spree.”

    “Me neither.” The petite girl scratched her head, and then her eyes went wide. “I know! We can visit Coral Castle!”

    Tanya nodded. “Oh yeah, I’ve always wanted to go there.”

    I gave them both curious glances. “Wait, neither of you have ever been?”

    “Nope,” Polly said, “but I’ve heard it’s not expensive and it’s something cool to see.”

    “Even though I’ve seen it once, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to go again.” I smiled upon seeing their faces filled with anticipation. “Alright then, let’s do it.”

    The words had barely escaped my mouth when I was swarmed in a group hug. I embraced the two girls while laughing at their enthusiasm. It was sort of funny to me that Tanya was so excited to spend the day with her teacher. I could understand Polly’s eagerness. But it seemed weird that her friend was also thrilled at this prospect, unless maybe Polly had been gushing about our time together. As I let go of them, I figured that was probably the case.

    “Okay,” I said while stepping back from them, “I better let you both get going. I don’t want to make you late for your next class.”

    “Right.” Tanya picked up her bag and gave me a warm smile. “I can’t wait for Saturday. It’s gonna be awesome!”

    “Definitely!” I returned her smile and then turned toward Polly. “And I know you’ll love the castle.”

    “For sure!”

    Tanya tapped her friend on the shoulder. “Come on, Polly. We gotta go.”

    “Give me a second!”

    “Fine…but don’t blame me when you get in trouble.” She sighed and headed for the door.

    When she was out of the room, Polly grabbed her bag and looked at me with innocent eyes. I stared at her with suspicion and moved closer.

    I spoke softly into her ear. “Were you a good girl for me today?”

    “Yes, Miss...I, I was.”

    “Mmmm, very well. Come to my office after school, and I’ll see that you get a treat.”

    A grin appeared on her face. “I’ll be there, Miss. And, and thank you.”

    I chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Go on, Polly. You still have thirty seconds until seventh period starts.”

    She nodded, spun around, and sprinted toward the hallway. Just before disappearing, she peered back at me with a wave and then she dashed away.

    The bell sounded moments later, and I chuckled at the thought of her being tardy because of our little roleplaying session. But she had clearly enjoyed it as much as I did, so I figured she didn’t care too much.

    After walking to my small office, I spent the rest of the period deciding what reward I would give to my good little girl. Ever since our text exchanges the previous day, I had envisioned ordering her under my desk and letting her have her way with my feet and shoes. But now that I was considering it further, I realized that some type of hidden security camera could be set up to catch this on video. I didn’t want to take that chance.

    There were only a few minutes left before the young woman arrived when I finally came up with a solution. I would have to delay her “gift” until the drive to her house. And a wicked smile crossed my lips at what I was planning to do before that.

    With this in mind, I rose from my seat and went to sit in one of the two guest chairs to await my visitor. It wasn’t long before I heard a knock on the door.

    “Come in!”

    The door opened, and the petite girl entered. “Hi, Miss...I mean, Amber.”

    “Hello, Polly. Close the door and come sit next to me.”

    She nodded and did as I instructed. Once she was seated, I shifted my chair so that I was facing her. She glanced down at my pumps, and then stared into my eyes. Her expression was a combination of nervousness and lust. It was beyond delicious!

    I crossed one leg over the other, and began moving it back and forth. “Do you mind if, um...” I popped my heel from the shoe on my swaying foot. “...we have a little chat?”

    Her gaze fell upon the pump that I was dangling from my toes. “Oh, uh, n-no I, um, I-I don’t mind.”

    “Good.” I then snapped my fingers in front of her face. “Hey, I’m up here.”

    She shook her head and lifted it to look into my eyes once more. “S-sorry.”

    “That’s better,” I said with a smirk. “Now, tell me exactly why I should believe you’ve been a good girl.” I raised an eyebrow, and had to suppress a giggle as she began to fidget.

    “I, um, well I did all my homework over the weekend. And, and I did all my chores.”

    I placed a hand under my chin and rubbed it. “Hmm, well that’s all fine and dandy. But that doesn’t answer my question.”

    She cocked her head. “W-what do you mean then, Miss?”

    “Oh, I think you know.” I folded my arms and stared at her intently.

    “I, uh…” She took several deep breaths, as her focus shifted around the room.

    After letting her wallow in confusion and desperation for a minute, I rolled my eyes. “I guess I’ll just have to spit it out. Did you have any unauthorized orgasms since the one you had in my car on Saturday?”

    There was now a stunned look on her face. “Um, un-unauthorized?”

    “Yes,” I said with a sigh. I then leaned forward so that our noses almost touched. “Did you cum without my permission?”

    She jerked her head back as her eyes bulged wide. “I, I...I didn’t, M-miss. I, I s-swear!”

    I tilted my head and shook it slowly. “You’re not a very good liar.” My gaze narrowed, and I heard her gulp. “I want the truth.” I got closer to the terrified girl. “Exactly how many times have you masturbated while thinking about my feet? Twice? Five times? Ten times? More than that?”

    “Um, I, I...” At this point, she was visibly shaking and she stared at the floor. “I’m s-so sorry, Miss.”

    “I’m afraid ‘sorry’ won’t cut it.” I scowled at her. “And since you’ve been a naughty girl, you don’t deserve any treats.”

    Several tears began running down her cheek, and I felt as though I had gone a bit too far with our game. I put a hand on her arm and rubbed gently.

    “Don’t cry, Polly.” I watched as she dried her cheek and met my gaze. “I was just having a little roleplaying fun with...controlling you. I didn’t mean to make you upset.”

    She sniffled. “It’s okay. I, I got so caught up that I, I thought you really were mad at me.”

    I shook my head. “No, I only wanted to see you squirm for a while. I guess I got carried away.” I took a deep breath and bit my lip. “But there’s something about you being nervous and scared when I’m telling you what to do that gets me all...” I lowered my voice to a whisper. “ and bothered.”

    She shuddered, and then stared into my eyes. I saw a mixture of pain and lust on her face. She remained silent, but her expression spoke volumes. There was little doubt in my mind that she loved having me order her around, in particular when my feet were involved. But I had crossed some kind of line – one that made her quite uncomfortable.

    After reflecting on this for several moments, I realized that my accusations of the poor girl had resembled the attitude of the students who bullied her. Instead of ratcheting up the kinkiness, I was causing her actual distress. At that point, I knew we needed to talk about this.

    “Polly,” I said as I moved my hand up to her shoulder, “I think we should discuss boundaries.”

    She gave me a strange look. “W-what do you mean?”

    “I mean that I want to make sure I understand what you like and what you don’t like. If I’m going to continue with this...dominant attitude toward you, I need to know what you’re not okay with.”

    “Oh,” she said with a shrug, “um, sure.”

    “So, I take it you’re not into being harshly told off.”

    “Not really.”

    I nodded. “Alright...and is there anything else I should be aware of?”

    “Well, um, I don’t like being cursed at. Or called mean names. Or being spit on.”

    “In other words, you hate being bullied.”

    “Yeah,” she said with a sigh.

    “I apologize if what I said to you earlier was too cruel.”

    “No, no, it was fine.” She noticed my expression of disbelief, and exhaled deeply. “Okay. Maybe you were a little mean.”

    I gave her a slight frown and shook my head. “Yes, I was. But in the future, I’ll try not to act like such a...bitch.”

    She chuckled, which caused me to do likewise. We then exchanged smiles.

    I squeezed her shoulder before sitting back in my chair. “I’m really glad we talked about this.”

    “Me too.”

    “You know, I was completely serious when I said that acting all bossy towards you is, like, a major turn-on for me.”

    She raised her eyebrows. “Wow, um, that’s...awesome.”

    “It is, isn’t it?” I gave her a playful smirk. “And I know that it really excites you too.”

    “Uh huh.”

    I could see flames of desire in her eyes, and I leaned forward. “You love being my submissive little foot girl, don’t you?”

    She let out a soft moan while slowly nodding.

    “Mmmm, and I bet you want to get down on the floor right now and have your way with my feet.”

    “Y-yes, Miss.” She glanced at my shoes and her breathing became ragged.

    “I’ve got a secret for you.” I put my lips close to the panting girl’s ear. “These are the same stockings I wore on Saturday, and yesterday. That’s three straight days. And the same shoes, too. Oh, and I haven’t washed my feet in all that time.” I heard her gasp and I giggled. “Can you imagine how sweaty and stinky they are?”

    As I sat up straight, I noticed the effect my words had on Polly. Her eyes were like saucers. She was trembling. Her breaths were coming in short spurts. Hell, it seemed like she was having a seizure!

    “Are you alright, Polly?” I asked as I cocked my head. “You seem sort of...worked up.”

    Her eyes were glued to my pumps as she spoke in a light voice. “Y-yeah, I’m, uh, I-I’m fine.”

    “Oh, I think you’re way past fine. In fact, you’re about ready to explode.” I placed a hand under her chin and raised her head. “But don’t be so eager. I still want to chat for a bit.”

    “O-okay,” she said with an expression of disappointment.

    “So, back to the topic of orgasms…I assume you’ve given yourself a whole bunch of them since that night I let you sniff my pumps.”

    She let out a heavy sigh and looked away from me. “Y-yeah...uh, a few.”

    “A few?” I smirked and folded my arms. “You mean a few dozen, right?”

    She closed her eyes and shrugged. “I, I guess.”

    “Polly…” I waited several moments for her to look at me. “’s okay. I mean, you weren’t the only one masturbating like crazy from that experience. I think I set a personal record for most orgasms in a two-day period.”

    She let out a chuckle and before long we were both in hysterics. When we calmed down, she still had an enormous smile on her face. It was a wonderful sight to behold, especially after she had been in tears mere minutes earlier. She then slid forward in her chair and looked at me intently.

    “Was it, um, really that intense...for you? When I was, uh, smelling your shoes?”

    I nodded with a sly grin. “You have no idea. As crazy as it seems, seeing and hearing you get so excited while breathing in my foot stench was...unbelievably hot.”

    Her gaze became lascivious, and she took a deep breath. “You know, I could make it really hot for you again.”

    “Could you?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

    She started to move from her chair – I assumed to get on the floor at my feet – but I put my hands on her arms to stop her.

    “Not here, Polly.” I shifted my gaze around the room, then back to the girl in my grasp. “There might be cameras we can’t see.”

    “Y-you think so?” she asked as her eyes darted back and forth.

    “I’m not sure, but we need to be careful.” I took my hands from her, and watched her slide back into her seat. “We don’t want anyone to know what we’re doing, right?”

    She nodded several times.

    “But don’t worry. I promise the drive to your house will be...” I bent closer to her. “...full of my foot stink.”

    She shivered as she let out a moan. “I, I can’t wait.”

    “Neither can I.” I stood up and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s go!”

    We quickly gathered up our items and headed for the faculty parking lot. Once we were in my car, I took off my pumps.

    “Whew!” I waved a hand under my nose. “They stink something awful today. Are you sure you want to sniff them?”

    “Oh, yes!” she said while nodding furiously. “Please, can I...can I smell your shoes? Please?!”

    “Alright,” I said as I handed them to her, “but don’t blame me if the stench causes you to puke.”

    Before I could blink, she had placed one of my shoes over her nose and started inhaling deeply. I shook my head in amazement, and scanned the area to see if anyone was near us. After verifying we weren’t being watched, I settled back to enjoy the show. And my petite foot girl gave me more entertainment than I ever could have hoped for.

    She closed her eyes, and continued to breathe in my foot odor. I began to hear soft moans escaping her lips, and then her body started to slowly writhe. As her passionate noises grew loader, her movements became faster and more exaggerated. She was soon thrusting her hips, and making such loud sounds that I checked once more to ensure nobody was close by.

    Once this was confirmed, I reached a hand under my skirt and began to play with myself. By then, I was extremely aroused from Polly’s intense gyrations and grunts. I kept rubbing my pussy harder and harder, while she sniffed my shoe for all she was worth. Before long, we were both approaching orgasm.

    “Oh God, OH GOD…cum with me Polly! Cum…with…me…”

    I climaxed with such force that I almost blacked out. And my screams were so loud that I drowned out the girl sitting beside me.

    When I started to recover a minute later, I noticed that Polly had slid most of the way down the passenger seat. My shoes were resting on her stomach, and she wore an expression of pure bliss. Her eyes then fluttered open, and she turned her head toward me.

    “Wow,” she said between heavy breaths, “that amazing.”

    I smiled at her and nodded. “Yeah, it really was.”

    She reached over and took my hand. “This is like…a dream come true for me.”

    “I’m so glad.” I gripped her hand tighter. “This is incredible for me too.”

    We stayed like that for several minutes, basking in the afterglow of our seismic releases. No words were exchanged, but none were necessary. Our glances toward each other said everything. We were both getting exactly what we wanted – what we needed. And it was beyond anything either of us could have imagined.

    I let go of her hand and patted her leg. “I better get you home soon, or your parents will wonder what I’m doing with you.”

    She giggled, as did I. She then sat up straight in the seat and tried to return my shoes.

