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Thread: Stories where feet stunk up a room

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    Stories where feet stunk up a room

    Share your stories where someone you knew kicked off their shoes and stunk up a room, car, etc.

    A time personally that comes to mind is in college when we were staying up late at the library studying for an exam. It was my friend Lily and a few other friends all in a study room. Lily had brown hair, hazel eyes, around 5'6'' and kinda thicc. She was hispanic and always wore converse without socks. We were studying and I started hitting a wall and was having trouble staying awake. Another guy friend of mine agreed and we said we were gonna take a nap for a few hours in the room. Lily wasn't having it and said we needed to study for the exam if we didnt wanna fail. We were so tired that we didnt really care. Lily responded with "If you guys go to sleep im gonna take my shoes off!" and put her legs on the study table. We werent really convinced and laid down anyway. She said "Ok you guys asked for it" and she kicked off her shoes. Within 20 seconds the smell hits us all and we are all gagging. Lily was just laughing waving her feet in the air lol

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    Could you tell us more please?

    But for my part:

    I was waiting one time at the doctor and I was alone with this woman. She was sitting on a table and facing the wall and didn't realise I was there, because she had a headphone on. She had flats on that day and it was kinda hot. She was dangled her flats regularly and I decided to sit closer because, uh, there were magazines there . When I moved closer, I started to catch waves. But unfortunately, she soon realised I was there and stopped the dangling. Gone was the smell.

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