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Thread: The Ring

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    The Ring

    Chapter One The Background

    Joanna was a hard working woman, 24 years old, 5 foot 5 tall, curvaceous build but shapely with it.
    She had size 4 feet, wore high heels well, and loved clothes, when she could afford them.
    Her mother had 4 daughters, she was the youngest by a few years.
    They had a tough time growing up and hardly any money.
    She met Dave at 17 and fell in love with his good looks and strong body.
    But he abused her, beat her regularly, and demanded sex all the time. They eventually split.
    Several years went by and then she met Tony, he was a plumber, tall and sure of himself.
    He drank and expected her to keep them, he usually got the odd contract, but not enough, and not often.
    He was basically lazy, and expected Joanna to do all the housework.
    Joanna was very intelligent, but just had no luck.
    At work her boss Bob was mean, and had her working a 10 hour day with no lunch, mostly to make him look good.
    She was his sales assistant and did all of his paperwork in an advertising business.
    The last big contract, a mobile phone company, she had come up with the idea, penned it and did the groundwork.
    In the meeting, Bob had said it was idea and got the huge bonus when the company had won the contract,
    At the end of each month, her pay package just about paid the bills and kept Tony.
    She had tried to kick him out, but he was having none of it.
    Joanna had hardly any clothes, wore the same stockings or tights for weeks at a time.
    She wore a pair of worn black leather ankle boots to work.
    She had two suits, both obtained from a charity shop.
    She felt deflated in every avenue of life, what was the point in going on.
    Joanna was now twenty four, and wondered if her life would ever change.

    Chapter Two The Delivery

    Joanna went home expecting the worse and found no Tony, just an empty house.
    Just as she was about to sit down, the doorbell rang.
    It was a delivery driver, with a signed for package.
    She opened the package and found a ring and a letter.
    Joanna quickly read the Letter:

    To Mrs Godfrey,

    I have sent you this ring as way of a gift.

    When you finished with it, have all you want, please choose another wearer as I have chosen you.

    The ring wields power over men in your presence.

    They will do as you ask, without impunity. They cannot resist.

    But it has be a command, not a suggestion, you will get used to it.

    Rise to the top, earn your fortune and have a good life.

    A woman on top.

    She re-read the letter and looked at the ring, you cant be serious she thought.
    Her day had been long and hard, Bob had her running around picking up coffee, getting lunch, filing, and even cleaning his shoes before a meeting.
    He was such an asshole, he used her to win contracts and then abused her until the next one came along.
    She left the office at 19:00 after Bob insisted she filed everything away before going home.
    It was pouring down outside and she had missed her bus, the next one was in an hour.
    Tony would be mad, if she got home late and delayed his dinner.
    She got out her mobile and rang Tony.
    Tony, can you pick me up please?
    What, the football is about start.
    It will take me a good half an hour to walk home, and its raining heavy outside.
    Sorry Babe, youll be alright, hurry up though, Im starving.
    He then hung up, Joanna just looked at her phone.
    She went to walk out and then thought about John, her brother in law.
    He was married to Becky and he might give her a lift.
    John could be an arsehole as well, he was solid, worked hard and treated Becky well.
    He was also stubborn, and expected people to get on with their own lives.
    She dialled his number.
    Hi John, its Joanna, could you do me a favour?
    What now?
    I need a lift home from work, Ive just missed the bus.
    Whats wrong with Tony?
    Hes watching football.
    Seriously, Tony is too busy to give his own wife a lift and you expect me to.
    Please John.
    Sorry Joanna, catch the next bus and have a word with your dick of a husband.
    John hung up, he was right but could have helped her out.
    She walked home and got soaked through.
    When she arrived home, all Tony wanted was his dinner, didnt give a damn about her.
    He later slapped her about a bit for being late and then forced her to suck his sweaty cock.
    Then he had brutal hard sex with her, not taking into account if she actually wanted it or not.
    This had to stop, she just couldnt take any more.

    Chapter Three The Test Run

    Next morning she woke up early and left Tony in bed.
    Joanna put on her spare pin stripped trouser business suit, 2 week old black tights and her leather ankle boots.
    She noticed the package and examined the ring, taking a moment of courage, she put it on.
    Nothing felt different, all the same, she almost took it off, but didnt.
    At the bus stop two young boys were fighting, and bumping into people.
    She remembered the words of the letter The ring wields power over men in your presence.
    They were only boys, but it was a simple test.
    You two tapping them on the shoulder Stop fighting
    Instantly they looked at her and then stopped.
    You pointing at one of them Go stand over there, and you pointing at the other one the other side
    Both obeyed her and stood on either side of the bus stop.
    People stared at her not sure what to say, but thanked her none the less.
    Joanna stared at the ring, surely this couldnt be true.
    Further tests were required, the bus arrived and there was nowhere to sit.
    An old lady was standing and 2 young teenagers were sitting down, joking about.
    She walked up to them, and looked at them, a different approach this time.
    What do you want lady? The oldest of them said.
    It would be really nice to let us sit down. Joanna said pointing at the old lady.
    Well there are no seats, so get out of my face.
    Thats not very nice.
    Shame, now fuck off.
    Well the softly approach hadnt worked, so it was time to try something different.
    Get up, both of you, get off the bus and walk to wherever it is you are going.
    They looked at her, got up and left the bus, walking down the road.
    Both were shaking their heads and couldnt believe what they had done.
    Joanna and the old lady sat down, she thanked her and said she was very brave.
    More tests were required thought Joanna, Ill go through the park near work and find someone.
    She spied a young man wearing a suit, sitting reading a copy of the Sun.
    Joanna sat down next to him, he looked her over and went back to his paper.
    She noticed he was drinking a coffee from a local mobile vendor.
    Excuse me, what is your name?
    He looked at her strangely and told her it was Steve.
    Steve, give me your paper.
    He duly obliged and again looked at her strangely.
    Now Steve, go and buy me a breakfast tea.
    He got up, went over to the van, queued and got her a tea.
    He gave it to her and again sat down, he was looking quizzically at her.
    Thank you, now go and get me a cream bagel.
    Again he got up, went over to the van, queued and got her bagel.
    Joanna was amazed, it was true, the ring worked 100%, and she needed to know more.
    He gave her the bagel and sat down.
    Why did you give me your paper, Steve?
    I dont know and I felt like I had to, so I did.
    What about buying me the tea, you didnt hesitate or ask me for money.
    Again I dont know why, it just felt right. Although buying a lady tea and a bagel is hardly something I wouldnt do normally. Although, I usually would ask her first, not to be told to.
    I see, well Im going to try something harsher, Im very sorry.
    What do you mean?
    Joanna crossed her legs and smiled, she need a sterner test.
    Steve, kiss my right shoe, until I tell you to stop.
    Straight away he got down on his knees and kissed the tired leather of her black ankle boot.
    He felt strange and really didnt want to be doing this in public, but felt he had to.
    This was very humiliating, but it also turned him on.
    She looked down at him and grinned.
    Steve, now lick my boot.
    He then licked the leather of this womans boot.
    It tasted dusty, his tongue mouth quickly felt dry and dirty.
    Joanna felt a surge of power run through her, she ate her bagel and sipped her coffee.
    All the time, poor Steve was running his tongue over her boot.
    She let him do it for around ten minutes, a few people came by, laughed, which added to his humiliation.
    Steve, you can stop now.
    He got back up and looked flabbergasted at what he had just done.
    Did you want to lick my boot Steve?
    No, I didnt, I cant believe I did to be fair.
    Why did you then?
    Again I felt compelled to obey you, I had to, I just couldnt resist.
    Steve, Im really sorry for doing this to you, it was just a test run.
    What are you a witch or something?
    No, Im just a girl down on her luck, with her fortunes about to change.
    Joanna then got up and left Steve bewildered on the bench.
    Things were on the up, and she for the first time ever looked forward to work.

