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Thread: Forever a slave now

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    That was another tremendous update. I loved the idea of Nicola and Marilyn punishing him the way they did (trampling him and locking him into a spiked cock cage). I very much look forward to find out who Clint will be serving next, and what additional torments await him. Thanks for all your efforts in continuing this story.

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    Could our hero be made to serve the feet of an older woman? Or even the feet of a bbw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sock_sniffer View Post
    Could our hero be made to serve the feet of an older woman? Or even the feet of a bbw?
    What sort of age ? I will introduce a BBW at some point.

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    Maybe in her fourty's or fifty's.

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    I spent a few hours getting home to my nice house.
    I had won the Lottery and set up properties all over London, I raked in £10000 per month and so could be classed as well off.
    On the tube, looking at some of the lovely girls, plus the bouncing around, I felt the spiked tube bite, fucking Marilyn.
    Eventually I managed the walk home and let myself in.
    I was tired, horny and needed a shower, it had been a long week.
    Next day I checked my email at 15:00 as commanded.

    Hi Clint,

    Where do you live, I need to come over and have a chat.

    Goddess Maria

    I replied back with the address, she turned up next morning.
    She looked stunning in a pair of 3 inch jaguar print high heels, tanned legs, short tight skirt and blouse.
    After making her a drink, she took me into the main room.
    She sat down and crossed her legs, and twirled her ankle, her feet looked splendid.
    “I’ve heard you won the lottery, own lots of property and are worth a mint, Clint tell me all.”
    I then spilled the beans, all the time watching her smiling face and eyes light up.
    “Program Clint 251268”
    I was now in program mode, I dreaded hearing where this was going.
    “Clint, Become my slave, this makes you a complete slave unable to say no to a request.”
    “Clint, Reset. This will take you back to just obeying me only.”
    “You will pay me £6000 per month into my account, the rest should pay the bills.”
    “You will address me from now on as milady.”
    “End Program Clint.”
    “I will be moving in here from now on, I will do quite a few alterations upstairs. “
    “My cousin will move in here as well while she goes to university.”
    “I will still loan you out, as so many women want to have some fun with you.”
    “Remove your clothes and kneel before me.”
    I did as she requested revealing my cock in its spiked cage.
    “Those two young ladies were very mean, where is the key?” Maria asked.
    “The key is in the post, milady.”
    She then laughed harshly.
    “Oh well, post is tomorrow. Okay I have some things to do. You can drive me to my flat.”
    “I can then pack up some clothes and start to move in,”
    “You will love Lori, she will love you a lot.”
    “Now get dressed and get the car.”
    I drove her over to her flat, where she sat down and I packed her 3 suit cases of clothes.
    We went back to my house, where I emptied my wardrobes and hung all her clothes up.
    The house had a small room at the back, she told me this is where I would sleep.
    She went online and ordered a new bed for me from an S&M specialist.
    It had rings everywhere, a hole in the middle, and a semi-circle at the end.
    They looked like places where my head could rest, while the rest of me was tied up.
    She then arranged for a van and driver to move in all the rest of her belongings.
    Maria was going to be around me a lot and there was nothing I could do about it.
    That night I slept on the sofa downstairs and contemplated my fate.
    Next morning I was eagerly looking out for the post woman, she was a regular on my round.
    I really wanted the key and opened the door to speak to her.
    She was a lovely girl, short blond hair, a few tattoos, nose piercing, about 5 feet 3, Polish, but she could speak English in that way they all do.
    During summer she wore shorts which hugged her tight young rear end, white socks and trainers.
    Today was no different, and I had to think of something else to take my mind off her.
    I had asked her out once, but got rebuked and since then I have been nasty to her.
