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Thread: New Years Eve Party Fun

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    New Years Eve Party Fun

    New Year’s Eve Party

    I attended the New Year’s Eve party with my wife, last time it was boring, but I gave it another go.
    I knew people, but not by name, a few knew me and had also seen me before.
    The usual hard looking Amazonian blonde was there on the 2 seater sofa, looking at her phone.
    Her legs and feet up were tucked up off the cold floor, her toe nails a lovely shade of black.
    She was always heavily made up and today was no different.
    The house owners daughters and there children, but just a few partners, most were single parents.
    I had a few to drink and did some dancing, then became the children’s entertainer.
    A young boy was practically clingy and started fighting me, when a punch went wide and smacked me in the balls.
    It wasn’t mega hard but hurt a little and I feigned it and went down as though pole axed.
    The next thing I knew, a couple of mums and daughters jumped on me and started to tickle me.
    When they ceased, I found that they had tied my feet together and wrapped a belt around my waist and arms.
    I struggled but couldn’t get out, I looked up to see 2 young girls looking down at me.
    “What’s going on?”
    “Tickle time!” they said in unison.
    Both then jumped on my prone body and tickled my ribs, someone else started to tickle my feet.
    This was hell and I couldn’t believe it was happening, where was my wife, getting drunk somewhere probably.
    The two girls sat astride me and tickled, pinched and punched my body, I could do nothing.
    Then one of the daughters Louisa came over with some tape and secured a piece across my mouth.
    “You’re making so much noise, Dave, now quiet.”
    Well pardon me for laughing whilst being tickled.
    The two youngsters got off, kicked me and smiled before wandering off.
    I looked down to find a very sexy teenager still tickling my bound bare feet.
    “You’re so much fun, like a worm.”
    Glad I could be of service and amusement to you, young lady.
    I inched away from her administration to get some relief, literally like a slug.
    “You can’t get away from me, tickle, tickle.” She said looking at me with a pout.
    Then my head hit the bottom of the sofa, I could move back no further.
    Looking up I could see the Amazonian blonde’s toes just over the edge.
    Then her face appeared, looking down at me, she smiled cruelly and shrugged.
    Her face disappeared to be replaced by a bare foot descending towards me.
    The sole was slightly dusty, but otherwise smooth, it was quite large a size 8 I would say.
    Her toes found my lips and settled against my nose.
    The tape across my mouth prevented me from protesting and also breathing.
    As I breathed in through my nose, I caught the fragrance of her foot, it was sweaty.
    There was a hint of leather, probably from the boots she usually wore.
    She casually rubbed my nose with her salty toes, as though I wasn’t even there, she was probably still scanning Facebook.
    The teen tickling my feet just carried on and this made my breathing even more laboured.
    A chair was pulled up and my shirt was pulled out from the bindings exposing my stomach.
    “My feet are cold, Kate and I are sure Dave’s stomach is toasty warm.”
    So Kate was her name, she laughed and rubbed her toes across my nose.
    I then felt two cold feet on my stomach, rubbing and probing, tickling my ribs, making me squirm even more.
    “Hey Hollie, can I tickle his feet?”
    “Of course you can Ava, have fun, he loves it really.”
    The foot tickling stopped for minutes, before being resumed by different hands.
    “Dave is so much fun this year, last year he was such a bore, but he is almost centre of the party this year.”
    “He sure is Shelly, I hope he is as happy as we are.”
    Kate then descended her other foot and enveloped my face under her sweaty soles.
    She then rubbed them back and forth, as though massaging her feet.
    This was unreal, lucky I was in chastity, or otherwise it would have been embarrassing.
    My wife had a simple form of chastity, a knee high, rolled over the cock and balls, with very little room to grow.
    This was tied off with a small leather strap, it could be removed by me, for toilet, but if not on when she inspected there was hell to pay.
    It had the effect of my cock straining to get hard but couldn’t, I just had a man-size bulge.
    I then felt 2 pairs of hands on my feet, Eva must have joined Ava.
    “Ladies, this isn’t very kind is it.”
    “Oh just a bit of fun Terry, he loves it and his wife says he does as well.”
    “Oh well, that’s all right then, carry on.” He said laughing as he walked away.
