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Thread: The Queen of Paybacks

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    The Queen of Paybacks

    This story is all fiction. It's my first fictional story so it might not be that good but I figured I give it a shot.

    My name is Matt when I was kid I had an experience that basically changed me.

    At the time I was about 10 years old and it was Friday. I couldn't wait for the school day to end so I could go outside and play with my friends.

    But when I got home my mom informed me that her and my dad were going to a party and I would have to stay at Wendy's for the weekend. I was kind of bummed out but what could I do.

    Wendy was my moms best friend and a very close friend to the family. She had a nice body and good looks. At the time she was about 38 yrs old. Wendy was tall for a woman about 5ft8 with shoulder length black hair and size ten feet. Wendy use to watch me a lot when I was a kid and she was usually very nice.

    She did have a daughter named Trisha who was 16 who could sometimes be a pain but that's about it.

    So I started packing my over nite bag and decided to bring this little water pistol I just got from the corner store. I figured if I got bored I could squirt Trisha or even Wendy with it.

    At 5 o clock my mom dropped me off at Wendy's. She greeted me at the door and said hey Matt come on in. I'm watching the rest of my soap operas I hope you don't mind. I asked her where Trisha was and she said she was out and would be back later.

    So I took a seat on the couch next to Wendy. She was sitting with her legs extended with her nice white bare feet with blue nail polish resting on the little coffee table that was in front of the couch.

    After about ten minutes I was bored out of my mind. I couldn't take another second of watching that stupid soap opera. So I decided to have some fun with the little water pistol I brought with me.

    My plan was to launch a sneak attack on Wendy with it. She usually had a good sense of humor so I wasn't worried about her getting mad. I figured at the most she might get a little annoyed or tell me she was gonna kick my butt.

    So I got up off the couch walked into the kitchen and grabbed the water gun out of my bag. Then I proceeded to the bathroom to fill it in the sink.

    After I was done I crept out toward the living room. Once I got close I got down on the floor and started crawling towards the couch. The first thing I seen were her feet resting on the coffee table. For a second they caught my eye because of the way the light made her blue polish shine on her toes. I couldn't help but stare for a second but then I snapped out of it.

    So I decided I was gonna count to three then jump up and start the attack.
    I felt like I was on a little mission at the time. So I said to myself 1 2 3 and jumped up and before Wendy even realized what happened I must of squirted her about a dozen times in the face.

    Then I started jumping up and down saying ha ha I got you. Wendy just stared for a second but then she cracked a smile.

    She said yes Matt you got me but if I was you I would watch out. I said why is that. Wendy laughed and said because this isn't over I'm gonna have to get you back now. I said how are you gonna do that. Wendy laughed again and said you'll just have to wait and find out but just remember Matt I'm the Queen of paybacks.

    Me being the little smart ass I was I laughed and said yea right your not gonna do anything. I'm way to smart for you to get me back. Wendy just cracked another smile again and said will see about that Matt.

    After that she went back to her show and I went on the computer to watch some funny videos. About an hour or so later. I hear Wendy say Matt can you come here for a minute. So I started to walk into the living room and at the time I wasn't even thinking about the whole payback thing because I didn't really think she was ever gonna do anything.

    That ended up being a mistake on my part. As soon as I walk into the living room Wendy is in the same position but her feet were on the floor now and she was no longer watching her show. She was playing a Tetris game on her flip phone.

    She said hey Matt could you help me with my phone I think this stupid game messed up my settings. I know your good with computers and stuff like that so I thought maybe you could fix it.

    I said no problem let me take a look and I walked over to her and she went to hand me the phone but she accidentally dropped it on the floor. So I bent over to pick it up when all the sudden I felt myself being pushed to the ground.

    It all happen so fast all I heard was I got you now. Ha ha Then she grabbed my arm and shoved me to the ground and flipped me on my back. I was now laying side ways right at her feet. Wendy was holding my left arm and she put her left foot on my chest pinning me to the floor.

    I struggled to break free but I couldn't get her foot off me and I also couldn't break the grip she had on my arm. Wendy was cracking up as I tried to break free. She kept saying what's the matter Matt? Where you going Matt? The way she was saying it actually made me laugh too.

    But at the same time I wanted to escape but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get away. Wendy said Matt I'm sorry but your not going any where. Me being a cocky little kid said oh yeah you just watch I'll break free any second.

    Wendy just laughed and then said Matt, If you want me to let you go your gonna have to beg me and kiss my feet!!!! hah ha

    I said your crazy Wendy I'm not begging and I'm not kissing your dam feet!!!! You got to be out of your mind I said.

    Then Wendy said oh your not gonna kiss my feet. Well Matt, we will see about that. Just then Wendy raised her right foot and put it over my mouth. Come on Matt she said with a laugh I don't feel you kissing my feet. Pucker up and give my feet a nice big kiss.

