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Thread: Forever a slave now

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    Forever a slave now

    Part One

    I was paging through some magazines in a local bookstore when I first saw Maria standing near me.
    She too was simply looking through some magazines, and hadn't noticed me at all.
    Of course now she is the most beautiful vision possible to me, but at the time I didn't think she was anything particularly special.
    Maria had been my friend’s sister and I often went in her room and sniffed her shoes, when her brother wasn’t looking.
    She was 5 foot10 tall, a size 12. She always wore high heeled boots, court shoes or sandals.
    My favourite outfit was a dress, which she wore with stockings and high heeled boots.
    Her general demeanour was always of superiority, but she was damn sexy with it.
    But what I did notice now were her perfectly pedicured feet showing through her open toed sandals.
    Her nails were painted red, and each toe moved just slightly as she shifted her weight while reading.
    Usually I glance and look quickly away, content with those little stolen glances to satisfy my fetish for women's feet.
    But somehow this time I let my gaze rest a little too long.
    She looked up, and met my gaze as I realized she was looking at me.
    I could feel the red blush filling my face, she didn't look away but there was also no smile or any other look I could take as inviting.
    We exchanged pleasantries and went back to looking at magazines.
    Turning away I walked to another part of the store, the embarrassment was strong but I also still had the image of her toes in my mind.
    I thought it was best to get out of the store before I embarrassed myself further.
    When I started for the door though, she was standing right in front of me.
    "Have you ever read this?" She said, and handed me a book.
    My heart was racing, I barely had the presence of mind to reach out and take the book she handed me.
    I realized I hadn't looked at the book, but was still just looking at her.
    Her face was still impassive, but there was something hypnotic about her eyes, somehow very hard to turn away from.
    "Ah, what, “I stammered and finally looked at the book, "oh, this book?"
    The book she had handed me was a book about shoe fashions and how they've changed over time.
    "No, no I haven't, why would I."
    "You should, it has a lot of good pictures."
    I felt the blush hit my face again, as she still stood her ground and simply looked right into my eyes.
    "Look, I'm sorry." I started to try to walk away as I stammered this apology.
    "Don't be, I think it’s pretty cool."
    At this, as I looked back into those deep hazel hypnotic eyes, I actually saw a little smile on her lips.
    Now, it would have been impossible to look away.
    She shook her long blonde hair off her shoulders and then reached into her purse.
    She handed me a note, and still all I could do was look at her.
    She turned and as she walked away without saying a word, I looked at the card.
    It said "Meet me at the Ibis Hotel, address underneath, Tuesday, 8:00 pm. I’ll book a room in the name of Smith, don’t be late." No phone number or anything else.
    Of course I went. In fact, going was all I thought about the 3 days I had to wait.
    Fortunately, I found the Hotel with ease.
    When I entered I went to the desk and said "I have a room book, name of Smith."
    The clerk gave me a key and I went upstairs to the room.
    Opening the door, I found a large room, a comfy chair, bed.
    If her feet hadn't been so beautiful, I might have run.
    But I had to find out what she had in mind.
    I sat on the bed and waited.
    It wasn't long before I heard the door open and I turned to see her enter the room.
    "Hello," I said with a smile, trying to sound as casual as possible, and started to rise to greet her.
    "Stay seated," It took me by surprise the snap in her voice and I sat back down "and shut up."
    At this, and before I could think of taking offence, she closed the door and sat down in the chair across from me.
    "If you want to leave you can, if you stay though just listen quietly for now."
    I stayed of course. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice, if I should have left right then.
    I didn't know then that it was my last chance for freedom, but then it wouldn't have mattered if I had known. Part of me was hers already, I just didn't know it yet.
    After a short pause to make it clear I was making a choice, she continued.
    "Tell me, were you looking at my feet or my shoes?"
    "Your feet, I ...", She reached out and slapped my face. Not hard, but it was a shock.
    "Just answer my questions, don't start rambling on."
    My head sank and I almost thought of leaving then, really I almost did, but I saw just then she was kicking her shoes off her feet.
    I stared at her feet wriggling free from her high heeled shoes, still feeling the sting of her slap.
    "You're not going anywhere, we both know that. The sooner you accept it the easier this will go for you."
    She stretched out her smooth bare feet and her legs inched toward me.
    "Why don't you get closer, have a good look."
    I leaned forward in my chair and reached out to lift her feet closer to me. She pulled them quickly back.
    "No you don't, I didn't say touch I said look. If you want to get closer get closer."
    She stretched out again, and I knew she wanted me to get onto the floor.
    It occurred to me that I loved the look of her feet, and if all I had to do was get on all fours to get closer to them why not.
    What harm could it do, if that's all she wants?
    Crouching on the floor, getting my face down close to the ground, and therefore to her feet I listened to her explain her plan.
    “I have to decide whether or not to see more of you. It will be entirely up to you whether you are allowed to see me again. Would you like to see more of me?"
    I knew better than to say too much, so I just said "Yes."
    "Very good, you're learning. Keep your eyes to the ground. Don't even think of lifting them."
    Her feet moved out from beneath my face and I now was crouched on the ground staring at the carpet.
    She crossed her legs and my heart raced as I sat there with my face inches from her beautiful bare feet.
    "Go ahead and kiss them, show me how you would worship my feet."
    I couldn't believe my good fortune.
    I started with a gentle kiss on the tops of her feet, but before long I was licking between her toes, sucking on each toe and burying my face in her soles.
    My lips and my tongue worshiped her feet.
    I was so amazed at this, and so concentrated on the feel of her feet in my mouth that I didn't hear the door opening.
    A middle aged woman appeared and she sat down next to Maria.
    “This woman is going to ensure you are mine, there will be no going back, and are you still agreeable?”
    I replied with a positive yes and looked into her beautiful face.
    “Take this pill and we shall take this relationship further.”
    I swallowed the offered pill and quickly became easily suggestible.
    The woman then pushed me further under, until I just don’t remember anything.
    I woke up and found the room empty, a note was on the bed.
    It read:

    Dear Clint,

    You have been hypnotised and programmed.
    “Clint Become Calm.” if said by a woman puts you under.
    You will now obey any order starting with “Clint”
    There is also the “Program” command to render you susceptible to long term orders.
    I have put one order in so far, you can only cum when a certain command is given.
    So life will be frustrating for you from now on.
    There is also a turn off command, but I will keep that to myself.
    Check this email address daily at 15:00 as I may issue you instructions. Password slave.
    Follow them or face interesting punishments.
    Remember I can turn you into a dog called Fido and make you live out your days in a kennel.
    You would know no different.
    You will be lent out to whomever I feel like, you made me a list of women and contacts while you were out.
    Some of these women will I’m sure be interested in having a new toy to play with.


    To be continued, comments welcome
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    wow, what great start. I love it so much.

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    Very good start.

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    Wow, that was a terrific beginning. I can't wait to read what happens to Clint next.

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    I checked the email address for 3 weeks, nothing at all.
    I hadn’t cum during the whole period and now I was as horny as sin.
    Not being able to contact her, not knowing if I would ever even see her again.
    What was I going to do, this was unreal.

    Then I got an email, thank the lord:

    Hello Clint or should I say slave.

    Feeling a little horny I bet?
    I’ve been so busy, and I know you crave a release.
    So I have handed you over to your old friend Nicola Smythe.
    Hope you remember her, she remembers you!
    She still works for the same company and you are to report to her 07:00 on Monday Morning.
    I have booked you for the week, till Friday.
    She only wants to use you during working hours.

    So at least you can rest each night.

    Have fun
    Maria (Your Goddess)