    “You can hold on to those for now. I don’t need them back until we get to your house. Plus, I bet there’s still more of that nasty odor left in them. You need to be a good girl and take care of it for me.”

    “Y-yes, Miss,” she said with a sheepish grin.

    As I began driving away from school, she alternated between my shoes – picking up one from her lap, holding it to her face, taking a strong sniff, and then placing it back on her lap. Once again, she seemed to have been transported to a zone where nothing else existed apart from the aroma of my insoles. It didn’t matter that we were passing a number of cars, and the occasional pedestrian. All she cared about was huffing as much foot funk as she could from my pumps.

    By the time I pulled into her driveway, she had worked herself into quite the tizzy. In fact, I was sure she wouldn’t have stopped until she orgasmed once more – except that I pried the shoes from her grip.

    She shot me a glare before noticing where we were. “Oh, sorry.” She shrugged and lowered her gaze. “I didn’t know we were here already.”

    I shook my head and laughed. “It looked like you were in a trance. Did that smell hypnotize you?”

    “Yeah,” she said with a giggle, “pretty much.”

    “Well, I’m happy that you enjoyed it.” I then tipped my head in the direction of the car parked in front of mine. “So, are your parents here?”

    “Um, only my mom. My dad’s at work.”

    “Alright, then I think it’s best if I head back to my apartment. But first, there’s something I want to give you…since you were such a good girl on the way home.”

    I reached under my skirt and tugged at the elastic of a stocking top. I then made a show of rolling it down my leg in a slow and sexy manner. Polly’s eager expression and gasping breaths made me chuckle, and I continued until I had finally pulled the last of the silky material from my toes. I repeated this with the other stocking, pausing on occasion to flash a lurid smile at the excited girl.

    When both were off, I held them in one hand while extending the other. “Now, before I let you have your treat I need my shoes.”

    She picked up my pumps and placed them in my outstretched hand. I dropped them on the floor by my feet, and then smirked at Polly.

    “You know, I’m not quite convinced that you deserve these.” I waved my stockings near her face. “You were rather naughty the past few days, playing with that pussy of yours when I wasn’t around.”

    “No, please…” She gave me her best puppy-dog eyes. “…please let me have them, Miss. I promise I’ll be good.”

    I raised an eyebrow. “I’m not sure whether I can trust you.”

    “Y-you can! Please, Miss, I’ll do whatever you say!”

    “Hmmm,” I said with a wicked grin. “In that case, I’ll let you have them. But...” I moved the stockings away from her. “...there are two conditions.”

    “Yes, Miss…anything!”

    Her desperation was so intense that I considered telling her to take off her clothes and do jumping jacks on her front lawn. And she might have even done it, just to get her hands on my well-worn stockings. But I had something different in mind.

    “Okay, more orgasms until tomorrow after school. Is that understood?”

    She cringed, but nodded slowly.

    “Good. And second…you will take my stockings to bed with you, and wash them overnight…in your mouth.”

    A bewildered expression appeared on her face, and I giggled.

    “That’s right. And when you return them to me tomorrow, they better not smell like feet.”

    She looked into my eyes, then shifted her gaze to my stockings. “Um, o-okay Miss. I’ll, I’ll do as you say.”


    I dug into my purse and pulled out a small resealable bag. I opened it, pushed the stockings in, and slid it shut.

    “There, that should lock in the sweat.” I handed the bag to her with a smile. “Now don’t open it until bedtime.”

    “Yes, Miss. And, and thank you.”

    She grabbed her bookbag and shoved my stockings in the front pocket. At that moment, I noticed her mother walking towards us. I sighed with relief, thinking that we had finished our naughty little chat just in the nick of time.

    I exchanged a knowing look with Polly, quickly slipped my shoes on, and then we both got out of the car. Stephanie approached and hugged me tightly.

    “Amber, it’s so wonderful to see you again.” She released me from her embrace. “How are things going?”

    “Very well, thank you. And how are you, Steph?”

    “I’m good. As a matter of fact, I just put an apple cake in to bake. If you have twenty minutes, I’ll give you a nice warm piece fresh out of the oven.”

    “That sounds terrific, but unfortunately I can’t stay.”

    “Aw...that’s a shame,” she said with an expression of disappointment. “Well I’ll just have to send some with Polly tomorrow for you, since I know how much you like it.”

    “That would be great. Thanks, Steph.”

    We smiled at each other, and she gave her daughter a hug. As Stephanie pulled away, she sniffed the air and crinkled her nose in disgust.

    “Do you smell that?” She leaned close to Polly. “Your face stinks! What happened?”

    Polly instantly went pale, and glanced at me. I wanted to help her, but I had no idea what to say.

    “Um, well mom, I...I smelled Amber’s shoe.”

    Holy shit! I shook my head, thinking I must have been hearing things wrong. Did Polly just admit to sniffing my shoe?

    Steph chuckled for a moment, before looking at me and then her daughter. “Wait, you’re serious? You…smelled your teacher’s shoe?”

    Polly paused and took a deep breath. “Yeah mom, I did. But it was only because she kept telling me how badly her feet stunk and that nobody could handle the stench. So...I wanted to prove her wrong.”

    I almost laughed out loud at her words. She managed to include a decent amount of truth in that explanation, without coming across as a total pervert. However, I wasn’t sure what her mother was thinking.

    There were several moments of awkward silence, and then Steph looked at my feet. “So, you really let my daughter smell your pumps?”

    Damn, now I was on the defensive. “Well, uh, yes I did. I mean, anyone who claims they can stand the smell of my feet needs to be given a chance to prove it.”

    She raised an eyebrow and walked toward me. “Okay, I’ll give it a shot.” She must have noticed my puzzled expression, and she extended her palm. “Come on, give me one of your shoes. I’d like to find out if I can survive the smell too.”

    I shrugged and slid my foot out of a pump. As I bent down to retrieve it, I was in total disbelief. Polly’s mom wanted to sniff my shoe. I was either in the midst of a crazy dream or I had been sucked into the Twilight Zone. There was no way this was actually happening!

    But sure enough, Stephanie took my pump from me and held it up to her nose. I peeked at Polly, and could see that she too was in complete shock at what her mother was doing. Her mom then inhaled strongly through her nose.

    For a few seconds, there was no reaction. After that, her eyes went wide and she dropped the shoe while coughing. I chuckled as she recovered from what had clearly been too much foot stink for her to handle.

    “Oh my God!” Steph coughed once more between mouthfuls of air. “That smelled...horrible!” Her gaze fell on Polly. “How could you even stand it?”

    “It wasn’t that bad,” Polly said with a giggle. “But you should know that feet don’t bother me. I mean, how many times have I rubbed your feet at the end of the day?”

    She shrugged and nodded several times. “True...and there were times when my feet were quite stinky. I guess your sense of smell is pretty weak compared to mine.”

    “Yeah, I guess.”

    I put my shoe back on and placed a hand on Stephanie’s shoulder. “I think it’s wonderful that Polly gives you foot massages.”

    “It is,” she said while smiling at her daughter. “And she’s fantastic at it.” She patted my arm. “You should definitely let her do your feet. She obviously doesn’t mind the smell, and you’ll love the way it feels.”

    I winked at Polly, and then looked at her mom. “Well alright then. I’ll have to take her up on that sometime.”

    “You won’t be disappointed.” Stephanie glanced toward her house. “I know you have to go, Amber. And I have to check on my cake. So, I’ll leave you two to say your goodbyes.” She put an arm around me and gently squeezed. “It was great seeing you again. Stop by anytime you want.”

    “You can count on it. Take care, Steph.”

    “Bye Amber!” She waved and then dashed toward her front porch.

    Polly walked over to me and leaned her head on my arm. “Thanks for playing along with me. My mom doesn’t know about my fetish.”

    “No problem,” I said as I patted her shoulder. “But now I need to know. Does it...turn you on when you rub your mother’s feet?”

    She took a step back from me and sighed. “I, um, it’’s hard to explain.”

    “I’m not going to judge you, Polly. I’m just...curious.”

    “O-okay,” she said with a nod. “I mean, I’m not attracted to my mom. That would be like, ew.”

    I chuckled, as did she.

    “But she does have pretty feet. And they, um, smell good to me. So, I figure as long as she doesn’t mind, I can, uh, practice foot massages on a pair of nice feet.”

    “I get it. However, I’m still wondering whether her something for you.”

    She began to fidget and looked down at the driveway. “I, I suppose they do, a little. It’s just...” She raised her head and stared into my eyes. “...I can’t help it. Seeing and touching beautiful feet always makes me kinda...horny.”

    I gave her a warm smile. “It’s fine. I don’t have a problem with it.” I then saw her lips curl into a smile. “I assume that means you think my feet are beautiful too.”

    “Oh God, yes. You have the most gorgeous feet I’ve ever seen!”

    “Really?” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, I’m glad you feel that way.” I smirked and leaned close to her ear. “And if you obey my two conditions, I’ll let you play with my amazing feet after school tomorrow.”

    She closed her eyes and moaned. “Oh yes, Miss. I’ll, I’ll obey. I promise.”

    “Very good.” I chuckled and stood up straight. “You know, I really do love it when you call me ‘Miss’ during our...roleplaying.”

    “Thanks! I’ve seen that in a few fetish stories and some, uh, videos. And I thought it”

    “It definitely is.”

    I stared at the petite girl for a few moments, and a feeling of joy swept over me. She made me feel alive and excited. She brought out an inner-dominant that – up until recently – I didn’t even know was within me. And her submissiveness was allowing it to flourish. The prospects of what I could do with her in the coming days, weeks, and even months were incredible!

    After some time, she took a peek at her front door. “I think I better go in, before my mom starts worrying about me.”

    “Oh, sure...but first...” I held out my arms. “ about a goodbye hug?”

    She practically knocked me over as she threw herself into my grasp. Our embrace lasted almost a full minute, and I had to pry her off of me before she became permanently attached.

    “Have a good evening, Polly. I’ll see you in school tomorrow.”

    “You too, Amber. And thanks again for...being so awesome.”

    I giggled and we waved at each other. After she went into her house, I got into the driver’s seat of my car. I was still feeling giddy from our time together, so I turned on some dance music and cranked the volume.

    During the entire drive to my apartment, I was singing at the top of my voice and bobbing my head. I was sure that I looked like a lunatic to any passersby, but I didn’t care. Nobody was going to affect my enthusiasm. I had climbed onto Cloud Nine and nothing could knock me off!

    Later in the evening, I was whistling and humming while grading assignments in my bedroom. I had spent the first hour after I arrived at home engaging in self-pleasure. The image of Polly holding, then sniffing, and then sucking on my filthy stockings – while hearing my voice in her head telling her not to touch herself – was beyond delicious. After my sixth orgasm, I staggered off my living room sofa and had dinner. I then did some reading and bit of lesson planning before heading upstairs.

    Prior to making my nightly journal entry, I paused to consider what fun activity I could engage in with my ped-sniffing student the next day. I peered down at my toes and wiggled them. My feet continued to have a rancid odor, since I hadn’t washed them for more than three days. I then realized I needed to keep them nice and stinky for her. What better gift could I offer her than a chance to massage and sniff a pair of feet that reeked to the high heavens? Nothing, of course!
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    Wonderful! Im already doing the Audio for it *laughs* . . . . almost the whole chapter. Damn it so good again, *___*
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Once again best story i've read in a while.Excellent chapter added. can't wait for the next one! thanks again

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    Thank you, Natsuko and blackfoot40, for your wonderful replies. It really does motivate me to receive such great feedback.

    And now it is me looking forward to something...another undoubtedly amazing reading of my written words from the sensual voice of Natsuko.
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    Excellent work One, I'm really proud of you. You really got me into stories again man, excellent!
    And btw, why did they go to corals? I don't think it's a coincidence

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    I am glad you are enjoying the story, Tim. The Coral Castle is a nice tourist attraction that demands quite a bit of walking. And walking builds up foot sweat, as you know.

    Without further ado, here is the next chapter!
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    Tuesday, January 27

    I sat amongst the soapy bubbles this morning, using a loofa to scrub the sweat and grime from every part of my body. There was, however, one exception: my feet. For the third consecutive morning, I allowed them to dangle outside of the bathtub. While it was rather inconvenient to bathe myself this way, it was more than worth it for my petite, submissive student. She loved stinky feet, and that’s exactly what she would be getting from me!

    After I dried myself off, I gave each of my toenails a quick trim and file. I had to breathe through my mouth while doing this because the stench was almost toxic. I then fished through my hamper to find a pair of black stockings that I had worn last week. Once I put them on, I dressed in a maroon blouse, a black skirt, and a pair of crimson two-inch heels. I had taken a sniff of the shoes before sliding my feet into them, and was pleased to detect a rather strong aroma.

    With a final check in the mirror to ensure I looked good, I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. As I ate a bowl of cereal, my mind reviewed the happenings of the prior afternoon. Had I actually achieved a simultaneous orgasm with Polly? Later on, did I really tell her to suck my sweaty stockings clean? And forbid her to touch herself? Then – strangest of all – did her mother seriously volunteer to smell one of my pumps?