    Now I know this was suppose to be all fun and games because she was getting me back and all. I mean I kind of asked for it and I knew she was just playing around with me. But at this point I felt a little bit humiliated under her feet. She then said Matt my feet are already on your lips so you might as well just kiss them. Come on Matt kiss my pretty feet and then I'll let you go. She then removed her foot from my lips and said what's it gonna be Matt.

    I said no way I'm not kissing your feet and when I break free I'm gonna squirt you again. Me and my big mouth I know. Wendy just smiled and said but Matt, you will kiss my feet. I was just giving you a chance to do it, before I make you.

    I said no way you can't make me. I'll never kiss your feet Wendy. Not in a million years will I kiss your stinky feet. Wendy then said oh, you think my feet are stinky. Then maybe you should smell them. I said no get your feet away from me.

    She just laughed and said sorry Matt but you asked for it. Then she proceeded to rub her feet all over my face. I tried to turn my face away but it was no use. She then began taunting me by saying Smell my feet Matt. Come on Matt, give my feet a nice sniff. Then she started saying so Matt, how do my big feet smell?? What do they smell like?? Do my feet smell good Matt?? Do you like the way my big beautiful feet smell??

    They actually didn't smell to bad I said to myself. Her feet were really smooth too. But I still wanted out of this humiliating position.

    Just then the phone rang and Wendy put her foot over my mouth and answered. She laughed and said yea he's right here. Oh no I said to myself don't tell me it's my mom. Oh man this is gonna be embarrassing.

    Yea he's no problem for me Wendy said with a laugh. He did shoot me with his water gun but I'm getting him back now. I got my feet in his face Wendy said with a laugh. My face turned red and then I could here my mom laughing through the phone. Ok Wendy said have fun tonite we will be fine.

    Hey Matt your mom said you squirted her with that water gun too. You wanna know what she said when I told her I had my feet on your face. She laughed and said good give him a taste of his own medicine.

    You got to be kidding me I said to myself. I was a little bit mad that my mom encouraged her. I mean, yea I did squirt my mom with it too but she didn't have to egg Wendy on.

    Then Wendy said Matt, your gonna kiss my feet now. Unless of course you wanna find out how good my feet taste. I then let out a nervous type of laugh and said taste??What do you mean taste with a nervous tone in my voice.

    Wendy laughed and said that's right Matt. I'll make you eat my feet. So unless you wanna find out how my feet taste. I suggest you start kissing them now. I said yea, but if I keep my mouth closed, you won't be able to stick your foot in it. So ha! I said with a defiant tone.

    Just then I felt a little tickle on my stomach. Wendy just moved her left foot from my chest down to my stomach and started tickling it with her toes. With in seconds I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably.

    Just then she stuck her right foot in my mouth while I was laughing from being tickled. Wendy laughed and said see Matt I told you, as she wiggled her toes all over my mouth and tongue. That's right Matt, eat my feet! eat it, Eat my feet ha ha. Look at you eating my feet. Yum yum yum, does it taste good Matt?? Is it yummy? That's right Eat it, Eat my big beautiful feet she said.

    I tried to stop laughing but the tickling was to much I couldn't help but laugh. Even as her foot was in my mouth. At this point she took her foot out but she still kept it over my lips. She was also still tickling me with her left foot on my stomach and on my side.

    The tickling felt unbearable at this point and I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't even talk I was laughing so hard. Wendy gave me a big smile and said Kiss my foot Matt. Come on kiss it now. If you want this to stop soon, you better kiss my feet!!!!! He he

    At this point I couldn't help but give in and I started to kiss the bottom of her right foot over and over again. She had me kissing all over the bottom of her foot as she moved it from her heel and then up after each kiss further and further until I reached her toes. Then she said ok Matt, now kiss my big toe. Without any hesitation I kissed her big toe.

    Finally the tickling stopped. I was so relieved the tickling stopped I almost forgot her foot was all in my mouth and that I kissed it a bunch of times. Then facing the reality of what just happened my face turned beat red and I was pretty humiliated to say the least.

    Ok Wendy you win you got me good. Wendy just looked down at me beneath her feet and with a big grin. She said of course I win silly. I just had you eating my feet ha ha. Then I said so, you won can you let me up now.

    Wendy paused then cracked another big smile and said let me see. Then she said are you ready Matt? Ready for what I said with a puzzled look on my face.

    Wendy laughed and then said round 2 silly. Before I could say anything she started tickling me again. Right away I started to laugh like crazy again and Wendy looked like she was having so much fun getting me back.

    I felt humiliated but in a way I really couldn't fault her for it. I mean I did start it and I had to hand it to Wendy, she really got me good.

    Anyways I started to laugh more and more. Then Wendy placed her foot over my mouth and was rubbing it back and forth as I laughed into her foot.