    Today was Saturday, so I still had 2 days to a possible release, God I was so horny.
    I read with unease and remembered back to the times when I was just an arrogant young boy who always argued and upset her.
    Nicola was a beautiful and elegant woman in her late twenties, she was 5 foot 10 and slender.
    She paid attention to detail, always immaculately dressed, hair and nails perfect.
    This was a woman who spent a lot of time and money on herself.
    Her favourite work clothes being her black business suit, stockings and three inch high heels.
    I awaited Nicola at the arranged time of 07:00 at her place of work.
    When she arrived she smiled a vicious grin at him like I had never seen before.
    She had on a lovely suit, a sexy pair of Black stocking and her 3 inch high heels, I felt a surge in my loins.
    “Good morning Nicola, hope you are well.” I thought I would try and ease the situation.
    “Clint, Become Calm.” She replied in an authoritative voice emphasising my poor position.
    “I am very happy to be meeting you again in these very favourable circumstances, follow me, Clint.”
    I followed her in through a security door and then upstairs to her desk, she had her own complete office now, obviously promoted.
    The room consisted of a large ornate desk, 2 large chairs in front for meetings, lovely cabinets and shelves. It also had a 3 seated sofa and a foot stool, probably for relaxing at lunch. Nicola had certainly risen up in the world.
    Another door led off to a Lavatory, there was a secretary’s reception area and a small canteen, which completed this floor.
    This was all very different from my day working downstairs.
    Nicola sat down on the sofa, crossed her elegant right leg over her left and relaxed back.
    Nobody was about, so she used the opportunity to quiz me further.
    “So you have to obey my every command, this is a parody for you isn’t it Clint, I used to hate you so much and you were such an arrogant young boy, full of yourself. Now look at you, reduced to a mere slave for all women to play with. Clint, get down on your knees before me.” She laughed.
    I instantly got on my knees at her feet, with her legs crossed, she was looking damn sexy.
    “Yes Nicola, I was, but please have mercy as I was very young and immature.” I replied in haste.
    “I know that, Clint, but the fact remains you never paid me any respect, but oh my god you are going to make up for it now. Clint you will refer to me as your highness.”
    “Yes your Highness.”
    “Seeing as you are at my feet, Clint, kiss my right shoe until I tell you to stop.” Nicola orders.
    To her delight I lowered my head and started to kiss the toe of her Chanel shoes.
    Looking down at me grovelling at her superior feet, Nicola surprisingly found herself starting to really enjoy the adoring attention her shoe was receiving.
    It gave her a fantastic feel of power she had never thought possible.
    Sitting back and relaxing on the leather sofa, Nicola was starting to feel as if, it was natural for someone of her standing to have her shoe kissed.
    Why shouldn't a beautiful, businesswoman have her feet worshiped by a man of my lowly status.
    “Clint, stop.” She smiled at the ease of barking out commands.
    “Yes your highness. What do you plan to do with me?”
    “All in good time my new little toy, I will tell you what to do, I can force you, but I will tell you first, if you don’t obey, then I will command you to do something worse, so best you obey. Make me a coffee, milk and no sugar.”
    I obeyed and made her a cup of coffee, I was scared beyond belief at what she was going to do.
    “Your coffee, your highness.” I said.
    “Well done slave, does my right shoe look dirty to you?” she said.
    I looked at her shapely foot, covered in nylon and then at her black court high heel shoe, it was indeed dirty and the sole was scratched from wear.
    “Yes your highness the shoe does look dirty.”
    “Well clean it for me then slave, there’s a good boy.” She looked at me like a fly caught in a spider’s web.
    I was just about to go and get some water and a sponge when Nicola barked loudly at me.
    “Where the fuck, do you think you are going?”
    “I was going to get some cleaning utensils your highness, to clean your shoes.”
    “No need you have a tongue, lick them clean.”
    I was astounded, reduced to licking ladies shoes for their amusement.
    Nicola stared down at me with a cruel smile and interest.
    I had no choice so I used my tongue and cleaned the tired leather of her shoes.
    Being so close to her shoes, I could smell the leather and most of all, the odour of her nylon clad feet.
    “I see you notice how perfumed my feet are, they get very sweaty in these shoes.”
    “Clint, suck the tip of the shoe.”
    I obeyed and placed my lips around the tip of her shoe, with my mouth in this position I could only breathe through my nose.
    This forced me to smell the area around the tops of her toes and the sweet fragrance of her foot.
    “Clint, now lick the sole, long hard licks, clean all the dirt off.” She giggled at my new found plight.
    The sole was covered in dirt and I had to work quite hard to clean it.
    “Clint, Stop.”
    Nicola crossed her legs over and I repeated the process with her other shoe.