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    wow, great start

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    Very nice start!!

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    Nice! What's happening to Joanna reminds me a little of what happened to the main character in the story "Goddess Estelle". I loved that story, but the author dropped it after only a few chapters.

    This story has similar potential, and I do hope it will continue on. :-)

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    Is this really your first story? It's very good! Keep up the good work. Also, I feel bad Steve. XD

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    Looks like there's a new sheriff in town, and her name is Joanna. Looking so forward to the next chapter.

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    Yusssss that was such a good start. Keep going!

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    Chapter Four Work

    She arrived at work and was late, Bob was his usual self.
    What time do you call this, you are not on flexi time you know.
    Sorry Mr Davis.
    Now get me a coffee, and we can start work.
    He retreated to his office, the assistants worked outside the office like a receptionist.
    The Sales managers had their own comfortable office, and furnished it how they liked within reason.
    She brought him his coffee and went to leave.
    Not so fast Joanna, Mr Guttridge is coming in at 10:00 to discuss Ash Mobile and future tenders, you can clean this office.
    But Im not a cleaner Mr Davis, Im a sales assistant.
    You are what I tell you, you are, now get to it.
    She reluctantly hoovered the office, polished the desk and dusted down every surface.
    Bob just sat there, sipped his coffee and watched, occasionally pointing out bits she had missed.
    The Area Sales Manager Ron Guttridge was coming in to discuss the contract they had secured and plans going forward.
    This would prove a good ground to kick start the career of Joanna Godfrey.
    She played along and at 10:00 Mr Guttridge arrived.
    Two Coffees Joanna, and make it snappy we have work to do.
    He said this with a click of his fingers, and Mr Guttridge laughed along with Bob.
    Joanna made the coffees and entered the office with them.
    Put them there. He said pointing and dont let the door hit your arse on the way out.
    Both of them laughed, she closed the door, but stayed in the room.
    What the, get out. She held up her hand and cut him short.
    Bob, tell Mr Guttridge who designed the plans and came up with the idea for Ash Mobile.
    Joanna did all the work, the idea and the plans.
    Ron Guttridge could not believe his ears.
    Bob, tell Mr Guttridge, who would be a better Manager, you or me.
    Joanna would make a better Manager.
    Bob, write out your resignation from the Sales Manager post.
    He got some paper and a pen and wrote out his immediate resignation.
    You must be blackmailing him Joanna, I cant accept this. Mr Guttridge said.
    Bob, tell Mr Guttridge there is no blackmail and I have nothing on you, you are doing this of your own free will and are happy for me to take over the role.
    Bob stated to Mr Guttridge all that she had said.
    Well Im shocked, so it must be you I need to talk to Joanna and not Bob.
    Mr Guttridge, I want Bob here to take over as my assistant, he has worked here loyally for years. But he is just not good at being a full time Manager. I also want the bonus from the Ash Mobile paid to Bob, given to me. I also want the full rate of pay a sales Manager receives. Bob, what do you get paid?
    I get 50000 per annum plus bonus. Bob announced.
    Bob can have my salary of 25000 per annum with no bonus.
    Okay Joanna, all sounds good to me; Ill get the paperwork sorted out.
    Bob, you can leave the office now, and dont let the door hit your arse on the way out.
    He got up and left the room, he was shell shocked at what he just did, and couldnt understand why he had said it.
    His life got a whole lot worse, he would have to leave and get another job.
    Back in the office Joanna came up with another idea.
    Mr Guttridge, can I call you Ron?
    Of course, Joanna.
    We are advertising for a cleaning assistant to help Jenny, on 16000 per annum, I want my husband Tony to get the job, and start tomorrow. He will do what she says and help her out. He is more than qualified.
    Of course, I can sort that for you.
    Thank you Ron, you have made the right decisions for the company. Ill work on Ash Mobile and get some out sounding results. If you leave the next company up for tender, Ill review it with my new assistant.
    Ron got up, dug out the next tender and exited the room, he was shocked at what had just happened he felt compelled to help and obey Joanna, and she was damn good at her job.
    Joanna sat back and breathed in, wow that was powerful, she had done it, got a massive salary increase, a bonus and a job for her lazy boyfriend, that would come as a shock to him tonight, she couldnt wait to get home.
    She pressed the buzzer for the assistant and Bob came in.
    What have you done to me? I dont why I did that, Im ruined, I wont work as your assistant, Im resigning, and you are a bitch.
    Hmm, okay Bob, in fact you will not resign, in fact you will work here 07:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, until I tell you to resign. You will address me as Miss. You will be known as Worm from now on. Is that understood?
    Yes Miss. He said shaking his head.
    Now worm, to seal the deal, get on all fours, crawl around here and kiss my boots.
    Bob looked at her, got down like a dog and crawled to her tired footwear.
    He then kissed the leather, never before had he felt so humiliated.
    It is good you have finally found your place worm, I love it. Tell me you want to be my slave.
    Miss, please I really want to be your slave.
    Good, now go to the shops, and get me a pair of high heels, size 4 in a style that turn you on. Tell the shop assistant in a loud voice that they are for your Mistress. Then ask her for her name and beg her again in a loud voice to allow you the honour of kissing her feet. Give her my mobile number and tell her to send me some pictures. The time is 11:00, you have 1 hour. Off you go, worm.
    Bob could not believe it! He rushed out and went to the shopping centre.
    He arrived at the shop to see a Manager and three assistants, one of them male.
    Can I help you Sir, looking for anything particular? said a female sales assistant.
    She was a small petite young girl, dressed in a nice one piece dress, thick tights and ballet pumps.
    Yes I need to buy a pair of high heeled shoes for my Mistress. He shouted out.
    All the staff turned around and even a couple of customers.
    Follow me then Sir, we have this selection, does anything take you fancy?
    Bob surveyed the shoes and selected a pair of Dune Daenerys Studded Court Shoes with a 4 inch heel.
    They were stunning and would show off the high arch and sole of her foot.
    What colour would you like Sir, we do Black, Blue, White or cream.
    Can I have a Blue pair please, size 4.
    The assistant went out the back and cam back with the shoes.
    That will be 95.00 please Sir.
    Bob handed over his credit card and paid the assistant.
    Please can I have your name, My Mistress insists.
    What if I dont give it to you?
    I really dont know, please. Bob said pleading.
    Okay, it is Liberty. She said laughing.
    Please Liberty I beg you, can I kiss your feet. This is my Mistresss number, she would like a few pictures.
    Bob said this in a loud voice, he could hear sniggering behind him.
    Go On Liberty, indulge the little pervert.
    She had a little think and then extended one of her perfect ballet pumps.
    Okay then, kiss my feet.
    Bob got down and kissed her feet, Liberty took several pictures.
    He had never felt so humiliated or embarrassed in his life.
    Joannas mobile went and she smiled at the pictures.
    There was a comment from Liberty, who said she was a lucky woman to have a slave like him.
    She was more than lucky, her fortunes were changing for the better.
    Bob rushed back and presented Joanna with her new shoes.
    She opened the box and loved the shoes, they would show off her feet and her dominance.
    Very good worm, I shall wear them tomorrow.
    Bob stood there not knowing what to do.
    How much money have you got on you Bob?
    Around 500 in fifty pound notes, in my wallet.
    Go and get it, Bob.
    Bob scurried off and came back with the wad of cash.
    Thank you Bob, I need some bits and you can buy them.
    She spent the rest of the day reviewing the contracts, she had Bob running around getting files and such like.
    Every so often she would make him kiss her boots, this made her feel so good.
    She used him as a footstool, resting her legs on his back whilst drinking her afternoon coffee, made by him of course.
    It was 15:00 and she ordered Bob to tidy up her office, dust it, hoover it and polish her desk with his tongue.
    I want to see my face in it by morning, Good night worm. She said twisting on her heel and leaving the office.

