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Thread: Bringing out her inner-freak through her Stinky FEET

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    Bringing out her inner-freak through her Stinky FEET

    *****this is an extremely long post. ******* I thought I posted last year but cannot seem to find it here. I am Not sure how it will translate for reading enjoyment since I have a different perspective when reading. It is a story within a story, compilation of email role play, and text role play along with the regular "story". Either way it's long. Hopefully it works. Otherwise no biggie. I'm just copying and pasting.

    So about a few months ago I, for some reason I cannot explain, while all hot and bothered by texts and pictures my "sexy ass pixie cut red haired tall drink of water" girlfriend sent about her wearing her old Uggz without socks, could not wait to have some fun with that night, and I ended up calling a phonesex line thing. One of those ones where your able to pick from different categories and feitshes and whatnot. I didn't call with the intention of getting off though. I wanted to get myself to this crazy worked up state, and then get my girlfriend to the tsame point later on. Well long story short, a little while later I got caught. I never deleted anything from recent calls or my browser on my phone. She saw "niteflirt" or however it was labeled (we now share a phone plan) and she was not pleased to say the least. By now I had moved into her place (which forced me to cross the river and leave my beloved city and reluctantly enter this boring garden state!) and basically have been dealing with the standard growing pains of living together.
    I personally didn't (and still sorta don't) see what the big deal is. Regardless tho, she was not cool with it. And to respect her I said I wouldn't do that again. It was a random thing I decided to do. (I Used to here and there many years ago) Because I spent money , (more money than I should have) and also because I was talking with another "real life" woman was why she said she felt like it was wrong. Anyway it turned into a HUGE argument which lasted all afernoon. But by the night we had made up and she started in with the teasing.