    The more I thought about all of it, the harder it was to believe these things occurred. But they did. And my life was becoming as fantastically bizarre as any fetish story or video I had ever come across. I then wondered how much of my behavior during the previous few days was influenced by foot-related femdom porn, versus how much was a suppressed dominant within me that was finally surfacing. I chuckled at the realization that it was probably a combination of both.

    My ride into work was quite smooth for a change, and I engaged in pleasant chatter with Rob and a few male teachers before the homeroom period began. I then spent the next ninety minutes sitting in the faculty break room. For much of that time, I was reading a book.

    But it wasn’t just any book. It was a steamy romance novel that contained a bondage scene. And the interaction between the tormentor and the victim was so stimulating that I needed to close the book before I started moaning out loud. As it was, my cheeks felt flushed and my heart was racing. Thankfully, I could see that the other three people in the room were absorbed in their own little worlds and were paying no attention to me.

    One of them was the young, pretty Geometry teacher. She appeared to be grading tests or quizzes, and was quite focused on her work. The other two were staring at their phones, no doubt checking emails or social media. I let out a sigh of relief, then decided to look at a few things on my own phone. Once I verified that I had no messages requiring my immediate attention, I realized that it was almost the end of first period. I dropped my book into my bag, and stood up just as the bell rang.

    Both of my morning classes featured a bit of fun – well, for me anyway. I quite enjoyed the expressions of shock and dismay on the faces of my students when I announced a pop quiz during each period. And even though a number of them grumbled, at least it reinforced the importance of paying attention to my lectures.

    While munching on my salad at lunch, I sat with the usual guys. We talked about all sorts of frivolous topics, such as who had the worst students, who had the noisiest neighbor, and who had the craziest family. I was thankful that I didn’t win any of these ‘competitions’, but I did giggle often at the stories I heard.

    Immediately after all of them got up to leave, Linda approached my table. She plopped down next to me and began droning on about her latest sighting of rare birds. After ten minutes, I was bored out of my mind. However, I remained seated while acting as though her ramblings were interesting to me.

    Although I maintained eye contact with her, my thoughts wandered to the adorable girl I would be meeting after school. I knew she would be getting a healthy dose of raunchy foot odor, as my feet were sweating up a storm. In fact, I felt a lot of dampness inside of my pumps as I scrunched my toes. And at that moment, an idea struck me about how to make this dull woman and her endless blathering disappear – without having to say a word to her.

    As she spoke of her upcoming plans to see more birds during a vacation to Mexico, I pried a shoe from one of my feet. I watched her face as I flexed my foot and spread my toes. Just as I detected the rotten scent, she paused and gazed around the room with suspicion.

    “What’s that awful smell?”

    I took a few sniffs and shrugged. “I don’t smell anything.”

    She shook her head and sighed. “I suppose it’s just me. Anyway, where was I? Oh, that’s right, I was telling you about the best places to spot rare birds near Tulum.”

    Crap, that didn’t work! I tried smiling to hide my disappointment, but I was sure it appeared fake. Not that she even noticed, as she went on and on and on. I knew I needed to ratchet up the stink, so I slid the shoe off my other foot. I then raised it from the floor, and set it down on the seat opposite from where I was sitting – which was not far from Linda’s face.

    This time, her reaction was more pronounced. She stopped mid-sentence, and put a hand over her nose.

    “Oh my God! That stench is...revolting! Where is it coming from?”

    She began swiveling her head, and I pulled my foot from the chair. I had to stifle laughter as she kept searching in vain for the source of the stink. I crossed a foot over my knee, and rubbed the sole with my hand. I then held up my palms and gave her a puzzled expression.

    “Seriously, Linda, are you okay? I mean, I haven’t detected any strange odor at all.”

    “How can you not smell that? It’s atrocious!” She stood up from her chair, with a hand still covering her nose. “I’m sorry, but I have to get some fresh air.” She started jogging toward the exit. “Bye, Amber!” With that, she was out of the room.

    I smiled and waved, even though she was already gone. As I slipped my shoes back on, I let out a chuckle. It was hilarious to know that the aroma of my feet had become so nauseating that it could literally make people flee. If only I hadn’t waited so long into her useless drivel before taking off my pumps!

    Since there was still a half hour until my next lecture, I went to my office to make a final review of the quiz I would be springing on my students. And as I walked toward the classroom, I giggled while recalling the expression on Linda’s face when she breathed in my foot sweat. I then made a mental note to keep my shoes on while teaching. Otherwise I might clear everyone out, and I would be left with one person to instruct – Polly.

    Speaking of my adorable foot lover, she was sitting at her desk as I entered the room. She gave me a warm smile, then turned back to her friend and resumed chatting. I dropped my bag on the teacher’s desk and took a good look at my favorite pupil.

    She was quite the vision in her pink blouse, black skirt, white patterned stockings, and pink heels. As my gaze shifted throughout the room, I could see that I wasn’t the only one who took notice. Several of the boys and even one of the girls were staring at her with keen interest. Meanwhile, she was oblivious to all of it while she continued gabbing away with Tanya.

    The bell sounded a moment later, and soon afterward I heard numerous groans when I announced the pop quiz. While my students struggled to answer the questions, I leaned my butt on the front of my desk and watched them with a smug grin. I almost laughed at the notion that I was deriving twisted pleasure from the angst of these boys and girls. Exactly how sadistic was I?

    A few minutes later, I saw that Polly had finished. She placed her folded hands on top of her paper, and sat back with a satisfied expression. Rather than collect it from her, I gave her a smirk as our eyes met. We held each other’s gaze for a minute, and I could see her passion rising. There was no anxiety to be found in her demeanor, only desire. It became clear to me that she had been an obedient girl – one who was very eager for her reward.

    Once some other students had completed the quiz, I began strolling through the aisles to pick them up. During this time, I considered what treat I would give to Polly. After I gathered up the last one, I devised the perfect plan. It was going to be a slice of heaven that the petite young woman would not soon forget!

    The rest of English class consisted of enhancing their vocabulary and assigning them homework. While the room emptied, I approached the girl and her best friend.

    Tanya stood up and nudged me. “Did you see those guys drooling over Polly?”

    “I sure did,” I said with a chuckle.

    Polly lowered her brows. “What are you talking about?”

    Her friend rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on! You mean you didn’t notice?”

    “Notice what?”

    I put a hand on her shoulder. “You’re definitely the center of a good way.”

    She cocked her head. “Really?”

    “Yes really!”

    “Wow, I...I thought it was just that one day that everyone was staring at me.”

    “Well, yeah but there’s still some kids who can’t stop gawking at you.” Tanya stepped back and looked her friend up and down. “And I don’t blame them. You’re...gorgeous!”

    Polly let out a nervous giggle and began to blush.

    “She’s right, you know.” I gave her shoulder a squeeze. “You would certainly be quite the catch for, well, anyone!”

    She slunk down as her face went bright red. “Um, well, if you...if you say so.”

    Tanya smacked her friend’s arm. “Don’t be so shy! You look amazing. Heck, you should walk through school like you own the place!”

    “Okay,” she said with a shrug. “I’ll do that.”

    Those words in conjunction with her timid tone made us burst out laughing. Even Polly joined in, which was great to see. Several moments later, we had regained our composure.

    I peeked at the time on my phone. “I’d better let you two get going.”

    “Yeah,” Tanya said, “we have to get to our Physics class.” She scooped up her belongings and tapped Polly’s shoulder. “Let’s go, slow poke. You were almost late yesterday!”

    “I’m coming!” She grabbed her bag and turned her head toward her friend. “I’ll be right behind you.”

    Tanya rolled her eyes. “Suit yourself.” She then looked in my direction. “Bye, Miss Nolan. See ya tomorrow!” She began heading for the door.

    “Take care, Tanya!” I waved as she left the room.

    I felt my hand being grasped and I peered down at Polly. “So were you a good girl for me?”

    She spoke in a soft voice. “Yes Miss, I really was.”

    “Mmmm, that’s wonderful.”

    A smile formed on my lips, and I was sure she could detect the wickedness in my expression. She took a deep breath and began to tremble as she waited for me to continue.

    I bent to whisper in her ear. “Meet me in this room after school, and bring my stockings. If I can’t smell any of my foot sweat on them, you’ll get an amazing treat.”

    “Oh God,” she said as a noticeable shiver ran through her body. “I, I can’t wait.”

    “Aw,” I said with a chuckle, “well, you only have to make it through one more period. You can do that for me, right?”

    She gave me a wistful grin and nodded.

    “ hurry up and get to your Physics class.”

    “Oh, um, yeah.” She turned and started jogging away. “See you later, Miss Nolan!”

    “Bye, Polly!”

    After she was gone, I sat in the desk chair and shook my head in disbelief. My lewd exchanges with Polly were becoming a regular occurrence, and I loved it. She was fully enamored with my feet – which until recently were nothing but stinky appendages at the end of my legs. However, I now considered them to be the sexiest and most erogenous parts of my body. I had even used them to scare off an annoying colleague earlier in the afternoon. They were more amazing than I had thought. They were my new superpower!

    Of course, there were drawbacks to my situation. While I was having an incredible time with my little foot girl, there were a number of hazards to consider. Did Polly’s parents suspect anything beyond friendship between us? Did Tanya know more than she was letting on? Were other students keen to our little games? What about other teachers? Was my paranoid mind going to keep tormenting me with this shit?

    Rather than spend the next forty minutes driving myself insane, I decided to grade quizzes. I had brought everything I needed from my small office, so I took the folder containing those papers out of my bag and got started. I managed to finish all the ones from my morning classes just a moment before the bell sounded. After putting my stuff away, I pushed my chair back from the desk and placed my hands behind my head. It felt good to accomplish something.

    When the door opened, I leaned back and swung my legs up onto the desk. I crossed one foot over the other, and I saw Polly staring at me. Clearly, she liked what she saw and I began to move the top foot from side to side. She closed the door and made a slow walk toward me – keeping her eyes on my shoes the entire time. When she stopped in front of them, she smiled and ran a finger along the soles.

    I couldn’t help but giggle. “Do they feel nice?”

    “They do. But I really want to feel what’s under them, Miss.”

    Damn, this girl knew how to press my buttons. I narrowed my gaze and gave her mischievous grin.

    “Well, I did promise to reward you.” I removed my legs and feet from the desk, then stood up. “Come with me and you’ll get your prize.”

    I picked up my bag and my purse, and led her to my car. Once inside, I clicked my seatbelt on. I peered in her direction, and noticed a look of confusion.

    “Is something wrong, Polly?”

    “Um, no, but...are you taking me home now?”

    “No,” I said with a chuckle, “we’re going back to my place.”

    Her entire face lit up and she swiftly buckled herself in. “Okay, I’m ready!”

    I laughed as I shook my head. “I see that. But first, let me inspect those stockings I lent to you yesterday.”

    “Y-yes, Miss.”

    She took a deep breath and pulled a resealable bag out of her purse. I waited for her to open it, then held my hand out. Then she dumped the stockings onto my palm.

    “They’re still damp,” I said while fingering the silky material. “Were they in your mouth the whole night?”

    “Uh huh,” she said in a husky whisper.

    “And did you enjoy the flavor?”

    “I, I did, Miss.”

    I smirked and looked into her eyes. “Tell me you didn’t play with that pussy of yours.”

    “No Miss...I, I didn’t. I promise.”

    I leaned closer to her. “So you’re saying that you sucked on my delicious stockings for seven or eight hours...and didn’t touch yourself once?”

    She shuddered, and took several ragged breaths. “I wanted to, Miss…s-so badly. But I, I didn’t want to disobey you.”

    “Very well, I believe you.” I brought the foot part of the stockings up to my face. “Now for the sniff test.”

    This would be the moment of truth. I took a number of huge whiffs, and there was almost no detectable odor. I then smiled and gave them back to Polly.

    “Good girl. You’ve not only earned a treat, but also the privilege of hand-washing my stockings.” I patted her arm. “And this time, use soap and water on them instead of saliva.”

    “Yes, Miss, of course.”

    We exchanged a grin and she placed my stockings back in the resealable bag. She then shoved them into her purse. I gave her an approving nod before turning the key in the ignition.

    Since it was a beautiful afternoon, I put the top down on my convertible. I let Polly choose a radio station, and I began driving to my apartment. I cranked up the volume as we shouted out the lyrics to a song we both knew. This continued for the rest of our journey, while we sang along to several upbeat tunes. By the time we arrived, we were laughing hysterically at each other’s wild and windblown manes.

    After we each did a bit of hair brushing, we exited my car and walked toward my building. I stopped in front of the unit marked with the number 12. I unlocked the door and glanced at Polly.

    “It’s not as impressive as your house, but it’s home for me.” I shrugged and pushed the door open.

    “Wow,” she said as she followed me inside, “it’s really nice, Amber.”

    “Thanks! I try to keep it tidy.”

    For the next minute, I gave her a brief tour of the downstairs floor. It hardly took that long to show her my small kitchen, living room, and powder room. I offered her a drink, but she declined. I then plopped down in the center of my couch and patted the spot next to me. She smiled and sat where I had indicated.

    “Stay right there,” I said and then slid toward the armrest on the opposite side of Polly.

