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Thread: The perfect couple

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    The perfect couple

    Hello all
    I rarely post now but wanted to share something with you that you might find both interesting and encouraging at the same time. About a month ago I ordered a pair of well worn ballet flats on e-bay and much to my excitement the flats smelt just how Jodie described them, before you put then to your nose the sweaty cheesy scent was so strong and a real winner in the smell department.
    Jodie and I exchanged e-mails almost daily and got to know each other a little she has a boyfriend who has a foot fetish also so he always in her words has enough sniffing time as she goes through ballet flats quite quickly due to the scent her feet produce. I was introduced to Peter and we got chatting sharing the same passion for smelly feet, he told me one really interesting thing before he met his girlfriend he told me how he thought he was so alone and his fetish was very frustrating for him.
    One day he was sat in a cafe and his now girlfriend of four years was sat near him, both were single and he recalls how he was watching her dangling her black ballet flats and how she caught him looking, to his horror he though god I must go but she approached him and asked do you like feet? Peter replied yes and said he was very embarrassed but she said it is fine, they shared a coffee before talking more and she mentioned that she sold worn footwear on e-bay and had been reading up on the whole foot fetish thing. The rest as they say is history and they have been together for four years now.
    Jodie tells me it has happened on many occassions that she caught many people staring at her barefeet when she airs out her feet out of her flats, she has never of course asked them if they had a foot fetish but has a thought that possibly they have.
    Peter and Jodie have asked me if I want to meet up with them in a cafe of course, they both feel comfortable with me after chatting for a month. Jodie will wear a nice skirt and be barefoot wearing her disgustingly stinky black ballet flats as she put it, they smell like a strong cheddar, her feet are very sweaty and she has lots of redness around her soles and toes the only pale part is a small patch between her heel and bottom of her toes, the sole areas have yellow tinges to them. She said I am going to dangle for you and we can sit and chat for a while hoe does that sound? Peter agrees to be with us and discuss his huge fetish, she said you are a very good customer to us and this would be our way of thanking you but also getting to know you better. I am so excited by this she has gourgeous feet and they smell of cheese, the closest I will get to what scenario I would love to have in natural circumstances. I did ask do I get to smell the flats she said yes but in public this time, I want you to watch first my dangling and shoe removal and then sniff my fresh added stinky feet smell.
    Follow up coming!

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    Nice! And the best of luck to you on your encounter.

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    Just be careful....
    "I'm from trouble"

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    Be careful! But it's good that you meet in a public place first...

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