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Thread: Stinky Sweaty Socks Sniffing and Foot Worship

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    Stinky Sweaty Socks Sniffing and Foot Worship

    Mistress Claire forces Cheyenne Jewel to sniff and lick her dirty, smelly socks. Then she gets to take the socks off and lick Mistress Claire's soft, stinky soles. What a lucky little slave girl! But of course Mistress Claire can't resist humiliating Cheyenne. She makes Cheyenne deep throat her whole foot in her mouth until she gags on it, and then Mistress Claire puts both of her big toes into Cheyenne's mouth and spreads her mouth open, and tells her to stick her tongue out. Mistress Claire laughs at how ridiculous her pathetic slave looks, and finds it amusing that her slave will do literally anything to please her. She makes Cheyenne talk with her toes in her mouth and her tongue sticking out. Finally Cheyenne is allowed to lick and worship Mistress Claire's bare feet again.

    Photos from site:


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    Mistress Claire is very hot, sexy, and dominant. I particularly love when she tramples a female slaves face with her bare feet, foot smothers them, and really forces the other female to deeply smell her sweaty, stinky feet! Very HUMILIATING, and amazing to see! Please continue to offer amazing fem/fem forced foot domination material! THANKS!

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    Good stuff. Is she affiliated with the website, extremefootdom and/or sockslaves? Both of these people look familiar, especially when relevant to the sites I mentioned.

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