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Thread: Sock Gagged Girls Stories

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    Sock Gagged Girls Stories

    Anyone that has a story to share with sock gagged,humiliated girls with shoe sniffing can post here. Happy to read new stuff.

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    I know this is a very old thread, but I only just saw it due to the recent bump above me. I have a friend on the mousepad who wrote a story a while ago that kinda fits what you're looking for and he said he didn't mind if I posted it here, so here you go:

    Her beautiful roommate

    Erin was on the verge of collapsing, which unfortunately for her was a feeling that she was getting way more used to than she would’ve ever liked. Ever since she started college a good 4 months ago, her life had been nothing but constant hardship and unfortunately this wasn’t because of the excessive workload that comes with being a college student. The real cause of Erin’s tiredness was her roommate, Alia, who could come home any second now.

    This is exactly why Erin was currently so desperately trying to finish the chores she had gotten from her roommate as fast as she could, despite her overwhelming exhaustion. She knew that her beautiful roommate wouldn’t accept the fact that she hasn’t eaten or slept in over 24 hours as an excuse and the fact that the reason why she wasn’t able to do so was because she was tending to some of Alia’s other whims wouldn’t fly as a legitimate reason either.

    According to Alia it was Erin’s job to always make sure that their room was in pristine condition and that didn’t change even if she didn’t have the time to properly clean it earlier, because she was busy cleaning Alia’s entire shoe collection. This was a long, hard, degrading and tedious job that had taken up all of Erin’s Sunday night yesterday, which is normally when she’s supposed to do all the cleaning. After that she can usually get something to eat and even sleep for a few hours afterwards, before she has to wake her beautiful roommate up again and help her get ready for class. Then again even on those “regular” nights she admittedly never really got more than 3-4 hours of sleep and the only “food” that Alia allowed her to have anyway consisted of nothing more than her scraps. So even after the best nights Erin was used to being both sleep deprived and starving. Even so that didn’t compare to the agony of having to go a full day without any food, water, or sleep, but her roommate has showed in the past that she has a certain fondness for punishing Erin by taking way some of her most basic human needs like rest and nourishment.

    The two had first met each other during orientation week at the beginning of their freshman year, 4 months ago. Erin had been excited to finally move away from her small hometown and to go live on a university campus in a big city. After growing up in a very small and boring city for all her life she was craving the “big city life” and all the exciting new experiences it would bring. She hoped that it would be exactly the thing she needed to finally break out of her shell.

    Despite all her good looks Erin has always been quite shy and very lacking in confidence. She was a bit tall standing at 1.75m and had long black hair and pretty blue eyes. Her body was quite well developed as well and she had a pair of perky breasts and a shapely ass that many girls would love to flaunt. Erin however has always lacked the confidence to do so and has always “confined” her pretty looks with plain clothing and makeup, despite her few friends trying to convince her of the fact that she would be a real stunner if she dressed up a little bit more. She had hoped that starting anew in college far away from all her old friends and family she would finally get the courage to be a bit more outgoing and shed her old docile behavior. It was on the very first day there however that she realized that things might not work out as well as she had hoped.

    Her new roommate would arrive a day after Erin did and Erin was nervous when she considered the fact that very soon she would meet the girl who might become her closest friend during her college years. Despite doing her best to try and calm her nerves, nothing seemed to really help and she felt very anxious as she heard the doorbell ring and she opened the door.

    The first thing that Erin had noticed about the girl standing in front of her was the fact that she was very pretty. She was a lot shorter than Erin, being a petite girl standing at only 1.60m and she had long auburn hair that reached to about the middle of her back. The girl also had a pair of very pretty hazel eyes and a very fair looking skin. When it came to body shape however, Erin was the clear winner of the two, since her new roommate seemed to be a bit lacking in the curves department no matter how you looked at her. This coupled with her small stature and her slightly childish looking face made her look a few years younger than her probable actual age. Despite this fact, Erin could still feel a certain sense of confidence from the girl, who just walked past her without uttering a word.

    “Uh-uhm nice to meet you! My name is Er-“Erin started stammering out.

    “Suitcases” interrupted the girl her.

    “E-excuse me?”Erin asked bewildered.

    “My suitcases. Go bring them in” the girl ordered her without even turning around to look at her and making her way to the living room.

    Erin stood there befuddled for a few moments, before she looked outside the room, where she couldn’t find a trace of any suitcases. “Uhm where are th-“Erin tried before she got interrupted again.

    “Registration desk. Go get them” said the girl bluntly, before Erin even managed to finish her sentence.

    Erin was exasperated. Why was this girl treating her like this? Like she was some sort of servant? And why would she leave all her luggage at the registration desk? That was like on the other side of campus! She was conflicted on what question she should ask first, or on whether she should even ask something in the first place, but then her natural instincts took over and she figured she would just get her roommate’s luggage first and ask questions later.

    While she was grabbing her wallet and keys she heard her roommate instruct her from the living room “And don’t use the bus. Go and get them on foot.”

    Erin was astonished. Why wasn’t she allowed to use the campus bus? The registration desk was on the other side of campus! Even with the bus that would take a 20 minute ride, but on foot she surely wouldn’t be back for at least an hour. What’s more, it was currently hot as hell outside and Erin had turned the AC up all the way inside her room to avoid completely overheating. If she took an hour long walk in this heat she would probably get a heatstroke!

    Surely she couldn’t go along with this nonsense, but when she went over to the living room to tell her roommate this she was confronted with a sight that instantly crashed her thought process. There was Alia sitting on the couch, eating some of the expensive ice cream that Erin had bought for herself earlier, with her feet up on the table and resting her filthy sneakers on Erin’s favorite pillow. It looked like the girl had gone into Erin’s bedroom, grabbed her pillow and ransacked the fridge within 2 minutes of entering their room. And now she’s sitting in the living room relaxing and watching TV, while eating Erin’s expensive ice cream and resting her filthy Adidas superstars on the pillow that Erin uses to sleep.