    Chapters Five and Six are written in draft, but I'm taking my time as best to refine as I go, rather than rush it.
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    Nice story so far. The reason I like it is because Joanna is getting revenge for all the bad things she went through in life. The added part of financial domination was also nice.

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    I certainly like where this is headed! Very nice!

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    Amazing! I really like this dynamic. I look forward to any future parts to this wonderful story.

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    Chapter Five Shopping Trip

    Joanna went to the shopping centre, she had some new shoes purchased by her new slave bob.
    She now wanted some more stylish boots, a comfortable pair of boots, some more stockings, tights, some new clothes and more importantly some information.
    Joanna purchased a lovely pair of black 3 inch high heeled boots, a sexy pair of flat ankle boots, a couple of sexy dresses, a new business trouser suit, a couple of tight blouses, a sexy pair of mules.
    Then she came across the Ann Summers shop, she went in and spoke to the manager.
    “My boyfriend wants to be my slave, any help or suggestions?”
    “Of course Madam, many women get their slave in a chastity device like these.”
    Joanna had never seen such a thing and smiled outwardly.
    “You lock them in, control their sex and only you can release them, this one is inescapable and fits the best.”
    The manager dangled a polished silver coloured tube from her hand.
    “The tightly curved tube will fit snugly, it locks on in two different ways. A locking collar is clicked shut around the sack behind the balls, the collar is welded to the bottom of the tube. This leather strap goes around the waist tightly and is then locked with a small padlock. It will prevent full erection, but allows the user to urinate.”
    “Wow that is amazing.”
    “I would also suggest you purchase a few magazines and maybe Google femdom. Common practice is foot worship, ass worship, and many forms of objectification.”
    “What is Objectification?”
    “It could be tied up as a footstool for long periods, on a sofa, under the bed, whatever takes you fancy. I had a boyfriend once who was into femdom and so I tortured him with the smell of my feet after a day’s work.”
    “Really, how do you mean.”
    “I would tie him up, on the floor, tape his mouth shut and rest my tired feet, in nylons on his face. Later he would lick my bare feet.”
    “Okay, thanks very much, can I take 3 chastity devices, as many femdom magazines as you have.”
    “You might also consider a crop, very painful and good for keeping them in line. A pair of handcuffs for when you remove the chastity device, keeps their hands safe away from the key.”
    “Okay and a riding crop.”
    “No problem Madam that will be £385.00 please. I would also get some heat rub, it stings when applied liberally to their balls.” She said this with a little wink.
    Joanna handed over the cash and left the shop like a giddy schoolgirl, her life was going to be fun from now on.