    At this point in our relationship Heather is now well aware of the full extent of my fetish. And she had been wearing these boots all day at work, into the afternoon of arguing and now while getting all cozy with each other. And she is full well Knowing I wanted nothing more than for her to remove these boots and let that aroma invade my nose. So as I was laying on the bed she then crawls onto it facing me. She drapes her legs across my body, and crosses her ankles bobbing them back and forth. So with her boots still on I guess her curiosity took over, and she starts to ask about that phone sex call. At first I played dumb and didn't reveal anything at all, but she knows how to get me talking.
    She says her feet are dying from those boots all day and would really appreciate it if I would take one off for her. Keep in mind that they are essentially directly in front on my face now. So as I peel that boot off, her toes wiggling finally free and able to breath, I am just punched in the face with the smell. At this point she has me. I am in a god damn "trance" as she puts it. My eyes halfway shut and I'm sent to another world. And now she asks me again,
    "what specifically did you talk about with that whore on the phone?"
    Wiggling her toes constantly now is just sending out non-stop wafts of her stale sweaty feet only an inch or two from my face. Again she pries,
    "I mean Jesus Christ Andrew?! What on earth could you have to be embarrassed about telling me at this point? What are you talking to this woman about that you don't want to do with me? Hmmmm??""
    And with that she started to tickle the end of my nose with her toes that were still covered in sweat.
    Right at that point I had a little "aha" moment and I finally understood why she was so bent out of shape earlier about that phone call. She was offended that I potentially had even more kinks that I wasn't telling her about. Which was semi-true I suppose. So with this insane state of arousal she had me at, she was able to seduce the information out of me.
    I told her i had the woman act out this little role play scenario for me. Her eyes lit up in excitement. I can't even describe how hot this situation was for each of us. Then she waved her other still booted foot in front of me. A specific wave which I knew meant to go ahead and remove this Ugg now. I slowly peeled off the second boot and she then put both stinking soles directly in front of my face. So close I didn't no how she wasn't allowing her soles to come in contact with me. I could feel the heat. And I am not just saying that.
    And as she straightened her legs to get to that position and her feet placed so she couldn't even see my face anymore, she says,
    "I want you to tell me everything that was said. And don't you dare hold back."
    So that's what I did. At that point she could have gotten me to do just about anything. I proceeded to tell her about a fantasy I've had since I was probably 13 yrs old about a mother in my neighborhood growing up. Who was a good 10 years younger than all the other moms. And who was just sexy as hell. And this woman happened to have younger children. And I would put myself in this scenario where I was about a 16 yr old kid and was babysitting her kids for the night. And when she came home rather tipsy with the kids all fast asleep, plopped herself on the couch next to me.
    In my little fake fantasy this milf tells me she's much too drunk to drive me home, her husband was away, and if I wouldn't mind just getting a ride home in the morning. I say that's no problem at all and not to worry about driving.
    Well I looked up at that point and my girl is just completely engrossed and hanging onto my every word. She leaves one foot now rubbing all over my face , and starts rubbing my cock with the other over my shorts and just says,
    "Mmmm. Keep going. Don't you fucking dare leave anything out either."
    This is one of those moments I know is just almost too good to be true. Just surreal So I continue on, telling my fantasy of Mrs. McKenna complaining about dancing all night and her feet were killing her. (I most likely concocted this fantasy from different stories I've read on the Internet over the years). She says,
    "if you wouldnt mind could you give Mrs McKenna a good foot rub. My feet are dying from those heels all night"
    So Heather is fucking butter at this point And now switching off from rubbing both her smelly feet together on my face to one foot while the other was rubbing my cock( which was now out of the pants). And then both down low. One on my cock pressed against my stomach and other tickling my balls. She then starts to kinda grip onto my head with her toes while with the other foot keeping pressure on my boys and getting pretty rough with them too. (She said gripping my dickhead with her toes can be tough. Because pre-cum makes it all slippery. And it's like a little game for her to get that GI Joe Kung-fu grip)
    So Heather is laying there clinging onto every word, pretty much already fully knowing where it was going. I see her fingers rhythmically moving inside of her black tights/yoga pants. And the more she was into it the more I wanted to keep talking. And I continue on about how Mrs McKenna puts her feet across my lap, and my 16 yr old self's nerves are going wild. Trying to keep my cool and not let her know that I am so aroused by her feet. And as I pop her heels off and see her gorgeous soles and sweaty toes I'm hit with sweet scent and my young cock gets harder than oak!
    Smoke is now coming out of her ears at this point She's now pressing so hard against my balls with her toes and the other still wiggling in my face. She interrupts me and says,
    "Oh my fucking god! Keep smelling my feet while you talk. Your not sniffing hard enough. I want to hear you sniff harder. You KNOW how much I love hearing that and what it does to me!"
    So obviously I oblige and really go for it as instructed. And after losing myself in the moment and breathing in like a madman for a couple minutes she brings me back from orbit and reminds me ,
    "Now your 16 with this sexy drunk milf's stinky feet in your lap and trying to keep your cool right? So what happens next? You can't do that to me. I need to know. Does she notice ?! She has to notice right? There's no hiding that arousal babe. I should know. So...???"
