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Thread: spread of STDs

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    spread of STDs

    Due to STDs spreading, I think there are a lot fewer orgies going on then there were back in the 60s and 70s. MSN once mentioned most adults over 25 have an STD. Is that true? Would you say 1 out of 4 or even 1 out of 3 have or at least had an STD? I think an STD isn't TOO bad as log as it's bacterial and there is a cure for it. One of my friends told me he had one, not sure what it was called but he is cured now due to medication. It's only viral ones like HPV (genital herpes) or the ones that have no cure like HIV/AIDS that really suck. I wonder how many prostitutes/ call girls have an STD. Seems like it would exceed 50% since they have so many clients. Although, isn't it mandatory for the client to wear a condom during sex?

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    If prostitution is illegal in most places, I don't see how anyone can make condoms mandatory?

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    Face's a crap shoot ANYTIME you have any kind of sexual contact with someone you don't know and, more than likely, you're in danger of possibly contracting something even if you think the person is "clean"! It's sad, but ppl lie. My advice is don't put your life at risk and get to know the ppl you interact with quite well before you go any further. If they have nothing to hide, then asking when they've been tested and the results shouldn't be a big deal. Maybe go have yourself tested and show them the results and let them know you would be much more comfortable if they did the same.
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    MSN once mentioned most adults over 25 have an STD.
    Even if they count every HPV case I doubt that is accurate. Unless they're limiting their sample size to the Jersey Shore during Summer or something

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    STDs spread because people who would usually consider themselves thoughtful and intelligent, turn into horny imbeciles at crunch time and don't care about anything except lying on top of each other and moving up and down rapidly in that curious way that humans find so agreeable. Anyone who gets upset at the "let's exchange tests" conversation is missing the point entirely.
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    I definitely made some a few ill advised, condomless choices in my early college days. Hallelujah I didn't catch anything, but I knew people who got burned (pun intended) by unprotected one night stands. Completely turned me off from random hook ups, not that they did much for me in the first place. I was surprised by the universal allowance to let me smell their feet, it probably led to a few early exits afterwards though haha
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