    Chapter Six Arriving Home

    Now to face Tony, oh such fun would be had.
    Joanna arrived home to find Tony slouching on the sofa, watching some game show on the television.
    It was 17:30 and she was tired, but excited.
    “Hey babe, get me another beer.” He barked.
    She smiled as she hung up her coat and bag.
    “What is for dinner Babe, better be good, I’m starving.” He said laughing,
    She entered the kitchen, full of mess, used plates, dishes and cutlery.
    It was a pig sty, no other words for it.
    “You got that beer yet, bitch, for fucks sake, I’m gagging over here.” He shouted.
    Joanna looked up and took a deep breath.
    She entered the front room and sat down.
    “Tony, sit up and look at me, don’t talk anymore.”
    He looked at her and sat himself up.
    “Bring me the remote to the TV.”
    He obliged and looked strangely at her.
    She smiled back and relaxed, he was her slave now, she crossed her legs.
    “Now Tony, I want you to go into the kitchen, wash up, dry up, put everything away, wipe down every surface, mop the floor and empty the rubbish.”
    He couldn’t believe it, but he obeyed her without question.
    She secretly laughed inside as he went about his work.
    Joanna changed channel and found a lovely soap to watch, she used to love them, but Tony had taken control and pretty much forbid it.
    She glanced over to see him washing up, shaking his head and looking at her.
    “Don’t worry Tony, plenty more fun things are going to happen.”
    She picked up the phone and ordered in Chinese food, it wasn’t his favourite and he preferred pizza, but he would get some boiled rice tonight.
    He needed to lose weight, tone up and become less of a slob.
    The food arrived at 19:00 and Joanna ate whilst watching TV, Tony carried on working.
    “When you have finished and I am satisfied, you can eat.”
    She then sat back and read through some of the magazines.
    Her eyes lit up at the pictures of slaves sniffing feet, licking feet, of being ridden on all fours.
    She also read a story about teasing, tickling and holding painful positions for long periods.
    It was 20:00 before Tony emerged and signalled it was all done.
    “Okay Tony let us have a look.”
    The kitchen was spotless, you could eat your dinner off of the floor, fantastic.
    “Good job Tony, you can talk again, want some food?”
    “What the fuck, have you done to me, you bitch, I’ll beat the shit out of you, and I’m not a fucking cleaner.”
    “Okay, Tony no more swearing, no more threats, speak to me with respect, calling me Mistress, understood?”
    “Yes Mistress.”
    “I haven’t done anything to you, you are doing this of your own accord, I thought you wanted to change and were presenting yourself in a different light.”
    “I didn’t want to clean the kitchen, I don’t want to call you Mistress either.”
    “Then why are you? I’m sure you do really, you just don’t understand why.”
    “Maybe, I’m confused.”
    “Well eat your dinner, have a shower and a shave. Then report back to me naked.”
    He did as commanded and came back fresh and clean.
    “That is better, now come over here and get on your knees.”
    “Please Mistress, I’ll be good.”
    “No more talking, you are now my slave, lick my boots.”
    Tony dropped to the floor and lapped at her tired leather ankle boots.
    She felt wet at the site before her, but remember last night and grinned evilly.
    The taste of his sweaty cock still lingered in her mind.
    “Lick the soles, slave, and long hard licks.”
    He held her booted feet up and licked at the smooth sole, it was scratched, dirty and not pleasant to lick.
    She causally read her magazine, and loved her new found status.
    He spent a good 20 minutes licking the soles of her boots.
    “Stop slave, get on your knees.”
    He did as commanded, he still wondered why, but just could not say no.
    Joanna then slapped him hard, his face stung, but he could do nothing about it.
    “Not so powerful now, are you slave, all the years of abuse, oh my God, what goes around comes around.”
    She then raised her booted foot and struck him in the stomach, it knocked him over.
    “Get back on your knees and don’t bloody move.”
    She then kicked out and landed a blow straight to his balls, he doubled over and then got back on his knees.
    “This is so good. Now for something else, close you lips, imagine they are glued, do not open them at all. Breathe through your nose. Adopt the plank position.”
    Tony did as commanded, he was unfit and this was hard.
    Joanna removed her boots and stretched out her legs, resting with her feet positioned right under Tony’s face.
    “Look at my feet.”
    He looked down and now could smell the raunchy odour of her tired cheesy feet.
    “Smell good don’t they? All day in those boots, enjoy slave.”
    Joanna then went back to reading her magazines, this was pure power.
    She made him hold the plank for 15 minutes, he was breathing heavy through his nose, savouring the fragrance of her feet.
    “Okay you can stop now. Come over here and breathe normally”
    She then pulled the first of the chastity devices from her bag.
    “You will like this, not a lot. But I will.”
    Joanna followed the instructions and attached the device to him.
    “There you go, no more erections for you, unless I allow it”
    “But Mistress, please.”
    “From now on you will only speak when spoken to, understood?”
    “Yes Mistress.”
    “Get on your knees, hands behind your head slave.”
    Joanna then got up and went into the bedroom she emerged 10 minutes later wearing a dressing gown and her fluffy pink slippers.
    She sat down and crossed her legs, the slipper dangling from her toes.
    “Now slave, remove my slipper and kiss my feet sensually, pay homage to your superior.”
    “Yes Mistress.”
    Tony removed her slipper and went about kissing her toes and the top of her foot.
    Joanna then pulled her foot back to allow him the pleasure of kissing the sole and heel.
    She marvelled at the power she now had, and was wet at what she was observing.
    It was time for payback for sucking his sweaty cock last night.
    “Now lick my foot slave, lick it like it was an ice cream. They are very hot and sweaty, just like your cock was last night.” She said the last part laughing.
    His tongue lapped at her feet and tasted foot sweat for the first time, it was none too pleasant and he regretted his act of male dominance last night.
    Joanna was getting so horny, she hadn’t showered for coming up to 2 days, and she had been too busy.
    She imagined the taste of foot sweat to be foul, and hoped he was suffering.
    He would smell and lick her feet every night when he got home.
    Tony licked the wrinkles on her feet as she flexed her toes forward, he was her slave now and didn’t even know why.
    She allowed Tony another 15 minutes on her foot, before swapping over to her other one.
    He went through the same ritual and hated every second of it.
    “Poor slave, only good for licking my feet now, well get used to it, you owe me big time and I’m going to collect.”
    Tony wondered how long she would keep him as a slave, life was not good, oh how he wished he had been better to her, why did he have to obey her, what had changed.
    “Okay, you can stop now slave.”
    Joanna then got up and removed her knickers, she was so ready for attention.
    She sat back down and opened her legs, she then fingered herself and rubbed it under Tony’s nose.
    “Smells ready slave, now get licking, make me cum, or you are for it.”
    He obeyed without question and lapped at her sex like a dog at a bowl of water.
    God she tasted dirty, her sex smelled rough, but he grinned and bared it.
    “That is so good, harder slave boy, lick your Queen.”
    He really went to work now, his jaw ached, his tongue felt dry and tired.
    She same in a huddle of sweat and grabbed his head at the last knocking, nearly suffocating him.
    “Fuck that was good, a regular thing I think.”
    Tony’s cock was straining to grow, but it couldn’t and he experienced the tightness, the urge, but no relief for the first time.
    Joanna then knelt up on the chair, facing away from him, presenting him the site of her tight arse and the wrinkled soles of her feet.
    “Now slave, lick my ass, run your tongue up the crack.”
    Tony could not believe the command, how could she be so cruel, it was beyond words.
    Her rear end tasted heady and very sweaty, the humiliation at licking another person’s bum was unbelievable.
    “That feels nice, lick the bud.”
    He dutifully obeyed and heard her sigh as his tongue connected with her sensitive gland.
    “Holy shit, that is amazing, lick round it.”
    Again he had no choice and heard her almost scream at the sensation.
    Joanna had him lick for 10 whole minutes, the longest 10 minutes of his life, before she commanded him to stop.
    “Now slave get my boots and inhale the scent through your nose until I return.”
    She went into the bathroom and showered herself thoroughly, she had never felt so good.
    Tony had picked up her worn leather boots and smelt them for all he was worth, which at that moment was not a lot.
    Joanna returned to the front room in her pyjamas.
    “Come here my little pet, get on your knees, I have something to keep you warm tonight.”
    Tony did as she asked and watched as she got a tube of deep heat out of her bag.
    Joanna then pierced the lid, put a generous amount on her hands and massaged his balls with it.
    The heat didn’t take long to work and soon he was on fire, she also rubbed it into his nipples.
    “Slave, you will also sleep on the floor in the bedroom from now on and wait for me to wake.”
    He got himself a blanket and placed it at the end of the bed.
    His balls and nipples were on fire, he hadn’t realised what a cruel woman she could be.
    But then again she had never held sway with him, like she had now.
    Joanna got undressed, and went into a bed a happy woman for the first time in years.
    Next morning she woke up feeling refreshed and alive.
    “Slave, come here and lie at my feet.”
    Dutifully Tony rushed around and lay at his Queens feet.
    She smiled at the site before her and stepped down onto his chest.
    It felt powerful, feeling his body squirming under her weight, not that she weighed a lot.
    “Slave, poke out your tongue.”
    Joanna then ran her toes over the wet object whilst balancing on his chest.
    It tickled her and made her smile, she then ran the sole of her foot over it.
    “That feels so nice, slave.”
    She swapped feet and did the same with the other one, again savouring every second.
    “Good boy, now make me some eggs and coffee, off you go.” She said stepping off him.
    Tony prepared her breakfast and awaited her entrance into the kitchen.
    She had dressed in black tights, her smart new trouser suit and a pair of flat leather boots.
    “Like the outfit slave? We shall continue your punishment when you get in.”
    “Yes Mistress, very becoming, when I get in Mistress?”
    She then dropped the bombshell.
    “Oh Yes, Tony you are to report for work at the office at 12:00.”
    “What do you mean, work, Mistress.”
    “Good honest work slave, you are the new cleaning assistant; it will bring some money in and get you out.”
    “No Mistress, please.”
    “You know Jenny, obey her in all things and you had better do a good job, or there will be hell to pay.”
    “What do you mean hell to pay?”
    “Do shut up Tony and do as I have asked, Jenny will tell me if you are a naughty boy.”
    Joanna caught a taxi and left for the day, Tony would arrive at 12:00 and work till 20:00.
    They always started in the canteen, and worked their way up.
    Jenny could manage it just, but it was hard work.
    Tony could do it under her instruction and make things easier for her.
    Jenny was a small petite 5 foot tall, size 8, very athletic and quick, she would love to play with Tony.

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    Two chapters for the price of one. I like what Joanna did to Tony.

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    Chapter Seven Bob’s Wife

