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Thread: Conducting some surveys please help a girl out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beep View Post
    Weeks ago I forgot to say that I did some of the surveys, thanks for posting them.
    Thank YOU for taking them!!!


    Thank you EVERYONE for helping this girl out! I appreciate it!!!!

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    Surveys are still open! Thank you so much to all of the wonderful folks here on DOSF!

    Just posting these to get them at the end of the thread for ease of access!

    Female foot preference survey(what do you like about feet)

    Tickling feet survey(for those into tickling or being tickled)

    Shoes & Shoeplay survey(what do you like about feet & shoes)

    Footjob survey(I think this one is self explanatory!)

    Foot partialism survey(questions about how you discovered you liked feet)

    And one for wives, girlfriends, etc

    My Tumblr page with a little about me and why I am doing this:



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