    Saying that Erin was shocked at this behavior would be an understatement. She couldn’t believe that anyone could ever behave this way. This went far beyond just being rude! However speaking up for herself was something that Erin had never done before and honestly she had no idea on how to respond to such offensive and provocative behavior. Her natural docile instincts just told her to ignore her new roommate’s obviously inexcusable acts and just do what she said to avoid any kind of conflict, but even so it was obvious to even Erin that she couldn’t allow someone to treat her this way. Especially not someone that she hasn’t even known for 5 minutes yet. She had to say something, or else this girl really will start walking all over her.

    But before Erin could utter a single word, Alia spoke up first “Why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be on your way already?” and for the first time she made eye contact with her and grinned.

    At that moment Erin felt like Alia saw right through her, like she knew about all of her insecurities and fears. It felt like the power balance of their relationship was established within just those three seconds of eye contact. Erin could feel Alia’s dominance wash over her and her docile mind automatically accepted it and translated it into a feeling of submission towards her pretty new roommate.

    Any thoughts or feelings of opposition immediately melted away and she stammered “Uh, yeah I just uhm yeah I will be going”.

    Alia smirked at her and said “Good and hurry up a little, because I’m starving and I need you to start on dinner soon”.

    Without even showing a single sign of resistance to the fact that this girl had just pretty much casually ordered her to cook for her as well, Erin left her room and started her long walk to the registration desk in the blazing sun and the overwhelming heat.

    Chapter 2: "Gibbs rule 39: There is no such thing as coincidence"

    Erin was exhausted as he finally arrived back home. She felt like the trip to the registration desk had taken her almost four months and she couldn’t wait to have a cold drink and pass out on the couch. She couldn’t believe that her roommate Alia had brought four whole suitcases with her and that she didn’t even allow her to use the bus to transport them. Well before that she couldn’t believe that a girl that she hadn’t even known for five minutes had the audacity to order her to go get her stuff all the way across the campus in the first place. The fact that she was expected to drag four heavy suitcases back to their room on her own in this blazing heat without even being allowed the use of public transport was absolutely ridiculous. Even for someone as socially awkward and inexperienced as Erin this much was clear. What wasn’t clear to her however was the reason that she complied with these obviously outrageous demands. Sure she has never been a fighter and giving in to others has always been her primary instinct throughout her life, but never before had she been directly confronted with such clearly inexcusable and offensive behavior. Even for someone as passive as Erin it was clear that a line had to be drawn somewhere and she fully intended to do so as soon as she had recovered a bit from the ordeal that she just went trough.

    Unfortunately though it looked like Erin wasn’t quite finished with today’s hardships just yet, because at her return at the apartment she was greeted by a handwritten notice on the door of the elevator that informed her that it was currently out of commission. Erin thought that this was very strange considering the fact that it was working just fine two hours ago when she left, but not wanting to risk getting stuck in a broken elevator during this heat wave she decided to opt for the safer method of taking the stairs. The only downside to that however was that safer didn’t necessarily equal better, since Erin lived on the 8th floor of this apartment building. Even though taking the stairs would in fact allow her to avoid potentially being trapped in a defective elevator in the middle of this terrible heat, it wasn’t exactly ideal considering the fact that she was already completely exhausted and dehydrated, not to mention the fact that she had to drag four incredibly heavy suitcases all the way up with her.

    Erin knew however that standing around complaining wouldn’t get her anywhere, so she grabbed a suitcase in each hand and started the long challenging climb all the way to the eight floor. Once she finally arrived there she was completely out of breath and her fingers, hands, arms, back, legs and feet felt like they would fall apart from the exertion of the long walk in the heat, followed by something that felt like she just climbed the Tower of Babel. She almost fainted where she stood at the realization that she still had to go down again to get the other two suitcases, but she still slowly and carefully dragged her tortured body all the way down again, like someone lost in the desert looking for an oasis. The second time climbing the stairs was even harder for poor Erin, whose body was already beyond her limit and there were a few times where she was dangerously close to collapsing on the spot and falling all the way down to the previous floor with the additional danger of the two heavy suitcases falling on top of her and crushing whatever remained of her tortured body. The feeling of the edges of the suitcases swinging into her legs with every shake every time she took a step certainly didn’t help matters, but it did make Erin realize a painful truth: the thought of telling Alia to bring her remaining two suitcases up herself hadn’t even crossed her mind once. She was upstairs after painstakingly dragging the first pair up just a few minutes ago. And yet for some reason she hadn’t even considered the possibility of asking her spoiled roommate to do her part in a task that was fully supposed to be her own responsibility anyway.

    Why? Why didn’t she realize something so obvious until she was already halfway through her second hellish trip? Why did suffering through all this discomfort and slaving for her spoiled roommate while she herself relaxed in their air-conditioned room come so naturally to her? Erin was honestly puzzled by her own behavior and was struggling to find a convincing explanation for it. And yet at the same time she was scared of the answer.

    She remembered the mischievous grin that Alia gave her earlier before she left. For some reason it reminded her of the sight of a unsuspecting butterfly landing on a spider web. Why did submitting to her demanding roommate and suffering for her comfort and amusement come so naturally to her? Erin didn’t know. But deep inside she realized that if she ever were to find that answer she would no longer be able to go back to her old life and that thought terrified the meek girl to no end.


