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Thread: Hello! Just introducing myself

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    Hello! Just introducing myself

    Hello everyone just wante dto reintroduce as i havent posted anything since the "old" forum. I did create this account here but have not really been active. I have a gf that is ok with my foot/sock fetish. She is not really into it but is neutral about it. I am primarily into socks-i like them very very amelly and dirty. Dirty brown footprints from natural wear and toejam and smelly enough to smell up a room. Preferably month(s) worn. Would definitely like to chat with likeminded people as it seems difficult to find people into genuinely nasty socks. Cum in socks is also hot and i would love to have th gf wear socks filled with lots of cum(from other guys). Hope to meet some new people!
    Please message me or even better email me as its mich easier to check email.

    Im also into buying crazy nasty girls socks if anyone has some to sell. Like month+ worn and super grimy. Cum in the socks is also good!
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