    “Clint, go into the toilet and hide, I will call you shortly.”
    I opened the door to the lovely bathroom, complete with shower.
    I sat on the toilet and reviewed my situation, I truly was a slave now, is this what I really wanted?
    Fantasies are one thing, but this had become real and my long term future looked bleak.
    I heard another person buzz the door and enter the offices.
    “Good Morning Marilyn”
    She was the company typist and was about 5 foot 3 tall, slim and always dressed in a smart skirt and blouse.
    Marilyn was about 8 years younger than Nicola, but quite nice.
    Her feet were always bare and she wore nice comfortable low high heeled loafers all day.
    “Hi Nicola”
    “Would you like a drink?”
    “Yeah a cup of tea would be nice.”
    I heard her give Marilyn the drink and invite her in her office.
    “We need to have a little chat Marilyn, do you remember Clint?”
    “Yeah, I remember him, cocky bastard, why is that Nicola.”
    “I had an e-mail the other day from a lady called Maria who had, shall we say turned him into a slave.”
    “A slave, no way, how did they manage that then, I heard he won the lottery.”
    I had won the lottery, a few years back, had a nice house and a nice bank balance.
    I’m not sure Maria knew this, hopefully she would never find out.
    “He did, but he is submissive by nature and got himself into a situation with Maria. They hypnotised him and now he has to do as he told by certain women.”
    “Certain women?”
    “Oh yeah, he had to make a list of women he knew. They contacted me.”
    “No way and what did you do?”
    “Well, Clint, come out here.”
    I opened the door and stood for the 2 women.
    “Clint, get on your knees and crawl over here.” Nicola commanded.
    Looking I could see Marilyn, I noticed her bare legs and short length skirt.
    “What do you think then?”
    “Pretty cool.”
    “Clint, lie down, face up, with your head at Marilyn’s feet.”
    I instantly obeyed and was looking up into Marilyn’s smiling face.
    The tips of her shoes were no more than six inches away from my head.
    Marilyn crossed her sexy young legs.
    “I’m astounded, what shall I do now?”
    “He is a slave, do whatever you want.” Nicola replied
    Her left foot was just above my eye line, the dirty sole of her loafer was in plain view.
    She then dangled her loafer revealing a gorgeously high arched foot, the ball absolutely perfect.
    I admired her young foot, mesmerised by the shape and quality, and got hard.
    Marilyn all of a sudden dropped her shoe onto my face, revealing her entire foot to my view.
    Her toes were so beautiful and as the foot was released she wiggled her toes around.
    I was mesmerised as she twirled her ankle around and pointed her toes towards my eyes.
    Marilyn then shuffled forward and removed both of her shoes, she placed her sweaty toes around my nose.
    She then gleefully rubbed the bare soles of her incredible feet all over my exposed face.
    “This feels incredibly powerful, I feel like a Princess.” She exclaimed.
    Marilyn removed her feet and put her shoes back on.
    “Okay, well he is here all week, I also forgot to tell you, he cannot cum, he can get hard and very horny, but unless a command is given he cannot cum.”
    “No way, he must be so frustrated, how long has it been.” Marilyn asked.
    “Well according to Maria via the email, 3 whole weeks. I thought I would secure him under my desk and get on with my work. I’ll give you a shout when I’m done.”
    “Okay, awesome.”
    “Now my slave, remove your clothes.”
    I removed all of my clothes and placed them in the bag she had provided.
    “Now get under the desk, put your head where my feet would go. Push your legs and torso out in the open.”
    I slid under the desk naked and poked the rest of my body out.
    Nicole then tied each hand off to a leg of the desk.
    She then did the same with each ankle, spread-eagling me under her desk.
    “You’re at my mercy now slave, Clint, breathe only through your nose, Clint do not move your head, remain still.”
    I was now forced to breathe through my nose and could not move my head.
    Nicola sat down and placed a freshly cleaned shoe either side of my head.
    I was staring at her legs, when the phone rang, Nicola picked it up and started talking.
    She then lifted her right foot from the floor.
    Her foot began to jiggle back and forth losing her shoe.
    The pricey looking high-heeled shoe slipped off her wiggling foot and fell to the floor landing beside my head.
    The sweet smell of her foot assaulted me instantaneously.
    It was quite strong, I wanted to hold my nose or wave the odour away, but couldn’t do either.
    In the semi darkness under her desk, I could see a sexy foot just above me as she crossed her legs.
    I had to endure the partial fragrance of Nicola’s feet when she slipped her other shoe off.
    Nicola began to flex her toes and rotate her ankles.
    The cheesy aroma of her pretty feet bombarded my senses.
    I just couldn’t grasp how a woman with such a polished appearance could have feet that smelled so sweaty!
    I could hear Nicola discussing a situation with someone.
    I bet they didn’t know she had some poor boy trapped beneath her, suffering under her cheesy feet.
    Then I would have screamed aloud if I could have, as both of her superior feet suddenly pressed against my face.
    The soles and toes of her stockings were wet with perspiration.
    The pretty feet themselves were sweating through the thin hose.
    The nimble toes of both feet settled over my nose and began to work the sweat into my skin.
    I was being forced to smell her feet and realised my new position in life now.
    Nicola ended her phone call and then called Marilyn.
    “Make us both another drink and come on in, Clint needs some attention.”
    “Oh my god, he is so hard Nicola.”
    “Remember he hasn’t cum for 3 weeks and can’t either no matter what you do to him.”
    “Oh yeah, wow that can’t be fun for him.”
    “Why don’t you tease him a bit, take a break.”
    Marilyn then sits down and slips her bare smooth feet from her shoes.
    I felt the lovely toes rub my rock hard cock, this was so cruel.
    Now Nicola’s toes were working overtime, spreading wide and allowing my nose to slip between them.
    The sheer material of her stockings stretched around my nose as it sunk into her toe cleavage.
    This was torture, there was no other word for it.
    Marilyn teased, rubbed and caressed my cock and balls with her bare feet.
    She was a professional, I was in ecstasy, but could not release and so remained frustrated.
    “This must be hell for him, Nicola.”
    “Of course, it’s so much fun though, I must say I’m wet.”
    “Most men would have cum by now, such torment.”
    I fought for air but only found the pungent aroma of Nicola’s cheesy feet.
    How long would this go on for, it was hell.
    Her superior feet were soon sensuously rubbing back and forth over my face
    I was now damp with the smelly sweat of her perspiring feet.
    I felt so humiliated, what else was in store for me as a slave.
    How could they do this to me?
    How could they be so cruel?
    I felt totally demoralised, I could not cum and so has to endure the pleasure of an erection without the release.
    “Only a few more hours to go now, Clint.” Both women laughed.
    “Although you still have 4 days of this to endure, and I don’t know the cum command.”
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    Next chapter soon
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    I love your story please go on like that I dream to be him

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    That chapter was incredible! The idea of being tied up under a beautiful woman's desk, with her sweaty nylon feet in my face (which I am forced to smell), while another beautiful woman teases my penis with her feet...that is my ultimate office fantasy! The fact that he can't cum and that the women don't know the cum command makes it even hotter.