    “Wow, you look terrible.” Alia snickered as soon as she saw her roommate drag her suffering body inside the living room. “You must be out of shape. Really ought a do some cardio you know?” She said with a condescending tone, while still relaxing in the same position that Erin had left her in.

    Too tired to respond Erin just silently collapsed on the carpet in front of the couch where Alia was sitting to finally appease her aching body’s screams for rest. She laid like that for a few minutes before looking up at her roommate and noticing that she was looking down on her with a smug and satisfied smirk.

    “Shouldn’t you be starting on dinner soon?” Alia suddenly inquired a few minutes later, while Erin was still laying on the ground recovering from the earlier ordeal.

    “What?” Erin drowsily asked, feeling lightheaded from exhaustion and dehydration. Her temperature hadn’t gone down at all yet and she was feeling dizzy and a bit nauseous. She was afraid that she really did get a sunstroke from her long and taxing trip in the blistering heat earlier.

    “Dinner silly.” Alia giggled. “It’s six in the afternoon already, so shouldn’t it be about time for that?” She asked, looking at Erin with a mischievous glint in her eyes, while biting on her bottom lip.

    “Uhhm y-yeah I-I mean I should, no but I-” Erin stammered with her head throbbing at every word she tried to pronounce. “I-I don’t think I can and I don’t really feel li-“ She finally managed to get out while standing up before being interrupted.

    “Sorry hun, can you get back down again? You’re blocking the TV.” Alia interrupted her with a voice filled with obviously fake concern.

    “U-uhm yeah, sorry.” Erin stammered before going back down on her knees, which unintentionally left her kneeling in front of the small table on which Alia was currently resting her sneakered feet, still on top of Erin’s favorite pillow.

    Alia’s grin widened at this and she wasted no time in extending her legs a bit more so that the filthy soles of her extremely well-worn Adidas Superstars were only inches away from touching Erin’s face.

    Erin’s entire field of vision was obscured by the filthy soles that were just barely making contact with her eyelashes when she batted them and she could clearly see the dirt, gravel and a little bit of gum stuck in the pattern of grooves on the bottom of the old shoes. In addition, having the soles of Alia’s sneakers on eye height and just mere inches from touching her face meant that Erin also had to deal with a highly unpleasant smell that consisted of a combination of old rubber, leather and stale foot sweat suddenly assaulting her senses. It had been obvious to Erin from the start that Alia has had these shoes for a very long time and that they have been worn A LOT and the fact that they actually reeked of her feet and that some of the stink even managed to leak out of them only served to prove her initial impression.

    Of course Erin realized that Alia had only slid her feet so closely to her face on purpose in order to humiliate her, but the combination of her fever, dizziness and the nasty smell of Alia’s shoe soles filling her nostrils made it very difficult for her to collect her thoughts and to arrive at the logical conclusion that she should probably move from there if she wanted to have any hope of still holding an equal conversation with her devious roommate.

    After a few seconds of silently staring at the pattern on the soles of Alia’s sneakers and smelling their stink she could hear her roommate’s familiar evil giggle again, which caused her to snap out of her daze and to focus back on the matter they were discussing.

    However, in order to continue their ‘conversation’ from this position Erin needed to tilt her head back a bit and look up over the dirty toecaps of the old sneakers so that she could just barely see Alia arrogantly smirking down at her.

    “Listen Erin, I get that you’re tired and all after walking all the way over to the registration desk in this heat. I totally do. But if you don’t eat you won’t get your strength back, so you really shouldn’t skip dinner like that.” Alia said while feigning innocence.

    “N-no but I-“ Erin tried to argue into the bottom of Alia’s shoes before she got interrupted again.

    “No buts! Tomorrow is our orientation day. It’s the day where we’ll be meeting all our teachers and classmates and we’ll be given a lot of important information about the coming semester. You can’t afford to miss an important day like that because you’re sick. You need to eat something and then get some rest so that you can recover in time.” Alia said, still faking concern for the girl kneeling at the bottoms of her shoes, though her facial expression betrayed the amusement she got from the situation.

    “Then again I do understand where you’re coming from. It was extremely hot today and I sweated up a storm just walking around campus and figuring out where everything is. And even though I ended up taking the bus after just 30 minutes I still got all sweaty and my feet hurt.” Alia said, again biting down a bit on her bottom lip with a devious looking smile.

    “In fact, do you mind giving me a little foot massage while you’re down there? My feet are so sore and sweaty from all the walking I did, so I could really use one.” Alia whined, not even waiting for Erin’s answer as she used the toe of one shoe to pry her other sneaker off and repeated the process to remove the other one.

    Erin felt a hot wave of warm, musty and stuffy air wash over her as Alia removed her shoes with her feet just inches away from her face and she crinkled her nose at the horrible smell that suddenly replaced the somehow less unpleasant stink of Alia’s sneaker soles.

    “Ahh it feels so good to air my hot, stuffy feet out after a long day of having them trapped in my sneaks.” Alia happily sighed, while spreading and wiggling her toes, still clad in black, sweaty and stinky socks right underneath Erin’s nose. Not caring in the slightest about the fact that she was currently subjecting Erin’s face to the offensive stench of her smelly sweat socks.

    “Go on, start rubbing them. I know that my lovely little feet look very delicate, but don’t be scared to really dig in deep to relieve all the tension.” Alia purred with a condescending smile. “We can talk while you work.”