    I snatched the post out of her hands and quickly searched for a package containing the key.
    She eyed me aggressively and was about to turn away.
    The key was not there and I was shocked.
    “Is there nothing else?” I asked her
    “No” she replied short and sweet.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Do you think me stupid?” in her Polish accent.
    “Well, I don’t know, is there or not?”
    “Well fuck off then.” It just came out.
    She looked at me with utter contempt, gave me the finger and stormed off.
    I was now in this cage for another day, this was hell, did Nicola even send the key, panic was setting in.
    I turned around to find Maria smiling at me.
    “Poor slave, don’t get horny now, will you. Should I be cruel?”
    I instantly dropped to my knees and kissed her booted foot.
    “Please don’t, malady.”
    “You are learning your place, lucky for you, I haven’t got time. Now I’ve got to pop out and arrange some things, you can sort out the bank transfer and do the shopping. Then maybe we can have some fun!”
    She shot past me and walked down the drive and away, god knows what she was arranging now.
    I got dressed and went out, she had left me a list of things she wanted food wise.
    After putting everything away, I went on the internet and generally just minced about.
    At around 19:00 a taxi pulled up and Goddess Maria got out.
    “I’m tired, slave, glass of wine.”
    After giving her the glass of wine, she told me to remove her boots.
    This revealed the most exquisite pair of nylon clad feet.
    She then sat down in one of the recliners and pressed the button to relax.
    “Get on your knees and sniff my feet slave, long deep sniffs, inhale my superior scent.”
    She then relaxed and watched me sample the smell of a Goddess.
    The combination of sweat, leather and nylon drove me mental and I soon got hard.
    The cage did its job and I felt its bite, the pain was excruciating and I struggled not to cry out.
    All the time Maria just looked at me, with a cruel smile and watched me suffering.
    “I’m going to relax for a while and you are going to continue to smell my feet. Breathe only through your nose. Do not move, become a statue.”
    I was now completely forced to inhale and breathe air from her feet.
    Goddess Maria cupped her toes over my nose and tormented me.
    She stared down at me with a satisfied look that I wasn’t going anywhere.
    “Now slave, I am going to watch a little TV and you are going to sit there on your knees where you belong and smell my sweaty stocking feet. Enjoy what an afternoon in these boots and stockings do to a woman’s feet. You will learn to love the smell of my feet and one day soon it will become your only desire to sniff a ladies foot.”
    The television then switched on and she began to giggle at whatever she was watching
    She totally ignored me, using my face as a foot massager.
    She would occasionally switch from one foot to the other.
    This would allow me small breaks every so often to breathe fresh air.
    “I like to let you breathe fresh air, and then you have to suffer at my feet again, when I place them back.” She said laughing.
    From the sounds of the TV, she was watching a long movie, I must have knelt there sniffing her feet for several hours.
    When the film finished she hit the standby button.
    “I enjoyed that, hope you did, now off to sleep with you and I’ll see you in the morning.”
    “Wake me at 08:00 with coffee.”
    At 08:00 next morning I woke her up with coffee.
    “Good boy, now lick my feet and no tickling.”
    I then set about lapping at her tender soles, they were beauty to behold.
    My life had changed, but I strangely enjoyed my new role as her servant.
    Although being a slave to other cruel women was not something I was relishing.
    It was Tuesday morning and I couldn’t wait for the key to arrive.
    Goddess Maria went out for a meal with friends and to do some more shopping.
    She was a lady of leisure now and I her slave.
    Various deliveries arrived and boxes, my bed turned up and got installed in the back room.
    But no post or post woman, had I pissed her off, would she turn up again, who knows.
    At 16:00 a ring at the bell, I opened the door to find the post woman standing there.
    “Well about time, where is my post, I’m urgently waiting for a package.”
    “You mean this! “ She held up a small package addressed to me.
    “Thank god.” I reached out to grab it and she withdrew it.
    “Give me my post, now or I’ll …”
    “Clint, become my slave.”

