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Thread: The Ring

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    I do love a good femdom story/video. But sorry haven't read all the chapters yet.

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    Awesome chapters!! Can't wait to read the next additions!

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    Baz you just keep creating more and more awesome predicaments, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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    Chapter 12 The Next Phase

    Joanna next step was to form her company, to finally make it.
    Bob's wife Tessa would make a fine sales manager, Becky and her slave John would be administration, both were accomplished in this area.
    Jenny and her husband Jake, (now in chastity and teased daily by his wife) could keep the place tidy and become its procurement department.
    Tony could do the maintenance and Bob could be her assistant as he was now.
    She just needed a building, a decent couple of contracts and she could form a breakaway.
    Opportunity came knocking one day, eight months later in the form of a major contract for a perfume company.
    The owner was a fifty something Chinese woman, she had two daughters and had long since divorced her useless husband.
    During discussions it was ascertained that Hamilton and son's offered a good deal.
    It would cost Tao Perfume a good deal of money to present an advertising campaign for three years.
    Joanna pleaded with Madame Tao to hold fire, she asked if she would sign with her alone, if she formed her own company.
    Being female she no influence over her, but she said she could beat Hamilton and son's and also could deliver the start of the advertising in three months at half the price.
    It was agreed that if she could do this, show her good sound advertising with a smart catchphrase, she would sign with her.
    Joanna got Bob, Tessa and Becky to find out all they could about Hamilton and son's, the owner, the company's, financials and anything useful.
    Madame Tao had enlightened its owner to the current situation.
    The owners name was Frank Hamilton, and he called her directly.
    Bob put the call through to her.
    “Hello Joanna Godfrey speaking”
    “Hello Mrs Godfrey, Mr Hamilton of Hamilton and son's.”
    “Hi how are you?”
    “I'm well, I'll get straight to the point, I’ll give you a personal bonus of twenty thousand pounds to fuck up the Tao account.”
    “I see”
    “Is that a yes Mrs Godfrey”
    “No I'm afraid it's a no”
    “Really how much do you want?”
    “Can we meet up Mr Hamilton?”
    “If I must, I'll book up a table at the Ritz Carlton, say tomorrow at one o'clock?”
    “Done I'll see you there.”
    She hung up and called Bob in.
    “Yes mistress”
    “Can you book a suite at the Ritz Carlton for tomorrow, and a photographer for 15:00”
    “Yes Mistress.”
    “I need Frank Hamilton's height, chest and waist size, and his shoe size by the four o'clock.”
    “Yes mistress”
    “I also want a portfolio of his company by twelve.”
    “Yes mistress”
    “Jump to it slave, don't disappoint me!”
    “No mistress, you will have it.”
    Joanna knew she would, Bob knew better than to disappoint her.
    Next she phoned up her lawyer Stacy Millington and discussed some matters with her.
    Everything was falling into place.
    Bob delivered the company portfolio by twelve with ten minutes to spare.
    Joanna took the package and sat down in her throne chair.
    She crossed her legs and flexed her foot.
    “Thank you worm, you may lick my feet whilst I have a look.”
    Joanna had worn a superb pair of high heeled sling backs, with bare feet.
    Bob carefully removed her shoes and set about licking the smooth sole of his goddess’s feet.
    Joanna relaxed and read the company’s history.
    Hamilton had acquired the company through inheritance, he was the only surviving son.
    He had no wife, no children and lived in an opulent mansion.
    The company was turning over a tidy profit, with assets worth a lot of money.
    The list contained cars, an office block, a summer cottage and of course the mansion.
    Joanna relaxed back and watched Bob lapping at the soles and toes of her feet.
    A plan formed and would be executed today, by the end of the week she would own her company.
    She picked up the phone and dialled madam Tao.
    “Hello Mrs Godfrey, what can I do for you?
    “Greeting Madam Tao, I will bid for the contract, next week, but it will be with my own company.”
    “Okay, but I cannot sign a big contract over to a brand new company.”
    “It won't be, it is quite established and you will be surprised.”
    “Excellent, I would prefer a woman to handle my affairs, I shall await news next Monday.”
    “You will receive it, I promise.”
    Bob handed the personal details of Mr Hamilton by three o'clock.
