Hi there! I came here to tell you about my experience with foot fetish on my new relationship.

I'm 29 and my gf turned 28 last year we know each other since highschool but we started a relationship about 2 years ago, now we live together.

I've had foot fetish since my early childhood and I never told her until just 1 year ago and let me tell you that it was the Better choice! But let's start in

Her name is Gabriela and as I said she's 28, she's 157 cm tall and weights 50 kg, black long hair and big round eyes, her foot size is 23.

She tends to walk a lot and do excersise at nights so her feet are sweaty every now and then. She's very bossy and spoiled (wich I love)

She loves to wear tiny socks but she uses stockings or knee socks every now and then.

At the beginning I just enjoyed smelling her shoes and dirty socks when she was out but my adicction to her get grew with time until I couldn't kept it a secret so I decided to tell her about it

When I told her she couldn't understand my fetish that well but she committed to try and see if she liked it.

At the beginning I had to beg for some time with her feet, at the time she let me massage her feet before sleeping and give some kisses, but as the time passed that wasn't enough for me so i begged her for letting me be her foot slave full time.

Her answer was that it was ok, so I started to get foot session where she let me sniff her sweaty socks and lick her feet, also son domination where she "forces" me to massage and kiss her feet after her daily excersises.

After 3 months she was so used to it that she bought me a leash to dominate me better as her slave, she doesn't ask anymore she makes demands to me about being at her feet and worship them, she knows very well that I'm addicted to her feet so she knows that I smell her sweaty socks and shoes when she leaves home and she even tell me where she left those for me to enjoy while she is out .

Nowadays our routine is like this:

We take turns to make breakfast, when the turn is mine I wake her up by licking her feet.

When she takes long walks she try to use knee socks (my faves) so I can enjoy them when she gets home, I like worshipping her feet with sweaty warm

When she's on the mood she just put m the leash and instantly I'm her pet for the rest of the day

I have her permission to lick and smell her dirty shoes and socks

Every day after excersise I get to clean her sweaty feet and give her a massage so she relaxes.

And mostly if i beg enough I can worship he feet whenever I want while she's texting or reading or playing games.

I love my life XD and I couldn't have done it without telling her so if there's a guy wondering if it's a good idea to tell her partner about this fetish give it a try maybe Itll turn out good like it was for me