    Joanna arrived early, made herself a cup of tea and went in her office.
    She was busy reviewing some paperwork when her office door opened and in stormed a young woman.
    Bob followed closely behind looking sheepish.
    “You must be Joanna! What have you done to my husband? Why is he now you’re assistant? What the fuck is going on?”
    Her face was red, she was angry and flustered, if looks could kill.
    “Worm, leave the office and close the door.”
    He did as commanded, watched like an eagle by this young woman.
    “You must be his wife I take it?”
    “Wow a genuine Sherlock, now I want to know what the fuck is going on. He came home last night, said he had been demoted on £15000 per annum, we can’t live on that. He was earning £30000 and got a small bonus every year.”
    “Okay, it looks like we need to chat, I’m Joanna and you are?”
    “Please take a seat, Tessa.”
    She sat down on the sofa and Joanna sat down on the armchair.
    “Well for starters, he is now on £25000 and before he was on £50000, so where is the extra going?
    “What, seriously? The little shit!”
    “Tell you what, I’ll make up the difference paid directly to you of £5000 and we will also arrange his full salary to go to a bank account you control. Does that sound acceptable?”
    “Yes it does.”
    “We can speak to him in a minute and sort out his accounts, he must have some money stashed away.”
    “That would be great, how did you get him to spill the beans and swap roles?”
    “I can’t really say, but I’ll help you get some control over him and his money. Nice and secure for you.”
    “He is such a fucker, I wish I could control him.”
    “Well I may be able to help and since I’ve known him, he has always been an asshole, what is like with you.”
    “Well as you can see, a prick, but I don’t want for much, I have a house, food on the table and good holidays, so I put up with his shit to just carry on.”
    “Well I have acquired a chastity device, I put my husband in one last night and he is now very attentive.”
    “A chastity device, really, show me.”
    Joanna got the device out, and showed Tessa all of its workings.
    “He won’t wear that, never in a million years.”
    “If you get him in it, you will have control over him, he won’t be able to do anything sexual to himself unless you let him. You can unlock it here and there, to wash him and such lie. But always handcuff him with his hands behind his back when you do. He will beg you for release inside of a week, I’m sure of it.”
    “That sounds like fun, he is always a horny bugger, but he wouldn’t go for it.”
    “I’ll get him in it right now.”
    “Go on then.”
    Joanna pressed the phone and buzzed Bob’s desk.
    “Worm come here.”
    Bob opened the door expected a sheepish Joanna, instead he found an excited wife, who was positively beaming.
    “Now come over here, stand in front of me and drop your trousers.”
    He did as commanded and his wife pulled his underwear down.
    “My god you have such a tiny cock, worm. Now stand still.”
    Joanna then got out the device and attached to his cock, locked the 2 padlocks and gave a key to his wife.
    “Now worm, if you want out, you will have to beg your wife, now get dressed.”
    He quickly got dressed and it gave him a little time to think, his life would be shit now.
    “We also want access to your bank account. You are to transfer your salary to Tessa, as well as your secret stash of cash. Do it now. Let us know when it is done.”
    Bob left the office to sort out his finances.
    “There you go, all sorted Tessa, I’m sure Bob will be good to you, try it when he next comes in.”
    “I sure will Joanna, sorry for shouting earlier, I was a little pissed, but well now I’m so happy.”
    “No problem, so what does Bob like sex wise and not like.”
    “Well he hates being tickled, I did it too him once and he nearly hit me, err he hates the smell of cheesy feet, I often have to throw shoes out. He rarely goes down on me, but he will now. I can’t think of anything else, but I can experiment now and find out.”
    “Wow, I like to tickle and my feet sweat a lot in some shoes, so he is in for it, you will have a blast, check out Femdom on the web, you will be amazed. I’m sure the chastity and his discomfort will make him more than pliable to your demands. Let him out once a week and extend it for being bad. That’s what I plan to do to my husband.”
    “This is so great, you’re a star.”
    Bob then walked back in the office.
    “All done Miss.”
    “Thank you worm, you will call your wife Princess from now on.”
    “Yes Miss.”
    “Bob dear, come over here and kiss my shoes.”
    “Please Princess.”
    “Do it Bob, or I won’t let you out for 2 weeks.”
    He literally ran over and slobbered over her high heeled shoes, Tessa went wet with excitement.
    She punched up her accounts and saw them inflated with cash.
    “Good boy, now off you go and do some work.”
    Bob got up and toddled off, his head down.
    “Thank you again, Joanna, we will have to meet up.”
    “Of course, any problems, you know where I am.”
    The two women gave each other a peck and Tessa walked out like a Queen.

    Chapter Eight

    Joanna picked up her mobile phone and dialled Jenny.
    “Hello Jo, how are you?”
    “Great thanks, just got promoted at work.”
    “Yeah I heard, how did you do that?”
    “Well long story, but they finally saw Bob for what he was and ta da.”
    “Love you Honey.”
    “Well Tony is in work as well now.”
    “No way, where, who took on that lazy prick.”
    “We did, he is your new assistant.”
    “No way, how did you manage that one?”
    “Another long story, but let me know if he is lazy and I’ll punish him for you.”
    “What! No way, how?”
    “Well I convinced him to put himself in chastity and well if he wants out.”
    “You know he fancies me, don’t you, but now he can’t do anything, fuck me I’m going to tease the shit out of him.”
    “Feel free, he needs taking down a peg or 2 and I’ll be doing the same. I never had my ass licked before or my feet for that matter, but it just feels so nice.”
    “You dirty cow, and lucky, wish I could get my Jake in one.”
    “Well you never know, anyway gotta go, keep Tony on a tight leash and we will talk in the morning.”
    “I will see you Hun, and thanks.”
    Joanna hung up and smiled at the thought of Tony working under Jenny, she would keep him in line.
    Next up was Becky and John, a bit of payback for her sister and time to get John in line with the program.
    Joanna phoned her sister Becky, to see her feelings on the subject of making John a slave.
    “Hi Becky it's me Joanna”
    “Hi Jo how are you?”
    “I'm cool, in fact I have a proposal for you”
    “Really what do you require?”
    “Well how is John?”
    “Normal, a bit hard to get along with. Awkward and dominant.”
    “Well what if I said I could get him to be willing to kiss your feet every day when you arrive home?”
    “No way, never, not John”
    “Are you willing to let me try?”
    “Of course, be my guest”
    “When are you on shift next?”
    “I'm back tomorrow for the next four days.”
    “Okay I'll have some fun and sort him out tomorrow tonight.”
    “Superb, can't wait, look forward to seeing him kiss my feet.”
    “Okay, see you when you get in tomorrow night.”
    “Okay bye.”
    Joanna hung up and smiled, she would ring John tomorrow to get a lift home and then go from there.
    She called Bob in and made him get her a coffee.
    When he returned, she had him lie down at her feet.
    “Worm, shut your mouth, it is glued up and you cannot open it. Look straight up and don't move your head, imagine it is locked in a vice. Good boy, now you can have the enormous pleasure of sniffing my sweaty feet. I need to read through this proposal and then get it typed up and sent. It is much easier if I can rest my feet on your face. You don't mind do you? I'm sure you don't, not that I care either way really.”
    Joanna then slipped off her boots revealing her tired feet encased in nylons.
    So smooth, so soft and so fragrant, a fine delicacy to be savoured.
    She would set up a few things, work hard and then work out what to do next.
    Bob's face felt good under the soles of her feet, it made her feel incredibly powerful.
    Joanna completed the proposal with time to spare, time to tickle Bob.
    “Worm put your hands behind your head, its tickle time!”
    She used her toes to explore his ribs and underarms.
    His mouth was still shut and he strained to contain his laughter, his face was contorted with anguish and suffering.
    Joanna grinned to herself, this was so much fun.
    She pondered her next move, build her reputation, collect big bonuses and eventually form her own company.
    It was five o'clock, time to ring John.
    The phone rang for ages, eventually John got on.
    “Hi John, its Joanna.”
    “Hello Joanna, what can I do for you?”
    “Well if you could be a doll and pick me up from work”
    “Where is Tony? On the sofa ?”
    “Nope he is out working, come on John, please!!” Mockingly begging him.
    “Sorry Joanna, way too busy, bye.”
    “You might regret it John” She used a serious tone.
    She could hear his laughing down the phone.
    “Do me a favour Joanna, see you, bye”
    He had hung up on her.
    She rubbed her feet hard into Bob's face, what a bastard!
    Joanna removed her feet and got Bob to put her boots on.
    “Your dismissed Bob, go home to Tessa.”
    Joanna walked to the lift and then outside, she caught a taxi.
    She had her dinner and waited for Tony to come home.
    He arrived at eight thirty and looked tired.
    “How was your day honey?”
    “It was hard work, Jenny just ordered me about and only did the desks. She also wore a short skirt, tight vest and ballet pumps. My cock was straining all day.”
    Joanna laughed and smiled
    “Well you are a slave now, so expect more of the same, let's ring Jenny and get her daily mark.”
    “Daily mark? Mistress what do you mean?”
    “Well you have to achieve forty every week or no ejaculation for you!”
    “Seriously mistress”
    “Very much so, now be quiet slave, get a shower, while I ring Jenny.”
    Tony wandered off to take his shower.
    Joanna rang Jenny to see how he did.
    “Hi Jen”
    “Hey Jo”
    “Well how did he do?”
    “He did well, made my day easier, I loved teasing him”
    “He said he was straining, do that every day.”
    “Oh don't worry I will”
    “Marks out of ten?”
    “I'll give him seven, tell him I expect to be picked up tomorrow and I want him as a footstool during my break. Then he may get nine to bring him back in line for the week.”
    “Excellent idea, love it. I'm going for my daily foot lick in a minute.”
    “Wicked, can you get Jake inside soon?”
    “Of course, will be glad to.”
    “Got to go, bye for now”
    “See you Jen”
    Tony reappeared from the shower.
    “Well slave, she gave you a seven, wants you to be her footstool tomorrow to make up for it. Please her and you get to come, don't and you won't. “
    Tony couldn't believe his orgasms depended on Jenny now.
    “Now Tony remove my boots.”
    He slipped off her leather boots and caught his first whiff of her feet.
    “Now hold up my feet and enjoy the fragrance”
    “Yes mistress”
    He held up her feet and sniffed her feet like you would a rose in bloom.
    They smelt incredibly cheesy and had a scent of leather.
    Some men would say he was lucky, he didn't think so.
    Joanna felt so powerful now, everything was changing and it was down to the ring.
    Tony slept at the end of the bed, Joanna had taped his mouth shut and put her used stockings in a dust mask for him to smell all night.
    She wore her new blue shoes, with a pair of tan tights for work the next day.
    The day itself went quickly and she couldn't wait to get around to her brother in laws.
    She had tried him again for a lift and got curt replies.
    He would suffer now at her expense, she would humiliate him and make him a chastity slave just like Bob and Tony.
    She took a taxi to his house and knocked on the door.