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    I've been under desks before in a similar situation, not tied up though. The woman behind the desk had her feet over my face and this tall blonde sat in another chair with her feet on my legs. It's not that comfortable though, because after awhile my back started to hurt.

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    Any chance of bringing a feather into play?

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    At the end of a long gruelling day, I kissed both of their feet and had to thank them for their cruelty.
    “You are such a good boy.” Nicola says looking down at me kissing her extended foot.
    “Clint, Tonight I wish you to purchase some heat cream, 2 whips and a pair of bondage pants from Ann Summers, a long feather, and a feather duster.” Nicola commands.
    “Yes your highness.” I replied
    I could only imagine what implications all those products held for me.
    “You may now go, see you in the morning, slave.”
    I left for the day and headed straight for the shopping centre, after several hours I managed to find and purchase all of the required items.
    Next day I reported for duty again as originally commanded for 07:00.
    The day was pleasant, warm already, and yesterday was a good 24 degrees Celsius.
    Nicola turned up in a lovely Black Touran Business dress, her feet were adorned with a 3 inch, peep hole toe shoe, also in Black.
    Her beautiful long legs, bare, shaved smooth and lightly tanned added to a very sensual look.
    She had a large holdall with her and I brought that along with all her gifts and carried them upstairs to her office.
    Nicola sat down and crossed her legs, even hitching her skirt up.
    I was getting hard already, she was teasing and knew it.
    She laughed and ordered her coffee.
    When I came back in with her beverage, she was looking at the things I had purchased.
    “Hmm, very nice, put this on slave.” She commanded.
    Holding out the bondage pants, I put the coffee down and took them from her.
    I undressed and put on the strange pants, they were leather and had a hole for poking your cock and balls through.
    There was a thing leather strap to over my balls, and another one for the middle of my cock.
    She instructed me to attach them, but not too tight, this now made my balls bunch up and pushed my cock straight up.
    She then took out the feather duster and giggled.
    “Clint, kneel before me, hands behind your back.”
    I obeyed and looked at her sexy feet, no more than 6 inches away, I was now almost completely hard and getting horny by the second.
    “Clint, don’t move at all.”
    She then lightly tickled my balls with the duster, this was insane, and highly inventive.
    The sensation of my blue balls, being so sensitively tickled was with doubt incredibly cruel and she knew I couldn’t move, flinch, I just had to put up with it.
    What a bitch, how could a woman become so mean and nasty.
    She giggled and this made me even angrier, but I had to grin and bear it.
    “Oh does that tickle, little Clint, your balls are so ripe. Tickle, tickle.”
    Nicola carried on for over half an hour, all the time berating me and teasing me.
    She only stopped when Marilyn arrived.
    “Hi Nicola, what’s going on here then?” She quizzed.
    “Oh I’ve been tickling his balls with this feather duster.”
    Marilyn walked over and had a look, smiling evilly.
    “Oh, my, can’t he move?”
    “Nope I’ve frozen him in this position.”
    Marilyn then reaches down and tickles my exposed balls with her fingers.
    This again is hell, her nails are nice and sharp, making excellent instruments to gain maximum sensation.
    “Tickle, tickle, Clint, are my fingers torturing you? “ She says looking directly into my eyes.
    She then stops and sits down next to Nicola.
    I looked at her attire and she has on a pair of ballerina flats, heavy thick black tights and a short skirt.
    A tight top highlighting her ample breasts finishes the outfit.
    “I thought I would wear my dance tights from last night, 2 hours dancing makes my feet sweat and I thought our little slave could have a good sniff of them today.”
    “Funny you should say that, I wanted to play with him today, feel that cock under my bare feet.”
    “Oh yes, that is nice, I enjoyed that yesterday, so a swap around it is.”
    They then both looked at me and laughed, Nicola extend a foot and rubbed my balls.
    “Another long day for you, secured under my desk, slave.”

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    Any comments, ideas always welcome and included if I can.

    Next part soon.

