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Thread: Violet's Feet (NF, a few years ago)

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    Violet's Feet (NF, a few years ago)

    Hello all. I am a long time foot fetishist but a new member of DOSF, and also a horrible writer, so sorry about the shitty writing quality. I just turned 18 this year but found a story on an old thumb drive that I had written when I was still in high school about a girl named Violet, and crazy thing is, it's true. So here it is:

    Part 1

    Let me introduce you to me. I am your average freshman at high school. And this is the story of how I became the foot slave of a girl who both intrigued me and left me
    speechless. As for me, I am quite tall and quite smart, and involved in orchestra, german club, and a few other activities. I would help out after school once a week to
    help teach younger kids how to play their instruments in orchestra better. And this game began when, during this time, we were both bored whilst helping the 5th graders, and
    we caught each other's gaze. We stared at each other for a while, and after a few long seconds of staring into her dreamy endless black eyes, we broke eye contact. Through the
    course of a couple of weeks, this attraction kept growing more and more powerful. And then, one day, she wore sandals to school, and I saw her feet, and they were absolutely
    beautiful. Let me describe to you her and her wonderful aura of beauty, as well as the beauty of her feet. I will call her Violet for the sake of this story, to keep out her
    real name. She was of about average height, 5'4", with a slightly tanned skin so as to be sexy but not over tanned, with beautiful golden brown hair, and a beautiful face to
    match. She had a sort of "girl next door" look about her, with her body not being quite so curvaceous, but being teasing in a way. She was also 2 years older than I was,
    making her 17. And her feet, her feet were so good looking I almost couldn't help myself from kneeling down in front of her and kissing them. They were shapely to say the
    least, well-proportioned and just the right size. And she always had her toes pedicured. Always. So, one day she was wearing a pair of well-worn sandals and she caught me
    staring at her feet. I looked up and saw her smiling deviously at me because she had found my weak point. She knew immediately what she would do and I couldn't stop it.
    I caught a glimpse of her wiggling her toes in her sandals and my dick was rock hard in an instant. Once she noticed that, there was no turning back. I struggled to cover it
    up, but she couldn't have saw it clearer. She knew.
    The next week, we had this again, and we both found contact with each other when we were walking in. She told me that she needed help with something after class and I
    immediately knew what was next. The 40 minutes of helping those kids with their instruments was the longest 40 minutes of my life. Violet kept teasing me with her feet, with
    freshly painted nails, and it was driving me wild. After it ended, I was almost too excited for it. I was in a separate room putting my bass away, and I felt a hand on my
    shoulder which turned me around and, no surprise, it was Violet. She looked up at me and smiled, knowing I was hers. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed me, and I couldn't
    feel my legs. She made me weak. And she intended to use that to her advantage. She whispered into my ear, asking, begging for me to massage her feet, and we all know I'm a
    sensible foot fetishist, so I accepted. She sat on a stool and I sat on the floor. She told me to take her sandals off and I did so. I put strength into my massage, while not
    hurting her and going too far. I gently pressed my thumbs into the balls of her feet, rolled my fingers in between her toes, and spread out her arches with my fingers, all
    with strength. She began to moan, and I asked her if anyone else would hear it. She told me that everyone else had left already, and it was fine. I kept soothing her pain
    away, and to my surprise, she began to unbutton her shirt and reveal her bra. I switched from massaging both feet to just one, and her other foot rested on my now erect dick,
    which was now trying to rip through my pants seemingly.
    She rubbed her foot on my dick and I felt like I was about to explode. I kept massaging her silky smooth soles and when she had her eyes closed, I put my nose up to
    her toes and gave them a sniff. The cheesy scent penetrated my nostrils and gave me the thing I had desired for so long. Without opening her eyes, she smiled and said, "It's
    ok, you can sniff them. They smell pretty bad today because of these old sandals." "In fact, why don't you give them a smell too.". I was in heaven. I put her foot down on my
    lap and picked up one of her sandals to smell. They had prints of where her feet were, and where she sweat, darkening them. They smelled wonderful and I couldn't love them
    more. She suddenly and again, surprisingly, stuck her foot in my face and told me to take a deep inhale, and even more surprisingly, once I did so, before I could even react,
    she took her bra off and tore my pants off as my cock sprung free, and started stroking my twitching dick with her velvety hands. She put her other foot on my face to cover
    it, and I was enveloped in a wall of cheesy foot stink, and I loved it. After just a few minutes, I splattered my cum all over everywhere. As I did, she used her sandals to
    catch my hot load. Giggling, she came in closer and kissed me. And after a few seconds of kissing, just as soon as it all started, she was gone. I noticed she had left two
    things: a piece of paper with her phone number on it, and her sandals, covered in my cum.

    Reply if you want another part of the story, if its too shitty of writing quality for the den, then just tell me. Thnx and have a gr8 new year (hopefully 2017 doesn't suck as much as 2016 has am I right?). Sorry about part 1, it's more of exposition and less action.

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    nice your lucky

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    Wow. This story is awesome. Can't wait for more.

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