    Things will get harsher for Clint, I take all suggestions on board and obviously come up with some of my own.
    Different types of women, and ages will also be used.
    Anything you fancy, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
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    Looking forward to the next chapter.

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    Please continue this story I love it.

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    The post lady sounds awesome, hope she spits on our hero.

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    I could not believe my Goddess Maria had given this girl the command.
    My face said it all and the Polish post woman’s sported a cruel smirk.
    “You call me Mistress Wanda now, slave.”
    “Yes Mistress Wanda.”
    “Show me front room, crawl like dog.”
    I dropped to my hands and knees, and crawled into the front room.
    Mistress Wanda kicked me several times in the rear for good measure.
    She dropped down onto the long couch and crossed her tanned legs.
    From my position I eyed up her white Nike trainers, and white ankle socks.
    Wanda looked fit and fresh, and I could imagine her walking round all day delivering post.
    I also imagined how sweaty and smelly her feet were going to be.
    Especially on a sunny day like today, what was she going to do to me?
    I had never treated her with any respect and she knew it.
    She relaxed on the couch and looked in the mood to play with her new toy.
    “Lick sole of trainer, slave.”
    I had no choice but to lick the dusty Nike’s before me, such humiliation.
    “I am Polish Mistress now, you now my bitch.”
    They were so dirty, and it was hard work, all the time Wanda berated me.
    She swapped legs after 10 minutes and I cleaned the other one.
    My tongue was dry and my jaw ached, she just watched me intently.
    Wanda then kicked out into my face sending me sprawling over.
    “Get me wine, bitch.”
    I went out to the kitchen and poured her glass of wine and brought it back.
    When I came back she had opened the package and rescued the key.
    “What so important, slave.”
    “It is the key to a chastity device, Mistress Wanda.”
    “What is this Chastity device, I don’t understand, show.”
    I dropped my joggers and briefs and showed her, she looked at my genitals in their cruel device.
    Wanda burst out laughing.
    “Remove all clothes, get on knees.”
    I did as instructed and covered myself up.
    “Hands head, closer.”
    I again did as instructed and remained humble before her.
    Wanda then reached down and toyed with my balls, tickling and fondling them.
    The cage bit and god it was so painful.
    “Please Mistress, I beg you.”
    She cruelly looked me in the eyes, whilst teasing my balls causing me immense pain.
    “Mistress, I can’t take any more.”
    “I don’t understand, I’m stupid Polish girl!”
    “No Mistress, you are superior to me, but please it hurts.”
    “Shut up.” She said giggling
    Wanda toyed and teased me for a good half hour, stroking my balls, rubbing her hands all over my chest, ribs, stomach and even grabbing my buttocks.
    All the time, the cage did its job, and bit me.
    I couldn’t even scream now or plead, I cried, tears of pain ran down my cheeks.
    “Poor slave, look painful, I enjoy.”
    She then stopped, pinched my nipples hard and relaxed back into the couch.
    “Lie at feet.”
    I did as instructed and she placed the soles of her trainers on my face.
    She pushed down hard and mashed my features.
    “Hurt bitch, tongue out.”
    Wanda wiped her shoes on my tongue and crushed my face in a very playful and humiliating way. Eventually she saw that her sneakers were almost clean and used me as a footstool, whilst savouring her new found elevation in life.
    She put her wine down and got the key, she then removed the padlock.
    Whilst not being very careful she removed the device from my cock.
    The relief was short lived and more was to come.
    “Move back and open your legs.”
    I did as commanded and again tried to cover up.
    “Hands on head, bitch.”
    She then let fly with a powerful kick straight to my balls, I went down like a sack of shit.
    I could only hear laugher as she sneered down at me.
    “Get up, slave.”
    She dragged me up by my ear and kicked my legs apart.
    “Please Mistress.”
    Wanda then let fly with another accurate kick, she must have done martial arts.
    It took the wind out of me and I laid in a heap on the ground.
    She then kicked me where I laid, ribs, kidneys, thighs and an occasional stomp to the head.
    “Get up, dog.”
    I managed to stand back up and she again kicked my legs apart.
    She went to fly in and stopped short, then withdrew and did it again.
    The thought was more powerful than she knew.
    “Enough don’t want hurt too much.”
    “Thank you Mistress Wanda.”
    “Remove trainers and lie at feet.”
    She then covered my face with her sweaty socks.
    Wanda pressed her feet into my face and smothered me hard.
    I struggled to inhale oxygen and breathed mostly sweat from her socks.
    “Lick socks, clean.”
    It was difficult to get my tongue out, but I managed a few light licks.
    She really pressed her feet down, I felt like mashed potato.
    “Poor slave, under Polish Bitches feet.” She said laughing.
    She smothered me with her sweaty socks for a while and then lifted them.
    “Remove socks.” She said as she mashed her feet down.
    I managed to remove them and my face was now covered with her sweaty feet!
    “Lick them, bitch.”
    I tried as best as I could to lick them clean, but she kept smothering me hard.
    “Tongue out.”
    I stuck my tongue out and she rubbed the soles of her feet along it.
    She then rammed her foot into my mouth, forcing her toes far back.
    My mouth was stretched wide and hurt like hell, and then she slammed the other one onto my nose.
    “Not high and mighty now, bastard, are you, sucking stupid Polish girls feet.”
    Wanda thoroughly enjoyed the session and removed her feet.
    “Get on knees.”
    I got on my knees and watched her set up in a Karate stance.
    She then swung her leg and kicked me full in the face with her sexy foot, knocking me out.
    When I woke up she had gone and it was now ten o’clock.
    Luckily she hadn’t put the cock cage back on.
    There was no sign of Maria and I grabbed a much needed glass of water.
    I ached and was bruised up, I struggled upstairs and passed out onto my bed.
    I wondered what the next day would bring.