    She then instructed him to purchase some items, he balked and also smiled, as he guessed what she had in mind.
    Joanna searched the internet and found what she was looking for.
    She purchased some new equipment and giggled.
    Life was getting to be a barrel of laughs.
    She went home and chilled, looking forward to the next stage of her career.
    Joanna even released Tony from his chastity and had he screw her normally, not allowing him the pleasure of cumming, of course.
    Although he did have to lick her ass out afterwards, much to his displeasure.
    Christina was busy working on a new design and would see her again soon.
    Next day she arrived early at the Ritz and checked into her room.
    She travelled in jeans, trainers and a loose top.
    Bob met her there and also took her suitcase and a large bag to her room.
    Joanna changed into Lycra three quarter pants, white socks, trainers and a tight training top.
    She then hit the gym, accompanied by Bob.
    Bob was ordered to do a 10000 metre run.
    Joanna hit the cross trainer, rower and eventually the runner, before doing some weights and sit ups.
    She felt good toned and refreshed.
    Bob finished his run and looked exhausted, Joanna laughed.
    She was warming to him, but still remembered all those rough times.
    They did not bother to shower, just went back to the room.
    Joanna ordered a light breakfast.
    She sat down on one of the arm chairs and smiled.
    “Bob removed my trainers, there’s a dear.”
    He duly obeyed and popped off her Nike training shoes.
    Her feet looked so superb in white cotton, she twirled her feet around and grinned.
    “Lie down at my feet, Bob.”
    He did as ordered and knew what was coming.
    “Breathe through your nose, Bob.”
    He did as ordered again and then heard a knock at the door.
    “Room service.”
    Joanna got up and opened the door to a very young woman, dressed a hotel uniform, dark nylons and good shoes.
    “Come in.”
    The young lady entered the room and drew back in shock at the sight of Bob on the floor.
    “Oh don’t mind him, in fact, join me for a minute.”
    “Sorry, I have other jobs to do.”
    “Just 5 minutes, you will like it and there is a twenty in it for you.”
    “Okay, then Madam, if you insist, just for 5 minutes.”
    “Bob here is my slave, and he just loves the smell of women’s feet.”
    The maid giggled and looked at Bob intently.
    “Kick your shoes off dear and rub your tired feet in his face.”
    “I couldn’t.”
    “Feel the power, you will love it.”
    “But I haven’t changed my tights this week and I’m sure they smell pretty bad.”
    “Even better.”
    Eventually she gave in and sat in the chair above Bobs head.
    The maid slipped her right foot out of her shoe and pressed it onto Bob's face like it was the most natural thing in the world.
    Her dark tights were damp with foot sweat, which she proceeded to slowly rub around on Bob’s face.
    The darker reinforced heel and toe area seemed to have trapped more moisture.
    The smell was incredibly strong, but Bob had no choice but to sniff her worn tights.
    The maid laughed and made Bob smell her feet for the full five minutes, before inserting her feet back in to her shoes.
    “Thank you Madam, that was very stimulating.”
    “No Problem, here is my card, give me a ring, I may have a job for you soon.” She said handing her a card.
    “Okay Madam, I will.”
    “My name is Joanna and you are ?”
    “Victoria, Vicky to my friends.”
    “See you later Vicky and thanks for the breakfast.”
    Joanna handed her a twenty pound note and closed the door.
    She poured herself a coffee, and grabbed a bagel from the tray.
    “Well she was a nice young lady, Bob.” She said sitting down.
    “Oh I almost forgot.”
    She then lifted her wet cotton socks onto his face and buried his nose in the soles of her feet.
    “There you go, have a little snifter on me.”
    She laughed at her own joke and enjoyed her breakfast.
    Bob just breathed in the soles of her feet and suffered for her, like he always did now.
    Eventually she got up and showered, perfumed herself and got dressed.
    Joanna dressed to kill, wearing a smart grey suit, grey stockings and black stilettos.
    Bob took a shower and got ready for their plan.
    It was nearly 13:00 and Joanna took the lift to the restaurant.
    She got shown to a table and met Mr Frank Hamilton.
    He was a scrawny, man, slightly greying, but had a presence about him.
    She sat down, and smiled, he had looked her up and down like a pervert would.
    “Good day Mrs Godfrey.”