    I go on to tell her how nervous and turned on I am. And the moment I touch Mrs McKenna's feet and rub her instep she lets out such a sexual moan. And as she moaned she stretches out her other foot, points her toes in total relaxation and satisfaction. But with this stretch, she without a doubt let her foot come into full contact with my rock hard dick. I noticed and probably did a little startled jump. And I looked back and Mrs McKenna is staring at me with a huge smile across her face.
    Heather doesn't even have her eyes open anymore. One hand down her pants, her other pinching her nipple. With a foot now on my face and the other pushing against the underside of my cock against my stomach. Pre-cum now full out dripping off my head pooling up on my stomach. She opened her eyes, looked at me for a few seconds and just said,
    I do. But not good enough. She says,
    "Come on babe. I NEED to hear you sniff. Long and loud sniffs. I have to feel the air being sucked through my dirty toes!"
    After another couple minutes of that its all just almost too much to handle For both of us. I start to tell her my fantasy milf, Mrs. McKenna (who is an actual mom from my neighborhood) had just noticed my hard-on against the bottom of her sweaty foot. But instead of freaking out, she had this mischievous smile.
    I finally get to the part of the story that Heather has been anticipating the entire time. She knows I'm crazy for the smell and is dying to know how my fantasy plays out.
    I continue on saying Mrs. McKenna doesn't shy away at all and just asks me to keep rubbing. And leans her head back in relaxation for a few seconds before popping up and asking me ,
    "Oh honey. I'm sorry. I didn't even think about how sweaty and stinky my feet must be from dancing all night trapped in those heels. They aren't too stinky for you are they??"
    And with that I tell her that Mrs McKenna lifts her other foot to in front of my face and wiggles her toes. She knows she has me eating out the palm of her hand at that point. Mrs M is then overcome with this newfound sense of dominance and sexuality. Knowing she is just driving me up the wall she keeps her foot there wiggling away and says,
    "Well even if they do smell very strong, which I know they do, it doesn't seem to bother you the least bit. In fact, I might even think that you actually like it. Do you? Do you like the smell of my stinky feet Andrew?"
    Well that was it. Fantasy story time could not continue any longer. There was just way too much heat in the air. At that point there was no keeping our hands off each other. We had teased each other long enough and had to get down to business. I'd love to say that from that point she furiously rubbed my cock under her foot while the other on my face until I Came everywhere. But that does not happen here. That doesn't happen ever here. Because she needs to get off just as much as I do, we then have actual sex. Amazingly hot animalistic sex.
    A couple months before this day Heather started doing something that made me just weak in the knees. After rubbing her stinking feet all over my face for some time, she would then come in for a kiss. A mini make-out session actually. And I'll never forget the first time I noticed either. As we are making out moments removed from her perfect rank soles all over my face, I can hear her smelling as she kisses me. And she is totally loving it. And has told me that she just absolutely loves smelling her dirty feet from my face. Not directly from her feet or shoes, but just off my face. It makes her nuts. She has definitely has gone from unaware of anything foot fetish related, to being an all time great. This woman keeps making me almost not believe all this is real. Time and time again we will have a night together, and when I'll think and reflect on it the next day I almost don't even believe it happened. And her getting off to smelling her sweaty feet fresh from my face is one of those moments.
    Sidenote* it also gives me a brief little glimpse into how she came to love all this so much with me under her spell smelling and infatuated. Because just the sound of her totally sniffing the smell of her feet while her tongue is in my mouth is somthing that never even crossed my mind before. And now it's one of the sexiest things ever. Not to mention when she tells me she can taste her feet in my mouth and on my lips and tongue as well. This woman does it for me more than I ever thought could be possible *
    So with that said, we eventually finish off by having the most amazing sex one could have. And to finish the dirty deed, she flips onto her back with her legs in the air, knowing im going to need to cum soon. And her legs up my torso, she plants her soles over my face telling me to,
    "Smell them hard. Keep smelling my feet as you cum!"
    A few minutes of this and that's all she wrote. I have one of those orgasms that make my knees buckle and completely collapse on top of her afterwards. And just have to lay there for a minute to collect me thoughts.
    After all of the events took place that day and into the night, it was just understood between us without even having to say it, that this was a scenario we would HAVE to visit again. And then maybe 2 or 3 weeks later (the next weekend that we would have alone with no plans and her daughter at her father's house was the first opportunity we had) I met another milfy young mother from the neighborhood.
    Instead of Mrs. McKenna I was now dealing with "Mrs. H" . I had no knowledge of Mrs H beforehand. She was never discussed at all. I can only assume that the night I have just detailed had left quite an impression on my lady. Not only an impression, but a need to take that story and make it hers. And thank god for that.
    Mrs H emerged one drunken night and we definitely had some fun with it. But it was not nearly the night we both had probably envisioned. Just kinda played with the idea. I needed more. She needed more. So I took it upon myself to email Mrs H to set up another night of babysitting. I knew we had a weekend coming up where would would be alone so I just went for it.

