Hello all
I had to share this with you it just happened this weekend. I have a Goth friend she is now 29 years old and is running her own business she remembers me asking about her footwear and wants to sell a few items on e-bay through me as I asked her before, she wants the money to buy some stock she makes her own cakes.
Dee is a very attractive woman and although we talk openly about my fetish she has never let me near her feet. She is a typical Goth always in black and always in boots come summer or winter she has long boots on. She has been wearing a pair of Dr Martens for over four years they are lace ups quite a tall pair and very battered she often wears tights with them. She asked if she could come visit on Sunday to see if I can help her little did I know she had a treat for me. Rich I been wearing these tights for five days now as she unlace her boots can I sell them? When she took them off the smell of cheese was wonderful, wow Dee I said what you been doing? She said I notice lately with these boots my feet starting to smell more, I been wearing them in the house also. She handed me the tights and said smell do you think they any good? I said yes I will have them from you so I gave her some money and she put on a clean pair of rights, now stop there she said do not look at my ugly feet, her feet are a size U.K 7 they are absolutely stunning red soles and toes and a pedicure that has long been left with black nail polish, she hates her feet and refused a picture I was eager to take. She said do you think you can sell them? I not washed my feet sorry for four days just letting my feet stay in my D.M.'s I said yes you can. She never wears ballet flats I always try and convince her to wear a pair she tells me she is a Goth forget it not wearing those dolly shoes