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Thread: They got me

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    They got me

    well, well, well.
    I've got another story for you guys. Hope you like it. As the title says, it's about my cousins. The introduction is real, the rest is fake. The intro isn't at all about feet and in the rest of the story, the I-figure doesn't like feet. I wrote this story, because there are not many stories like these out there, so I made one. If you know one story like this one, tell it. Enjoy


    My cousins didn't live here in the Netherlands. They lived in France. They were born here but moved to France when they the oldest was 2 years old. After 1 year, she got a sister and after another year she got another sister. So now I had three cousins in the south of France. We will call them from eldest to youngest: H, W and F.
    Once in a year, we went to them. We would play this game, called "the bottle". Basically, it's just a truth and dare game. The game went on like this, I and my cousins would sit in a circle (we were with four, so more a square )
    First, somebody would twist the bottle. When it stopped twisting, the cap would point to someone and the bottom to someone else. The cap-man (we called it like that), would ask the other, truth or dare (as we were in France, we said: "Action ou vérité?", so more dare or truth). Most of the times, it was boring, but sometimes, there were some interesting things. We once got to tickle my cousin, it was very funny.

    Chapter 1 - The idea:

    So one summer, I went to my cousins. When I arrived there, I was greeted with open arms. It was cool. One thing thing was less cool. The father and the mother had something with their work, so they had to go for 3 days the next day. So the next day I said goodbye to my uncle and his wife and I was alone with my cousins.
    We hanged around for a long time and after lunch we decided to play truth and dare. We did many boring things, except for tickling my cousin. The I came up with this idea. We were constantly trying to torture each other (not with pain, but with discomfort, in this case tickling).
    So I made a competition-scheme and started explaining the rules. H would tickle W, F and me for 5 seconds. Then W would tickle F, W and me for 5 seconds and so on. After that, we would do the whole routine again, but each one gets to tickle the other for 10 seconds. After that, we would do the routine again, but 30 seconds.
    When you were tickled, you weren't allowed to move (like moving away from the tickles, a bit moving was allowed). Laughing was allowed. If you moved, you got one penalty point. The one with the most penalty points in the end, would be tied up for 5 minutes and would tickled ruthless. And you had to be ruthless. That was also a rule.
    They accepted the challenge, but we decided that we would do this two times. So this time, it was tickling, the next time we would decide. The second one with the most penaltypoints, would get arrear the next day. So we started to tickle each other, it was really fun.
    It ended like this, H lost and I became second. So we tied her up and started to tickle the hell out of her. Me being the most ruthless, I started to tickle her on her belly. She swore she would take her revenge the next day.

    Chapter 2 - The next day:

    The next day we gathered again for the next game. We started to ponder again what our torturemethod was going to be. H really wanted to tickle again to get her revenge. But we rejected that, because we already did that. Then we though about beating, but we were afraid of permanant damage. We finally stopped pondering and got distracted by other things.
    It was hot that day and we were all sweating. And then it happened. Out of nowhere my cousin stood up and said she had an idea and screamed: "Feet!" We all started looking at her. I doubted, my feet didn't smell that much, but I knew, that wasn't the case with my cousins. Each of their feet was able to produce a strong scent. She then continued: "We always complain about each others feet when they smell. Then why not using them as the torture method?". I became scared, but didn't want to look like that, because when I did look scared, they would want it even more. Instead, I tried to find another thing as torture, but before I found one, they agreed and with a 3vs1 there was no way around. And to add on that, I had an arrear, so I wasn't able to "attack". So I wasn't allowed to use my feet. Not wanting to make a scene, I said: "Okay, fine, let's begin". But they refused and I asked why. They said their feet aren't smelly at the moment and their feet had to be putrid. I refused but they said it was a rule to be ruthless, so they had to. And they also said the competition wouldn't last 5,10 and then 30 seconds. It would last 30 seconds, then 1 minute and then 2. The final punishment would last 30 minutes. I really started to get afraid and didn't hide it too well. "Oh oh, someone is getting scared", H said. She really was into it and wanted to take her revenge. "We're going to the mall, we have some things to buy", H said. But I knew this was to do her "business". They all wore their smelliest flats and insisted I would join them. I started to panick. I had to find a way to prevent the final punishment.

    To be continued

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    I like it so far.

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    Nice story keep going i like <3<3<3<3<3

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    hope she gets me next

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    I want to read more

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    Can't wait to read the exciting stuff, sounds like a good idea!

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