    “Please Mr Hamilton, call me Joanna.”
    “Okay Joanna, call me Frank, now by the end of this meeting, I want to know how much you want to void the contract.”
    “Let’s eat and then we can talk, I’ve booked a suite upstairs.”
    “Really, okay, I can handle some extra negotiations.”
    They ordered some food, and exchanged pleasantries.
    When the meal finished, they walked towards the lift.
    Just then a woman, around fifty scurried over to them.
    “This is my secretary, Hannah, she will take notes.”
    “I thought we could be alone, for a while before sorting out a deal.”
    “Oh I see, okay Hannah, wait for us in the lobby.”
    “Yes Mr Hamilton.”
    She was obviously under the thumb and scared of her boss.
    They entered the suite and Joanna sat down in the chair.
    Frank was about to sit down when Joanna stopped him.
    “Frank, stand there and don’t move, don’t talk, just listen.”
    He obeyed her for some strange reason, he couldn’t understand why or protest.
    “Now Frank, this is what will happen, you will sign your company, your house, your cars over to me for one pound, you transfer all your money over to me. Then you will work for me as my slave to do with as I please. I will of course keep you fed and watered, just.”
    Frank took this all in and said nothing, his rage was there, but he just couldn’t move or say anything.
    “Now Slave, on the bed is some clothes in your size, please put them on.”
    He went over to the bed and saw a yellow dress, yellow high heels and a pair of pink knickers.
    Frank removed his clothes and put on the attire.
    Joanna laughed at his demise, and called Bob on her mobile.
    There was a knock at the door and the photographer walked in.
    Loads of embarrassing shots were taken of him dressed like this, he would never live it down if they got out.
    The photographer downloaded hundreds of photos to her laptop, which she uploaded to a secure cloud.
    He then left and Joanna smiled at Frank, before again ringing Bob.
    “Send up Stacy can you Bob.”
    Stacy Millington arrived and laughed at the Frank in his yellow dress.
    “You are such a bitch Jo, unreal.”
    “Now Frank, please sign all the documents and the deal can be finished.”
    He signed all his assets over and still could not work out what was happening.
    Now Joanna had her own company, a massive mansion and several cars.
    “Thanks Stacy, I’ll send you a cheque in the post.”
    “Okay Jo, no problem.”
    Stacy left and Joanna then addressed her new slave.
    “Frank, you’re now mine, lock, stock and barrel. I own you, if you sing out those photos will get out there. Kiss my shoes, slave if you agree.”
    Frank got on his hands and knees and kissed Joanna’s shoes, this was so humiliating for him.
    “Thank you Frank, or rover as you will be known from now on. You can talk if you like.”
    “You fucking bitch, I’ll get my assets back, and those photos, I’ll get even with you.”
    “Really, see how I have made you do all this, I could just as easily tell you to jump from a bridge, walk into traffic, swim out to sea.”
    “No you can’t, I don’t know how you did it, but.”
    “Okay, we shall abuse you for a while, keep you locked up and then later we shall see.”
    Joanna took the business over and moved into Frank’s mansion.
    She kitted a room out like a cell, and kept Frank in there, unless she wanted to humiliate him.
    All his staff were kept on and the business plan settled into place.
    Mrs Tao was contacted and asked to come in for signing a contract.
    Joanna went to see Frank, in his cell.
    “Rover how are you, trust you are well, now I have a job for you.”
    “Stick your job bitch.”
    “Okay, no more talking, you will follow Bob and start your new role at Godfrey Advertising.”
    Bob led him out and took him to his old office, he was instructed to lie on a bondage bed, where he was securely strapped in, naked.
    They had secured his head, so he couldn’t move it at all.
    A ring was attached around his cock and balls.
    Joanna appeared above him and smiled down at his prone form.
    “Not so big now Rover are you, especially your tiny cock, might have to cage it up.”
    “Anyway your new role is as Hannah’s foot slave, to clean her shoes, lick her feet and generally amuse her.”
    Hannah then came in and stood next to Joanna.
    “There is an electric ring attached to genitals, Rover, controlled by this remote, it has 5 settings and I’m told level 5 is excruciating. There you go Hannah, all yours. Better be a good boy Rover and please your new Mistress.”