    Alia seemed to be determined to keep Erin in a position of subservience while they were talking, but apparently just having Erin kneel in front of her with her face at her smelly feet wasn’t enough to satisfy the demanding girl’s sadistic needs. She actually wanted Erin to acknowledge and enforce her own inferiority to her trough her own actions, by having her obediently rub her stinky feet after being treated with such blatant contempt.For Erin to actually submit to another one of Alia’s unreasonable demands after being treated in such a disrespectful manner would mean that she not only accepted the way that Alia had been treating her up till now, but also that she acknowledged her right to do so. It would be a clear sign of submission to her roommate and it would be no better than flat out telling Alia that she was free to keep treating her like dirt forever. At the same time it would also set a precedent for Alia to expect meek obedience from Erin regardless of the way that she treated her. In other words: submitting to Alia’s will and humbly rubbing her smelly feet even after being treated like dirt would pretty much cement an unspoken agreement between the two, with Erin being expected to obey all of Alia’s whims, while at the same time accepting the fact that she was going to continue being treated like something subhuman. Going though with this would effectively make her nothing more than a slave to her roommate.

    Deep inside Erin realized the implications that her next actions would have. She knew that this was one line that even she couldn’t cross and perhaps had she been in her normal state of mind she wouldn’t have. But the sunstroke she got earlier took a heavy toll on both her body and her mind and she simply didn’t have the strength at the moment to fight against either her roommate’s orders or her own submissive instincts. Her fever still made her body feel like she was burning up despite at the same time shivering from the non-existent cold. Her throbbing headache and dizziness prevented her from thinking clearly and the fact that the musty stench of Alia’s nasty sweat socks was still filling her nostrils and dominating her sense of smell with every breath only served to further weaken her already fried brain.

    Poor Erin didn’t stand a chance under these circumstances and her body almost automatically took the familiar and saver path of docile obedience as her hands raised themselves to the smelly socked feet in front of her face.

    As Erin’s hands carefully held Alia’s warm and sweaty socked right foot and her long elegant fingers dug themselves into the crusty fabric covering the ball of the spoiled girl’s foot for the first time; she could hear her roommate’s giggles turn into a full-blown jeering laughter. The sound kinda reminded her of the wicked laugh of an evil queen in an old fairytale and even with her half-melted mind Erin could clearly sense the satisfaction and malicious pleasure her roommate derived from her submission.

    Erin thought that this was probably the way the laugh of a demon would sound after tricking a mortal into making a pact with it in exchange for his or her soul. “Only in my case I don’t even need to wait for a demon or a corrupted Holy Grail to twist my wish into something I never wanted.” Erin grimly thought. “After all, it’s pretty clear already that I’m going to end up with nothing but regrets right from the start.

    After Alia’s laughter finally subsided she leaned back on the couch and inched both her feet just a little bit closer to Erin’s face while watching her intently with a mischievous glint in her eyes and again biting down on her bottom lip. Erin had already figured out that Alia had a habit of doing that when she was in a particularly sadistic mood and that gesture usually meant that she was either enjoying Erin’s suffering or that she was about to subject Erin to something even worse. And in this meant both.

    “Stop breathing trough your mouth! My poor little feet are already hot enough without you constantly exhaling warm air on them!” Alia complained in a bratty tone, though failing to keep the obvious amusement out of her voice.

    Following her spoiled roommate’s demand Erin quickly snapped her mouth shut and started breathing trough her nose again instead. Of course this meant that she had to start drawing the horrible musty stench of Alia’s stinky socks into her nose again and due to being even closer to Alia’s feet than before the smell was harder to deal with than ever. She could actually feel the strong stuffy odor enter her nostrils, reach deep into her lungs and spread all through her weakened body from there, as if conquering it from within.

    Alia giggled in amused satisfaction seeing the obvious discomfort and suffering on Erin’s face that was the result of her constantly poisoning her own body with the powerful stink of Alia’s smelly sweat socks. She lifted her left leg up and rested her heel on the kneeling girl’s shoulder so that she could use her as a footstool while she was massaging her feet. Her own little foot rubbing, sock sniffing footstool. At this act Erin’s gaze briefly wandered upwards to look at her roommate’s expression while she did this, but when she saw Alia challenging her with her eyes to speak up she quickly submitted and cast her eyes down again to the stinky crusty sock in front of her face; knowing that she did not have what it takes to defy the demanding girl she was currently serving.

    This scene continued for about an hour with Erin doing her best to provide her bratty roommate with as good of a foot massage as she could muster despite her fever and headache, while Alia relaxed and enjoyed the submissive girl’s ministrations on her tired feet. While she enjoyed the foot massage a lot (Erin was doing a very good job for her first time, despite being sick), the fact that her new roommate had submitted to her so easily and let her get away with doing all this to her pleased her on a much deeper level.

    Alia had always been kind of a bossy, spoiled and demanding brat and there were few things that brought her as much pleasure as bossing people around and watching them do as she ordered them. What was even better however was when those people had to go through as much hardship and effort as possible in order to satisfy some meaningless whim of hers that she had vocalized just for the hell of it. Alia enjoyed making people work hard for her and delighted in seeing people exert themselves, suffer and humiliate themselves for the sake of her amusement. Of course because of her petite and delicate stature she was unable to force anyone to submit to her trough force, which meant that she had to resort to manipulation and using her stunning looks and confidence to get a psychological advantage over her victims in order to corner and dominate them mentally. Fortunately for her she was born with a natural talent for these kind of mind games and with the amount of practice she got she quickly became a fearsome manipulator clad in a deceptively lovely appearance that only served to make fulfilling her sadistic desires even easier. She would take great pleasure and pride at her accomplishment whenever she managed to make someone who dwarfed her in size, strength, age, or social standing submit to her and deeply enjoyed working that person to the bone and humiliate him or her for absolutely no reason other than her viewing pleasure and sadistic enjoyment.

