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Thread: Turkish delight

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    Turkish delight

    Hello all
    I rarely post now like I used to mainly because of very little feedback so the forum has become more of a distant area to visit. I wanted to share this as some of you might be interested in real stories that actually happen.
    I visit Istanbul quite often as my wife still loved here this has many benefits as we often have visitors and family members come. My wife has a very big family and I finally met Esra who is a beautiful young woman in her mid twenties infact 25 as my wife told me today. As it is very hard to travel anywhere in this beautiful city without feeling tired and drained Esra and her mother stayed over which my wife insisted on. Esra has lively long black hair and was wearing some very old white ballet flats which smelt as soon as she removed them inside our home a Turkish tradition of course at first glimpse of her perfect pedicured feet I noticed how red her soles and toes were which instantly got me excited. Esra wore some customary slippers which all homes have here in Turkey and began dangling them when sat down for coffee. I got my first look at her soles and wow tremendous red soles with beautiful toes, her feet had also an aroma to them. My wife put the shoes in the cupboard her mum also wearing some closed toe flats but more wooden type and herself had some very good looking feet.
    To my huge excitement Esra had brought some extra shoes so as my wife daughter and Esra and her mum left for some shopping I was home to make lunch and of course Esra had left her very worn flats here. I opened the cupboard where shoes are kept and immediately was hit by a strong cheese smell, I reached for one of her flats and the smell got stronger upon lifting her left flat I noticed her insoles were totally stained and the smell was very strong very cheesy sweaty smell and I could not resist a smell wow it was very stinky as temperature as I write is 29c here in Istanbul infact I am smelling her flats as I write they have gone out so I must get the dinner made for their return, I think they are staying tonight which is awesome. These flats are mind blowing stinky, I have been lucky before as generally women are not worried about how their feet smell kind of a natural thing. The stains are wonderful the smell like a strong cheddar mixed with today's sweat from their travels. I will update if anyone is interested

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    I have smelled my share of shoes, and I am glad that you were able to find such stinky ones from a beautiful woman. Please continue to update.

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    Strange....Turkish women rarely have smelly feet

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