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Thread: The smell of STINKY FEET

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    Talking The smell of STINKY FEET

    HI all,

    Just was wondering what others might say about the scent of feet. I know we all hear the usual cheesy, vinegar, corn chips descriptions. I'm working on getting my wife used to and interested more in foot fetish stuff.
    She's still learning about what types of shoes i like and she even trys to get her feet smelly in some of her flats and her converse that she recently bought.
    I was going to write a short description of my experiences and foot fantasies i have either done with her or want to try experiencing with her and let her read it and i was hoping to make it sort of on the erotic sexy side so that she would respond in a positive way to my writing.

    Was wondering if there are other ways a person might be able to describe smelling stinky sweaty feet in a way that sounds sexy. To me even the word Stinky Feet is HOT and if i could write that I would, but shes a tad bit more reserved than me.
    How would you write something about slipping off some stinky well worn shoes and smelling a pair of dirty sweaty stinky feet with toe jam and make it sound sexy or erotic ? lol

    Any Ideas would be appreciated

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    Well, you already mentioned them.... there is also musky, and mangy dog smelling feet. However, that's gross smells not good smells.

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