    Having said that; even amongst the various weak willed and submissive individuals that Alia had encountered and exploited throughout her life none had been so easy to dominate as Erin. The beautiful girl who was currently meekly massaging her sweaty feet despite having been treated like garbage ever since they first met only mere hours ago seemed to be on a completely different level of submissiveness than any other of Alia’s victims and yet didn’t seem to be a masochist or any other kind of person who derived sexual pleasure from this kind of treatment. Erin seemed to be a completely different kind of person; one that Alia had never had the fortune of meeting before and yet, whether it was thanks to her extensive experience in dominating others and forcing them to submit themselves to her, or her natural born sadistic instincts, Alia knew. She knew that with Erin she could do things that were incomparable to anything else that she had ever done to anyone else before. She knew that she could bend Erin to her will as much as she wanted to and that the poor girl kneeling at her feet would never once resist. She knew that in Erin’s case she was free to explore her own sadistic desires as much as she wanted to with the only limit being the limits of what her own cruel imagination could think up. She was free to turn Erin into her own personal little experiment to see just how far she could trample a person down into submission and depravity.

    She didn’t know what exactly made Erin so different from all the other submissive and weak willed people she had met throughout her life so far, but Alia did know one thing for sure; if Erin was so eager to spread her heart and soul out at her feet for her to stomp all over then she would gladly proceed to do just that; all the while grinding in her heels at every opportunity she got.

    And that is exactly why even more than the physical pleasure brought by the foot massage she was currently receiving from Erin, she was experiencing a far more intense sense of pleasure from the symbolism behind the submissive act and the knowledge that this was just the beginning of what she had in store for the poor girl.

    On the other hand Erin was feeling pretty miserable. Thanks to her fever her thoughts were all over the place and she couldn’t really focus enough to actually realize how degrading her current position was. Though in a certain way this was a blessing in disguise since this did prevent her from feeling the huge sense of humiliation and shame that would normally accompany this moment. Though not being able to fully experience the humiliation and shame right now didn’t mean that Erin wasn’t unhappy . After all, she was still suffering from all the symptoms of her sunstroke on top of having her body and mind weakened even further by the oppressive stench that was still emanating from Alia’s crusty, smelly sweat socks. Despite her fever and suffering however, her body seemed to be able to give a good foot massage on autopilot just fine for some reason. Maybe her submissive “born to please” instincts just reached so far that they even operated from her subconscious?

    “So what did you want to talk about?” Alia suddenly asked with a grin, while wiggling her socked toes right underneath Erin’s nose to fan even more of the stink into the sick girl’s nostrils.

    Obviously she knew how horrible her feet must smell right now, since today’s heat wave had been going on for the past month or so, while she had been wearing the same socks for close to a week. At first she had only been using the smell of her sweaty socks and feet as a means to further humiliate Erin, but after realizing how much of a debilitating effect it had on the sick girl’s mind she decided to subject her to as much of her foot stink as possible. If the stench of her smelly socks was what kept Erin docile (even more so than usual) then she would make sure that Erin was constantly breathing in as much of it as possible.

    “Well?” Alia asked impatiently.

    “Uhm a-about uhm wh-what was it again?” Erin stammered, unable to clear her head.

    “Dinner silly! Did could you already forget?” Alia giggled at the absentmindedness that she caused in her roommate. “You were about to go make us something to eat.”

    “Oh! U-uhm yeah I-I think that was it?” Erin said with some confusion after remembering that whatever it was that she was about to say was indeed somehow connected to preparing dinner.

    “Then hurry up and go dummy! And don’t forget to wash your hands very thoroughly; I’m sure they’re positively reeking of the smell of my sweaty socks by now.” Alia commanded with an evil smirk, unable to resist the urge to throw one last mean-spirited comment at her dazed roommate.

    Cooking had never been this hard for Erin before and that was saying something, since Erin cooked a lot. It was one of her favorite pastimes and she had been told many times that she was quite good at it. To be honest she had actually been planning to cook for her new roommate before she had even met her in order to make a good impression and as a sign of good will in the hopes that it would make it easier for them to become friends. With that in mind she had already bought all the necessary ingredients and she had already done all the preparation work in order to quickly prepare a few of her specialties: a light and hearty chicken salad and grilled salmon steak with a healthy stir-fry of assorted veggies on the side. In addition she also had a nice, cold and refreshing citrus smoothie and a light lemon pudding waiting in the fridge for dessert. All she had to do right now was actually stir-fry the veggies and grill the salmon steak. She had originally chosen for such a healthy meal in order to be considerate of her new roommate in case that it would turn out to be a girl who was conscious of her diet , though right now Erin was mostly happy that she took the healthy road considering the fact that she would need to get some vitamins in order to recover quickly.

    It took about 30 minutes for Erin to finish all the preparations for dinner and by the end she felt like she was almost going to faint because of the heat that was generated by the stir frying of the vegetables and the grilling of the salmon. Dealing with the heat that was caused by those methods of cooking while already having such hot weather would’ve been tough for anyone on its own already, but for someone with a sunstroke this process was nothing short of torture.

    Alia entered the kitchen just as Erin was done setting up the table and immediately sat down.

    “Oh wow this looks amazing! To be honest I didn’t really expect a lot from you, but it’s good to see that you’re a good cook. Though in hindsight maybe it only makes sense for someone like you to be good at cooking. After all, everything about you seems like you were born to serve others.” Alia said, sounding amazed at first but later on reverting back to her usual condescending and malicious tone.

    Erin however was too exhausted to pick up on Alia’s malice and silently took place on a chair across from her. Though she had originally only intended to eat in order to make a quick recovery possible she had to admit that while the process of cooking was torturous to her right now it did really open up her appetite. She realized that the reason that she was starving was because she hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, since she was just about to have lunch when Alia arrived and immediately sent her on her errand afterwards. Her stomach rumbled and her mouth watered at the sight of the delicious food in front of her and she was just about to take her first bite of chicken salad when Alia’s voice interrupted her.