    On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 3:46 PM, Andrew ******* wrote:
    Hey Mrs. H. This is Andrew. Just wanted to touch base about this weekend. I know you said either Friday or Saturday. I just wanted to know which night and also if it was going to be another all night thing.
    I just need to know so I can plan my wknd accordingly. And I don't want my girlfriend to get too frustrated with me either. Thanks

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    On Apr 4, 2016, at 4:13 PM, heather ********* wrote:

    Andrew! I was literally just sitting here with my feet up on my desk, thinking about you. As you know, Mr. H is out of town this weekend and I have an event to attend this Saturday night. I do hope you are available to come over that night. I have to leave around 7 and I wont be back until very late. Maybe after 2am. I hope that wont be a problem for you. If you can stay that late, I'll definitely make it work your while. And you know that you are always more than welcome to stay the night if you get too tired to drive home. I know it's such a far drive for you.

    BTW - since you did such a wonderful job the last time you babysat for me, I have a little surprise for you

    Talk to you soon.

    Mrs. H.

    On Apr 4, 2016, at 4:38 PM, Andrew ***** wrote:

    Thinking of me while at your desk with your feet up? That's good to know Makes me feel appreciated. For babysitting and all the other duties I go above and beyond for.
    So I told my girlfriend I have to babysit. But I didn't tell her that I'll most likely spend the night again. Giving her the bad news in small doses ( bad news for her. Not me 😉)
    And Mrs H you don't have to get me any surprise. It's not necessary. Really it isn't. The $7.50 an hour and some nice conversation at the end of the night is more than enough for me. (Still excited to find out though). #feelingappeeciated

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    On Apr 4, 2016, at 5:01 PM, heather ********* wrote:

    Well now I'm excited.
    to be honest, I can't help but to think of you each night after working those long days, walking back and forth , across the office and when I finally have that moment to kick off my shoes and let my hot sweaty feet breath, I get a whiff of that smell that you like so much and then I picture u under my desk while I'm with a client and your slowly and soft touching my feet and I can feel you breathing my feet. Your hands against my stockings. Working your way up my thighs. You nibbling on the tips of my toes. All while u continue to smell my feet. And me trying to keep my composure in front of one of our most important clients. Your hand in between my thighs as your nibbles get a little harder. Your teeth against the arches of my feet.

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    On Apr 4, 2016, at 5:23 Andrew **** wrote:

    Mrs H ?!?!
    Please stop (at least for now). You're getting me all Worked up and my girlfriend is going to be home from work soon. She's already slightly suspicious because last time I came home she gave me a little hello kiss and said my face smelled like feet. She asked me why and I just played dumb. (There's a part of me that thinks she's secretly turned on by the idea of me at your feet. But probably not the reality of it). And She knows I think her feet and toes are sexy (but doesn't know the extent of it like you do). Don't get me in trouble with her. I do love her so much. Sometimes I just wish she let me (tease me, cutely force me, allow me the privilege to...) get close to her feet after a long hard day at work.
    She checks my email when I'm away from my phone so u can't send any emails like that at night. Just during the workday. I can't have her see me reading my phone while my jeans get visibly tighter and tighter the more I read. Saturday night can't come fast enough. I hope you dance your ass off.

    Ps. The thrill of sneaking around talking dirty like this makes me crazy. Expect to hear from me again tomorrow 😍👣😘.
    P.s.s.Please be discreet tho. I cannot stress that enough. If she finds out then not only can we not have some casual conversation on the couch at the end of the night, but I won't be able to babysit at all