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    Awesome new additions!! Can't wait to read the next chapters!

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    I am really enjoying this story. Thanks for two more wonderful chapters.

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    Chapter Nine John’s demise

    Eventually he answered and was dumbfounded to find his sister in law at his front door.
    “What do you want, I'm very busy Joanna.”
    “John let me in.”
    Strangely he obeyed and let her into the front room.
    “Come on I'm busy, what the fuck do you want?”
    “No more talking John”
    Joanna outstretched a foot and pointed down.
    “John kiss my shoe.”
    He instantly got down and kissed her outstretched foot, what was he doing?
    “Now lick the tip of my shoe.”
    Again he obeyed and licked the leather tip of her shoe.
    “Now roll over onto your back.”
    He quickly rolled over and Joanna stepped onto his chest.
    She turned around and looked down at him from her lofty position.
    “Tongue out John”
    He obeyed and she wiped the sole of her shoe along it.
    “As you can attest you will do whatever I want, first we will fit you with a chastity device, then we shall go out for some further humiliation. You will wish you had given me lifts and been much nicer towards me.
    Becky will have the key to your chastity device, she will let you out when she fancies and if you have pleased don't her.
    I will keep check on you and if you don't please her totally, I will be back to dish out some humiliation, and I don't mean what just occurred. More of what I'm going to do to you tonight.”
    “Now get showered and get back down here naked”.
    It didn't take long and she smiled at his tiny penis.
    She beckoned him closed and fondled him.
    “Is that it, wow, well let's lock it up.”
    Joanna allowed him time to subside and put his tiny cock into the chastity device.
    “Okay you can talk again, where do you drink?”
    “The services club”
    “Okay any barmaid's”
    “Have you been mean to her?”
    “What have you done?”
    “Touched her behind, had a moan for slow service, made fun of her”
    “What is she like? Describe her to me.”
    “She is five foot six, around forty, medium build, niece tight breasts, short blond hair, nice legs, she always wears stockings and high heels, land lords rules that the women dress nice, “
    “Okay let's go meet her, get dressed.”
    “Yes Joanna”
    They arrived at the club and John signed them in.
    Barbara was serving and was a normal married woman trying to earn a few extra pounds.
    Joanna approached her with John in tow.
    The bar was well packed with a scattering of sex and ages.
    There was a small stage about ten feet by ten foot.
    “Hello Barbara, I'm Joanna, now John here tells me he has been a little bit horrible to you.”
    “Occasionally yes he has, embarrassed me the other night touching me up while I collected the glasses.”
    “Well he wishes to make a public apology, on stage.”
    “Really in front of everyone?”
    “Yes, he does.”
    She then whispered in her ear.
    “No way, on stage, seriously?”
    “Very much so.”
    “You will have to ask Frank the owner.”
    She pointed at a man reading the paper.
    Joanna walked over to him, had a few words and got the nod.
    “He says have a break, do what you need to and go back when you are ready.”
    “Okay I'll be over in a minute.”
    Joanna then spoke to someone who set her up with a microphone.
    He then placed a small single armchair on stage.
    Barbara got up to the stage and sat down, she crossed her legs and then dangled her high heeled shoe.
    She had on a nice black satin blouse, knee length checked skirt, which had ridden up a bit now, tan hose and a pair of black high heeled court shoes.
    “Ladies and gentlemen can I have your attention.”
    Everyone perked up and looked at the stage.
    “John here is going to apologise to Barbara for touching her up and generally being nasty.”
    Cheers and applause rang out.
    “This will come in the form of first kissing the top of her shoe, then the sole and finally the tip of the heel. These will be loving kisses, not a peck. Before he does it, he will ask Barbara for her permission. This will be stage one of the apology.”
    Barbara flicked her shoe back on and smiled at the audience.
    “John off you go.”
    “Please Joanna you can't.”
    “John be quiet and carry out my instructions.”
    He got up on stage to a chorus of wolf whistles and cat calls.
    John sank to his knees in front of her.
    “Please can I kiss the top of your shoe Barbara.”
    She looked down at him and gave her consent.
    He lovingly kissed the top of Barbara's shoe.
    Phone camera flashes abounded the room.
    “Good boy John, now the sole of her shoe.”
    “Please can I kiss the sole of your shoe Barbara.”
    She pulled her foot back by the ankle and gave her blessing.
    The sole was dirty and scratched, but John kissed it lovingly.
    “Good slave, now the tip of the heel.”
    “Please can I kiss the heel of your shoe?”
    “You may slave”
    John kissed the heel and had never felt so humble in his life.
    Barbara crossed her legs for the other shoe to be worshipped.
    She felt powerful and wished this John was hers permanently.
    He asked her for permission to kiss her shoe, which she gave and she shuddered when he kissed it.
    He then did the same as before and kissed the sole and then the heel.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, for stage two we will do the same thing, loving kisses, but these will be to her feet. John will kiss the top, the toes and the sole of Barbara's feet. First though he will ask permission to remove her shoes. He will also address her by her superior title of madam. Barbara will now direct him as she sees fit. John will only move on when she is ready.”
    Cheers and clapping took place, as John looked embarrassed.
    “Not so cocky now are we John, better things are to come. Now off you go and complete stage two.” Ordered Joanna.
    John got down on his knees in front of Barbara.
    “Please madam, can I remove your shoes.”
    “You may slave, slowly and pose for pictures.”
    Joanna smiled as Barbara was obviously getting into this.
    John slowly removed her right shoe and held it long enough for phone pictures to be taken. He wondered where they would end up.
    She crossed her legs and allowed John to remove her other size five shoe.
    “Kiss my toes slave”
    John kissed the toes with deep purposed strokes, his lips gliding from one toe to another. He noticed her toes were painted a lovely shade of pink.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, Barbara seems to be savouring the apology.”
    She smiled for the audience and looked back at John's administrations, she was positively wet with excitement.
    “Now slave kiss the top.”
    John switched to the uppermost part of her foot, she had well shaped feet, lovely high arches and a smooth heel.
    “Time to swap feet slave, don't worry you will get to the sole.”
    She then swapped legs and watched John plant kisses on her toes and the top of her foot.
    “Stop slave, hold my feet up by the ankle and kiss both soles all over.”
    She lifted her feet up to help him, then observed him as he smothered the soles of her sweaty feet in kisses.
    “Oh that feels nice slave.”
    She let John do it for ten minutes, before ordering him back on his knees.
    “The final stage ladies and gentlemen, John will let Madam Barbara rest her tired feet on his face. His mouth will be taped and if I can have two female volunteers, we shall see if his feet are ticklish.”
    Joanna chose two young ladies, both looked eager and had lovely sharp nails.
    “The final humiliation, Ladies and Gentlemen, forced under the feet of Madam Barbara, and tickled by two young Vixens. I reckon half an hour of this torture, will make for an ample apology, don’t you?”
    Some shouted out, make it an hour, others two hours.
    “Half an hour will suffice, John take your shoes and socks off”
    He did as commanded and some tape was found, thick packing tape.
    Joanna taped it around his head until she was happy he couldn't breathe through his mouth.
    “Now lie at Madam Barbara's feet.”
    He again obeyed with a heavy heart.
    Two chairs were put on stage and the young girls came onto the stage, they sat down at apart about five feet.
    “Okay ladies, your names please.”
    “Well Sharon, Lisa, grab a foot and commence your tickling.”
    “Madam Barbara, place your superior feet in his face.”
    John looked up and was dreading the evitable sweaty feet descending into his face.
    He would be forced to smell the cheesy soles and toes of this woman.
    A woman he had known for years, he had fancied her a while back.
    To top it all, the cherry on the cake, lots of his friends and drinking buddies would see it, and take pictures.
    Fucking Joanna, how could she do this, how had she done this.
    He couldn't resist her, he felt compelled, almost hypnotized.
    Sharon and Lisa had lifted up his feet and adjusted their position.
    Lisa had wrapped her leg around his, her bare toes rested on John's balls.
    She had removed her high heels when she climbed the stage.
    Both ladies raked their nails up and down the soles of his feet.
    His nostrils flared and he took giant deep breaths through his nose.
    Barbara watched all this with glee, she lifted her right foot and placed her malodorous toes over John's only source of oxygen.
    John breathed in a large quantity of cheesy nylon foot sweat.
    It had gathered under her toes and grown over a few days of being incubated inside her leather high heeled shoes.
    He was in complete torment, he could hear catcalls and see flashes as pictures were taken for prosperity, he would never live this night down.
    Eventually Barbara placed both of her feet on John's face, sometimes burying his nose between the soles, sometimes under both sets of toes.
    The tickling was relentless, the two young Vixens enjoyed every second of tickling his feet.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, does Barbara accept John's apology.”
    “Yes I do, let us hope he has learned a lesson here today.”
    Barbara removed her feet and slipped her shoes back on, she brushed herself down and attended the bar.
    Both vixens stopped and left the stage beaming.
    “You can get up now John, put your shoes and socks back on.”
    When he had done this, Joanna removed the tape to his mouth.
    “Wow that was fun wasn't it.”
    “No not really, you are a total bitch.”
    “Well don't worry, I'm sure Becky will be so much nicer.”
    “When are you going to take this device off?”
    “When Becky feels like it, you had better be kind to her.”
    Joanna took John back to his house, it was around ten and Becky would be in soon.

