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Thread: What's your smelliest feet story?

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    What's your smelliest feet story?

    Both sniffing and having them sniffed are allowed.

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    This hot blonde girl Katie broke up with my friend. I asked her out weeks later. Dinner, movie and a sleep over. We're deep french kissing and I motion her to the bed. I peel off her low cut boots and take a big wiff. The best smelling feet I've ever had. Her white socked toes are in my nose, I pull them off and they look as good as they smell. I'm smelling & tasting her arches, heels and those strong scented toes. I'm in heaven at this point and never want it to end. Great sex, foot sniffing, foot job on future dates.

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    I once had a pair of really cute little yellow beaded mules that I had picked up on vacation and decided to wear them to teach one day. I received tons of complements on them, but right after lunch I started noticing they were becoming a little "squishy" on the inside so I pulled one off and the smell almost knocked me over. I quickly put the shoe back on and sprayed air freshener in my! A few friends and I were going out for dinner that night and within minutes they demanded that I go in a local shoe shop and get a new pair because they couldn't stand the stench! Then shortly after that a regular customer requested that I wear them with mini marshmallows between each toe and take pics and send him the shoes. I daresay the gentleman got his money's worth out of those!
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