    She had a puzzled expression on her face, but she didn’t move. I then turned so my back was against the armrest, and brought my feet up from the floor. A moment later, they were resting on the surprised girl’s lap.

    I used a heel to lightly tap her thigh. “You know, my feet hurt from being trapped in these shoes all day.”

    She let a huge breath. “D-do they, Miss?”

    “Oh yes. But you know what would make them feel a whole lot better?”

    “Um, a, m-massage?”

    “That’s right,” I said as I folded my arms. “Would you do the honors?”

    A lascivious grin appeared on her face and she bit her lip. “Y-yes, Miss. It, it would be m-my pleasure.”

    “Good take off my pumps.”

    “Of, of course, Miss.”

    She placed each hand carefully on a heel, and then delicately tugged on them. Slowly, she pulled the shoes from my feet. Within seconds, a piercing stench filled the room. It was worse than when I had aired them out near Linda in the break room. While I was having trouble dealing with the smell, Polly closed her eyes and took strong sniffs of the air. Instead of making her nauseous, my intense foot odor seemed to be igniting her passions. She then went one step further and brought one of my pumps up to her face.

    A moment later she pulled it away from her nose and coughed. I giggled, realizing that I had finally produced a level of foot stink that was too much for her to deal with.

    “Was that stench a bit much for you?”

    She glanced at me and then at the pumps she was holding. “Um, m-maybe just a little.”

    “Well, you better get used to it. You don’t get to touch my feet until you smell each of my shoes for one whole minute.”

    Her eyes went wide as she continued staring at my footwear. “Oh, then I’ll…I’ll try, Miss.”

    I picked up my phone and went into the stopwatch feature. I gave her a wicked smirk as I showed her the screen.

    “Are you ready?”

    She took a deep breath. “Y-yes, Miss.”

    “Alright. On the count of three, I want you to put a shoe over your nose. One...two...three!”

    She brought a pump to her face and I started the timer. I carefully observed as she held it in place and began sniffing. She squeezed her eyes shut and shivered after the first few, no doubt in an attempt to deal with the overwhelming stink. I even heard a muffled cough. But as the seconds ticked by, it seemed she was becoming accustomed to the aroma. In fact, she let out moans after the last couple of inhales – ones that sounded rather pleasurable.

    I tapped her leg with my foot. “Okay, now switch shoes!”

    Before I could blink, her nose was imbedded in the opening of my other pump. I clicked the timer back to zero as she started huffing away again. And she was certainly going to town with this shoe. Each sniff was long and loud, followed by a protracted moan or purring sound. She had become so absorbed in the scent that I needed to kick her to let her know that the minute was up.

    She dropped the shoe, shook herself out of her reverie, and turned her head in my direction. “Oh, um, sorry Miss.”

    Her disheveled appearance, which included labored breathing and bright red cheeks, caused me to laugh. The effect that my foot odor had on her was hilarious, but at the same time simply adorable. And I really wanted that cute girl’s soft hands on my tired feet.

    I raised my brows and wiggled my toes. “You know what I want you to do now, right?”

    She looked at my feet, and slowly moved a hand onto each one. “Y-you want me give you the best foot rub I can, Miss.”

    “That’s correct, my good little girl.”

    We exchanged smiles, and she began putting pressure on my feet. Her expert hands slid across my soles and toes, and it felt wonderful. I closed my eyes to bask in the extraordinary sensations, and soon it had become so incredible that I was getting wet between my legs. As she continued giving me the most unbelievable foot massage in the history of ever, I couldn’t resist touching my throbbing pussy. Damn, this girl was turning me on beyond my wildest expectations!

    My fingers moved across my sex while Polly’s kept working to perfection on my feet. I then felt her breath under my toes, and opened an eye to see her taking direct sniffs of my foot stink. Unlike the last time I caught her doing this, I shivered with delight.

    “Mmmm, yes. Smell my toes, Polly. And keep rubbing my feet.”

    She simply nodded without pausing from her duties. I started masturbating myself harder and faster, and I was quickly on the verge of climax. And as much as I wanted to make this beautiful scene last forever, I couldn’t hold back any longer. With one final thrust of my hand, I exploded in an orgasm so forceful that I lost consciousness.

    The next thing I became aware of was something softly tapping my cheek. My eyes fluttered open, and Polly’s face filled my vision.

    “Are you alright, Amber?”

    I let out a sigh of pleasure. “Yeah, I’m...I’m great.”

    She exhaled deeply and cocked her head. “I was really worried. You were out for, like, almost two minutes!”

    “Was I? Wow, that’s...crazy.”

    She chuckled. “That must have been one heck of an orgasm!”

    “Oh, it was. Your fingers are...magical.”

    A lovely smile formed on her lips. “Your feet are magical.”

    She used her hand to brush the stray hairs away from my face. She then placed her palm on my cheek, and gently caressed my skin with her thumb. As we stared into each other’s eyes, a sensation of warmth spread throughout my body. The way she was looking at me and touching me caused my heart to flutter. Was I starting to have actual feelings for her? Did I want our relationship to become more intimate? Could that already be happening?

    As I pondered my emotional state, I saw Polly’s face begin to approach mine. And I felt like a deer in the headlights. I wasn’t sure if I wanted this, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop her. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced myself for a kiss on the lips. Instead, it landed on my forehead.

    “You’re such an amazing woman.” Her kind words made me open my eyes. “It’s so awesome that you’re letting me do this with you.”

    I gave her an enormous smile. “Well, I think it’s awesome that you showed me your fetish. I mean, look at what you did to me a few minutes ago. That was so powerful, my body couldn’t even handle it!”

    She giggled and patted my cheek. “Yeah, it was wild. I was thinking I might have to call 911 if you didn’t wake up soon.”

    “Sorry I scared you,” I said with a chuckle. “But, um, since we’re on the subject…did you have an orgasm too?”

    She lowered her gaze and shook her head. “I didn’t want to cum without your permission, Miss.”

    I placed a hand under her chin and looked into her eyes. “In that case, my good girl deserves a release.”

    Her face flushed with arousal, and she gasped. It was such a delight to see her like this, and a wicked smirk formed on my lips.

    I sat up and pointed to the floor. “Go on...sit.”

    “Yes, Miss.” An instant later, she was down at my feet.

    “And now...” I pulled up the hem of my skirt to reveal the tops of my stockings. “...I need you to take these off for me.”

    Her eyes bulged as she took a huge breath. “O-okay, Miss.”

    I watched as her hands started moving in slow motion. After what seemed like minutes, she took hold of an elastic band and began to roll the stocking down my leg. I purred at how erotic this was for me. But I noticed this girl was trembling, and her expression conveyed a lot of anxiety. I figured it was probably the first time she had ever removed lingerie from another woman, and she was nervous as hell about messing up the moment.

    Once she had taken the garment all the way off, she let out a sigh and peered up at me with a grin. I stroked her hair and chuckled.

    “Very good. Now the other one.”

    The scene was repeated, although the look on her face this time was less panicked and more lustful. In fact, when she pulled the stocking from my toes she kissed the top of my foot and giggled. It was just as exciting to see a playful Polly as it had been to witness a fearful one.

    “Mmmm, I liked that. I want you to shower my sole with kisses.”

    “Of, of course, Miss.”

    She cupped her hands under a heel and lifted my foot from the floor. Then she started placing light pecks on the bottom of my foot. Initially, I giggled from the tickling sensation. But as she kept going, she put more pressure – and passion – into each kiss. And this fanned the flames of my desire once more.

    When her lips pressed against the ball of my foot, she took a deep sniff of my toes. Her face showed a mixture of intoxication and apprehension, causing me to shiver with lust. I needed more of this!

    “That’s it, Polly. Smell my toes. And don’t stop kissing”

    She gave a subtle nod while glancing up at me. Her eyes then closed and she resumed her task. It wasn’t long before she was moaning with every inhale, and using her tongue as well as her lips. Soon she began gyrating her hips, and I figured her pussy was soaking wet – just like mine was. But I wasn’t done turning up the heat.

    “Oh yes…that’s soooo incredible. Now suck on them.”

    Within seconds, she was staring into my eyes as she took my big toe into her mouth. We held each other’s gaze as her tongue moved along the underside of my toe. Never in my life had I experienced anything so stimulating. The electricity that surged through me as she sucked my toes and licked between them was enough to power the entire building. Or maybe the whole town!

    I wanted Polly to share in this, so I pushed the toes of my other foot between her legs. She shuddered, but continued with her oral service. I then reached a hand between my legs to satiate my own desires. This incredible scene went on for several more minutes: the petite girl slobbered all over my toes while my foot was grinding her pussy and my fingers thrusted in and out of my vagina.

    Our loud moans turned into screams and moments later we were both in the throes of thunderous climaxes. She gave my foot a hard squeeze and then she fell onto her side. I sunk into the couch cushion and propped my feet on Polly’s limp body. Her sighs of pleasure intermingled with mine as we both remained frozen in place while recovering from our seismic releases.

    When I finally felt like I could move again, I used my toes to prod the young woman in the ribs. I heard her giggle and then she slowly sat up. She wrapped her hands around one of my feet and proceeded to give me a soothing massage. A warm smile lit up her face, which combined with her fabulous ministrations made me tingle all over. Without a doubt, my adorable foot girl was one in a million.

    Tilting my head to one side, I looked down at her and raised my eyebrows. “You really love my feet, don’t you?”

    “Yeah, I, I do. They’re...soft, and beautiful, and...” She took a large sniff of my toes. “...and they smell amazing!”

    I chuckled. “And do they taste amazing too?”

    She licked along the tops of my toes. “Mmmm, they have the best flavor!”

    We both laughed, and then I shook my head. “I still can’t believe this is real. I mean, I’ve had fantasies involving you being at my feet in my apartment. But what we did was better than all of them combined!”

    “Wow, so, um, you had fantasies like that too?”

    I nodded. “A whole bunch of them. I guess you have as well.”

    “Uh huh. And like you said, this was waaaay more awesome than I imagined!”

    With my foot still firmly in Polly’s grasp, I leaned forward to get a better view of her in action. The smile on her face matched mine, as she focused on her task. She was clearly relishing this – perhaps more than I was. And considering that I felt like I had been transported to heaven, that was saying something!

    After watching her spend a few minutes on my first foot, she switched to the other one. I purred with delight as her fingers kneaded away every last ounce of tension that remained within me. Before long, I was relaxed in a way that I didn’t know was possible. It was the ultimate bliss, and I wanted to bask in it forever.

    Eventually, she set my foot on the floor and looked at me with a grin. “So, um, how did you like the massage?”

    I let out a soft moan. “It was...perfection!” I bent down and stroked her cheek. “I want you to do this for me every day.”

    She leaned her face into my hand. “I’d love to, Miss.”

    “You are just the cutest thing. And the sweetest, too.” I giggled while she batted her eyes at me. “If only I could keep you here.” I then glanced at the clock. “But it’s getting late and your mom is expecting you.”

    She nodded with a heavy sigh. “Yeah, I wish I could stay too.”

    “Don’t worry,” I said as I removed my hand from her cheek. “I’ll bring you back tomorrow so you can play with my feet again.”

    “Really?” She sprang up from the floor and threw her arms around me. “I can’t wait!”

    We hugged for several moments, and I pulled myself from her embrace. “Me either! Now let’s put our shoes on and hit the road.”

    The drive to her house was filled with laughter and off-key singing. It was magnificent to see the enthusiastic and fun-loving side of this girl. I was witnessing more of it every day, and it was making me want to spend as much time with her as possible. Her phenomenal skills at my feet didn’t hurt either.

    Once we were parked in her driveway, I patted her leg with a smile. “Thank you for an incredible afternoon.”

    She grabbed my hand firmly. “I really should be the one thanking you.”

    I chuckled. “Well, we certainly had a lot of fun.”

    “Oh yeah!”

    We both giggled and then I placed my hand on her shoulder. “Now, before I get going...let me remind you that you aren’t allowed to cum unless I give you permission. So, no more orgasms until after school tomorrow. Understood?”

    “Y-yes, Miss.” She sighed and lowered her gaze.

    “I know you can do it.” I put a finger under her chin and looked her in the eyes. “I do, however, want to give you a choice.”

    “About what?”

    “About whether I should wash my feet and wear a new pair of stockings tomorrow, or should I keep them stinky and put today’s stockings back on?”

    A sly grinned formed on her face. “I, um, would prefer the, uh, second option...Miss.”

    “Mmmm, very well then.” I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “I just hope you can handle the overpowering stench.”

    She moaned as her whole body trembled. “I’ll, I’ll try, Miss.”

    “Good girl.” I gave her a peck on the cheek. “I need to be off, and you need to start on your homework.”

    She smirked at me as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

    I rolled my eyes. “I mean the actual homework I assigned in English class, not daydreaming about my feet.”

    “I can do both, you know.” She giggled and opened the car door.

    “Have a good night, Polly.”

    “You too, Amber.” She stepped out of the car and then turned to look at me. “I’ll see you tomorrow!”

    “Take care. And say hi to your mom for me!”

    “Okay, I will.” She closed the door and waved to me.