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    I hope Mistress Wanda comes back to play.

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    yes, more forced sniffing of stinky, smelly nylon claded soles and feet.

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    That's exactly what I was hoping for from Mistress Wanda. Thanks for that update,

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    Part Eight

    Next day Malady Maria woke me up with a start.
    “You lazy bastard, I need you up and out, I have people coming over to fix some things and generally get this house to where I want it.”
    “Yes Malady.”
    “I have set you up to spend the day with Mrs Elaine Jones.”
    I was flabbergasted, she was my ex-girlfriends mum from years back and I was sure my ex wouldn’t be far behind.
    “Yes Malady.”
    “You’re a little beat up, but you will be fine. She has a wicked sense of humour and you must have upset her.”
    “Yes Malady.”
    “Now off you go, get washed, get some breakfast and off you toddle, you are to report at 10:00.”
    She texted me her address and I did as she asked.
    I awaited the arrival of Elaine Jones at her place of residence.
    Elaine was a beautiful woman for her 50 years, she had a fit body and always liked a laugh.
    I treated her daughter Louisa so badly and had dumped with a note, she was not happy.
    She was besotted with me, but I wanted more from a woman, she was too young and immature.
    I have never heard from either of them until today, that was a few years ago now.
    Elaine was a senior nurse by trade and had only just come off shift when she arrived, an hour late.
    She looked very sexy in her dark navy dress uniform with thick black stockings and hardworking black leather slip on shoes.
    “Hello again Clint, been waiting long, sorry about that, then again you are a slave now, so who cares.”
    “Please Elaine I’m ever so sorry about Louisa, I didn’t mean it, she was just too young for me.”
    “Maybe, but at the end of the day, you upset her a lot and I had to pick up the pieces.”
    “Come on Elaine, be reasonable, please. I’m begging you.”
    “Be reasonable, like you were? Begging me, you will that is for sure. Clint, become my slave. ” Elaine said.
    “I am going to humiliate you beyond compare for what you did to Louisa.” She says with a large cheesy grin on her face.
    “Get on all fours and follow me.”
    She opened the door and I followed her to the front room on all fours.
    Elaine duly sat down and sank into her sofa, obviously tired.
    “Make me a coffee, black with 2 sugars.”
    I obeyed her orders and went into the kitchen and made the coffee as instructed.
    Upon returning I noticed she had picked up a magazine and was thumbing through it.
    “Here is your coffee, Elaine.”
    “Put it on the side table, you will call me Mistress Elaine from now on.”
    “Yes Mistress Elaine.”
    “No more talking, slave.”
    I admired her nylon covered legs for a moment, while awaiting my next command.
    “Get on your knees and remove my shoes, Clint.” I felt a bit perplexed but had to carry out the order, so I knelt down and pulled her Black work shoe
    The smell of sweaty feet hit me straight away and I grimaced.
    She then extended her other shoe and I took that one off as well, I noticed they were a size 8.
    Her feet looked beautiful in the Black stockings, they were so slender and well-shaped. Elaine then twirled her ankles and flexed her feet right in front of my face.
    “Oh, that feels so good I have been rushed off my feet today, my feet feel quite sweaty, massage them.”
    I took hold of one of her feet and gave it a good massage, digging my fingers in and she looked like she was enjoying it.
    “Do you think my feet smell bad Clint?” she enquired
    “I don’t know Mistress.”
    Elaine then shoved a nylon covered foot right up close to my face.
    “Smell my foot and find out then, slave.” she said sternly. Her foot was no more than about an inch from my nose, I sniffed as commanded and could now make out a heavy cheesy smell, coupled with a hint of leather. ”Well slave do they?”