    Then alI I heard her say was Lick my feet!!!!!! Lick it, come on lick my feet. Just give up Matt and start licking or else I'll make you eat them again. Do you wanna eat my feet again?? You don't need to say anything just stick your tongue out and start licking.

    In reality I couldn't say anything because I was laughing to much and I think she knew that. Then Wendy said Matt you got to the count of 5 to lick my feet. If you don't start licking by then you'll be eating my feet for the next ten minutes.

    I was trying to decide what to do. I didn't want to eat her feet again but at the same time I wasn't trying to lick them either.

    The she began to count 1 2 3 4 and before she hit 5 my tongue shot out of my mouth and I started licking her foot all over. She kept moving her foot from her heel to her toes.

    That's right Matt lick it up ha ha ha. Ha ha Yummy Does it taste good?? How about my toes Matt give them a good lick. That's right get in between my toes He he. Oh it taste so good, Yum yum yum lick it up. Lick it all up that's right lick my feet.

    Oh I think you like it Matt, look at you licking my feet he he he. Then finally she stopped. I was once again so relived that the tickling stopped. I also couldn't believe that I just licked her feet like that.

    Then I said to myself you know it's weird i think I actually liked the taste of her feet. Then I told myself to snap out of it and shook the thought out of my head.

    Wendy was still laughing and then she said ok Matt, I'm done my payback is complete and she let me go. As I got up she smiled and said you see Matt, I told you I would get you back. You have to admit getting you with my feet was the ultimate payback.

    I couldn't help but laugh because she was right it the ultimate payback. So I said yea Wendy I'll admit it you got me good. I never expected that to happen. She said I know that's what was so great about it. Then Wendy said I'll bet you'll think twice before squirting me with a water gun again. I said oh yea big time and we both laughed. Then she said I told you I was the Queen of paybacks. Now you know why. I said yea I definitely do.

    Just then the front door opened up and in walked Wendy's 16 year old daughter Trisha.

    Oh man i thought, I hope Wendy doesn't say anything to Trisha. But that's probably to much to ask for. As Trisha walked in she said Hey Matt how's it going. I said everything's going good in a nervous tone. I knew if Trisha heard what happen I would never here the end of it.

    Wendy said how was your night sweetie? It was good Trisha said. Trisha then asked how are night was??

    I started to turn red as I saw Wendy with one of those smiles I knew it wasn't gonna be good. Wendy said well we had a very good night so far.

    Matt learned a very valuable lesson. Trisha smiled and said oh yea what's that? He learned that when you mess with the Queen of paybacks you get a face full of my feet, right Matt.

    Trisha started cracking up ew wait, what did you say?? Wendy said, little Matt here got me with his water gun. So I got him back good with my big feet. Trisha was laughing hysterically at this point.

    Wendy then said yup I got him so good he even got a mouth full of my feet. Trisha laughed and said ew ew Matt ha ha. Wendy then said let's see, I made him smell them, eat them,kiss them, oh yeah and let's not forget I had him lick all over the bottom of my feet. He even licked in between my toes. I basically tortured him with my feet ha ha. I guess I got carried away ha ha. But hey, he was asking for it.

    I felt so embarrassed I wanted to run out of there. Trisha was still laughing and saying ew Matt you licked my moms feet ew he he he. That is so funny she said. Then Trisha said Hey Matt, if you want you can lick my feet too ha ha ha. She continued laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world.

    I felt like punching Trisha in the face as I thought this weekend couldn't end fast enough. Now I got to worry about Trisha I said to myself. She might get some crazy idea and try to get me with her feet too.

    All I knew was with Trisha here. I'm gonna have to keep my guard up for the rest of the weekend. Wendy's pay back was complete. But Trisha was another problem.
    The end of part one.

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    Nice story man! Welcome to the DOSF

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    Great start! Can't wait to hear more!

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    Thanks guys, I'm still working on part 2 but I'll be sure to post it when I finish it.

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    Great story. I can't wait to see what Trisha has planned. I hope she spends even more time with her feet on his face and in his mouth than her mom did.

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    A brilliant story with a lot of interest, keep going!

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    Thanks I'm glad you guys like it. I will probably have the next part up by tomorrow or the next day by the latest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatman55 View Post
    Thanks I'm glad you guys like it. I will probably have the next part up by tomorrow or the next day by the latest.
    Just read this story. Looking forward to the next part. Did you forget to post it lol?

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    Wow great story, actually had a similar real life scenario with this too only it was my grandma looking after us at my grandma's house with two of my female friends from middle school. Man it was the first time I got to enjoy the smell of vinager with two soles pressed against my face on the floor. She kept telling me to smell them as she was laughing with me. I think she knew I liked the smell. Her feet came straight out of 7 hour worn flats. Also looking forward to the next part.
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