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Thread: Hi. Introducing my 44 size MALE foot for the 1 time

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    Question Hi. Introducing my 44 size MALE foot for the 1 time

    Hey There!
    Hello everyone, it's my 1day here, and 3rd attemp to post it. So okay.
    I'm P. 20years old MALE, 183cm tall, EU foot size 44-45. : ) Lives UK now
    I love girls feet, footfetish, but the beauty of male's foot is more visible for me, than it was in past. I know there is people who likes,loves, worship mans foot, so yeah owanna share mine with you, couple shots for now and wish to know WHAT YOU THINK?
    Would any of you like to worship them if you could?
    ; ). On this shots they were soo sweaty and stinky, loong day In old back short socks inside my gym/running adidas which I'm often barefoot. Pretty intensive aroma! But I also know how to care about them very well => Up to you, Still have some more spicy I belive.
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