    “Yes Mistress, they do smell quite bad.”
    I knew what was coming and could nothing about it, my life was a total screw up now.
    “Now I would like you to hold both of my feet by the ankle and place your nose on my toes.”
    Elaine watched triumphantly as I held her feet up and placed my nose in her toes.
    “Slave, breathe only through your nose, smell my feet, deep breaths now.” The smell was so intoxicating, they were really sweaty, I could feel the dampness of her stockings.
    She wiggled her toes and poked them all around my nose to make my suffering even more unbearable.
    “I bet they really smell terrible.” she mocked.
    “A straight eight hour shift makes them sweat and those shoes don’t help.”
    “Usually I whip them off and have a shower and change into a fresh pair every day, but this week since I’ve known about your demise, I haven’t bothered, I’ve cooked them just for you Clint, aren’t I nice?”
    “Yes Mistress Elaine.”
    “I really do feel for you. But then you didn’t feel for Louisa did you?” Elaine said laughing.
    From my position I could see the damp patches of sweat and every contour of her leathery soles.
    The black stockings smoothed out any imperfections making them superior. All the time I sniffed her sweaty feet, she just casually glanced through her magazine as though I was not even there. She read her magazine for over an hour, emphasising my new found status in her life.
    “Release my feet, Clint and get in a press up position.” She barked.
    Elaine then placed her nylon covered feet flat on the carpeted floor.
    “You will do press ups, each time you come down you will kiss my feet. Begin. ” She commanded.
    I looked at her feet, got into a press up position above them and obeyed the command.
    She watched in awe at my show of fitness and servitude, easily reaching 50 press ups
    “Now hold each press up for 10 seconds with your nose between my feet.”
    I went down and held the press up, breathing her fine fragrance again, then back up and back down.
    By the time I was on twenty, I was struggling, shaking to hold it for ten seconds.
    “Finding it hard slave, you need to get fitter. Okay you can stop.”
    I collapsed in a heap at her feet, she then extended both feet and rubbed them on my head.
    “Time to go out, I think. Get on your knees and wait. You can breathe through your mouth again. ”
    Elaine all of a sudden got up and went upstairs.
    On her return, she had changed into a pair of comfortable wedge heels, blue jeans, a blouse and jacket
    “Remove your clothes and put these on.” She said handing me a bag.
    I put the clothing on, this consisted of a navy skirt which went just below my knees, a school jacket, white blouse and knee length white socks.
    Elaine giggled at the sight me in such a feminine set of clothes.
    “You look just like my daughters used to. I’m going to enjoy this, I’m sure you won’t though.”
    She passed me a pair of flat black female shoes, just the type schoolgirls wear.
    “Put those on, now follow me to the park, and walk behind me.”
    I followed her into the park, all the men I passed pointed and laughed at me.
    Young girls giggled at me and pointed, before bursting into fits of joyous rapture.
    Some of them took pictures on their phones, I’m sure they are on Facebook.
    I felt totally degraded, but I couldn’t do anything about it, and Elaine knew it
    As we walked, occasionally Elaine would stop, look back and laugh at me, what a bitch.
    She lapped up his situation, remembering the times she had to consul her tearful daughter.
    After one hour of walking around the park, we went back to her house.
    “Off you go, back to Goddess Maria, I’ll book you again in the near future.”
    “You can reset back to where you were when you arrived.”
    I had to get home the best I could, dressed as a schoolgirl, you can imagine the embarrassment
    I did not look forward till the next time, whenever that would be.
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    Thanks for yet another fantastic update to this story.