    Other women, scenes, and ideas to incorporate.
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    A lady in black ankle socks maybe. Have the lady's rent him out to the office cleaning lady sense she has been on her feet all day, and she makes him worship and massage her socked feet.
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    He should be in charge of keeping her feet in tip top shape including nail burnishing, pedicures and polishing her toes. After working on the pedicures, as a tribute, he is forced to grind up the toe nail clippings and callus, chop them up, and mix it into freshly made sweat-soaked socked tea

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    Nicola secured me the other way around today, my legs were secured to the bottom of the desk and my head poked out.
    Marilyn decided to put a nice piece of tape across my mouth, forcing me again to smell my surroundings.
    The phone rang and Nicola sat down, answered it and starting chatting to some manager or another about the state of things.
    Her foot extended out in her shoe and the cold sole found my exposed balls.
    She casually rubbed then as though wiping them on a piece of carpet.
    I wondered if she knew how crazy she was driving me, I would have thrashed about, but again was ordered not to move a muscle, just remain in a position of obedience.
    I then heard Marilynn shuffle in, she had a cup of coffee and stood with a foot either side of my head.
    Looking straight up I could see she wasn’t wearing underwear, just the heavy tights.
    What a tease, she lingered and even slid her legs wider apart, before stepping back.
    She looked down at me and smiled wickedly, why do women become like this.
    I think that with absolute power and no consequences, most women could become cruel.
    These 2 ladies certainly were and I had no doubt, more were to follow.
    Marilyn went out then came back with her own drink and sat in the chair near my head.
    “I’m sorry, Clint, I’ve been neglecting you.” Marilyn explained.
    She pulled her chair closer and fiddled with her shoes.
    I noticed Marilyn admiring me with a prolonged smile.
    “Clint’s face is a welcome sight after such a busy morning, Nicola.”
    “I know isn’t it just fantastic.”
    After a matter of seconds, Marilyn was holding her nylon clad feet above my face.
    I could smell a combination of odours, leather, foot sweat and nylon.
    Marilyn then lowered them and began to rub her warm, moist feet all over my face.
    She wrapped her toes around my nose and told me to give them a good sniff.
    Her feet were wet but the smell was tolerable, just.
    She wriggled her toes playfully as I breathed in her feminine smell.
    Marilyn looked down at me.
    “This makes me so happy Clint.”
    I felt overjoyed to hear that I could make her feel that way.
    Nicola must have removed her shoes from her superior feet.
    Her toes pressed into my balls and squeezed my penis.
    She delicately traced the outline around my balls and the ticklish region between my legs.
    Normally I would explode and with Marilyn’s nylon feet in my face, I’d never felt so humiliated in all my life.
    I was giving this beautiful woman pleasure through my subservience and devotion.
    While Nicola was giving me so much pleasure which I had to contain.
    The two ladies chatted with me suffering beneath their feet.
    The smell of Marilyn’s sweaty nylon feet was never ending.
    Nicola had the nimblest toes I had ever experienced, god I wished for the cum command to be given.
    The whole morning was spent like this, I have never been so abused.
    “Let us make this a little more unbearable, as I so love torturing you.” Nicola explained.
    I then felt her hands and something smooth and creamy, being rubbed into my penis.
    The heat, red hot heat, it must be the heat cream, oh my god how this burnt.
    I don’t think you are meant to apply it to your genitals, but now Nicola had.
    I could hear her laughing her head off, and Marilyn joined in.
    Again I so want to thrash around, if you want to know what it feels like, try some.
    My cock and balls were on fire and normally I would have applied some cold water.
    I had to endure a devious punishment yet again, Nicola was indeed a bitch.
    At the end of the day, and after much suffering they released and I got dressed.
    “Marilyn and I are going to run home, and then back again in the morning. You are going to lick us clean afterwards.”
    “Something to look forward to, slave.” Marilyn said laughing.
    Nicola then tossed me a dirty pair of riding boots, a really dirty pair.
    “Clint, lick them clean, and then polish them with kisses, the entire boot.”
    “Yes, your highness.”
    I picked them up and walked the 6 mile home.

    More to follow

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    Wow, those were two tremendous updates. No suggestions from me...just take this story wherever you feel it should go. You've been doing great so far.

