Hello fellows!

I spent some days in Bangkok to catch some awesome Asian shoeplay with my new Sony 4K video camera. The first 12 clips are captured and uploaded in my new c4s store


All clips are filmed in 4K and rendered in Full HD. It’s not only the quality, what’s makes this clips amazing. It’s the style of Asian shoeplay of young girls and ladies in Bangkok. It was a dream to be there. I could zoom in from the distance to have only close scenes as well. And I never must tape “blind” again, because I now use the remote control with my smartphone. Everything is checked during I’m filming and camera stands on the ground in a higher position.

You’re invited to visit my new store. A lot clips will follow the next days, weeks and months.

Why did I open a new store? There are two reasons: It’s because Candid German Shoeplay is too big; and on the other hand, I wanted to separate the new standard of resolution quality.

Owner of Candid German Shoeplay