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    On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 5:02 PM, Andrew ***** wrote:
    Ever since I read your last email it's been the only thing I can think about. Just to know that those types of things go through your head is enough to send me hysterics Mrs Hernandez. And you really caught me off guard. I mean I've known you since I was a little kid and you were hangin with all the other moms who were all older than you. (We used to always say all the other Moms were probably jealous of you. They all look like typical moms and you have your rock & roll short red hair and all those tattoos. Me and all my friends had a thing for you).
    But I needed a full day to process what you said. Last time I babysat I remember you came home feeling pretty good and exhausted. We talked for a bit and you let me have a few drinks. Well I'm a lightweight. I guess I blacked out or somthing. Because I remember you asking me to rub your feet because they hurt from dancing all night. I remember telling myself to try to keep my composure and not have you think I was some kind of perv for being aroused by that foot rub. I was terribly nervous and probably drank more without realizing it.
    I remember rubbing your feet and you asked me if the smell bothered me at all. But then it kinda gets hazy after that. I woke up on the couch and figured everything was fine and you never found out my secret. Well I guess I wasn't too slick judging from your last email. I wanted to write to you all day long but you kinda had Me speechless there for a while. Because your talking about somthing I've been fantasizing about for a lot of years.
    And now I'm to the point where I'm nervous even just writing you, let alone seeing you in person and I'm trying to choose my words very carefully. I don't even want to use the word "smell" at all. Because your presence is so intimidating I still feel like I might screw it up. And I'm still trying to figure out how you knew:
    "to kick off my shoes and let my hot sweaty feet breath, I get a whiff of that smell that you like so much "
    Sorry for being so nervous Mrs H. Just know that I'm nervous in a good way. Not a bad way.

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    On Apr 6, 2016, at 4:26 PM, heather ********* wrote:
    Aw Andrew. You are so sweet. You certainly know how to make a woman blush. I have to say that I'm quite flattered that you and your friends "had a thing for me".
    I have to say that I certainly enjoyed myself the last you came over and babysat for me. However, I have say that I'm somewhat disappointed that you don't remember much of that night. I cant seem to get it out of my head. Allow me to refresh your memory...
    ---I came home from an amazing night with the girls. Dancing, cocktails, laughing all night. I hadn't had that much fun in a long time. Yet my night got better. I was feeling a bit tipsy but I was definitely aware. You were the first thing that I saw when I walked through the door and this feeling of want just came over me. I really didn't want you to leave right away. So when you said that you would stay and have a cocktail with me,,,,well, I was more than delighted. So we grabbed our drinks and grabbed a seat on the couch. My feet were killing me despite wearing an old, worn pair of shoes that night. I asked you if you wouldn't mind rubbing my feet . You kinda hesitated. I was a little nervous myself cause I knew I had been out for hours, wearing these old worn out shoes and I was a bit self conscious that my feet smelled pretty bad. I asked you if the smell of my feet bothered you and you said "no, not at all. in fact I don't smell anything" I said "are you sure case I have been dancing in these shoes and traipsing the city all night long" I even asked you to get closer to them. "Tell me if they really smell and be honest" So you put your hands on my foot, slowly raised it to your face, pressed my perfectly pedicured toes to your face and slowly smelled foot. Your eyes half closed like you just went somewhere else. Then you slowly smelled them again. And again. And with my other foot just lying on your lap, I could feel your hard cock pressed against the arch of my foot. I asked you "do you like that smell". At first You said no and you were just reacting to the wine. So I gave you my other foot and I told you to "do me a favor. Smell my foot" Clearly, I wanted to see your reaction again. And I was quite satisfied with my curiosities.
    You say that you always had a thing for me and like I said, I'm very flattered. But can I tell you a little secret? I know some people would say that this is very inappropriate but You certainly grew up to be a very sexy, strong, very charming young man. Lately, I've been having these fantasies about you. I would love to tell you detail for detail. But they're very inappropriate.
    Im sorry but I'll have to get back to you later. I just had a very important client come in
    Talk to you soon

    On Apr 7, 2016, at 12:53 PM, Andrew Massa <> wrote:
    Ummm. Wow. Well thanks dr refreshing my memory of that night. I must say Mrs H, I can't help but to feel extremely embarrassed right now. Even though my memory is foggy, I without a doubt remember that entire ordeal. I was so hoping that was just a dream I had that night tho. I don't think I would have ever acted so inappropriate had I been in a sober state.
    My face was red as a beet while reading that. And seems like that was the only place on my body where blood was flowing too! Oh my god. I could just die from embarrassment.
    But shame on you Mrs H! "Smell my foot. Clearly I wanted to see your reaction"? You totally set me up

