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Thread: Hello from germany

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    Red face Hello from germany

    Hello, I'm Ash from germany. Actually I'm not new to the DOSF but I didn't post anything yet. Primarly because I've had many bad experiences in the past with humans and also I was a very shy type of guy. Well now I want to crawl out off the lurking-cave in hope to make one or two nice contacts or even friends.
    Please feel free to ask me whatever you like. I'm very open minded, tollerant and respectfull.

    My main goal would be to meet a girl/women who has also a footfetish, here in Düsseldorf (town where I live right now) and build up a friendship with her :3

    Oh and maybe someone can explain to me how to change the profil pic, I can't find any button for changing it. xD

    You can also add me on FB if you want -->

    Have a great day ^_^ii

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