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Thread: I'm Having Technical Difficulties

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    I'm Having Technical Difficulties

    I tried to upload a profile picture yesterday but everytime I did it kept saying "failed to upload file". When I went to my profile today I see that the profile picture did upload but it's still not showing up when I make new posts. And in this one thread I can't see ergleburgle's or my latest posts.
    Also this sites is loading slowly in some areas but fast in others.

    EDIT: Wait now I can see those posts. what's going on here.

    EDIT 2: now when I open a new tab I can't see this post though that might be due to me just recently making this post.

    EDIT: 3 Now I can see this thread but when I went into it I got this message, "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator". The only reason I'm able to post in here is because I bookmarked this page.

    EDIT 4: I tried again and I was able to go in to this thread without the eror message this time, still keeping this page bookmarked just in case.
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