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Thread: Cheesy feet or vinegary?

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    Cheesy feet or vinegary?

    I know this topic has been flogged to death but I really want to know what smell you like when it comes to your ideal scent. Is it the cheesy sweaty smell or the putrid vinegary rancid smell. Personally I like the cheesy sweaty smell the stronger cheesy feet stink I actually do not like the vinegary smell.

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    Cheesy, notes of vinegar and a biscuity aroma.

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    Fledgling Footsniffer
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    I prefer cheesy but I also like the vinegary smell...
    The only smell I don't like is when it smells of ammonia because it's not a natural foot smell for me (ammonia smell is often present in smelly socks, that's the reason why I don't like socks, I prefer stinky shoes)

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    Female feet have to smell like cheese to me. Vinegar would be my second favorite smell.

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    Cheesy for me with an undercurrent of gym sweat. The perfect combo. Fresh out of cheap ballet flats or trainers with nylons. I'm almost dead thinking of this now.

    I love the fetish so much but my god it can quite pervy. I dream of diving into a pool full of womens sweat.

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