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    That was yet another fantastic chapter. Thanks for continuing this story.

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    Chapter Ten Plans Coming Together

    She made him get into a plank position.
    Joanna then removed her high heels and placed them in front of his face.
    “No talking slave, and be still.” She said commandingly.
    Putting her feet on his back, as he held this position felt so good.
    She knew this was torture, he was in agony, while she was relaxed.
    Joanna watched some television and just subjugated John to this form of objectification.
    Her cruelty was getting stronger, she enjoyed it and had the power to do it.
    She stretched out each session, first 10 minutes, then 15 and then 20.
    Each time she allowed in 5 minutes rest, before again having him adopt this painful position again.
    At midnight she led him upstairs and told him to strip and then kneel.
    She then taped his mouth shut and secured his hands to the bedposts.
    “Legs apart slave, show me your balls.”
    Joanna ran the tip of her shoe along his ball sack, she laughed, smiled and left the room.
    Becky came in from work positively beaming.
    “Where is he, Jo, come on.”
    “He is upstairs, tied to your bed.”
    “No way.”
    “He is also in a chastity device, here is the key.”
    “You have got to be kidding me.”
    “Nope, and I have humiliated him tonight at his club.”
    Joanna then recanted the tale of the club and Madam Barbara.
    “Oh my God, that is amazing, how did you do it?”
    “I can’t say, but enjoy, remember only let him out when you have handcuffed his hands behind his back.”
    She handed Becky a set of handcuffs and keys.
    “I will, this is unbelievable, I’m going to torment him something chronic.”
    “So he is all yours, I’m going home, see you later sis.”
    Joanna phoned Tony and got him to give her a lift home.
    Becky went upstairs and smiled at the site before her, her husband bound at the foot of her bed.
    He was now her slave, to torment and enjoy.
    It had been a long shift and she was tired, her feet ached and felt really sweaty.
    She always wore nylon in her work shoes, as it looked better and felt more comfortable.
    “Hello John, or slave as you will be known now.”
    He couldn’t speak because of the tape and mumbled something.
    Becky sat on the bed next to his head and smiled.
    She then seductively reached out and pinched his nose.
    John now couldn’t breathe, his life was in his wife’s hands.
    Looking down at his pleading eyes made Becky wet with excitement.
    Forty seconds had passed and he was wondering if she would release him.
    At fifty seconds, she casually let go and John took a massive breathe.
    Becky just laughed, before giving him a slap across the face.
    “That is for being mean last week and not allowing me to go out.”
    She then slapped him again, even harder.
    “And that is because I can, now time for bed.”
    Becky then removed her clothes and put on a nightie, but she left her work tights on.
    “Now slave, you can smell how much a nurse feet smell after a shift.”
    She was tired and slithered into bed, stretching out she found John's face, played with it for a while and then fell asleep.
    John spent the night smelling his wife's cheesy feet, the second pair in less than half a day.