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    On Apr 7, 2016, at 12:53 PM, Andrew *****wrote:
    I sent that email prematurely there. My hands were trembling and hit send by mistake. Nerves/excitement/embarrassment/curiosity have me in a daze.
    Anyway , You totally set me up! You are such a sneaky mom. And that really isn't fair because you got a chance to watch my reaction but all I can wonder about is how YOU were reacting to me holding your dirty foot to my face and smelling, while your other foot felt my penis grow hard under it. You said you were 'satisfied with your curiosity to my reaction of smelling your milf feet". Does that mean you were satisfied because your suspicions were correct? Or were u satisfied that I was completely infatuated with you, your sexy vibrant firey look, your dominating instinct, and of course your perfectly stinky , and gorgeous feet and toes?? -- I think I know the answer but I cannot help to be hesitant with all of this. Like it's too good to be true.
    And it's kind of funny that you say lately you've been having "arguably inappropriate" fantasies involving me. Well I could say the same thing myself about you. But it's not just lately. It's been for many many years. So obviously you can see why this seems so surreal to me. I've been teasing my cock, rubbing my nipples, squeezing hard on my balls and stroking my cock with my head back and eyes closed just picturing you in front of me with you foo--------- Oh my god! I just got lost in my own head for a second ! I'm so sorry. What can I say. You make me feel so smitten and sexual. Hell, you've made me feel that way without even knowing it for years now.
    So just so we are clear, I would absolutely love to hear some of the fantasies you have played out in your head with me in them. I think I would gladly pay every dollar to my name to hear them. I just don't think you realize the full power you have over me Mrs Hernandez.

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    On Apr 7, 2016, at 1:26 PM, heather ********* wrote:
    Please know that I didn't mean to embarrass you. I just never met anyone who had such an atypical fetish before and I certainly didn't mean to set you up. That was not my intention. I was curious, I was very intrigued. I was immediately turned on by what I had discovered. I mean Its not every day that one has such a diverse fetish/obsession. And maybe it was the wine but when you took my foot in your hand and started to smell my foot and I felt your hard cock under my other foot, its like you went into this trance. Like you were under some kinda spell. There was no holding you back. You wanted my feet. You wanted to smell them. You wanted them pressed against your lips. You wanted them for your pleasure and I wanted you to have them. I wanted to please you. So I was compelled to give you exactly what you wanted. So I demanded for you to smell my feet. And I loved telling you to do so. I was in love with your reaction. You did exactly as I said and you grabbed my dirty foot and pressed it against your face and when I heard you smell my toes, OMG Andrew, I think I went under my own spell. I loved it. I loved every second of it. I love hearing your deep, long intakes of breath against my foot. I loved giving you the satisfaction that you have been craving for years. But I couldn't stop just there, I was too into it. I had to give you more. So I let you have my other foot. And you took both my feet into your hands and cupped them against your face and I when I heard those long deep breaths again, I fell into a deeper spell. I could see your hard cock against your pants. I could see the spot forming from the cum that was dripping out. And knowing that all of this was happening because of me.... It made me feel very sexy. At that point It took everything In me to not rip your clothes off and take complete advantage of you. But I wanted even more. I wanted to watch you take your clothes off. I wanted you completely naked. In front of me. At my mercy. All mine. I wanted to see your throbbing hard cock. I wanted to see the cum dripping down to your balls. I wanted you lying right in front of me. My feet right near your face, toes wiggling against your lips.

    Now Im getting lost in my head. I should stop. I cant sit still and all I can think about is you at the bottom of my feet.

    I have a meeting that I have to get ready for. We'll have to continue this at a later time.

