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Thread: Socks Just for You

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    Socks Just for You

    Good morning!
    I am a 20 y/o female looking to sell used socks. I am a legitimate individual with quality products.
    About myself: 5'8 size 9 foot. I have naturally sweaty feet and spend many hours on my feet.
    I will custom wear your socks( color, length of time worn, activities done in the socks etc). I do not use any artificial products on my feet. You will get a brand new pair of socks worn just for you. I will seal them in ziplock and mail them in discreet packaging. Custom orders accepted and I will do my best to accommodate you. Please only serious inquiries.
    If you are interested in male worn socks I have the fella for you: 6'4, 220 lbs, bearded, manual labor job.
    Email me at REMOVED
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    I'm sure you're a wonderful person and truly care about our community, so please read the forum rules for sellers, and after your 7 day ban, you can resume getting to know us before giving the sales pitch.
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    7 day ban? You're going soft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ergleburgle View Post
    7 day ban? You're going soft.
    It's a kinder, more compassionate me! I'm try to be very "Zen" this year! ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpetitefeet View Post
    It's a kinder, more compassionate me! I'm try to be very "Zen" this year! ;-)
    Can I test your patience?

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    Can I test your patience?
    That would cost!
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