    I waved also, and then began backing the car toward the street.

    When I arrived at my apartment, I spied my stockings on the floor near the sofa. I sat down, slipped off my shoes, and rolled them up my legs. I then decided to put my pumps on again. My feet produced more sweat when I wore shoes, and I wanted to ensure Polly experienced the maximum stink possible.

    Throughout the evening, I submerged myself in school-related tasks – when I wasn’t eating dinner or using the bathroom. This kept me from dwelling too much on my most recent erotic escapade. Thus, I reduced my temptation to masturbate.

    With my work completed by 9 PM, I figured I would head upstairs. I brushed my teeth and got dressed for bed. Of course, I kept on the same stockings and pumps. I then went to my desk and began adding the day’s events to my journal. This was going quite well until the part where my petite student and I engaged in our kinky activities.

    As I started to describe the scene in detail, my pussy throbbed and I could feel dampness between my legs. I needed to touch myself – to put out the fire in my loins. But I also wanted to control my urges, like I had told Polly to do.

    I pushed my chair away from the desk and gripped the armrests. Dear God, was I ever horny! Somehow, I had to hold back and prove that I could abstain until I saw my foot-loving girl again. However, if I didn’t satiate my overwhelming desire soon I would go mad!


    Well, at least I tried. It took several minutes, but I managed to scrape myself up from the bedroom carpet and get back in my chair. I shook my head and chuckled as I resumed typing. I knew I was a hypocrite, but one who would be sleeping like a baby instead of writhing all night in sexual frustration.
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    And you did it again! Excellent work, keep up the good work, that book with the bondage scene sounds very interesting

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    Thanks for the great feedback, Tim. I am so glad to know you enjoyed it. And it seems like that book was steamier than Amber expected.
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    Awesome. A new part. I love this story. There are so many tantalizing possibilities. Will Amber start to really dominate Polly? Will Polly's mom get in on it? Will Tanya? Very exciting. Eagerly awaiting the next part.

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    This is series is totally awesome! I started reading and reading and it is so lively and real to me. This is by far my favorite story. Thank you!

    And I am really looking forward to the chapters to come and how the involvement of Amber, Polly, Tanya, the geometry teacher and Steph will develop....sigh

    As Natsuko stated...don’t rush. This is pure gold....

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    Thank you so much for the terrific comments, sonicmerlin and footforthought. Things will get more and more interesting as the story goes along. And we will find out the name of the geometry teacher in the next chapter - which I am steadily working on. I am shooting for completing it by the end of next week, since I will be away between Christmas Day and New Years Day so won't be able to write or post during that time.
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    I feel like when the next chapter is realeased it will be like the best Christmas present ever. Can’t wait I’m actually giddy lol.

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    I've seen some of it in the Den chat and it's great
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    I wanted to get the next chapter posted by today, but it isn't quite completed yet. So unfortunately I won't have it ready until the first week in January, as I will be on holiday from tomorrow through New Years Day.

    Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Eagerly awaiting the continuation of this incredibly well written story

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    Thank you, augustus34.

    Now here comes the long-awaited next chapter!
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    Friday, January 30

    After drinking the last drop of coffee from my mug, I set it down and sighed with contentment. As had been the case each morning of this week, I was looking forward to the coming day. I would be seeing Polly during sixth period, and again after school. And if the latter meeting was anything close to those of the prior few afternoons, it would be sensational.

    Thinking about this caused me to shudder with anticipation. I then recalled the foot sessions from the last two days.

    Just like Tuesday, both of these took place in my living room. Each occasion began with my pretty student sitting on the floor and massaging my feet. The scenes then progressed to her sniffing, kissing, and eventually licking my sweaty feet – which at that point I still hadn’t properly washed. They eventually ended with fabulous climaxes for the two of us. Although I didn’t pass out from either orgasm, they were so intense that it took me quite a while to recover. Similarly, my foot-loving girl could hardly move for ten minutes after her releases. She simply laid on the floor and let out blissful moans.

    I shook my head to bring my mind back to the present. I then smiled as I looked down at my feet. They were quite attractive, adorned in blue patterned stockings. At that moment, there was no discernable odor to them. I finally had to clean my feet the previous night when I could no longer stomach the horrid stench. However, I was confident that I could work up a healthy stink walking around in my old black pumps for the next eight hours.

    Rising from the table, I slid my shoes on and cleaned up the kitchen. I could already feel sweat forming on my soles and toes, and chuckled at being off to a great start. I threw my lunch into my bag and walked out the door.

    Before homeroom period started, I sat with two of the guys I regularly conversed with. Since there was an empty chair across from me, I decided to have some naughty fun. While we talked, I kicked off my heels and propped my feet up on that seat. I crossed my ankles and began wiggling and scrunching my toes. What followed made it difficult for me to focus on the discussion.

    Not that there was much said with the little show I put on. I watched the faces of my male companions as they became more and more distracted by what I was doing. I couldn’t resist giggling when I noticed both of them staring at my legs and feet with their mouths agape. And I wasn’t able to stop myself from adding a little extra with my words.

    “So, boys...” I folded my arms and flexed my feet. “...are you enjoying the view?”

    Their fidgeting and stammering attempts to respond were too funny. I let the awkwardness play out for a bit before speaking again.

    “Now don’t be shy. Just admit that you like my stockings...” I lowered my voice as I leaned closer to them. “...and what’s underneath them.”

    The gasps they emitted were music to my ears. I chuckled while these red-faced men resumed their senseless babbling. After a number of failed attempts at forming coherent sentences, they got up from the table. They stumbled as they backed away, and then they scurried out of the room. It was everything I could do not to laugh out loud at their complete inability to cope with my teasing.

    I remained in that position as the homeroom bell sounded, and many of the other teachers shuffled away. A few moments later, I saw Linda approaching. She had been avoiding me ever since I used my foot stench to get rid of her the other day. I chuckled when she sniffed the air upon reaching me.

    “Hello, Amber.”

    “Hey, Linda. How’s it going?”

    “Oh, pretty good.” She glanced down at my feet. “I know this sounds crazy, but I actually thought that awful smell the other day was coming from you. Specifically, from your feet.”

    I tilted me head and raised an eyebrow. “Did you now?”

    “Yes, but I suppose I was wrong. I don’t smell anything...” She pointed at my feet. “...and they’re right here.”

    “Well, I have a confession to make.” I patted the chair next to me. “Have a seat.”

    She sat down and bent toward me. She seemed quite eager to hear what I was about to say.

    I glanced around the room and noticed only one other person – the pretty geometry teacher, who was sitting along the far wall. I took a deep breath and spoke softly.

    “It actually was my feet.”

    “What?” She jerked back with a look of confusion on her face. “That stench really came from your feet?”

    “Yes, it did. Some days my feet sweat like crazy. I’m sorry if it offended you.”

    “Oh, um, no, I mean, it wasn’t that bad. It’s probably just my hyperactive sense of smell.”

    “Wow, is that a thing?”

    She nodded with a sigh. “I’ve been dealing with it for most of my life. I’m always complaining about smells that no one else can detect.”

    “Hmm, that’s interesting.” I then smirked as I came up with an idea. “How about we put it to the test? I mean, if that’s okay with you.”

    “Um, sure.” She shrugged. “What do you have in mind?”

    I reached down and picked up one of my pumps. “These shoes are fairly new.” I placed the opening under my nose and sniffed. “To me, they hardly smell at all.” I then extended it toward her. “How about you give it a try. You know, to find out if it was just you.”

    Her eyes narrowed and she took in air through her nose. She sat back and folded her arms while shaking her head.

    “I’m not putting your shoe anywhere near my face. I can already smell the stench from over here.”

    I shrugged and set my pump on the floor. “I guess that proves it. Your nose is definitely the problem.”

    “Yeah, I suppose so.” She appeared to contemplate something for a bit, and then she smiled at me. “Or maybe your sense of smell is dead. And I have the perfect way to find out.”

    I watched as she kicked off one of her tan flats. She picked it up and set it on the table. I could see that the outside had a number of scuff marks, and the insole bore the telltale signs of heavy usage. I also noticed the scent, and it was far from pleasant. In fact, it was quite repulsive.

    She coughed as she cupped a hand over her nose. “I’ve had these shoes forever, and I’ve worn them a lot. If the smell doesn’t bother you, then I’ll know I’m right.”

    There was a strong feeling of trepidation welling up inside of me. She pushed her shoe in my direction, and the odor intensified. I tried to hide my revulsion, but once her footwear was directly under my face this task became almost impossible. Damn, did it ever stink to the high heavens!

    Glancing at Linda, I spied the smirk on her lips. I took hold of her flat and slowly lifted it. When it was halfway to my nose, the raunchy stink overwhelmed me. I dropped it while turning my head away.

    “Ugh, that’s horrible!” I waved a hand under my nose. “You should get rid of those shoes before they kill someone.”

    She laughed while grabbing the flat and slipping it back onto her foot. “Well, now we’ve confirmed that your smeller isn’t broken.”

    “No, it most certainly isn’t.”

    “Alright,” she said as she rose from her chair, “but next time, just tell me if my stories are boring you.” She patted my shoulder. “I’d rather you change the subject than make me the victim of your evil foot stench.”

    I peered up at her face, and her stern glare soon changed to a grin. She then burst out laughing, which made me chuckle as well.

    Once she composed herself, she pushed her seat in and rolled her eyes. “You got me good though, I’ll say that. But now I’m on to you, Miss Nolan.”

    “I hear you, Mrs. Polinski.” I raised my hands in a surrender pose. “No more stinky games. I promise.”

    She giggled. “Very well. Have yourself a good day.”

    “You too.”

    We exchanged smiles and she walked away.

    I sighed and shook my head. It seemed my feet had met their match with Linda’s toxic foot odor. But I wondered how she could tolerate it if she had such hyperactive smelling abilities. Was all that talk simply a ploy to lure me into sniffing her shoe? If that was the case, then she was far craftier than I would have guessed. Maybe there really was an interesting woman under that bland exterior.

    Before I could think about this any longer, I realized the pretty teacher from the other side of the room was heading my way. She was staring at the floor as she stepped slowly in my direction. It looked as though she was scared to approach me, but was trying to push past her fear. After what seemed like forever, she was standing next to me.

    “Um, hello, I, uh, don’t think we’ve had a formal introduction.” She held out a hand. “I’m Monica. Monica Jansen.”

    I shook her hand with a smile. “Nice to meet you, Monica. I’m Amber Nolan. You teach geometry, right?”

    “That’s right. And, um, what about you?”

    “Twelfth grade English. I took over when Barb was injured.”

    “Oh, okay. I heard what happened to her. It’s such a shame. She’s a nice lady.”

    “I know. I just wish my first full time teaching gig would have come under better circumstances.”

    “Yeah.” She glanced at the empty chair near me. “So, would it be okay if I, uh, sat down?”

    “Sure, go right ahead.”

    As she settled into the seat, I stifled a giggle. Her timid behavior in my presence was incredibly cute. It reminded me of a certain petite student. For a moment, I started to ponder the notion that there might be other similarities between them. However, I dismissed these thoughts so I could focus on getting to know the fidgeting young woman beside me.

    “You seem anxious,” I said while placing a hand on her arm. “Is everything okay?”

    She gave me a nervous smile. “Y-yeah...I’m just kind of shy about meeting new people.”

    I chuckled and patted her arm. “Don’t worry, I won’t bite.” I then lowered my brows and cocked my head. “Wait, what about your students? You have to talk to them, right?”

    “Well, um...” She shrugged with a sigh. “...I, I know it seems weird, but I’ve never had a problem speaking in front of a bunch of people. It’s smaller groups of, like, four or less that I have trouble with.”

    “Hmm,” I said while nodding, “then I suppose our little one-on-one here isn’t easy for you.”

    “No, it isn’t, but I’m...I’m trying.”

    “Good for you.” I gave her a warm smile and took hold of her hand. “Maybe you can tell me what got you interested in teaching.”

    Her answer started off slow and with plenty of stuttering. As she continued talking, however, she relaxed and spoke in a more calm and articulate manner.

    I found out that her situation was different from mine, since she never did any tutoring. Instead, she often assisted her teachers throughout high school and college – which was how she became comfortable instructing entire classes. She wrapped up her story by telling me she graduated from the University of South Florida eighteen months ago, and that she only began teaching full-time in September.

    For the next few minutes, I explained to her how I became interested in the world of education. I then told her about my time at the University of Miami, and how I did substituting in the fall semester while working nights as a waitress. I even mentioned a few of my unpleasant experiences with customers.

    “Wow,” she said as she shook her head, “I’m glad you don’t have to work there anymore.”

    “I definitely don’t miss the drunk guys pinching my butt and calling me a whore.”

    “I bet!”

    “Yeah, I prefer the working environment here...even if our students can drive us crazy sometimes.”

    She rolled her eyes and chuckled. “They sure can!”

    There was a brief silence, and I uncrossed my ankles. I then began flexing and stretching my feet. This didn’t go unnoticed by Monica, who was watching my every movement. In fact, she seemed quite transfixed by what was happening in the seat across from me. Was it possible that she had a stockings fetish? Or a leg fetish? Or a foot fetish?