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    That night I licked Nicola’s dirty boots, they were extremely dirty and full of god knows what.
    The sole was particularly engrained with mud, why did I allow myself to fall into this trap.
    I dreaded to think where my life was heading, who would be next, there were so many women and a lot of them I had teased, abused, and treated like shit.
    If they found out, my life would be a living hell, some of them I’m sure could be far more evil than Nicola and Marilyn.
    I washed my face after licking the boots for a solid hour, I was so muddy.
    I then polished them with kisses and brought them up to a nice shine.
    It was such hard work, my lips ached and I sported a massive hard on, from all the servitude I was employed in.
    I went to bed tired, horny, and the smell of Marilyn’s feet never left my senses.
    Next morning I arrived again at 07:00 and awaited the arrival of Nicola.
    She jogged in and looked very hot and sweaty.
    “Ah slave, ready for another day of fun?”
    I followed her upstairs where she ordered a glass of water.
    She sat down and looked radiant in her trainers, white ankle socks, knee length tight fitting jogging pants and a yellow vest.
    I could see damp areas over her vest and in between her legs.
    “Clint, kneel before me.” She ordered
    I knelt and admired her form, she looked fantastic.
    “Clint, hold my feet up and then lick the soles of my trainers, I want them clean.”
    I did as commanded and looked at the dusty trainer soles, I could hear her giggle as my tongue ran up and down.
    They were so dusty and this was so humiliating.
    “My little trainer licker, I wish I had you permanently, I did ask, but Maria has other plans.”
    “Apparently there is a waiting list of women you know, itching to get their hands on you. Rather you than me, I can’t imagine what your life is going to be like.”
    I licked the soles for some 20 minutes, when she commanded me to stop.
    “Clint, remove my trainers and sniff them real good, make sure you get a good sniff.” She ordered laughing her head off.
    I unlaced her expensive trainers one by one, then I put my nose in and sniffed hard, they were hot and steaming, there was a mixture of sweat, man-made materials and fresh socks.
    My cock betrayed me and I was hard again, I was still so horny with no release and being around two fit women didn’t help.
    “Clint, now hold my feet up again and sniff my toes.”
    I put her trainers down and lifted her superior feet up, the socks hugged every curve and her feet were truly sublime.
    I the buried my nose in her sweat toes, she scrunched them around my nose, god they were so wet with sweat and they really stank.
    “These socks have had a few runs, saved just for you, slave.”
    I spent 20 minutes sniffing hard and torturing my poor nose.
    Regally she relaxed back and lifted her arms up behind her head.
    “Clint, lick my armpits.” She commanded.
    I was shocked, this was something unexpected and beyond the realms of what I thought I would ever do.
    I had no choice and approached her sweaty armpits, they were wet with sweat and smelt heady.
    I ran my tongue up and tasted her salty skin, this was humiliating.
    “You really are a slave now, Clint, lick the other one.”
    I cleaned her other sweaty armpit and she then ordered me back on my knees.
    “Clint, now lick my feet.”
    I licked her right foot first as she had crossed her legs, they were hot and again very sweaty.
    If you have ever licked a woman’s feet after a run, you will know what I mean.
    She then uncrossed and swapped over her legs, ordering me to clean the other one.
    This went on for another 10 minutes.
    I heard Marilyn arrive and bound up the stairs, she got herself a glass of water and entered the office.
    “Clint, stop.”
    Marilyn sat down next to Nicola and looked even more sexy and sweaty.
    She wore black trainers, black ankle socks, a pair of loose three quarter lengths and a red top.
    “Clint, do the same as you have done to me, to Marilyn.” Nicola commanded.
    I then held up her trainer clad feet and licked them clean, followed by removing them and sniffing the insides.
    Her trainers were older and smelt damp and mouldy, but I had no choice.
    Then I lifted her feet and smelt her black socked feet, they were heady, I nearly passed out.
    She must have worn these time and time again, they were rank, and didn’t she ever wash them.
    “These are my favourite running socks, just so comfortable, I can’t remember the last time they were in the washing machine.” She said as if reading my mind.
    My eyes were watering and it was hard to bear, but this damn hypnosis had me cold.
    Both girls smiled at my suffering, enjoying the torment and power.
    “Clint, stop and remove Marilyn’s socks.” Nicola commanded.
    I slid the tired black socks from Marilyn’s feet, I could feel the heat emanating from them.
    Looking at her young feet, made me so horny again, I really don’t know how much more of this I can take.
    “You must be my foot licker, there nice and sweaty for you, Clint.”
    Marilyn dangles her bare feet over the edge of the sofa.
    I looked at her smooth soles and cute toes.
    “Clint, get started then! lick my feet.”
    I crawled over to her feet, she had crossed her ankles and I licked at the smooth soles.
    They are incredibly sweaty from her workout.
    I then nibbled her slender toes and sucked them.
    “Clint, lick from the heel in one long lick, make it pleasurable, slave”
    My cock got so hard, being treated like this.
    Marilyn giggled as I was tickling her with my efforts.
    “You really don’t deserve to lick my feet.” She exclaimed.
    I licked her feet as though it was melting ice cream.
    She just laughed at my total humiliation.
    “This is so powerful slave.”
    I did this for around half an hour, when I was told to stop.
    Marilyn took her bag and got changed back into her outfit from yesterday.
    Nicola got up and also changed, but left her shoes off.
    I was commanded to crawl under the desk and present my face.
    She then used me as a foot stool for the rest of the day.
    Her hot bare feet hardly ever left my face and again, ever so often Marilyn came in and rubbed my hard cock with the soles of her shoes.
    It was another long day and I had just one to go, thank god.
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    Yet another wonderful chapter.