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    Mistress Wanda, Elaine and her Daughter, will appear again.

    Nicola and Marilynn will also be back.

    Next Chapter will introduce another new Asian Femdom character.

    I also have to introduce Lori

    I have some plans for a BBW, some other people Clint has known and also some other side characters.

    Foot worship, smelling, shoes, riding, trampling, some spitting and bondage are also planned.

    Anything else anyone fancy ?

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    Maybe a former teacher?

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    I arrived back home at around 16:00, another day of humiliation.
    Another day of not Cumming, when would that end, I would have to ask.
    Goddess Maria opened the door, loads of bits were going on.
    “Follow me, Clint.”
    She led me into the kitchen, and then promptly sat on a stool near the breakfast bar.
    Maria was high up on the stool and crossed her long legs.
    She had a lovely pair of black fluffy mules on, with a low heel.
    Damn her feet looked so fine and I instantly started to get hard.
    The toenails were painted a lovely shade of pink.
    “On your knees, slave”
    “Yes Malady”
    I got down on my knees and then asked the fateful question.
    “Malady, please, when are you going to allow me to cum, it is torture.”
    Maria giggled and pouted down a cruel smile.
    “Funny you should say that, I’m sending you to an old friend, she will know the command and may alleviate you. I will also be sending the command out to Nicola, Elaine, Wanda and Lori. So they will have the power as well, they can either tease you or let you cum, it is up to them.
    I don’t really care if you never cum again, life for me is good and I can orgasm when I want.”
    “Malady, I’m begging you.”
    Maria then dropped the right mule to the floor and offered me her right foot.
    “Kiss my feet, and stop talking.”
    I really wanted to worship her and please her like no other woman before.
    When I gazed at her delicate, slightly tanned foot, I wanted to demonstrate my devotion
    to her.
    I brought her foot up to my face and rained kisses on the sole with the fury of a man possessed.
    Maria giggled like an innocent schoolgirl and wriggled her toes with sheer delight.
    “You’re really getting into this slave” she said.
    “Suck my toes.”
    I took her big toe into my mouth and sucked on it as hard as I could while I teased it with my tongue.
    I heard her moan as I did the same for her other toes.
    “That feels so good, now lick the sole.”
    Maria pulled her foot back and presented me with the sole.
    I proceeded to lick them carefully and sensually.
    I actually felt elated about licking her feet, god I was truly becoming a slave now.
    I wanted to show Maria how much I wanted to be hers alone.
    “Err Madam, the work is pretty much done, and we will back tomorrow morning.” The workman said.
    I flushed with embarrassment, but carried on none the less.
    “No problem, George, see you in the morning.”
    “Nearly all set, can’t wait to see your face, my friends name is Madam Chan, and I will text you the address. You will stay with her the night as well and report back to me, when she dismisses you.”
    I just got off my knees and was walking away, when she beckoned me back.
    “By the way, I’m keeping the flat as an alternate accommodation for you, Mistress Wanda is going to rent it for a one pound per month, the rest you will pay. A few things are being installed there as well to make your stay fun. Mistress Wanda can’t wait. Off you go, you have to be there by 18:00, just before opening time.”
    I looked at the address, it was for a Chinese restaurant.
    What was this all about? At least I may get to cum I suppose or would I.
    I arrived at the address and admired the red exterior and plush setting.
    It was an upmarket Chinese Restaurant, with Golden dragons and lovely big tinted windows.
    I open the door to be greeted by a space that is urban, eclectic and a little bit gritty, but with a sophisticated edge.
    Complete with tiled interior walls, wrought iron fixtures and decadent red leather banquette seating.
    Various young women were flitting in and out of doors at the back, they all wore a rational Chinese dress, black with a red flower arrangement at the collar.
    This was completed by stockings and a 2 inch pair of comfortable high heels.
    They were obviously waitress’s and they were getting ready for the off.
    An older oriental woman was barking out orders, she then noticed me and walked towards me, She was around 40, very busty, I would say a size 18.
    She had 4 inch high heels on, sheer black stockings, and a knee length leather skirt.
    Her top was open, leaving an amble cleavage on show, finished off with a necklace with a massive jade pendant.
    She was heavily made up, with ruby lipstick and her hair was jet black long, but tied back in a neat bun.
    This must be Madam Chan, and she looked very stern and unforgiving.
    “Can I help you?”
    “Hello, I’m looking for Madam Chan, Maria sent me,”
    “Ah you are her slave, and now mine, Clint, become my slave.”
    “Get on your knees and kiss my shoes.” She ordered looking very high and mighty.
    I did as commanded and as I kissed, breathed in the scent of her feet through my nose.
    Her feet were very cheesy, really heavy with that sweat and nylon smell.