    Damn, I wanted to find out! But I had to be coy about it, or I might scare her off.

    “So, you think my stockings are nice?”

    She blinked herself out of her trance. “Oh, um, uh, y-yeah...they’re uh, very pretty. W-where did you buy them?”

    “I buy all my stockings at the Florida Outlet Center. They have all kinds of colors and patterns, and I pay much less than I would anywhere else.”

    “That’s, that’s cool. Maybe I should, um, check it out sometime.”

    “You should! I think you would look fantastic in silk stockings.”

    She raised an eyebrow. “S-silk stockings?”

    I nodded with a giggle. “Yes, the stay-up ones. Silk feels so much better than any other material, and with the kind I get...I don’t need to worry about pesky garters.”

    “Oh!” Her eyes went wide as she returned her focus to my legs and feet. “Th-they do seem really c-comfortable.”

    “They are.” A smirk formed on my lips, and I patted her arm. “In fact, why don’t you go ahead and feel it? I don’t mind.”

    “W-what?” she asked with a bewildered expression.

    “Go on. Touch the material. That way you’ll know how amazing it is.”

    She scanned the room, clearly to ensure that we were the only two people there. “Are, are you sure?”

    I chuckled. “Of course. Plus, I want you to make an informed purchase...especially if you’ll be driving all that way.”

    “Well, um, a-alright.”

    She took a deep breath and checked her surroundings again. She bit her lip, and started moving her hand from the table.

    I watched with keen interest. If her fingers ended up on my leg, I would have a decent amount of confidence that she wasn’t into feet. However, I was kind of hoping she would go lower. And she didn’t disappoint. She rubbed her hand across the top of my foot. But she didn’t stop there. She continued going across my toes, and then ran her palm down the sole. The sensation was quite nice, and I let out a soft moan.

    Hearing that noise must have made her realize she was lingering too long, and she quickly pulled her hand away. She blushed and stared at the floor. I couldn’t help but giggle at her embarrassment. It was just too cute!

    “So, did you like the way it felt?” I waited a few seconds, but she remained silent. “I think you did. And I liked it too.” I saw her glance up at me, and I smiled. “You can do that to my feet anytime you want.”

    She looked down and covered her face. “I’m, I’m so sorry. I, I shouldn’t have done that.”

    “It’s fine, Monica. I asked you to touch my stockings, and that’s what you did.” I put a hand on her shoulder. “And I was just teasing you about my feet. Although, it did feel good.”

    I tilted my head as she dropped her arms to reveal a slight grin. We both chuckled, and then she let out a sigh.

    “I’m not sure why I rubbed your foot,” she said with a shrug. “I guess I was really enjoying the silkiness.”

    “Don’t worry about it. Besides, it was an easy target. My feet are, like, huge!”

    She nodded while laughing. “Yeah, they’re a lot bigger than mine. I’m a size seven. What are you, like a ten?”

    “Eleven, actually.”

    “Wow, so, um, do you ever have trouble finding shoes in your size?”

    “Once in a while, yes.”

    “I can imagine.”

    Her focus returned to the area below my ankles, and I wiggled my toes. A small shiver ran down my spine at the notion of this pretty woman being attracted to me – and, more importantly, to my feet.

    I crossed one ankle over the other. “You don’t think they look like clown feet, do you?”

    “Oh, no...not at all. They’re just like the rest of you...” She gazed into my eyes with a shy smile. “...beautiful.”

    I raised an eyebrow and took a deep breath. She was definitely coming onto me, and it was making me tingle with excitement. But I had to approach this carefully. She was a coworker, so anything beyond a friendship would need to be kept on the downlow. And there was also Polly. Did I want to do something like this behind her back? Or tell her I wanted to have a relationship with another woman – and risk losing my adorable foot lover?

    My mind and heart were both racing, and I had no idea what to say to the woman sitting next to me. Thankfully, a ringing sound came to my rescue. This time, it wasn’t the school bell. It was Monica’s phone. She had a startled expression on her face as she fumbled through her purse for several moments. She then pulled out her phone and answered it.

    She told the person to hang on and she gave me a slight frown. “I’m sorry, but I need to take this in private.”

    “Oh, no problem.”

    “Thanks!” She snatched up her items and dashed away.

    For the rest of the period, I remained in the same spot while pondering what I should do. There was a spark between Monica and I. She was very cute, and with some minor adjustments to her hair and wardrobe – she could easily be upgraded to stunning. She appeared to have a submissive personality, and there was no doubt in my mind that she liked my feet. Other than being a fellow teacher at my school, she seemed like she would be perfect for me.

    But there was someone else in my life. Someone who didn’t just make me happy, but filled me with indescribable joy beyond my wildest dreams. Someone who made me look forward to each new day with so much anticipation that I felt like I would burst. Someone who pushed every one of my buttons in the most incredible of ways, and brought me unimaginable pleasures. Someone who already was perfect for me.

    By the time I put my shoes on and began heading toward my first English class, I came to the decision that I shouldn’t jeopardize what I had with Polly. Since I still didn’t know whether we would remain ‘friends with benefits’ or progress into lovers, I realized that I needed to let it play out for a while longer. In the meantime, there was no harm in being friendly with Monica and perhaps teasing her on occasion.

    My morning lectures went well as I ensured plenty of interaction with the students – including some entertaining banter. And they even learned a few things, too.

    During lunch, I ate with the typical cast of male teachers – including the two that had been overwhelmed several hours earlier by my flirtatious mind game. When neither said a word for ten minutes, I figured I had to cut the tension. So, I confessed to them that I liked to use my stockinged legs to get attention. They all laughed when I mimicked the spellbound faces of the boys in my classes. With the mood having changed to jovial, we had a fun conversation about the best ways to hold the interest of the kids we taught.

    Once the bell rang, I went to my office to get a jump on grading homework assignments. Knowing the activities that I intended to partake in later at my apartment, there was only a slim chance I would be able to concentrate on anything school-related after leaving the building. And I was pretty sure instructing Polly to worship my feet didn’t fit that category.

    Speaking of my adorable student, it was wonderful to see her smiling face as I entered my sixth period English classroom. She looked both cute and sexy as she sat with her legs crossed. My gaze then fell on the girl seated next to her, and I received quite the surprise.

    Tanya was dressed in a frilly blouse instead of a t-shirt. She had on a knee-length skirt rather than jeans. Her legs were adorned with patterned stockings and her feet with heels. That was a definite change from her typical socks and chucks. To top it all off, she was wearing a pretty necklace and bracelet. The entire ensemble made her look simply ravishing!

    After dropping my belongings on the teacher’s desk, I approached the two beauties and shook my head in disbelief. They both gazed at me with sly grins and giggled.

    “Is something wrong, Miss Nolan?”

    “Um, no Tanya. I just...”

    “You just can’t believe how gorgeous I look?” She laughed, as did Polly.

    “Uh...yes, actually.”

    She winked at her friend. “It was Polly’s suggestion. She let me borrow one of her outfits...I mean, except the shoes and jewelry. Those are mine.”

    “I have to say, you look amazing!”

    “Thanks!” She squirmed a bit. “Her clothes are a little tight since I’m a few inches taller than her. But I’m making it work.”

    “Well, they look terrific on you. And if you like them, you should come with us the next time we shop at the outlets.”

    “Oh yeah, I definitely will!”

    “Perhaps next Saturday, since we already have other plans for tomorrow.”

    They glanced at each other, and Tanya shrugged. “I need to check with my parents, but I think I can go.”

    I nodded. “Great!” At that moment, the bell sounded. “We’ll talk more later. Right now, I gotta do this teaching thing.”

    Both girls chuckled, and then I stepped in front of the large oak desk to begin instructing the class.

    Throughout my lecture, I noticed that Polly would take occasional peeks at her friend’s shoes. She was no doubt hoping to see Tanya’s stocking feet, but that show never materialized. I wondered whether she had been denied for the entire day. The very thought of this made me shiver with arousal.

    Keeping with this theme, I also failed to provide her with any eye candy. My pumps stayed on my feet for the whole period. It was difficult to prevent myself from giggling at the disappointment on her face after each glance at my heels. As always, witnessing her sexual or fetish-related frustration was a pure delight. And I knew this would serve to intensify the heat of our upcoming kinky tryst.

    When class ended, Tanya bounced up from her seat and stood beside me. She looked at my face, then down at my legs, and finally into my eyes.

    She shook her head. “Even with these heels on, I’m still a midget compared to you.”

    I smiled and patted her shoulder. “You’re not that short, Tanya. I’m taller than most women, and even a lot of men...especially since wearing pumps adds two or three inches to my height.”

    “Dang, I’d kill to be as tall as you!”

    “It’s not as glamorous as you might believe. Too many guys feel intimidated and won’t go out with me. And there are women who won’t talk to me because they think I’m some kind of freak.”

    “Well,” Polly said as she approached us, “it’s no fun being short either. I’ve been teased ever since kindergarten because I’m so tiny. Plus, I can never see over anyone. I always have to sit near the front at the movies so a giant doesn’t block my view.”

    “Hopefully it wasn’t me,” I said with a shrug. “Although, I’m usually in the last row when I go to the theater.”

    Tanya nudged her friend. “We’d need a booster seat to see from back there.”

    They both chuckled and then Polly gazed at me. “So, um, about can pick us both up at my house. Tanya is coming over in the morning and she’s also sleeping there tomorrow night.”

    “Oh, okay. That sounds good.”

    “Yeah,” Tanya said, “we figured it would be easier for you than having to drive to two places.”

    “That’s very nice of you both. Now you just have to figure out who sits in the passenger seat.”


    “Darn it!” Polly sighed and shook her head.

    Her friend giggled. “Hey, I won fair and square. Besides, you sat there the last few weekends.”

    She rolled her eyes. “I know. You’re right.”

    Tanya wrapped an arm around the petite girl and gave her a squeeze. “Maybe I’ll be nice and let you have it on the way back.”

    Polly smirked at her. “Maybe I don’t want your charity.”

    “Okay, knock it off girls...or I’ll tie you up and force you to ride in the trunk.”

    They gave me a curious look, then all three of us burst out laughing. After I regained my composure, I placed a hand on Polly’s arm.

    “Seriously, though, I should be at your place around noon tomorrow.”

    “Awesome! We’ll be ready by then.”

    Tanya shoved her friend playfully and then gazed at me. “Yeah, I’ll make sure she’s ready.” She giggled at Polly’s scowl, and glanced at her phone. “Speaking of which, we’re gonna be late.” She grabbed Polly’s arm and started dragging her toward the door. “Let’s go!”

    “Okay! See you later, Miss Nolan!”

    “Bye Polly!”

    “Catch ya tomorrow, Miss Nolan!” Tanya waved as she continued pulling her friend into the hallway.

    “See you then, Tanya!”

    I shook my head and chuckled at the notion of spending an entire afternoon with the two of them. They would no doubt keep me entertained, even if their antics were occasionally juvenile. I then plopped down in the desk chair to try and conjure up some of my own mischief for our Saturday outing. I needed to have a little fun at their expense, too!

    Polly entered the classroom a few minutes after the final period was done, and we headed straight for my car. We sped to my apartment complex, and literally ran to my front door. Moments later, I was sitting on my living room sofa with my lovely student kneeling before me.

    Leaning forward, I rested my elbows on my knees and my chin on folded hands. “So, my little foot girl...have you been obedient for me since yesterday?”

    “Y-yes, Miss.”

    “Mmmm,” I said while stroking her cheek, “that’s wonderful.” I sat up straight and crossed one leg over the other. “You have earned the reward of cleaning my shoes.”

    She cocked her head and gave me a curious stare.

    I swung my foot closer to her. “Go on. Use that soft tongue of yours and lick the dirt from my pumps.”

    “Um, o-okay, Miss.”

    With a deep exhale, she took hold of my ankle and brought my shoe toward her face. She glanced up at me briefly, and then extended her tongue.

    Her first lick was short, and was followed by a look of disgust. She attempted to eject the filth from her mouth, but I was having none of it.

    “Hey!” I pressed my sole into her lips. “Don’t you dare spit that out! When I give you the honor of licking my precious feet or shoes, you will swallow everything that comes from them.”

    As I removed my shoe from her mouth, she must have spied my scowl. Her expression became one of fear, and I heard her gulp.

    “S-sorry, Miss. I-I’ll be better.”

    I nodded, and she once again placed her tongue on my sole. She closed her eyes and took a longer lick. I almost giggled at the grimace on her face as she swallowed. She then took a huge breath and continued cleaning my shoe.

    Over the course of the next few minutes, she fought through her initial revulsion and gave my pump a thorough spit-shine. She even sucked on the heel, which I found to be quite erotic. When she had completed her task, I presented my other shoe to her. This time, she was less hesitant – although she still cringed a bit at the taste of the dirt from the bottom part. Once that pump was sparkling from her saliva, I grinned with satisfaction.

    “Very well done,” I said while patting her head. “My good girl deserves a special treat.” I saw her smile slightly, and then I pointed to the spot in front of me. “Lie down on your back.”