    Joanna handed the remote to Hannah who smiled at the device and at the situation.
    She pressed the button at level 1 and Rover grimaced in pain.
    “There you go, just a little appetizer, better work hard little rover, you can start by shining the soles of my boots. Tongue out.”
    She lifted up her leather flat heeled boot, and proceeded to run the sole over his tongue.
    “Let me get a chair, one second.”
    She then got a chair sat down and had Rover lick the sole of her boots clean.
    “Good boy, now time to get some work done.”
    She then produced some thick black tape and used it to tape his mouth shut.
    A couple of the boys then slid him under her desk so his face could act as her foot stool.
    The desk was a grand style wooden affair, used originally by rover, and covered him completely.
    Rover looked up and couldn’t believe he was going to be a foot stool for his abused secretary.
    Hannah sat at her desk and removed her boots, she rubbed her large size eight feet together.
    The tan tights showed off all of her meaty flesh and soft pads.
    She lifted them above Rovers face before plonking them down to his awaiting nose.
    His nose was buried in two large soles of sweaty female feet, he held his breath for 30 seconds, then took in his first sample.
    It was atrocious, heavy on sweat and nylon, with a hint of leather, what a fucking bitch he thought.
    “Oh don’t worry Rover, it is only 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for the next year or two. You get the night off and the weekend, although Joanna might have some things in mind.”
    Hannah smiled triumphantly at her new found rise in the world, no more abuse, just more money and an easier job, plus the bonus of making her ex arsehole of a boss smell her feet every day.
    It didn’t get much better than this, and she would make sure her feet would never smell of roses.
    Joanna placed Tony in a her new ottoman, it was basically a large box, which he knelt in, his hands were bound behind his back, then a large lid came over the slaves head, so only his head was showing.
    The ottoman was padded all round and looked very nice in a red leather, matching the sofa and two arm chairs.
    His mouth was taped shut, ear plugs were put in his ears and a leather hood, matching the ottoman was secured over his head.
    It could be wheeled around and you could lock it in place with switches, which activated some brakes.
    It looked so natural, Tony couldn’t hear, see, taste or breathe through his mouth.
    Everything focused on his nose, his whole world would be what he could smell.
    She would use this expensive device for anyone, she felt deserved it.
    Joanna had a bit of time to kill, before Mrs Tao arrived with the contracts, she would wheel Tony out of the way when she got back, she needed some new shoes.
    But Mrs Tao arrived early, a lot earlier than expected.
    Hannah showed Mrs Tao and her two daughters into Joanna’s new office.
    She offered then drinks, a coffee for Mrs Tao and cokes for her daughters.
    Closing the door, she quickly dialled Joanna’s mobile.
    “Mrs Tao has arrived Mrs Godfrey.”
    “Okay no panic, offer them some drinks and I’ll be back in 15 minutes, 20 at most.”
    “Will do.”
    Joanna cursed her luck and quickly exited the shopping centre and drove back as fast as.
    She brushed herself down and composed herself before entering the office.
    The sight she saw before was amazing.
    Mrs Tao sat on an armchair, absent minded reading a magazine, but her daughters had their white socked feet up, on the ottoman, right in front of Tony’s nose.
    Both of them were laughing and giggling, and brushing his nose with their toes, playing with him.
    Mrs Tao, startled at the door opening and looked up.
    “Ah Mrs Godfrey, how are you?”
    “I’m very well Mrs Tao.” Joanna said looking at her daughters.
    “I’m sorry, they think there real person in hood, I told them no way.”
    “Well, they are right.”
    “No way, really” She uttered some Chinese and the girls pulled away, shocked.
    “So Sorry, hope they okay.”
    “I’m sure they are, shall we move on and get the contracts sorted and go out for some dinner.”
    “Yes, of course, I also deal for Friends Company advertising shoes, he worth twice as much as me and likes what you have done, he said sign up this lady, I like.”
    “Thank you so much, good news.”
    The contracts were signed and deposits were drawn, Joanna now had her own company, her own mansion and a fantastic life.
    Was it time for the ring to be passed on ?
    Who could she give it to ?
    What sort of woman could she find ?
    Any Suggestions ?
    Or does she just carry on, and create an empire?

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    Excellent! I would say whatever way you decide to go from here would be fine.

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