    Shelly was now doing overtime with her toes, digging into my ribs and really tickling me.
    “My feet are nice and warm now, but he does love to squirm.” Shelly remarked.
    “His face makes an excellent massager, my feet feel so relaxed.” Kate replied.
    “Hey Shelly, my feet are cold, can I have a go.” Hollie asked.
    “Of course dear, I won’t hog him.”
    Shelly got up and the terrible teen Hollie sat down, her feet were stone cold and her toes were very supple.
    “Oh this is fantastic.” She exclaimed
    Kate’s feet lifted off my face and put to the side of my head, she then got up.
    “Thanks for that Dave, but I need to pee.”
    She walked and I heard the clop of heels, a slightly inebriated Tessa stood next to my head looking down at me.
    “Well Dave, my turn now.”
    Tessa had Black high heels on and with sheer black tights, a Grey dress and an ankle chain.
    She slipped a foot from her shoe and placed it across my mouth.
    “Get a whiff of that baby, Dave.”
    The smell from her damp nylons, coupled with the leather of her shoes was exhilarating to say the least.
    Tessa then withdrew her foot and sat down, she then slid her other foot out of its shoe and placed both of her sordid feet on my face.
    “Oh that is so much better.” She said giggling.
    Every so often Hollie would slip her foot across and nudge my package, I didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but it was a tease.
    Tessa cupped her toes around my nose and forced me to smell the really damp bits under the toes.
    “Your breath through my toes is so good.”
    Hollie then stood up, but without removing her feet from my stomach.
    “I’m going to have a little dance.”
    She then used me like a dance mat from a game, she wasn’t too heavy, but it was fairly painful.
    I’m sure at one point she was actually dancing on my package.
    The two girls had stopped tickling me and now stood next to Hollie looking at me.
    “Hey girls, would you like a go on the dance mat?”
    “Yes please, that looks like fun.”
    “Sure, here you go.” With that she jumped off.
    The two girls jumped on literally, and then tight clad feet were dancing on my stomach and chest.
    All the time Tessa was just rubbing her feet over my face, and all I could do was smell them.
    This went on for 10 minutes, and then the two girls jumped off, Kate returned.
    “His wife just said, make him lick your feet, it’s great. What do you think Tessa?”
    “You go first Kate, I’ll watch.”
    She got up and Kate sat back down, bending forward she ripped the tape from my mouth.
    “Ladies, enough is enough.”
    “I think we’ll tell you when enough is enough, now lick.”
    I clamped my mouth shut and totally defied her.
    Then Hollie returned, sat astride me and tickled my ribs hard.
    I couldn’t resist and open my mouth to laugh, to which Kate inserted her tired toes.
    “Suck them, Dave and do as your told next time.”
    I sucked her malodorous toes and tasted her divine foot sweat, they were so salty.
    “That feels so good.”
    Hollie ceased her administrations and watched in awe of the site before her.
    “Oh I’ve got to try that.”
    “You’re up next then Hollie.”
    Kate then had me lick the sole of her foot, before swapping it for the other one.
    She then removed her feet and Hollie sitting on my stomach extended hers out toward my awaiting face.
    My tongue tasted her sweet, smooth bare feet and even though they were slightly dusty, they tasted like heaven.
    Hollie spent a good 30 minutes having me clean her feet, laughing and giggling throughout.
    When she got off my stomach, Tessa stepped up onto my chest, with her pink high heels on.
    The pain was immense, but just about bearable.
    She extended a foot and presents the sole for me to lick.”
    “Get licking Dave.”
    I licked at the expensive high heel, and cleaned them to a nice sheen.
    Then she thrust the heel into my mouth and told me to suck it.
    Tessa then did the same with the other shoe, before eventually stepping off.
    It was only 5 minutes till midnight, the girls then rolled me over.
    I would imagine loads of phone photos were taken and could be used against me later, oh well.
    The countdown took place and instead of the usual kiss and cuddle, I had to kiss every female shoe or foot presented to me.
    They just literally came up, thrust a foot near my face, said Happy New Year Dave and expected me to kiss their feet.
    My wife was last and I kissed her feet.
    She then untied me and gave me a big kiss.
    “Happy New Year, Dear.”
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    Very nice story!

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    Great story!!
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