    While she got into position, I kicked off my left shoe and began rolling the stocking down my leg. After I removed it completely, I balled it up in my hand and held it above Polly.

    “Open up!”

    Her lips parted and I shoved the stocking into her mouth.

    “Now keep your head still.”

    She remained motionless as I lowered my bare foot onto her face, planting my toes firmly on her nose. I stared into her eyes as she breathed my foot essence into her lungs. Her entire body shuddered as the air passed between my toes. The combination of her flushed cheeks and the wonderful sensation of her breath on my foot was turning me on in a major way!

    I cupped my toes over her nose while sliding my other foot out of the shoe. I then used that foot to push up her skirt until I could see her pink panties. She let out a moan as I started to softly rub her crotch with my stocking toes. My own pussy was now dripping, and I reached a hand under my skirt.

    What followed was magical in every way. Polly bucked and let out muffled gasps as she continued sniffing and swallowing my foot sweat. I used my fingers to pleasure myself, while grinding one set of toes into her sex and reveling in her struggle to breathe through the other set. It didn’t take much longer for all of this to culminate in our simultaneous vaginal explosions.

    A short time later, I opened my eyes and realized I had fallen onto my side. I must have once again blacked out from the intensity of my climax. I chuckled and let out a sigh of satisfaction. Slowly, I moved into a sitting position on my sofa and then I looked down at the floor. Polly was laying on her back, and appeared to be asleep. I nudged her with my foot, but she didn’t stir.

    “Polly?!” I poked her with both feet. “Wake up!”

    She let out a muffled groan and her eyes flickered open. Her gaze met mine as she removed my stocking from her mouth.


    “Yeah,” I said with a smirk, “it seems you fainted from that super massive orgasm you had.”

    She purred as she stretched her arms and legs. “That was” She placed a hand on top of my foot and began stroking it. “I’ve, I’ve never experienced anything that, ever!”

    “I know. It was amazing!”

    She nodded and continued playing with my foot. It felt very soothing to me, so I let her do this for a while. Her fingers gently rubbed the top and side of my foot. I then pivoted it on my heel, which allowed her to reach the underside. The sensation of her touch on my sole and between my toes was pure bliss. I would have been completely happy to allow her to keep going for hours, but I knew that she needed to be home soon.

    I withdrew my foot, and then let out a chuckle as she began to sulk. “Aw, do you miss my foot already?” I heard her sigh while she averted my gaze. “Come on, I’m just teasing. And besides, we really should get going.”

    Her eyes went wide when she noticed the time. “Is it really almost 3:30?”

    “It is! But you know what they say. Time flies when you’re having fun.”

    She sat up and shook her head. “Yeah, it sure does!” She then started to get to her feet.

    “Wait,” I said while putting a hand on her shoulder, “I want your help with something first.”

    “Um, okay.” She returned to a sitting position and looked at my face expectantly.

    I extended my stocking foot toward her and smiled. “It would be weird to go out wearing only one stocking. So, I need you to take it off for me.”

    “Absolutely, Miss.” A mischievous grin appeared on her face as she reached under the hem of my skirt.

    I bent forward while she began rolling the stocking down my leg. “By the way, you can keep those stockings. Consider them my little present to you.”

    She glanced up at me and took a deep breath. “Th-thank you, Miss.”

    “You’re quite welcome, my pretty foot girl.”

    A moment later, she finished her task. I picked up the other one, which was still damp.

    “Here you go,” I said while handing it to her. “After you get home, you can play with them all you want.” I raised an eyebrow and cocked my head. “Just don’t play with yourself.”

    “No, Miss. I, I won’t.” She sprang to her feet and shoved the stockings into her bag.

    I giggled and then slipped my shoes on. “Alright, let’s go.”

    After we had buckled ourselves in and the car was moving, I patted Polly’s leg. “You were fantastic today. I really wasn’t sure how you would react when I made you lick my shoes. But damn, I loved watching you do that!”

    She let out a sigh, then spoke in a monotone voice. “That’s...great.”

    No further words followed, so I peeked in her direction. She was staring straight ahead, with a blank look on her face. Clearly, something was bothering her.

    “Is everything okay?”

    She cleared her throat. “Oh, yeah...everything’s fine.”

    I shot her a suspicious glance. “Polly, I can tell when you’re hiding something. What is it?”

    She let out another deep breath. “Okay, well, um, I, uh, wasn’t expecting you to say ‘Lick my shoes.’ And, um, doing that to the bottoms was, like, pretty gross.”

    “Huh...well, you could have fooled me. You did it, didn’t you?” I then spied her glaring at me.

    “Yeah, but only because you made me.”

    “Really?” I shook my head. “It’s not like I chained you up and pulled your tongue out. You could have said no, and I would have backed down.”

    “But...but you pushed your shoe into my mouth. And, and then you yelled at me!”

    I exhaled loudly and rolled my eyes. “Look, I wasn’t trying to be mean. I just figured you would enjoy me being a little forceful during our roleplay.” I placed a hand on her arm. “I wanted to make it really exciting for you, so I tried something I saw in a few of those female domination videos.”

    “Oh,” she said while nodding. “Well, um, I guess it wasn’t too bad.” She shrugged and gave me a half smile.

    A wicked smirk formed on my lips. “I knew it. Plus, you did have... what did you call it?... oh yes, ‘the most incredible orgasm you ever experienced’ afterward.”

    She giggled. “Yeah, I totally did.”

    “So, can I assume you’d be willing to do that again?”

    “Probably,” she said with a shrug. “Unless you step in dog poop. No way am I touching that!”

    I laughed, and she joined in. “I promise I won’t order you to lick shit off my shoes. That’s plain nasty!”

    “Thanks!” She sat back and turned her head toward me with a pleasurable sigh. “I really do love what we’re doing.”

    “I love it too.” I glanced at her with a warm smile, and she gave me one also. “And the fact that it’s our little secret makes it...even better.”

    “For sure!” She then took hold of my hand and closed her eyes.

    While I continued the drive to her house, neither of us spoke as we held hands. Her tiny fingers gave an occasional squeeze, and a few times she gently stroked my skin with her thumb. Whenever I peeked at her face, I saw a look of serenity that matched the way I felt inside. We were both at peace with our relationship, despite the scandalous nature of it. And I was fairly certain that, like me, she wanted it to last for a long time.

    Several minutes later, I turned the car into her driveway. She opened her eyes and shook her head.

    “Oh, we’re here already.”

    “Yes we are. Did you enjoy your nap?” I chuckled and she rolled her eyes.

    “I wasn’t sleeping. I was just...relaxing.”

    I removed my hand from hers and patted her thigh. “I know. But you looked so...content.”

    She smiled at me. “That’s because I’m with you.”

    I reached out and caressed her cheek. “You really are the sweetest girl I’ve ever met.”

    “And you’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever known.”

    My heart skipped a beat as we stared into each other’s eyes. This petite beauty always seemed to know the right thing to say. Her touch made me tingle all over. Her smile warmed me from the inside out. And the way she willingly submitted to my feet was so adorable and yet so incredibly sexy that I could hardly contain my exuberance.

    I realized this was the perfect moment – our perfect moment. I took a deep breath and began leaning toward her. Her eyes closed and her mouth puckered, awaiting our first real kiss. Just as we were about to lock lips, I detected something out of the corner of my eye. It was Polly’s mother, and she was quickly approaching.

    “Your mom’s coming,” I said in a loud whisper.

    Her eyes flew open and she reached down to grab her bag. Within seconds, we were out of the car. I prayed that Steph didn’t notice what we had come very close to doing.

    “Hi Polly!” She hugged her daughter. “How was your day?”


    She furrowed her eyebrows and titled her head. “Is that all you’re going to tell me? What about the after-school project you and Amber are working on?”

    Polly exchanged a conspiratorial glance with me, and then looked back at her mom. “Oh, well we’re making great progress on that. We did, um, a lot more research at the library today.”

    “That’s wonderful!” Steph said while patting her daughter’s arm. “So, will you be done soon?”

    “Uh, yeah...probably sometime next week.”

    “Yes, it should be finished by next Friday.” I stepped next to Polly and put an arm around her. “She’s been a tremendous help.”

    “I’m so happy to hear that,” Steph said as she smiled. “But then, she’s always been a good girl.”

    “Mom!” Polly sighed and shook her head.

    I chuckled and squeezed Polly’s shoulder. “Your mother’s right. You are a good girl.”

    “I’m not a girl anymore!”

    Steph nodded. “Okay, then you’re a wonderful young woman.”

    “That’s better,” she said with a smirk.

    “Anyway...” Steph shifted her gaze to me. “...would you like to come in for a bit? It would be nice to talk, I mean, if you have some time.”

    “Oh, um, sure. That would be great.”

    “Excellent!” She grabbed my hand and began walking toward the front porch. “You always need to leave so quickly, and I’ve been dying to have a chat with you.”

    I looked over my shoulder at Polly, who was following us, and shrugged. “Yeah, me too.”

    After being led into the foyer, Steph kicked off her shoes. I slipped mine off also, as did Polly. The three of us then went to the living room, and Steph sat on the sofa.

    She looked up at me with a grin and patted the cushion beside her. “Come and sit.”

    I smiled with a nod, and seated myself next to her.

    Her daughter set down her bag and slowly moved in our direction. When she was stood in front of us, Steph tipped her head toward the floor. Polly peered at me, then back at her mom with a pleading look. Steph glared at her daughter and then at the floor. Polly lowered her head, took a deep breath, and proceeded to sit near her mother’s bare feet. My eyes went wide as I witnessed a foot being thrust into the petite girl’s lap. There was a nervous expression on her face as she gingerly placed her hands on her mother’s foot.

    Steph let out a moan of satisfaction as her daughter’s fingers began kneading her sole. “This is exactly what I needed.” She gazed at me with an enormous smile. “There’s nothing better than a foot rub from Polly. She’s the best!”

    I raised my eyebrows. “Does she do this for you every day?”

    “Oh yes. She massages my feet right after she gets home from school, and on weekends she does it before she goes to bed.”

    “Wow, that’s...”

    “Incredible, right?” She sighed with pleasure. “And she loves giving me foot rubs as much as I love receiving them.”

    “Cool!” I shook my head in amazement and peered at Polly.

    She refused to meet my gaze, and instead focused on her mother’s foot. Her cheeks were bright red, and I noticed a few beads of sweat on her forehead. Seeing her embarrassment, coupled with her ministrations of Steph’s feet, was starting to fuel my desires. In fact, there was dampness forming between my legs. A moment later, I was pulled from my trance when I felt a hand patting my thigh.

    “Don’t worry,” Steph said with a chuckle. “I’ll send her over to you when she’s done with me.”

    “Oh, um, alright.”

    She grasped my hand. “Trust me. You’ll love it.”

    “I’m...sure I will.”

    I heard the sound of heavy breathing coming from Polly, and I glanced at her again. She had nearly turned crimson, and I could tell she was trembling. I thought that perhaps this was the first time her mother had done something like this to her. And I wanted to find out!

    “So, um, I was wondering.”

    “Yes?” Steph asked as she cocked her head.

    “Do you normally offer her, uh, foot pampering services to other people?”

    She giggled and then shrugged. “Actually, no. You’re the first one.”


    “Yeah, I mean, I have friends. But I’ve never felt close enough with one to let them see this aspect of my life.” She looked me in the eyes and smiled. “There’s just something about you, Amber. Maybe it’s because of all the wonderful things you’re doing for my daughter, but I feel like I can trust you completely.”

    I exhaled deeply, and flashed her a grin that I hoped looked genuine. “You can, Steph. I would never do anything to hurt Polly. I care about her very much.”

    “I know you do.” She patted my hand, and then switched the foot in her daughter’s lap. “The other one’s been craving attention.” She glanced at Polly and wiggled her toes. “Go on. Work your magic.”

    Polly sighed and took hold of that foot. She then began sliding her thumbs up and down the sole and the underside of the toes, while her fingers danced across the top of the foot. I shifted my gaze to her mom’s face, and saw an expression of pure happiness. It was no doubt the same one I wore whenever my adorable student gave me a foot massage.

    I gave Steph a nudge and tilted my head toward her daughter. “She seems like a real pro at this.”

    “Well, she’s had years of practice.”

    “ when did she start giving you foot rubs?”

    She paused for a few moments, appearing to be in deep thought. “It was soon after she entered seventh grade. We had gone out shopping on a Saturday and when we got home, I was complaining that my feet hurt. She told me to sit on the sofa and then she got down on the floor...just like you see us now. The next thing I knew she was taking off my shoes, which seemed really strange to me. She had never done anything like that before.”

    I raised my eyebrows with a nod. “Then what happened?”

    “Then she asked me if I wanted a foot massage. I was in total shock! I mean, why would she want to rub my sweaty, stinky feet? I asked her about it, and she said she wanted to do something nice for me because I had taken her shopping and bought her stuff. While I still thought it was weird, I shrugged and let her do it. And my God, it felt incredible! I loved every second of it, and she kept going for half an hour or more.”

    “That’s pretty awesome.”