    “Before you eat, do you mind finishing up my foot massage from earlier first? I didn’t mention it before since I really thought it was about time for you to start preparing dinner, but you only rubbed my right foot and completely neglected the other one. And to be honest it feels pretty weird to have one foot feel completely relaxed while the other one is still sore. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I feel like it’s pretty irresponsible of you to abandon something you said you’d do halfway through.” Alia ungratefully complained in a bratty voice as if Erin actually owed her anything.

    Despite realizing how ungrateful, selfish and straight out unreasonable Alia was being, Erin actually felt a little bad about disappointing her pretty roommate for some reason. Even with the fever and headache clouding her reasoning and judgment she clearly understood that she had absolutely nothing to feel guilty about and the very thought of her being the bad guy in this situation was absolutely ridiculous. And yet for some inexplicable reason she just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was only natural for her to feel guilty about failing to treat Alia like the spoiled little princess she was and that it was only right that she should apologize to her wonderful roommate for disappointing her. Erin knew herself that it was crazy to think that way and yet she couldn’t deny that deep down that was exactly how she felt. It was almost as if Erin’s submissiveness towards Alia was a bottomless swamp in which she just kept sinking deeper and deeper the more she got used and bossed around by the innocent looking princess that was her roommate. An image of a crying Erin actually sinking into a swamp while a smirking Alia stepped on her head and pushed her down even faster briefly flashed through her mind and made a shiver run down her spine.

    “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean t-to uhm do a bad job.” Erin pathetically apologized.

    “Well if you really feel sorry about it then you should get down on your knees right now and finish what you started.” Alia said with a bratty voice, while at the same time making clear that she expected Erin to once again kneel on the ground in front of her to continue rubbing her feet.

    “Y-yeah sure.” Erin said, putting down her fork and getting out of her chair to kneel down before her roommate while ignoring the rumbling of her stomach.

    Erin felt like a complete idiot as she spent the next 5 minutes kneeling at the side of Alia’s chair like a dog and looking up at her roommate, who was ignoring her in favor of happily enjoying the meal that Erin had prepared for the both of them. She wondered why Alia hadn’t extended her foot for her to massage yet and how long she planned on having her sit like that before she actually let her do what she told her to do. Eventually though it looked like Alia was tired of waiting for Erin to figure it out on her own, so she just rolled her eyes and pointed at her feet below the table.

    Erin hesitated for a second once she realized that Alia actually wanted her to crawl underneath the table to rub her feet, but then quickly did just that once she was met with her roommate’s expectant gaze.

    Once Erin had completely crawled under the table she noticed a few things. First of all this was an incredibly uncomfortable position for someone as tall as her, since the table was pretty low (which was something that she had always found to be quite inconvenient even when actually eating at the table like a normal person), which meant that she had to bend forward a lot in order to be able to fit. Not only would this undoubtedly cause her back to ache after sitting like this for a while, but this coincidentally also caused her to be in a similar situation to earlier, where she had her face only inches away from Alia’s feet. Second of all there was the fact that for some reason Alia had decided to put her shoes back on while Erin was cooking. Erin didn’t know why anyone would decide to stuff their already hot and sweaty feet back into those stuffy sneakers for no reason, but she did know that she wasn’t looking forward to having the smell of those sneakers and socks fill the cramped space beneath the kitchen table. Especially not since the table in question was covered by a long table cloth that would probably keep the smell trapped inside it. For some reason both of those things seemed to work in Alia’s favor, since a low table was actually more comfortable for someone with a short stature like hers, while the tablecloth would prevent the smell of her socks and sneakers from reaching her own nose and spoiling her dining experience. It seemed like even the universe was somehow trying to make Alia’s life one of pure comfort, while at the same time screwing Erin over as much as possible.

    “Pull my sneaks of and start rubbing.” Alia commanded with her mouth full of the dinner that Erin had cooked, while kicking her in the breast with her right foot.

    Erin yelped in pain as the hard shell toed cap of the sneaker impacted with her breast and quickly did as she was told. After receiving another kick to her other breast from the left foot she gently pulled the sneaker off that foot as well and started massaging it. As expected the cramped space beneath the kitchen table quickly became contaminated with the powerful musty smell that came from Alia’s feet and sneakers and it looked like putting her feet back into the stuffy sneakers had revitalized the stink that came off Alia’s socks. This time it was even harder for Erin to deal with the oppressive stink, since not only was she once again forced to have the source of the stench right beneath her nose again, but this time the smell was also trapped by the tablecloth surrounding her which made it a lot more concentrated. To top things off she also had Alia’s sneakers right underneath her face as well, which meant double the smell for her. Erin could swear that she heard Alia giggle while she wiggled and spread her toes underneath the table and right beneath Erin’s nose, which only caused more of the horrid stench to waft into the suffering girl’s face.

    Erin fought her hardest to remained conscious throughout the ordeal and focused on giving her roommate as pleasurable of a foot massage as possible in order to give her mind something to think about other than the terrible stench surrounding her. Eventually she started pondering their positions with Alia currently enjoying a nice dinner that she had cooked for her, while she was uncomfortably kneeling beneath the table like a dog, surrounded by the horrible smell of her roommate’s sweaty feet while rubbing them and giving her even more comfort and pleasure in exchange for her own suffering. This train of thought only served to depress her even more so she quickly stopped thinking about it.