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    wonderful story. I love it so much.

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    The last day I thought, one more, but then I realised I would be given to someone else, but who?
    My bratty sister, my ex-girlfriend, my aunt, other ex-work colleagues, the list was endless.
    Both girls turned up at the same time, Nicola wore high heeled boots, probably around 3 inches.
    Marilyn had a chunky wedged ankle boot on.
    They both looked terrifying, we went into the office and I was immediately ordered to lick the soles of their boots.
    The heels of Nicolas were so sharp and pointy, why had they worn this attire?
    “Clint, remove your clothes.” Marilyn commanded.
    I undressed and put my clothes to one side, I was already showing a semi.
    “Clint, Get on your knees and look up at the ceiling.” Nicola then commanded.
    I then heard Marilyn fishing around in her bag.
    Then I could feel hands around my balls and the base of penis.
    Something was now attached to them, and fairly tight.
    “I have just attached a spiked cock cage to you, get horny now and its going to hurt like hell.”
    My negative feelings must have shown on my face.
    “Wipe that expression off your face and look at me.” Nicola exclaimed as she saw my impatient attitude.
    Then her beautiful eyes sparkled and a mischievous smile spread across her lips.
    “On second thoughts, allow me to wipe it off your face for you.”
    She then slapped me, really hard.
    I fell over from the force of her blow and I laid in a sprawled position on the floor.
    Now my only expression was fear as Nicola stood up and walked over to stand above my head.
    “Clint, arms by your side, do not move.”
    She then raised one of her booted feet and planted the sole down heavily across my neck.
    “You are not so high and mighty now are you?” Nicola asked me angrily
    She then increased the pressure from her sole so that she was crushing my Adam’s apple.
    I felt my face turning red from a combination of shame and strangulation.
    I was totally at her mercy, she could have killed me, but she eventually removed her foot.
    She then grounded my face beneath the sole of her boot.
    I couldn't help but cry out in pain as her sole pressed down and twisted.
    She used my face, like she was extinguishing a cigarette butt under her shoe.
    I then heard both of them, chuckle in amusement at my agony.
    Marilyn then stood on my chest and started moving from side to side, two stepping.
    This was torture, my body was getting bruised by these two sadistic women.
    Nicola decided it would be more fun to kick me in the ribs and legs.
    This really hurt and I could not defend myself.
    “You are such a turd now Clint, never again will you abuse a woman.” Nicola Exclaimed.
    After 30 minutes of this brutal treatment I was ordered on all fours at Nicola’s desk, where her chair would normally be.
    My whole body ached from the stomping I'd just endured and I barely had the strength to move.
    So with no choice, I disregarded my agonizing aches and got up on all fours with a straight back to serve as her human chair.
    She then plopped herself down on my shoulders and rested the heels of her boots on the back of my hands.
    Every so often she increased the pressure and dug them in, I could have screamed the house down.
    I must have been like this for ages or it certainly felt it, luckily Nicola wasn’t too heavy.
    But the pain in my hands and shoulders was growing with every aching minute.
    I was approaching exhaustion when Marilyn decided she needed to play.
    “Poor Clint, nothing but a toy for us, but let’s give you some pleasure.”
    Then came the pièce de résistance, she had removed her boots, placed a chair behind me and now was about to start an amazing session of torture.
    One of her nylon feet started to toy with balls, slow and cruel at first, her toes probing and teasing.
    “Hope you’re not being nasty to little Clint, Marilyn.”
    “What me, perish the thought.”
    My arousal was very quick and soon the pins started to bite, the pain was excruciating.
    I whimpered and pleaded for it to stop.
    “You want me to stop? I thought you would enjoy my feet playing with your balls.”
    “Clint, be quiet and don’t move.” Nicola ordered.
    Marilyn did stop, only to use her nails to tickle my balls.
    Women can learn to be so cruel, when they have the power and no retribution can come their way.
    Both of these women had grown in stature and now had become true Mistress’s with power.
    Eventually Marilyn let up and put her boots back on.
    Nicola ordered me under her desk, removed her boots and presented me her sweaty feet for the rest of the day.
    “I have mailed the key to you cock cage, you should get it in a day or two, better not get horny before then or it will be painful.”
    "Now off you go and maybe I will see you again, slave."
    "Clint, Kiss our feet before you go." Marilyn ordered.
    I kissed my tormentors feet and left as quick as possible, this torment was over for now.

    It is always nice to have opinions, comments, ideas or just a thank you.
    Authors can spend a few hours per chapter for you to read, praise is the only reward.
    They say it takes 10 hours per 1500 words, around a large chapter, to do it justice.
    So always help us by letting us have some appreciation for our efforts

    Would you like me to continue?
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