    Talk to you soon

    On Apr 8, 2016, at 3:45PM, Andrew *****wrote:
    I tried so hard to just keep this short and sweet to maybe tease you or somthing. But I don't know, something just came over me and kind of lost myself. So be advised I still am currently not in my right frame of mind. You have so clouded with lust that this seemed like a perfectly good idea. And feel free to critique or just tell me your thoughts on these 3 clips. You have no idea how interested I am to hear what you have to say.

    Ps. Mrs H. You are the best!

    ----3 attachxments

    Now we fast forward to Saturday night just hanging in together on the couch, both of us totally excited but not addressing anything out loud to keep the who act going. Drinking wine and also doing Special adult medicine that we like to do once in a blue. No judgements please! Couldn't let her being sick spoil this. And then on the couch I get a text from her. Here is that exchange :

    From Heather-
    Hello Andrew. Obviously there was a change in plans tonight. I'm a bit under the weather and never made it out tonight. I hope u understand and forgive me for not contacting you earlier. However, the kids r away tonight as is Mr H. So If you are feeling up to it and you're free tonight, maybe you wouldn't mind coming over and take care of a sick patient.

    From Andrew-
    I've been waiting to hear from you like a highschool girl with a crush. Well I knew u were not feeling well, as u probably read on my emails yesterday. So I made it a point to grab some extra special medicine for you just in case. And trust me, you will not feel sick anymore. Quite the opposite actually. I'd absolutely love to see you tonight. So much.
    I haven't heard back from you in 24 hrs since I sent you some emails. So I wasn't sure if u saw everything I sent over to u. And I've been so nervous that I made a mistake by sending them. Especially the ending of the last one. I have so much anxiety because I still have no idea what's up with all that

    From Heather-
    Well Andrew. I definitely got your emails yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you right away. I left work early so I could go home and get some rest as I was really looking forward to our night together. However, when I saw your first video, it got me extremely excited. My first initial reaction was to go lock the door to my office. I sat back down at my desk and continued watching it. You got me so turned on. I couldn't help myself. I took off my heels. Lifted my skirt. And I was caressing my pussy on top of my panties so softly as I watched u smell that dirty shoe and Rub your nipples.

    From Andrew-
    What a relief. I was so nervous. So when do u want me over there?

    From Heather-
    Then I watched the 2nd one you sent me. I was even more turned on. I unbuttoned my blouse and I was rubbing my nipples while watching u. I put both feet up on my desk and slid my panties to the side. Rubbing my pussy. Tickling my clit. Finger fucking my pussy nice and slow while Listening to you smell that shoe and stroking your hard cock. Your balls looked so tight wrapped up in that tie.
    You had me so fucking turned on.

    From Heather-
    Come over as soon as you can. And do me a favor. If you don't mind, bring over the dirtiest, smelliest, raunchiest pair of shoes that your gf has. How bout those ones you mentioned.
    I would love to wear them for u.

    From Andrew:
    I ca.... Um that was...... Jesus Christ Mrs H! I'm all flustered and that is not like me. I'll text you when I'm out front

    From Heather-
    Unfortunately I didn't see your last email. Maybe I'll watch it tonight when you're here. Maybe you can watch me as I see it.

    From Andrew-
    I'll be counting the minutes.

    From Andrew-
    I'm out front now. Finishing my cigarette. Would you like to come out front with me?

    ---------- and that is a wrap. I wanted people to see how amazingly lucky I am.

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    I really like your girlfriend, she reminds me of the girl i'm dating at the moment *gg* Also, i do like your writings, please go on with it ;D
    You Wanna Be My Bitch? SMELL MY FEET! *Ooohohohohohoho*

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    Your stories are extremely sexy. Please continue

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    Fantastic story, man! I noticed you mentioned that you moved across the river from the city to the garden state. You wouldn't by any chance be a Philly guy (I live near Philly, fyi)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneAuthor View Post
    Fantastic story, man! I noticed you mentioned that you moved across the river from the city to the garden state. You wouldn't by any chance be a Philly guy (I live near Philly, fyi)?
    Born and raised
    Lol. Maybe I should have been more discreet.

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