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Thread: Skype chat about my wife

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    Skype chat about my wife

    Hi everyone,

    I have a huge foot ferish, primarily sniffing. I am. Dry lucky that my wife allows me to have my way with her feet. I am dominant which is unusual for this site and love to tie her feet up while I sniff deeply into her soles. We even do different roleplay scenes where I break into her room for her up and sniff her feet.

    I also have the fantasy of another man taking advantage of her feet in the same manner. She is aware of this fantasyband I am slowly getting her comfortable with it and hope to make it a reality.

    I'd love to chat with people interested in talking more about this. My skype username is

    Hit me up to chat. IMG_0258.JPG

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    im down only if she's interested

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    Perhaps you could try again when, and if, you have her completely on board with these fantasies.
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    Same here, I have a wife that has great feet and is considering entertaining others with her feet but she's not totally on board.

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