    “I have important client over tonight, a party of eight, they run a local beauty parlour, you will obey them, and you will be their foot slave for the night. They get drunk, spend lots and have fun. You will be the object of that fun. I will get you uniform. When they finish, you will be played with by me and my waitress’s. It is very hard work, feet get tired, and we play with you.”
    I then followed her to a back room and got changed.
    The uniform consisted of a tight pair of figure hugging briefs and a long oriental silk shirt.
    I was ordered to kneel in the corner, she had a bar stool place right in front of me and every so often came over and sat down.
    Whilst drinking her wine she would dangle a shoe right in front of face, I was told to remain still and just look, this was such a turn on and she knew it from my obvious erection.
    “Ah slave, not come for 4 weeks, must be horny, my feet turn you on, and we have fun later. Ah my guest arrive, you obey them, don’t embarrass me. They demanding, you please and I will be very happy with you.”
    Madam Chan got up and greeted her clients, the party consisted of 8 women.
    The leader was a tall model looking girl, late twenties, she was wearing strappy high heels on tanned legs, and a dress which clung to every sexy curve.
    There was a normal girl, wearing a business suit, purple coloured tights and simple pumps. She had glasses on and looked like your typical secretary.
    Flanked on the other side was a slightly older woman in her thirties, she had white 3 inch stilettos, pencil skirt and blouse.
    I couldn’t see the rest as my eyes looked down and the women walked over.
    I heard laughing, and whispers as they neared the table, my erection was only just going down.
    They must have been wondering what I doing there for sure.
    “Ladies, this is you servant for the night, he will do anything you ask, to demonstrate.”
    “Slave, come here and kiss my foot.”
    I obeyed and more giggling, followed by more whispering.
    “I leave you to order, and enjoy the slave. Be as mean as you like, he was arrogant I’m told and quite horrible to a number of women, so a little chance for female payback. Any complaints please let me know.”
    “Thank Madam Chan, shall we sit down ladies and get this party on the go. Slave, kiss my feet.”
    I then crawled to the voice and kissed the tanned foot before me, I felt very humble in the presence of 8 women I did not know and forced to obey them.
    “My name is Caroline, Mistress Caroline to you. Now kiss each ladies feet before they sit down.”
    After kissing Mistress Caroline’s feet, I moved onto the next woman, she introduced herself as the HR manager and her name was Wendy, then over to the White stilettos, this was followed by a pair of high heeled boots, a pair of pumps, with the owners feet encased in thick black tights.
    I was just about to kiss the next pair of high heels, a cream pair with the owners feet encased in tan nylon, when I heard a gasp.
    “Look up, slave.”
    I looked up and into the eyes of Miss Van Barleen, she had been my English teacher at school.
    She was probably around 45 now, but still looked gorgeous, a size 14, well built with powerful legs.
    “It is you, Clint Martins, the little rascal from my English class. I heard you done well for yourself, won some money, owned property. I always remember that time you called me a bitch after giving you a poor grade for 11+. How times have changed, slave. Carry on kiss my shoes.”
    I kissed her shoes and moved on to the next pair, this was going to be another long evening.
    One more pair of high heels left, an orange pair with bare feet and last, but not least a very large black woman in a pair of ankle boots.
    They all sat down around a large round table and I remained in a servile position, a waitress came up and asked them for their drink order.
    “Kiss her feet slave, she is above you, shouted someone.”
    I then kissed the extended foot of the young Chinese waitress, she giggled and took their order.
    Caroline then pulled her chair out and got up.
    “Get under the table slave, you can attend us better there, and remove that shirt.”
    I crawled under the table and saw the view of seven women’s legs and feet.
    Some had them crossed, some just with their ankles crossed.
    Caroline kicked my arse and sent me sprawling into the feet of the woman with orange heels on.
    “Be quicker next time, now get serving, on all fours, start by licking our shoes clean, when the Mistress has had enough she will tell you to move on.”
    I got on all fours and looked at the orange high heels before me, the feet were nice and young.
    “He is doing mine now, I can feel his breath on my feet.”
    I licked her shoes, this superior woman, I felt Caroline prodding the soles of my feet with her heels.
    “Kick him, stab him with your heels, tease him, grind his hands into the floor, make him suffer, worthless slave.” Shouted someone.
    My ex teacher with the cream high heels to my left stepped on my hand and ground down, as did the black woman to my right, it was painful and I could feel they were putting some effort into it.
    “This is like extinguishing a cigarette, but only more fun.”
    I heard laughing and giggling, and then I heard them giving their food orders to the waitress.
    The woman with the orange heels told me to move on and I switched around to the black woman’s boots, they were quite filthy and very dusty, obviously they hadn’t been cleaned in a while.
    Someone behind me was teasing me with the tip of her shoe, probably the lady with the White Stilettos.
    She was good, it was rhythmic and damn teasing, and I was hard in seconds.
    “Slave boy is getting under there, dirty little sod.”
    Wine was flowing and I was moved on to the girl with the black pumps and thick black tights.
