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Thread: Most enjoyable visit from Dee the Goth

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    Most enjoyable visit from Dee the Goth

    Hello all
    I had to share this with you it just happened this weekend. I have a Goth friend she is now 29 years old and is running her own business she remembers me asking about her footwear and wants to sell a few items on e-bay through me as I asked her before, she wants the money to buy some stock she makes her own cakes.
    Dee is a very attractive woman and although we talk openly about my fetish she has never let me near her feet. She is a typical Goth always in black and always in boots come summer or winter she has long boots on. She has been wearing a pair of Dr Martens for over four years they are lace ups quite a tall pair and very battered she often wears tights with them. She asked if she could come visit on Sunday to see if I can help her little did I know she had a treat for me. Rich I been wearing these tights for five days now as she unlace her boots can I sell them? When she took them off the smell of cheese was wonderful, wow Dee I said what you been doing? She said I notice lately with these boots my feet starting to smell more, I been wearing them in the house also. She handed me the tights and said smell do you think they any good? I said yes I will have them from you so I gave her some money and she put on a clean pair of rights, now stop there she said do not look at my ugly feet, her feet are a size U.K 7 they are absolutely stunning red soles and toes and a pedicure that has long been left with black nail polish, she hates her feet and refused a picture I was eager to take. She said do you think you can sell them? I not washed my feet sorry for four days just letting my feet stay in my D.M.'s I said yes you can. She never wears ballet flats I always try and convince her to wear a pair she tells me she is a Goth forget it not wearing those dolly shoes

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    Nice, I hope you eventually get closer to her feet. Next time if she says her feet are ugly tell her they are beautiful instead. She might want to hear that from you.

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    That's pretty awesome. And I agree with FootTimes - tell her that her feet look nice. Although, I wonder why someone who thinks their feet are ugly (and hates to show them) would have polish on their toenails.

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    If that was a foot fetish experience shared by you then my felicitations to you for this great discovery....however we cannot comment since we have no picture of the goth girl....btw what shape was her feet that she finds them my view she must have puffy stubby big toes may be

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