    “It was better than awesome! And Polly had a big smile on her face the whole time, so I knew she was enjoying herself too.”

    “Wow...and when did it become a daily occurrence?”

    “It was about six months later. Before that, she would offer them to me several times a week...and I rarely said no. Then I started asking for them more often, and she never refused. At this point, it’s been almost five years since a day has gone by for me without receiving one of her expert foot rubs.”

    My eyes widened and I let out a gasp. “That’s a whole lot of foot massages!”

    She laughed and then patted my arm. “You’re right, but I think of it as quality mother-daughter bonding time. Usually while she’s down there, she’ll talk about her day at school and I’ll tell her everything that happened to me.” She leaned over and caressed Polly’s cheek. “I’m truly going to miss this when you go away to college in the fall.”

    Polly’s uneasiness seemed to fade as she pressed her face into her mother’s hand with a smile. It was heartwarming to see this tender moment between them. I sighed gently while contemplating what it might be like if I was to lose my pretty student’s attentions in a matter of months. But I quickly dispelled that thought, as I figured it was best to dwell on the tremendous things I had in the present – rather than worry about an uncertain future.

    “I love that you two have such a special relationship,” I said while patting Steph’s leg. “I mean, for her to do this every day shows how much she cares about you.”

    She smiled and then cupped Polly’s cheeks with both hands. “She’s the most precious gir...I mean, young the whole world.” She bent forward and kissed her daughter’s forehead. “You’re the best, sweetie.”

    Polly paused her ministrations and looked up with a sheepish grin. “Thanks, mom.” She then continued rubbing Steph’s foot.

    Steph sat back and looked at me. “Since we’re on the topic of parents, I just realized that I never asked you about your mother or father. Unless that’s a sore subject.”

    I placed a hand on her arm. “No, it’s fine. My parents are great. They’ve always supported me, and I get to see them every weekend.”

    “Oh, that’s wonderful. Do they live nearby?”

    “They’re in Marathon, which isn’t too far.”

    “Great! So what do they do?”

    “Well, my mom used to be a school librarian. Now she does part-time editing work from home.”

    “That’s nice,” she said with a nod. “What about your dad?”

    “He works as an architect for a home construction company. He’s had that job for twenty years or so.”

    “Cool! Is he getting close to retirement?”

    I laughed. “Not yet...he’s only 46. And my mom is 45.”

    “Oh, wow.” She raised her eyebrows. “I guess I just figured your parents were older than me and Martin.”

    “No way!” I gave her a playful slap. “You can’t possibly be over forty!”

    It was her turn to laugh. “You’re too kind, Amber. But I’m actually 47, and my husband is 49.”

    “Seriously,” I said as I shook my head, “you could easily pass for thirty. You look fantastic!”

    “Thanks! I do try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Plus, I moisturize daily.”

    “Well, whatever you’re’s working like a charm. I hope I look half as good as you when I’m your age.”

    She giggled. “I’m sure you’ll be gorgeous, just like you are now.”

    “Aw, thanks.” I nudged her and we both chuckled.

    “Hmmm,” she said while gazing at her daughter, “I wonder if there’s a connection between getting regular foot massages and having a youthful appearance.”

    “You know, that’s an interesting theory.” I nodded several times. “And one that I’m inclined to agree with.”

    “Right. So if that’s the case, perhaps you want to give it a try?”

    I glanced at Polly, who had a concerned expression on her face, and then smiled at her mother. “That sounds terrific!”

    Steph pulled her foot away from her daughter’s grasp and pointed toward my feet. “You heard your teacher. She needs some pampering.”

    Polly sighed and stared at the floor. “O-okay.”

    She took her time moving the short distance to a position in front of me. She exhaled deeply and peered into my eyes. I gave her a sympathetic smile, which appeared to relax her a little. I crossed one leg over the other, and she placed her hands around the dangling foot. She bit her lip and began rubbing.

    I closed my eyes and let out a slight moan. “This feels...marvelous!”

    Steph tapped my arm. “What did I tell you? She gives the absolute best foot massages!”

    “Mmmm, she really does!”

    For the next twenty minutes, I chatted with Steph about how I became involved in teaching, and what it had been like for me since I started working at the school full-time. She was genuinely interested, and I enjoyed sharing these things with her.

    And speaking of enjoyment, I received a tremendous foot rub from Polly throughout my entire conversation with her mother. After a tentative start, my petite student became increasingly focused on bringing me pleasure. By the time she switched to my other foot, every movement of her fingers sent a spectacular ripple of excitement right through me. It was quite a struggle to maintain my concentration and not show Steph the incredible arousal that was building between my legs.

    The discussion was brought to an end when I paused mid-sentence and shuddered. Polly stopped her ministrations and her mother cocked her head.

    “Are you alright?” Steph asked with a raised eyebrow.

    I took a deep breath and cleared my throat. “Oh, um, yeah...I’m just getting a little distracted by, um...”

    “My daughter’s magic hands?” She laughed, causing me to giggle.

    I nodded. “She definitely has a lot of talent.”

    “Well, practice makes they say. I mean, between me and Tanya she has probably given several thousand of them over the years.”

    My expression changed to one of mock surprise. “Wait, she does this for her as well?”

    “Of course! In fact, she started massaging her friend’s feet before she first asked me.”

    “Wow...Tanya must be a really good friend.”

    She chuckled. “They’ve been best friends forever. And when I see Polly rubbing her friend’s feet for hours on end...” She smiled with a sigh of satisfaction.

    This time, I was shocked for real. “Hours? That long?”

    “Oh yes. They’ll sit here and binge watch a series, and Tanya’s feet will be in my daughter’s lap the whole time.”

    I shook my head in disbelief. “That’s...real dedication on Polly’s part.”

    “It is! But Polly really likes giving foot massages, and of course Tanya loves getting them.”

    “I certainly can’t blame her. Who wouldn’t want that type of treatment for as long as possible?”

    Steph laughed and patted my leg. “Believe me, I know. There was this one night...after I’d been on my feet all day...that I had her working on them for three or four hours straight.”

    “I bet that was relaxing.”

    “It was like heaven! But then, all them are. And there’s no way I could ever get a better foot rub, no matter how much I paid for it.”

    I watched Steph share a look with Polly, who I had almost forgotten was listening to the whole exchange. There was so much said in that glance, without either one uttering a syllable. I smiled at both of them, sensing the deep connection between a loving mother and daughter. It truly was a beautiful moment to behold!

    Polly briefly stroked the top of her mother’s foot and then my foot. “I’m, I’m really happy that you like it.”

    Steph and I replied in unison. “I do!” We looked at each other and giggled, and Polly even joined in.

    “Well,” I said as I noticed the time, “it’s getting late. I need to be going.” I then rose to my feet.

    “Of course,” Steph said while standing up. “But it was great spending time talking with you.”


    Polly got up from the floor. “Yeah, it was nice to, um, pamper you.”

    I placed a hand on her shoulder. “You’re such a sweet young woman. And thank you so much for that incredible foot massage.”

    She blushed with a slight grin. “Y-you’re welcome, Miss Nolan.”

    We walked into the foyer, and then Steph grabbed my arm.

    “Oh, I just remembered. I wanted to offer you some apple cake.”

    “That’s okay,” I said as I put my hands on my stomach. “If I eat any more, I’ll have to go on a diet!”

    “I’m sure you can handle another piece. It’s really yummy.”

    “It’s delicious, but you already sent half a cake in with Polly the other day. I think I’m good for at least a week.”

    She laughed and nodded. “Alright, just let me know when you want more. I bake them fairly often.”

    “Thanks, and I will!” I slipped on my shoes and gave Steph a hug. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    “Tomorrow? Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot. You’re taking Polly and Tanya to Coral Castle. Well, I’m sure you’ll all have a great time.”

    “Yes, it should be fun.” I then noticed that Polly was putting her shoes on.

    She scurried to the door. “I’ll walk you out, Miss Nolan.”

    “Okay, sure.” I smiled at her mother. “Take care, Steph.”

    “Have a nice evening. See you tomorrow!”

    We waved at each other and I headed outside, with Polly following. Once we reached my car, I turned to face my pretty student.

    “You were a very good girl in there. In fact, you were so amazing that I was getting quite...aroused.”

    She gave me a naughty grin. “You were, Miss? I had no idea.”

    I smirked and bent closer to her. “You knew exactly what you were doing. And I loved it.”

    She giggled and batted her eyes. “I only wanted to please you, Miss.”

    “You did indeed.” I stood up straight and tilted my head. “But there’s something that I found a bit strange.”

    “W-what’s that?” she asked with concern written on her face.

    “Well, I already knew that you gave your mom foot rubs. But I was kind of surprised at the way she just...expected you to do it. I mean, it almost seemed like she was dominating you. What was that all about?”

    She lowered her head and stared at the driveway. “Oh, uh, it’s, um...” She let a heavy sigh and peered up at me. “I, I kind of asked her to, to do that.”

    “You...asked her to dominate you?”

    “No, no, I mean...that’s not what I said to her. “

    “Then what did you say?”

    “Um, well, started, like, three years ago. That’s when I got my own laptop computer. So, then I, uh, began to read fetish stories. And, and I really got into the ones where a dominant woman forces a slave girl to worship her feet.”

    “Is that when you realized you liked the idea of being a submissive?”

    She nodded. “Then, um, while I was rubbing my mom’s feet one day...I, I told her that it would be cool if she acted sorta bossy and, and actually ordered me to massage her feet.”

    My eyes went wide. “Huh, and how did she respond?”

    “She, uh, thought I was kidding and I, um, laughed to make her think it was a joke. But a minute later, she was like, ‘Okay, I’ll try it tomorrow.’ And the next day after school, she pointed to the floor and then told me to rub her feet in a demanding voice.”

    “Wow,” I said with a chuckle, “and she’s been doing that ever since?”

    She shrugged. “Yeah, she has.”

    “Your mom certainly seems to enjoy that part of it...” I smirked and patted her arm. “...just like you do.”

    She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “It’s weird, though. She was never like that before...with anyone. It’s like, once she tried it on me that day, she really got into it. And then she started bossing around my dad.”

    “I noticed!” I laughed, as did she. “So, does he submit to her all the time now?”

    “Most of the time, yeah. It’s funny, because it used to be the other way around.”

    “Hmm, perhaps your father was a closet submissive who secretly wanted her to take control of him.”


    “And does your mom act like that to you...I mean, outside of when you give her foot massages?”

    “No, not really. In fact, she doesn’t normally do the whole bossy thing when she wants me to rub her feet unless we’re alone.”

    I scrunched my eyebrows. “Wait, she doesn’t do that in front of your dad...or Tanya?”

    “Uh uh,” she said while shaking her head. “That’s why I was sort of freaked out when she did it with you there.”

    I stifled a giggle and rubbed her shoulder. “I was a little surprised too. But now that I know the whole story, it’s fine.” I lifted her chin and smiled. “And it probably just means she really likes me, and as she said...that she can trust me.”

    She gave me a slight grin while nodding. “That’s a good thing, right?”

    “Absolutely! Your mom’s pretty awesome.”

    “She is. And I’m glad you’re getting along so well with her.”

    “Me too.” I looked toward the house, and then back into Polly’s eyes. “But now it’s time to say goodbye for today. Give me a hug.”

    She wrapped her arms around me. “Thanks for being so...understanding.”

    I squeezed her tight. “You’re welcome.”

    A few moments later, I stepped back from her. “I’ll see you at noon tomorrow.”

    “See you then, Amber.”

    I opened the car door. “Take care, Polly.”


    Once I was sat in the driver’s seat, I saw her wave to me. I reached out the window and waved back. We continued waving to each other until I could no longer see her in my rearview mirror.

    While driving to my place, I had a huge grin on my face as I sang and hummed various tunes. My enthusiasm remained high after I arrived at home. I was singing loudly when making dinner – and even between bites while eating.

    The rest of my evening was spent contemplating the events of the past day, as well as what might happen during our Saturday adventure.

    Regarding the former, I chuckled when thinking about what I did to the guys at my table in the morning – and then what Linda did to me. I felt my pulse quicken while remembering my encounter with Monica. Recalling how Tanya was dressed made me shake my head, but smile all the same. I masturbated several times while picturing the torrid scene with my lovely foot girl at my apartment. And I did the same as I reviewed in my mind everything that happened at Polly’s house. In particular, seeing her mother’s dominant side was an unbelievable turn-on for me!

    As far as the latter was concerned, I had a rather devious idea that involved Tanya. After what Polly and Steph had told me, I knew Tanya had been receiving foot rubs from her friend for a very long time. It seemed like she truly loved having Polly’s hands on her feet, and indulged in this every chance she could. But I figured these sessions only happened in the privacy of their homes.

    An evil smirk formed on my face as I wondered whether I could have my petite student massage my feet while all of us were together – and in public. Or better yet, suggest she rub her friend’s feet. That would be fabulous entertainment, well, for me anyway. And no doubt for Tanya too.

    Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough!
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    What an interesting situation Polly found herself in this chapter! It seems that her submission will become even more pronounced in the near future!

    Great writing as always, One - can't wait to read the next part!
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