    I licked the soles of her shoes and occasionally smelt the fragrance from her feet, they were small feet, about size 4 I would say.
    Next up was the high heeled boots, they were menacing and again were dusty, I licked them and cleaned them as best as.
    By this time Caroline had slipped her beautiful feet from her shoes, she rest her bare feet on my side, Miss Orange high heels kicked me repeatedly in the stomach with the point of her shoe.
    My ex teacher, slowly and deliberately kicked my exposed balls, with more vigour each time.
    I came around now to Caroline, who ordered a complete licking of her feet.
    She crossed her sexy legs and I licked the sweaty dusty feet before me, it was heaven and hell as Miss Orange heels had slipped a foot from her shoe and was going to town on my cock.
    I was so damn horny, out of the corner of my eye, the young lady with the White Stilettos was dangling for England, and it was a mesmerising display, which I struggled to take my eyes off of.
    Starters were served and I could hear Caroline eating away and enjoying her food and my administrations.
    I then saw Miss White Stilettos, put a spring roll on the floor and mash it with her shoe.
    She then crossed her legs and presented me with her foot.
    “Move on slave, Tessa has something for you.”
    “Clean it off slave.”
    I then licked the remnants of her spring roll off of her shoe, very humiliating indeed.
    The girls laughed and a few took some pictures for Facebook.
    Wendy ordered me to lick the soles of her shoes and love the thrill of it.
    Then I came around to my ex teacher, I gave her shoes the full works, and the girl with the high heeled boots rubbed her boot point all around my genitals.
    “Remove my shoes, Clint and smell my feet.”
    This got hoots of laughter and I slipped her feet from her shoes, then she forced the toes of one foot right over my nose.
    “Deep breathes now, Clint.”
    I breathed in deeply and sampled a very mild smell of nylon and foot sweat, she was fairly clean and wasn’t expecting me luckily.
    I heard shoes drop and feet approached my body, I was being massaged and teased by eight pairs of feet, and I was unbelievably horny.
    The starters were removed and the main courses arrived.
    “Everything alright ladies, is the slave being good, having fun.” Madam Chan asked.
    “Oh yes, he is fantastic, a regular addition I hope to our table?”
    “I’m sure it could be arranged, I will ask for you.”
    After 20 minutes of eating and me still smelling my ex teachers feet, they all sat back stuffed.
    “Slave get over here.” I could see the black woman’s hands beckoning me over.
    As I approached she slid her long skirt up revealing her nakedness underneath.
    “Get your head in there and start licking, fuck feet I want to feel it.”
    More hoots of laughter and ribbing.
    “Your dirty old slapper, Candice.”
    “Maybe, but I love a good ole tongue down below, haven’t had one in a while.”
    I licked at the big black fanny before, it was heady but okay, and I sucked, caressed and licked her into frenzy. At one point she grabbed my head and I couldn’t breathe.
    I also felt the nimble toes of probably Tessa caressing my rock hard member, fuck she was good, I would have cum if I could but couldn’t.
    After about 10 minutes, I retreated from Candice’s thighs and breathed fresh air.
    “Come here slave.” Wendy ordered.
    She had opened her legs and grabbed my head, she then forced me in-between them.
    “Breathe through your nose, deep breathes slave, I have a little something for you.”
    She then let out a little puff from her arse cheeks, it was foul and I was forced to smell it.
    “Wendy, you need to sort that out, poor slave.”
    “I love it, Wendy, that is so mean, but well done.” Said Miss Van Barleen.
    The girls then had me lie down and then rested their various feet upon my prone body.
    Some teased with their bare feet, Wendy rested her purple nylon clad feet on face, and a couple had put their shoes on and were using the heels to cause me immense pain.
    Wendy got up to go to the toilet at one point and I found Miss Van Barleen looking down at me.
    “Having fun, Clint, this has been great.”
    She then spat on me and rubbed it in my face with the sole of her shoe.
    “I’m going to make some enquires to see if I can see you again. That would be fun wouldn’t it?”
    Oh yeah I’m sure it would be great, I couldn’t wait.
    They just relaxed and had fun, lots of drinks flowed and they enjoyed themselves.
    At around 23:00 they got up and paid the bill.
    “Madam Chan, I wondered if he was available to borrow during the day, our board meetings are long and boring and he could provide some added entertainment. Also it would be good to have him in the team. I could pay you if you like for his services. One day a week would be good, let me know. But he is a must for the next meal in a month’s time.”
    “I will see what I can do, Miss Barnes.”
    She then paid Madam Chan a hefty sum of money, I kissed all the women’s feet and they left.
    “Slave, go get a shower and I’ll see you in a little while. Jie here will show you where.”
    What was going to happen now ?

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    That was tremendous! Like Clint, I too wonder what will happen now. :-)

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    Very awesome story, to be honest, I'd love to see more of Miss Candice.

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    Are you ready for the next chapter ?

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