    Chapter Eleven A New Relationship

    Joanna moved up the corporate ladder getting many a big contract and collecting many a big bonus.
    Due to her diligence, she saved her money and Tony's, waiting for the right time to start her own company.
    Then one fine night she went out to a night club, she always had fun making some jock dance like a twat. Especially after he was thinking he would get his end away, with her.
    It was hilarious to command them to dance like a chicken, in a night club full of young women.
    They always thought they had a chance with these girls, but not after asking her out.
    She would slip out of the door, she always told them to dance for fifteen minutes.
    Then come back to the bar and completely forget about her.
    Her other favourite was getting men to get her free drinks, give her a taxi lift home, have them kiss her shoes, forget her and then walk to their home.
    She just loved the power she now wielded.
    This night was different, a very attractive young woman sat next to her and started to chat.
    She wore a slim short leather skirt, a tight top, and high heels,
    Her glossy brown hair fell loose to the middle of her back, she could be classed as petite.
    No more than 5 foot in height and weighing around 50 kilos.
    “Hello there, I'm Christina”
    “Hi I'm Joanna”
    “I've noticed you playing with the guys, making them do a chicken dance while you skip out the door. Then they don't even remember you, I've asked them.”
    “Okay and your point is?”
    “Well I've also seen you leave with them, I followed you the other night in a taxi, saw the guy kiss your shoe and then walk off dazed.”
    “Really Christina, that's all very interesting”
    “Look I'm not a cop or anything, just curious, I'm also lesbian and wondered if you were.”
    Joanna thought about it and smiled.
    “I've never tried, it could be fun.”
    “Look most women I've been with love it, because you stay as a woman but have a woman lover, who does all the things a man can do if not better. A strap on is bigger, stays hard for as long as you like and leaves no mess.”
    “I'm married you know, although.”
    “Although what.”
    Joanna leans closer and whispers
    “He is more my slave, and does everything I ask him to.”
    “Holy shit, really, if we were lovers he could be my slave as well.”
    “Not in the same sense as I have a power over him.”
    “But he could be teased and tormented by you, he would hate that.”
    “Sounds like the start of a great relationship.”
    “What do you do for a living Christina?”
    “I'm a graphic artist, and a fairly good one, make about sixty thousand a year.”
    “Okay, I want to firm my own advertising company, and I could use a good graphic designer.”
    “Cool, I'm so horny now and I can't wait to meet your husband.”
    Joanna called Tony for a lift.
    When he arrived Joanna got in the front and Christina in the back.
    “This is Christina, Tony. Miss Christina to you, slave.”
    When they arrived home, Tony parked the car whilst the women entered.
    Both were giggly and horny, they quickly sat on the sofa and kissed passionately.
    Tony entered and closed the front door behind him.
    “Get in here, slave.”
    Tony arrived to find his wife and her new friend sitting sexily on the sofa.
    “Kiss our shoe’s slave, and show obedience.”
    He instantly dropped to his knees and took held the back of his wives ankle.
    The shoe was a new addition, they were two tones purple / lilac leather, just under a five inch heel, and studded all round.
    They showed off his wives foot to perfection and matched with her blue summer dress.
    She cut a picture of beauty and athleticism that would turn on even a gay man.
    His cock strained in his chastity cage and showed him his place in life.
    Christina watched with awe, at the site of a full grown man, kissing his wife’s shoes as commanded.
    “Oh wow, this is fantastic, you are so lucky, Joanna.”
    “I wasn’t always, but yes I am now, come slave kiss the shoes of your new Mistress.”
    Tony turned his attention to Miss Christina, her feet were bare, adorned by a pair of pink 4 inch heels.
    She smiled as he planted kisses on her footwear.
    “Now slave, strip off and show Miss Christina your chastity device.”
    “What is that, show me slave.” Said a very excited Miss Christina.
    Tony removed all of his clothes and stood before his wife and Miss Christina.
    “It is a form of control, he has not cum now for 3 weeks.”
    “Really, and you have the key.”
    “Of course, I have two, maybe you could have one?”
    “I’d love to, can I have a closer look.”
    “Be my guest, slave obey Miss Christina as you do me.”
    “Yes Mistress.”
    Tony stood closer to Miss Christina, who tapped on the metal casing.
    She admired the workmanship and had never seen such a thing before.
    Miss Christina lifted it up and saw his balls, ripe and large dangling beneath.
    She then smiled at him, then Joanna, before proceeding to tickle them with her perfect pearl nails.
    “Tickle, Tickle, Tickle.”
    Tony giggled a little and enjoyed the torture all the same, it was a pleasure as well as an irritant.
    “Do you know what would make his chastity hurt even more, if he was to worship our feet.”
    “Good idea, Joanna, I love it.”
    “On the floor” Ordered Joanna
    “Down” Shouted Christina as she clicked her fingers and pointed to the floor.
    Christina crossed her legs and extended her foot forward.
    “Take my shoe off.”
    He duly obeyed his new Mistress, who was sexier than his wife and a younger.
    “Oh Man, they feel sweaty.”
    Joanna offered her foot forward and he removed her pump, revealing her foot.
    Christina flexed her sweaty toes and twirled her ankle around, enjoying the moment.
    Both women re-crossed their legs and Tony removed their other shoe.
    Joanna flexed both of her feet, before settling the sole of her right on top of his head.
    She then rubbed her wet toes down his face, over his nose.
    “Open that mouth, wide slave,” Miss Christina commanded.
    He did as commanded and Joanna slid her entire foot into the waiting cavern.
    “That’s it slave, take your Goddess’s foot all in.”
    Joanna then foot fucks his mouth, hard causing him to whimper.
    “Poor slave, you love taking all those toes in, shut up.”
    “I do so love to make him gag, it gives me a shot of power.”
    Christina laughs out and claps her hands together.
    Joanna removed her foot and rubbed the sole along his wet tongue.
    “Look at him, he is practically devouring your foot.”
    “He loves it, don’t you slave.”
    He mumbled a yes and both girls laughed.
    Joanna then switched her feet and foot fucked him with her left foot.
    “Look how wide his mouth is spread.”
    “I know, isn’t just great.”
    The two women watched him for a while, giggling and commenting.
    “My turn, my turn.” Ordered Miss Christina
    Tony shuffles over to Miss Christina and Joanna crossed her ankles and rests her feet on his left shoulder.
    “My feet are so dirty slave, Open wide.”
    Tony opens his mouth wide anticipating Miss Christina’s salty foot.
    She eased it into the cavernous space and laughed.
    “There you go, take all of the toes”
    Tony runs his tongue over her salty digits as a good slave should.
    Joanna lifted her left foot off his shoulder and moved it down to his balls.
    She now teased her husband, rubbing and moving his chastity cage around.
    “I bet that is getting tight now, slave.”
    Miss Christina nearly wetted herself, laughing at him.
    “Oh you don’t like her teasing you? Get your tongue out.”
    She then ran the sole of her foot over his tongue before inserting her foot back into his mouth.
    Joanna then leaned forward a bit and pinched his nose.
    Tony struggled to breathe around Christina’s foot as she foot fucked him.
    Both women looked at him struggling and laughed.
    “Now, slave, time to watch some real action.” Miss Christina says.
    She removed her foot and slid her hand up Joanna’s dress.
    “Stand slave, and observe.”
    Christina then hitched Joanna’s dress up and slid her knickers down.
    She then puts then on Tony’s face with the wet crutch right over his nose.
    “Smell your Mistress, breathe through your nose.”
    He did as commanded and took in a waft of female scent with every breath.
    Christina played with Joanna and had her panting with pleasure.
    She pulled to the side to give Tony a good look at his wives pussy.
    “Look at this slave, ripe, wet and juicy, just as they should be.”
    She then dived in and licked the divine creation of God and sampled the wetness.
    It was like eating a fresh juicy sweet grapefruit, so tender, so moist, and so wet.
    Joanna was panting like a bitch on heat now, she orgasmed in a fury of screams.
    “Holy shit, that was fucking awesome.”
    “See I told you it was good to be a lesbian and like women.”
    “Who needs cock, eh Tony.”
    “Especially when the heel of my shoe is longer.”
    Both girls laughed their heads off.
    “Now Tony, I want you to bring me off like that, with your tongue.”
    “Yes Miss Christina.”
    “And Tony, if you don’t, you won’t cum for another month.”
    “Yes Mistress.”
    Christina stood up and eased out of her thong, she then removed the knickers from Tony’s head.
    Sitting back down she parted her legs like the Red sea and ran a finger over her shaven haven.
    “Get to it, slave.”
    Tony sank down and went at it like a dog that hasn’t eaten in a week.
    He couldn’t last a month without cumming, it would be hell, especially with Christina about.
    She grabbed the back of his head and nearly suffocated him as she pushed him in.
    Christina came in a rush of ecstasy and heavy breathing.
    “Well done, slave, good job.”
    “Yes slave, I’ve never seen you eat me like that.” Joanna commented.
    “I’m sorry Mistress.”
    “Now, go and shower, you can sleep on the sofa tonight.”
    “Yes Mistress.”
    Both women later showered and fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.
    A new relationship had formed, and Tony had a new Mistress to keep happy.

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