    After about 30 minutes of this she could hear that Alia had finished eating and was currently giggling about something. Erin didn’t know what it was, but already did Alia’s deceptively cute sounding giggles fill her with a sense of dread whenever she heard them. After a few seconds of near silence during which she could only hear the sound of plates and cutlery being used she suddenly heard the sound of her roommate snorting, hawking and spitting. This repeated itself for about 2 or 3 times more before it was followed up by the sound of a sound of a spoon clanking as if it was being used to stir something. At this sequence of sounds the feeling of dread that had manifested itself inside Erin’s empty stomach only grew stronger even though her feverish brain couldn’t really connect the dots enough as to know why that was…

    Alia slid her chair back a little and lifted up a bit of the tablecloth so that she could see Erin miserably rubbing her feet while surrounded by a cloud of sweaty sock stink. She laughed at the pathetic looking sight and then bit on her bottom lip again.

    “I have to admit that you did a great job. Not only on the dinner but also on my massage. Honestly I was so relaxed I almost forgot that you were there.” Alia jokingly said.

    “I’m sure you must be hungry as well by now, but I would really like for you to continue just like that. So how about a compromise? You just keep on rubbing my feet and in exchange I’ll give you something to eat. Sound fair?” Alia said with an evil smile, knowing damn well that her proposal was anything but fair.

    I’ll give you something to eat? Erin was the one who had bought all the ingredients and prepared the meal. Why did Alia sound like she was actually doing her a favor by allowing her to eat some of it? And how the hell was she supposed to eat anyway while giving a foot massage at the same time? Of course Erin didn’t say any of these things out loud and just meekly nodded at Alia’s umpteenth unfair proposal, causing Alia to start laughing again.

    “Well then here you go.” Alia said with a mischievous smirk, while putting a plate down on the floor at her feet in front of Erin who spent a few seconds looking at it in blank amazement.

    Miserable would be the most fitting word to describe what Alia had selected as Erin’s meal. Right there on that plate was nothing more than what could only be considered as Alia’s scraps at best. A few flimsy shreds of lettuce, a few pieces of brittle fish skin that people usually peel off to avoid eating, about 2 or 3 peas, a few measly pieces of corn from the salad and some thin strands of shredded carrot were floating around in some sort of orange-yellow liquid, which Erin quickly realized was some of the citrus smoothie she had made. There also seemed to be some kind of thick white foam that Erin couldn’t quite identify at the moment floating around here and there in the mixture as well…

    Apparently Alia had just taken some measly scraps from her plate, threw them all together, poured some leftover smoothie on them and then passed it off as Erin’s dinner. And now she was expectantly looking at her while wearing that familiar sadistic expression where she was biting on her bottom lip in anticipation of Erin’s inevitable submission to her latest devious whim.

    At this point Erin was pretty much completely out of stamina for the day and just gave up on the idea of actually having a proper dinner. She currently simply did not have the strength to even try to defy her roommate. The long trip in the scorching heat earlier, the sunstroke she got as a result, the taxing climb up the stairs and the overwhelming stench of Alia’s feet that she had been forced to endure for so long had all come together to completely cut down any strength that she might’ve been able to use to oppose her manipulative roommate’s degrading orders. By now Erin had just resolved herself to doing whatever Alia said so that she could just get through it as fast as possible and pass out for the day. So if that meant having nothing but her roommate’s scraps for dinner while she had to continue rubbing her feet then Erin would just put up with this latest humiliation and get it over with.

    Noticing the lack of a spoon however puzzled Erin a bit, since she couldn’t figure out another way to eat the soup like concoction that Alia had provided her with. When she voiced her confusion though all she got from her roommate was more laughter.

    “What do you need a spoon for silly? You’re gonna be using your hands to continue rubbing my feet anyway, so a spoon would just be really inconvenient. Just slurp your dinner up straight from the plate. That’s why I made it so easy for you to drink after all.” Alia explained as if she had done Erin a big favor.

    So she was supposed to lower her head to the plate on the floor between Alia’s feet and slurp the scraps up like a dog?!

    Erin sighed. Fine, whatever as long as she could finally get some rest afterwards.

    Alia watched with a gleeful expression as her roommate lowered her head to the plate on the floor between her feet to slurp up her leftovers, while holding her hands above her head to continue rubbing her feet at the same time. Alia’s grin widened at the moment that Erin took her first sip of the concoction.

    Erin immediately realized that something was wrong the moment she got her first taste of her roommate’s ‘scrap soup’. It was absolutely revolting! It was obvious that Alia had added an abnormal amount of salt and pepper to the mixture, but in addition to that there was also another taste and sensation that Erin couldn’t quite identify and yet felt and tasted quite familiar somehow. The feeling of something warm, slimy and foamy with somewhat of a salty and bitter taste mixed in with the rest of the terrible broth made for an absolutely disgusting experience for Erin. Even more so considering the fact that while she was consuming the vile concoction that her roommate had prepared for her she was still surrounded by the just as vile stench of Alia’s feet that were currently on both sides of her head being massaged by her.

    Alia once again burst out in laughter after seeing Erin’s face screw up from the taste of her ‘special soup’.

    “What’s wrong? Don’t you like your soup? I tried my best to give it a unique taste, while only using the most natural ingredients I had on hand.” Alia snickered. “Make sure to drink every drop and don’t leave a single morsel behind!” Alia playfully commanded, though Erin knew that she still meant what she said.

    It took about 15 minutes and a lot of effort on Erin’s part for her to completely finish slurping up the foul broth that her roommate had made her consume and by the end she was feeling more than a little nauseous. During that time Alia didn’t allow Erin to slack off on the foot rub she was giving her and she demanded the same quality of attention to her “oh so tired” feet as before. The plus side to this for Erin was that she had something to focus on other than the revolting taste and smell that were dominating her senses, though she had to pretend that she didn’t occasionally see bits of fluff from Alia’s socks fall into her already disgusting soup to be able to continue doing as she was told.

