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Thread: DOSF enters a new era

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    DOSF enters a new era

    Good morning everyone,

    To be honest, I'm finding lately that I'm just not into foot smelling as much as I used to be. In fact, I just don't like smelly feet at all. Smelly feet are unhealthy, unhygienic, and troublesome. I think the world could use a bit more cleanliness, so DOSF is going to gradually transition into a site promoting good foot care.

    The site will continue to exist in its current form for the next thirty days, to allow you time to finish up your business, and after that the forums will be erased and replaced with new forums to allow discussion of the new topic.
    Future forums will include a review section for different types of footcare product (sponsored by Blistex Inc, which is the company who own the Odor Eaters brand) and a section in which you can post pictures of clean feet. There will be a small mail-order store where you can purchase foot lotions and creams, foot-safe detergents, and a small selection of books on the subject of healthy feet.

    I do hope you will all stay with us as DOSF enters the next stage of its evolution!

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    Oh, no! But I will continue sniffing and licking dirty, discusting, and delicious feet.

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    Oh man, that's a good one!
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    Quite superb.

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    I'm leaving this forum. Good riddance.

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