    After licking her plate completely clean of any remaining morsels as per Alia’s instructions Erin was told to go do the dishes, while her roommate went back to relaxing in front of the TV. Because of the fact that even a basic chore like washing dishes caused Erin to almost black out several times she realized that her body was actually at its limit now and that she could collapse at any moment. She was suffering from nausea, headache, fever, dizziness and over exhaustion and all she wanted right now was just to pass out on the spot and sleep for the next 4-5 years. Well that and maybe some actual food. Because regardless of her nausea and how disgusting her ‘lunch’ had been, Erin’s stomach was still begging her to eat something. Alia had only allowed her to consume the bare minimum amount of ‘food’ needed to activate her stomach and appetite, which actually left Erin feeling even hungrier now than she had been before. Not to mention the fact that Erin’s ‘dinner’ had consisted of nothing but scraps, absurd amounts of salt and pepper and some unknown additional liquid, which meant that she had received next to no nutrition at all from her ‘meal’.

    Too exhausted to care about the complaints of her stomach Erin sauntered into the living room and just collapsed onto the floor. Before today she would’ve never thought that she would ever be so desperate for basic human needs like rest and nourishment.

    Alia snickered at the pitiful state of her roommate and walked over to her.

    “Aww you must be so tired right now. I can’t blame you since I’m feeling pretty sleepy myself, so how about we call it a day and go to sleep? It’s a big day tomorrow and we need to be well rested.” Alia said with an innocent sounding voice.

    “You do look a little bit flushed though. Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” Alia asked while touching Erin’s forehead, faking concern for her roommate.“Oh my god, you’re burning up! Why didn’t you say something?”

    At this point Erin’s eyelids were feeling heavier and heavier with each passing second and she felt like she would lose consciousness any minute now and yet she could still sense the obvious glee in Alia’s voice as she said that.

    “Aww you poor baby.” Alia said in a deceptively sweet voice. “Here let me take care of that for you.” She said as she lifted her right leg up and hooked her index finger on the edge of her sock to pull it off. After repeating the process with her left sock as well she turned both of them inside out so that the part that was usually in contact with her feet was on the outside. Then she crouched down next to Erin’s head and started wiping the sick girl’s face with her damp sweat socks as if she was using a cool washcloth.

    “You need to take better care of your body you know. With a fever this high you should make sure to cool yourself down with something moist. “ Alia said, unable to stifle a sadistic giggle as she wiped the foot sweat from her nasty sweat socks all over the poor girl’s face.

    Erin was still conscious throughout this latest humiliation, but with her body feeling like lead she was unable to lift even a finger to stop her evil roommate from degrading her even further.

    After Alia had ensured that Erin’s face was sufficiently coated by her foot sweat she balled both of her socks up (taking care to make sure that they were still inside out) and pushed them into Erin’s mouth.

    “Y-you also n-need to m-make sure that you get enough f-fluids to avoid getting d-d-dehydrated.” Alia snorted while desperately trying to refrain from bursting out in laughter.

    “Now all you need is a good night’s rest. Just wait a minute and I will be right back.” Alia cheerfully said while walking back to the couch.

    She returned after a few seconds, holding her filthy sneakers and the pillow that they had been resting on all day. Alia pulled Erin’s head up by her ponytail and quickly slid the pillow that was covered in dirty footprints underneath it. Then she placed one of her reeking sneakers on each side of Erin’s head to make sure that Erin wouldn’t be able to sleep without the stink from her well worn shoes constantly enveloping her head throughout the night.

    “There you go! All nice and cozy. Make sure to keep sucking on those to stay hydrated. There should be plenty of fluid inside of them so they should last you all night. Lucky you!” Alia said with a teasing voice, while emphasizing the word ‘those’ by tapping on Erin’s lips with her warm and sweaty toes.

    “Oh and before I forget; it looks like you’re not going to be able to make it to the orientation day tomorrow, so I wrote down some chores you can do around the apartment instead, since you’ll be staying at home all day anyway.” Alia said while dropping a piece of paper right in front of Erin’s face.

    “And with that I think that I will be heading to bed now. Make sure you don’t stay up too late as well.” Alia added that last part in a teasing tone as she finally left the room for the night.

    Meanwhile Erin didn’t even have the strength left in her to spit Alia’s nasty socks out of her mouth and tears started flowing from her eyes as she could feel the stale sweat in the crusty toe part of the socks dissolve into her mouth and the salty and tangy taste of the sweaty fabric spread through her mouth. This had easily been the worst day of her life and by the looks of things her roommate wasn’t about to make things any easier on her tomorrow either. She had to think of a way to stop herself from being treated like this by her roommate, because at this rate Alia would surely ruin her life.

    Thinking of a solution to her problems had to wait until tomorrow though, since it seemed like the time had finally come for poor Erin to lose consciousness and to get some very well deserved rest. Despite the repulsive taste of Alia’s sweat socks filling her mouth and the just as repulsive stench of the girl’s sneakers filling her nose she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

    Erin’s final thought before completely dozing off was that the chore list that she had just received from Alia was written in a handwriting that was suspiciously similar to the out of order notice on the elevator earlier….
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    Great story! Thanks for posting. I generally prefer males being dominated by hot sweaty bratty feet, but this was very good. I suppose I can think of Erin as Eric or Aaron when I think of it.

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    Wow, this was fantastic!!! Hopefully there will be a part 2 sometime in the future

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    I loved this story too and came often - hehe

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    That story was a great one, and I always hoped the author would continue it. Maybe he will someday.
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    I love girl/girl humiliation stories, sadly it seems the roommate story is destined to remain un updated.

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